Scream Queen Chapter 156

This punch was caught off guard, but there was no one nearby at the moment, or Brother Li was embarrassed.

The handsome immortal teacher is not guaranteed.

Zhu Yang’s move was not light, and he immediately vomited. This scene is not good.

But before it was over, Zhu Yang glanced at the bitter water on the ground, and when he couldn’t find anything, he dragged Brother Li’s collar and hit his knees against his abdomen.

On the side, Junior Sister Yun’s shoulders trembled. Fortunately, after listening to her, Senior Brother Li also understood what she meant.

When Zhu Yang was about to rush him with an elbow, he hurriedly stopped: “I will come by myself!”

Speaking of Yun Gong, he was about to force the poison bead out of his body, so I thought it would be a catch.

The cultivator’s control of his body is not a joke, but it was only after such a luck that he was surprised to find out–


That Lingyun crystal is not something that is easy to refining. Even if the anti-poison beads that use it as the main raw material have been swallowed for an hour, they still have to stay in the body without refining. .

The thing was still there, but as soon as he worked, the thing went crazy. Judging from the appearance characteristics, it was a good thing, and it immediately made people feel refreshed.

Can’t be manipulated by his own consciousness, which is weird.

It is not surprising that Zhu Yang saw him like this and expected it to be like this.

When Senior Brother Li was trying to force it out, he waved his hand: “Forget it, this bead is very important to others, but you guys–”

“It doesn’t interfere with it or not, the result is the same anyway.”

If the old teacher really had a close relationship with Xiaoyaomen, even Xiaoyaozi himself, then the lives of these apprentices were under his control.

The effect of the anti-poison beads should be true, no matter if someone has locked the door of life, what is the difference between one and two

Her words were choppy, but it was unreasonable and disturbing when she heard them.

Zhu Yang raised his chin: “Let’s go, go to my place.”

Brother Li was obviously happy when he heard this, and the three of them went straight back to the ghost house that was famous far and near.

Senior Brother Li looked at the tattered look outside, and then at Zhu Yang’s Chinese dress, his nose a little sore.

The expression in her eyes was full of meaning, “You have worked so hard, and you have to swell your face to fill up the fat, you really suffer.”

Who is Miss Zhu? That is to enjoy first-class in everything in the sect, because the entry is early, the master favors, and the cultivation base is high, all the treatments in the entire sect are only a bit worse than the master.

Although Xiaoyaomen escapes from the world, it is a wealthy and large sect. These entry-level disciples are only arduous in their cultivation, but in terms of daily life, they are no worse than rich daughters and young masters.

And I wish the sister-in-law to be extravagant, there is a bit different in the whole Xiaoyaomen, but the master spoils her, so her life is not worse than the mundane emperor and grandson.

Although the reunion this time, the junior sister showed strong performance and her skill has increased, but where is the progress without suffering?

She was strong and prestigious outside, but she didn’t expect to stay where she was–

Brother Li sighed: “Sister, I’m wronged you.”

Junior sister Yun glanced at Senior Brother Li, her eyes a little vicissitudes of life.

Ok! Three days ago, she followed Sister Zhu to here, and she was also emotional. The result was a slap in the face.

Thinking that she couldn’t let her swell all by herself, so she closed her mouth and said nothing.

Sure enough, as soon as he entered the door, he found that there were things in the whole ghost house, and the internal environment was far more luxurious and comfortable than he thought. Senior Brother Li couldn’t wait to swallow what he had just said.

After watching it around, I had to change the subject in a slanderous way: “Where are Brother Fu and the others? Let me see them?”

Zhu Yang raised his hand and gestured to be free, and Junior Sister Yun took Senior Brother Li and opened the confinement room.

Junior sister Yun was also so worried about these three guys. When she left in the morning, she was afraid she would not know when to come back. In case the three guys go hungry after a long time, besides making breakfast for them, she also did a lot of patience. Put the snacks for them in the store.

I was afraid that if Zhu Yang went out for ten and a half months, these guys would starve to death.

The three guys originally saw Senior Sister Yun like this in the morning, but they really wouldn’t be back for a while, but they didn’t expect it to be their second meal.

