Scream Queen Chapter 152

Xiaoyaozi, the head of Xiaoyaomen in the past dynasties, is said to have a fairy-like appearance.

Xiaoyaomen has been passed down for many generations and has been untestable. It is always a mysterious, mysterious, and powerful sect.

Its status is so detached that after 30 years of abstinence from the world, a disciple re-entered the world and raised the concern of Xuanmen. No one dared to underestimate it.

Not to mention various reasons, today’s Xuanmen, the heads of this generation and the elders in power, of course, when they were fortunate enough to meet Xiaoyaozi, they were just newbies carrying the banner of the Zongmen.

The hand that was still alive at the same age as Xiaoyaozi could not be counted, and everyone still remembered the demeanor of the other party back then.

Even after the age of knowing the destiny, it is still beautiful and charming, not to mention the status and cultivation of the other party, but the tolerance makes everyone fascinated.

Naturally, Zhu Yang had heard of these things from Xuan Jizi.

Let’s not talk about whether she is believed to be a disciple of Xiaoyaomen, so she is polite and awkward in front of her.

However, the other party was the master of a generation of sects anyway, and it would certainly not be Yun Du’s subordinates touting her.

A shameless man who opened his eyes and said nonsense, and a shameless eye did not even blink. An old bark can blow beautifully and beat the gods. Those guys really made a lot of contributions to saving food.

The topic is a bit far-flung–so, it can be foreseen how shameless and shameless Zhu Yang’s move is. Once caught, let’s not talk about the position arranged by the game.

Just spreading this kind of rumors is not injustice even if you are beaten to death.

When Li Xuanyi received this group, he immediately slapped the banknotes back on the table, and took two steps back as if the sparks burned the back of their feet——

“Sister! That’s not the way to die.”

He tried to pull the four goblins to stand in the same camp as himself and persuade: “After all, this era is different from modern times.”

“In modern times, no matter how high the status is, there are people who are black, and everyone is used to it. But these years, because of a bad thing, people’s disciples can fight you hard for your reputation.”

“Don’t you want to save the other three people? There is no room for negotiation.”

Zhu Yang smiled and looked at him: “Don’t say that, although you are incomprehensible about the affairs of men and women, this aspect is quite sleek, yes, you deserve to be an official.”

The four fairies immediately said quietly: “Oh! Don’t say it is a gift, how many fairies have followed his way along the way? If he says a few more thoughtful words, how can this be achieved.”

Li Xuan immediately exploded: “Come less, just talk about things, why do you mention these? I was used to work, or was it my fault?”

Okay, he understood. These fairies, when Zhu Yang provoked Yunpo’s mother, could stand up and insult the former old man without fear of death.

The trivial matter of slandering others is considered low-key because people didn’t clap their hands behind and shout that the boss was wise.

Zhu Yang frowned when he saw his little old man, and stopped teasing him.

Seriously: “Although this idea is wicked, it is also the most effective.”

“We are running out of time. Within three days, we must remove the threat in the dark. I can feel that something is lurking behind me.”

Looking at Li Xuan again, his eyes were more serious than ever: “You know who we are. It’s too easy to travel all the way. Have you forgotten the cruelty of this game?”

“I’m almost reaching the strength of a general high-level player, and I must be cautious in every next game, and in order to accumulate more chips before going to the high-level field, I can’t just pursue guaranteed rewards.”

She said this, not just this time, but more to emphasize the situation of their players.

Zhu Yang has been consciously relaxed all the way through the game. She has encountered dangers and challenges before, but she has already begun to enjoy it, so now she does not think that the game experience is a dead end that makes people hear it.

She is too cool, of course, if the player is fascinated by her style, it may not be a bad thing. After all, with a positive or negative attitude, the player’s identity is already a fact.

But she could detect Li Xuan’s intentions, but he was just an outsider, which was a bit difficult.

First of all, because this is a dungeon world and the confidentiality mechanism of the game is not there, she can talk to Li Xuan about the game, and Li Xuan himself can guess a lot.

