Scream Queen Chapter 150

Regardless of Wuxia and Xianxia, ​​there are several plots of the martial arts or the Righteous Alliance encircling and suppressing the devil at every turn, but the specific operation is actually not as easy as the description.

First of all, communication was inconvenient in ancient times and the traffic was backward. If the branch of the martial arts was too wide, it would take a lot of time to spread the message. If there was an accident during the period, the day lilies would be cold when they rushed.

This embarrassment is not without it.

Another, the first encirclement and suppression represents the separation of forces. Generally, the background is good. Like this kind of ghost copy, the power of Yunpomother extends for thousands of miles. It is naturally more difficult to do things within this range of eyes and ears.

So don’t look at what Yun Pom’s mother said, these sects of Xuantian Sect are to increase the bargaining chip in the competition for the position of national teacher, but it is really not a recent start to discuss this matter from the layout to the consensus. of.

All the people from all walks of life rushed to the road, and they called back elite children such as the three Taoists who wandered abroad.

They finally met on the day before Yundu’s mother’s birthday, but they did not dare to get too close, and had their own precise planning for the launch time.

It was also before the banquet began, but all the fairies who came to worship the birthday would no longer stay outside, without exception, rushed to the Yundu mother’s cave.

These talents finally let go of their hands and feet and rushed all the way to there.

Although Mrs. Yundu herself is an old tree rooted into essence, the place where she lives is not barren.

On the contrary, the other party puts great emphasis on enjoyment, and the Dongfu has beautiful scenery and rich land within ten miles.

Before she occupied the neighborhood, the surrounding towns were actually an important economic area of ​​the country. Now for decades, there is only one chaotic town that has not been moved.

This Yun Poison mother is not good at governance, mean-spirited, and extravagant. If it weren’t for her, she would have to keep someone for her to produce. I’m afraid that little bit of people will not be able to keep it.

This great soil within a hundred li is wasted here, and no one has planted it for many years. What a reduction in production?

But the people of the Profound Clan didn’t care about these, they walked and stopped, being vigilant all the way.

This was originally a land of fertility. It’s not that no one has jointly paid a high price to find a capable person who wants to drive away Mrs. Yundu.

But decades later, she is still standing here, and deeply rooted, it is not easy to deal with.

The Demon Slayer, headed by the Sect Master Xuantian, was even more careful when they appeared in front of the cave mansion opened up by that huge mountain.

“Formation!” Sect Master Xuantian said.

The disciples of Xuan Tianzong took out the flags and scattered around, and the people of other sects were also nervous.

This time, if the big formation is successfully arranged, the next step will be twice the result with half the effort, but on the contrary, it will be a fierce battle that must be prepared for huge sacrifices.

At this moment, from a distance, the superb cultivation level headed by the Sect Master Xuantian and the warring elders of several big sects, saw three people standing at the entrance of the cave mansion from a distance.

They stood in a very conspicuous place and had good viewing angles, so they saw them as soon as the major sects appeared and waved their hands desperately to say hello.

“No, trap! The matter was revealed.” Someone said in a different voice.

Feeling vigilantly along the way, people are waiting at the door to say hello. What kind of concept is this, so people sink in their hearts, and they have fallen a little bit before the war begins.

But the matter is now, no matter what the situation is, I have to bite the bullet.

All the disciples of several big sects immediately drew out the magic artifacts, and they were about to prepare for a **** battle.

As we got closer to that place, Sect Master Xuantian raised his hand and said, “Be calm, don’t worry, that’s our sect elder and first disciple.”

Then other sect elders reminded: “Be careful of the sect master, those fairies are insidious and cunning, and they have extraordinary skills. Your disciples may be–”

It means that it is very likely that they have been exposed and caught by Yundu’s mother. At this moment, they are just using the blindfold method to lead them into the urn.

Sect Master Xuantian wants to take the overall situation, so it’s hard to say too much. Moreover, not only they, but also disciples of other sects have mixed into the arena to respond internally. It is not a gloat for the other party to say so.

He said patiently: “If this little trick can deceive us, the old bones will be in vain for a lifetime.”

He stretched out his finger and pointed to the other side: “I see it, that’s the sword of my sect. The appearance can deceive people, but the exercise method can’t deceive people.”

