Scream Queen Chapter 147

When we went back together, Li Xuan was sobbing and wiping tears, which shows how much this guy has lingering fears.

However, his attitude made everyone more happy.

If Zhu Yang weren’t afraid that this guy would jump off the cliff to find a short sight on the spot, he would definitely tease him.

Seeing that he was going back to the villa, he comforted him and said: \”Eh! I said, okay? You are just an attempt.\”

\”Furthermore, the body of the koi carp is magnetic, and it was also a daughter body just now, so I don’t know what you are doing.\”

\”You speak lightly.\” Li Xuan said with red eyes: \”Look at her just now, which woman was like this? Just a little bit wrong with me, the result—\”

\”Me!\” Zhu Yang said nonchalantly: \”I often like to be wild and rude, is there any problem?\”

Li Xuan was shocked and looked up at Zhu Yang–

Mom, yeah! People who are young, the more they look, the more they will be able to do such things.

Is he really imperceptible by ancient times for too long? Didn’t you notice any changes in ideology? Why is it so common to say it in her mouth?

Then Zhu Yang continued: \”Furthermore, where are you?\”

She pointed to the pheasant: \”The scholars in your father’s group, one of them was really what happened to him.\”

Li Xuan looked at the pheasant spirit, shaking his whole body, he didn’t think much about these fairies when they came back.

At this moment, I remembered the time when Fu Jiang was taken away, when a few goblins stood up to the shame of those talented talents.

This pheasant also seemed to scold him happily. At the time, he thought this guy was a helper. Now thinking about it, Nima obviously said that after experiencing it.

Seeing Li Xuan look over, the pheasant cast a wink at him: “Oh! Actually speaking, Li Xiaoge looks much better than his father.”

\”If your father and son went up the mountain, we would not be hungry and choose food.\”

Li Xuan’s scalp exploded, and he trembled: “Excuse me, brother, do you still like men?”

The pheasant fished Zhu Yang’s arm, snuggled up, and gave Li Xuan a triumphant look.

Got it! It seems that the sexual orientation has been bent.

No, strictly speaking, it should be straight, right? Another person who bends–

Li Xuan looked at the carp essence who was biting his thumb and nails behind the pheasant because he was still a newcomer, and he felt that he was involved in the harem/gong shura field of the boss.

However, these monsters can be male or female, and they have no ethics, and their sexuality is obsessed. There is no obstacle to switching, but they cannot be judged by common sense.

When I returned to the villa, the sky was almost bright, but for fishing, a group of people didn’t sleep much all night, so they went back to their rooms to make up their sleep.

The Koi Jing is at the stage where the rules are being set by the senior, and there is no room close to the boss.

However, the rooms in the villa are beautifully decorated, and the experience is comfortable. Zhu Yang asked him to take a bath in the hot spring and let him prepare some food.

After a night of tossing, come and drill into the quilt so comfortably.

Although a few difficult seniors made him gritted his teeth, but from this we can see how moisturizing life is with the boss.

When it was almost noon, everyone got up. Because the koi spirits were familiar with this piece, they took the vixen and they went nearby to pick a lot of delicious fruits that only he knew, and came back with some fresh fish and shrimps.

The pheasant was cooking lunch in the kitchen with a ponytail and apron, and Li Xuan looked over.

This guy is lean and tall, and since he regained his male identity, he has gradually changed that enchanting female posture.

And because of the convenience, although I have purchased a lot of beautiful clothes, but I usually wear modern-style attire that is convenient for walking outside.

He is now wearing a black close-fitting high-neck knit, simple dark trousers and a pair of brown ankle boots.

It also made him attractive, with long waist and long legs, and long black hair with faint green, which was simply tied into a high ponytail.

This is a very challenging hairstyle. There is no messy bangs and temples to modify the face shape. Many modern male stars can’t control it.

But this pheasant essence was completely unblemished at 360 degrees, and when the other party didn’t speak seriously and did things seriously, his temperament was not so funny, rather cold and charming.

Coupled with the contrast of the virtuous attire of this apron, it is really like the man/wife/boyfriend who came out of the comics.

