Scream Queen Chapter 148

The origins of these three people are considered high in the sect today.

The family name is Xuan Tianzong, the young men and women are the big disciples of the new generation, and the old men are their uncles.

The three of them were forced to stay. At first they thought there was some conspiracy or that the meal was not so delicious.

But I didn’t expect that the other party was talking and counting, and shouting to eat, no one paid attention to them.

A few fairies, or most of the fairies of Taoism, faced the three men in the profound sect with powerful sword aura, and they really started to eat and play with each other, without any sense of vigilance.

Such a fairy had been reborn outside eight hundred times early, but here, no one was afraid, even if they were chased by them just now.

In the beginning, three people sighed for the comfortable life of this mysterious woman. This skill is also a magic weapon. If others want to have those good things, can they not hide them?

But she didn’t, she could see that the other party was an extreme hedonist, and she didn’t feel insulting at all when she was doing everything for her own enjoyment.

This is in the eyes of some sect predecessors, and it is inevitable to say something fun.

At the beginning, the old man thought the same way, but when he thought that even if he was so indulged in enjoyment, his Taoism was much higher than himself, he suddenly felt helpless.

The grilled food is served on a plate with a delicious color, flavor and flavor.

Daily fresh vegetables and meat dishes, fish, shrimps, crabs and shellfish are not mentioned. Those seafood and aquatic products that can only be found thousands of miles away can also be seen fresh here.

This thing is not something that the emperor Lao Tzu can eat if he wants, and the methods are complicated and varied.

The traditional barbecue recipe only constitutes a part of the proportion of this meal. The garlic and pickled pepper-flavored shrimp grilled fish makes the index finger move when you smell it. There is also a slow stew over the fire and a small pan.

These are still fair, and there are a few more things, and the flavor of the seasoning is really unheard of.

A large table of sumptuous dishes, plus fresh fruit and liquor juice like a syrup and jade dew, the three people’s stomachs have been ringing for several rounds.

“Cough cough!” The old man cleared his throat, and was about to say something like ‘hospitable hospitality, infinite gratitude’, and remind the two juniors not to lose face.

As a result, as soon as I turned around, I saw two small ones, one of them dangling half of the cheeks that had been eaten with cheese baked lobster.

“What is this? There is also a smell of milk.”

“How do you grill the chicken wings? It’s too tender. Can you add honey?”

“This water is so delicious, what’s it called? Coke?”

“Is there any rice? Pickled pepper grilled fish is too much for dinner.”

Old man: “…”

Also, at the age of a teenager, he is still a high school student in modern times.

The old man winked at the two unlucky children, his eyes were almost cramping, and he didn’t let them pay attention, patronizing the monster to ask questions.

He couldn’t see it, so he had to take care of himself to eat in a depressed manner, which was indeed a novelty.

In particular, the woman opened a bottle of good wine, and he was tense with good food, but the good wine made the old man completely abandon his armor.

A few fairies are also good for drinking, and after the meal, a few who had been fighting and killing just now, unexpectedly got up to the bottle at this moment.

Zhu Yang divided a room by himself and threw these people in.

After waking up after sleeping for a whole afternoon, the three of them all seemed a little bit depressed, and blamed themselves for being so defenseless in the fairy den.

But as soon as I opened the door, I was told that dinner was ready.

At noon, the meal was fragrant and spicy, but the dinner was quite light. The fish porridge was fragrant and fragrant, and served with simple side dishes.

Those vegetables are the fresh vegetables of the season that Zhu Yang passed through the fertile land and bought from farmers.

There is no need for too much seasoning at all. After the stir-frying, it is sweet and crispy, which is very nourishing for the stomach after a meal.

After eating, Li Xuan taught them how to use the shower and bathtub in the bathroom.

In ancient times, the water quality was good. You can place it anywhere you want, and you can drink it directly from the source, let alone take water for washing.

The villa itself does not have much water storage, but Zhu Yang usually places the place close to the water and connects the water pump to the lake to allow the entire villa to use water normally.

However, in a place with such clean water quality, the filtration system does not seem to be effective.

In any case, under Li Xuan’s demonstration, the three learned how to use the shower bathtub.

After drinking porridge and sweating all over, I washed away all the filth, and then took a beautiful hot bath.

