Scream Queen Chapter 151

When the other party used a paper crane to leave a message, he was probably being chased and intercepted.

Therefore, the voice from the paper crane had uneven breath and fluctuating tone, and he could not even organize the language better.

Therefore, there is not much useful information for Zhu Yang. It can be seen that the other party was not prepared at the beginning, and was raided.

Perhaps he didn’t know what happened before the raid came, but in this short time he was able to identify the two key points of Quasi Xiaoyaomen and Jingcheng, which should be information extracted from human conversations.

This is different from other dungeons, even if it is a dungeon that has inhibitory power like the deep sea prison.

To be honest, as long as you use some skills, it is not difficult to restore your strength.

But although this is not a copy of the high-level fairy, it also involves humans, demons, and ghosts. There is no unified benchmark for the conditions in this world that will threaten players.

There are tens of thousands of monsters practicing methods, and the secret methods of each major sect have their own principles and powers. There are too many ways to restrict players, it depends on how to use them.

If the player falls into the opponent’s hand, it is really not a way to escape by single-handedly. After all, if someone is arrested, the first thing is to seal or even abolish your ability.

It is for this reason that that guy decided to ask for help, right?

Speaking of separate these days, the three people are all conscientiously completing the task, and the effect is not low.

Even Zhu Yang and the others passed through some larger towns and occasionally heard their fame and deeds.

When he was earnestly completing the task, Zhu Yang traveled here to recruit new people. Apart from shopping and having fun, he didn’t settle in the town much.

Naturally, there is no trace, not to mention something famous.

Unexpectedly, this would prevent her from being exposed to people prematurely. Zhu Yangcai’s three players had an accident, and it is estimated that they were called by the name.

In contrast, her whereabouts are uncertain and there is no positioning standard. The world is as big as a drop of water hidden in the sea.

After listening to the message, Zhu Yang put the paper crane away.

This thing can not only communicate, but also be able to do navigation, no matter where you are, it can return to the owner.

The premise must not be destroyed, but also spiritual power.

She was delayed here for a while, and the people over the villa had found her.

Xiao Ji Sa Yazi ran towards her and was hugged by Zhu Yang: “Don’t run around outside, what should I do if I hit someone?”

Li Xuan, who came from behind, pulled the corners of his mouth when he heard this.

Why is this so like the safety rules that the mother explained to the children under five?

But the difference is that ordinary children don’t let them run around because they are afraid of hitting people and falling down. And this kid is afraid of bumping into others, so that they can’t get up.

Don’t ask how he knew.

Zhu Yang thought that the interview would take longer, after all, when they left, there were still many monsters.

Unexpectedly, only two hours have passed. Except for the fairies who passed the interview, the people around the villa have dispersed by themselves. It can be seen that it has been a while since the interview ended.

She came to Qianmiangui and asked, “What was the result?”

Qianmiangui still looks like her at the moment. Although she knows she is a duplicate, when she becomes Zhu Yang, her thinking mode is similar to her.

Seeing her coming, not only did not rush to talk about the interview, but instead stretched out a hand to touch her face.

One inch by one, you will not let it go anywhere, like feeling a wonderful treasure that is astonishing as heaven and man.

While touching this guy, he was still full of drunkenness, with a narcissistic expression with no showy content, and said obsessively: “Ah~~, why is it so beautiful?”

“Just looking at this face, I can eat three more bowls with every meal.”

Zhu Yang: “Why do I serve food?”

“Shut up!” Qianmiangui said, “The only time you can appreciate this face every day is when you wash and put on makeup in the morning and evening.”

“You can be fascinated by the mirror for a long time. How can you understand the amazingness that can be touched face to face? Ah, how come this forehead, this eyebrow, this eye, nose, and lips are so perfect?”

“Why, so beautiful!”

The fairies who came back with Qianmiangui have seen her interview process and thought response, which is almost the same as Zhu Yang himself.

And the memory is not bad. Although I don’t know that it is a prop in essence, I only think it is the avatar of my boss. I understand that many things are actually the same.

Therefore, Zhu Yang is so relieved to hand the interview that can only be controlled by himself to the thousand-faced ghost-after all, even the four fairies, koi, peony, comb, and them, heard Zhu Yang talk about a lot of things that are used to haunted houses and modern the rule of.

