Scream Queen Chapter 153

The expressions of the three of them are indistinguishable from each other.

They knew that they were not Zhu Yang’s opponent when they tied together, and their only reliance was the soul-reading card.

But now that the soul-reading card is robbed, the fish on the chopping board is not Zhu Yang.

The other party also had a cruel heart, and as soon as she came up, she abolished Junior Sister Xiao’s arm. This concealment method was unheard of. How could they not be shocked?

The two male cultivators were not slow to react, seeing that Zhu Yang had already snatched the soul-reading card, and quickly found a bargaining chip to level the situation.

One of the swords immediately landed on Qianmengui’s neck–

“Sister Wish, please also hand over the jade medal.”

Who knows that Zhu Yang didn’t even look at the three of them, but said to the thousand-faced ghost on the ground: “Does it hurt?”

“Zhu Yang” on the ground wiped the cold sweat on his face, and said coquettishly: “It hurts to death, are you saying these things are human?”

“Such a beautiful beauty can be kicked, is there any king?” Zhu Yang asked as if chatting again: “Why didn’t you chop her leg? I thought she would chop her leg if she kicked me. ”

“She’s squatting, her posture is inconvenient.” Zhu Yang coaxed it and said: “I want her to move and cut to the top, and the intestines run all over the floor. Isn’t our own house dirty? To be honest, the stench of blood in the air makes me I can’t bear it.”

Qianmiangui squashed his mouth and nodded: “Well, you can’t let me be bullied.”

“Of course.” Zhu Yang deceived the little girl with a pig’s hoof and swears to the sky: “It hurts in my heart to hit you!”

Qianmiangui glanced at her and said in a sweet voice: “I hate it~~”

The unmanned attitude of the two of them angered the people next to them, and the man repaired the sword closer to Qianmiangui’s neck.

The Sabre, the inner disciple of the top sect, is naturally not an ordinary commodity. The weapons of the three Taoist priests who have been walking along before can still blow hair and break their hair.

It’s not that the craftsmanship of this era has generally reached this point, but that these people have good cultivation skills.

Long-term nourishment with sword qi, inseparable from more than ten years or even decades, is naturally incomparable to Fantie.

So when he moved forward, a small wound appeared on Qianmiangui’s neck, and bright red blood flowed out of it.

They also affirmed the importance of this counterfeit to Senior Sister Zhu herself, but the other party didn’t care about their situation, not fearlessly going to death, but all felt that they were a threat, and even the sword that was close at hand was not in their eyes.

This made their rejoicing faltering before it was solidified, and they only had to constantly hypnotize themselves. This is the mind-breaking plan of Sister Zhu, she has always been good at this.

One person used the sword against the Thousand Faces Ghost, while the other person pulled Junior Sister Xiao over and cast a spell to temporarily stop her blood.

At this time, the bright red on the ground was actually a huge beach, because I was lying under that arm just now, and Qianmiangui’s clothes were stained a lot, looking very embarrassed.

Indeed, when Qianmiangui was drawn back to his attention by the pain in his neck, he noticed the blood on his clothes.

She gave a disgusting “tsk”: “Okay, let me take a shower first. It feels as uncomfortable as pouring SHI.”

The female Xiu Ben broke one arm, her face was pale with pain, and her heart was hated, angry, flustered and confused.

At this moment, in the mouth of this **** on the ground, she was even so ridiculed, and her nonchalant tone was as if the pain of her severed limb was less important than the other party’s contamination with a little foul.

No, that **** just treated her as a foul.

Thinking of this female Xiu suddenly went crazy, she raised her leg and stepped on the face of the thousand faces, and was held by the male Xiu on the side——

“Are you crazy? Give me a break.”

The current situation is not good for them. If the counterfeit on the ground does not have enough weight in the eyes of Senior Sister Zhu, then the three of them may not be able to get out of here.

This is not the past in the sect, where the disciples quarreled and moved their hands. In the end, there will always be time for the elders to go to the bottom. That guy defected to the present and killed the same door without blinking. If you don’t know where you are now If it is, then the three of them have to explain here.