He had an indispensable responsibility in ancient times, but he missed the modern life. No matter how good Zhu Yang was, he could take him back to modern times, but after all, it was only a one-way ticket.

Only if he becomes a player himself can he only travel between the worlds, and he has such a terrible physique, and as he ages, more and more monsters will come to him.

After being thrown out as bait several times and swallowed by goblins, Li Xuan’s desire for power is not just a man’s romantic complex, he has to find a way to save his life.

But no matter what his final choice, Li Xuan is a mature adult who has the right to decide his future.

Since the game arranges the player’s first place to stay at his home, it also shows that this guy is actually a promising seed for the game.

So if he considers the result carefully, he will respect it no matter what.

But she didn’t want this guy to be misled by his recent rhythm, he had to really see that the game was not easy.

But then again, if Li Xuan becomes a player, the starting point is indeed higher than that of ordinary players.

First of all, he has become a resident of this world. In the early stage, many items can be obtained in the real world without having to point to the game to open the redemption window, and the cost may be lower.

Secondly, he has seen a lot of monsters and ghosts since he was a child, and he had been scared a long time ago. Now he can see these things as standing still as old fried dough sticks.

Coupled with his evil physique, at the beginning of the low-level field, every female ghost escorted him to help him pass the level.

That was really Jack Subensu.

In the end, Li Xuan took the bank note on the table and went out of the restaurant. Zhu Yang gave him a cockroach to take with him so that he could join them.

Then the few people who were full and drunk left the restaurant, preparing to choose a place to stay.

Zhu Yang was a little swaggering with the four fairies alone, but he didn’t froze up and shouted to kill him.

As soon as the four fairies didn’t do well, they were captured and summoned by someone like her.

The owner of the fairy is the private property of others. As long as you stay too far away from the owner, if outsiders want to move, they will find trouble with the owner.

Zhu Yang dangled in the street for a while. Originally, they were all beautiful and beautiful, and they were very conspicuous in the crowd.

But I don’t know how to do it. I can’t see anyone in three or two, just a blink of an eye.

Someone was staring in the dark, but they didn’t react when they lost their tracks.

In the end, I couldn’t find it, and I had to sigh dejectedly: “Yes, people can kill the existence of the big monster in one fell swoop, how can they not have the ability?”

Zhu Yang, who disappeared from the crowd, appeared in an alley right now.

I saw the mouse squatting down, closing his eyes and making a posture of abandoning distracting thoughts, and then a few rats came out from everywhere in a short while.

She opened her eyes and smiled at Zhu Yang: “These guys are local snakes in the capital. It’s most convenient to ask them what’s the matter.”

Zhu Yang took out a large package of dry food, which he bought at the exchange window before the start of the Animal World dungeon, but she hadn’t used it because she didn’t want to die.

But mice should like these. They taste good and are easy to store. Seeing that winter is coming, it is not easy to find food. Going back one by one will last a long time.

Sure enough, the mice squeaked with joy, and then the mouse spirit coughed: “It’s alright, go back to the hole for a while and have fun.”

Asked again: “Are there any ruined temples and houses in the city where no one is near or attracting attention?”

After she asked, the mice tilted their heads for a while, and then they began to speak noisily.

Zhu Yang also didn’t understand what they were saying, but the mouse nodded as he listened accurately, and took out a small notebook one by one, adding a few restrictions in the middle, and he still got feedback from the mice.

It’s worthy of being a Beijing know-how.

When the mice dispersed, the mouse spirit stood up and said to Zhu Yang: “Boss, I have found a nice place.”

It’s not close here, but it’s really suitable for them to settle down in the capital.

The place Zhu Yang and the others came to was a dilapidated high-door house. The level of dilapidation was not comparable to the ruined temple where the Four Fairies and the others lived before, but it was rare in a prosperous place like the capital.

It is said that dozens of the owners of this house died overnight and turned into ghosts, although some experts took action to eliminate grievances.

But for some reason, it’s still a wicked place. Most people, let alone live in, just stay here for a while, and they will get a small illness when they go back.

