Scream Queen Chapter 154

Seeing the reaction of the two, it was obviously explained.

Zhu Yang had expected this a long time ago. After all, she killed Yundu’s mother and quickly became famous now, and the time is not long.

But those who are more informed about the Xuanmen should know, especially now that the world’s capable people and strangers gather in the capital, she is still one of the most important conversations in the Xuanmen every day.

Although the Xiaoyao Sect disciple is low-key in Beijing, according to normal logic, she should not be allowed to continue to use the sect as a ‘defection disciple’ to seek fame and reputation.

After all, her status on the list of celestial masters is still ‘Xiaoyaomen Zhuyang’. With the arrogance of Xiaoyaomen, she probably disdains the honor brought by the defected disciples.

Of course, it can also be understood that the so-called master’s heart of boxing and boxing still has a glimmer of hope for his disciples, so he doesn’t do things absolutely.

But she was on the list of celestial teachers, people also appeared here, and publicly stated that she was determined to win the position of national teacher.

Xiaoyaomen originally sent disciples to participate in the competition, how could one allow the defected disciples to take the position of the national teacher? Her ability to kill Yundu’s mother is definitely enough to cause vigilance.

The soul-reading card of the ‘Master’ refining disciple controls the life and death of the disciple, but you can’t see that he is such an indecisive person.

So Zhu Yang was sure that there must be an inhumane reason. She carefully observed the expressions of the two monks.

Seeing that they had no extra thoughts other than surprise, they confirmed it somewhat.

The three disciples caught before were not of sufficient level, knew nothing, and their knowledge of the incident only remained on the surface.

These two people were instilled with some special explanations, but they didn’t seem to really understand the whole picture.

This is interesting.

Xiaoyaozi said to the door that she stole secrets and deceived her master to destroy the ancestor. But whoever believes in a cult is stupid, and she didn’t find anything in her belongings.

And Xiaoyaozi didn’t tell the facts of her defection, and even the defection itself didn’t intend to advertise it, and even let the disciples of the door keep a low profile.

Zhu Yang guessed that on the one hand, this result was beneficial to his planning. On the other hand, he might not want to tear himself apart with Zhu Yang.

What is the reason for this kind of relationship in ancient times where the master is the father to occupy the absolute moral high ground? Eighty percent is that she knows something she shouldn’t know.

This is the most pitted part of the game. Arrange the foggy situation. Before breaking the game, you must first find out what “Zhu Yang” should have known.

She has some doubts whether the game of Goubi wants to transform from a horror game to a reasoning game.

However, the Xiaoyaomen disciple’s lack of understanding of the information at this time does not prevent her from taking advantage of this gap.

She pulled back, smiled and said to the two of them: “I think Xiaoyaozi’s meaning is already obvious. He doesn’t want to let the third person interfere with this matter.”

“So you understand? This is a game between me and him, you two—”

She didn’t finish her words, but what she wanted to express was obvious.

Wherever you two stay cool.

The two people who thought they were representing the orthodox Zongmen to participate in the selection were aggrieved. Not only did this traitor have no guilt and avoid taboos, it seemed that she was the one that everyone expected.

Even more because the two are also the forefront of the elite disciples of this generation, it seems that the drama of betraying the master is actually incomprehensible.

Neither of them was stupid. Upon hearing Zhu Yang’s words, they knew what kind of understanding there was between her and Master, but they didn’t know it.

Even a traitor knew more than them, which embarrassed them.

And Zhu Yang opened his mouth and shut up his “Xiaoyaozi”, with no respect for Master in his eyes.

But in the crowd, they didn’t dare to tear up their skin with Zhu Yang, exposing the fact that there was discord in Xiaoyaomen, so they could add jokes.

But I was a little unwilling, so I could only sneer and said, “Xiaoyaozi? You can afford the kindness of nurturing Master.”

Zhu Yang laughed: “Of course not, don’t I also try to win honor for him as a disciple in the family? Just to offset the merits and seek forgiveness from the master.”

She was very obedient, but her expression was insincere, but they had to think more.

Because according to their thinking, if this matter is placed on themselves, this is really a way to please Master and let him change his mind and accept it again.

It can only be said that there is a barrier to thinking and sometimes it is terrible. Zhu Yang didn’t do anything, and the two of them felt a little restless.