But this is not the same as learning some common sense. Without being on the spot, it is impossible to adapt to the situation, and it is impossible to understand Zhu Yang’s real needs. After all, she cannot instill everything in them without omission.

So, that is to say–

Now Qianmiangui’s statement is likely to be the boss’s true thoughts-at least part of her three views.

All the monsters laughed, and they laughed endlessly.

Zhu Yang also wanted a face, and she slapped Qianmiangui’s hand off: “I am not as stupid as you are just because of narcissism.”

Thousand-faced ghost plausibly said: “That’s because you haven’t seen yourself face-to-face seriously, being yourself alive.”

“Come less! I don’t know what I myself do?” As a narcissist, he can manage and control himself to a certain degree.

Besides, this is not the first time she has turned a thousand-faced ghost into herself. Is she really ignorant?

Speaking of Zhu Yang, he looked at each other seriously–

It smells so good!

She couldn’t help holding the other person’s face, and said intoxicated: “Why is it so beautiful?”

This touch, this line, this objective perspective. She thought everyone looked at themselves in the mirror with a three-point filter.

Unexpectedly, seeing oneself from the perspective of a bystander would be exciting, and there was only one thought in his mind at this time.

Not to mention Lu Datou, even she wants to sleep with herself.

Seeing that these two exactly the same guys became slimy, Zhu Yang’s eyes turned upstairs–

“Go to the room?”

“Hey, hey! Do you have to do some exercises.” Li Xuan couldn’t stand it and pulled the two away.

“I’ve never seen narcissism that can be malicious to myself. You stand up for me.” He pointed to the thousand-faced ghost who wanted to stick to Zhu Yang: “You were just like that when you first came out. Is it your true face?”

“Then it’s only thirteen or fourteen. What do you want to do? What do you want to do? The highest death penalty starts in three years.”

Zhu Qian has been acquiesced to be the face of Qianmiangui, so Li Xuan’s accusation is correct.

However, it is now facing Zhu Yang’s appearance and consciousness, naturally without shame.

Li Xuan shouted to Zhu Yang again: “Don’t you have a boyfriend? Don’t think that you can have no psychological burden by messing with yourself.”

“What the **** is this? Narcissism is narcissism. How did you accomplish such a dangerous divergence in such a short time? Don’t be too messy in your circle.”

Also, too!

Zhu Yang was a little bit silly, but withdrew his hand regretfully, turning Qianmiangui into Zhu Qian’s appearance.

Without the influence of Zhu Yang’s consciousness, Zhu Qian was just a simple boy, blushing immediately, hiding behind Xiao Ji’s ass.

Zhu Yang regretfully said, “I still want to study my body carefully.”

“It’s no help!” Li Xuan shook his head, looking at her like a scum.

It was getting late at the moment, and it was dinner time when I went to Yundu’s mother. It has been three or four hours since the time when the old enchantress was killed to the arrival of the people from the big sects.

But everyone didn’t have dinner, they were looking forward to coming back for a good meal.

Even though dinner becomes a midnight snack, it can’t stop everyone’s enthusiasm.

At first, the new employee wanted to help with water and fire, chopping wood and cooking, but then found out that he didn’t use it at all.

The new boss not only has a mobile home with him, but also has enough inventory.

Because Zhu Yang had a fruitful harvest today, and Zhu Yang has picked up three or four beautiful fairies with star-based foundations, as well as a number of other suitable positions, so he must celebrate.

She took some of the ingredients she bought from another game space, and these ingredients were all cultivated by the cultivation sect of the advanced copy.

Although it’s just ordinary vegetables, meat and poultry, it is different from the so-called Dongfu surroundings that Monkey Jing touted Yundu mother before being affected by her aura.

These ingredients are genuinely grown in the land of spiritual veins, and when you get a medium-sized copy of the plane, not only the taste is amazing, but the Tao is a little bit worse, and you can feel some benefits after a meal.

With the comparison of the meals provided by Yundu’s mother, everyone tried hard to chop the rice, and some of them were moved and cried.

When Bai Youyou and the others were Zhu Yang’s purchasing agent, because of the lessons learned last time, Unlimited Games blocked the purchase rights of many items and restricted the purchase quantity of many items.