Not only did Senior Sister Yun come back, but also Senior Brother also brought it.

Seeing Senior Brother Li, the three of them rushed over, grabbing his legs and crying: “Brother, you are here, are you here to save us?”

They have really seen Zhu Yang’s greatness. Although Senior Sister Yun is good, she can only fight for them to the maximum extent.

For this, she has to cook for Zhu Yang every day, just do it. Zhu Yang used to be a master sister anyway, so it is not ashamed to say it.

But what are those little fairies? Just because they deserve to enjoy Sister Yun’s craftsmanship?

They felt that Zhu Yang was tossing all of them. Now that the big brother is here, does it represent——

Obviously, he was thinking too much, his eyes were full of hope, and he saw Zhu Yang passing by the door.

As he walked, he said to Senior Sister Yun: “It’s time to cook lunch, I want to eat squirrel fish today.”

Sister Yun rolled up her sleeves and rushed to the kitchen when she heard this, and said to Zhu Yang: “Let the pheasant help me.”

Then I saw those little fairies appearing enchantingly next to Zhu Yang.

This is the first time Senior Brother Li has seen these fairies. Although they are humble, but seeing them in the company of Senior Sister Zhu, he was surprised.

However, he was shocked enough from the beginning, not to mention anything else, but as soon as Junior Sister Zhu came in, she opened a flat black box, and there was a villain inside.

Isn’t this guy arresting people or demon keeping him in there for fun? Don’t say, this kind of thing I wish Junior Sister can really do it.

But that was something the evil demon could do, because she was afraid that she would make a detour, and the existence of a few little demon was not so important.

I didn’t even care about the crying of the three younger brothers and sisters, so they hurriedly followed, only to see that all the way, the more people suddenly appeared next to them.

There are fairies, people, ghosts, and even animals.

When Xiao Ji was released, he twisted his fat buttocks and kicked Senior Brother Li. Senior Brother Li originally thought that this guy was some kind of fairy-like body.

But I used spiritual power to condense around my eyes and carefully distinguished it. It turned out to be an animal. Although the body has spiritual power flowing, it can be seen that the roots and feet are extraordinary, but there is no trace of demon.

The shaggy body just rubbed into the arms of Junior Sister Zhu to act like a baby.

The other ghost is the same. Although it is a ghost, it is not hostile or resentful, and its aura is cleaner than a human, just like a newborn baby. The soul is a blank piece of paper.

However, this ghost’s appearance was somewhat similar to that of Junior Sister Zhu, and she was also called to be her sister. Seeing Junior Sister Zhu’s appearance, the eyes of the big fat chicken and ghost were much more tender than seeing Junior Sisters and Junior Sisters.

Then came out a human teenager, only a teenager.

This made Senior Brother Li wary: “Master, Junior Sister, what’s the matter with this kid?”

Li Xuan was not happy when he heard the words: “Whose child?”

Looking at the clothes that Senior Brother Li was wearing, he knew exactly what the three guys were. After all, Zhu Yang told him about the palace in detail when he came back.

Li Xuan feels that this Xiaoyaomen sensory is as bad as Zhu Yang, and feels that it is a cult in skin, so when looking at the Xiaoyaomen disciples, there is a kind of pity for the occupied MLM/Seller.

When Brother Li saw the child looking at him, he suddenly felt like seeing a second fool, and suddenly wanted to hit someone.

But at this time, he was already on the second floor living room. Zhu Yang was sitting on the sofa. Xiao Ji and Zhu Qianyi occupied the place next to her.

Brother Li had to sit down with Li Xuan. The chair was as soft as a cloud, making it almost sinking.

It really deserves to be Miss Zhu who re-enjoys.

But she saw that she took out the anti-drug bead she got from the National Teacher’s Mansion and put it on the table.

A metal pliers similar to a walnut appeared out of thin air in his hand. Putting the priceless anti-poison beads on it would crush it.

Senior Brother Li was about to remind her that Lingyunjing is a rare hard thing in the world, it can only be refined, and few can be directly destroyed.

But without saying anything, he heard a crisp sound, and the Lingyunjing organization was crushed like glass beads.

