Scream Queen Chapter 149

To be honest, the monsters and villains present here are not unheard of who have seen someone throw Yunpom’s mother’s bowl.

I think that when the old mother Yunpo was just standing on the mountain, she forced the monsters within a thousand miles to recognize the boss.

In the beginning, she hit the door, one with mental arithmetic and unintentional, and another sudden incident. Many monsters felt that losing their heads was just a stopgap measure.

Originally, everyone set themselves as kings on their respective hills, robbed passers-by, persecuted the people down the hills, and had some patience. There were even stupid activists who offered virgins to make the weather smooth.

Suddenly there is a boss in his head, and he still has to give gifts every year. Who is willing to leave it?

So at that time, a few groups of fairies thought about cutting the roots of the corpse water tree together. Firstly, they were relaxed, and secondly, they also became famous in front of the fairies within a thousand miles.

The fairies who were a little bit more experienced remember the scene that day.

It’s also hard to swallow. How many people just took the opportunity to make trouble?

Picking up the bowl and smashing it on the ground, like the signal of an uprising, the atmosphere became turbulent. As far as the cards are concerned, it is much larger than it is now.

But what was the final result? Anyway, many monsters still remember how Yundu Mother used those blunt and broken ceramic bowls to smash those guys.

At that time, the fairies who came to pray for birthdays were watching that scene, under the old smiling face of the old mother Yun Po, they had to pretend to eat up the prepared food with relish.

I really disgust when I think about it now, which is why everyone is exaggerating no matter how crude food the other party offers.

After all, it’s much easier to eat just a little pig food than eating a monster.

But after all that happened for so many years, when the foundation of the old mother was not stable at that time, some people dared to do this. Now the power of the old mother is so intertwined, even the large sects will not dream of taking her alone.

At this moment, a human woman jumped out, and she was the kind of human woman that my mother hated the most.

Despite the shock, many monsters are already shaking their heads in their hearts, and this year they are going to watch the exciting scene to eat.

Did these guys watch these old mothers’ birthdays become less and less on the stage, so they forgot her harshness?

Forget it, it’s just a human being. It was originally included in most of the monster’s recipes. No matter how miserable it is, naturally there will be no similar torture and stimulation.

Everyone didn’t dare to whisper to each other, they only looked at each other and looked like they were watching the show.

I saw Old Mother Yun Po looking up and down the human woman. Although she didn’t speak, she could tell by the eyes.

The eyes of the old mother Yun Du fell on her, that is, as you look around, you can see her face, temperament, and body more sharply.

In those green eyes, there seemed to be poisonous juice oozing out, and it could be seen that some place was stimulated by the little fairy.

But Zhu Yang turned a deaf ear to this, the bowl she fell down and the vegetable soup insects flowed into the gaps in the ground formation.

She sneered: “Before the meeting, I heard that Mrs. Yun Du is a great demon of fame within a thousand miles, and I really want to come over to see her style. But well—”

She raised her eyes and looked at the corner next to the hall, which was dedicated to stacking gifts.

Of course, the gifts given by some capable monsters are naturally put away, and the ones placed outside are ordinary goods.

Most of them are cloth, gold and silver in the world. This poisonous old hen thief, listening to the four fairies, she will pile up these ordinary gifts outside the hall from a certain year.

It seemed that it was because there were fewer and fewer at the beginning of a certain year, so she simply put it out, which was less than last year, and everyone’s life was not easy.

After repeating it twice, the monsters naturally tasted what they meant, and the pile of gifts there grew more and more.

Zhu Yang came to the pile of gifts, raised his hand and pushed, and knocked down the pile of gifts.

Everyone was in an uproar, and there was already a fairy under the seat of Yundu’s mother who wanted to go up and get her.

Suddenly, the old lady Yun Du laughed twice, and the harsh sound of the scrub paper rubbing in the iron pan made the scalp of the fairies under the seat numb, and they did not dare to move.

