Scream Queen Chapter 157

In a sense, today is really a grand occasion.

Forget about the far place, the towns and villages in all directions within a hundred miles of each other, after hearing this unique robber call, all walked out of the house, most people looked at the direction of Wandu Mountain with worried eyes.

This is how people are, no matter how unequal relationships, as long as they are within acceptance, they will become a comfort zone over time, but it is difficult to step out.

There are many superstitions who have begun to curse the bandit who picked up the mountain gate——

“Heavenly evildoer, these bull noses are a good peace, but they have to come over and make trouble, and don’t let people live!”

“Shhh! Don’t let it go? That day, the voice reached my ears from such a far away, be careful to listen to our words.”

However, Zhu Yang, who is a hundred miles away, doesn’t know the episode. Even if she knows, she is not here to do “evil/religious harmful” universal education.

After all, the essential purpose of her behavior is not to save the common people, but to profit for herself.

It is estimated that the fairies of Ten Thousand Poison Mountain would never have imagined that Ten Thousand Demon Holy Land’s Ten Thousand Poison Mountain would one day be picked up by wicked people instead of those famous and decent.

But these people are not bad at dealing with crises.

Zhu Yang almost flattened half of the mountain, but he suffered heavy casualties in advance, but the other party quickly assembled a group of men and horses, and soon groups of goblins and ghosts appeared opposite Zhu Yang and them, looking at her with hatred.

The humiliation, resentment, and the awe-inspiring eyes of defending his homeland, compared with Zhu Yang’s side, his eyes were full of flowers, just like the attitude of a bandit entering the village to pick flowers.

Obviously she is the bad one.

The quality of these fairies is much better than the ones seen in Wan Pom. After all, the level of the hills is different.

However, Zhu Yang shook his head frequently. Li Xuan had seen her fierceness and the firepower she showed was not even hers. Even if she took out a Gundam at this moment, he would not be surprised.

Opportunity for her newcomer with strong financial resources, Li Xuan was still stretched.

However, Senior Brother Li and Junior Sister Yun looked at Zhu Yang’s expression and thought she was playing off.

Silently pulled her back and said, “Why? I’m afraid to see people now? Let’s be cautious. Why don’t you listen. Now let’s figure out how to escape.”

Zhu Yang shook his head regretfully, “It’s not for this reason, it’s that there are so many goblins in Wandu Mountain, how can there be no one that can be used.”

“I don’t know if I grew up in a poison cave and hurt my face, or if the ultraviolet rays here are too strong, why I didn’t see a beauty embryo.”

“Slightly handsome, but also full of poisonous gas. It is estimated that a sweat can kill a large piece of performance on stage, and the risk and reward are not proportional. Tsk! It seems that there is no way to hold a temporary talent recruitment market here.”

“Fortunately, I was merciful just now.”

As she said, fire/arrow/tube appeared on her shoulder.

The monster that came out, a venomous snake spirit headed by still greeted Zhu Yang ancestors with a grim look, and finally came over.

When Zhu Yang opened fire and exploded the top of the mountain, these people didn’t see what was going on. Naturally, they didn’t know that such a powerful attack originally came from this little prop.

As a result, the monsters in that area were bombarded into the sky, and the green poisonous blood scattered all over the sky, splashing all the monsters around them.

Of course, Zhu Yang was also affected here, but she had the motivation to read, and the poisonous blood and meat couldn’t get close to her within ten meters in diameter.

“It really deserves to be a poison cave, this variety is too rich.”

Poisonous species in the natural world seem to be found here, not to mention the infinite Poison Patriarch himself, but this poison army is terrible.

The monsters over there were displayed by Zhu Yang on the scene of the tragic bloodbath, their eyes were almost split, and they were staring at the heavy cannon in her hand with resentment and fear.

“What a despicable bull nose, you can’t win.”

Not to mention, Zhu Yang’s firepower can directly change the situation of the battle, but by relying on this alone, the benefits that can be obtained are naturally limited.

In the context of this copy, it is convenient to start the battle with technological weapons, and she would not dare to use it in a modern context.

I am afraid that the motive for making such a big noise will have to be matched by the state machinery, so in many cases, the stance on the use of capabilities and weapons is really particular.

Zhu Yang had the power of weapons in his hand, and the little monsters did not dare to approach for the time being. Zhu Yang stopped firing and the two sides confronted each other.

As more viruses will come out, the entire Ten Thousand Poison Mountain is densely packed with monsters.

The poisonous general said: “Disperse, the female Taoist has a big killer in her hand, so as not to be caught by a net.”