Zhu Yang also squeezed the pliers in his hand for a while: “It’s worthy of Edman Alloy.”

Li Xuan heard that his hair was exploding straight, and his body was full of spirits, his figure deformed high and said: “This thing is Edman alloy? Wolverine?”

He grabbed the pliers and glared at Zhu Yang: “You are not allowed to insult it like this!”

Then he touched the pliers obsessively: “Ah, this line, this texture, only color, this hardness, this shape—”

He was silent when talking about styling, then gritted his teeth and said: “Which wicked guy made this thing into pliers? It’s an insult to a man’s romance.”

“It would be handsome if it were made into a short knife and sharp claws.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Yes!”

As he said, he threw a pair of sharp claws in front of him, and he can cos Wolverine by wearing it.

Li Xuan almost picked it up with trembling hands, holding it in his arms like a girl who had saved ten months of money and bought her favorite bag.

Senior Brother Li looked at this silly boy, and for a while did not know if Senior Sister Zhu sympathized with him and took him in.

But inexplicably, there is a feeling of being unable to intervene, and others will not take him to play.

Dismissed Li Xuan with the so-called ‘man’s romance’, and Zhu Yang beckoned to Senior Brother Li: “Come and take a look.”

She carefully stripped away the poison avoidance beads, the crystals composed of Lingyun Jing and several precious materials, even if they were crushed, they exuded the brilliance of diamonds.

It looked like it was the most refined and pure spiritual treasure, but when the innermost layer was twisted open, Brother Li discovered that there was something the size of a grain of rice in the core.

Because the color and texture are too similar to the anti-poison bead itself, and even the breath is exactly the same, if a complete bead is held in his hand, even those with advanced cultivation levels will not be able to find out what is abnormal.

Otherwise, the old treacherous old foxes at the scene are not fools. How could they eat what others give, must have been determined by their own secret method.

Senior Brother Li picked up the thing and was about to take a closer look, but found that it suddenly moved.

It turned out to be a living thing!

“Gu!” His expression suddenly changed, and his face suddenly became ugly when he thought that he had swallowed one.

I thought of the reaction of Junior Sister Zhu when she heard about their move to the National Teacher’s Mansion, and immediately said: “Sister, what is the matter between you and Master?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Then I ask you, when you came to the capital and learned that you were living in the National Teacher’s Palace, and that the sect was operating such a powerful force in the secular world, especially the political center, how did Xiaoyaozi tell you?”

“Master said–” Brother Li glanced at Zhu Yang.

She looked at herself calmly, without inquiring about Mi Xin’s eagerness, as if many answers just needed the last step of confirmation, but she had already expected it.

There is no shame on her face as a defected disciple, she is open and natural, and she has no respect for the master’s name.

But after realizing that many things were not as simple as he thought, the balance in Brother Li’s heart actually tilted a bit.

He paused, and still said, “Master said that he had a relationship with the old national teacher, and that his disciples lived in retreat from the world. They were innocent by nature and had no experience walking outside, so please take care of the national teacher’s house.”

“But after all, I am here to compete for the position of the national teacher. In order to avoid suspicion, this matter has not been known to anyone. Master said that the people of the national teacher’s office will also be judged fairly, and I will not be evaluated by the old national teacher. Extraordinarily loose.”

After speaking, Zhu Yang laughed: “You are indeed innocent, each of you has been raised into a dull goose.”

“Do you believe it if there are so many loopholes? You really want to avoid suspicion, where can you not live? You are always true if you have no experience in Jianghu? You are one of the top ten celestial masters in the world, and Junior Sister Yun and those three guys are far better The elders of ordinary sects are still powerful, worried that you will be bullied by the little thief?”

“Since it’s really beautiful, you just live, and avoid suspicion hahahaha! Avoiding suspicion is to teach you to sneak in on your whereabouts?”

Brother Li listened to her harshly, and he didn’t hesitate to speculate on Master’s intentions with the greatest maliciousness, and opened his mouth.

But Zhu Yang waved his hand, saying that he did not want to argue about this matter. Just tut: “But so is.”

“A group of A5 wagyu cows carefully raised under my nose have not been slaughtered yet. Although they have to be released because of necessity, I would worry about losing the most important one.”

