Scream Queen Chapter 155

As soon as she spoke, the surrounding guards suddenly came out of their sheaths and stared at her murderously.

Yes, people are just useless, that is also the emperor, the face of the entire country, how can she be humiliated by a Taoist priest.

Seeing the emperor’s anger, the celestial masters are no longer able to watch from the wall.

That fainted monarch was shocked to death by himself, which delayed the selection of the national teacher. Don’t worry about your life.

After all, the combined weight of the people present will not easily offend even a centralized wise master.

Several elders scolded Zhu Yang and said, “How do you say it? Even if you are poor at Zongmenzui, let’s see where this is?”

He also handed his hand to the person above: “Your Majesty, I wish the little friend his sect to live away from the world, and if you don’t understand the world, you will go to Haihan.”

The emperor heard what he said, but he didn’t want to be even more furious. The emperor of his dignified country was turned into the mud by this group of bull noses.

National Teachers–not to mention, these little Taoists also have no respect for him. People of the Profound Clan, as expected, anyone who has a little ability is a wolf’s ambition.

The emperor stretched out his hand and was about to give an order for Zhu Yang to be taken down.

But suddenly he realized that he couldn’t speak, he looked at the people below in disbelief, these guys dare to–

However, before he looked at his eyes, he motioned to the guards around him, and saw the guards withdraw their swords in their sheaths, looking solemn as if nothing had happened.

The emperor was anxious in his heart, but he could not see that his own eyes also changed from anger to dullness, and finally fell into a daze.

He glanced at the crowd below again, and suddenly felt a sense of depression, so he waved his hand: “Go down!”

This inexplicable meeting started so hastily and ended in a hurry, leaving the celestial masters somewhat helpless.

But the high-ranking ones see clearly what’s going on.

The eyes that looked at Zhu Yang became more and more jealous. Can this junior easily manipulate people’s hearts?

Of course it couldn’t be so easy. The Adam’s ability that Zhu Yang had acquired was an incomplete version.

It’s okay to manipulate a few ordinary people within a certain range, but there are so many masters here, especially the Ouchi guards.

Don’t underestimate these people. Although they are not strictly cultivators, because the threats faced by the emperors of this world are not limited to human beings, they are very strong regardless of force and spirit.

To put it more bluntly, these Ouchi guards are not inferior to the talented celestial masters in combat strength alone.

It’s just that there is a specialization in the art industry, not to mention the large number of opponents, and the cooperation is perfect, and ordinary monsters immediately beheaded.

Naturally these people are not so easy to control, but the emperor is just an ordinary person addicted to drinking, and the difficulty of controlling him is not an order of magnitude.

She manipulated the emperor’s meaning and erased the disputes just now, leaving only a boring sense of disinterest, and then used far more than everyone’s illusion to let the guards see that the emperor ordered not to be held accountable.

These guards thought that the emperor was afraid of the national teacher or taking care of the overall situation. No one would ask after such embarrassment, which only annoyed the emperor.

But then again, Zhu Yang has nothing to worry about even when it is revealed.

She didn’t stay here for a long time, and again, in this form, she felt that Li Xuan’s dream of a civil servant was a bit difficult.

Back to the assessment hall, the time just passed an hour.

The people in the National Teacher’s Mansion seemed to be totally unaware that they were summoned by the emperor, so they didn’t mention it.

The leading Taoist priest also announced the second exam questions on his own–

Please rain!

Also, the national teacher is not only responsible for the safety of the emperor, but of course also has to help the country’s luck, so that the country’s weather will be smooth, and the prosperity of the country will be created.

In the past few decades, wherever there has been a drought, the national teacher has used the law to ask for rain.

This thing sounds like a modern thing, although it is a mysterious and unreliable thing, it is really not a matter of looking at your face under this background.

Even if the former national teacher has a good face, he can’t be lucky, he has never overturned a car for decades, right?

She has checked that the number and scale of droughts in this country in recent years are indeed negligible.

As well as floods, locust plagues, and plagues, they are all controlled by the people of the Profound Clan headed by the national teacher. In short, there have been no people living in a hurry for many years.