It’s no wonder that Zhu Yang is confident enough to use their beauty to make money.

At first glance, this method of teasing is not in line with the style of infinite reincarnation. It is simply a serious life crisis script into a family, and it is not serious.

But when you think about it, this guy is the real tiger, right? That really called a locust crossing the border, big and small.

Because Li Xuan and his little boy are mortals, they are not efficient at work, and it is easy to be dangerous if they are released alone.

Therefore, people usually go to faraway places to go hunting, fishing and picking fruits without taking them. They have to gather some wild vegetables, mushrooms, and fresh bamboo shoots nearby.

When the koi essence and the others come back, the pheasant essence will also prepare lunch here.

Zhu Yang came down from downstairs and yawned like a pinch, and was delighted to see today’s lunch.

\”Yo! Eat western food.\”

Pheasant Essence smiled shyly: \”I watched the video yesterday, boss, you can try it.\”

Zhu Yang sat down on the chair he pulled and looked at the tableware placed one after the other, but he was not so particular about eating one dish after another.

The juicy fried steaks are tender and tender, the rich and appetizing tomato and bacon pasta, cheese prawns, grilled lamb chops, cream corn soup, Caesar salad, and brownie cake for dessert.

The juice is the kind of strawberry fruit on the edge of the hot spring. Yesterday Zhu Yang thought it tasted good. A few goblins swept away the fruit, and even transplanted two plants into the flower pots of the villa.

Zhu Yang also deliberately brought out a bottle of red wine, which he bought at another game.

According to their level, the players there don’t need money at all to eat, and the natural wine and food are cheap.

It is a bottle that has attracted worldwide attention in reality, at least tens of millions of red wines from the past, and only ten points there.

Sure enough, as soon as the wine cork was opened, the few fairies couldn’t move, holding the exquisite tall crystal glass, their eyes glowing and staring at Zhu Yang expectantly.

Li Xuan doesn’t have much interest in wine. He doesn’t like to drink in modern times. No matter how good things are, he can’t taste them well.

It’s just that I didn’t expect to have a day of re-eating western food here. I used to think it’s dispensable. I ate the dishes once in a while, but I felt a lot of emotion.

Not to mention the others, the koi essence looked at the unheard-of exquisite delicacy on this big table, and the jade dew syrup in his hand.

Even this cup is invaluable. I am afraid that the emperor Lao Tzu can’t afford such a good thing. It also has the convenient ‘dharma tools’ in the house. Koi Jing has to sigh.

He thought that following the boss was the ultimate goal, but he was wrong, and following the boss was to live the gods to reach the ultimate goal.

Zhu Yang saw a few drunk monkeys who were addicted to alcohol and wanted to leave camp after lunch, so he decided to stay for another day.

So he took out more wine from the space, and drank these guys so much that even Li Xuan’s little boy was unconscious.

In the end, Li Xuan, the only non-drinker, had to be responsible for dragging them back to the house after eating.

Don’t even think that someone will cook dinner, but Li Xuan doesn’t know how to cook. In his previous life, he lived alone for several years, but he didn’t cook it for more than ten years.

But it’s okay to cook some instant noodles.

The ham sausage meatballs meat dishes in the refrigerator, as well as the fresh wild vegetables they picked back at noon, boiled a big pot with a few bags of instant noodles.

Zhu Yang, Xiaoji and Zhu Yang eat separately, let alone, no matter how much food in the world, instant noodles still have its unique charm.

The good thing about the red wine is that you won’t have a headache when you wake up the next day after being drunk, but it’s relaxed.

A few goblins got up early, went to the hot springs to wash their drunk selves, and went back to the room for a rich breakfast. After eating, they stopped here for a day and a half before moving forward.

Li Xuan’s fishing machine is a good thing. Since the Koi Jing started, in the next few hundred kilometers, they encountered two more monsters who were moved by him.

One is a peony flower essence, which is said to have been irrigated by Li Xuan before.

One is a comb essence, which is not the kindness of childhood, but Li Xuan picked it up on the ground when they were on the way.

Seeing that the comb was mellow and good in appearance, the bone texture could be used not only for combing hair, but also for massage. I couldn’t bear this good thing, so I put it away.