One restrained the female cultivator, and the other male cultivator holding a thousand-faced ghost asked Zhu Yang, “Sister, I wish you a more exquisite cultivation base in one or two months, which is admirable.”

“I heard that you killed Yundu’s mother alone. We thought that you just had good luck. Now it seems that there is no fluke in it.”

“It’s just that, I want to ask, your concealment skills that have turned dark, and the substitute in front of you who are indistinguishable from you, are these not any of the skills in the sect?”

“I don’t believe that you can use the same mind to be so perfect in such a short time. Is it possible that you practiced evil before you left the sect?”

Zhu Yang glanced at the male cultivator. He was the one who had just mastered the soul card, so he should have the most say in the three.

Then she laughed and sat down slowly on the sofa beside—

“Seeing you look smart, you don’t want to be an idiot who can’t catch the essentials. Okay, then I will communicate with you in a straightforward way.”

She pointed to the thousand-faced ghost on the ground: “Give you two choices.”

“First, let go of it obediently. When I torture you for a while, start gently.”

“Second, I am proud of holding your self-righteous bargaining chips. I promise to make you unforgettable tonight.”

After she said this, the disciples of Xiaoyaomen hadn’t responded yet, Qianmiangui was impatient for the first time——

“Why do you force so much with them? You are afraid that you have forgotten that the pheasant essence was taken in by you when cooking. There is still something burning on the pot. Don’t delay dinner.”

When he said that, he hit the sword with his neck and died!


Not to mention that the three of Xiaoyaomen, even Zhu Yang, were dumbfounded by its impatientness for a moment, no, this is no longer impatient to describe.

The three people who had suddenly lost their chips looked at the blood flowing from the neck of the counterfeit on the ground, and couldn’t believe that the other party just hit the sword by himself, when there was absolutely room for negotiation.

And the other person’s appearance seems to be more important than a meal.

But then they knew what was going on, because the dead’it’ gradually changed from Zhu Yang’s appearance to a dark human form, and then turned into a pool of liquid similar to asphalt.

Unable to catch the trap, he swam straight to Zhu Yang, and the male Xiu cut twice with his sword, as if he was pulling a knife and cutting off the water.

Zhu Yang over there wiped his face unbearably, and a book appeared out of thin air in his hand.

As soon as the book came out, the expressions of the three monks changed suddenly. They couldn’t admit that they were wrong. The ominous aura that this book exudes was the most evil props they had ever seen.

“You, as expected, have already fallen into the magic way.”

Zhu Yang raised his hand and motioned them to shut up. When the ‘tar’ slowly grabbed her calf and climbed all the way up, and quickly crawled back into the book, Zhu Yang patted the position of the ‘butt’.

And the ‘pitch’ liquid, which the male Xiu couldn’t hurt with a sword, turned into a jelly-like texture when Zhu Yang slapped it, as if it was convenient for her to beat someone.

Zhu Yang cursed in an affectionate and distressed voice: “I don’t know who I learned from. This is to scare me to death.”

Thousand-faced ghosts are spiritual creature props, and like cockroaches, they will not die if the host is not dead.

When it becomes someone else, its appearance is completely the same. However, IQ, thinking and memory are all based on the master.

Therefore, the more Zhu Yang is familiar with, the more perfect he can restore, of course she is the most.

When Qianmiangui changed her appearance, because it was her own energy supply, in terms of flesh/body, it was really another Zhu Yang.

Unless her strength is far superior to her, and she has the power to study this way, it is impossible to distinguish it, because the thousand-faced ghost is Zhu Yang’s breath and energy fluctuations.

With the vigilance of the three people, it is not that they have not suspected the strangeness of this room, but they are still deceived because of the characteristics of the thousand-faced ghost.

However, although this guy had the same IQ and thinking mode as her when she became like her, it was different.

Knowing the characteristics of the immortality of its own master, it does not care about its life. It is not too natural to buy time or change its position in its eyes.