Of course, the national division’s ambition to vacate the emperor’s wolf is true, but the other party’s contribution cannot be denied.

The way of praying for rain here is similar to that of the liar that Zhu Yang has seen. It is also bathing in incense, setting up an incense table, and praying for the heavens sincerely.

But the difference is that the tossing of these great dancers here is really useful.

It’s just that when it rains and how long it’s raining, it’s not that easy to control.

Zhu Yang pondered to stay away. It should be that the stronger the cultivation base, the stronger the spiritual power. People praying for the sky is not for a show, but for a certain sense of communication.

Fairies take the essence of the sun and the moon to cultivate, and the cultivators are the same. After all, their ability systems are different.

Although their players can impersonate, but this time there is a difference.

The tasks given by the people in the National Teacher’s Office were also tricky. The sixteen candidates actually divided sixteen different directions and scopes, allowing everyone to choose freely.

The fastest water energy asks for rain is considered to pass, this time only the top ten people are taken.

Zhu Yang glanced at the sign representing the position and scope inserted on it, and without hesitation took down the piece representing the palace.

Everyone was in an uproar. Although this piece was the smallest, it was also the most difficult to operate.

With all eyes in full view, under the eyelids, there will be no difference in all assessments, and the control of time and scope will only be more stringent.

They were still thinking about how to avoid this, but they didn’t expect this junior to mind.

She should really beg Yu and Zhu Yao, relying on decisiveness and brute force?

But since she chose the hardest bone to chew, other people are naturally happy to weed out such a strong competitor.

Each selected their own location, and wrote the rain time and range behind the token.

The closer to the data written by yourself, the higher the evaluation.

Brother Li frowned when he watched Zhu Yang choose the token, but he didn’t say anything. In his opinion, Zhu Yang was sifted down at this level, and it might not be a good thing.

After getting the brand, everyone didn’t just roll up their sleeves and do it.

Everyone finds the direction of their choice, makes some calculations, and asks for rain to pay attention to the right time and place to get twice the result with half the effort.

After all, they are not immortals who call the wind and rain. Although their cultivators can communicate naturally, what they can do is just take advantage of the situation. There are no dragon kings who call rain out of thin air.

After the calculation, everyone had a score for the place they chose, so they wrote down the time and handed it in.

Then the people of the National Teacher’s Office will let everyone cast spells in turn according to time.

When the tokens were all recovered, the people from the National Teacher’s Office couldn’t help but look at Zhu Yang strangely, and then at the tokens.

Only then did I confirm that I was right, and he said loudly: “First, Xiaoyaomen Zhuyang, the scope of praying for rain, the palace, the forecast time, after a half-pillar incense.”

It is not that the people present did not force themselves to make a little more extreme judgment in order to compete for the top position in the ranking.

But I have never seen it so big!

The people here, including the Taoist priests of the National Teacher’s Mansion, would never understand the Tao.

At this moment, the weather over the capital is cloudless, and there is no sign of rain. If you want to rain with magic methods, you have to see if the weather gives you conditions.

To put it bluntly, the rain does not fall out of thin air. It is a natural cyclic process. Even if a Taoist person is capable of being motivated by humans, it cannot be a matter of a while.

For a while, the hall began to whisper, but since Zhu Yang’s big words have been released, according to the rules, after Banzhuxiang can’t see the rain, then she is no longer qualified.

She followed the people from the National Teacher’s Office to the Altar for Praying for Rain, standing in the center of the magnificent open-air building, and was surrounded by people from the profound gates.

After contacting what he was going to do now, Zhu Yang thought of a sentence–

Thank you all gods, the sky is rolling! ! !

Others didn’t know what she thought, but they threw her out of focus and tenderness.

Zhu Yang shook, no longer being poor with himself, a ring appeared out of thin air in his hand.

This ring was so big that it was filled with sea water by Zhu Yang at the deep sea prison.

It was originally intended to be used in conjunction with one’s own mermaid form, but due to occasional issues, this form has not been greatly utilized.