Zhu Yang saw that the first scorpion spirit seemed to be of a different identity, so he directly aimed at him——

“Where is the poisonous little demon.”

“Hey! How can you humiliate your ancestor’s name by juniors like you? You should report your name quickly, and your ancestor may be qualified to meet your ancestor.”

Zhu Yang bombarded the past again: “Ask you, just answer what you know is enough, what are you doing with so many questions? Have you asked others if you want to hear it?”

The scorpion poison would have avoided, but the little demon around him was killed and wounded, and his heart was dripping blood.

These repeated provocations, as well as the heavy casualties of one’s own side, also brought the other’s patience to a critical value.

“She only has one cannon in her hand, kill–”

In an instant, the crowds of monsters raised their weapons and rushed over like Zhu Yang, and there were no shortage of men who feared death.

The intention was to drag Zhu Yang’s muzzle with his flesh and blood, and then he could attack from all directions to pull the bull nose off.

Ants often kill elephants, not to mention that they are not so far apart.

This amount made Senior Brother Li and Junior Sister Yun’s expressions sinking, both of them withdrew their weapons without saying a word. Senior Brother Li’s long sword and Senior Sister Yun’s silver whip had already fought with nearby monsters.

However, these monsters soon realized that they were wrong, maybe the power gap between them was really so big.

Seeing that the bull nose didn’t even move, the weaker Daoxing had been swept up by a tornado and poured into the poisonous lake at the entrance of the cave.

This poisonous lake corrodes all things. Although 90% of Wandu Mountain’s goblins are transformed by poisons, the poisonous lake was left by the patriarch and the national division, forming a natural protective barrier.

Most monsters cannot cross the lake alone, so strict procedures are required to enter and exit.

Zhu Yang used Nian power to swept a tornado in the air, and directly poured those guys in. Except for a few that could float up, most of them turned into withered bones.

Suddenly the whole lake was floating with white bones, and it was not long before it was swallowed up by the poisonous lake like aquamarine, and nothing was left.

Seeing all the demons with horror, this is simply a massacre, a rare invader’s aggression and massacre on their Wandu Mountain.

This kind of thing is unprecedented, even if it is better than the old national teacher, when he first came, because of his reputation, Fang came out to greet his ancestors. The two fought for three days and three nights, but not many monsters were involved.

But in terms of the tragic, that unparalleled battle can not be compared with today.

They claim to be outside of evil spirits, but at this moment there is a sense of gap between heaven and human beings.

Those who have not been affected by the force of thought have already reached Zhu Yang, and Brother Li’s sword is unstoppable.

But seeing Zhu Yang still not moving, I couldn’t help feeling a little worried.

But then, everyone suddenly discovered that the sky seemed to be a little bit dim, like a sudden dark cloud covering it, it was clear that it was still sunny.

However, compared to the natural weather changes, this sudden darkness seemed to be ominous.

Everyone knew what was going on right away. When the goblin who was about to touch the devil’s head, but was about to continue attacking, suddenly heard a buzzing noise.

At first, some people thought it was who was driving the poisonous insects against the enemy. After all, this is the southern forest, and there are countless monsters of this kind.

But soon they realized that something was wrong. In any case, the scale was too big, and it was almost unheard of. People in the same realm, who didn’t know who had the same burden?

Several dark clouds shrouded the horizon, and for a while, there was a sense of collapse.

But take a closer look, where is the sky collapsed? Obviously, the locusts are overwhelming, the dense worms.

Not to mention killing, it means that there are large-scale killer moves. For example, those who breathe fire and poison can not be used. What is their number compared with those? That’s the real ants that kill elephants.

The key is that these locusts are still evil, let alone their ferocious attacking power, the skin is a little bit brittle, and they will bite you **** when they come up directly.

And that thing also contained toxins, and the guy who had been bitten quickly started attacking his companions, even more crazy.

The insect plague ability combined Zhu Yang and the cockroach ability. Whether it was a grasshopper or a bee, they were actually cockroach babies. After all, they were spirit creatures that appeared based on her spiritual power.

Naturally it was not an ordinary trick, and it was even more devoured by the zombies that were full of nests in the base.

I have also said before that these poisonous monsters are called poisons because they are cultivated from poisonous insects and poisons, but poisonous monsters possess the talents of poisoning and controlling poison, but they are not resistant to all poisons.

Otherwise, there will not be only one ancestor of the poisonous poison. The more advanced the monsters are in the mastery of this way, the more perfect the master, but the shrimp soldiers and crabs have suffered heavy losses in this level.

After half a stick of incense, the entire Wandu Mountain was already in chaos.