At this time, everyone had arrived, and among them were Xuan Jizi and others who had collided with Yun Po before.

Zhu Yang smiled and nodded at those people. The other party also replied, but it seemed that she was a junior who could manage it.

Not long after, a team came in wearing plain robes, each with a solemn expression and awe-inspiring temperament.

But these people are not the staff of the former national teacher, but once the national teacher takes the position, they will have a subordinate relationship with the national teacher.

At this time, they were the examiners and judges for the selection of national teachers. After they were screened, only the few remaining were qualified to go to the emperor.

However, Zhu Yang had heard of the faint emperor here. Fortunately, there were effective officials under him. In recent years, the weather has been smooth every year, although there are monsters in some places.

But I don’t know if it was because of this nature, but there was no war.

There are no internal and external troubles for the time being, and it is not a problem to raise a faint emperor for several generations.

In other words, in fact, it is not only the army that protects the family and the country strictly speaking, but the talents of the Xuanmen are the big ones who deal with disasters.

So this is also the reason for the violation of the world and the prosperity of the Xuanmen, because the main threat comes from monsters.

All present are the top generations of the entire Profound Sect, and there is no need for the other party to put pressure on the Mawei.

When people came out, the conversation in the court stopped.

The leader of the group of Taoists respectfully saluted the person who rushed to the scene: “You have worked hard all the way.”

The man’s voice is gentle, his intonation is not hurried, he makes people feel good.

After the scene, the other party’s way of speaking changed sharply when entering the main topic-

“You guys, so far, 57 people have participated in the national teacher contest. To put it bluntly, this number is too much.”

“So at this level I will only sentence 20 people to the next round, so gossiping is useless, let’s get started!”

It stands to reason that each of the sects in this room all say that they are one and the same, but at this time they were selected by a junior.

There is that arrogant person who has already expressed dissatisfaction, but no one has objected to it.

The position of the national teacher is tempting. Once captured, not only will his sect become the number one in the world, but more practically, now that the emperor is faint, the national teacher’s right to speak is naturally unprecedented.

Becoming a national teacher is equivalent to controlling a country, and it’s a different form than being a member of the Ninth Five-Year Plan.

Secondly, although these people look young, they should not be underestimated, and there is really no need to care.

But then when the celestial masters heard the exam questions, they knew that these people were not just polite.

“Of course there is a limited number of people on the lower roads. I am afraid that the ruling will be difficult to convince the public. I calculated it and the number of people left is exactly one-third of the total number now.”

“Then, please, dear masters, drive at least two competitors out of this room!”

Everyone was in an uproar when they heard this, the guys in the National Teacher’s Mansion actually made good calculations, and the offending people were all done by themselves.

On the surface, most of the big sects in the Xuanmen are happy and happy. The so-called decent sects cannot be too acrimonious.

The people present at the National People’s University are not young for many years, and they are almost the group of people with the highest generation in the Profound Clan. Let them fight like the frizzy juniors?

But the position of the national teacher is attractive, competitors have to be screened all the time, and they also understand the opponent’s decision.

It is true that the national teacher is not suitable for being too entangled with the sect, and it is useless to blame these juniors, they are not so bold yet.

Every test should be given by the deceased old teacher. Since he is to be his successor, he must abide by other people’s rules.

Most of the people present were successful and decent, and I suddenly heard the content of this selection.

Among them, some of the old men of the fairy wind shook the dust and stood out——

“Everyone! If that’s the case, let’s draw a rule so that we don’t fall into the gentleman’s style.”

He is proposing to freely choose his opponents, and the two sides will fight if they agree, winning or losing with a clear conscience.

This is the dignity they deserve.

But before the words were finished, there were two loud bangs on the side.

When everyone turned their heads, they saw two tall men crashing to the ground, and they happened to stand on both sides of the Xiaoyaomen Zhu Yang, who had only just been angry.

I saw that Zhu Yang had nothing to do with one hand, and the two mature men who added up to more than 300 kilograms were carried by her like two chickens.

When he walked to the door, the door suddenly opened automatically, and Zhu Yang raised his hand and threw the two out.