Land combat is more convenient for other abilities, and occasionally a large amount of water is used with the ice-sealing ability.

However, it can be recycled when used up, and there is not much waste.

Zhu Yang had a ring in his hand, and the ring suddenly soared into the sky, reaching a height of kilometers away.

In fact, it is okay to collect materials from the ground, but she is ashamed that she has only been in the capital for two or three days, and she has been busy with things, and she doesn’t know where the moat is.

Other types of moisture are of course possible, but the efficiency may not be so high.

Beyond the high altitude, at a distance that the naked eye could not clearly see, all the sea water gushed out of the ring and was evenly spread over the palace by Zhu Yang.

Just this is not a precise operation. At the beginning, the control range of the poisonous man’s thought power was several kilometers, and Zhu Yang would only be even higher.

After the sea water was evenly distributed like pancakes, Zhu Yang raised his finger and swiped down——

It’s not too early or too late, the co-author walked out of the lobby to now just half of the incense time has passed.

The big raindrops hit the ground, the sky is still cloudless, and the sun is at the top, even if it is solar rain, there is no such way.

Everyone was a little confused, and for a while, they didn’t know what this guy counted.

They are not blind, they naturally know that Zhu Yang’s so-called “rain” is completely different from the traditional general concept.

But can you say that she can’t do it? If she really has such a great ability to use the water here and there to reach a certain intensity range, that is the perfect control of the weather.

After all, water is rain in one place, and it may be a beast in another.

“Bah! Why is it so salty?” Someone was caught off guard, was hit by the rain, licked his tongue, and found that the taste was also salty.

There was no rain in Zhu Yang’s circle. Compared with the crowds, she was the same as she always did, luxurious and decent.

But this matter is not over yet, the rain is falling, and seafood actually falls.

Someone was smashed by the octopus, lobster, and the like that fell from the sky, and the people in the palace rushed out to pick it up. After a while, each palace gate picked up a lot.

After the rain was over, Zhu Yang slowly put away the fan, and asked the humanity of the National Teacher’s Office: “Am I passing it like this?”

The people in the National Teacher’s Office were a little confused when they were asked. They recovered and quickly compared with the data on the token: “The points are not bad.”

“If the people behind can’t be more precise than you, then you will pass the level.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “When is the last scene set?”

“Three days later!”

The standard rainfall time on the token is different, but as an assessment, it must not be too long. Is it natural rainfall or who can you ask for it? So this time limit is very close.

But there are so many people left, everyone hasn’t started casting spells, but the ceremony is estimated to have to toss for a long time.

Zhu Yang was too lazy to wait, and said: “I will come back in three days.”

There was no reason to ask candidates to watch the progress of other candidates, so the people from the National Teacher’s Office nodded and agreed to leave.

Senior Brother Li is not ranked high here, and although Zhu Yang is active every day in Beijing, according to reports from his subordinates, they cannot be traced at night.

So she may not be able to meet here until three days after she left.

Regarding Master’s explanation and Zhu Yang’s remarks, Brother Li understood that there must be some issues he didn’t know about, so he wanted to talk to Zhu Yang.

However, he had a heavy responsibility and couldn’t walk away, so he could only let Junior Sister Yun follow.

Sister Yun is also quite curious about Zhu Yang now, and the current Sister Zhu is not at all like the person in Xiaoyaomen.

It’s not a question of personality, but the ability of this person, where is there any kind of practice or something.

What has she experienced in the past two months can be such a transformation? Or is there any tacit understanding between her and Master?

Everything made her curious.

Then the result was of course gratifying. After the three guys who picked up the door, Junior Sister Yun who came back was naturally arrested.

Junior sister Yun was still a little confused when she was pushed into the small black room, and then she saw three guys who had been missing for two days.

“Senior Sister Yun!” The three were like left-behind children meeting their mother.

Junior Sister Yun was relieved to see that the three of them were still alive, but the two juniors were okay, Junior Sister Xiao was miserable, and one arm was broken.

If it weren’t for the two younger brothers to take turns using spiritual energy to warm her up and not let her arm die, the whole hand would have to be scrapped.