“Anyway, a group of idiots are obedient and blindly trusting. As long as they don’t have more contact with others, things are still pretty stable.”

Senior Brother Li couldn’t understand a little bit, but he also understood a little after considering her context.

He wanted to deny, after all, twenty years of nurturing grace, but looking at the worms that squirmed in his hands from time to time, he couldn’t say anything in rebuttal.

“Okay! It’s useless to say it now. It’s just a vaccination first. Let’s talk about it when you see the real chapter.”

After speaking, he took the Gu in Senior Brother Li’s hand, and a test tube-shaped biochemical dish appeared in his hand, and put the Gu worm in it.

Brother Li was silent at this moment, not knowing what he was thinking.

Zhu Yang ignored him, looking at the Gu worm inside through the petri dish, Xiao Ji and Zhu Qian’s heads also squeezed over.

“Not to mention, my previous impression of Gu was all sorts of wriggling insects, which were planted in the body, not to mention how disgusting, this thing is actually quite beautiful.”

Li Xuan has worn Edman alloy steel claws to test several steel plates, and experienced the feeling of a Wolverine.

At this moment, he heard this with a smile: “You can raise cockroaches, what are these?”

But it is true that this worm is not so much a worm as a jade spar the size of a rice grain. If you don’t consider putting it in your body, it looks pretty beautiful.

But Brother Li definitely didn’t think so.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the meal to be ready, and everyone changed the subject.

The next morning, he had to prepare and set off. Zhu Yang was not sure when he would return to the capital. Naturally, it was impossible to just leave the villa here.

So I got up early in the morning to eat breakfast, changed clothes, and then put people and houses in the spirit beast bag that should be collected, and the space that should be collected.

Because Li Xuan wanted to follow him to see him, although he couldn’t be released when he met the ancestor of Wandu, he could still be taken along the way.

Zhu Yang changed into an easy-to-action combat outfit today, which was completely different from the pretense of the previous Jin Yi Huafu.

The bun was not combed, and it was tied directly into a high ponytail, with a brave end.

Senior Brother Li and Junior Sister Yun were a little lost seeing her neat dress: “Junior Sister/Senior Sister, are you willing to wear such simple black clothes?”

In the past, she never wore the gray color in the sect.

But let’s not say that although the clothes are completely black, they are unexpectedly pretty, especially the bumpy figure and capable and vigorous aura are highlighted.

Looking strong and sexy, both of them blushed for a while.

Zhu Yang collected the good things and nodded to the two of them: “Let’s go!”

When they came to the gathering place, the others had already arrived. Perhaps they had gone back last night to thoroughly refine the poison avoidance beads, all of them refreshed and full of energy.

Not to mention the Gu worm inside, this poison-repellent bead is really a good thing.

Taking the lead from the National Teacher’s Mansion, since it is to kill the demon and is also the target of a surprise attack, it is naturally not easy to spend a lot of time on the road slowly.

They are a group of people, although they don’t say flying to the sky, they are all capable people. Under the premise of determining the position, traveling thousands of miles a day is only the basic configuration.

Cruel like Zhu Yang, he directly took out an off-road vehicle, which is the kind of off-road vehicle with a speed comparable to a skateboard in the unlimited game space.

As soon as Li Xuan saw the car, he shouted that the man’s romance was drooling at it, and he had to drive by himself. Although he was first hand-cooked, it would be quicker to find his hand after driving for a while.

Zhu Yang sat in the co-pilot, with Brother Li and Sister Yun in the back.

But fortunately, this is the world of spirits, and everything can be explained with the use of artifacts and treasures. In fact, it is not that there are no puppets without the masters of the profound school.

It seems that there was a great demon hundreds of years ago, who was able to refine humanoid puppets with strong combat power and vivid form.

So when Zhu Yang came out, although it was rare, it wouldn’t make people gaffe. Only when she was also a crafting genius.

With a high level of cultivation, strong combat effectiveness, and good at refining tools, everyone has to sigh that Xiaoyaomen are really talented.