Then when I came back, I stepped on something. I looked down and saw that it was the casual cultivator that she had hammered into the ground before, and then I remembered: “Oh, I forgot about this. It was enough to blow one more person. ”

He raised his head and smiled at everyone: “Sorry, I have one more person here, which means that your remaining resources are one point less.”

He also pulled the guy out of the floor and threw it out the door, as if the apology was just talking.

Then she went to the edge of the hall and sat down, and raised her hand to the silent group: “I have completed the task, you are free.”

He also gave himself a hammer, and the rhythm was all disrupted.

Originally, since they were allowed to solve it internally, although they offended people, the relative operation space was even greater.

Those old foxes played this abacus.

As long as the surplus people are sifted out, it is up to them to decide how to sieve and what method to sift.

Both Wendou and Wudou are fine, saying that they invite each other, but there are more loopholes in it.

Will the large sects with good relations unite to exclude dissidents? Will those casual cultivators with no background be sacrificed first? Daoists with younger generations have a great future, and they will have a lot of experience, and being able to come to this venue is already a supreme honor.

how? Do you still have to work with the elders of the same generation as your master? Some consciously have little chance of winning the championship, can they just use their benefits to make people give up?

To put it bluntly, wait for them to reach a consensus, then the casual repair junior and the small sect will be the first victims.

Zhu Yang didn’t say a word, first got her own qualifications for the position, even if other families did not respond as quickly as her, but they also knew the truth of the first shot first.

There were casual cultivators and young disciples who were not stupid, and some of them immediately ignored their opponents when they saw it, so they picked the people in front of them to fight in one place.

The scene lost all the decentness expected by the old foxes for a while, and became chaotic, and their abacus was lost.

To make matters worse, as the fighting spreads, people fall one by one, and now there is really too much money.

Even the most seemingly light and windy people can’t hold back.

Zhu Yang sat aside, playing with a bone fan in his hand, seemingly satisfied with the chaos in front of him.

Let her follow other people’s rules, crazy? When these guys form an alliance, things won’t be fun.

And she is in a hurry, where can I watch them come and go to fight for resources?

It stands to reason that people who have been qualified for promotion will still be the targets of others. If you kill two people, it does not mean that no one can kill you.

But not many people came to pick Zhu Yang, because her sturdy style that didn’t fit in with her words made people unable to show their ability to end the battle quickly, which was really tricky.

It’s okay to play alone. At this moment, you have to pay attention to the opponent behind. It is really not a wise choice to pick her.

Even if she was the one who made it all dirty, many people hated it, but they could only sigh and be terrible.

Zhu Yang thought that this calm would last until the second scene, but suddenly he felt a gang wind hit him.

As soon as Zhu Yang avoided, he heard the sound of slab cracking from the ground.

She turned her head and saw the female nun at Xiaoyaomen standing not far away looking at herself, with a silver-white long whip in her hand, like a living snake for her to drive flexibly.

Zhu Yang smiled: “The weapon is good!”

She said that, but she didn’t even plan to move the chair, and the attitude of looking down made the nun bit her silver teeth.

Said loudly: “I wish Sister, I admire you to hear that you defeated Yun Du’s mother. I must have learned a lot during this period of time. I still remember the last Zong Sect competition. I also missed you and the big brother.”

“For this, I practice hard day and night, and this time I have met Sister Zhu, although – but I still forgot to teach me from Sister Sister and see if I can make progress.”

Zhu Yang glanced at the male Xiu, he was entangled with a casual Xiu and an old man, two-on-one did not lose the wind, it can be seen that the strength of the three guys is not the same level as yesterday.

It should be known from these people that the disciples of Xiaoyaomen’s generation Zhu Yang and the so-called big brother are outstanding, so they can be entrusted with important tasks.

This female cultivator is only one line weaker than “Zhu Yang”, so the strength should not be underestimated, you can see the solid cultivation base Zhu Yang of the other party.

It wasn’t the villain among the three guys who had no aptitude for himself, who was so jealous that he just fell into trouble.

Zhu Yang asked: “How can the entourage also participate in the war?”

Female monk: “There is no prohibition above.”

She glanced at the Taoist people sitting on the high platform, and said, “Seeing that Senior Sister Zhu acted happily just now, why, now I am in a comfortable situation but dare not?”

Zhu Yang lazily smiled: “Not really, but you have to enter the final selection with me. At this time, I will beat you up and let the distraction lose over there. I have to go and help. It’s too much trouble!”