Especially the female Taoist priest, the girl’s family always loved beauty and cleanliness, and was a spoiled eldest lady in the sect.

Even if you are away from home, even if you have enough travel resources, it is inconvenient in the end. Inns everywhere are good and bad.

The prosperous capital is still a little better, most of the small broken towns, the smell of the bedclothes and pillows in the inn is disgusting, let alone such convenient hot water.

After soaking in the uniformly equipped pajamas in the room on the boat, the three of them lay on their soft beds, covered with feather-light quilts, feeling the clean fragrance.

Fairy day~~

From the initial vigilance to true fragrance later, the three did not have much time to talk.

The next morning, they already knew to help with work, and by the third day they had already begun to express their opinions on what to eat in the morning, what to eat at noon, and in the evening—

Oh, the evening is the dinner of Mrs. Yundu, I have to go there to eat.

Gee! The three people who performed the task at a time were a little disgusted with the long-awaited timing.

The three of them are like this, not to mention a few monsters, they are like a concubine.

“Then what, can we bring some snacks over there?” Peony said, “The things from my mother are really terrible.”

The comb essence sneered: “Bring snacks? You forgot that a few years ago, a mussel essence also disliked the unpalatable birthday feast, and secretly hid some dried fish. What ended up?”

These fairies have all participated in the birthday banquet of Yun Po’s mother. Although they have nothing to do with the big monster except for the comb, they still know her character.

According to Zhu Yang’s words, the food there was unpalatable, but it still couldn’t show up. The slight color was disrespectful to Yundu’s mother. To save face and flaws, it must be reported to the extreme.

Zhu Yang said, “If you want to bring it, please bring it.”

Unexpectedly, when these words came out, the faces of the fairies were not happy, but their hearts trembled.

Although she had known that she was going to the birthday banquet, she was uneasy and kind, but it was obviously going to be hard.

A few fairies are not sure if this is a temptation for them, but since they have worshipped the top of the mountain again, they can’t go back and forth. The new boss and the old boss have to cut each other. As the younger brother, he has to bite the bullet and choose one side.

So a few goblins bit their teeth and nodded fiercely: “Well! Let’s make something to eat, let’s not eat it, the boss has to eat when it comes to dinner.”

When a few people started to prepare, they saw a snow-white pigeon flying out of the window sill of a room in the villa.

Someone wanted to stop the pigeon, but was stopped by Zhu Yang——

“It’s just a lot of people, otherwise, why should I keep those three people? What about wasting rice for fun.”

In this era of roaring communication, the more influential microphones, the better.

In the middle of the afternoon, the group packed up the villa and headed to the hilltop of Mrs. Yundu.

Counting this way, the number of people is about the same as that of fairies.

But it’s not a big goal. After all, Mother Yun Po isn’t just a demons and ghosts sitting down. There are also many bandits and bandits.

And every year on her birthday, there are not a few people who offer her a life to drink souls, or young men for her enjoyment.

The three Taoist priests also changed their sect uniforms, put on ordinary clothes, restrained the sword aura in their eyes, and followed Zhu Yang and the others as servants.

Sure enough, because of Li Xuan’s wonderful physique and Zhu Yang’s beauty, the little demon came to talk with them as soon as they entered.

“Yo! How did you guys collide this year?”

“Is this a beauty dedicated to my old mother? Looks good, but Gangcatfish is still showing off. Your manners are no worse than him.”

The person who talked to the little fairy was naturally a sluggish little fairy. Zhu Yang glanced around and was also at the mercy of Yundu mother.

This was the largest number of monsters she had seen since she came to this instance.

The entire huge stone hall was crowded with people, but the average quality couldn’t keep up with the quantity.

No, it’s considered polite to say that. After seeing the fairies here, Zhu Yang knew how rare Li Xuan’s physique was. In fact, many fairies do not completely use human forms.

Regardless of the aesthetic difference or the problem of perception, in short, there are a lot of crooked melons and cracks, to a fairy who walked by them a few minutes ago.

The same is the essence of pheasant, but for convenience it is the head of the human body. What kind of pig head, dog head, leopard head is just a routine operation.

There are many flies with big washbasins wearing clothes, big eyes like ET, and ginseng essence that looks like a radish. There are also many strange species with human face toad/magic skin.

Zhu Yang looked all the way, really lamented that he still has such a trace of humanitarianism.