This is the same as the previous cockroaches spontaneously blocking the explosion of the poison skin man. Zhu Yang did not want his darlings to make unnecessary sacrifices.

But from their point of view, they are good when Zhu Yang is good. It is instinct to do everything to maintain Zhu Yang’s safety.

After “Asphalt” completely returned to the human skin book, he was resurrected with blood. The next second, Zhu Yang shook the pages of the book.

The three monks over there saw the person who had just died under their sword reappear, but it didn’t maintain Zhu Yang’s appearance for long, and it became a young man who looked a little similar to Zhu Yang.

After changing his appearance, the other party seemed to have a big change in personality, blushing and shyly hiding behind Zhu Yang’s chair, for fear of being scolded by her.

Zhu Yang knows that this guy thinks he is doing a second grade, and ignores him.

The three men’s minds were ups and downs, glanced at the book in Zhu Yang’s hand, and then went away separately as if they were in good discussions.

It seems that this Xiaoyaomen’s behavior is also flexible.

But since Zhu Yang has already made this gesture, where is there room for them to escape?

Before he ran to the door, his whole body was lifted off the ground and lost its gravity, and then he was smashed to the ground.

The monk’s body has been tempered by spiritual power, but this is already painful, everyone’s head is like a bell.

Especially the female cultivator passed out immediately, and the other two didn’t get much better. The next second she felt a needle-like pain in her brain, and then she lost consciousness.

After the death of the thousand-faced ghost, it turned into a pool of black water and returned to the human leather book, and the chain fell on the ground.

Zhu Yang released the four fairies and asked them to tie the three guys firmly with the chain, and then went back to cook.

The four fairies thought they would see a chaotic scene in the villa after the fierce battle, but as a result, nothing was damaged except a pool of blood on the ground, but they were greatly relieved.

The pheasant essence and the others went to cook, and the rabbit essence and mouse essence wiped off the blood quickly so as not to affect the appetite.

As soon as Li Xuan came out, he asked Zhu Yang, “Have you got the things?”

Zhu Yang shook his soul chant at him.

Li Xuan took it directly, and saw Zhu Yang threw a lighter to him: “Let’s experiment.”

Li Xuan naturally understood that this thing might cause direct harm to Zhu Yang, so he embarrassed and said: “No, no, right? What if it hurts you?”

Zhu Yang glanced at him and said with a smile: “You have more than 20 years in your last life and more than a dozen years in this life. What can you say about the virginity of more than 40 years?”

“It’s just that you are too weak, so I can safely give you this thing to try.”

“How can I ask for help?” Li Xuan almost died of anger, blushing and snatching the lighter: “You said, don’t blame me then.”

So taking advantage of the gap before the meal, Zhu Yang tested the specific conditions of use of this soul-reading card.

It’s so convenient that it makes people cold all over, but there is no such thing as anyone can use it.

Li Xuan can’t be a mortal, and Li Xuan who is’no way’ is kicked down and replaced with a rabbit spirit.

Sure enough, a monk or monster with spiritual power can use it. As long as the spiritual power is injected, Zhu Yang is placed in the line of sight, and the casting of the soul card can be fed back to him.

For example, the rabbit spirit can grow her hair and tie down prey. Ordinary animals can even be strangled with her hair.

She urged the Soul Nian Pai to look at Zhu Yang, and tightly restrained the Soul Nian Pai with her long hair. Although her strength was very different from Zhu Yang, Zhu Yang still felt the discomfort of being bound.

The strength of the rabbit spirit is so bad, let alone the three Xiaoyaomen with amazing attack power.

Zhu Yang withdrew his soul-reading card, his face was ugly: “This kind of thing is not limited to this, right?”

These three disciples are holding a piece of it, is there still in the door, or the person with the highest voice in the Xiaoyao door is the one who truly controls life and death.

After thinking about it, the dinner was ready, and Zhu Yang had to put away the sign temporarily.

The three of Xiaoyaomen were awakened by the strong smell of food. When they regained consciousness, their brains still ached, and they didn’t realize where it was for a while.