“What’s going on?” Junior Sister Yun asked.

When Junior Sister Xiao thought about her arms, she was full of resentment, but at the same time she was deeply afraid of Zhu Yang’s strength.

But it’s useless for her to reverse black and white here. After all, the four are all prisoners. Can someone make the decision for you?

The two men repaired and told Senior Sister Yun about the matter.

Junior Sister Yun took out her sewing kit. She was quite talented in the sect. Not only was she a strong cultivation base, she was also good at medical and culinary skills, and she was fascinated with stitching.

He is kind to juniors and younger sisters, which is much better than Zhu Yang’s popularity.

Seeing that she listened to the statements of the two junior sisters, while stitching back Junior sister Xiao’s arm.

Knowing that these three guys were greedy for merit and rushed over, and if they were offended, Senior Sister Zhu also suffered a big loss, and naturally would not be treated well. To be honest, seeing them alive is already very pleasant.

It’s just that I wish Senior Sister’s evil ways more than she thought. If this inevitably made her contact before, could it be that the respected Master really has some handle in Senior Sister Zhu’s hands?

The medicine was given to Junior Sister Xiao, and it was pitiful to see that the three of them hadn’t eaten for nearly three days.

He knocked on the door of the room and heard a passing fairy asking: “What’s the matter?”

Sister Yun said: “My three junior brothers and sisters haven’t dripped water for three days, can you tell Sister Zhu for me, can you give me some water and food.”

“Yo! I shouted at the door to kill, so I am embarrassed to eat it?” A vixen outside said with an enchanting tone: “I don’t want to look at the three things, I dare to win without taking a broken brand. Come to our boss.”

“That’s how you don’t treat your disciples as human beings in the Xiaoyao Sect? It’s like an evil spirit. It’s not bad if you didn’t kill you. Why? What if you are full?”

“Just a little fairy–” Junior Sister Xiao said sharply, and she was stopped by Junior Sister Yun.

Junior sister Xiao has always been higher than the sky. It is true that this kind of Taoist fairy, with her cultivation base, kills ten people in a row without getting tired.

But now they are controlled by others, and they have to look at their masters when beating a dog. Since these little fairies can be blessed by Senior Sister, they are naturally extraordinary.

The vixen naturally knows that these cultivators can’t see their low morality, but so what?

Their cultivation base is much stronger than before. As long as they have the resources provided by the boss in their hands, they will slap them in the morning and evening.

He didn’t get angry after hearing what the female nun said, and said with disdain: “I’ll drink in there, don’t disturb us singing and practicing martial arts, we have to show it to the boss at night.”

Four people: “…”

I wish Sister Sister, it’s really nourishing to have a beautiful woman in the days of defecting.

Because they offended the Four Fairies, when the dinner was in the evening, everyone went through the confinement room while serving food, and deliberately fanned the aroma inside.

Junior sister Yun is okay, and the other three hooked are dying.

The warm light leaking from the crack of the door, I don’t know how Sister Zhu did it. The lights are bright at night, but the light is so bright and stable. Not to mention that they light candles and kerosene, even the Ye Mingzhu in the master’s room. bright.

They were arrested as soon as they came in, but in fact it did not prevent them from seeing some weird things.

In fact, this house itself is very weird. How did Sister Zhu manage it overnight?

Only by thinking like this can I divert my desire and attention for food, but after three days of not eating, all three of them are a little dehydrated and look so pitiful.

Junior Sister Yun sighed, and took out something from her bag—

“Fortunately, I just found it strange, I picked up a few and hid them.”

When the three of them saw what she was holding, their eyes lit up, and Senior Sister Yun took out two large lobsters, a fish, and a few large shells from her bag.

Her bag looks light, but it can be loaded. It was specially refined for her by the master. Although it is not as good as the Sumeru mustard seeds used by the fairy in the legend, but this small bag, the things that can be loaded are about a few. It’s a basket.

I wish Sister Sister I don’t have this thing. Sister Geinyun is a good doctor and can stay with medicinal utensils at any time, and it is also convenient to store precious medicines.