Otherwise, one of these guys will count as one, and all of them will be made into specimens, and a monster fair will be able to make a lot of money.

The monsters in the whole human form account for only a small half of the total here, and in this small half, the ones above Zhu Yang’s aesthetic threshold have to be selected.

So you can imagine the number, so Zhu Yang used Li Xuan’s fish all the way to catch one and what a lucky value it must be.

However, Li Xuan’s utility naturally cannot expire so soon.

A few little fairies finished greeting with some familiar fairies, and were about to find a place to sit down.

The layout here is simple, with an empty hall in the middle, and a huge formation in the middle of the hall.

Then there are seats, stone tables and futons on both sides, the layout is a bit like a circus stepped.

The viewing angle gets worse as you go to the back. Naturally, in the front are the positions of the powerful monsters who are favored in front of Mrs. Yun Po, and behind are the positions of some famous little brothers who only come to worship all year round.

The comb was in the front, Zhu Yang and the others separated from her, and sat in the last row with the Four Fairies and the Koi Fairy and Peony Fairy.

As soon as Fang sat down, two goblins approached.

The two fairies are dressed in white, with a lotus-like temperament and beautiful appearance. The most rare thing is that they look exactly the same, they are twins.

The two of them surrounded Li Xuan on the left and right, winking like silk: “My son, why are you so lost here?”

“Yeah! The son is sweating on his forehead, are you scared by this room full of vulgar people? Let’s take you out.”

Li Xuan’s eyes turned back and looked at Zhu Yang.

I said I would not come, but you wanted me to come.

Zhu Yang also gave him an admiring look–

Amazing, with such a large base, it can still bite accurately.

She patted Li Xuan on the shoulder: “From today, you will be the recruiting director of the resident office.”

Li Xuan opened her hand: “You really arranged for me?”

The twin goblins were unhappy if there was no one next to them, especially when they saw Zhu Yang’s appearance, he was even more malicious.

The mere mortal women dare to fight for beauty in front of their sisters.

They sneered: “Oh, who brought this tribute?”

I glanced over the four fairies, with sharp eyes: “My old mother hates seeing beautiful women in the world. You dare to bring such a lively and sharp-mouthed woman, don’t want to live?”

“Don’t say we don’t remind you, forget it, unfortunately you guys are not good-looking in the back row.”

“Well, let’s do the job for this human woman to die. Wouldn’t it be better for my mother to swear?”

To talk about previous years, a few fairies really didn’t dare to speak loudly to the twins.

The people sitting in the back row are all the little demon who hangs up in front of the old mother, but they rarely come and go.

But there are exceptions.

Some have good strengths, but they are not as strong as their mothers. They are incompetent in the world. When the situation is conflicting, they will make mistakes and recognize their mothers first.

It’s an attitude of bowing, but if you really want to use them for work, don’t even think about it. These two sisters are like that.

They are twin lotuses at the foot of a distant mountain, and they are in the company of each other. The two of them have the same mind. They also get twice the result with half the effort. They are both tacitly compatible in fighting and fighting. Therefore, the strength of the fairies present is also high.

To put it aside, the four little demons and the others are really only being bullied.

But now that the new boss is backing up, the treatment is naturally different. The usual enjoyment of food and drink is second, and the gift of dragon scales is also aside.

The key to making them so devoted for a while is that the boss protects the shortcomings, as long as it is hers, no one else can bully it.

After they came back, they talked about Peony Essence and Comb Essence, when the Taoist priest lied that she had killed them.

The boss wanted to die without talking to the other party at all, making the eyes of the fairies wet.

Then facing Sister Bing Tilian now is much harder.

Hearing what the two said, the four fairies said coldly: “Every time I put my hands in my pockets, I’m very diligent about others.”

“Let’s put it in front of someone. As if you haven’t seen a man, a scholar would make you two burn yourself? It’s not your pollination period yet, right?”

“Don’t look at that wolf-like tiger, people are scared away by you two.”

Li Xuanxin said that these guys have a clear conscience when they blame others for what they have done.

Where is Bian Tilian being ridiculed by a few spicy chickens? Suddenly got angry.

It is not easy to kill on my mother’s birthday, and it is still possible to give a lesson, so the two sneered: “Death!”