Anyone who knows her knows that this is clearly a reaction of being extremely angry. If a human woman is not skinned and cut out of flesh today, her soul will be tortured to a ghost.

However, the guy still looked stunned, and fished out a few of his own gifts from the collapsed gift.

There are still a lot of them, cloth, gold and silver, and the number of people in the back row is obviously not for one person.

She shook the congratulatory gift in her hand and said to Yundu’s mother: “I spent so much money, and I was fooled by a bowl of turf soup and cabbage worms. This gift is not worth it.”

“Like our village, a two-foot cloth head can drag the family and eat people’s big fish and meat. That’s just a local rich man in the village.”

“I thought that the famous old mother Yun Po, the annual birthday banquet would be ten thousand times more extravagant than the village chief. I wanted to have a long experience, but I didn’t expect it.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyes and looked directly at Yun Po’s mother. The look in her eyes was the same as seeing the **** who is the least capable of looking at the village, and the whole family is so poor that they wear a pair of pants——

“Don’t do it if you can’t afford the banquet. Even if you don’t have any surplus food at home, it’s always okay to borrow some money around to fool the scene. It’s enough to get the banquet.”

“Is it possible that you don’t even have a place to borrow? Yes, you can see how bad the popularity is by looking at your old face. One foot is about to step into the soil, and I have to worry about the borrowed property for you. I am too old to repay.”

After these few words, all the fairies can’t count how many thunders to step on Yunpo’s mother.

Those with a higher cultivation base already felt the smell of corpse water.

He quickly stood up and shouted to Zhu Yang: “Nonsense, I really don’t know the so-called human woman. Is my mother’s heart comparable to that vulgar fish and meat?”

“This jade soup, the caterpillars in it-the green jade, are all carefully raised by the old mother. The strips contain spiritual energy. It can be said that eating a bowl of refreshing, eating two bowls of wrinkles, eating three bowls of immortality -”

“Huh~~, what’s the matter with the folds on her face?” Zhu Yang pointed to Yundu mother.

The goblin could smell the corpse water even stronger without looking over it, and quickly shook his throat and said, “Well, that’s because the old mother has worked hard for the birthday banquet these days.”

“She sacrificed herself to make us perfect. Otherwise, where are there so many jade bugs? I can eat them one by one. It’s not easy for an old mother to favor each other. Is it easy for her elderly?”

Pointing to the bowl that Zhu Yang smashed on the ground: “You actually pour precious pieces of green jade on the ground.”

“There is also the turf soup you said, an unseen thing, those green grass leaves, but they were cut around the old mother’s cave. Do you know what this means?”

“This means that these twelve hours a day are nourished by the spiritual power of the old mother. If you have that understanding, you will be able to understand the cultivation method of the old mother after eating it—”

Before she finished speaking, she listened to the human woman coldly saying: “Yeah! Of course, you can also feel her all-pervasive unpleasant smell of body water and body odor.”

“Oh! I almost vomited out at lunch.” She pointed to the monster and said, “Don’t tell me, don’t let me eat back. You can’t let me lose my meal, right?”

The goblin stopped talking, and regretted that he had a bad mouth at the beginning. It was originally to flatter the old mother down the steps, but now in this posture, don’t let this stupid lady be overwhelmed.

The old mother Yundu sneered at this moment: “This is the first time I have heard that the gifts that were given out, and those that have been taken back.”

“It dislikes me for not being on stage, but it just dislikes my Yundu mother.”

Zhu Yang, “You only see it now?” Dare to say what I just said for nothing. ’Expression.

Mother Yun Du saw that she was no different from seeing a dead person, but she looked up again and looked in the direction where Zhu Yang had jumped down.

Sure enough, those sitting in the pile were all beautiful, enchanting little fairies.

The four fairies and the koi fairies and the peony fairies can’t wait to find a place to sew in. This is the first time they have attracted so much attention at the banquet of Mrs. Yundu.