Because they were afraid that the three of them were not conspicuous enough, the moment they saw the crowd, the three Taoist priests had already commanded their sword aura on top of their heads, and the golden sword aura was very conspicuous.

The several big sects here did not put down their vigilance, but they still approached there. However, seeing that they were moving slowly, the three Taoist priests jumped off the hill and rushed over.

Although visible to the naked eye, the distance between the two sides is not short.

By the time the three men and the large army united, they were already out of breath.

Judging from the trio’s complexion, there was no panic and warning on their faces, as if there was no Longtan Tiger Lair that contained thousands of monsters in front of them.

Just go out together with a few sects, they just stepped on first, and now it’s like welcoming everyone.

If it wasn’t for the wound on the female Taoist hand, she would be a little embarrassed.

The female Taoist priest is the granddaughter of Sect Master Xuantian, and she took her hand when she saw this: “This is the corpse poison of the old mother Yundu, have you already fought her?”

But it’s not right. He knows what the weight of these three people is. Of course, they are well-known in the Profound Sect, but it is difficult to retreat after fighting in the old lair of Yun Po.

What’s more, they weren’t walking in embarrassment. The three of them were still standing at the door of the house, waiting for them to arrive.

Seeing the suzerain’s worry, the female Taoist hurriedly said, “Master, don’t panic, I’m fine. I was just splashed by the poison of the corpse of the old mother Yun Po.

When she said this, the others were even more shocked: “You really have already fought against Yundu Mother?”

“Then why is it still here? What happened inside?”

The two young men spoke upside-down, because they were bothered by excitement.

The old man patted them on the shoulder before he stood up, his expression was a little strange.

The expression was both amazed and fearful, and it was more difficult to describe.

He said: “This eradication mission does not exist anymore. Before the arrival of the Sect Master and the elders, the old mother Yun Du had already been beaten to death because of offending people.”

As soon as these words came out, many people had the illusion of stepping on the air. After confirming that I understood that there was no problem, I couldn’t believe my ears.

what did he say? Mother Yun Du was beaten to death for offending people?

Do you think she is a down-and-out little demon? That’s the old mother Yunpo, the big demon that can be ranked in the entire continent.

She wants to be so easy to die, can she tolerate her to this day?

Moreover, the old mother Yunpo has very strong vitality. If there is no special method, she can be resurrected and come back as long as she saves a branch.

Regarding the degree of difficulty, it is still above the big demon of her level.

A few years ago, a senior with superb mana had also tried to slash it under the sword. The senior Daoxing was still above the old mother Yunpo, but in the end he had no choice but to pull his hand.

Isn’t it because of the inexhaustible speed of multiplication of Yundu’s mother?

Honestly speaking, if it weren’t for Sect Master Xuantian’s refining the restrained formations, people like them would not dare to pick the hard-to-bite bones of Yundu Mother.

Someone hurriedly asked, “Where is the power? How did Mrs. Yun Du offend others?”

The old man’s face became more and more weird: “The origin of her birth is still unknown, but the other party is good at taking in the beautiful little monster. As for how the old mother Yunpo offended her–”

“Because the banquet of Yundu’s mother is too shabby, the wine and food are foolish, and the value of the gift she gave is not equal, she thinks Yundu’s taking advantage of her.”

This “she” didn’t let everyone hear what was wrong. Hearing that **** was taking in the beautiful little demon, everyone subconsciously thought that she was an unborn male casual cultivator.

The people in the Profound Clan are naturally shouting and screaming at the monsters, but it is not that the lustful generation covets the exquisite appearance of the monsters.

As long as the strength reaches a certain level, many criticized behaviors naturally have reasonable explanations.

For example, if a young student in the Profound School dare to hook up with a monster, it is bewitched by it, and the Taoist heart is unstable. But seniors who are more powerful than the big demon do the same thing.

That is to treat the little demon as a gadget, to have fun, not to be true.

Everyone first had the inherent impression that the other party was a male cultivator, and by observing the form, just a poor hospitality could kill a big monster.

Presumably the personality is shameless, and the face is fancy, everyone will still cheer up, and must not make people unhappy.

Someone asked, “What kind of gift did that person give?”

Without waiting for the three of them to answer, they mocked Yundu’s mother with disdain: “I heard that Yundu’s mother is mean and mean, so her mind is also stupid, and she even dared to be shabby when entertaining guests. Did she deliberately rush to offend people?”