However, Zhu Yang gave a death order at the time to ask them to spend all the points for purchasing on their behalf, and they were not allowed to come out until they were finished.

The three of them could only buy a lot of living supplies, and they couldn’t help but buy wine and food, and their level was enough to buy some high-quality ingredients.

Zhu Yang has a lot of things here, and often goes out in the real world to lie about buying vegetables.

I don’t want to give it to the family, but I also left a lot of plans for the staff of the haunted house to taste it when I go to the haunted house next time.

These are all haunted house reserves at the moment, and they can be eaten.

After eating, even the fairies who don’t have a lot of appetites are paralyzed at this moment, with a round belly on the floor.

Zhu Yang scolded with a smile: “Fortunately, you don’t need body management for cultivation, otherwise you want to be a celebrity guy, just do you eat like this?”

What kind of work the new elves will do after being popularized by science, in short, beauty is the first priority.

I also watched the live live from Qianmiangui, fascinated. And through the science popularization of the predecessors, I know how difficult it is for women to compete in this industry——

Originally this was to strengthen their confidence. It was much easier for the demon to rely on his face to eat.

The beauty that human women have to work hard to maintain is scum in the eyes of these natural beauty. What’s even more annoying is that the starting point is different, and there is no maintenance pain in the middle.

The older you get, the deeper your cultivation base, the more beautiful this beauty will be.

After a big meal this time, the only thoughts of the new fairies are–

Thanks to being a fairy, you can let your belly eat anytime.

Even if this kind of Xianjia ingredients can’t be available every day, when they came back, they also ate something to cushion their stomachs.

Can I just say what things were eaten before? With this stuttering alone, some of the monsters with appetites can also follow without hesitation.

Suddenly there are so many people, the rooms are naturally not enough. At the beginning, there can be one room for one person, but now each room has to be packed with at least three people.

However, each room is a Kingsize bed, soft and comfortable, countless times stronger than when they were on the road.

Everything was arranged, Zhu Yangcai took Xiao Ji and Zhu Qian back to the room.

After Zhu Qian, the child recovered from being affected by Zhu Yang’s narcissistic thinking, he was ashamed to avoid her, but now he said he would be taken back into the human leather book, so he quit.

Zhu Yang had to let him and Xiao Ji sleep together for one night: “Just one night, I’m afraid it won’t be so leisurely next.”

Not to mention him, after going to Beijing, Xiao Ji and all the fairies have to go into the spirit beast bag to play cards whenever necessary.

The danger this time is really not something that these fairies who rely on their faces to eat can be involved.

The three companions were arrested, and Zhu Yang couldn’t continue to travel around the mountains and water, and she killed the old mother Yundu by herself. It is estimated that this matter has already spread.

If she stayed here, someone should come over. She didn’t want to face the enemy in this kind of place. She still had to fish in muddy waters.

Both Zhu Qian and Xiao Ji were reluctant, but they could only be stuffed into the bed by Zhu Yang, one with his hair and the other with feathers.

He fell asleep comfortably, the two children’s sleeping faces were as lovely as angels.

When Zhu Yang saw them asleep, he came to the window when the bright moon was in the sky, and it was a good night.

Zhu Yang took out the Lingyun Crystal and directly sealed its surroundings with thought force, making it impossible to escape.

Lingyun Jing slammed into the east and west for most of the day. It had no sapience, but its escape instinct was no less than any primate.

In the end, he was sure that he was trapped and couldn’t run, and gradually stabilized, but Zhu Yang still did not remove the blockade.

This thing is good to absorb.

Imagine that Mrs. Yundu’s spicy chicken tree roots can get a hundred times the chance of exceeding her own limit. It can be seen that this egg-big stone is a treasure of cultivation.

But how is this absorbed? Zhu Yang didn’t understand for a while.

Shengtun didn’t like it, so she took it out of the old tree stump, but she didn’t know any other way.

But one thing about Zhu Yang is that he likes to do things around.

Although many things can actually be expected by her, this feature does not seem obvious. Once it is beyond the scope of her understanding, she will be able to see all kinds of horrific and strange actions.

