Scream Queen Chapter 15

Zhu Yang and the others took the camera and planned to go out. When they went downstairs, the landlord still hadn’t recovered.

After seeing Zhu Yang’s face, he suddenly struck a spirit.

But when they got out of the gate, the crippled man who was thrown out was already gone.

Zhu Yang didn’t care too much, and he rushed to the mall with the temporary attendant.

Although this game is about killing people, it is not stingy towards players.

Anyway, Zhu Yang had a lot of money in his own online banking account, and others estimated that it was similar. If the money was evenly spread for seven days, it would be enough to spend time in the game.

It’s a bit like a big meal before decapitation.

Zhu Yang is not welcome. Although it is not like a developed city in the first and second tiers, there are still many brands she likes in the central business district.

After buying several sets in one go, Zhu Yang couldn’t tolerate wearing the same clothes for two days, so he simply prepared the remaining days.

After buying clothes, cosmetics, shoes, bags, etc. must be added.

Even in the world of horror games, maintenance is an uninterrupted task.

If you want to use a joke to describe, Zhu Yang is definitely the kind of person who will dress up beautifully when he is about to die, buy a brand-name body bag that he is satisfied with, and even if there is enough time, he will even have flowers for the funeral. Decide on the guy you like.

Lu Xin followed her, and didn’t comment on her desire to shop.

If you want to buy it, you can carry it when you have a bag, and occasionally express a little opinion, so that Zhu Yang feels that this guy has a good taste.

In reality, he should be someone with a good family background, right? However, other aspects may be so mediocre that she has no impression of her from a school.

There were several times when Lu Xin subconsciously habitually took out his card to pay, and he stuck his hand in his pocket. Fortunately, Zhu Yang didn’t notice.

When Zhu Yang was happy to buy, most of the day had passed. At three or four o’clock in the afternoon, the two talented people returned to the rented house.

Of course, it was Lu Xin with the big bag and the small bag. Zhu Yang only had a cup of coffee in his hand. He had no burden before walking, and the pace was very light.

When Li Li and Wang Bei saw the two of them come back, they were a little confused.

When Zhu Yang saw them and the landlord sitting at the tea table in the lobby drinking tea and chatting, he also saved the effort of finding someone.

Toutou is just a few bags of clothes thrown in front of the landlord: “These are sent to the dry cleaning. Remember not to put softeners and fragrances. Those smells are very cheap and cannot appear on me.”

“The bag of garbage in my room was taken out and thrown away to take up space. Oh, by the way, remember to disinfect the towels with hot water.”

This pile of things fell down and almost fainted the landlord.

He hurriedly said, “I only rent cheap short-term rental here. No, I don’t have these services.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand and dismissed him: “I didn’t let you go free. The fees that should be collected are collected, and the service fee is included.”

Of course, she was too quick to order, and she could tell at a glance that she was used to it.

Reminiscent of the movement of cutting people upstairs yesterday and the rampant of throwing people out this morning, it can be seen that it is the local tyrant who has a mine at home.

Seeing that the pile of clothes to be dry-cleaned were thrown over again, they were all expensive brand names, and the landlord suddenly did not dare to neglect.

He immediately picked up the things and went out. Before leaving, he went to their room and brought Zhu Yang’s suitcase that she claimed to be ‘trash’, and planned to throw it out.

At this moment, Ms. Cui was making up her mind about going out to wash, and she happened to see how people were arrogantly calling people during the whole process.

To be honest, she was very grateful to the new tenant for what happened this morning, and asked the landlord about their name.

It’s just that the other party doesn’t look like a good talker, and it’s not sheer kindness but a head-to-toe contempt for her.

Listening to her way of speaking and acting style shows how domineering this girl is.

In addition to being so beautiful, there must be no good words to those girls who go to their school. Presumably the environment around her does not lack such a sinister voice.

But how did she take it for granted?

Even with such dazzling and self-confidence to lose his temper and do bad things, Cui Yuan felt for the first time that the **** of school girls was not a dark and embarrassing word.

If it is used on this girl, it will be fascinating, free and easy, and the rumors that have been entangled with her for a long time, if it is put on her, it will look like those people are hateful, right?

Miss Cui has a lot of emotion here, but Zhu Yang and the others are already quarreling.

If it were not in the lobby, Li Lizhen would yell at him.

He asked in a low voice, “You did this when you went out to investigate today? Splurge and spend a day in the commercial street?”

Saying ‘bang’, slapped it on the coffee table: “Zhu Yang, I don’t know what kind of big luck you got through the trials, but you think the points are so simple, it’s obviously a crooked hit.”

“You are a newcomer and haven’t adjusted well. You haven’t seen the horror of ghosts in the official arena. It’s okay to use this place as a playground. Anyway, your life is yours, and it’s your business to slip and play.”

“Don’t hurt everyone, you see that you came in less than a day, except for the high school student, every line of ghosts has offended many times, and the task of going out to investigate is also thrown aside and just enjoy yourself. I don’t know your reality. Do you have to make way for things like buying things for you when you study and work in the middle school, but now life is at stake. If you don’t constrain, we can only take care of ourselves.”

“But I have to remind you that although the death rate in the first game of the newcomers is not high, it is obviously higher now. Think about how to ask for more happiness.”

He glared at Lu Xin and said: “She is a newcomer, don’t you know where this is? Don’t take your life after chasing a woman.”