This time not only the old man, but even the two small ones looked strange.

“Also, it’s not a serious gift.”

“Just a few pieces of floral cloth plus a box of snacks.”

Everyone’s expressions were blank, and then they smiled suddenly: “Why do you only talk halfway?”

“But the floral cloth made of Celestial Silk? I heard that this year’s Fairview Square finally equipped with dyes that match the Celestial Silk, without affecting the fabric’s function and flexibility. Only fifty horses were produced throughout the year, and most of them went to the palace.”

“Yes, Senior can take out several horses in one breath, and it is indeed generous.”

Third, his eyes were dead: “No, it’s just ordinary floral cloth. The style is the same as that worn by the girls in the farm village at the foot of the mountain.”


“Then, that dim sum must have an extraordinary origin. Could it be made from Tianshan Saussurea, or Millennium Ganoderma? Or ginseng essence?”

“Neither, I just found the leftover biscuits the night before and put them in a packing box.”

“Oh oh! I forgot, there was another piece that I took a bite and forgot to take it out. In the end, she said it was not that troublesome and just fooled it.”

Everyone: “…”

No, senior, this is your fault, although the old mother Yundu deserves a thousand swords.

But one of you eats and drinks with the tatters, and the other cheats the birthday gift with the leftovers of cold rice, right?

Of course this is just a passing thought, not really.

These people understood that it turned out that someone was one step ahead of them, and also focused on Yun Po’s mother to take the other’s first rank, but they did not happen to.

Although the arrangement for a few months was ruined, everyone came, and knowing that there was such a powerful person in front of him, he had to pay a visit.

If you can make one or two, it is not for nothing.

Sect Master Xuantian hurriedly said: “Then you go in and pass a message.”

The three elders said: “No need, just go in like this. When the other party saw the old mother Zaiyunpo, you were still quite dissatisfied. They said that they did not see her fighting heroic posture, and they will not be able to fully restore it outside. This grand occasion.”

Yes, it turned out to be the name of the picture. It seems that this great power was born at this time, and the picture is not small.

Maybe the goal is the same as them, focusing on the status of the national teacher.

The group led by the three Taoist priests to the Dongfu of Yundu Mother.

When I walked in, I found that it looked complete from a distance, but in fact there were gravel cracks everywhere.

It’s like a mirror that had been beaten up and put back together. It was barely usable, but it was actually broken.

The three Taoist priests said hurriedly: “The battle just now was huge, with countless deaths and injuries among monsters, and most of the cave mansion was destroyed.”

“However, the expert casts a spell to force it to recover, temporarily settle down, and will collapse when he leaves here.”

The elders of several sects nodded and removed a gravel from the rock wall at the door.

Then he let go, and saw that the gravel returned to its original position like gravity.

“Predecessors have profound skills!” Everyone sighed.

Then from top to bottom, he entered the hall in a clear and orderly manner.

However, after entering the hall, the situation inside made them suspect that they were in the wrong place.

The hall also looks like a piece of broken walls, which looks tidy and tidy, but the marks on the walls and the ground can tell the fierce battle that Mrs. Yun Po was in at that time.

Many of the corpses of the fairies that had turned into prototypes were placed in one corner, and the other corner was where gifts were piled up.

There was a beautiful woman sitting on the main seat that was supposed to belong to the old mother Yun Po. Next to her was a huge chick. Behind her was two beautiful little demons standing solemnly, very posture.

In addition, there are a few beautiful goblins in order: “When you are in line, you are ready, don’t jump in line one by one, you will have a chance.”

“Our company’s recruitment of talents looks at your own quality, regardless of your origin and morality. Don’t put your superiors and subordinates in front of the old master here. Everyone is equal before opportunities.”

A group of fairies lined up neatly in several rows, and the one at the front stepped into a small open space three meters away from the ‘senior’ on the main seat, as if showing off his talent.

There are also those who seem to have done this step, sitting back behind the stone table for banquet guests, or looking sullen as if the future is bright, or dejected, shaking their heads and sighing.

But without exception, no one disrupted order.

Let’s not say that the “senior” who is sexually happy and beautiful is a female, or a beautiful young woman.