Senior Brother Li and Junior Sister Yun have already gotten red eyes, and the monsters who are leading their cultivation base are naturally not a problem, but because of the large number, they dare not neglect.

Li Xuan obediently hid behind Zhu Yang, wearing a special combat uniform, and wearing an anti-virus helmet bought in Infinite Game on his head-a bit similar to those worn by the poison skin people, always high-tech that does not affect sight and activities .

Carrying two weapons in his hand, he blasted past when he saw a monster approaching from behind, and Zhu Yang’s thought power to clean the surroundings, a mortal in this melee, there was nothing at all.

But the most free and easy person is Zhu Yang herself. She didn’t even move one step from the beginning, which has caused heavy losses to the entire Wandu Mountain.

Seeing the horror of the sky, she laughed again, the laughter was a bad example of a bad person’s standards.

She yelled into the cave: “Although it’s some shrimp soldiers and crabs generals, you are a mountain of poisonous poison, stretching for thousands of miles. It’s not a problem that no one is working? Is it really not coming out?”

If you compare the power of the ancestor of Wandu to a large company, no matter how capable the boss is, no matter how strong he is, there are only three or two kittens under his hand, and he is just an oligarch.

No matter how strong he is, can he be a virgin who travels to so many places every year to collect tax and tribute?

Sure enough, the other party inside estimated that he was also shocked by the scene of the heavy loss in this minute, and he couldn’t restrain his demeanor.

Nima’s decent little brother was killed, so the green breath spread across the mountain, and a strong killing breath came over, making people frightened.

After a while, a figure wearing a black cloak appeared on the top of the mountain, and the surrounding breath was as real.

Wherever he stood, all the flowers and plants withered, as if they had been photographed instantly.

Just meeting the two red eyes of the other party made people chill and collapsed.

Sure enough, as soon as the ancestor of Wan Poison appeared, all the fairies knelt down and shouted as if they had seen the backbone of the master. The battle was not comparable to the shabby cave of Mother Yun Po.

Senior Brother Li and Junior Sister Yun also gathered back, standing around Zhu Yang, watching vigilantly at the ancestor of Wan Po on the mountain hundreds of meters away.

Although the task of selecting the national division is here, I really know how terrible the other party is when I really face it. The people behind are still guessing that the ancestor of Wandu has been unable to return to subversion since the war with the national division.

Although these new generations don’t know what the posture of Wandu Patriarch was at the peak, but for now, the two are sure that tying those people together is not an opponent.

This discovery made their hearts sink, but as the first disciple of Xiaoyao, Senior Brother Li had the consciousness of eradicating demons from a young age.

Just about to speak, he heard Zhu Yang speak first.

She was caught off guard, and what she said made her scalp even more scalp, she never thought of the possibility.

She suddenly shouted over there: “Master, you are here!”

Although Senior Brother Li and Junior Sister Yun had listened to her a lot of speculation along the way, they were shaken in their hearts, but they were totally unwilling to accept them.

At this time, looking back at her angrily, she saw that her fair and beautiful profile always looked like a smile.

Hundreds of meters away, their eyes were not clear, but they seemed to see the figure of the ancestor of poison.

No, no, the other party, being a demon, is probably confused by the opening remarks of Junior Sister Zhu/Senior Sister, after all, even them are shocked.

It perfectly explained the current situation. Seeing that Zhu Yang hadn’t been more arrogant, the two didn’t know if they were relieved or what, but their hearts were still blocked, and cold sweat suddenly appeared on their faces.

Seeing the muzzle in Zhu Yang’s hand appeared again, taking advantage of the body of the ancestor of Wan Poison, the cannon/bullet roared, and immediately blew up a mountain.

Li Xuan secretly said behind her: “Aren’t you saying you want to break through in a well-matched battle? You always use this to cheat.”

Zhu Yang pouted his lips: “It has nothing to do with fighting, I’m just purely unhappy when someone stands so high and looks at me.”

“Is it okay to kneel and say something? You have to stand so high, look, isn’t this just a split?”

The microphone was not turned off when she said this, everyone heard the arrogant remarks, and the sound of cursing resounded throughout the valley.

However, the ancestor Wan Poison would not split under this small attack. He moved away like a phantom, but the top of the mountain was blown flat, and he had no condescending capital.

However, this kind of demon king does not rely on this kind of illusion to show its existence. Just standing there, he can feel the suffocating breath of death, like being strangled by a poisonous snake, and can’t escape anywhere. same.

Not to mention Zhu Yang, the hostile party, even the elves of Wandu Mountain, obviously feeling the anger of the ancestor, all shivered.