The shells are opened and used as a small pot, the people here don’t have the concept of raw seafood, and they have to cook it.

Having dangled so many things before, Junior Sister Yun was also a novelty for a while, after all, she hadn’t seen these seafood for so many years after she had been absent from the world, let alone being so big.

She loves to cook good food, so she can’t resist fresh and rare ingredients, so she picked up a few, but she didn’t expect to relieve her urgent need at this moment.

Let the two juniors put their palms on the fire under the shells. Although these seafoods look different, but they still have similarities with the fresh seafood, Junior Sister Yun just cooked them indiscriminately, and seasoned them with the simple seasoning they brought together. very good.

These prawns, crabs, shellfish and oysters have no fishy smell at all. They can be eaten raw, and they taste delicious once cooked.

The three of them were hungry for a long time, eating happily, and the door was opened.

Zhu Yang stood at the door holding the bowl, glanced at the posture in the room that had not been closed, and asked Junior Sister Yun, “You can cook?”

Junior Sister Xiao took her arm back and began to speak neatly: “Pretend what? Senior Sister Yun is famous for her cooking skills. Didn’t you like asking her to cook for you the most? They are all in the same family, but treat people as maids.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “It just so happens that my little brother doesn’t know enough about some dishes. I wanted to find a cook to teach him, but now I save it.”

As he said, he pulled Junior Sister Yun out, and pity the other three people. Before the bowl was hot, I learned that this was probably the last meal again, and I almost couldn’t cry.

Pheasant Essence is a little dissatisfied: “Why do you have to ask people, I will try two more times, it will always be fine.”

In fact, his cooking skills are already very good, but Zhu Yang eats too many good things, especially the game space provided, which has raised her standards terribly.

The learning of pheasant essence depends on the video, but the teaching of western food is good. If you want to go further in Chinese food, it must be sublimated.

Seafood is generally not available in the inland areas here, but Junior Sister Yun can cook it to the right temperature under crude conditions according to the appearance of the fleshy shape and taste, which is the best among them.

Seeing her heavy appetite, Junior Sister Yun was also relieved, and said: “It’s okay to teach him to cook, but Junior Sister Xiao and the others should eat every meal.”

Zhu Yang was also generous: “Okay, sit down and eat!”

In the next two days, it was true that Senior Sister Yun was fully used and detained in the kitchen every day, but she was a little surprised at the savvy pheasant.

He is a male fairy, but he is the most talented among the people here. He can learn a lot of things at one point, so don’t be too easy to teach.

After leaving the confinement room, Junior Sister Yun was even more amazed at this house, even the place where the Master lived was not so comfortable and comfortable.

Those unheard of magical instruments are actually used to serve people’s daily life, which is indecent and too convenient.

I wish Senior Sister will give them a lot of high-grade ingredients that are rich in spiritual energy every day, and even the respected master can’t eat such a good taste.

The people in the family are also from time to time, and there are many people in the family, but everyone is happy.

Where is the vigilance and embarrassment of defecting? This is clearly more chic than in the sect.

She wondered if Senior Sister Zhu had an adventure.

But no matter how you think about it, she only stayed for two days. On the third day, I wish Senior Sister to participate in the third round of selection as planned.

Junior sister Yun thought she would worry about herself after she left, and locked her up with the three junior brothers and sisters.

Unexpectedly, Senior Sister Zhu took her back to Senior Brother Li, and even threw her a small bottle, saying it was the reward for teaching cooking these days.

Junior sister Yun pulled out the cork, and a flood of spiritual power spread over her.

She is a good doctor and naturally knows this usefulness. It is simply a holy medicine for restoring. She has never seen such a strong but gentle medicine in the world. She gratefully glanced at Senior Sister Zhu and carefully put it back in her bag.

In the previous examination, she thought she was becoming more domineering, but after getting along these two days, I felt that I wish Senior Sister to get along a lot.

The more you understand her current situation, the more confused you are for her, and the more you care about what she said before.

When Senior Brother Li saw the two people coming together, the corners of his mouth twitched in speechlessness. He didn’t expect Senior Sister Zhu to deduct Junior Sister Yun directly.