The style of painting in front of me is not as good as the follow-up clearing of the monster nest. I really want to describe it, but it is more like their sect recruiting disciples every year.

The difference is that the disciples are invited to look at Linggen, the other party looks like—

Pay more attention to looks and some weird skills?

At this time, a fly spirit stepped into the scope of the interview. It saw that those who passed the previous interview had to give a gift from the new boss. For a while, the viciousness of killing Yun Po mother could not stop everyone’s enthusiasm.

Looking at those spicy chicken monsters, they are weaker than them, and they are so moisturized, you must not worry about being reused.

Then again, when she slaughtered Yun Po mother, it made people feel chills, but if this terrifying strength became her own follower and backer, then she would be extremely relieved.

Unlike Mrs. Yun Du, she always wants you at work.

The fly spirit took his clothes and said to Zhu Yang: “Next, what I want to perform is three mouthfuls of shit.”

As he said, he took out a large piece of dry cow dung cake.

This thing may be rare among young people today, but Zhu Yang saw it in the countryside when he was a child.

The cow dung is rubbed into a cake-like paste on the soil wall, and it can be burned as firewood after it has dried.

Nowadays, most of the rural areas are energized and ventilated, and there is no need to worry about firewood. Naturally, few people do it. However, in the ancient context, firewood had to be obtained with great effort.

The young people in the family are definitely doing more important farm work, and the children and women will be responsible for the collection, and the firewood is not always sufficient for seasonal reasons.

Therefore, no resources were wasted in ancient times.

Seeing this fly holding the dung ball pancake, Zhu Yang didn’t have time to stop, this guy clicked three mouthfuls, and it was really wiped out instantly, with a speed comparable to her cockroaches.

It seems that Zhu Yang is stiff. Although ‘shit shit’ is a common word in swearing words, isn’t this the first time I have seen you?

Zhu Yang wiped his face, trying to get his twitching facial features back into place: “Where did you come from?”

Fly was very proud of his meticulous care. Looking at the shocked expression and the breathtaking eyes, I must have seen this performance even if the other party saw him well.

Seeing Zhu Yang asked, he thought that the interview would be a good one, and he said: “It’s easy, you can find one or two walls with cakes in any village.”

“These human beings are too wasteful. Just stick such delicious pancakes on the wall. They are not afraid of being stolen. They don’t have to show off their wealth.”

“Since those guys are big-minded, I will teach them how to behave. I came here to take the lead and passed by a village and stole the whole wall of pancakes. When I left the village, I heard the old woman scolding. ”

The fly showed off his great achievements, but unexpectedly, the next second he listened to the other party’s loud voice: “Next!”

“Eh? Why? Do you dare to say that this is not good? Who can do it?”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Get out!”

So the fly spirit was thrown out by a few volunteering fairies, and it became the first one whose business was neither righteous nor righteous.

At least others can wait for the result of the interview, so he was directly kicked out.

After the fly was driven away, a monkey spirit stood up.

It’s also a coincidence that this monkey essence is the one who flattered Yundu’s mother before and can praise the green worm and weed soup as a delicacy.

Zhu Yang looked at the other side. Although it was a monkey essence, it was not a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek after being transformed. Although it is not good-looking, it belongs to the kind of relatively friendly appearance. Looking at the other party’s outstanding eloquence, it is good to do business. .

The other party had just boasted too much at Yun Po’s mother, but now he was clever, seeing this person likes a pragmatic tone, he quickly changed his style.

So I opened the mouth and said, “I’m good at fighting wine. Before it was transformed, most of the monkeys brewed by my parents and brothers in the cave drunk into my stomach.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows, and there was an extra bottle of wine out of thin air in his hand. It was also produced in another game space, but this wine was different from the wine that everyone could enjoy before.

Even Xu Xiao’s drinking volume and super metabolic ability only dared to drink a small cup, and Xiao Shizi was almost drunk after smelling it.

As soon as the bottle was opened, the monkey’s eyes lit up, he hurriedly took it, and started blowing towards the mouth of the bottle.

Then Zhu Yang really saw that he drank the bottle of spirits in less than a minute like drinking water.

After drinking, the monkey’s complexion was flushed, and his footsteps were a little unstable, but his mind was still not blurred.