The female cultivator’s face suddenly became ugly: “Sister Zhu, you are humiliating senior brother, and you are humiliating me.”

“Is it possible that according to your opinion, whether we are promoted or not depends on your mood?”

“How about it?” Zhu Yang’s smile closed, and the bone fan slowly spread, covering half of her face.

The amorous feelings and the fingertips of the hair seemed to bloom with brilliance. Peerless beauty should be like this.

The look in her eyes was uncomfortable, and there was no sarcasm, just like looking at the two rocks that she carried when climbing alone.

As long as she was there, the two stones could reach the top of the mountain, and their existence and efforts were wiped out at a glance.

Rao is a female cultivator who usually has a calm and indifferent personality, and she is also agitated by her attitude.

“Don’t talk nonsense, draw your sword!” She waved her whip to the ground, and another deep line appeared.

“Out of the sword?” Zhu Yang shook his head: “Don’t look at me like this, I also have my own pride. Since I have already cut it off, I naturally won’t use the skills brought out by the sect.”

The female Xiu’s face changed, and then suddenly the soles of her feet lifted off the ground. She secretly said that it was not good, so she quickly moved to resist.

However, the whip that was only in her hands at this time, had been with her for more than ten years, and was infused with her own spiritual power day by day. It was already half of her whip, but it moved when she was not conscious.

Of course, this whip is not an ordinary dead object. Even ordinary people have the ability to take things out of the air, and they can rarely drive other people’s weapons.

Who can Zhu Yang? Her mind power has already broken through the limits, and most living things have to be controlled, let alone a whip.

In a more intuitive way, the resistance of the female sister to her now is far worse than when she confronted the poisonous skin person.

The disparity is much worse.

But the female cultivator has a good fighting consciousness, knowing that attack is the best defense, and no longer seesaw with Zhu Yang, and immediately directs the whip to draw Zhu Yang.

She is also clever, knowing that the whip cannot be instructed like an arm, but instead uses its strength to hit Zhu Yang, which is more fierce than the previous one.

But when it was only half an inch away from her, the whip couldn’t get in. On the contrary, it was the female sister who was unstable because of this sudden stop.

The whip that had already been drawn out turned back in front of her, and immediately tied her to death.

The female cultivator fell in front of Zhu Yang, watching her move from beginning to end, and even her hand was not free. Like Yumei finger playing with a white jade-like bone fan, she couldn’t tell which side was carefully crafted. treasure.

Her unbelievable eyes gradually turned into gray and defeat. It turned out that Senior Sister Zhu has become so strong that it is no wonder that she has killed the great monster that has been entrenched for many years alone, no wonder that she is ambitious towards the position of national teacher, and no wonder——

Dare to betray the teacher!

The last Zongmen Competition was two years ago. In the past two years, she worked hard to cultivate, thinking how much she would be able to narrow the gap in strength, and even imagined that at the next Zongmen Competition, she could suppress Sister Zhu and become the number one in the school. Female repair.

But it turned out that it was just her own conjecture, her cultivation base and her peers were no longer at the same level, and even the sect masters of many large sects present might not be opponents.

She didn’t even use her own sword, and she didn’t know where she threw her personal saber. Did she really disdain to use it?

The female cultivator was **** and the male cultivator saw it too. When the female cultivator went to pick Zhu Yang, he cried out inwardly.

However, seeing her **** by the full beard and tail, Zhu Yang didn’t mean to humiliate further, but he was relieved.

He understands the personality of Junior Sister Zhu, is domineering, and someone dares to offend, and there is a lesson.

Now she has rebelled against her teacher’s family. It is estimated that Junior Sister Xiao and the others have been missing for the past two days. It is probably her work. Now Junior Sister Zhu doesn’t look like a fellowship. It is possible to kill her.

She just **** Junior Sister Yun, and left it aside to ignore it, which made the male Xiu a lot of relief.

Better focus on the battle at hand.

Zhu Yang looked on with cold eyes, Xiaoyaomen is indeed the key to this mission, indeed the quality of disciples is far superior to other sects.

It is more likely that decades of escapism, the male cultivator’s weak crown, is already stronger than many people present.

The three guys who were caught by her are actually not weak at all in the entire profound door.