It’s not that people with strong yang energy and no taboos have taken over, once a family of generals bought it here.

The family members are brave and good at fighting, killing countless enemies on the battlefield. The ordinary little ghosts may be scared away by the blood evil spirit on their bodies before they get close, and the ghosts can’t get them.

But not long after they lived, all the men like iron beaters fell ill, and the healthy female families continued to suffer serious illnesses.

I have found a capable person to do it again, and they promised that there is no evil in this house, or even gloom, but this place is inexplicable.

From then on, everyone didn’t dare not believe in evil. There was indeed no one close to this place for dozens of meters, and it declined.

Zhu Yang didn’t let the people outside see them in, and kept using illusion to hide them until he entered the room.

According to Zhu Yang’s request, the house here is really big, and the floor height is amazing. The main building is definitely two floors high, and the two floors are not low.

Zhu Yang glanced around his eyes and smiled: “Oh! It seems that this broken place is not only our wise eyes.”

The four goblins also saw the doorway. It is also dilapidated here, but how long have they lived in the ruined temple?

Know what the real dilapidated place is like.

Some specific places here are too clean, not deliberately cleaned up, but also covered with dust. It can be seen that the people who use them try not to leave traces.

But in several places, there are obviously dead ends, but there are no spider webs, which is not the case in other places.

The mouse spirit was a little unlucky: “Then I will find another one.”

“What are you looking for? That’s it.” Zhu Yang snapped his fingers: “You take down the extra pillars, pay attention to movement.”

Only one of the four fairies blindly obeyed Zhu Yang’s orders, and started to work without saying a word.

After all, if someone really came out to make a theory, the other party would be untenable if they were sneaking up, and it would be a big deal to send them away.

Soon the entire main house was cleaned up, unnecessary places were demolished, and extra items were thrown into the corners. Because the previous owner moved and emptied everything, some rascals would get in and steal things at first, so there is nothing left. Objects.

After a while, the house became an empty shell.

Then Zhu Yang took out the villa, directly disguised as a mansion, and placed it inside.

Because the area of ​​the villa is not small, the top corner almost poke a hole in the roof of the mansion.

Some people had to pass by in a hurry, and heard the crisp sound of the tiles falling, so scared that their scalp exploded and they ran away.

“The place to live is arranged, let’s prepare and wait for the guests to come.”

“Good Le!”

“No matter how good the inn is, it’s not as good as this one.”

Zhu Yang smiled. Since she dared to die and offend people, she naturally wanted to guard against the menacing coming.

It’s okay for the countryside and the small land, the hidden dragon and the tiger in the capital, not to mention that there is still a problem with her identity setting, the other party is likely to be like EmmaYang at the beginning, holding a bargaining chip that will kill her in an instant.

She didn’t care about it at all, so she released the villa and began to decorate it.

It’s an arrangement, but in fact many things have already taken shape. All she needs to do is to place the props in a suitable place.

She asked Yuli to design this villa for her. The arrangement of weapons and traps referred to Zhou Yao’s suggestions, and made good use of many props that she couldn’t directly use.

She was full of gongs and drums, and Li Xuan was unambiguous.

There is a bounty list similar to the bulletin board in Beijing. This is similar to the Judgment Department, but the Judgment Department only issues tasks for monsters and monsters. As long as the price is affordable, there are no taboos.

Li Xuan slapped the silver ticket on the counter, and this arrogant shot made the receptionist smile suddenly: “My little master, please!”

Li Xuan waved his hand: “No need, no need!”

He is not stupid. Since here can be opened in the capital, the energy behind it is not small, he can’t stay here too much, and it won’t consume too long.

“I need your help to find people, but the other party is very capable, and you may not be efficient alone.”

He waved his hand to indicate that he didn’t want to listen to the other party’s polite rebuttal: “If I can’t believe you, or I won’t find it, it’s really life-threatening. You just need to spread the news, and the place will naturally come up when you hear it.”