When I saw Zhu Yang sitting at the main seat of the dining table and the ‘counterfeit’ next to her, the consciousness of the three finally returned.

The female cultivator’s arm is still hurting. If you find something to pick it up, it may recover. If it is too late, you will really be disabled.

So she was the most anxious, her tone was eager and pleading: “Sister Wish, since the soul-reading card has returned to your hand, we are not your threat, let us go.”

Zhu Yang slowly swallowed a bite of food before saying, “Can you not disturb us eating? It’s a martial art, you don’t even teach the dining etiquette?”

The food on the table is rich and unique, at least many of which they have not seen.

What I ate at noon was digested a long time ago, and I was really hungry right now, but Zhu Yang’s attitude was even more unbearable.

However, now that they have become fish on the chopping board, they dare not yell at her like before.

The female cultivator was in a cold sweat, but fortunately, she was almost finished over there.

Several other fairies and humans collect things, wipe the table, wipe the table, and give Zhu Yang an after-dinner drink. The days are simply more domineering than inside the door.

After all, the family has to be divided into generations, and the master is simple, how can other people be extravagant?

When they got here, the three of them actually understood a little bit why this guy had rebelled. This person has always liked extravagance and couldn’t bear the control of the sect.

After drinking a glass of juice slowly over there, he lifted his finger, and the three people who were **** moved in front of her out of thin air.

Zhu Yang looked at the three of them: “I ask, if you tell a lie, I will chop your finger.”

He said with a nasty smile: “If the sword repairer has no hands, it means it is useless?”

The expressions of the three changed: “Sister Zhu, we admit that we were impulsive this time, but in the end we are in the same friendship, don’t act too hard.”

“Huh? It burned my body when I met. It’s really a warm fellowship.”

Ignoring the embarrassing expressions of the three, Zhu Yang said: “First of all, in your cognition, how did I betray the teacher?”

The three of them never thought that Zhu Yang herself didn’t know this at all, only when she might be very concerned about Zongmen’s attitude. After all, traitors generally believed that Zongmen failed her and rarely knew what she had done. of.

It’s not impossible to talk about this kind of topic. One of them said in a convenient way: “Master said that you have stolen the secret book and intended to usurp the throne.”

Zhu Yang nodded, a very common routine, and seeing the attitude of the three people, it seemed that he believed in it, so he stopped questioning it.

During the period, I asked a lot of the internal affairs of the Xiaoyaomen, the size of the sect, the number of people, the division of the ruling class, who is the spiritual leader, the daily practice mode, and so on!

The more they were asked, the more surprised they were. They only felt that this person who grew up in the sect with them had become so strange at this moment. Doesn’t she know about the small and scattered things?

The three are not stupid, but they are definitely not very smart, otherwise they would not be so blind, so this kind of person is easy to be mistaken for being smart.

They felt that Zhu Yang’s questioning was problematic, and their minds turned a thousand times, and they came to the conclusion that this guy used these bits and pieces to let them relax their vigilance, and fortunately, they won with one blow at the critical moment.

This is obviously a real answer that is unclear about oneself, thinking so much but not believing it is in front of me.

Zhu Yang is happy for these guys to detour, although there are many means to achieve the ultimate goal, but it is naturally best to take no trouble.

She even kindly raised a question that made the other person feel “finally here”: “Where are the other three people locked up? They shouldn’t die yet?”

Sure enough, the three of them were immediately vigilant, and they answered all the previous questions truthfully, but they were silent now.

Zhu Yang smiled. Of course, she didn’t care about their non-cooperation. In fact, summing up from all kinds of fragmentary information, she didn’t need to answer too accurately, and she could get the answer only by doing multiple choice questions.

However, she first invaded the brain of one of the guys with mental power. It was easy to attack them with mental power when she was defenseless, but it was not easy to extract all kinds of detailed information.

The three of them were not ordinary people, they were cultivators whose strength was comparable to ordinary intermediate players, Zhu Yang gave up this method.