Li Xuan glanced at Zhu Yang. With so many people in the audience, she was the only one who was heartless.

It would be fine if she was a lack of heart, but her nature was thoughtful and clever.

For a moment, Li Xuan understood why it was also a game of life and death. Others were living so desperately and desperately, but she was the only one who treated the whole game as hunting and vacationing.

This guy was born for this, and he couldn’t tell whether he was attracted by the game or by her attitude.

However, Zhu Yang didn’t know what the children thought.

She looked at the opponent’s dark figure, as if a black hole would appear behind him at any time.

Zhu Yang smiled: “It is estimated that when you were planning, you never thought that you would suffer such a heavy loss, right?”

“Ten of the highest elites of the profound sect were sent to the door. After a fierce battle, the only remaining one returned to Beijing with the glory of wounding the ancestor of the poison. Although it is far from the completion of the initial mission, Under the premise of so many sacrifices, he is also the leader of contemporary Xuanmen.”

“The position of the National Teacher should not be left vacant for too long. Even if the result is not ideal, you can reluctantly. Wandu Mountain continues to rule, but the’Master of the National Teacher’ has a young and powerful body, perfect and perfect.”

“Oh, yes, those ten top profound experts in the world have all received their cultivation bases. This is not a trivial gain.”

Zhu Yang said, applauded: “Good one, self-directed and self-acted. It is indeed the first biography/salesman of the contemporary era, the originator of the biggest evil/religion, and the leader of animal husbandry. Your sheep herding technology is at least 500 years ahead of the times. ”

“Really the whole world is your breeding ground. It’s ridiculous that these carefully raised fat sheep are still desperately sprinkling cumin on themselves when they put themselves on the table.”

Talking about hitting Senior Brother Li and Senior Sister Yun: “What about you guys, what are you doing in a daze? Laugh! Give me all laughs.”

How can this be so funny? They would never think that Zhu Yangzhen would put all their guesses on the table.

This conceited and unpleasant speculation, if it weren’t for facing a strong enemy together, the two of them would really have a serious fight with her over the issue of the teacher.

But they forgot that there was a dogleg.

Hearing a burst of applause, his hands were almost broken, and when he looked back, it was Li Xuan.

The two wanted to hit someone, but because this guy was an ordinary young man, he was probably dead when he slapped him, so he had to hold back.

The eyes of the ancestor Wanpo over there were blazing, and then he showed a weird smile.

The sound was like rubbing a wok with abrasive paper, making people sore.

The other party chuckled: “I haven’t been born for decades. Sure enough, today there are many capable people. Such an incredible junior has lived for thousands of years. This is the first time I have seen you.”

Speaking, he glanced at the top of the mountain where he was surpassing his horse: “Killing so many people in this seat, you seem to be able to do it, so put yourself here to work.”

“Relax, humanoid demon, I have tried it, do you want to become a snake spirit or a spider spirit? The old man is looking forward to your performance in becoming a demon queen.”

As soon as these words came out, the brothers Li and Sister Yun, who were still angry with Zhu Yang, were suddenly frightened.

In Zhu Yang’s eyes, there is no distinction between humans and demons. She never judges the relationship between the enemy and us by lineage, and most of her younger brothers have complicated backgrounds.

Li Xuan is also okay. After all, the thinking model has been finalized before the journey, and it is not compatible with the universal values ​​of the world. The so-called integration is just a disguise.

But Brother Li, who was born and raised here since childhood, and even grew up in Chuyao Xuanmen, heard that this is a poisonous scheme that hurts nature and human relations.

What a vicious idea is to transform people into monsters, especially the former demon goddess? Substituting it into oneself, just thinking about it might make you cold all over, but the other party didn’t mean to be joking.

But in the next second, the two people realized that their shock was too early, and the biggest shock was never from the enemy.

Because they clearly saw with their own eyes that Zhu Yang’s skin turned into blue scales shining like gems.

The whole body is covered by beautiful scales. It is not an illusion. They stand close, and they can clearly feel the power from the scales.

And the appearance of Junior Sister Zhu has suddenly changed from a human to a real monster.

This is the same family they grew up with? The two opened their eyes wide in shock, but they didn’t realize that the ancestor Wan Poison over there was no less shaken than them.

It’s just that the opponent converged after a moment of gaffe, but it was also obvious that the entire aura was different.

Zhu Yang looked up and looked at each other with a faint smile: “That’s what you said?”

Her appearance is so beautiful, even if people in the Profound Clan are used to seeing enchanting and beautiful goblins, her posture is amazing, but the whole scene has a sense of groundless horror.