“Go!” The receptionist said: “Your request is simple, you just advertise it, right? Usually there are shops that open restaurants, which will delay us. Don’t worry about it for a long time, your words will spread throughout the capital.”

These people are not the same as the formal establishments of the Judging Department. They accept business regardless of size, as long as they do not violate national laws.

The bulletin board in the lobby is full of trivial things like finding people and dogs, receiving bids, and chasing ghosts. However, they have mastered the three teachings and nine streams of the entire capital, which should not be underestimated.

Li Xuan knew their usual practice, such as opening a restaurant to attract customers, he would write attractive advertisements and discounts, and distribute tasks to beggar heads everywhere, so that the little beggars would sing along the street.

This advertising method is common in modern times, but it is a group of old ladies and old ladies who are promoting things along the street.

And because of the limited number of people, and the indifferent attitude of modern people to advertising, the effect is far from comparable.

Li Xuan nodded, stated the task, and then repeatedly emphasized: “You don’t need to compose words, just a few simple sentences, and you must be clear and make sure that people will not listen.”

How can you not know what Li Xuan’s idea is for a host of people like this?

I’m afraid it is false to find someone, and it is true to discredit.

But what does this have to do with them? The competition for the position of the national teacher is fierce, and people from all over the country in the Xuanmen flock to the capital.

When the forest grows, there are all kinds of birds, and the celestial masters are not true immortals, they still care about fame and fortune.

In the past few days, they have taken on several tasks to discredit competitors.

Today, some people let the Sect Master of Qiankun spread the selfish virtues and raise the prostitutes. Tomorrow some people will let the master of Connotation Star Luomen and his sister-in-law fornicate, and the day after tomorrow, some people will let the master of Danyang Valley practice evil work.

Li Xuan is nothing but a child’s stuff, so the other party doesn’t care.

Li Xuan knew this well, so he was fighting for time from the beginning.

Mainly told him that Xiaoyaomen might have its own power in the capital, hidden extremely deeply, and might even have extraordinary energy.

But since Xiaoyaomen has stayed away from the world for so many years without revealing flaws, even if their energy is monstrous, many things have to be avoided.

Then it means public oblivion!

The younger generation of Xuanmen still don’t hear their name, let alone ordinary people.

Xiaoyaozi’s reputation is highly respected by the esteemed generation of Xuanmen, but if you catch any ordinary people, the other party has never heard of it.

Even with the worst analogy, behind this bulletin board is Xiaoyaomen. These young people on the front line also don’t know, they will only receive them as ordinary tasks, and when the other party reacts, his goal has been achieved.

Sure enough, the other party received the money, immediately summoned the staff and taught the short two or three sentences that needed to be advertised. After hearing them retell them clearly, they went out again and went to their respective beggars to confide in them.

Li Xuan gave money to leave here.

Not long after leaving the house, I heard a group of beggars shouting loudly and clearly–

“Xiaoyao son of Xiaoyaomen is critically ill, unable to take care of himself due to incontinence. The disciples stayed there for two tears. Upon hearing the news, the disciples rushed to South Street to support him.”

Shouting from the street to the corner, and from the corner to the street, and this shouting is also particular.

To sum up, it is not easy to make money in this era, so nothing can be fooled.

Sure enough, when the passers-by around heard it, they began to discuss it in dismay–

“Xiaoyaomen? Haven’t heard of it?”

“Hey! There have been too many Taoist priests in Beijing recently, who knows all of the Xiaomen Xiaopai? It is more lively than Chunwei.”

“It’s also not easy, that Xiaoyaozi, come to Beijing Libo with an age, nowhere can you afford it! Presumably the school is not surplus, and he has been struggling all the way and separated from his disciple. Isn’t this a stroke?”

“Why is it so old? Don’t say that you don’t have the ability to look at this. Even if you have that ability, you can live for a few years after earning it.”

“Yeah, yeah! I’m still paralyzed in a guest from a different place, and no one is waiting for my excrement and urine, it’s miserable~~”

It was not difficult for Li Xuan to change his costume when he went out. Zhu Yang gave him a small device.