As a result, everyone knows the rest.

After being almost overthrown by the spirits again, Li Xuan finally jumped up and wanted to chop his hands.

\”Make you cheap, make you so cheap!\”

The most excessive thing is that the peony flower essence still used hallucinogenic py. It is estimated that the ability of pollen mutation, just like hearing [BEEP] medicine, made him a big ugly.

The comb is even more powerful, a long hair can be stretched and shortened, and directly tied him in the air to touch/hand/py.

When Li Xuan was down by Zhu Yang, the whole person was almost crying like a fool——

\”Do not bring such a bully~~\”

But thanks to his physique, it is true that Zhu Yang has gained two more fierce generals.

Peony Flower Essence is graceful and extravagant. It really is the feeling of the Oriental version of Marilyn Monroe, which is particularly atmospheric and sexy.

The comb essence is dangerous and sharp, like a female leopard with claws, and her hair is pure white, it is also an extremely rare type of beauty.

Both of them are female bodies, and do not intend to appear in male bodies. The combs have no gender yet, but she said that she prefers female bodies to males.

As a fishing machine, Li Xuan was rewarded by Zhu Yang for his great contribution.

Li Xuan couldn’t stand his own cruel physique, and Zhu Yang’s black-hearted and more cruel use, but couldn’t refuse her benefits.

She is a treasure house of modern civilization, not to mention it, it’s really fragrant!

Just like this, they rushed, collected monsters, and drove like mountains and rivers. After half a month, the group of them came to the land of Yun Po.

At this time, it was only three days before the other party’s birthday.

Mrs. Yun Po is considered the biggest monster within a thousand miles, not to mention the four monsters at the beginning, but the koi essence, peony essence and comb essence later collected are all under her command.

Among them, the comb essence is not the same as the other three, because it is close, and the ability is good. From time to time, the old lady Yundu is called to do some things.

When confronted with Zhu Yang and the others at the beginning, this guy wanted to be tough with his ability, but she was wrong.

Although the few fairies who followed were all spicy chickens, Zhu Yang, who was headed by them, was very cruel, and the comb was the only one who was defeated.

This guy has a very strong plot, and doesn’t care much about the ancestor system.

For the four fairies who followed Zhu Yang at the beginning, they always shook their faces, and Gein was not as strong as her.

Those few were itchy with anger, but they were helpless with her. The demon was really weak and strong, but under Zhu Yang, it was just a trivial matter, but it prompted the fairies to practice more diligently.

Because pheasant essence and Xiao Ji are similar, Xiao Ji also learned some tuna methods here recently. According to Zhu Yang, it seemed to feel that his body was a lot easier.

Even the size that only grew a little bit when her strength was leaping rapidly, has also changed visible to the naked eye.

The fluff is gradually covered by the young feathers, and it has changed from a baby chick to a real chick.

Zhu Yang fought against it for this, and indeed the power that was at the bottleneck due to physical limitations has begun to loosen up, and it has become stronger visible to the naked eye.

Provoked a few fairies to flatter, shouting that the young master has good feet and good talent.

But there was an accident. Zhu Yang thought that using dragon scales to draw big cakes to seduce monsters to the bait, the dragon scales had no real use to deter other monsters except for the dragon’s breath above, which was a big mistake.

In the beginning, only the pheasant essence and the carp essence got a piece of dragon scales from Xiaoji and Zhu Yang respectively. At first, they were only used as amulets, as a benchmark of dream efforts.

It is unavoidable to wear it on the body and observe it from time to time. Later, the pheasant found that with dragon scales during cultivation, it was more effective to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon.

This spoiled their joy. The other elves were envious at first, but seeing that there were so many substantial benefits, they worked harder in front of Zhu Yang those days.

Zhu Yang took the dragon scales and observed it after knowing it. Indeed, he couldn’t feel it in reality, but in this kind of spiritually surging dungeon world, the dragon dragon is the highest-level repairer.

His body is the same as an automatic cultivator. Dragon scales can absorb spiritual energy on their own. Although they don’t show up in normal times, they cause dragon scales to resonate when the monster is practicing. Naturally, it will do more with less.