By the drunken state, I ordered a bottle of wine: “Emotions are all in the power of wine.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “If you have food, go back to work as a PR or assistant to block the bar for the artist.”

There are not only fairies and ghosts under the haunted house. Some cooperating parties are self-serving people who dare not think about the fairies and ghosts. They still have the idea of ​​pouring some wine on entertainment or arranging other artists.

Who called the so-called ‘drinking table culture’, and even if they don’t need it, they can still use it in their company.

When the monkey was selected, his eyebrows were immediately raised, and a few people were recruited from the team, all of them were his family members: “Boss, they are a little weaker, but they are one to ten.”

That is, one person can fight over a table, and Zhu Yang nodded: “Okay, you can also send wine and open up new industries.”

The Monkey King’s family was rewarded, and they sat back in their position under the envy of everyone.


The group of people who came to kill Yunpo’s mother just watched the hard-working performances of the goblins, and they didn’t know how much these goblins were capable of.

But the woman didn’t evaluate the opponent’s mana and deeds, or said that it was not within the scope of the evaluation at all.

Because they had seen it with their own eyes, in their opinion, Daoxing at least ranked one of the top three spider spirits among these monsters was brushed down.

“Excuse me, our company already has Spiderman, and not only your image is not good, but the spider silk is also poisonous. I am afraid that the trouble for the company will be more than the profit.”

“But it’s okay. Our company didn’t hire you. It’s just that your characteristics are not in line with ours. I believe that if you only find your own position, you will shine in a position that suits you. Come on!”

The spider spirit ran out crying, even the spicy chicken vine spirit.

According to Zhu Yang’s explanation, the vines of the other people have beautiful hair and green hair. She is dressed in white. If she makes her ears pointy, she can directly pretend to be an elf, or the kind with its own special effects.

Not only do I have a way out, but when the time comes to do special effects for other people’s movies, that is also the future.

After the vines went down, Zhu Yang was about to interview the next person, but suddenly a trace of vigilance flashed across his face.

Then she stepped on a human-shaped tree branch in front of her, and the people of the sect saw clearly, isn’t that the original mother Yundu?

Zhu Yang stomped her head—if that could be called a head.

Something seemed to have moved in the depths just now. Zhu Yang got close and kept the whole cave intact with the power of mind, so he was very sensitive to any slight movements here.

Just listen to a click, as if something is on your feet.

Zhu Yang sneered: “Oh, this vitality is quite strong.”

As he moved his foot away, he saw a green spar rising into the air, and he wanted to escape.

But in the range of Zhu Yang’s power of thought, even Yun Pom’s mother had difficulty moving, how could this little piece of energy combined with physical energy escape?

The person in the Profound Sect, who had a bewildered look at the beginning, couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Ling Yunjing? It turned out that it was such a big one at Mother Yundu.”

It’s easy to understand this thing. For example, a barren land, if there is a piece of this, it can become fertile and fertile within a few years.

The people in the Xuanmen have obtained this treasure, whether it is placed in the Zongmen for sustainable development or directly absorbed and purified skills, it is a unique treasure.

It’s just that this thing is concealed and slips without leaving your hands, and slips through the fingers if you don’t pay attention, as if it is fine.

Even the top sect, there are very few people who got this thing, let alone such a big one.

Sect Master Xuantian suddenly said: “It’s no wonder that the old mother of Yun Poison is as powerful as the big demon when she is born, and in just a few decades, she has dominated one side and has few opponents.”

Everyone knows the body of the old mother Yunpo. The roots of the old tree watered by the corpse water become fine. Someone may have investigated the place where it is said that the old mother Yundu’s body grew up.

The conclusion reached is that there are no long-lived trees there, and it takes time and opportunity to become fine. The roots of an ordinary tree can open spirits and it is not a good fortune, not to mention that once it comes out, it has such a profound skill.

The strength of the old mother Yun Po is inconsistent with her roots and feet and her chances. This is also a big unsolved mystery in the mysterious door.

Now that the case is finally solved, where is the corpse water resentment? That thing is famine and plague on the battlefield every year. Where can so many people not die? If the big demon really formed like this, the world would have been ruled by the fairies long ago.

It turned out that the real chance of this Yun Poison Mother was here, a large piece of Ling Yun Jing, which happened to hide under the roots of the tree, was watered by the corpse water’s grievances, and coupled with the phenomenon of the sky at that time, so that the other side’s good fortune .