Projecting on clothes can change the style of visual clothes. It is said that if you have no psychological barriers, you can go to the street naked without clothes.

It will naturally project clothes according to your needs.

He removed the bun, put it back in a different bun, and wiped his face with a make-up remover paper towel, and he looked like he had just walked out.

Li Xuan’s entrusted task did not last long, but it took some time to make these preparations in the early stage.

He disappeared in the crowd, even if someone wanted to find out through the shop along the road, there was nothing wrong, after all, he was not worthy of professional follow-up at the moment.

By the time Li Xuan left and crossed a few streets, his commissions had spread quickly.

In one of the bustling streets, there are three young men with outstanding looks and temperament, chatting and shopping casually.

After hearing this series of chants, his face suddenly turned green, and one of them even trembled with anger——

“That bitch, how dare she actually—?”

The two next to him quickly stopped him: “Quiet, there are many people here.”

Said so, but the two were also so angry that they were so angry.

How can Xiaoyaomen disciples have a noble and noble image, especially the respected suzerain, how can they be so vulgar slander?

Among them, the more grumpy man strangled the leading beggar’s neck: “Try another sentence?”

The beggar was almost strangled to death, but the people who were in the middle were all human spirits. Naturally, he knew that it was the true master who had been spreading the rumors.

The three immediately rushed to the place where the announcement was made. This shows that they are familiar with the capital and know who to look for when it comes to things. They are not like sect children who can’t escape the world.

With the ability of the three of them, they didn’t have to spend much effort to force people to recruit the rumors spreading, and inquired about the client in detail.

They didn’t know the characteristics of Li Xuan, because among the four disciples who defected, there were no teenagers of fifteen and sixteen.

The hot-tempered Xiaoyao Sect disciple gritted his teeth and said, “What are you doing? It must be the **** Zhu Yang who asked someone to do it.”

“It’s all about her rebellion from the teacher’s school, she even dared to spread rumors to smear the honor of the teacher, it is really unreasonable.”

Someone here is running on both sides of the ruling department and the bulletin board, and both of them are taking small tasks, and then some people discuss the morning.

“The root of the tree is more than two meters high and it is only unbearable, shaped like an old woman’s finger. Everyone thought that a dumb liar had deceived the judge.”

“…Then Master Zhu only beckoned with his wrist, and a mouse as big as a cat was pulled out of the hole. I’ve seen it taking things from a distance, but when taking a living thing from a distance, what kind of cultivation is it?”

The other party spits with exaggerated color and spits on the scene that he just saw: “…The mouse was killed immediately, and it was like a carrion in a breath. A little bit of poison on the roots of the tree has this effect, but it’s not like the old mother Yunpo. Big demon?”

“Sure enough, the ruling division took out the branches that were left by Daoist Zhenfeng and chopped down from the old mother Yunpo, confirmed that it was the old demon, and asked the sitting power to test the traces of the divine mind.”

“It’s a big sect of Xiaoyao. Everyone must have devoted themselves to cultivating in these decades of avoiding the world. Even such a young disciple is also very capable. It is really fascinating.”

“It is said that Master Zhu will also participate in the battle of national teachers. This is a dark horse that turned out to be.”

“Huh? Is the Sect Master of Xiaoyao Sect called Xiaoyaozi?”

“Yes, Xiaoyaozi is the name of each generation of suzerain. Whoever succeeds will inherit it.”

The man pointed to the door: “But I just came in from the outside, and a little beggar was walking in the street to find someone. He said that Xiaoyaozi was critically ill and had no one to take care of his incontinence. He was summoning the separated disciples to come back to serve.”


Confirmed, the three really wish that Zhu Yang would stand in front of them at this moment, so that they would be killed by a single blow.

The female disciple sneered when she left the door: “This scum of deceiving the master and destroying the ancestor, and ruining the master’s reputation, she is doing business well.”

“Alright, I really let her hide. We are not easy to find. The three traitors will not confess. If she wants to go to Beijing to die, we will fulfill her.”