It’s like a female ghost who makes people unprepared, and another sentence, ‘is that what you said? ’

At the end of the typical horror story, people’s scalp is exploded.

Obviously, the shock of the ancestor Wandu was incomparable, but Zhu Yang had already ejected his whole body like a cannon/ball.

Holding a long knife made of Edman alloy in her hand, she immediately attacked the ancestor of Ten Thousand Poison with the momentum of splitting the mountain.

The ancestor of Wanpo was full of poison, and his hands alone were an incredible magic weapon. Not to mention ordinary weapons, even ordinary spirit swords would rot.

He was about to pick up the knife with his bare hands, but he avoided the moment he was about to touch it. He was fast, but if so, the cloak was also cut off.

That cloak was originally not a common product, it was refined from Wannian Poisonous silk, and only Wanpo ancestors could control it.

There was no blade of grass in the sweeping land, but the knife cut off a corner of the cloak, but it didn’t corrode, so it was right not to block it with a physical body.

“Huh? You are more cautious than I thought. I thought you would be more arrogant in the face of a junior. How much do you give me some loopholes.”

The two are close, so you don’t have to worry about being heard by others.

The ancestor of Wan Po took a deep look at her, greedy for her mermaid form, but more cautiously out of control.

He opened his mouth and said, “The apprentice who has been raising him for almost 20 years was completely different overnight. What else can’t you believe?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “It’s your turn to say this? My children’s family, who grew up in a pure and kind-hearted world view, was suddenly blown up by the three views, miserably lost, and lost all faith.”

“Can you talk about the child protection law? Don’t bring this to children.”

The old ancestor Wan Po sneered: “You? The old man hesitated before, but now it is certain.”

“But where did the monster take over my disciple’s body, but dare to speak her name and deceive the master and destroy the ancestor.”

Zhu Yang’s eyes flashed, and he immediately smiled, but the smile looked a bit hideous, she slashed with a knife, and her movements were skillful and hot.

All the swordsmanship methods are the same as that of Senior Brother Li, abandoning all moves, and all serve the fastest and most efficient attack.

She smiled while fighting with the ancestor of Wandu: “So many guesses, you have implemented this kind of thing. It seems that you have done the so-called seizing house more than once.”

“Without mentioning the status of the national teacher, what I want to know is, are you the ancestor of Wandu or Xiaoyaozi first?”

“Wandu Mountain and Xiaoyaomen have a similar history. I really don’t know which side is the theme. Wouldn’t it be you who split at the beginning? Or are you merging and swallowing each other?”

The ancestor of Wandu was not interested in the bottom line, nor did he send any killer moves to Zhu Yang, but purposefully elicited her comprehensive skills step by step.

To be honest, although Wandu Mountain’s heavy losses made him furious, he never expected that he would be bitten so painfully by the dog he raised.

But the discovery of Zhu Yang was also a surprise. The news came from the eyeliner of the capital, he knew that this disciple might have an adventure while leaving Xiaoyaomen, and his skill increased greatly.

This is naturally good for him. He has lived for so many years, and his gender is no longer a problem.

The body of this round of election is between the two disciples. At first, the important disciple was more important, but now it seems that Zhu Yang is obviously stronger than the other in all aspects.

Moreover, she is already in the body of a monster, and the spiritual power contained on the scales is also clearly visible. If you take her away, let alone return to the top, it is not impossible to reach a higher level.

It’s great to be young and full of vitality. With this agile figure and powerful strength, every step of the way makes the aging people amazed.

Naturally, Zhu Yang knew that he was weighing himself like he was weighing food, just like choosing a fish in a vegetable market, and the one who splashed himself the most alive, he would also be pleased that he was fresh when he was angry.

She sneered, but it is undeniable that the ancestor of Wandu is really at ease.

Layers of ice blocked his retreat, but as soon as his robe swept away, the ice corroded in an instant, and he couldn’t even do a thousand words.

Of course, Zhu Yang also screamed with great power, but that had to accumulate lung power. In such a high-intensity battle rhythm, she had been slaughtered by a knife after such a long time of preparation.

Powerful like Nian Mo, its direct effect on the opponent is minimal, and it can only be used as an auxiliary. This guy’s skill is too strong, and in many cases it can break through with force.

As for the insect plague skills, those grasshoppers will fall from the sky within three meters of him, and the number of them is meaningless in front of the poisonous mist that penetrates his spiritual power.

Moreover, cockroaches are not poisonous enough, so they insist that they have no other effect in front of them except to increase sacrifice.

Even Zhu Yang, because of the double barrier of fish scales and spiritual power, and the rapid rotation of the huge spiritual cloud crystal that had swallowed the old mother Yun Poison, this was able to protect himself in the face of this domineering poisonous mist.