His words were full of disgust towards this young man.

Zhu Yangman unwrapped the product packaging carelessly, and when Li Li finished speaking, he said in a cool voice, “Oh? What is your progress today?”

Li Li choked upon hearing the words, his aura a little bit, but he immediately supported his aura again: “The landlord stays in the hall all day, and we haven’t been able to enter the room for the time being.”

Then hurriedly added: “But we are actively trying to find a way. We have been close to him all afternoon. As long as he sets out his rules of going out, and the work rules of Miss Cui, who has the most uncertain schedule, we can—”

Before he finished speaking, Zhu Yang interrupted: “So, haven’t I already created a chance for you?”

“Ms. Cui just went to the sink with her cosmetic bag. It can be seen that she is about to go to work again. The landlord has been taken away by me. The place where the large garbage is thrown is more than two hundred meters away from here. The nearest laundry room is two. Outside of the street, it will take no less than half an hour to go back and forth between the two sides. In addition to the high value of my things, the laundry room will definitely spend a lot of time carefully checking every piece of clothing.”

“Ms. Qiu gets off work at 6 o’clock, and then it will not be earlier than 6:30 to buy food and pick up his son home. High school students have to go to self-study at least to come back after 9 o’clock, which means you two have at least two hours. The universal key is in the drawer of the bar, so you haven’t gotten a day to deal with such a simple thing. Are you embarrassed to blame us?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “No matter how much experience you don’t know, it can’t be said to be efficient. I can finish the things you spend a day in ten minutes. Then why do you care about me with the extra time?”

Li Li and Wang Bei had their mouths half-opened, and after hearing her acrimonious stroke, they realized that Nima is now the best time to act.

Wang Bei is okay. She has a gentle personality and has no opinion. Whoever makes sense will listen to whoever has reason.

But Li Li relied on his most experience and the oldest, and his face was a little ugly when he couldn’t come to the stage because of a little girl.

He held back for a moment before saying: “The other people have about the same time, but how do you know that the landlord won’t come back early? In case he leaves something or the laundry doesn’t take too long, he might—”

Before I finished speaking, I saw Zhu Yang raising the screen of his mobile phone to face him. There was a positioning on the screen, and a small red dot was moving.

She smiled and said, “I can’t think of anything you can think of? I threw Lu Xin’s mobile phone in. Even if he saw it, he would only think that Lu Xin had put it in when he was carrying a bag, so he could observe where he was at any time. If he comes back soon, a phone call will ask him to buy something nearby. As long as the service fee is sufficient, he will be happy to run some errands if he wants to come.”

Li Li had to shut his mouth angrily, and put out a sentence without emphasis: “Remember to do your task tomorrow.” He went to the front desk to get the keys and start investigations with Wang Bei.

In fact, Zhu Yang did not report expectations for the current investigation results. After all, this is only the first day, and there will definitely not be too many clues for them.

Is it really a vacation for the game to let them over seven days in advance? Although the story of the plot is probably already in their minds, the ups and downs of the process are slowly unfolding.

Zhu Yang still prefers that certain things are triggered only after a certain period of time, so he ignored the rhythm of certain fools.

The long legs rested on the coffee table, half leaning against the sofa in the hall, and asked Lu Xin to peel her oranges to eat.

Don’t tell me, she found that this guy is quite good at serving people, not much talk, and winks, let’s look at the situation again, if you can go out, you can really take him as a follower.

Sure enough, more than an hour later, the two of them came out with nothing, and both looked a little depressed.

Before long, the landlord and Mrs. Qiu returned, and the landlord handed the bill to Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang happily paid the money and added some hard work. The landlord even took pictures of her **** and told her to do everything during her stay.

For dinner, Li Li and the others wanted to order takeaway, but Zhu Yang said, “Do you really like it here? You don’t want to leave for dinner.”

It doesn’t matter if they take their attendants to a nearby hotel for a big meal.

Wang Bei saw that Zhu Yang was a few years younger than her, but he was neat and smart. Compared with Li Li, his flexibility looked more confident.

For a while, I felt that the girl was right. This game was terrifying and terrible, but there was no need to treat myself tightly all day long, so I went with them too.

Li Li couldn’t see it. Seeing that the dominant position was in the hands of this little girl, he was afraid of being excluded. After all, he was not a leader in the real world, and he followed.

Sure enough, as long as the expenses are not restricted, the world of horror games can still be very free and easy.

After eating a feast in a high-end restaurant, Li Li and Wang Bei also sighed for nothing.

In the real world, they are just ordinary wage earners, how can they spend thousands of dollars on a meal? That is the family’s living expenses for a month or two.

But there is no restraint in spending money here, and even a bit of a rogue, the whole house will die in seven days anyway, and even if the house is eating now and the landlord is credited with it, no one will collect debt.

It was already past nine o’clock after the group had enjoyed the big meal. Because the restaurant was not far from where they lived, a few people walked back to digest.

As a result, as soon as I entered the alley, I saw a few people sneaking in there.

Upon closer inspection, one of them was actually the high school student tenant in their house.

However, this child is not in a very good situation now. He was put on his shoulders by several boys in the same school uniforms.

“When you rent a villa outside and you say you don’t have money? Don’t be so stingy. We are all here, so you can bear us leaving empty-handed?

Ok! Has the school violence started to rob?


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