Before they started to cast the spell, they pinched both of their cheeks with both hands, and they couldn’t react at all speed.

It turned out that the human woman made the hand, and saw one hand pinching their chins one by one, controlling the glance of their faces from side to side, and not letting go of these perspectives of the side face and chin.

After they were finished, they let go: “It’s really exactly the same, I can’t tell them at all.”

There are many twins who look the same in the world, but they are really the same to the point that they are indistinguishable, and they are all beautiful beauties.

The effect of the visual impact cannot be measured by multiplying by two.

When Tilian looked at the other party’s eyes, the posture of looking at private property was a little flustered for a while.

As a result, they turned into anger. With a flash, countless lotus petals and stamens appeared around the two of them, but when they looked closely, the petals were sharp as a knife and the stamens were as sharp as steel needles.

A gust of wind swept across, and I don’t know who’s hair swept to it, and it broke at the moment when it touched the petals, and the hair was broken at the end.

Those petals and steel needles blasted towards Zhu Yang, the distance between the three of them was already close, and such a short time should have been unavoidable.

However, those lotus petals and stamens came to Zhu Yang’s face gate, unexpectedly changed the trajectory without authorization, and continued to gather and integrate and then bloom.

It turned into a blooming lotus, but the lotus body exudes sharp sharp edges, and it is a beautiful weapon.

However, Zhu Yang stretched out his hand to catch the many lotus flowers that swirled and floated to her palm, the sharp weapon in her hand was extremely cute.

She raised her eyes and smiled slightly at sister Bing Tilian: “Yes, it still comes with stage effects. I already have tens of thousands of words about your packaging plan in my heart.”

The overbearing look in the eyes, the inevitable tone, and the unclear words made Bian Tilian’s heart jump in front of the ability to crack their killer moves like an understatement.

Although they didn’t use their full strength, it can be seen that the other party’s effort to lift their fingers was useless.

Bian Tilian’s heart jumped wildly. Looking at the four fairies and them, it is no wonder that these spicy chickens dare to be so arrogant today.

But then again, with such strength, why come here to join in the fun?

They are like the first one of Yundu Mother, because there is no way, but the other party definitely has the ability to fight, can it—?

When the atmosphere froze, I heard a loud voice: “Mother is here!!!”

Zhu Yang slowly put the lotus back into their hands, and scratched their palms——

“Talk to you later!”

Sister Tilian blushed, staring at the lotus in her hand as if her own thing was hot.

The look of the other party’s movements, as well as the overbearing that makes their legs soft and crisp, reminded them of themselves who had just seduced the scholar, really weak.

But at this time Zhu Yang’s attention was already on Yundu’s mother.

At the first glance at the other party, Zhu Yang had only one thought in his heart——

I have seen this old mother!

No, go back and take care of your own fairy washing eyes.

The previous four fairy descriptions really didn’t lie a word.

The other party is really ten feet tall, burly, and dressed as a woman, with the skin on his face as dry as bark.

And she didn’t know the aesthetics, the crown on her head was like a branch growing out of her head, with red fruit and green leaves hanging on it.

To be reasonable, we cannot discriminate against tree spirits, everything can be cute.

It’s also a dryad. See what Baby Groot looks like? Look at this again.

To tell the truth, if there are really dungeons in the world where you can see these superheroes, Zhu Yang will swear that Groot will really cry when he sees this picture of Yun Poison mother.

Because her appearance is just as anti-human as a treacherous face.

But if I think so, I won’t delay Zhu Yang from taking pictures. She not only took pictures, but also took several pictures. After all, there will be no chance if I don’t take pictures now.

When Bian Tilian saw her move, she couldn’t help but approached curiously, and she was shocked when she saw that she had captured her mother’s soul at once.

The key is that the mother over there is still unaware, how powerful is this?

With the arrival of Mrs. Yundu, the fairies present also began to recite the worship words uniformly.

[Mother Yunpo, boundless mana, superb power, unlimited power]

The old mother Yundu stretched out her hands in this tide of worship, not to mention, her hands stretched out, more than three meters full, it really looked like an old tree stump carving religious article.

But the old mother Yun Du seemed to enjoy the flattery, and after shouting for a long time, her hand pressed down——

“You guys come here a thousand miles away, it really makes me feel the Five Nei.”

A joke, if anyone dares not come, you should bear your grudges, many demon murmured carefully.