So after Zhu Qian and the little yellow chicken fell asleep, they didn’t know that someone behind them had been blowing up the wind for most of the day, and they almost used the X point to recognize the main method.

Such as dripping blood, absorbing the essence of the sun and moon, burning the water, adjusting the frequency and meditating in the void, in short, a neurosis occurred.

That Lingyunjing is so dangerous that it can withstand the pretense, this guy just messed up like a roasted egg, just to sprinkle cumin on it.

Zhu Yang tried for a long time without success, but felt that it should not be.

The old mother Yundu just stayed with this stuff when she became a fine, and it shouldn’t require much technical content.

According to Xuan Jizi and the others, in the past, people who had obtained Lingyun Jing usually had a good-looking fingernail with such a large fingernail.

With just a few small crystals, the richness and fertility nourished by a barren mountain can be obtained by seniors in the past. If it is used for self-cultivation, it is taken directly.

Of course, this thing will not be absorbed in the body and easily absorbed, so it has to be refined for many years.

This is also the reason Zhu Yang refuses to swallow it directly. If this thing can knock a small piece, she will endure the psychological discomfort and use it directly.

But now, with Zhu Yang’s ability, he can’t divide it up, so such a big piece directly affects, Zhu Yang’s instinct feels too wasteful.

Since it is temporarily unavailable at this time, she also plans to put it away and wait for future research.

But when I was about to reach out to grab it, I suddenly felt this thing move.

Of course, it seemed to be moving anytime and anywhere, as if it was always ready to slip away, but Zhu Yang’s heart suddenly flashed.

She closed her eyes and tried to explore the inside of the stone with mental power.

With the blessing of dragging the copy of the world, she obtained a part of Adam’s skills, although it was far from comparable to him.

But at this time, the divine consciousness turned into strands, and it really penetrated the outer layer like this, and felt its inner existence.

But there are no strange changes, such as her spiritual thoughts being absorbed into an energy world and so on.

If you want to describe it, it’s more like her mental power turned into a fork, like a jelly to fork the helpless spar like an iron pea, and then swallowed it.

When Zhu Yang opened his eyes, where was the spar in front of him?

She touched her head to make sure that there was no more egg-sized thing in her head, but she did feel that she had swallowed something.

It was spiritual satisfaction, it sounds vague, but it seemed that something deeper was finally touched by her.

Zhu Yang smiled, it was not that she was blindly confident.

This thing has a direct effect on it is indeed a violent thing, and it cannot be said to be useless, but the value it should play is half the result.

Zhu Yang is a player of this level, naturally, every day, he is light and clever.

But at this moment, she actually felt a deep myopia suddenly being assaulted, not the five senses, but a deeper level of perception.

She fell into a mysterious state, and for a moment she felt that she could sense the passage of time.

But this state did not last for a while, so he pulled out out of thin air, wanting to continue feeling, but nowhere.

To be so, Zhu Yang also flashed ecstasy in his heart.

Not to mention the benefits of her own mental power, composition of spiritual power, and physical strength due to the stone. She has been in the throat for a long time, and finally she has touched the solution.

That was the person in the villa in her first copy that was still in constant circulation.

The law over there is too strong, it is a very special copy, otherwise, the props such as the human leather book will not be born.

The low-level copy that Zhu Yang has experienced has been merged, but the copy alone did not follow the original copy, it was just a projection of a parallel world.

Everyone has a false picture of a good ending.

The game said that she was not strong enough to liberate people from the curse of the cycle. Zhu Yang also promised that one day he would let that territory appear neatly in the fusion field.

However, when I said this at the time, it was just a belief that must be reached.

But just now, she seemed to have a specific solution and direction?

This cognition made Zhu Yang feel guilty and agitated, did not fall asleep all night, and was also full of energy the next morning.

Seeing that she was in such a good mood, all the fairies naturally felt relaxed, and the atmosphere was momentarily peaceful.

But after breakfast, Zhu Yang told everyone to leave the camp and set off.

The goal of their group is still too big. When dozens of monsters gather together, it is equivalent to telling others that she is here.

Zhu Yang has experienced so many copies and has matured a lot anyway.

If she was purely traveling around the mountains and water, she would definitely be able to do what these monsters would play while walking and pretending to be forced.