At this moment, they came back again and saw the two of them now, as if Junior Sister Yun had already been with her for the exam.

His place of praying for rain was a bit far from the capital, and there was not much time left after the assessment, and he had only time to write a letter to Master.

The appearance of Junior Sister Zhu really made him mind, but at this time he was still confused.

It wasn’t until Junior Sister Yun came over and told him that although Junior Sister Xiao and the three of them were under control, they were still alive. They hadn’t eaten a lot, and had been hungry for two days. This was a complete relief.

He walked over and said to Zhu Yang awkwardly: “Thank you for letting them go.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “After all, the hostages have to be exchanged for hostages, although I don’t think those three guys have much value in the eyes of Xiaoyaozi.”

“It was okay to tie you up and change people, but I changed my mind.”

In the long run, she is unwilling to cause an unmanageable mess in one place and just run away. She feels good, but it is the innocent people here who suffer.

Really like this, sooner or later Nii Li will give back to him.

Senior Brother Li was speechless and felt that this guy was incurable, so he hummed and left.

At this time, the people from the National Teacher’s Office had already come out. Except for one or two who were really not good at it last time, most of them succeeded.

However, when we talk about screening ten people, we will naturally score a ranking.

Zhu Yang was undoubtedly the number one, although there was a sect’s suzerain behind her who asked for rain more vigorously than her, and the heavy rain continued for a day and night.

But in the end, it’s the weather, not as good as Zhu Yang to create momentum out of thin air.

The first two exam questions are rough and difficult. Although unexpected, they are still acceptable.

But when the third question came out, the people present were in an uproar.

“The national teacher has passed away, and all the demons are ready to move. Among them, the ancestor of the poison, the head of the demons, is the first.

“With him in one day, the world will not be peaceful. If you want to inherit the position of the national teacher, you must fulfill the last wish of the national teacher.”

“Kill the poisonous ancestor!”

Except for Zhu Yang who was present, I am afraid that anyone in the Profound Clan would be very familiar with the words Wandu Patriarch.

If Mr. Yundu can stop children from crying, then the ancestor of Wandu is the existence of a nine-foot brawny man who would have chills in his back.

As the name suggests, this demon is all related to toxicity, and his poison, no matter how superficial, is no medicine.

The corpse poison of Yundu mother is so overbearing, compared to the pediatrics of Wandu ancestor.

Because of his domineering behavior, it wasn’t that there were no sects united to attempt to kill, but the dim battle almost caused the entire profound sect to be broken.

For a long period of time, the major sects did not pick up, but the late old national teacher stood up and fought against the ancestor of Wandu for three days and three nights. .

The old poison had just been forced to not dare to come out easily, but the national teacher also fell the root of the disease. Originally, based on his cultivation base, he would live for more than 50 years.

Over the past few decades, the ancestor of Wandu has cultivated health and nourishment, and it can be seen that even if the strength is not restored, it will not be separated.

If the only national teacher he feared died, if there were no people who could contain him, then the whole world would become a paradise of monsters, and the people would have no life.

Everyone knows the truth, but–

“Kill the poisonous ancestor?” someone screamed directly.

“Do you know what you’re talking about? The old ancestor of poison is a monster that the old national teacher failed to capture.”

“This request is simply that I don’t want to be given the position of national teacher, so if you say it earlier, it will save me from waiting for my age and being tricked around.”

The people from the National Teacher’s Office bowed solemnly to everyone, and said, “It’s me who deliberately made things difficult.”

“It’s not that you ignore the lives of the celestial masters. You can withdraw if you are unsure, but this is the last wish of the old national teacher. Only those who kill the ancestors can inherit the status of the national teacher.”

“In the first two assessments, one is to confirm whether there is enough powerlessness, but the rain environment can restrain the poisonous ancestor one or two.”

“In the final analysis, everything before this is for this purpose. If the world is in chaos and the country will not be the country, then the position of the national teacher will be meaningless. I hope you can understand.”

Everyone pretends to be upright, and the other party holds the banner of righteousness high, so naturally everyone can’t refute it.