“The humble house is not well received, I hope for your understanding.”

This is not modest, as we speak, we have already started serving dishes.

There are still a lot of people in Yundu’s old mother’s cave, and they are holding trays and buckets, distributing food from table to table.

To tell the truth, Zhu Yang has never seen such a shabby banquet, but the initial meal of the previous electric shock school was embarrassing in front of this.

It was food at any rate, not anything else.

Looking at this table of food, one person has a bowl of vegetable soup, Zhu Yang is absolutely sure that this thing is not a vegetable, and the variety is also mixed, just cut back to a pot of wild grass and leaves.

There are also dry ones, which are a bowl of boiled sorghum, smelling of musty, besides each person has a bowl of meat.

Ok! Big boiled caterpillar.

Zhu Yang looked at the little demon passing by, and slapped a spoonful of boiled caterpillars into her bowl. Not only that, but perhaps he could see that she was a human and was sitting in the last row.

Contempt flashed across the little demon’s face, an expression that was too cheap to allow you to take over, and the big caterpillar that had already been poured into the bowl was stopped by half.

So the big caterpillar was full of eight points in front of other fairies, and hers only had four points.

Look, it’s pitiful.

When Tilian saw her like this, he actually said, “Why don’t I give you some points?”

Zhu Yang raised his head silently and looked at them: “Seriously?”

The two were about to say serious, they were interrupted by a few goblins: “No! Are you kidding, how can the boss eat such a vulgar thing?”

“Huh? But she was so upset that she was neglected just now.” And Tilian said.

A few fairies wanted to choke them to death, but couldn’t help but beat them. Are these two so naive? Can’t speak?

Zhu Yang wiped his face, forget it, new employees should leave a good impression.

Just listen to the old mother Yundu still chattering down: “I have prepared a rich meal for you, and enjoy it with me.”

Speaking of that, the guy really used his fingers as chopsticks, picked up the insects and ate with relish, occasionally sipping a sip of wild vegetable soup.

What can’t you eat the essence of this guy’s roots? Isn’t it that she usually doesn’t eat fragrant and spicy food in Dongfu, but there are so many people at birthday feasts.

Who wants to disagree, you can’t eat something she can eat even a big demon, isn’t it just saying that your life is better than mine?

Anyway, everyone here is a demon. Haven’t eaten anything before transforming? Although they all sneered at the poisonous mother to sting, but seeing her move the chopsticks, everyone joined in and ate.

The one who was close still praised: “This year the caterpillar tastes really wonderful. Compared with previous years, it has a different flavor. But what fresh cooking method did the mother get?”

Not to mention that people can flatter, the fairies are even more breathtaking.

Zhu Yang and the others looked at the white water boiled caterpillars in the bowl, and there was some sand at the bottom of the Nima bowl. Obviously, they didn’t wash it. This guy can really blow it off.

Not only it, but there are also fairies who are unwilling to lag behind: “Fuck you, no one knows that my mother has all good things in her hands. These jade soup ingredients are nurtured by her and are naturally wonderful.”

“But I think this sorghum is the most common product from the world, right? I have tasted one or two outside, and I have abandoned this thing like a shoe.”

“Unexpectedly, my mother’s good methods can turn decay into magic. I think I am a little interested in sorghum.”

Zhu Yang and the others didn’t recognize the musty sorghum rice. She looked at Li Xuan tentatively.

Li Xuan suddenly exploded and said in a low voice, “No, the sorghum rice in common people’s homes does not grow like this.”

Another monster pushed away the patters in front: “If you want me to say that the most amazing thing is this delicious vegetable soup.”

“I thought that when so many materials are mixed together, there will be no distinction between primary and secondary, with mixed flavors and no bright spots.”

“But mother, how do you adjust the taste?” It even picked it up and drank a sip of wild grass leaf soup with a pretense of tasting: “The mouth is soft, and the throat is soft.”

“The layers are distinct, you can sing and I will appear on the stage. A small bowl of soup has so many flavors. The top note, the middle note and the back note, are just like the fragrance of beauty, which makes people feel refreshed and intoxicated.”

“I’ll take it. The judges of the food show are not as bragging as they are.” Li Xuan was dumbfounded.

The key is that the old mother Yun Po still enjoys these people’s slap shots, her face like an old bark is about to crack open, and she keeps nodding her head.