After Zhu Yang learned of this, he waved his hand and gave several slices. Don’t think Longlong is the size of a python at home, but its body is truly released like a mountain.

The child at home also likes to act like a baby. She must wash her in the bath, and Zhu Yang collects the scales that have been metabolized.

As soon as those scales took off from it, they would return to their original size in a short time. They were as big as a slap. Zhu Yang had bathed it so many times and collected a lot.

Imagine the metabolism of a person with a lot of hair every time they wash their hair.

As for Xiaoji, the brothers often fought each other when they didn’t agree with each other. As a battle product, there were a lot of scales in their pockets, and of course Longlong had a lot of feathers.

In any case, the few fairies almost didn’t want to be crazy, and there was no need for Zhu Yang to draw the big pie. He had already admitted the boss in his heart.

What about Yundu Mother? Let’s not talk about the strength of the opponent and the boss, or the two.

Just relying on the boss, there is at least a dragon in the background, then the old lady Yun Du is not afraid of coming to the old when she beats her baby?

However, since the opponent’s strength is unknown, Zhu Yang also intends to follow the general process.

Let a few goblins take her in in the name of birthday.

Gifts must also be prepared, that is, to a mere corpse Shugen Zhu Yang can not bear good things.

I randomly lost two pieces of gold in the past: \”You go to town and watch the shopping.\”

The place where the big demon like Yundu lives is not close to the prosperous town if she wants to come, but it is possible to buy more money, anyway, except for the comb, a few people are just named little demon, the things they usually give away It’s not expensive.

Zhu Yang’s villa on this day is standing on the edge of a beautiful lake with wild swans.

The fairies and Li Xuandu went to the market, and only the pheasant stayed at home to serve.

Zhu Yang asked him to set up a recliner with a small table next to it, with fruit drinks and cakes on it.

Xiao Ji was shrunk, and she wanted to take a nap in her mother’s arms. Even today’s sun, Zhu Yang was drowsy.

As a result, it didn’t take long to hear the call for help and the sound of sword energy breaking through the air.

Zhu Yang opened his eyes fiercely, where is the slightest sleepiness inside?

I saw a few golden sword qi attacking Peony Jing. Next to her was the comb essence who had escaped with her. The others did not know where they were.

The comb is the strongest among the few fairies, but at this moment she is also clumsy on the left and right, being forced to retreat by that sword aura.

Seeing a ray of sword light was about to scratch Peony Jing’s neck, causing her to splash blood on the spot.

I wish the CCTV line to be above the sword light, that beam of emptiness but menacing sword light suddenly stopped, and collapsed in the next second.

The first priority was solved, and Zhu Yang was also concocted by Zhu Yang who was chasing them, and he immediately cracked the murderous intent.

Seeing the peony essence and comb essence, Yu Sheng breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly ran behind Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang also saw the people catching up. There were three, an old man, and two young men and a woman.

It can be seen that Dao and deeds are good, and the two young looks are arrogant, with the pride of heaven.

The three of them all wore uniform clothes, just like some players entered at the beginning, it is estimated that they are from a sect.

They also saw Zhu Yang and the quiet scene by the lake.

So these monsters are all under the command of the person in front of you?

Zhu Yang didn’t even have any plans to get up. He took the grape juice handed over by the pheasant essence and took a sip from the straw.

The sweet juice immediately moisturized the dry throat after a nap.

She took a sip, and slowly passed the straw to Xiao Ji, who was also awakened, and watched the child grabbing the straw and drinking happily.

Then I divided the corner of my eye to the uninvited three people: “There are three fairies and two people?”

After all, the old man had a lot of experience, and he could tell at a glance that the young woman was not easy to provoke, and the unfinished meaning of her question was also quite dangerous.

But Zhu Yang’s comfortable and wanton posture with a monster made the two young people unhappy.

When she was a fledgling young woman at a really black and white age, the young woman snorted and replied: “What if I said, those three fairies have died under our sword?”