Sitting in a car with a speed of 500+, Li Xuan moved forward at full speed. The ordinary obstacles of this car are just like playing. No matter how rugged mountain roads are, they will run over directly, without slowing down, and don’t know the principle.

What’s more powerful is that it can float directly on the water when passing some lakes and rivers-automatically switch the suspension magnetic function.

Li Xuan secretly asked Zhu Yang: “This principle is not the Green Devil skateboard?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Where do I know? I just bought it with my brain.”

Li Xuan finally couldn’t hold back: “No, I also want to participate in the game, I also want to be a player.”

Zhu Yang chuckled: “Wait until this time is over.”

She touched her chin: “But if you are a physique, if you are willing to dedicate yourself to a female ghost, it will be okay to win the level in front of you.”

Li Xuan shook and glared at her: “Am I the kind of waste who eats soft rice?”

Zhu Yang: “Well! I count you doing a few housework in the past few days and brushing a few bowls.”

Li Xuan hurriedly held her hand: “Yes, yeah, sister, I was wrong, I just pretended to be forced. I am driving a handsome car with a manly demeanor, sister, don’t spoil the beauty of this moment.

Zhu Yang smirked, too, this guy is probably the same as Zhou Yao finally touched Gundam. At that moment, the world was in my hands, and it would inevitably start to cry.

The land boundary of the ancestor of Wandu was nearly three thousand kilometers away from the capital in a straight line, but Zhu Yang and his party only took a long time to arrive.

It is estimated that the slowest people in the back will arrive at their destination three days later, and at least they will have to fix up for one day to regain their energy.

During the extra time, Zhu Yangke didn’t plan to wait for them.

She took the car, and took the black combat uniforms to Senior Brother Li Xuanli and Senior Sister Yun: “Your clothes are too eye-catching.”

Everyone saw her dressed in black, but when she was standing in the forest, the fabric would change color according to the environment, like a chameleon, indistinguishable from the naked eye, and they knew the benefits of this dress.

After putting it on, Senior Brother Li tried it, but he couldn’t cut it just with a sword, so he had to use sword energy.

Can’t help being shocked: “Junior sister, where did you get the treasure? The cloth refined from the silk can’t make such convenient clothes, right?”

Celestial silk can be protected from fire and water, but it can’t change color.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “I just bought it blindly.”

Why can you buy so many good things that are rare in the world? Everyone slandered, but it was hard to ask questions when she saw her.

Wan Po’s ancestor’s sphere of influence is more than ten times that of Yun Po’s mother?

He is located in the south, where the weather is hot, the rain is abundant, the forest is luxuriant, and the snakes, insects, rats and ants are unmatched in the north.

However, compared to Yun Du’s mother who killed chickens and retrieved eggs in her own sphere of influence, Wan Du’s ancestor obviously had much more talent for governance.

The towns and villages within his sphere of influence are considered rich, and the people need to make donations every year, but this guy understands that pigs are fattened and meat is a lot.

From this long-term perspective, compared to the buckling old mother Yun Po, he naturally saved more capital.

Zhu Yang and the others stopped when they were away from Wandu Mountain for a hundred years of skill, and they also deliberately went to the nearby towns to investigate, and the residents here were still living and working in peace and contentment.

But if you really think that the ancestor of Wandu is a good person, it would be a big mistake.

This guy also needs a lot of virgins to practice evil arts every year, and he doesn’t gather wool in one place.

Each city and village under the seat has an indicator, so that if it is spread out, the number will be less.

To be honest, compared to the premature death of this era, the people that the ancestor of Wandu wanted to break up in this way can be ignored.

Moreover, this guy is a great cult, in the name of blessing the weather, he is an old demon that everyone can punish in other places, but in his own realm, he is regarded as a **** in most places.

In ancient times, fools could do the annual sacrifice against a river, let alone a big demon?

Most people only know that by contributing a few children each year, you can get a city of peace. This business is actually very worthwhile for many people.

Zhu Yang laughed: “It’s a good manager, no matter where it is.”

When Brother Li saw her saying something inexplicable, he turned his head to look at her, but Li Xuan was thoughtful.

Speaking of Zhu Yang, he unfolded a map of this country.