Among them, the more senior Peony Jing still remembered the accident that year, and he was panicked.

But now that’s the end of the matter, the new boss and the old boss are completely in line, and their little brothers are there, so naturally they have to take out the obligation of the little brother and start standing in line to call for their boss.

Although the time to worship the mountain again is short, and at the beginning, most of them rushed to fly to the top.

But getting along, compared to the exploitation of Yundu’s mother, Zhu Yang is not very kind to them.

Although it is clear that the carts and horses will get what they need and send them to live a good life, she will also reap more benefits here.

But so far, at least they have not played a role? But the boss is not hesitating to invest.

Oh! She taught them the word investment, and several goblins understood it as trusting and optimistic about them.

But how optimistic must be to pile so many benefits and resources on them? So precious dragon scales just give it.

Those expensive wines that even the Emperor Lao Tzu could not drink were used as juice for them. She said that she would take them to live a good life and help them soar into the sky. From the moment she promised, she has been working on it. .

It’s never been a few silly goblins who were drawing pie and hanging them as she herself thought.

They have average roots and feet, otherwise they would not stand on a wild hill without fighting or grabbing, let alone the big monsters like Mrs. Yun Po. When celebrating birthdays every year, when they meet the fairies on the road, they sometimes have to be Despise bullying.

However, only the boss treats them, making them feel as if their existence is special, not even kidding, she really thinks that these fairies are more valuable than the old mother Yun Po.

At this moment, seeing the old mother Yun Po looking over, several people broke out in a cold sweat, and finally walked out under the surprised eyes of Bie Dilian, and came to the center of the hall.

Suddenly, the pheasant yelled: “Boss, I have been fulfilled and satisfied recently. It is the happiest time in my chicken life. I die without regrets.”

After finishing talking, she pointed at the old mother Yundu and cursed: “Old tree bark, look at him, his face is full of body stinks. Put your old tree stump and the beauty of the world together. How to choose this is simply a question.”

Although the demons didn’t understand the meaning of sending sub-topics, they knew it in the context of the context. For a while, they only felt that the pheasant spirit was full of guts today.

I wonder if he hasn’t finished saying: “Don’t think that everyone doesn’t know what you used when you were good with that man. You always look down on women in the world, and it is unambiguous to use other people’s appearances.”

“Oh, by the way, you are ashamed to say that people have lost you, and that human woman is his righteous lady. Your Yunpo mother is no matter how powerful, she is also a concubine.”

Because I was afraid that these unscrupulous monsters would go to the haunted house and seduce whoever they saw.

Zhu Yang very much instilled in them some iron rules about which men and women should not move. The first one is married men and women.

One of the things that Mrs. Yun Du hated in her life was that she had magic power, but she couldn’t make her pleased man treat each other sincerely.

At that time, this person turned into a beautiful woman, and then seduce him to stay in the cave, and was turned to a decent and capable person by his wife.

During the fight, the illusion technique and the magical technique failed, and the man saw his true body, and remembered that he was a family member, and he was in pain for a while.

This scene is the lifelong shame of Yun Po’s mother. The people under her seat still have big mouths. Anyway, the fairies in her sphere of influence know everything about this.

She didn’t dare to say to her face, she had to belittle her secretly, but at this moment someone really ate Xiongxin Leopard and shook out in front of her.

After the pheasant finished speaking, several other fairies also answered, “That’s right! Since then, she has arrested a lot of strong men every year to kill the soul-sucking soul after having **** or pleasure.”

“According to the boss, relying on force is what the most unscrupulous thing does.”

“Don’t say that. Just like her, what else can you rely on without force? You ask these people, who can chew on the old stump?”

“Tsk tusk! Ouch, look at what these guys have been tortured into. The old/prosperous/women sit on the floor and **** the dirt. They have a big appetite.”