Zhu Yang sighed: \”Looking at your age and Taoism, you should have a wonderful foundation and amazing qualifications. When you were young, you learned art from a teacher, cultivated with the strength of the sect, and you have been taught by your master and countless resources. Stacked up and reported up and down with high hopes to pin the hopes of the sect on you, right?\”

In fact, it is easy to see that they are not just traveling the mountains and rivers in vain for the reserve staff of the Haunted House.

Naturally, I have had an understanding of the average force value in this world. Even if there are no real comparisons, but with reference values, you can actually make a little reasoning.

Both young people are ten years old, yet they are so advanced in their Taoism that they have been defeated by combs.

The expression on his face is full of ignorance. At first sight, you can tell that life has been smooth since childhood, and I don’t know how well protected by adults.

Even the experienced elders followed, Zhu Yang’s guess was ten.

Sure enough, the expressions of the two proved that Zhu Yang’s words were true, but they couldn’t understand why Zhu Yang said such bullish words.

The old man had a vague guess in his heart, but the two spoke again without authorization: “So what?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “It’s nothing, it’s just that your sect’s efforts in training have been wasted, just like me.”

Speaking of Sudran, the surface of the lake was angry with a water column several feet high, two meters in diameter, and attacked them like a live snake.

The three of them were surprised, but she said they would do it.

The old man only had time to say angrily: \”Your dignified cultivator, unexpectedly entangled with the fairy, which one are you—\”

The huge water wave came before him without even asking. The three of them evaded a lot, drew their swords to resist and slashed towards the water column.

Seeing this posture, the pheasant immediately put away the villa with a space ring, fearing that their residence would be affected.

The trio of swordsmanship skills are extremely extraordinary, but the sword is their own sword, refined since childhood, and engraved the incantation on it, just like an arm.

But this guy controls such a huge current, and he is more flexible than they can drive sword energy.

I thought I saw the water column cut or avoided, and the opponent’s manipulation was limited, but I didn’t expect it.

The cut-off water flow gathered together in an instant, and several giant water snakes tens of meters long immediately surrounded the three of them and struck them in a crushing force.

What’s more cunning is that the water column can switch freely between ice and water. What kind of Taoism is this? Can their suzerain do it?

Seeing that the two small bodies had been half-shrouded by ice, they were about to become two popsicles, recalling the woman’s ability to break the sword energy at will, this frozen body, broken and dissipated only in her thoughts.

The old man hurriedly said: \”Stop it, those fairies are fine.\”

Zhu Yang looked up, and comb Jing said bitterly: “It’s okay, they are too spicy, Peony and I led people away and let them escape from the other side.”

Zhu Yang nodded, then waved his hand. The ice cube changed back to the flow of the water and returned to the lake when it was placed upside down. The surface of the lake was calm and waveless, and the three people did not even leave a drop of water stains on their clothes.

It seemed that everything just now was an illusion, but the feeling of the rest of his life had not faded, just like the peony spirit who had just been chased and almost killed by the sword.

The two young men knelt directly on the ground with soft legs. They raised their heads and looked at Zhu Yang.

It was indeed a human kind, without a trace of demons, but she was so young, she looked almost like them.

Their cultivation among their peers is already amazing, and the entire Taoist school is also a well-known rising star, but today they were beaten in front of a peer of the same age so that they could not fight back. The opponent did not even leave the chair for a second.

At this moment, the little yellow chicken in her arms was able to drink the grape juice, and she slowly put the transparent crystal glass back on the small table.

The appearance of the crystal cup, because they are used to seeing good things and knowing that it is rare in the world, they have been put aside so casually.

She opened the mouth and said: \”Don’t misrecognize things you haven’t done. Many results are not as easy to bear as you think. If you look at this, you will misunderstand, how embarrassing.\”

The young woman bit her lip. She is young and beautiful, with high aptitude and good ability. She is also sought after by young talents in Taoist schools, but at this moment, she is stimulated in all directions.

She snorted coldly: “You mean that those fairies are carefully cultivated by your subordinates? What do you do as a monk who cultivates demons? The evil spirits!”

Zhu Yang’s eyes swept over her, and he didn’t stop much. To be honest, monsters had a considerable advantage over humans.