The room fell silent for a while, they didn’t speak, and Zhu Yang didn’t urge him, like a teacher with good patience.

However, the pressure on the three of them is increasing. This is the first time since the dialogue has not cooperated. They even wondered what Zhu Yang would do to them.

Is it torturing them extremely? Or kill them directly? Seeing that she cut off Junior Sister Xiao’s hand so that the evil things didn’t blink, there was no way she could not do it.

Then I heard a voice suddenly: “They were not taken back to Xiaoyaomen.”

The other party said lightly, and when the three of them heard it, even the most calm and self-sufficient male cultivator couldn’t help but pursed his lips. The female cultivator’s eyes flashed with surprise, but she was quickly restrained.

Then Zhu Yang said again: “In the capital?”

Although the three of them tried their best to keep their faces calm, the sudden stagnation of breathing couldn’t deceive Zhu Yang.

She smiled: “Very well, thank you for your cooperation.”

The female cultivator finally couldn’t help it: “No!”

The other two almost wanted to slap her to death, which was nothing to do.

But Zhu Yang over there said: “Avoiding the world for 30 years, when to choose is not good, but choosing to be born at this time, I think it is a must for the position of a national teacher.”

“You are pretending to be mysterious and want to create your own transcendent position, but you are too familiar with the capital. When you are familiar with the three religions and nine liu, you only know that the Xiaoyao Gate is in Beijing, but you don’t know where the people are. Very good.”

“Before the competition, there were no disciples who sent demons and demons everywhere to show the Zongmen to re-emerge, which means that they have never thought about taking the people-friendly route. Then the main venues for the people are Zongmen and Jingnei.

“I just asked so many news about the sect, but whenever those three guys are closed back to the sect, you will be vigilant, wondering if I will use words to deceive you, but you are unprepared.”

“That means that the possibility of those people in the sect is very small, so I will look at another place!”

The trio’s faces were pale, and at the same time, there was a deep weakness, and they even thought, it’s no wonder that she is the number one disciple in the door.

No matter how hard they work, they can’t stand it up, domineering, and defect directly when they are dissatisfied. Under this arrogance and waywardness, they rely on terrible support that they can’t reach.

Zhu Yang took three elite disciples and defected, but before they left, Zongmen had not planned this incident.

At least the disciples of their generation don’t know at all. After 30 years of avoiding the world, their power in Beijing is so deep.

But she could see through it at a glance, and guessed the whole context. When they came out, they were in control of this guy’s fate, but now–

This is undoubtedly a huge blow to them at the inner level, but this is more than that, and finally Zhu Yang asked them: “Then the last question, where is the address of Xiaoyaomen and whether Xiaoyaozi is still in the sect.”

The three of them looked a little humiliated: “Heh! I wish Senior Sister a good way. The question is irrelevant. It seems random but there are traps everywhere. Just now, it was to tell the whereabouts of the three senior brothers and sisters. What about it now?”

“Don’t tell me that I won’t find much way back after two months out.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “I really can’t find it, so can you tell me?”

Seeing the three people staring at her, Zhu Yang said, “Well, the address of the sect or the hiding place of the three people, you have to tell me one of them. As long as you say one, I swear not to bother with the other.”

“If you don’t say–” She smiled and leaned back, and hundreds of cockroaches appeared from all directions, with hideous teeth about to move.

Zhu Yang threw a honeydew melon on the table and disappeared in the cockroach’s abdomen in an instant. The gnawing sound made people chill.

The ancient people put their backs behind, because they felt that the integrity of the corpse was related to the fate of the next life. If the corpse was buried without the whole body, it would be a harsh punishment.

The calmer one can still desperately think about what trap Zhu Yang has dug in that question, but the female nun cares more about intuition.

Seeing that the cockroach was about to reach herself, she screamed: “In Yunze Mountain, Master never leaves the sect, what are you pretending to be stupid?”

“Thank you for your cooperation!” Zhu Yang smiled with satisfaction, and then he took the cockroach back faithfully.