Then Zhu Yang had some doubts about how strong the Xiaoyaozi who ruled this large group of elite children was.

In this way, the battle came to an end soon.

In the end, there were sixteen people standing on the court, and only three or four of these sixteen people remained decent. It seemed that these were exceptionally strong generations.

Only then did the people in the National Teacher’s Office stand up, without the arrogance of looking on the wall, and bowed their heads respectfully to the rest of the people: “Thanks for your hard work, heavenly masters.”

“Please move to the hall for a short rest. The next session will start in an hour.”
To be honest, up to this point, everyone knows that this selection is too rough.

Their group of cultivators at the top were sifted down so quickly and embarrassingly.

Of course, the indecentness of this depends on the young fellow Zhu Daoist, but the irregular inaction of the National Teacher’s Office and even the joy of seeing it is also the reason.

In the final analysis, they are not a group of reckless men competing for the champion, but at the moment they are screened in such a rough way.

A little bit more flexible, they have already thought about it, but these people have always been arrogant and naturally think they are different.

Moreover, the position of the national teacher is too tempting, what is this indecent? In the face of huge temptation, no one can look good.

Sixteen people accompanied the attendants into the inner hall. Of course, some attendants also lost their combat effectiveness in the melee just now, reducing a lot.

As soon as everyone was seated, a maid filed in with hot water towels and a comb and bronze mirror, which was also considerate, allowing everyone to reshape their image.

Only Zhu Yang’s body was the cleanest, but he waved his fan to sign off.

After the belt was cleaned, it was served with various exquisite colors for everyone to enjoy.

There are only a handful of young people present, and the other older ones are not very appetizing, but the tea here is really good.

Even Zongmen’s special offerings are a bit worse than that, there are those who love tea or even improvise poems, which are like a fairy-style and dao bone.

How can you tell how tough these old men were just hitting someone?

Zhu Yang casually ate the dim sum on the plate, which is worthy of being specially made by the royal kitchen, and it is much more elaborate than the foreign affairs office.

The other two at Xiaoyaomen had a harmonious atmosphere inside the gate, and they were sitting next to her. The male cultivator looked at her careless and complicated, while the female cultivator bowed her head depressed.

He hasn’t recovered from the blow just now.

While chatting, someone came in and said to everyone present: “The emperor has learned that the immortals are taking a break here, and would like to ask everyone to tell me what you think?”

Speaking of it, the emperor shouldn’t be summoned at this time, but the other party always thinks that one is one.

And the first game of the National Teacher’s Palace was too big, and there were a dozen people left at once. Without the attendant, it would not appear chaotic. It doesn’t hurt to see it.

Everyone present is naturally happy. Although the emperor is faint, he still has the relationship between the monarch and ministers with the national teacher, let alone the ordinary people of the profound sect.

His opinions also account for a large proportion of the national teacher’s confession.

The emperor’s whim, everyone was naturally happy to see it, and after being held a little bit, after being expressed, they could only act as if it happened.

The people who came here were the emperor’s close attendants, and the National Teacher’s Mansion was also located in the palace, not far from the emperor’s palace, strictly speaking, in a straight line.

After all, it’s not that no monster wants to sneak into the palace and destroy the emperor himself or let the world mess up and fish in troubled waters. One of the important tasks of the national teacher is to protect the emperor’s safety.

However, it takes a long time to walk past, and the shuttle through the corridors will naturally slow down because you can’t perform exercises in the large interior.

After walking for at least half an hour, everyone came to the emperor.

I have seen a lot of the image of the emperor in TV dramas, to tell the truth-I am afraid that this one is not as good as some old actors with outstanding acting skills.

However, after all, there is no such a paved sense of entitlement in the TV, that is, ordinary people will know that this is the authority that controls the entire world, and manipulates the destiny of everyone, and subconsciously will have a sense of awe.

But this feeling was brought by the entire majestic, exquisite palace, and the majestic Ouchi guards on both sides.

The emperor at the top of the table looks lazy, and he has the noble bearing of Tianhuang, but there is no righteousness at all. It is not so much an emperor, it is more like a idle prince hollowed out by wine.

His eyes were sensitive and gloomy, as if they were accustomed to patience but helpless, as if they were abandoning themselves.