He reprimanded and said to a few people: “Where it is, it means that everyone is struggling on the road, so you can’t entertain me carefully.”

People in front of me are naturally grateful: “My old mother has always loved me and never confessed it. I have been following my mother for so many years, and the considerate care I received from my mother, I am really ashamed that I can’t repay it.”

A group of people catered to it, as if eating this weed meal of Penicillium sorghum could help them grow their skills for a hundred years.

Naturally, the fairies in front either have to use them or they can lick them if they are colored. They are not as spicy as the four fairies, but it makes sense for others to sit in front.

Those sitting behind them are not as clever as those, or just fool around once a year.

The same is true for the Four Little Demons in the past, but now, seeing the flowery rhetoric from the people in front of them, several people feel a little guilty.

They suddenly looked ashamed and said: “We, we are really incompetent as little brothers.”

“They can praise the old mother with such things, and make the old mother feel like ironing.”

“But the boss gives us endless food and jelly, we will only be as delicious as pigs.”

“Boss! We—”

Zhu Yang covered the mouths of a few guys with a smile on his face, but the upper half of his face was black: “You mean your boss has the same aesthetics and tastes as the old stump?”

A few people shook their heads quickly, and Zhu Yang withdrew his hands, a little disgusting: “You have been eating these in the past years?”

A few goblins nodded: “Hmm! It’s not enough if you don’t eat, you just look down on my mother if you don’t eat.”

Zhu Yang said: “Okay, from today onwards, you don’t have to eat these things anymore. I will go back to you at night to make good food for you. The bottle of wine you were greedy for was also opened before.”

“Boss!!!” Several people looked up, tears streaming down! Is this loving them?

Bian Tilian curled her lips and saw the woman turned her head away again: “You are not allowed to eat, otherwise I won’t want to talk to you for a while.”


The chaos in this corner is not conspicuous in the crowded hall.

The three Taoist priests looked at the food in front of them. In previous years, they were not the fairies who hadn’t stopped on the road and hunted here to celebrate their birthday.

Feeling that these goblins are placed under Yundu’s mother, they are stubborn, doing harm to the world, and every time they gather, they are probably enjoying the food and wine grabbed from humans, and Xingjiuchi Meat Forest is extravagant.

But today, I watched this shabby stingy scene and the bowls of weed soup and insect soup in front of me.

The three Taoist priests felt that they might have misunderstood these fairies.

It’s not easy to get out.

But they didn’t wait long for their sympathy, so don’t let the hype come to an end, the old mother Yun Du said something that shocked their minds.

When the three came here, they were originally recruited by the sect, saying that they were uniting several big sects to take this opportunity to root out the old mother Yun Po and the monsters under her seat.

But the old mother Yunpo said at this moment: “I received the news the day before yesterday that Xuantianzong united the four major sects and wanted to take advantage of this day to kill my old Yundu mother.”

As soon as these words came out, there was a strange silence in the hall.

If the whole birthday celebration atmosphere just before was still silly, now it is really beginning to reveal the coldness and sinisterness of the demon cave here.

The old mother Yundu sneered: “Those righteous ways, I don’t offend the river water with them, but they are paying attention to chasing fame and fortune through my mother’s reputation.”

“Isn’t it because the national teacher has passed away, and there is no disciple under his seat, the emperor must choose the honorable person from the big sect to sit in the palace?”

“These cultivators, one by one, have a pure heart and few desires, but in fact they dare not act.”

The old mother Yundu finished speaking, and the person in front of him raised the table and stood up–

“Dare to provoke my mother’s birthday, these people really think we are good for bullying.”

“Mother, don’t worry, see if we go out now, and make sure that they will never come back.”

The old mother Yun Du suppressed her hand: “My children, please feel at ease. Since I receive the news, I will naturally not be unprepared.”

As she said, she clapped her hands, and then a goblin came in pushing a huge cage.

The cage was covered by a red cloth, and the movement inside was faintly audible. It was a human sorrow.

The red cloth was lifted, and sure enough, there were dozens of naked/topless, skinny people squeezed and stacked in it, just looking at it.

Mother Yundu pointed to the totem in the center of the hall and said: “I heard that the master of Xuantian Sect, Xuanjizi specially refined the magic circle for me. Since the other party is so kind, how can my mother Yundu be rude?”