The three of them were still frightened, but seeing Zhu Yang really had no other reaction, they even started to recruit people to lock them up.

When the man with a calm personality was about to be pulled down, he finally couldn’t help but said: “What the **** do you mean? I don’t believe that you just ask for the sect address.”

Zhu Yang said: “I can’t do anything if I don’t believe it. I really forgot what happened before, and naturally I don’t remember the way back.”

“Heh! Do you still want to go back? Did you think about Master when you defected?” The bad temper sneered.

Zhu Yang nodded: “I still have to go back. After all, if the old guy doesn’t come out, I can’t kill people thousands of miles away, right?”

The three of them were horrified: “Are you crazy? Master and his elders are just arresting the orders of you, but you have a glimmer of hope for you, but you want to kill Master?”

“Are you still a human? The people in the sect are all raised by masters.”

Zhu Yang said impatiently: “Well! Collect orphans everywhere to brainwash and raise them, and blindly worship one person as a **** for a lifetime, but this person uses the soul card that can easily crush everyone to return everyone’s admiration.”

“The cult still pretends to be immortal, which is really disgusting.”

Seeing the three of them looking at the crazy eyes, Zhu Yang shook the soul-reading card in his hand: “Do you have these things too? It’s really more overbearing than a contract, but you can still feel good about yourself and treat yourself as someone else.” ‘S child.”

“As for slaves, they should have slave consciousness. Don’t make up for yourself as the stupid son of the landlord’s family. The class is different, ah!”

After speaking, they didn’t pay attention to their reactions. Anyway, people were brainwashed for decades. She certainly couldn’t make sense in a few words, and she was not so conceited.

But just a few words that make people feel uncomfortable and slow to respond.

The three were searched for their swords and their skills were sealed. One put a cockroach behind his neck, and sensors were arranged around the room.

The four fairies used dolls to show them that a person with a cockroach on his body would end up if he stepped out of the room.

However, it is difficult for them to break the iron chain now.

In the evening, Zhu Yang returned to the room and took the soul-reading card to look closely. This was the second time.

The Resident Evil side could still be dismantled based on clues and his own meticulously, but this time, how would she remove other people’s secret methods?

Zhu Yang didn’t believe that only three guys had one piece of this stuff. Although it wouldn’t be a bad street, at least Xiaoyaozi had one piece.

And in the worst case, he can continue to make them. Zhu Yang has lived in Xiaoyaomen for many years. They should have any conditions for making this kind of stuff.

At this time, Zhu Qian picked it up from behind: “Sister, is this difficult?”

What it saw Zhu Yang had always done well, and many things could be broken in an instant. This was the first time she saw her.

Zhu Yang touched his hair, then took a meal.

Yes, this kind of thing is absolutely impossible to be the last time, this is just the world of spirit monasticism, and there are people who have such power.

She didn’t think that the game assigned her this identity to be a deliberate choice, and she felt it was a warning more than she did.

Like Xiaoyaozi’s creation of soul-reading cards, she still needs her to be a disciple of Xiaoyaomen, which means that her blood, hair, body, tissue, and spiritual power are all known to the other party. This is too detailed, but it is actually not easy.

But what about going to the higher world in the future? Even if the game doesn’t mess with her as the background arrangement, there is always one of the great powers who can curse or control her.

What will she do when that happens?

In order to put an end to this situation, the only way Zhu Yang can think of is to take the lead in controlling herself before others can control her.

She can do it, after all she has a leather book.

As soon as his thoughts turned, the book appeared in his hands. This thing cannot be signed with a stranger with sufficient Yang Qi, so Zhu Yang must make an important decision.

Her mirror surface ability allows herself to pass through the mirror to fetch objects, but when she first obtains this ability, she will never enter the mirror entirely.

She didn’t know if she could come out after entering.

Later in the Battle of the Venom Skin Man, because the opponent’s strength was too strong, her strength reached the point where she could not bear the risk, so she had a few seconds to hide in the mirror world.