But the ancestor of Wan Po is getting more and more excited: “Is there so many talented mana? Everything is good.”

He even talked about what he did after taking over the body: “Your insect plague is really wonderful. It seems that these insects are no worse than poisonous generals, indicating that there is a chance for refining.”

“It’s a waste in your little girl’s hands. If it were my ancestor of the poison, he would definitely be able to turn it into an army of invincible insects.”

Zhu Yang chuckled: “Isn’t it? Why else would I pick you? Do you think that the young and beautiful girl looks at your old face? Don’t you have to feed my babies?”

The old ancestor Wandu smiled: “Well, good! As expected of my most optimistic disciple, he is really ambitious. If the old man doesn’t have this ability, he can only choose to inherit the old age. You are the best candidate to inherit my mantle.”

“Inheritance? I always like to grab.” Zhu Yang smiled, and then his expression suddenly became cruel.

At first glance, she was quite desperate, but she stepped on the poisonous water on the ground and instantly disappeared.

The poisonous water is not so easy to withstand, it is the ice cube that sticks on the body of the ancestor of poison to melt, and Zhu Yangshang through the special boots needs to urge Lingyunjing to filter the toxins, let alone use it directly as a mirror Wear it.

When bare skin comes into direct contact with the toxin, you are simply looking for death.

In the next second, a hand appeared under the pool of poisonous water of the ancestor of Mando, and the ghost caught people off guard.

But the ancestor Wan Po seemed to have long eyes. He raised his foot and stepped on the snow-white palm, making a scream across the first floor.

The ancestor of Wan Po smiled: “Little girl, she’s good at it, but she’s still a little bit tender when fighting against her teacher.”

“The place where the poison gas is, I can’t escape my perception. You think I don’t know how you disappeared? You can get into the unknown Xumi space, but you can always come out in the same way.”

The finger bones of that hand were broken directly by his foot, bloody.

But suddenly, a knife went straight through that hand and plunged into the sole of his foot.

The ancestor Wandu suffered a lot of pain, and when he stepped back, the look on his face became difficult to look.

“Good, good! You deserve to be a good apprentice as a teacher, you can make the teacher suffer such a loss, and it won’t be in vain to cultivate an old man.”

However, Zhu Yang was also the type who took advantage of your illness to kill you. He was expected to retreat. At the moment when his balance was not stable, several dipped knives followed one after another.

The densely dense net woven by flying knives, and the powerful strength coupled with the blessing of the power of mind, the ancestor of Wandu could not completely avoid it under this instant posture.

He had seen the sharpness of that road, it was a hundred times more domineering than the hardest metal in the world, and he didn’t dare to take it with his body alone.

I could only avoid the crucial ones, and then use my strength to fight, but for that matter, several small wounds were wiped out on his arms, legs, chest and face.

This made Wandu Patriarch even more irritated.

At this time, Zhu Yang also came out of the poisonous water mirror not far away, and saw large areas of burn-like scars on her face, and her peerless beauty was immediately destroyed.

There is a spirit cloud crystal running wildly to detoxify, but the overbearing toxicity and the damage from direct contact with the skin cannot be reversed.

The old ancestor Wandu laughed: “I don’t even know that my disciple is such a spineless person. He would rather die than submit.”

“It’s a pity that you died the wrong way. Anyone who is poisoned by me will become my poison puppet after death. A good disciple, I am very pleased to be a teacher.”

Compared with him, Zhu Yang’s face was extremely ugly.

She smiled and her tone was gloomy: “This is the first time I have been so embarrassed, so embarrassed that I have to abandon my beauty and make such a big sacrifice with such an ugly posture to reverse the defeat.”

“It’s your honor to go to the Palace of the Hades after you die, enough for you to be reborn in your next life.”

The ancestor Wandu’s smile constricted: “Good apprentice, do you still think you have a chance to come back?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Of course, the higher the investment, the more benefits I have to reclaim, and you cannot afford this weight.”

As she said, she put the knife in her hand horizontally in front of her: “Tsk! You are also green blood, isn’t it a caterpillar?”

These words were too jumpy, the ancestor Wan Po didn’t react for a while, and subconsciously looked at her knife.

Suddenly saw her knife, in addition to his green blood, there was still a hint of red.

This knife only hurt him, how could there be—

Then he thought of the palm that was pierced through. He always thought that the hand belonged to Zhu Yang, but at this moment, she was in a panic, but apart from the traces of toxic burns and corrosion, the bones were still good. There is no trace of being trampled off.