When the three old men heard this, the cold sweat on their heads came out. If it is said that the siege of several major sects has leaked news, they can also be aware of the movements of the sects and nearby traces.

No matter how bad it is, other schools may leak the news.

Then the matter of refining the law formation was an unannounced secret that only their sect knew, but the old mother Yun Po knew it and responded.

There is an inner ghost in the sect, except for this possibility, they can think of no other reason.

So in this encirclement and suppression, is it to catch turtles in the urn? Obviously, it is self-investment.

The three of them were shocked, and they only understood that they couldn’t stay here, but they couldn’t escape the old mother Yundu’s spiritual thoughts with every move of the presence, what should be done?

The old lady Yun Po was still proud of her masterpiece.

“These people are all the cauldrons I used to discard after I practiced the exercises. I wanted to inhale my soul and throw them away. Unexpectedly, there are still big uses today.”

Then she pointed to the conspicuous totem in the center of the hall: “This is the formation that I refined with the magic weapon of the ancestor of the poison. It only needs the blood of seven or forty-nine people to move it, and it can be placed three miles away. Poisonous fog.”

“This thing is the proud work of the ancestor of Ten Thousand Poisons, it is extremely overbearing, not to mention those mobs, even if the national teacher is alive, it can’t be hard-wired.”

“It’s a pity that this poison is rare. It can only be used for a moment, but it is also enough to make those sectarians lose their soldiers and generals. Even the leading generals have to suffer a lot of losses.”

“By then, we will be rushing out, and we are bound to leave all those people behind.”

“Roar—” Seeing Yun Poison’s mother all around was prepared, she naturally responded.

Otherwise, a few large sects encircled and suppressed them. Except for the immediate family members of Mrs. Yun Po, these people might just want to take the opportunity to escape even if they shouted so happily.

When the three Taoist priests heard the words, their hearts were pounding and their scalp numb. Unexpectedly, the situation was already critical.

The three winked at each other, and they were planning to escape at least one person even if they were desperate for their lives to inform Zongmen of the news at this moment.

But before he could do it, he listened to a voice in front of him: “Mother, there seems to be a dead person here.”

The hall suddenly fell silent, and the maid beside Yun Du’s mother stepped forward and checked: “One is indeed dead.”

As he said, he dragged the corpse out roughly: “Useless things can’t be sustained for a while.”

Mother Yundu said, “How can this be good? When urging the magic circle, you have to use the blood of a living person.”

With her posture, someone will naturally help her to solve her problems: “Mother, don’t worry, there are so many living people at the scene, why don’t you get enough troubles?”

But as soon as these words fell, the people present aroused a commotion. In the final analysis, people here are inferior to monsters. Mother Yun Po really wants to bring a person out to sacrifice, and they can’t help it.

At this time, the one who is good at slacking off the beard and slapped horses shouted at the scene: “Who is willing to take the initiative to act as an introductory stimulus?”

“My mother usually treats you very well. Isn’t it because the weather has been so good these years? Isn’t it being sheltered by my mother? Now my mother is in trouble, but it’s time to repay me.”

Hearing this, Yun Po did not object to it, but looked at certain directions with a smile. It seemed that she had made up her mind to follow this opportunity and exclude the dissident.

There are too many people under her seat, and she can still ignore the laziness like the four fairies, but there may be internal ghosts that belong to the sect, or are entangled with other forces.

Mother Yun Du was about to lead a few of them out, when she saw a person jumping down from a corner in the back row.

She was a beautiful woman on earth, and the old mother Yun Po was upset when she saw this configuration.

She raised her eyebrows and asked, “Well! Are you willing?”

Zhu Yang directly smashed the bowl in his hand on the ground: “I have a table for my old lady, what do you prepare?”

The topic of co-authoring has reached this point, and you have reacted to the question of breaking food?

The author has something to say:    Yesterday I saw the little angel talking about the copy of Xiu Xian, this is not a copy of Xiu Xian, it is a copy of Liao Zhai, the good and evil sides are still much weaker, the force value refers to the ghost of a Chinese girl.

Xiuxian dungeon must be the advanced dungeon among the advanced dungeons, and Tickle is not invincible in this game, there are many powerful enemies, but she hasn’t come out yet.


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