To tell the truth, compared with the emperor who controls one-fifth of the game space in another game and is comparable to the immortal emperor, the appearance of this emperor is hard to say.

It is said that I admire the celestial masters and can’t wait to invite each other, but this time he did not show any eagerness.

On the contrary, he raised his eyelids lazily, and the others looked down and avoided taboo, but Zhu Yang saw that everyone was looking straight ahead.

So she didn’t miss the sneer and sarcasm that the emperor’s pressure flashed through. Seeing that they didn’t expect to protect themselves from the subordinates who were snooped by evil things, it was like watching a group of birds waiting to be slaughtered.

This is interesting. The entire election of the national division was in violation from the beginning.

Here Xiaoyaozi’s request has not been cleared out yet, the actions of the National Teacher’s Mansion and the emperor’s abnormal attitude made things even more confusing.

The emperor did not speak, and everyone was not easy to speak.

The high-ranking man glanced past the Taoist priests, but when he saw Zhu Yang, his eyes lit up.

He recruited the attendant on the side and pointed at Zhu Yang: “This woman is none other than me.”

Then he said to Zhu Yang: “Look up and let me take a closer look.”

Zhu Yang slapped the bone fan in his hand and smiled: “I keep my head up, I have a beautiful appearance, and there is no need to avoid it.”

The emperor’s harem has all kinds of beauties, and it is estimated that the most straightforward harem girl is not as bold as her.

After a moment of surprise, he laughed: “Okay, okay! It should be like this.”

Seeing her beautiful face and strong aura, this superiority exuded from her bones comes from her self-confidence, which is by no means comparable to her appearance, birthplace, and the rights brought by men.

The look in my own eyes turned out to be something I had never seen before in another woman.

If the emperor was born more than a thousand years later, he probably knew how to describe this scene——

‘What a pure and unpretentious coquettish bitch, completely different from those at home. ’

Seeing this woman speaks bluntly and has a calm attitude, the emperor also simply said: “The fairy master is stunning, let me fall in love at first sight.”

“For fear of thinking of Qingqing in the night, I might as well go back to the palace with me and be a fairy lovers. This is the national teacher of Raoshi, whoever wants to do it.”

“Naturally, the status of the immortal master is supernatural, and mortal women cannot be reached. I will definitely live up to the immortal master. I can give you what you want.”

It is not the first time that Zhu Yang has been pursued by a man.

It’s just that after graduation, I don’t plan to work, I haven’t expanded my relationship, and there is a way out, the man who has gone to the spot, knows that they are rushing to get married, and most of the conditions of no one’s family are not good for digging walls.

In the first three years of college, she did not receive too many pursuits. This was the result of her screening out people who thought she was not qualified to pursue her.

Those rich second-generation officials and second-generation officials could speak much better than the emperor when they pursued her. After all, the emperor was only blessed by the status of the lord of the world.

In the past, those suitors used everything to make her laugh. Some people even laughed that she was surrounded by a large wholesale dog licking market.

Zhu Yang had no trouble with the emperor’s words, and was about to speak, but was suddenly intercepted by the male Xiu.

The male Xiu’s surname is Li, the big disciple of Xiaoyaomen, referred to as Brother Li.

To be honest, Zhu Yang actually felt that this guy had a weird attitude towards her from the beginning, but he was thinking about other things about Xiaoyaomen in his heart, and he didn’t take it seriously.

Naturally, she is so beautiful, and it is not normal for a few teenagers to admire this in their hearts. The setting of the game must be logical, right?

But she didn’t expect that things were more coke than she thought.

I saw Senior Brother Li stand up, stopped her behind, and looked up at the upper emperor and said, “Your Majesty Rongzi, I wish Senior Sister and Caomin have a marriage contract.”



The emperor was slightly surprised, but unexpectedly Zhu Yang’s reaction was even more surprised than him.

Senior Brother Li glanced back at her, his face suddenly turned red, and then he remembered that she was a traitor and her expression became complicated.

Finally, he gave her a deep look and motioned her not to speak.

But Zhu Yang felt like a dog in his heart. No wonder, when he saw her for the first time, this senior brother Li looked like a scumbag with a bad heart.

From the standpoint, isn’t it just scum?

It is estimated that an innocent young man, who has had a strong relationship with his junior sister since childhood, and had a marriage contract long ago, he would have waited until the day to get married.