However, it was important to save lives at this moment, and the most important thing was to hurry, so he put most of the monsters and Xiao Jizhuqian into the spirit beast bag.

Give them enough food to play and let them hang around for a while.

It’s not that they haven’t thought about letting them move on their own for a while, and they will reunite when things are over here. After all, she didn’t expect to be able to take photos of so many people at first.

I would like to thank our great hero, the inside and outside props of fishing law enforcement, and the fishing machine Comrade Li Xuan.

But everyone was not happy, afraid that she had forgotten that she hadn’t registered at Zhu Yang yet.

They can’t find the resources she gave away with all their resources. Let’s not talk about the matter of living a good life, just about cultivation, and whoever doesn’t hold this thick thigh is a fool.

Therefore, the group would rather squeeze in the spirit beast bag rather than disperse with Zhu Yang.

Of course, Fu Jiang, who had been faked in the spirit beast bag for several days, was kicked out.

Zhu Yang said that he would reward them for seven days, but recently they have been moisturized by visiting the mountains and water, thinking about making them stay for a few more days and replenishing some food every day, so they let them play for a while.

When the four guys came out, they looked viciously at the fairies, and said to Zhu Yang without shame: “I can also be a star, you let me be a star, I will guarantee you 100 million offline-no, fans .”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “That won’t work. My company style can’t be so low. You see that the people I choose are talented. What do you do besides eating, drinking, and having fun? You have never seen good things. Inferior, and vulgar in taste. The point is that you are still so stupid and your mouth smells bad.”

“Although there are also M-type star fans in this world who like the abuse and trampling of beautiful women, but I am a serious company. I have a Congliang pheasant and I want to develop a colorful industry every day. I don’t agree with it. Don’t you just have to consider the overall style? ?”

Seeing this guy, he still wanted to talk back, Zhu Yang held their heads and stuffed them into the mirror: “Furthermore, I just want to fight for style, and I won’t turn my customer group into a large cult scene.”

“Don’t worry, unless I resent any world, I will let you go and let me stay first.”

Seeing that the beauties like Fu Jiang were ruthlessly sifted by a group of fairies, they suddenly felt that they had a sense of honor and cherished the job even more.

Packed up all the people, leaving the original four goblins to serve, and a living person like Li Xuan who had to experience the experience of entering Beijing firsthand, so he had to be outside.

The group of people progressed much faster next, and arrived in the capital in just one week.

The prosperity of the capital is naturally incomparable to the towns along the way, it is like a giant standing on the top of the mountain, overlooking the entire country.

Merchants from all corners of the world gather here, and they can buy almost everything in this era.

If nothing is in a hurry, Zhu Yang really took a huge amount of money to take the little brother out to buy and buy.

But obviously this is not the time to play, her reputation has spread to the capital.

The Xuanmen management system of this era is even more orderly and official than she imagined.

Zhu Yang also saw a special assessment organization, and there is also a ranking of the heavenly masters. It is said that if you reach a certain level, you do not need to clear the customs, and only need a token to enter and exit any city gate without being questioned.

Because there are so many demons in this era, like the four goblins who seduce and seduce scholars, only when they come to the door to fight back, they are simply pure good.

Most of the common people’s fairies are doing harm, so the market for ghost hunters must be mature.

Those monsters, especially those that are famous on the reward list, can be rewarded with their heads.

However, this judging standard is naturally not easy. The three Taoist priests we have encountered before are all qualified. Don’t think about the trails like Zhang Taoist who are only slightly famous in a small area.

It is the difference between a doctor in a pharmacy and a barefoot doctor.

The people of Xuan Tianzong really kept their promises. She became famous because of killing Yun Po’s mother. Although she didn’t go to hand over to receive the reward, but a few high-level sects corroborated, naturally there will be no fakes.

Bypassing the top sect heads and the predecessors who have long been famous, Zhu Yang actually relied on this battle to rank in the top fifty.

The first fifty are the basic qualifications for participating in this competition.

Zhu Yang planned to leave after inquiring about the necessary information, but suddenly discovered that the old mother Yun Po, who had been crossed, offered a reward as high as one hundred thousand taels.