As if Zhu Yang didn’t want money, he poured a few bottles of recovery potion into his mouth, got rid of a trace of death, and bought himself a longer time to act.

The way of the ancestor of Mandu is not fancy, even compared to the extremely exciting visual effects of Mrs. Yundu, it is much simpler.

But it just made Zhu Yang unable to use all kinds of methods, and the real cultivation level reached this point, but it was not too complicated.

The ancestor of Wandu shook his head: “It’s useless, what about the holy medicine for detoxification? Da Luo Jinxian can’t save you either, you will fester and die.”

Zhu Yang smiled weirdly: “I know, I will win if you are the first step before you die.”

Perhaps her attitude was too determined, and the ancestor of Mando had a bad feeling in her heart. This kind of intuition was something he hadn’t felt for nearly a hundred years.

In order to avoid long nights and dreams, Wan Po’s ancestor first attacked Zhu Yang for the first time. His fingertips were pitch-black and sharp, not Bai Youyou’s metallic texture modified by game props.

It’s all based on self-cultivation step by step, but if you put them together, Bai Youyou’s terrifying fingertips will appear thin in front of him.

If the black air had substance in the air, Zhu Yang would never dare to pick it up directly, fearing that she would die if she touched it. If she wasted the opportunity to die, then she would be finished.

After evading a few tricks, Wan Po’s ancestor saw her flying around like a fly, and was about to take out the real chapter, he saw a successful smile at the corner of her mouth.

He was shocked, and then suddenly felt that his body had undergone tremendous changes.

Looking down, there was something on his pierced foot that broke the shoe, and an unformed ugly head suddenly grew on the back of his instep.

Not only that, but even the injured arms, legs, and face have begun to grow sarcomas.

Zhu Yang kindly changed him into an ice mirror: “Look, it looks like this, is it worthy of your reputation as the ancestor of the poison, how ugly and unique?”

The ancestor Wandu had the heart to kill him with a palm of his hand, but he also felt that his body was constantly invading.

So he hurriedly blocked the movement of the spiritual power of his limbs, and went down with a few domineering poisonous energies, trying to kill these poisons.

But the poison seemed to adapt well to everything, and it became part of his body when it entered his body.

It was as domineering as his original toxin. Although it was fragile, it was endless. Unless the flesh was cut, it could be foreseen that the entire body would be invaded.

The ancestor of Wan Po was also very spicy, and when he raised his hand, he saw that the sarcoma on his body and the head with blurred facial features had been cut out with a few strokes.

A few sarcomas fell on the ground, but they didn’t wilt. Although they didn’t have the nutritional supply of his body, their growth slowed down, but the amount of peristalsis clearly increased a little, even he was shocked when he saw it.

He looked at Zhu Yang and said vigilantly: “What is this?”

Zhu Yang grinned: “Smart, there are so many people who have suffered from this thing. You are the first to make a decisive decision, but it’s too late!”

Fu Jiang refining in the mirror for so long, in terms of reproductive ability, it was astonishingly faster than the original Fu Jiang, and he merged with the licker.

It integrates the characteristics of the zombie virus that instantly invades, but this is the case, and it is reasonable to say that the threat to the ancestor of the poison is limited.

After all, his own method was too overbearing, but Zhu Yang fed her the anti-poison beads that the national teacher had given her.

Yes, it was the one that was crushed by her last night. The thing was refined by his own hands. It was his own sub-gu, which was very compatible and had an unprecedented speed of fusion.

So with his cunning, he didn’t even discover the abnormality of his body in the first time.

The ancestor Wandu knew that the treasure he used to control the people in the Profound Gate ended up being a stone to his feet, and he was almost not angry. He knew that this girl hadn’t eaten the poison prevention beads.

But her soul-reading card is in her hands, and it is dispensable to eat or not, but she didn’t expect that this little gap could be exploited by her.

He was extremely angry, sneered, his body burst into death, he must seize the time to kill this girl in one fell swoop, and refine her body.

She saw the girl wave her knife to the ground: “It’s too late to say, why don’t you believe what people say after suffering such a big loss?”

As soon as the voice fell, the pain in the heart came from the ground.

Thousands of cockroaches came out of the ground, biting him steadfastly, and instantly biting off several bites of meat from the ancestor of the poison.

The ancestor of Mandu quickly used his own poison to fight back, but the cockroaches did not die like the locusts just now.

Instead, more and more cockroaches came together, gnawing at him frantically.

“How is it possible, these animals can never be refined so quickly.”

“Then how long do you think it will take?” Zhu Yang cooperated with the cockroach’s attack: “Look at these toxins on the ground, but they are all nourishment for my baby.”