And at this point, it is inevitable that people will ridicule if you want to withdraw, but if you don’t withdraw, you will probably have no return.

Everyone was in a dilemma and saw Zhu Yang Le Diandian running forward——

“I’ll go, I’ll go! I’m thinking about what happened here and I will meet the ancestors of the poison. I didn’t expect the two things to be done together. You really know how to do things, when will you leave?”

Everyone: “…”

The old foxes at the scene really wanted to kill the baby girl at this moment, and they were going to go, and they didn’t agree so happily.

Risks have to be considered inside, even if you sacrifice your life, you have to fight for some benefits for the sect before then.

This fool–

As if sensing the eyes of these people, Zhu Yang suddenly turned his head and smiled brilliantly at them——

“As the head of the Ten Thousand Demons, the treasures in the cave must be innumerable, right? Before we go, do we have to draw up a charter to divide it up? It saves the time when the irritated red and white face is unsightly. Everyone Embarrassing, right?”

Co-authored with you as a human being, is the ancestor of the poisonous bandit waiting for you to fight? Whether you can come back alive or not is a two-pointer, and this is the idea of ​​other people’s property?

The people in the National Teacher’s Office also nodded and said: “Naturally, after the ancestors of all poisons are killed, the seized things will naturally be freely distributed by the heroes. In addition, the old teachers also left a magic weapon to help everyone.”

Everything else is imaginary, and the last sentence made everyone’s eyes shine–

The Taoist priest clapped his hands, and a line of men carrying the brocade box entered.

A total of ten brocade boxes, just the number of people left.

The attendants opened the brocade box, and suddenly there was a gasp in the room.

“It’s the anti-drug bead, the anti-drug bead made by the old master.” Someone who knows a little about the origin has already guessed what it is.

Although the old master has a high level of cultivation, it is a mortal fetus after all. Although the body can block most of the toxins by covering the whole body with solid spiritual power, the ancestors of Ten Thousand Poisons have a kind of poison, which is even eroded by spiritual power.

This anti-drug pearl is the result of the old master’s painstaking research and refinement. It is not worth mentioning the effectiveness, just looking at the materials.

For nothing else, the main ingredient in it is Lingyun Crystal, which can purify everything, purify spiritual power, and filter dirt.

The old national teacher added a lot of precious materials, painstakingly refined, and this was able to fight the opponent in the poisonous realm of the ancestor of the poison.

Everyone took the box and sighed: “The old master really has a heart for the world, and his body is like that. He still worked hard to refine so many poison avoidance beads.”

At this time everyone’s attitude has loosened a lot. After all, with this thing, the most troublesome toxin of the ancestor of Wan Po is no longer a problem.

In addition to his many people, the old poison was badly injured by the national teacher at the beginning, and the realm may not be the same now.

As Zhu Yang said, the position of the national teacher is attractive, but the wealth in the hands of the ancestor of Wandu is also touching.

Even if you only get one tenth, you can live up to the first rank of the sect. This is the accumulation of the head of ten thousand monsters.

The Taoist priest of the National Teacher’s Office said: “If you agree to go and kill the poisonous ancestors, then please swallow the poison avoidance beads, refine them within today, explain to the sects, and choose suitable personnel, we will tomorrow morning lets go.”

Everyone became more active when they heard that they could also lead people. Not only the helpers of the sect, the celestial masters who were eliminated before, and some unknown masters, it is not impossible to ask for help.

As long as they can afford relative rewards, these inputs are nothing compared to what they get.

Of course, if they don’t have the Poison Avoidance Pearl, their help is limited, but if they directly face the task of Ten Thousand Poison Patriarch entrusted to them, things will be easy to tell.

Pull enough people to share the pressure, and their chances of winning are naturally higher.

Thinking of this, everyone happily swallowed the anti-poison beads into their abdomen, wrapped them with spiritual power, and really felt a pure force wandering through the body.

It’s not that no one of these people has used Lingyun Jing to purify spiritual power, but it didn’t take long for a layer of black dirt to appear on the skin, which shows the overbearing effect of this detoxification effect.