But this time was different. She had to use the breath of the other world to temporarily wash away the Yang Qi from her body, and went over the human skin to complete the contract.

The human skin book is her possession. With the human skin book ignoring the overriding characteristics of hierarchy in the contract, no one will be able to use this to easily restrict her in the future.

The only person who controls her is herself.

This idea is crazy, but Zhu Yang thinks the result is worth the risk.

Then Zhu Qian saw his sister begging him to sleep with Xiao Ji tonight, then took out the mirror with Fu Jiang and put it in.

This mirror game is produced, no matter the effect or stability is better, Fu Jiang can continue to evolve in it, and now it is one of her big killers.

Occasionally, Zhu Yang also took a look at how much population had been added, but it was the first time he came in.

Sure enough, she was attacked as soon as she came in. A few days ago, the four helping Fu Jiang had enjoyed it for more than half a month. They were so jealous and anxious that they were naturally extremely angry.

Especially these guys assimilated with the lickers, and the fighting power is now, it seems to be a little floating.

Zhu Yang took out a huge military/use/spray/fire/weapon, and it burned in front of the flooding Fujiang.

Many Fujiang who was in the lead were burnt and screamed and disappeared every moment.

Zhu Yang used to take out a box of matches. This was bought in the copy of Fujiang. Fujiang’s special matches. At that time, she had not been killed a few times, and there was still a lot of one box left.

Zhu Yang struck another one and threw another Fu Jiang on him who wanted to sneak attack her: “I won’t hit the house for three days, right?”

“Do you still want to eat?”

Burning several people and material threats made the Fu Jiang dare not act rashly, but one by one began to accuse Zhu Yang of not being a human being.

In short, she put the back-to-back in to be with Fu Jiang at the beginning, now she understands the mood of the back-to-back, just like tens of thousands of ducks quacking in your ears.

Zhu Yang took out his mobile phone, touched the gun, and the mirror suddenly became quiet.

Zhu Yang grinned and said, “Fools have forgotten who is the boss again, right? I want to stay here quietly for one night. Then whoever dares to make a sound, I will strangle her to make her quiet.”

The Fujiang dare not talk anymore, this guy said to choke them to death, but what if they burned by the way? There is no chance of resurrection.

Zhu Yang took out a chaise longue, lay on it lazily, and drove the Fu Jiang to a bunch, just like the traffickers and the little poor people she was trafficked.

As soon as the Fu Jiang saw the comfortable sofa, they were jealous again, and knew that the good things of Bitch would always be for themselves.

But after so much muttering, no one would be a demon all night.

In the morning of the next day, Zhu Yang felt it was almost done, so he took out the mirror and didn’t need the sofa.

Before she left Fujiang, they broke their heads for the sofa again.

Zhu Yang took out the human leather book, took a deep breath, and signed a contract with a willingness to ask and answer.

The waiting time made her feel a little nervous, but sure enough, the yin spirit of the world deceived the recognition of the human leather book.

Her name, profile picture, and ability data appeared on the human skin book, and she will no longer be subject to any unequal contracts from now on.

Whether it’s cursing, casting Gu, or spiritual manipulation, it’s a contractual situation.

Li Xuan and the others relaxed a little when they saw that Zhu Yang got up in the morning in a good mood.

There is still one day left before the election of the national division. Zhu Yang needs to go out and understand the situation, at least to know what his competitors are.

The four goblins controlled the mice in the city to help find the three players. Although the amount of work was large, it was better than doing nothing.

She also took a lot of surveillance cockroaches to go out, and the abnormalities would be handed over to Li Xuan for analysis, but on the day of the election, she still got nothing.

Zhu Yang is not in a hurry. Since Xiaoyaozi has a plan, his true purpose will always be exposed during the election of the national division.

The basic condition for the election of the national division is to be within the top 50 of the celestial master list, but some unborn masters can also participate in the recommendation, and not all the top 50 celestial masters want to join in the fun.

Zhu Yang arrived at the venue and looked at the number of people present. Excluding the Taoists and disciples who were accompanied by the heavenly masters, 57 people actually participated in the competition.