Then, when she was about to go out, she turned a corner and came to the reception table, took out a bunch of withered tree roots, and fell on the table with her head in her pocket—

“Chenghui 100,000 taels, thank you!”

It was around ten o’clock in the morning, and there were a lot of people here, coming and going to inquire about news, check new tasks, and see if the rankings are updated.

Someone just got together and sighed that the generations of talented people came out of the country, and another female celestial master was born. She was in her early twenties, and she used her own power to wipe out the mother of Yunpo and her extremely power. Top 50 on the list.

These things need to be verified. According to the clues provided by several major sects, the ruling department under the jurisdiction of the national division is very careful because of the huge power of the old mother Yundu, the powerful mana, and the affiliation with the ancestor of the ten thousand monsters. .

Not only did Yun Po’s mother die, and the monsters under her seat were scattered, and even some of those who fled back seemed to be seriously depressed.

All day long mumbling: “That kind of garbage can be selected, why am I being sifted?”

It’s like a student who thought he was talented and failed the exam, but the scum he thought was on the list.

Zhu Yang’s motive for throwing a dead pig on the table shocked everyone, and the next words were even more jaw-dropping.

“No, sister, do you think that the root of your broken tree is made of gold bullion? Even gold bullion is not worth a hundred thousand?”

“Here is the Robbery Judgment Division? Which hill the bandit came down.”

“It’s not good firewood for burning, what kind of withered?”

Zhu Yang sat down on the chair next to him and clicked on the wanted cloud poison mother’s chin.

“I just asked about the process. It was said that within a month of the dead fairy, someone issued a certificate that he was hunting and killing himself, and he could still claim a reward. It’s a risk. I will miss the time if I slow down on the road.”

No, in fact, only seven or eight days have passed since Yundu’s mother died.

Everyone followed her gaze and looked at the tree roots on the table, and the whole room burst into laughter.

“In this way, sister! There is a carpenter Qin at the corner of the street. He has no skill to say. If you want to take so much money, you can’t bear the cost first, right?”

“There is a rattan shop on West Street. It’s a couple from a man who has a superb knitting skill. You can spend dozens of dollars so that they can weave a more regular humanoid tree root for you.”

Zhu Yang ignored the ridicule and raised his finger.

It was not convenient for the four fairies to come in. At this moment, only Li Xuan was following her. Seeing that the tyrant was trying to call people, he had already cultivated a tacit understanding.

Hastily turned the teacup on the table over and poured a glass of water in.

Then Zhu Yang stretched out his hand, and suddenly there was a small hole in the corner of the wall. The surface of that position was intact before, but the inside was corroded. It turned out that the mouse had already been gnawed away.

A big mouse was drawn to the table by her in a volley, and she couldn’t leave the place no matter how hard he ran.

Let alone bragging, this ability to fetch things from the air is already better than most people present.

The sound of teasing and teasing was also reduced for a while, waiting to see what kind of medicine the woman sold in the gourd.

I saw that she broke off a small piece from the pile of old tree roots. If she had good eyesight, she would find that she did these movements from beginning to end, but there was no skin on the root that directly touched the root.

A piece of tree root the size of a little finger was thrown into a teacup by the woman and quickly dissolved, the ashes sank to the bottom, and the water quality turned into a corpse yellow color, which was nothing to look at.

Goodbye, the woman poured tea directly on the mouse. The mouse screamed and screamed, and then the whole thing quickly rotted.

In one breath, a lively rat became stinky, and his body was so festering that only the skeleton was left. There was a mess of flesh and fluff, as if it had not been found out after three months of death.

Everyone is shocked, what kind of overbearing medicine is this? It is not owned by Fanmu at all, let alone withered like this, even if the natural poison is greatly reduced, how can it be so only by the action of the soaked water on the body?

Then I heard the woman say: “Although death has shrunk, but when she was fighting with me, the venom spilled from the roots of the trees covered her body surface. This attachment alone can be so powerful as long as it is slightly mixed with water. .”

“I really can’t leave this thing in place, if someone accidentally falls into the water source, I am afraid it will be a karma of a thousand miles of floating corpses.”

She said that she smiled at the horrified reviewer: “So you can’t find the corpse, and you can’t blame me for being careless.”