It’s no wonder that the old lady Yun Po is known to have the word ‘cloud’. It turns out that it’s not that old enchantress who is arty. This is the reason.

Everyone’s eyes were straight, and they watched as the Lingyun Crystal was held back, and reluctantly floated back to Zhu Yang’s hands.

Such a big piece is enough to let the soldiers meet each other and kill people and win treasures, but the miserable corpse of Yundu’s mother is still on the ground, and everyone does not dare to act rashly.

Seeing their expressions, Zhu Yang suddenly smiled and waved.

Let the fairies under him take the unfinished interviews, take off the space ring that houses the villa, and hand it to Xiao Ji, and release the thousand-faced ghost from the human leather book.

There was no copy command at this moment, Qianmiangui kept the appearance of Zhu Qian.

Zhu Yang changed his mind and turned him into his own appearance, and inherited his own thinking and memory.

He said to Qianmiangui: “You go to help me interview, I think there seems to be a lake nearby, just stay there and wait for me to come back.”

Thousand-faced ghost Zhu Yang said: “I see,” and he gave her a wink.

Zhu Yang’s heart trembled, saying that he is so charming, who can stand it?

When Qianmiangui, Xiaoji and other monsters left, Zhu Yang jumped off the main seat and came to the front of the monks——

Before he spoke, the Sect Master of Xuan Tianzong said: “I am the Xuan Tianzong Xuan Ji, dare to ask the monk Gao’s name?”

Zhu Yang didn’t want to answer: “Xiaoyaomen Xiaoyaozi.”

She was originally the title of bludgeoning, but she didn’t know that when she came out, these sects were in an uproar–

“Xiaoyaomen Xiaoyaozi?” They looked at Zhu Yang suspiciously, and then Zhu Yang went to Zhu Yang’s clothes.

Although he was wearing a blouse outside, it was hard to tell at first glance, but the original costume was clearly seen during the action, which was the costume of the Xiaoyaomen disciple.

Judging by the reactions of these people, Zhu Yang knew that her cowhide had been blown. She made up a sect and a name, but she didn’t expect that this land had its own way.

But Taoist Zhang didn’t respond before. It stands to reason that although the other party is a Taoist in a small county, but since he has some skills, he shouldn’t be ignorant of Tianxia Sect.

Looking at the reactions of these people, the so-called Xiaoyaomen shouldn’t be unknown.

But there were no flaws in her face. Sure enough, if she didn’t say good or bad here, she could only speak first over there—

“Xiaoyaomen has stayed away from the world for many years, and there have been no disciples walking outside in the past 30 years. The old man was fortunate to have seen the style of the previous suzerain, Xiaoyaozi, but he didn’t expect–”

Some elders present made a gesture of remembrance, and then asked Zhu Yang: “Dare to ask when the seniors were sitting down?”

Zhu Yang understood that this Xiaoyaozi was still known as the head of the Xiaoyao Sect. It is estimated that the other party thought he was the heir after the death of the previous head.

She has worked so hard to gain fame, and by that time, everyone in the world is known to be another person, then Coke, don’t overturn the ship in the gutter and even the basic tasks cannot be completed because of this oolong.

So Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Oh! Xiaoyaozi is just my dao name in the future, now I have the surname Zhu.”

Everyone: “…”

Cooperating with them, you told people that they weren’t dead at all, and what do you mean by your future dao name?

The sect inheritance is all people of high morals and respect, and where can they decide for themselves? Isn’t this the generation who defected to bully the master and destroy the ancestor?

Thinking about this, everyone looked at Zhu Yang a little wary, but thinking about it this way, she was young-everyone could still see it when she got closer.

The beauty of this woman is not maintained by using magic power or other methods, but because she is not very old. She already has this level of cultivation at this age, and she is simply unworldly talent.

It’s inevitable to be so arrogant.

Everyone had their own ideas, so they listened to her: “I heard Old Mother Yundu say that you are jointly encircling and suppressing them to compete for the throne of the national teacher.”

go with! Can you speak? Although everyone is tacit, can’t you be tactful? Is the fig leaf good-looking? Saying that killing harm for the people will die.

It is impossible to be euphemistic, just listen to this guy and then he said: “Give up, the position of the national teacher is mine.”