Zhu Yang didn’t wear the sect clothes of Xiaoyaomen. Instead, she bought a costume in the largest cloth house in the capital. She is a capable person at the forefront of the celestial master list, and there are no more ordinary dress restrictions.

Bu Zhuang dared to sell her everything, Zhu Yang naturally chose a gorgeous and stunning one, which would not hinder his actions.

Even though everyone is simple and elegant, she is not like a competitor for the national teacher, but like an oiran.

But not everyone on the so-called celestial master list is well-educated. Some of the casual cultivators who come from a humble background and have mixed up with three teachings and nine masters do not have much to say.

When I saw Zhu Yang, he greasyly looked at it and said loudly: “That girl, Yihongyuan Tianxiang Pavilion is not here. You are looking for the wrong path. If we win business and wait for us to win the position of national teacher, I will look for you Celebrate.”

Talking about lustful laughter–

But the laugh was only halfway like a duck being trampled on his neck, Zhu Yang grabbed his face and went straight to the ground.

Then he slammed his nose with a thunderous punch, and the man was directly embedded in the hard-textured granite floor, his face was so rotten that he could not see.

If it hadn’t been for the cultivator’s subconscious infuriating movement to suspend his last breath, he would probably have died.

Zhu Yang stepped on him carelessly, as if he were part of the floor——

“What a coincidence, it seems that I celebrated with you first.”

The sudden conflict and the instant-ending battle shocked everyone present.

Those who can come in here, even if not all of them have the ability to match the ranking, but there will never be embroidered pillows mixed in.

Especially for those who are casual cultivators, it is more difficult to practice without resources piled up. Generally, the cultivation level may not be as high as that of the orthodox students, but the actual combat ability is usually better than that of the same level.

But this young girl, a face-to-face so that the man didn’t have the ability to fight, she was crushed by sheer strength and only one breath was left. This strength should not be underestimated.

Soon someone recognized that this was Zhu Yang, the Xiaoyaomen who had recently gained fame. During the discussion, they couldn’t help but turn their attention to another Xiaoyaomen disciple present.

Zhu Yang followed the crowd and saw a handsome male Xiu who was wearing a sect uniform.

The expression he looked at him was a little complicated, to make an analogy, it was like an infatuated woman sees a scumbag who is betraying her.

And there was a beautiful woman next to him, and her face was not good when she saw her. Half of this attitude came from Zhu Yang himself, and the other half came from the attitude of the male Xiu at this time.

However, this woman is much better at managing facial expressions than the idiot kept in her villa. At least she didn’t open her mouth stupidly to offend people, and she was more aware of the overall situation.

But for their major situation, Zhu Yang didn’t care about Xiaoyao’s face. Speaking of which, the rumors she told Li Xuan to fabricate had been suppressed.

Anyway, at this moment, most people think that the beggars called the wrong one, or there is a pheasant sect who is ignorant and has the same name as Xiaoyaomen.

Zhu Yang walked over, the gorgeous skirt like a rolling cloud, especially beautiful.

She came to the two monks and looked at them with a smile, without speaking.

The male repairer had complicated eyes, and finally gritted his teeth and said: “You dare to come in here too. If the selection is not coming, do you think you can be so arrogant?”

The woman also said, “I wish Senior Sister, Master is all ill. If you still have the heart, go back and see if he admits a mistake. Master hasn’t announced your matter to the public until now, everything can be restored.”

“The big brother is ordered to compete for the position of the national teacher, so you should not mess with it.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Well, I was not sure before, thank you for confirming this for me.”

Saying that she put on the shoulders of the two of them, leaned close to their ears, and said in a voice that only three of them heard: “I’ve been here and the old immortal still allows me to go around and even enter the national division competition field.”

“It can be seen that the game behind it is not small. Don’t make a benevolent assumption. Now I am worried that you will break my identity as a deceitful master?”

“I’m afraid I’ll let you say, but you can’t say it?”

After saying this, they saw the sudden changes in their faces.

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