She pointed to the three places above: “This is the Xiaoyao Gate, this is the Palace of the State Teacher in Beijing, and this is the Lair of Ten Thousand Poison Ancestors.”

“Do you think the location of these three places is too good?”

When Brother Li heard her, he had a bad premonition subconsciously, and he even wanted to interrupt her.

But it was too late, Zhu Yang said jokingly, but the expression on his face was determined: “These three places are connected to encompass the entire sphere of influence in the world.”

Junior sister Yun suddenly exclaimed: “Where can I say this? Xiaoyaomen has been away from the world for 30 years, how can He De be side by side with the heavenly family and the ancestor of the poisonous poison?

Zhu Yang smirked: “How old is Junior Sister Yun this year?”

Junior Sister Yun didn’t know why the topic turned to here, but she still replied, “Nineteen.”

“Nineteen years old, and now the ten remaining celestial masters don’t mention it, just say that the fifty or so selected at the beginning, in my opinion, the strength of Junior Sister Yun is considered middle and upper reaches within fifty.”

“Not to mention Junior Sister Yun, even the three people who were locked up by me may be a bit uncomfortable on their own, but together with three people, it’s okay to pull one or two of the top fifty people out of the list.”

“Not to mention Brother Li, this is Xiaoyaomen.”

“I was traveling in the mountains and water before, and I met a few Taoist priests. There are two young children who are about the same age as you. The cultivation base can’t even be compared with the three guys, but it is already rare in the entire Xuanmen. genius.”

“Have you been contracted by Xiaoyaozi as the cultivation geniuses of the whole world? A sect that is not born out of the world, picking up a genius, picking up a genius, picking up an orphan at random, training for more than ten years, and pulling out the strength of the most Elder than others.”

“Even if the Xiaoyao Sect used to have a big family business, isn’t it possible that the Sect of the family was desperately pouring resources on the talented juniors?”

“Xiaoyao Gate is so magnificent when it was built in a mine? How did you get your cultivation as a fellow? Xiaoyao didn’t allow you to contact the outside world, and you never thought about asking about other people’s cultivation resources, right?”

“When I saw Senior Brother Li saw the poison avoidance beads made by Lingyunjing, there was no discoloration on his face, and Junior Sister Yun was the same, but have you noticed other people?”

“The lord of a sect is always moved by that thing, and can even change his attitude and break into this poisonous den. Why? He is not poor yet.”

When she said something, the eyes of two people who were innocent about the world opened wide, and finally understood what the sense of violation was all along.

The feeling of the gap, although the Xiaoyaomen disciples are proud, they do have the feeling that the world’s talents are not the best in the selection.

But at that time, they found the reason for themselves that the whole sect was to avoid the world to practice, and only then did they get rid of distracting thoughts and achieved great results.

But then again, Xiaoyao’s disciples are always talented, but it is not that the world’s most beautiful people are all in their door.

When Zhu Yang pointed out, they only noticed the key point.

At this time, Li Xuan raised his hand weakly: “I had a good conversation with the three Taoist priests before, and I also asked a lot of personal questions.”

“Xuan Tianzong is considered a first-class school, right? You took that kind of pill before meditating last night. According to them, you only have one in a month, or the inner elite disciples have it.”

And they–

Especially the words of Brother Li and elite disciples like “Zhu Yang” are like jelly beans.

That’s why it has the ability to directly compete with the world’s capable people for the national teacher.

However, the inner disciples like them are probably not popular things. I don’t know how many spiritual fields there are in the entire sect. Naturally, it is impossible to understand the management of Xiaoyao Sect secretly.

Senior Brother Li and Junior Sister Yun were shaken, but Zhu Yang also stopped. These did not directly prove her conclusion.

Even if it can be proved, is the love of the Zongmen for more than ten years and the nurturing grace of Master willing to accept it?

Zhu Yang didn’t expect anything, saying that these were just laid for the subsequent mess up, and so that they would be psychologically prepared when they encounter things, and don’t blindly believe in anything.

If you can’t do this, it won’t be saved.

The four of them had already entered the jungle at this time, and ordinary people would not dare to enter these places. This was the place of the ancestor of Ten Thousand Poisons, and hunting for mortals was not allowed.