There is a saying that the official state is the ultimate manipulator of public opinion. How can this sparse navy force be quickly and conveniently issued by the official state?

Because of the emphasis on recruiting new people in haunted houses along the way, Zhu Yang was afraid that his reputation would not affect his evaluation by then, and he had already planned to fan the emperor in public.

She’s not kidding!

At this time, the competition for the position of the national teacher is coming out, how can she not participate in this grand event that everyone is concerned about?

Sure enough, as soon as she said this, the other party was angry, and the old men looked calm, but the young people glared.

Zhu Yang laughed and said, “I think I’m provoking you with ruthless words? You don’t have to think like that, I’m just stating the established facts.”

“Furthermore, I have finished killing Mrs. Yundu, waiting for you to come, and I have something to ask.”

“Oh? I wish Fellow Daoist what to say.”

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “This starts with the formation of the old mother Yunpo.”

She explained the defenses and formations of Yundu’s mother against these sects, as well as the secret poison she asked for from the ancestor of Wandu. There are three Taoist priests to prove it, so she can’t be faked.

After listening to the several major sects, there was a cold sweat behind them. They were no longer vigilant. This was also impossible to prevent. Even if the final eradication was successful, their own team would not survive.

They have to recognize this favor. The key is that Zhu Yang still has the video of Yundu’s mother talking about the plan.

They thought it was a magic weapon that she had refined by herself, even if she was out of here and wanted to beat the rogue, she colluded with the fairies and seized the fruits of victory, but she still had to weigh it.

Naturally, Zhu Yang would not directly say such things as asking them to create momentum for themselves. Under the premise of the sect personnel’s confusion, they are destined to be incapable of hiding them. Just make sure that they don’t turn black and white.

Zhu Yang never believed in a decent stand.

“What I want to discuss with everyone is the matter of the ancestor of poison.”

The crowd looked at her in astonishment, and after reacting, they drove most of the disciples out, leaving only a few elders, chief disciples and three Taoist priests.

The people outside waited for almost half an hour, not knowing what was being discussed inside.

But when they came out, the masters, uncles and uncles seemed very happy, not as serious and vigilant as they were when they came out.

On the contrary, it was the three Taoist priests, turning their heads three steps at a time, and their expressions were ashamed.

The female Taoist took the lead and couldn’t help but said: “Grandpa! Or go back first. I have to wish Dao Chang a treat for these two days. Why is it not good to leave? Grandpa, please give me something good and let me It’s not impolite to be careful.

Xuan Jizi hadn’t realized what was wrong at this moment, and the man answered, “Yes, yes! Where are you staying, Master? Just say it, we can catch up at that time.”

The old man also twisted his beard and nodded: “It is very, very, very, brother, please leave first.”

This made everyone notice that something was wrong, and the three of them were clearly reluctant to give up.

Xuan Jizi said directly: “You have forgotten what you said just now. You have to be busy when you go back. Don’t miss major events.”

The three of them were anxious: “Don’t delay, or let us have supper again–no, we will come back after the supper time.”

“No, no, let me take a bath after eating.”

“But, she has recruited so many people now, is there enough room for us?”

He said sadly and looked at the back: “A fairy day~~”

I just can’t help but say that the more I talked, the more miserable I became. Later, the three of them were dragged away by a neurosis like epilepsy.

Just as the fat son of a rich family went bankrupt and ransacked his home, he learned that he would be a beggar from now on.

After Zhu Yang discussed the matter with a few big sects, he followed the road back to the resettlement villa.

Although several big sects are limited in strength, the following things are of their use. Anyway, she wants to not conflict with those people, and no matter how powerful she is, she will not cooperate with her little girl. It is just right.

When the villa appeared in his sight, a paper crane suddenly flew beside Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang knew that this was the ability of one of their players. In order to facilitate contact, he deliberately disclosed it to a few people.

Zhu Yang stretched out her hand, the paper crane fell on her, and then a panicked voice came from inside——

“Zhu Yang, the player is in a bad situation. Our initial identity is set abnormally. Old Yu has already been arrested. I am afraid that I will not be able to hold it for long. I think Xiaoou will be in a bad situation.”

“Xiaoyao Sect, there is indeed this sect, you go to Beijing, there should be able to fully understand our situation.”


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