On the contrary, Zhu Yang, who was the most ferocious at first, did not swallow Lingyunjing.

The Taoist priest of the National Teacher’s Office flashed his eyes and asked Zhu Yang, “I wish you fellow Daoist–Is it a change of mind?”

At this time, people sneered again: “Sure enough, it’s a child’s disposition, impulsive in doing things, and I realized that it was not something I could handle after I recovered.”

“Never mind! Go back if you are afraid, young people have the opportunity to experience.”

Zhu Yang looked up and looked at the talking fat man with a smile: “Half-legged into the coffin and standing in the same position as the young man, and still preaching, you are not afraid that the young man runs too fast, and you become a little brother.”

“You–” The face was blue and red, and the old man around him didn’t look good.

Now there are only two young people left behind, Xiaoyaomen, it should be said that they are the Xiaoyaomen.

Zhu Yang said to the humanity of the National Teacher’s Palace: “I still have to go, but I will go back and refine it by myself.”

Speaking of disgust, he glanced at the surrounding monks, opened the bone fan, and slapped the tip of his nose——

“The public image is so unbearable, I can’t do it.”

Also, this guy came enchanting and enchanting. From the beginning to now, no corners of his clothes have been soiled, both hypocritical and artificial.

There are such beautiful female cultivators as well, and they are unwilling to show up in the public.

The Taoist priest of the National Teacher’s Office nodded, “I wish you friends, please feel free.”

Then some people brought in a lot of good things, such as the old master’s talisman paper and magic tools. Of course, everyone who cultivated in this way had their own idioms.

Other things are good, and they are not necessarily easy to use, but these are all refined and selected by the old national teacher based on the characteristics of the ancestors of the poison, and it is useful to bring how many.

Another plan and regulations were drawn up, and it was not until noon that everyone left the palace.

Before Zhu Yang left, he was stopped by Senior Brother Li: “Junior Sister, since we want to kill the demon together, it is better for us to walk together now.”

Zhu Yang looked back, glanced at him and Junior Sister Yun, and asked, “Where are the other three people?”

“The three guys don’t know much, but you, as higher-level disciples, don’t seem to know at all.”

Senior Brother Li was taken aback: “Sister Yun and Junior Brother Fu and I left separately, and we arrived in the capital one after another.”

“Although the three were arrested by them, they have already been handed over to the law enforcers of the Zongmen. They may know a little movement, but we have been preparing for the selection of the national division and we have not paid attention to this.”

Zhu Yang from the palace has also released cockroaches for detection, and feedback from the mice has not progressed in the past few days.

The three guys knew that the three players were locked in the capital, but they didn’t know where they were.

With such three great living beings, Zhu Yang couldn’t believe that they could disappear out of thin air.

Seeing that Senior Brother Li and Senior Sister Yun intended to ease the relationship, Zhu Yang also understood that it is estimated that the softening of these two days gave them a glimmer of unrealistic hope for betraying the master.

Thinking that she had other difficulties here, or had an unknown agreement with Xiaoyaozi, of course, this also depends on Xiaoyaozi’s attitude, which would be misled.

But after all, these two are much deeper than those three guys and “Zhu Yang”.

Even if Junior Sister Yun and “Zhu Yang” are in a competitive relationship, it is a relatively positive direct relationship.

Zhu Yang thought of the transcendent status of their master in his own eyes, and his impression of deification might be broken by himself in one fell swoop, and he felt a little bit sorry.

But she still didn’t delay her doing business–

“I ask you, where did you live when you entered the capital?”

The two looked at each other, as if hesitated, but thought that she had deducted Junior Sister Yun and hadn’t done anything for a few days, and the thunder was also a little bit lighter for those three guys.

After thinking about it, he still said, “Live in the National Teacher’s House.”

“Huh?” Rao Shi Zhu Yang was also caught off guard by this big Lala’s answer.

Then she punched Senior Brother Li in the stomach, making him spit out sour water.

Junior sister Yun was anxious and was about to speak, so she listened to Zhu Yang and said solemnly: “Spit out the thing that you just ate.”

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