“Wait! This is obviously a trap for that guy.” The calmer one said: “She was very arrogant when she came. Doing these things is nothing more than to lead us out, I am afraid it was premeditated.”

“So what? Even if she sets a trap, once we hit each other, she can’t just do it well?” The bad-tempered person asked impatiently.

“Yes, the four of them were the most outstanding disciples of our generation before, and everyone was envious of them, but how did those guys repay Master’s kindness of cultivation?”

“Master cannot get away from something important, so he specially handed over the soul cards of several people to me, so that I can wait to catch them back.”

“Those three guys have not been able to compete with me in the same cultivation level, but they have the soul and thought card in hand. Their life and death are only between our thoughts.”

“Don’t mess around, Master said, all of them will catch up.”

At this point, the three of them were upset again: “Is it possible that the master still has expectations of them?”

“Master Ming can also participate in the election of national teachers on behalf of the Zongmen. Why do we have to identify the four of them? Especially Zhu Yang, that guy’s personality is simply not worthy of use.”

“Forget it, Master, his old man’s thoughts are not something I can spy on, so just do it, don’t you want to betray Master too?”

The two naturally had to shut their mouths, and directed their anger at Zhu Yang: “South Street, isn’t it? They will find a place.”

When Li Xuan returned to the villa according to the cockroach’s instructions, Zhu Yang had already arranged his things and asked him to eat fruit when he saw him back.

Seeing her so leisurely, Li Xuan couldn’t help but reminded: “You should be careful.”

Zhu Yang said: “Did you not enjoy the road before? So now you are like a little old man? Relax, relax, and I’m ready for everything I can think of.”

“Next, there is only waiting.”

It was past three o’clock when Li Xuan came back, and it didn’t take long before he could start preparing dinner.

The pheasant and the fox are cooking in the kitchen, and the others stay in the lobby on the second floor of the villa to play cards.

Zhu Yangzheng showed a pair of king bombs, the ears of the mouse spirit jumped, and when he was about to speak, he saw Zhu Yang gently lifted his finger, obviously also aware of it.

Someone enters this area. Normal people will not come here in a haunted house at the twilight time.

Zhu Yang has been manipulating the dust and moisture in the fine air around this area. Such precise manipulations could not even be done by the poisonous people.

Firstly, she is practicing, and secondly, she uses the undetectable violations and the net of heaven and earth to control her surroundings. Once a creature enters, she can feel it.

Zhu Yang caught the plain white on the side, and the surveillance cameras with cockroaches tied to each corner of the street sent feedback.

Three young men and women wearing the same sect uniforms as Zhu Yang had appeared in the alley, all of them holding swords in their hands, quite murderous.

The most conspicuous thing here was the house occupied by Zhu Yang, but they ignored it for the first time, and first looked vigilantly in other directions.

I don’t know why this is regarded as a subconscious exclusion option, but Zhu Yang laughed when thinking of the conclusion that some people have used this house for a long time.

This is really a coincidence.

The three of them were also cautious. After confirming that there were no other ambushes around, they turned their eyes to the mansion side.

“What does she mean? Do you know?”

“Whether you know it or not, I have never seen such a stupid person who got into a cage by myself.”

The man with a calm personality took out a jade card from his arms, and the pointed end of the jade card pointed directly at Zhu Yang’s side. With a straight line distance of tens of meters, the soul-reading card could be sensed.

Zhu Yang had originally looked at the three people on the screen indifferently, thinking about how to entertain them when they came in. At this moment, he suddenly saw what was in their hands, and a strong intuition flashed in his heart.

There is a problem with that thing!

The position at this moment is a bit similar to that of the original Resident Evil scene. The person who thought he was perfectly prepared was sitting on the Diaoyutai, but she was dragged down by her giant shark, which was not completely floating on the surface.

Zhu Yang will not make the same mistakes as those idiots.

She quickly stood up and said to the goblin in the house: “You all enter the spirit beast bag.”