No handle is needed, and mosquito poison alone can make people come in and die one by one.

Zhu Yang sprayed Li Xuan with the insect repellent bought in the game and asked him: “Don’t you really hide in the beast bag?”

Li Xuan shook his head: “If you don’t go back, no matter what the result is, I chose it myself.”

Zhu Yang knew what he meant, even if he flinched out of fear in the end, he let it go completely without leaving any thoughts for himself.

The group of people walked through the jungle for about 20 kilometers. During this time, countless snakes and insects avoided them, but the speed was also fast. Li Xuan didn’t let them take care of him, but he could keep up. It can be seen that this kid is usually exercising. Physical fitness, not his father’s weak scholar.

Walking through the jungle here, you will find a huge lake, the color and beautiful, it is the same pink as a milkshake.

Zhu Yang immediately took out his mobile phone and asked Li Xuan to take pictures for her. Li Xuan’s mouth twitched, “You can’t help but hey! This is a poisonous lake. Back then, the poisonous ancestor and the old national teacher made a big move to pollute you. You Is this really a holy place for internet celebrities to check in?”

He said that he broke a bamboo shoot from the ground and threw it in. Sure enough, there was a corrosive reaction when it entered the lake, and instantly there was no scum left on that thing.

Zhu Yang smiled and handed the phone in front of him: “If you dare to make a beautiful shot, I will smoke you.”

What can Lee Sun do? Isn’t it succumbing to her lewdness? In the end, Junior Sister Yun also got a girl’s heart, and then she changed to Polaroids to take a few pictures of her, and they were collected like a baby.

Brother Li only felt that Zhu Yang was jumping repeatedly between keenness and unreliability, so he said helplessly: “Are you sure we really go to the meeting first? Don’t wait for others?”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “No matter how many people are behind, it’s useless, and they have big goals. With them, the wave of us coming so quickly is easy to be ignored.”

Her competition for the national teacher is the name of the picture. It is naturally unwilling to share this reputation with more than a dozen people, and she has to pick the things of the ancestor of Wandu.

Although the opponent’s strength is unknown, Zhu Yang can’t guarantee that she was hanged in the past, but she has her own means to save her life.

If you can’t beat the big deal, you will take someone to run. If you can really get a breakthrough in the middle of a terrible opponent, then it will naturally be better.

After Zhu Yang took the photo, a handful of marbles appeared in her hand, and she put these marbles into the lake——

“This is the entrance of Mandu ancestor Dongfu, but since the old national teacher and Yiyi war, this place has become a poisonous lake. Ordinary people dare not go down, and can only let him out by scolding and fighting outside.”

Of course, since the old national teacher couldn’t chew, naturally no one would dare to scold it.

Although this lake is corrosive and domineering, but it is not in the poison of the poisonous ancestor, Zhu Yang still manages to deal with it.

The cockroach babies she chooses are mutant cockroaches that have swallowed poison-skinned people, and they are generally not afraid of poison at all.

Zhu Yang controlled them to patrol underwater, and soon determined the position.

Seeing that Brother Li was curious, Zhu Yang suddenly thought of something and said to him: “Open your mouth.”

Brother Li opened his mouth subconsciously, and Zhu Yang stuffed him in with a marble.

When Senior Brother Li mumbled and swallowed the thing, he suddenly reacted, “This, what is this?”

When he asked, his voice trembled, because he had just seen this thing turn into a cockroach.

Brother Li held up hope and smiled ugly: “It’s just an ordinary black pill, right? It just looks like the cockroach just now, right?”

“It’s a cockroach!” Zhu Yang nodded.

Senior Brother Li almost fainted, and heard Zhu Yang said: “The thing should be refined in one night, and the rest of the core and the Gu worms inside will be swallowed by my babies.”

He glared at him as he said, “What are you doing? My body is very precise. What if I bite my intestines?”

Brother Li just wanted to fall to the ground and die at this moment.

But Zhu Yang’s expression on the other side was really focused, he had to sit on the side with nothing to love, his eyes blankly looking forward.

After a while, Zhu Yang said: “Alright.”