“You can’t kill people, alas! These people have committed sins in their previous lives, and they will suffer this sin in this life.”

Once they started, the few fairies scolded more and more smoothly, daring to go outside for anything unsound.

The expression also changed from the nervousness and fear at the beginning, the knees trembling, to the sneer at the back, triumphantly.

Although you might die in a while, right? But they can be considered to have achieved some important achievement. In that case, why not let this old bark be unforgettable for today? It’s not in vain that they resisted.

“You, you, ha! Ha! Very good.” Yun Du’s mother-in-law’s facial features were deformed, the branches on his head tremble, and even the bright red fruit turned into an ominous purple.

A few fairies even pointed at her and smiled: “Hahaha! The color has changed, the color has changed, and there is no fruit that has changed color.”

“I see, it’s amazing, it’s just like holding out SHI.”

“Everyone is eating, why do you say such disgusting things?”

The koi essence smiled and shook his fingers, and pointed to a fly essence sitting in the front row: “No, maybe it tastes better after hearing it. You see, its action of drinking soup is a bit faster.”

Fly spirit: “…”

“Unreasonable!” It overturned the table: “I wait for you little fairies to be humiliated?”

A few goblins looked at him with surprise: “So you really dislike it? Why? Don’t you keep eating that? I saw you bring cow dung pancakes to make dry food before.”

“Oh~~” There was a few retching sounds in the hall, not to mention Mrs. Yun Po, but they all wanted to kill these little fairies at the moment.

If it wasn’t for Yundu’s mother who didn’t move them, it wouldn’t be easy to do it.

Unexpectedly, when a foreign enemy struck, there would be a few small fishes and shrimps who were not long-eyed.

Seeing that the old mother was already angry, seeing that the eyes didn’t just chop off a few guys and it was all done, everyone shrank back.

Sure enough, the old mother Yunpo said suddenly: “There are several major sects to be solved, and there are just seven or seven forty-nine living people with one blood difference.”

She looked at Zhu Yang and planned to use this quota to exclude dissidents. At this moment, she was pulled by waves of hatred, but she forgot the names of those dissidents.

He looked at a few goblins again: “As for you guys—”

She didn’t finish her words, but the ending sound of thousands of times was gloomy like a ghost, and the people sitting nearby moved aside uncomfortably.

Seeing that several big sects have stepped into the sphere of influence, Yun Du’s mother did not entangle these **** too much.

A few goblins were still cursing, but they suddenly shot a tree root through the air. The speed was so fast that they couldn’t catch them with their sight for a while, let alone react.

Seeing that a few fairies were about to be put together in a string, the roots of the tree suddenly burst one meter away from them, making the few fairies feel like they were left behind.

Zhu Yang said: “Okay, stand behind me, who said yesterday that our villa was short of a fence for planting flowers? Didn’t this wooden village come to the door?”

Seeing that the roots of the tree were blown to pieces, the old mother Yundu sneered: “No wonder you behave like this, because you have two skills.”

In the next instant, dozens of squirming tree roots spread out from her, slapping the ground like a live whip.

Zhu Yang took out a large-caliber gun without saying a word. This type of gun/gun is not big in size, and the damage is not small. If a shot collapses, the whole shoulder will be gone if it is aimed at the head. The head was puffy.

She raised her hand with a few shots, and there were a few bangs. Because no one in the room had seen this kind of weapon, the old lady Yun Du had to carry the shots abruptly.

Zhu Yang’s position was tricky, the limbs, the abdomen, and the head were shot separately, trying to see if there was any weakness in her body.

This weapon was so powerful and extremely convenient that even the fairies present were taken aback.

It’s not that they can’t attack much more powerful than this, but it’s not so convenient.

The key is that Yun Du’s mother was also accidentally blasted, and the funny fruit on her head fell off and rolled to Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang stretched out his foot and stepped on it, crushing it to pieces.