Suddenly, one day, the other party rebelled against the teacher. The ancient marriage contract of close relatives in the sect was equivalent to a family.

Her situation at the moment is like abandoning his wife.

Zhu Yang wiped his face, what is the setting of Nima? Don’t be more ashamed, the game rolls out and gets beaten.

The emperor above was naturally unwilling to hear this, and glanced at Brother Li.

Guan this Taoist priest is handsome and handsome, and he is extraordinary, but as the ninth-five god, naturally he will not feel that the world’s men are comparable to himself.

He sneered and said, “Fuzzy, the immortal master is so beautiful and beautiful, he is worthy of a vulgar man like you.”

After leaving him alone, he said to Zhu Yang: “I don’t know what the immortal master thinks of me just now?”

Zhu Yang originally wanted to walk the emperor, to see if he could get some useful information out.

But at the moment, I don’t have any thoughts. Under the premise of lack of interest, many things can be dispensed with.

So she waved her hand when she heard the words: “Forget it, the premise of being a goddess family partner is to look as good as a goddess.”

“The emperor, if you don’t give your strength, I can’t do anything no matter how hard I try.”

At first glance, many people have not tasted this, and most of them have pondered it two or three times before finally understanding the meaning.

After the recollection, there was a sneer that couldn’t help but Brother Li was one of them.

After all, the people present are the strongest members of the profound sect in the world, and they are naturally in awe of the emperor, but think about their capabilities?

This awe is naturally not the same thing as a mortal, it is more like looking at a thigh that can bring more to oneself.

But this thigh is not reliable, it is really speechless to summon the scene to humiliate people and seduce the female sister.

Naturally, everyone is not hesitant to express.

The emperor also reacted now, his expression ugly.

The eyes staring at Zhu Yang were also gloomy, as if looking at someone who was disrespectful to him through her.

“Good, good!” The other party repeated three times, and then said: “It is worthy of being an omnipotent expert who is omnipotent in the sky, and I do not look down on this little palace.”

This is so true that everyone present frowns, is this an emperor? Is it different from a child Sapo?

I know that the emperor is faint, but listening to him at this moment seems to have a deep prejudice against the people of the Profound Clan.

Is this the cause and effect left by the previous national teacher?

When everyone thinks of this, not only is there no panic in their hearts, but they are even more fierce. If the emperor is weak and weak, he will only react like this.

Does that mean that after the upper ranks-

However, the other party is the king of a country anyway, and the words are said to be here, so naturally they have to make a statement.

So everyone kept saying ‘Don’t dare’, no matter what you say, you still have to make a gesture.

But Zhu Yang caught a bit.

It is true that the position of the national teacher is attractive, but if you want to say who can maintain the greatest calm in front of this position, it is her.

So she was thinking that the former national teacher passed away almost two months ago, and the new national teacher is still being selected, and there is no default candidate.

In other words, the National Teacher’s House now has no leader, and of course, it is impossible to expect a person in the National Teacher’s House who can raise his arms and shout after the death of the National Teacher, who will completely take power.

In that case, the position of the national teacher would not be used for selection, and it would be easier to succeed directly?

In all these two months, during the time when the rights of the National Teacher’s Palace were empty, the emperor, as the boss, was unable to withdraw his rights?

Looking at him, he seemed to be controlled by others, combined with the emperor’s previous posture and his disdain for everyone present.

He was obviously jealous of Xuanmen, but he didn’t say anything to these people who might become national teachers. It was like hiring them to show up and make trouble.

Although it is in line with his dazzling personality, but there are also many side problems——

For example, he doesn’t think there will be the next national teacher in this.

No matter how wasteful he is, he is also a wasteful person in a high position, and he naturally sees more than everyone present.

She originally thought that the conspiracy was in the election of the national division. It seemed that she was wrong. Many things had been planned for a long time. Now they are just walking the road arranged by others.

Zhu Yang curled his lips and looked up and saw the emperor staring at her, as if others’ expressions were useless, and she had to bow her head.

She smiled and said, “Of course, I can run a circle in a projectile place less than a stick of incense, how can I be worthy of my status as a fairy master.”

Everyone couldn’t beat the provocation to death after hearing this. Is this girl deliberately prosecuting?


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