Li Xuan and the others were taken aback without any explanation. This meant that Zhu Yang believed that there would be a fierce battle, or that she would completely ignore others.

Are the three people outside with the same level of cultivation as Yundu’s mother?

Zhu Yang couldn’t help but shoved everyone inside, and then took the Thousand Faced Ghost out of it and turned into her own appearance.

First of all, you must determine what the jade card is for. It is definitely impossible to find someone purely. I am afraid that once a certain distance is separated, the positioning effect will be lost, otherwise she would have been found.

As soon as the thousand-faced ghost turned into Zhu Yang’s appearance, after listening to Zhu Yang’s explanation of the status quo in a few sentences, his expression was grave.

Then it directly pushed open the windows and doors on the second floor of the villa. The outside was blocked by the mansion, and the people below could not see it clearly. The Thousand Faces directly smashed the wooden plank that hindered her.

The three of them were still approaching vigilantly, only hearing a loud noise, a hole appeared on the second floor of the mansion.

The person they were looking for was standing on the windowsill, smiling strangely at them and beckoning: “Are you here? Come on!”

The other party also acted unambiguously, knowing that her cultivation base was not Zhu Yang’s opponent, and could not rush into her favorable range. The soul-reading card in her hand was aimed at “Zhu Yang” standing on the windowsill, and the token suddenly rose. Up fire.

Qianmiangui and Zhu Yang, who was hiding in the dark, looked in their eyes, not sure about the true purpose of this thing, and what to do to reflect it correctly.

Fortunately, their position is very advantageous. Zhu Yang hurriedly said to Qian Miangui: “Pretend to be down!”

The thousand-faced ghost immediately fell backward, and tentatively let out a scream.

Zhu Yang was far apart, but he could also feel the three people’s expressions loosening, which seemed to be good.

This token can be used as a medium to harm her, but such an overbearing murderous aura must be used, otherwise she would have been killed invisible from thousands of miles away.

This is the mysterious method of Xuanmen, this kind of instance is still the case, so what about the NPCs in the advanced field that are really comparable to the fairy?

Zhu Yang thought solemnly.

However, this is not the time to consider such a long-term, the use of tokens, according to the situation just now.

Either she herself must be placed in the sight of the three people, or the token must be aimed at her and ensure that she can see, neither of these two conditions have been met, so she is fine.

But Zhu Yang had no doubt that this brand was restrictive to her, and he understood why all the other players were caught.

Those guys are not weak at all, and there are two people in the team. These guys can’t compare with Yun Pom, but they dare to catch her.

When it is not fully confirmed, be careful.

Zhu Yang kept the thousand-faced ghost screaming like being burned by the fire, and the three people still waited for a while before they entered the house.

Seeing that the whole mansion had been hollowed out and another building was placed, the three of them were a little shocked.

“Be careful, when did she get the ability to move giants like this?”

“Go upstairs quickly, what should I do when she slows down?” One of them felt that a quick fight would be better.

Zhu Yang had originally prepared countless traps. If she caused it, countless guns/shells, insect bites, or mirror splits, the ice and the cold took turns to parry, to ensure that these guys would not die and peel off.

But now she didn’t intend to activate a trap. The strength of these three people was completely beyond her surprise. She thought that if she could catch three players, the average level of Xiaoyaomen’s disciples should be very strong.

That’s not bad. Compared with other sects, they are also young people, and these three are several times more powerful than the young people who have followed the old man before.

But compared with the other three players, it is still far behind. Such a person will have another ten besieges, not to mention the upper hand, at least escape is no problem.

However, none of the three players could run away, and they thought of passing the paper crane to her in a crisis. It should be that the player himself did not expect that he would overturn the car.

So the important thing is not them, but the things in their hands, and their players’ real distance from Xiaoyaomen, as well as the convoluted conspiracy.

The three of them walked up the stairs cautiously and pushed aside the room they had just looked at.

The traitor Zhu Yang fell to the ground, his face pale and covered in cold sweat, his eyes staring at them angrily.