The reviewer hurriedly said: “Wait a minute, the body of this tree-Yundu’s mother is completely different. We need some time to verify.”

“Please!” Zhu Yang raised his hand.

At this moment, the people around her were shocked when they saw that she had lost the thought of making fun of just now.

Checked the information given on the list again.

The female celestial master, in her early twenties, with a very beautiful appearance, and she was born and escaped from the world for thirty years. Isn’t she–

“It’s Master Zhu, she is the recently born Master Zhu.”

“Dare to ask whether the celestial master came to the capital as a national teacher?”

“Xiaoyaomen is traveling with two people at this time. Which side is the leader?”

“Huh?” Zhu Yang was attracted by this sentence.

She turned her head, looked at the crowd, and said calmly: “Speaking of which, due to the fact that we started in batches and encountered changes on the road, I only entered Beijing today. I haven’t found the same door yet. You are well informed. Can you tell where they are?”

The crowd shook their heads, saying that although someone had dealt with the Xiaoyaomen born disciple on the way to Beijing, the other Shenlong had no sight of the head, and disappeared as soon as he entered Beijing.

However, because the Xiaoyao School was so prominent many years ago, even if it fades out of sight these years, the children of famous background will naturally understand it.

Under the conversation, the other party did not hide it, bluntly because of the position of the national teacher, it seems that the competition of the national teacher has one more powerful enemy, which also means that the Xiaoyao Gate has a beautiful comeback.

Zhu Yang nodded, not thinking that the purpose of this sect was only here.

In addition, there are many people in the capital, and these local snakes actually hide their traces from the outsiders. This is really not strange to the world for thirty years.

The appraisal is also fast over there, because a celestial master once fought against Yun Po’s mother and cut down the other party’s branches, which were handed over to the Judgment Division for preservation.

Through the stored cloud poison old mother’s body organization, it can be confirmed by secret method that the root of the tree is the old temptress herself.

Because Yunpo’s old mother’s body would proliferate indefinitely, she was afraid that this was only a small part of her proliferation, and the expert who was in the middle of the capital searched for spirituality and confirmed that this was the body.

It didn’t take much time to gather together. Once confirmed, the rewards were directly paid to Zhu Yang by means of silver slips.

In addition, Zhu Yang did not leave the body of Yundu’s mother here, of course, it is reasonable to take away his trophy.

In fact, she put the stump away at first, thinking that if this event will explode abilities and explode the opponent’s abilities, maybe this thing is still useful.

A crowd of people watched her go out with envy. This kind of strength and the ability to do a big arrogance is indeed far from the comparison of their low-level rewards.

Like Mrs. Yun Po, you can’t redeem bounty in small towns, because no one has the ability to appraise it.

Zhu Yang and Li Xuan went out, joined the four fairies and went straight into a restaurant, where they ordered a table of good dishes.

Li Xuan then asked: “The general election of the National Normal University will begin in three days, but I think the emperor has long been chosen in his heart, and everyone else is running with him.”

Of course, the position of the national teacher is important, how can the emperor not take it in his own hands?

“And there is a Xiaoyaomen who doesn’t know where to stand. What are you going to do next?”

Zhu Yang said: “We still have to draw them out and evaluate it. Who knows the identity of the arrangement, will they bite me in the end.”

Just like the last copy of Resident Evil, if it wasn’t for the tracker implanted in the doctor’s body that made her want to check herself, then the four of them would really have to be controlled by EmmaYang with a button.

Gou than the game may not be so cruel to her own players, but under the principle that the difficulty and strength must be fair and equal, the trouble she encountered here at the moment is obviously not equal to her strength.

“Then what do you do?” Li Xuan asked.

Zhu Yang drew one thousand taels from the bounty he had just received and handed it to Li Xuan: “Go, send a full notice.”

“It is said that Xiaoyaozi is dying, has incontinence and can’t take care of himself, and the disciple who has separated can not contact the same door, and feels heartache.”

The corner of Li Xuan’s mouth twitched: “Silly, fools believe it?”

“Does it matter whether you believe it or not?” Zhu Yang smiled: “If they want a picture, they can’t be ugly, they will come out naturally.”

The author has something to say:    Continue to ask for the nutrient solution. At the beginning of the month, I feel like I will be kicked down at any time.


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