The woman can be regarded as a little beauty, but in the past few days, surrounded by beauty, her appetite has become more and more tricky.

It is worthy of the fairies who can be the protagonists in the script, and they restore the descriptions of those ancient cultural houses.

So that Zhu Yang didn’t have much patience with Little Beauty, and she didn’t even look at her.

But he said to the old man: \”With such a person, your team has not been killed yet, it is really lucky.\”

Although the old man did not understand some of these words, he also understood what was going on in conjunction with the artistic conception.

He hurriedly stopped the woman to retreat, and the woman was still arguing. He stared coldly.

This idiot, now they are the fish on the chopping board, and you are still arrogantly ripping out other people’s affairs. If the other party is really braving to raise monsters and develop power, you will be the first one to kill.

The old man thought for a while, and said: \”I took the liberty, I don’t know if these fairies return to the girl’s command, and with the girl’s magic power, they must be able to abandon evil and do good.\”

\”The girl’s righteousness really makes me worship the Taoist, if so, then let’s not pass it.\”

Zhu Yang smiled, this old man was shrewd, didn’t ask anything, and even came up to give her a good name.

But she didn’t let them go so easily. Although she was close to recruiting new employees, she did not forget the main task.

She didn’t promote her reputation all the way, because she knew that with these little monsters, she couldn’t open up any market, and at most she could add some inspiration to the scholars.

But this obviously influential sect is different. Sure enough, she prefers the feeling of being born out of nowhere and making a C position rather than climbing step by step from the grassroots.

She asked the three of them: “Near here is the land of Mrs. Yun Po. You are here, I am afraid that you are not here to hunt a few little demons?”

The expressions of the three of them changed. Recently, on the birthday of Yundu’s mother, monsters from her sphere of influence came to celebrate her birthday. In fact, the town under the mountain was already wicked.

Not to mention, although the town is shrouded in the rule of the monster, but the nearby territory still needs supplies, the old mother Yun Du didn’t do much on this town.

In addition, the monsters who come to celebrate their birthdays every year, in addition to some capable gifts, many country goblins also prepare gifts in the town, but they feed many businessmen.

The three of them didn’t plan to shout and kill the monsters here, the key is that the monsters were following Li Xuan.

It is said that Li Xuan is a scholarly physique, so in addition to seducing monsters, there is another characteristic that will attract justice.

Attract the righteous people who must like to break up the love between monsters and monsters. People originally hide the layout well and want to make a difference on this birthday.

But when I saw the scholar who was trapped around the fairy, I really wanted to save him. Can’t bear to see him fall into the water and fire, how can he be deceived by the fairy?

Looking at the birthday of Yundu’s mother, such a powerful figure is nearby with a monster, but if she is an ally of Yundu’s mother, she shouldn’t come early but will not visit directly.

For a while, the three of them were uncertain about Zhu Yang’s identity.

If they didn’t answer, they acquiesced that their intention was to target Mrs Yun Po.

At this moment, the vixen and Li Xuan who fled in other directions also returned.

As soon as he came back, he yelled: “Boss, I met three bull noses, chase–”

The conversation just started, and three Niubis were standing opposite, and the peony essence and comb essence that led them to escape were also fine.

Several people hurriedly hid behind Zhu Yang: “He, that’s them, let’s buy things well, we will fight and kill when we come up, bah! I’m sick.”

Li Xuan also looked miserable: \”I was shopping, and I was pulled into the alley all at once. These people have to save me from the fire.\”

\”Crazy! I have a luxury tour group in this water and fire, the world’s most high-end travel experience, will you take me out and do you care about my travel expenses?\”

It is estimated that he was beaten, and no one in the three people’s mind was completely controlled.

Seeing that the scholar was obviously with them, they were very happy, and they knew that they were really stupid.

But now they can’t get up or down, the other party hasn’t spoken, and they don’t dare to leave, so that the three of them look very ugly.

Zhu Yang waved his hand to indicate the stopping point of the complaint.