The juicy fruit infested the slate of the hall, but this seemed to be a signal.

The attendants and guards under the seat of Mrs. Yun Po immediately started, and those with magic weapons dig out magic weapons, those with weapons draw weapons, turn over and jump out of position, and they will be arrested.

However, when I was halfway through the rush, I was swept all over by countless blue silks. Most of them were tripped by this sudden attack. The better ones tripped to the ground, and the more miserable ones were even thrown into the air and smashed down. Confused.

When everyone turned their heads, it turned out to be one of the powerful men of Yundu’s comb.

A demon said viciously, “Are you embarrassed by humans?”

The comb essence sneered: “Good birds choose wood to live. Compared with banquets to entertain bugs, the stingy old bark that never benefits from doing things is naturally more moisturized with the new boss’s days.”

She uses the dragon scales to practice, and she has made progress by leaps and bounds recently. The fairies that were tied in the past were steadily suppressed by her. Why is this unhappy for the comb?

The other party was also shocked, but there were so many people, and the comb could not be delayed for too long with just one person.

Those who have the ability to burn the comb’s hair from the head to the root as soon as the comb is out. The fire spreads extremely fast. When the comb is extinguished, the hair is already lost.

The other party sneered: “It seems that you have been a little lucky recently, but what about it? Lao Tzu’s ability is to treat you specifically.”

Comber sneered: “Really?”

Saying that a bottle appeared in her hand, she poured the liquid in the bottle onto her scalp, and her hair was ruined and grew madly, more menacing than before.

“Look at whether your fire or my hair runs out first.”

With the hair growth lotion provided by the boss, she no longer has to spend energy on hair regeneration. With the same spiritual power, only manipulation can be used, and for a while, she can beat the guys who have restrained her. .

This is just one of the props the boss gave her.

The few fairies hiding behind Zhu Yang were not idle either. They were not high in mana and were not good at fighting, but Zhu Yang gave them a lot of weapons in order to let them protect themselves in the chaos.

In addition to weapons, there are a lot of rune papers and anti-spirit items that she doesn’t use as her level increases.

Some people who dismissed their cultivation base and thought that they were able to catch it, actually suffered a lot.

Seeing the scuffle in the hall, Li Xuan shrank back and forth, trying not to get involved. When Dilian saw that he was really weak, he simply protected him and let him hide behind him.

The three Taoist priests wanted to take advantage of the chaos to escape and report, but they couldn’t. Before they could touch the door, there was a shock in the whole hall.

Then the wall at the door was sealed by the spreading tree roots everywhere, and the whole hall instantly became a closed space.

The three of them hurriedly drew their swords and chopped off, but they cut down a large area, but with their power they didn’t cut a hole through.

One can imagine how thick this blockade wall made of solid roots is.

And not only that, after the root of the tree was chopped down, it squirmed and recovered faster than the other slashing speed, and the living snakes attacked them like a corpse. venom.

“No, go back!” the old man shouted.

It is a pity that the female Taoist reacted a step slowly, and the skin on the back of her hand was splashed a little, and she suddenly let out a scream.

Upon closer inspection, the entire back of his hand turned out to be as unsightly as a festering carrion.

The Taoist priests did not dare to rush, and quickly took the female Taoist to hide and looked towards the center of the hall.

I saw that the smashed old Yunpo mother made a creaking sound, as gloomy and disgusting as a mouse in a tunnel gnawing a corpse.

Her torso and head recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, staring at Zhu Yang with a vicious expression on her face–

“Bitch, if you don’t break your corpse into pieces, you are in vain as Yundu mother.”

However, Zhu Yang took back his weapon, and replied casually: “This name is really not suitable for you.”

“I’ll make a new one for you, how about’losing your mother’? Is it more catchy?”

Old mother Yundu was so angry that the corners of her mouth dripped, revealing a mouthful of rotten teeth in her mouth, but her breath was filled with ominous air.