She didn’t expose the existence of poisonous cockroaches from the beginning. The cockroaches that swallowed the poisonous skin were the strongest. They had both the high offensive and defensive power of the zombie virus and the highly poisonous poisonous skin people.

The original toxin of the ancestor of the poison is naturally more domineering than that of the poison skin person, and can even corrode spiritual power, but with the poison skin person in front as the foundation, it will evolve quickly again.

The cockroaches Zhu Yang placed in the mirror world had been desperately devouring the toxins that had fallen to the ground when Wandu ancestors fought her.

During their battle, the cockroaches experienced long-term pain and dying pain to complete their evolution. Nature has been able to ignore his natural defenses and cause a direct attack on him.

The toxin of the ancestor Wan Po has no effect on the cockroaches, but he can still draw out the encircling circle with his true energy.

Zhu Yang never gave him a chance, but the ancestor Wan Po made a vicious attempt to escape, and Zhu Yang was soon severely beaten everywhere, and one arm was chopped off.

“Sister Yang/Senior Sister/Senior Sister!” The three people who were fighting with the other fairies looked at her with horror.

Zhu Yang yelled, “Why do you distract yourself when you hit yourself?”

She has never really fought to the death, and has never been so forced to abandon her appearance and image, but I wish Qianneng suffer as much as she can.

Her darlings are willing to die for her, in order to become strong, but she doesn’t want to be the one who is dragging her feet in the end.

The ancestor Wandu’s two legs were also gnawed off by Qi Gen, but as a monster, he could act temporarily even if he lost both legs.

But Zhu Yang’s decision to change his life made him feel even more uncomfortable. This crazy girl really wanted to change his life.

He is obsessed with power and pursues longevity, so naturally he does not have the courage to go to death generously.

So he hurriedly said: “Disciples, good disciples, we will all die if we fight again. Today is considered the master’s approval, and you will agree to whatever you want as a master.”

“Presumably you have seen the ways of the people in the world for two months after coming out. Have you seen the decent faces? Have you seen the stupidity of those stupid people? You don’t have to save your life for those stupid people?”

Zhu Yang slashed at him, Wan Po ancestor escaped, but he was caught in Zhu Yang’s trap again. Her attacks were often just to force her to reveal a gap to the cockroaches.

Seeing that the ancestor of Wandu couldn’t make sense, he felt cruel, and knew that only by killing her could he get rid of these countless bugs.

So I sold a flaw, grabbed the gap and punched Zhu Yang out, and even touched her wound with her nail when she touched it.

Within three seconds, this little girl will undoubtedly die.

He laughed triumphantly: “Even if the old man has only one head left, he can be resurrected, little girl, how many lives do you have? See if you swallow cockroaches quickly or if you die quickly.”

Sure enough, he was already at the end of the strong crossbow because he was already poisoned, and after reluctantly fighting for so long, Fang lost his vitality when he fell to the ground.

It didn’t even last for three seconds, probably more than one second, but the cockroach’s gnawing speed was also fast, and there was really only his head left.

Then as her breath disappeared, the cockroaches collapsed.

The ancestor Wandu dropped his head to the ground, but he was really relieved.

Seeing that the evil spirit was finally dead, the people around suddenly let out a howl of excitement, but the three of Li Xuan’s faces were pale, and they backed away in the increasingly turbulent momentum of the other party.

Everyone thought that the matter was a foregone conclusion, and there were already little monsters running over to help Ten Thousand Poison Patriarch.

And the ancestor of Wan Po, with only one head left, naturally revealed his true face, and he turned out to be Xiaoyaozi.

But his current appearance is completely different from the image of the immortal spirit inside the door.

Senior Brother Li and Junior Sister Yun whispered in disbelief: “Master!”

As a result, under this shaking, the enemy caught the gap and was injured.

Li Xuan said loudly: “Energetic, let’s escape.” It’s just that he is holding back the wetness in his eyes.

In the past, the demon general who wanted to lift the head of the ancestor of the poison laughed and laughed: “Hey! Run away? Are you afraid of—”

He went to help the ancestor while talking, but before he finished speaking, the whole person was pierced through the heart with a flying knife.

Several other people were either shoveled by the power of mind or stabbed to death by a flying knife. In a short while, only the lonely head of the ancestor of Ten Thousand Poison was left.

Not far away, Zhu Yang’s embarrassed body sat up slowly–

“How many lives? Ha! Not many, just one spare.”

While she was talking, her body actually began to gradually recover to the period of victory, not to mention the skin that was corroded by the poison, and even the severed arm had been restored to its original state.

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