Asked: \”Have you bought everything?\”

\”Also, I was watching, these few killed them, and they were so busy running for their lives that they dropped a piece of gold. I don’t know who is cheaper.\”

\”No way, no way!\” Li Xuan’s young man hurriedly took out a piece of gold from his arms: \”Where can this thing be left behind? You have to protect it if you don’t want it.\”

In Xiaosi’s values, this piece of gold is more valuable than himself.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: \”Okay, don’t buy it. I bought so many fabric jewelry before, just pick two things and fool around. In short, it’s a ticket.\”

Then he said to the three humanities: “Since the three of you are also interested in the birthday of Yundu’s mother, why not do it differently?”

The three of them had to refuse without even thinking about it, but seeing each other’s posture, their attitude was obviously not as polite as their tone.

Obviously they are detained here.

The three of them were bitter, but they didn’t panic. Since the other party didn’t kill them at first, they should be safe at least until their birthday.

This time, the strength of the sect was to pull out the malignant tumor of Yundu Mother in one fell swoop.

The three of them swim a little faster outside the cloud, but other people in the division will arrive within two days.

At that time, there will definitely be a meeting at the birthday banquet of Mrs. Yunpo. This time the Sect Master also brought the latest refining formation method to keep those monsters back and forth.

The old man has lived for so many years, but he is happy with the situation, but two young ones.

The food that I ate today is the most ranked since I was born, although the opponent is not insulting them.

But those high eyes always didn’t put them on the card at all, so I didn’t even bother to pay attention to it.

The other party not only looks down on their strength, but also despises their words and deeds, just like looking at a pig that is resuscitated, so only talking to the old man.

The two were shocked enough, but they dared not put it on their faces under the old man’s scolding. This was the first time the old man reprimanded them so seriously. Their lives were at stake. How could they be willing to suffer?

Over there I started cooking lunch on my own.

Just near the lake, Zhu Yang simply said grilling.

The group of people cheered, and then ran in to move the utensils, and those who took the ingredients took the ingredients. The lawn by the lake was not very beautiful due to the season.

The vixen quickly cast a spell to make the lawn lush and soft as a carpet.

There is also a long dining table, covered with thick and gorgeous tablecloths.

The comfortable chairs have been arranged, and even the indoor pool table has been moved out. What should I do if the floor is uneven?

It doesn’t matter, Zhu Yang took a layer of lake water to turn it into a smooth ice floor, and took a lot of mosaic carpets from the villa.

It is comfortable to step on and does not freeze your feet.

Everyone handles the ingredients, including fresh shrimps, fish and crabs in the river, as well as Zhu Yang who wants to eat seafood.

Meat, vegetables, and fruits are hunting all the way, but you can’t finish eating or not worrying about not enough. Strings of meat with vegetables sandwiched between them are placed on the grill, and the oil will nourish in a while.

The rich seasoning was brushed up, and the fragrance was immediately overflowing, and the fresh fruits of various colors were cut into fruit plates or squeezed into juice for everyone.

Take turns to do things, and go to the pool table to have a two-shot addiction, but the premise is not to cheat.

The stereos were also moved out. Although the fairies had limited appreciation of pop music at first, they knew that they were going to do this in the future and worked hard to taste, and they really liked it gradually.

The carp spirit who can play the piano also recorded several of his own songs.

However, the three of them were even more shocked by Zhu Yang’s origins when they saw such a broadcasting treasure.

They know the method of sound transmission by borrowing objects, but how high is the cultivation base? And this guy is only for entertainment.

Because the three of them were left behind, it was considered half a guest anyway, the fairies just didn’t like it anymore, but they couldn’t lose the face of the boss.

He pulled back the chair by the dining table and offered fruit juice again: \”Here! Sit down! It’s about lunch, or two shots with them?\”

The young man’s gadgets made the young men and women greedy. He smelled the aroma of barbecue and the sweetness of juice, and suddenly felt that he was thirsty and tired after chasing the monster all the way.

The three of them looked at the group of fairies in front of them who were having fun with music or dancing to Zhu Yang.

Not to mention that the scholar was unwilling to take care of their nostalgia, but the fairies were all submissive to personalities.

This day, even the gods are almost there, right?


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