Then he punched him again, Brother Li spit out a marble, which turned into a cockroach as soon as it fell.

Brother Li hadn’t disliked it yet, the little guy jumped into the poisonous lake with disgust, cleaned himself up with strong acid toxins, and came up to Zhu Yang obediently.

The non-marbled cockroach is about the size of an egg. Zhu Yang sensed the state of the cockroach and nodded: “Yes, you can use it as the parent, and try to see if it can evolve.”

The cockroach swayed the whiskers on his head triumphantly, and then disappeared.

The operation was as fierce as a tiger, stunned several people, but given that Brother Li was so miserable, they couldn’t bear to continue this topic.

But it is indeed a good thing that Gu worms are smashed.

Zhu Yang sneered and said, “Be careful when you fight for a while, and be prepared for your soul cards to be in the hands of others.”

“How come?” Junior Sister Yun exclaimed.

Zhu Yang doesn’t dwell on this topic, but her determined expression is a bit scary: “Be prepared for it.”

Li Xuan stood up: “After exploring the entrance, how do we get into the water?”

The main reason is that she has the ability to go down, and it is not a big deal to wrap her body with spiritual power, but what is she doing?

Li Xuan thinks he still understands her hypocrisy.

Sure enough, Zhu Yang stood up: “Who said you want to go into the water? This is something you have to go to. I can’t do it. It’s more corrosive than a cesspit.”

Li Xuan immediately grabbed her handle: “Yo yo yo! Who posed wildly at the dung pit just now?”

Junior Sister Yun rubbed her arms as well: “Sister, don’t beat metaphors, right?”

Zhu Yangbai glanced at them, and suddenly a shoulder fire/arrow/cannon appeared in his hand.

Compared with the previous copy of Resident Evil, the caliber is bigger. After all, that copy is underground, and its lethality is not too high.

This one was not bought from the game space, or was raided at that base, and a single shot went over and flattened a mountain.

Li Xuan stared at the fire/arrow/cannon.

Zhu Yang said to the three: “After me.”

Speaking of the power of the mind, a large piece of lake water that came out from the entrance of the cave was directly separated, like Moses dividing the sea.

Then Zhu Yang found the guard at the entrance of the cave, and blasted there at a speed that could not cover his ears.

Suddenly the cave mountain shook, the birds and beasts fled, and the cave house of the ancestor of the poison was destroyed by Zhu Yang.

But this was not over yet, Zhu Yang quickly adjusted the artillery/bullet, and two more artillery shells passed.

It is estimated that the people in the cave are feeling the end of the world at this moment. Fortunately, the cave house of the ancestor of the poison is so large that it has not been so rudely bombed.

After Zhu Yang’s warning was over, the fire/arrow/cannon was closed.

He took out the loudspeaker Xiaoji had ushered in, and said to the three of them before he took them: “Cover your ears–”

“Forget it, you can’t just cover it, you have to use spiritual power to block it, don’t be stingy with spiritual power, brother Li, help Li Xuan to block it.”

Confirming that he would not hurt his teammates, Zhu Yang put on the loudspeaker and turned the volume to its maximum.

How big is it? Her voice can be heard in towns a hundred miles away.

“Let me listen to the poisonous little demon and all the miscellaneous things in the cave. From now on, your mountain top will be officially taken over by me.”

“Hand over your food, hand over your women, kill sheep and cattle, and entertain your ancestors and me, and you will be great people.”

“Raise your hand and surrender is your way out. Give you half a stick of incense to tie yourself up and stand in line, otherwise I will fill the septic tank at your door back into your stomach.”

“Don’t worry, one spoonful per person is indispensable for everyone.”

Since the old national teacher picked the ancestor of Wandu, except for those who were seriously injured at the beginning and wanted to reap the benefits, they were all buried here.

Later, no one came to Wandu Mountain to make trouble, but the monsters had a long lifespan, and there were old people in the city who lived a long time.

Of course I have seen everything after living a long time? Naturally, I have seen a lot of righteous men who come here.

But who didn’t speak awe-inspiringly? Domineering with the world?

Just this stupid thing today? Robbery by bandits?

Not to mention the people in the city, even Li Xuan and others think so.

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