The cronies around her immediately took refuge when she saw this. Someone shouted: “The old mother calms down her anger. It’s important to deal with the sect first.”

The main reason is to let her put the dead body poison indiscriminately. Although this poison does not have the medicine and stone of the ancestor of the poison, it will have to suffer even if it is to be pulled out.

“Kill this slut, the big array outside will naturally open.” Yun Po mother said, and then dozens of tree roots attacked Zhu Yang in weird ways.

An iron-cut short knife appeared in Zhu Yang’s hand, and he couldn’t see how she moved her hand. The root of the tree was easily cut to the ground by her, but the speed of her counterattack was obviously not as fast as the opponent’s regeneration speed.

Suddenly her feet squirmed, and Zhu Yang hurriedly jumped into the air, and several tree roots broke through the ground in the second after she took off.

Zhu Yang could feel the strength of the tree roots in the hands, at least she couldn’t hold it back with her ice.

The scary thing about this thing lies in its terrifying scale and regeneration speed, as well as the corpse poison fog that spreads after it is broken.

If the attack power of the goblin is measured by the player’s ability strength, with this skill alone, the strength of Yun Poison Mother can be equal to that of the Poison Skin Man in Resident Evil.

And she was even more difficult, at least the Venom Skin Man could not spread his toxins on such a large scale.

Because of her crazy cutting, many fractures appeared in the roots of the tree. Although it would heal in an instant, the leaked corpse venom and poison mist had already caused many little demons in the hall to lose.

This is not the end. It didn’t take long for the little demons who were infested by corpse poison and howling in pain, they stood up like walking corpses, their eyes turned red.

They attacked Zhu Yang like an army of zombies, including the female Taoist priest among the three Taoist priests.

However, these people are much more difficult to deal with than zombies. They have perfectly retained their own strength and judgment, but they have only become the puppets of Yundu Mother.

The female Taoist priest knew that Zhu Yang had taken a fancy to the little demons, but when she flew the sword, she attacked the little demons.

It’s very dangerous that the uncles and brothers around her found something was wrong, and trying to stun her was useless. I am afraid that her body will not have feedback from the self-protection mechanism unless she is chopped off.

So the old Taoist priest and her brother could only fight with her.

Zhu Yang stopped the sword energy with the power of thought, turned around and simply packed a few fairies directly into the spirit beast bag.

Now the scene is chaotic, but it will make her feel helpless.

Sure enough, he lost his restraint, Zhu Yang grinned: “Manipulate corpses? I like this ability. It’s worth my visit.”

In an instant, the little demon who was densely attacking her was ejected far away by a wave of gravity, and there was a powerful wave in the air, no less than the wind caused by the raging weapons.

Many fairies died on the spot, but those with their heads twisted and necks were obviously broken, or there was still a layer of skin attached to their hands and feet, but they did not prevent them from standing up again.

“Hahahaha…” Old mother Yundu smiled sharply: “As long as I don’t die, they will always be used by me. Even if you chop them into meat sauce, their corpse poison will be released, and they will live a hundred miles away. Everything is my corpse puppet.”

“Hey! No matter how good you are, it depends on how long you can survive the sky full of corpses.”

When she said this, the **** opposite did not give her an embarrassing and horrified reaction.

The old mother Yun Po was displeased, and then she quacked and said, “By the way, the people in the nearby towns will be my corpse puppets after being invaded by the poisonous mist. No matter where you are a bitch, so many people are involved. People lose their lives and lose their reputations hahahaha…”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “How simple it is to speak ruthlessly, but why should I worry about things that will never happen?”

She said nonchalantly: “Everything you say is based on the premise that you were still alive at that time. How can someone who will die within a minute do it?”

“Oh, by the way, you don’t know how long a minute is. From now on, count to sixty in your heart.”

After speaking, the old mother Yun Po saw that the **** disappeared before her eyes.