Her color is really good, and when she is so embarrassed, it is also a beautiful and charming sight.

The two male cultivators felt a little awkward, no matter how many of the disciples in the door admired Sister Zhu.

But the female cultivator didn’t have this emotion anymore, she just kicked Zhu Yang when she went up.

There was a twist and pleasure that tried to conceal it on his face: “Bitch, you rebelled against the teacher, did you expect to have today’s end?”

“In the past, everyone admired, and the domineering Sister Zhu, look at how you look now, it’s not as good as a dog in the mourning family.”

“Why? You dare to stare at me, do you think that Junior Sister, I don’t match you to do it? Haha! Phoenix is ​​better than a chicken in trouble. You should have thought of this moment when you betrayed the teacher.”

The two male cultivators took out a special chain, which was refined by the master, and used with the soul-reading card. I wish Senior Sister, no matter how high the Taoism is, it is hard to fly.

They said to the female monk: “Okay, enough! Only the master decides how she is.”

Female cultivators are fine at ordinary times, but now they are as mean and crazy as many grievances explode.

“Ha! Are you two still when this **** has the day to turn over? Or do you covet the beauty of this slut, and you dare to protect her reputation as a teacher?”

Mentioned Master, the two stopped talking.

It is true that any disciple of the Xiaoyao Sect will not let her go when they see it. Let alone the matter of defecting, the matter of defecting and slandering the sect is absolutely guilty.

Seeing that the two of them no longer care about her, the female Xiu smiled coldly, grabbing the chain and locking Zhu Yang’s hands and neck.

He stretched out his hand again and said to the senior: “Give me the soul card.”

Zhu Yang has been tied up, and not many people in the world can untie this chain because of his own toughness, so he finally put down his guard against Zhu Yang.

The female cultivator took the soul-reading card and was about to buckle it at the link of the lock, when she heard Zhu Yang speak——

“Shut up, ugly, doesn’t anyone say that you look like an old hen who lays eggs everywhere on the cliff? It’s so noisy.”

The female’s face is green: “You–”

She raised her hand to slap the bitch’s slap, but when she raised her hand, she saw the **** smile strangely.

“Tell you yes, you raised this hand, it is no longer yours.”

Perhaps her eyes are too determined, without sadness or joy, just like saying that a clay doll’s hand was broken.

The female Xiu immediately sounded the domineering dominance of this guy in the sect, and this time she defected too. It is said that she was dissatisfied with the master, so she dared to instigate several disciples with great prospects and strong cultivation to follow her away.

The fear of being oppressed by lewdness for a long time crawled out for a while, she didn’t believe in evil, this guy was already a prisoner, and there was never a day to turn back.

She can’t be photographed by this bitch’s lewdness in the past, wouldn’t she lose to her for a lifetime?

The female Xiu gave a grinning smile, her expression distorted and hideous.

The arm was raised high, and the slap was about to fall.

Suddenly, a gust of wind swept across, her eyes were empty, her arm was no longer in her sight.


Just having such a question, severe pain came from the upper arm, and blood sprayed out.

“Ah–” The female sister screamed bitterly, busy trying to cover her wound with the remaining hand.

The soul-reading card fell on the ground, and the two male cultivators had thought that something was wrong and wanted to grab it, but after all, this sudden change made them hesitate for a moment.

In this moment of effort, the soul-reading card has quickly flew to the side, as if someone was pulling it.

They looked up in amazement, and saw a dark figure walking out of the dark.

The figure’s skin color was like black jade, hidden in the darkness, nobody noticed it, knowing that the darkness faded, showing its true face.

No one else, but Zhu Yang.

So who is this man lying on the ground?

The three of them saw the “Zhu Yang” on the ground grinning: “Look, they all say that your arm is no longer yours.”

Zhu Yang on the other end also grinned, the expressions of the two were exactly the same.

“My people, are you bullying for you?”

The author has something to say:   ha! Yesterday, the update overturned. In order to make up for full attendance, this month will not be able to be nine thousand days, and must be over ten thousand days a day.


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