Illusion? With little tricks, he thought he would be able to conceal a sneak attack by relying on a small blind technique.

It swiped the roots of the tree all over the hall, hoping to force out the other side’s figure, but found nothing. On the contrary, many goblins were affected, and some puppets were even sucked.



I don’t know where there was a sound, and the old mother Yun Du’s questioning sounded, but suddenly felt that the whip was extremely heavy, and all the whips shrugged on the ground as if they were nailed.

Yes, that **** can be manipulated in the air, this is really tricky, no matter how many soldiers handed it in front of her, it is all for nothing.

However, Yundu’s mother can become the overlord within a thousand miles, and it is not that all this is reflected.

Her tree roots are powerful, and huge boulders weighing more than a thousand catties can be easily lifted, and there are many.

Zhu Yang’s motivation to read and the opponent saw, let alone who will have the upper hand in the end, but it is actually a behavior of breaking the wrist, which is thankless.

What’s more, she exploded one after another when the roots of the tree tried their best to ask gravity, and she also opened several small holes in the hall, allowing the corpse poison to leak out.

In order to make Zhu Yang mess around.

I don’t know that the other party is not panic at all, and there is even another time signal in the air——


As soon as the voice fell, a cold current dissipated, and the hole was immediately blocked by solid ice a few meters later, and the solid ice spread to the surrounding tree roots, freezing the rot that was spilling corpse poison.

Those tree roots danced wildly and wanted to get rid of the ice, but if they were not used for defense but only for entanglement, Zhu Yang’s ice would still be inexhaustible.


The old mother Yun Du felt a little heavy in her heart. This **** was approaching every ten times, as if her previous anger was just that the other party allowed her to play for better evaluation.

“Unreasonable!” Yun Du mother said.

Then there were countless fruits growing from the roots of those trees, apple-sized, bright red and then gradually purple, the same variety as the fruit on the head of Yundu.

These fruits matured in an instant and exploded automatically, but several corpse worms drilled out of the middle, and those corpse worms spread out as soon as they were born.

After catching the nearby fairies, they started smoking without restraint. Within ten seconds, the hapless fairies were sucked into human beings and turned into prototypes. For a time, there were countless shriveled animal carcasses in the hall.

The corpses swelled up to the size of a gourd scoop, and gathered together to form a worm person several meters high. The appearance was very disgusting.

The worms that make up the worms were all sticky, and the mucus dripping on the ground suddenly corroded a pit in the ground.

With a big wave, he grabbed it like Zhu Yang.

“Twenty!” Zhu Yang jumped back, but didn’t forget to tell the time, and said to Yundu’s mother: “Now I believe you are doing your best to cultivate insects to treat guests.”

“Then, I’m not welcome, and say’thank you for hospitality’ for my babies.”

After talking about Yun Poison’s mother, she saw countless cockroaches appearing around her corpse insects. She sneered: “Idiot, I have seen countless worms-riding fairies. cockroach–”

Before I finished speaking, I heard a crazy howl from the poisonous insects, and the cockroaches instantly gnawed it above the knees, and instantly drowned it.

There was a crisp swallowing sound, and the juice of poisonous insects was sprayed on the cockroaches, making a sizzling sound, but the cockroaches were not directly corroded clean.

The smooth and shiny black shell is still as new.

“My corpse poison!” Old mother Yundu screamed.

Each corpse worm is a condensate of her corpse poison essence, and it only saves that amount every year. She hasn’t saved this amount for many years, but it was swallowed in an instant.

“What kind of poison is this?” The only explanation is that these cockroaches are more poisonous than her corpses.

Zhu Yang ignored her, her lips lightly opened: “Ten!”

The old mother Yun Du finally panicked. She already understood the meaning of this number. The so-called one minute was only sixty sounds so fast. Once it was cleared, it was when the opponent crushed her.

She finally ignored them and gathered all the roots of the closed hall on her body. The volume grew bigger and bigger, and finally became a giant ten feet tall.

She still has a chance to win. No matter how powerful those cockroaches are, with her regeneration speed, it is impossible to swallow her up quickly. She only needs to kill the **** before that and win.

Mother Yun Po broke through the dome of the hall, and the people below looked like ants in her eyes.

She looked for that bitch, and stepped on her foot. The momentum was so great that the mountain was shaking.

But standing so high and far away, she heard a clear voice–


Yes, that voice came from her ears.

At the same time, Zhu Yang’s figure on the ground suddenly disappeared, but this figure appeared on the shoulders of Old Mother Yun Du.

She stretched out her hand in amazement to pat, trying to kill the bug that ran on her without permission, but she slapped nothing.

The other party said beside her huge ear: “Honestly, if you don’t stand so high, I am still a bit troubled with this trick. After all, it is not good to spread too much.”

The old mother Yun Du suddenly had a horrible premonition. At first, her ears were a little itchy, and then there was a burst of colic that pierced her soul, just like someone holding a needle is torturing her.

The horrible screams spread around the empty cave mansion, not to mention the nearest, and directly used the ears to receive the screams that made people’s mind explode, and the divine consciousness was huge.

It was on the ground that Zhu Yang had placed several layers of ice buffer in advance. At this time, the ice shattered every inch, and some of the low-cultivation groups began to bleed in their ears.

The old mother Yunpo was more than ten meters in size, but because of this scream like the anger of the sky, she began to cringe every inch, and she began to shrink from the root.

Until all the roots are no longer as thick and full as before, they are as dry as children’s fingers.

After the momentum faded, a cluster of human-shaped withered trees about two meters or so fell to the ground.

Zhu Yang jumped down from above, kicked the dead tree ya, and broke when he stepped on it, so brittle that he could directly light a fire.

This old mother Yun Po, who had dominated thousands of miles and let a group of little demons suffer for decades, died like this.

Zhu Yang used the motivation of reading to restore the entire hall, and came to the main seat of Yundu Mother, and Da Ma Jindao sat down.

“Now, I can get my gift back, right?”

A group of monsters looked at her tremblingly, and immediately said: “Yes, you can!”

“It’s too shameful, this stuff is not a way of hospitality at all. The owner has no morals, and there is no reason for patience to cheat the birthday gift by using the head.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “It’s reasonable too!”

He said that he released a few fairies from the spirit beast bag and said to them: “Let these guys line up and come to me for an interview one by one.”

Several monsters and You Rongyan: “Yes!”

Then Li Xuan, who was protected by Bin Tilian, crawled out of the lotus with difficulty. The scream was too domineering, and Tilian couldn’t take care of herself.

However, their self-protection method is still good, and they simply become the main body and let Li Xuan Tun in, isolating the pressure from the outside.

There was nothing serious now, Zhu Yang screamed too domineering, and used the spirit props, which was equivalent to directly acting on the soul.

The old mother Yun poison can regenerate as long as there is a leaf left, but the damage is endless with her size.

Zhu Yang glanced at the three Taoist priests again. Because of the death of Yundu’s mother, the female Taoist priest had returned to normal, but the corpse poison had not been pulled out, and her face was full of pain.

But being restrained by secret methods, it didn’t spread, and it shouldn’t be a major problem for the time being.

Zhu Yang said to them: “Aren’t you sect crusade? Why haven’t anyone come yet?”

Three Taoists: “…”

It seems that the sect does not need to come.

The author has something to say:    It’s the beginning of the month, and it’s the season to ask for nutrient solutions. Keeping me on the homepage is my daily motivation. Kneeling and begging!

In other words, when I wrote about the infinite proliferation of Yundu mother and the explosion of itchy thoughts, I was reminded of the episode in Wenhao Wild Dog where the Central Plains also fights the Tentacle Monster. However, Zhongya’s ability is gravity manipulation, so handsome!


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