Scream Queen Chapter 158

If you say just now, with Zhu Yang’s death, how powerful the spirits of Wandu Mountain are.

Then when she stood up, how horrified these guys were, and many of them were so frightened that they almost threw away their weapons and fled away.

Especially the ancestor of Wandu is seriously injured now, only one head is left, an unprecedented heavy loss.

Of course, a little bit of Taoism can also be seen, that the female bandit’s cultivation is only one line behind the ancestor.

In addition to the ancestors, this world is invincible, and there are vitality that the ancestors did not have and several killer features that the ancestors dare not underestimate.

Although the ancestor was seriously injured, as long as he swallowed the female bandit, and then swept all the monks who came to deliver food, although the process was more difficult than expected, the rewards were amazing.

The ancestors have merged with strong people who are only one line behind him. Not to mention returning to the peak period, it is not impossible to reach a higher level.

But now what do they see

The ancestor only had one head left, but the opponent turned around in front of King Yama, but resurrected on the spot, instantly returning to the peak state.

This makes the ancestors and the entire Wandu Mountain still have the power to resist

This ability to cheat against the sky is incredible, and the dead can be resurrected. This is different from the true fairy

“You lied to death” Wandu ancestor looked at Zhu Yang incredulously.

The scorched area on her face quickly recovered, and immediately returned to perfection. Within a few breaths, she was like alive and well at the moment when she came to the gate of the mountain to scream.

And how could the eyesight of the ancestor of Wandu couldn’t see the injury of the other party’s body. It is not so much that there is some magical medicine to bring back to life, it is better to look back in time.

The most obvious evidence that she has transferred her entire time back to the peak is that not only has her injury recovered, she has no trace of toxins invaded, and even the clothes that were torn in the fight have recovered.

Zhu Yang looked at Ten Thousand Poison Patriarch with a faint smile, only making the old monster feel terrified and bitter in his mouth.

But it was too late, this time, it was not a waste of her life to get her life, this guy has no place to turn around.

However, Zhu Yang didn’t follow the villain’s routine of dying with a lot of talk. Don’t rush to beep before you are absolutely sure.

To do the on-site commentary, when there is time available, let the people die before talking.

The ancestor of Wandu would naturally not miss the killing intent in her eyes, and hurriedly begged for mercy, “Practitioner, it is the fault of the teacher.”

“The love between master and apprentice I have been studying for many years.” Seeing her unmoved, the ancestor of Wandu immediately changed his face again. “Don’t forget the secret pile I arranged in the world. You want to be a national teacher, then There is a master who is the King of Ten Thousand Demons. It would be nice not to mention the addition of glory, not to be regarded as a heresy and eradicated.”

In the distance, Senior Brother Li and Junior Sister Yun hadn’t recovered from the shock of Zhu Yang’s resurrection, they only mechanically wiped out the monsters in front of them, and they came to Zhu Yang in a few breaths.

Hearing the shameless words of the ancestor Wandu, he, with only one head left, and the cloak used to cover his figure no longer exist, he is the face of Xiaoyaozi.

But there is no such thing as their master’s glory, Jiyue, and the whole person is full of insidious and depraved aura. At this time, listening to him use this reason to coerce Zhu Yang, while his belief is subverted, he is even more shameless to him.

But Zhu Yang remained unmoved, and instead gave him a sentence, “You are all dead, so don’t think about what’s going on behind you. The words that people leave tea and cold apply to any ethnic group.”

As long as the youngest Wandu died, today the entire Wandu Mountain was almost flattened by Zhu Yang, and even if there were hidden lines elsewhere, it would be hard to stand up and confront the nobles of Xuanmen who could defeat Wandu ancestors.

Even if you want to talk nonsense, you have to see whether the world believes it or not, but it is just manipulating public opinion. It is difficult for shrimp soldiers to shake people who want to regain power.

Seeing this, the ancestor Wan Po was truly panicked, and the approaching death made him almost crazy.

Suddenly he laughed wildly, “It’s in vain that you think you understand, but you can’t even see this point. Who are you to keep the whole world going smoothly for so many years”

“Is it the trash emperor or those incompetent mysterious doors”

“It is me, my ancestor of poisons, and the world is in my hands. This is the real prosperity and stability. If you kill me today, you are the sinner of the world.”

Zhu Yang put his head in an energy mask, and said with a smile, “I really put gold on my face, I really thought it wouldn’t work without you.”

“Yes, your foresight and your restraint on monsters have indeed achieved a balance, putting the whole world in a stable background.”

“Just like people who raise poultry want chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep to grow better, clean the pens regularly and buy hunting dogs to protect them from being attacked by other animals.”

“No matter how well they are raised, they are also domestic animals. What future can domestic animals have?”

“In your opinion, maybe every year, those children, those taxes are what you deserve, and it’s justified. Even the foolish people think this business is a good deal.”

“But who says that innocent lives are obliged to sacrifice for the degenerate race? Another thing is that the world is not benevolent and everything is a dog. Are you heaven and earth? Look at your face, is it that big?”

“You have committed a taboo, and the world will not tolerate it. Even if you don’t die in my hands today, someone will take your life in the future.”

Her words are not exaggerated. After all, her full strength is also a narrow win against the tens of thousands of poisonous ancestors. As for the probability of winning or losing, the original probability is really below five levels.

However, this thing is too damaging to the heavens. Although the game is a game, it is also the way of heaven in the dungeon world. If the ancestor of the poison is allowed to become stronger, the world may not be able to accommodate such a strong person.

Either this guy will be extradited to a higher repair, or he will be directly obliterated.

However, given the virtue and arrogance of the ancestor of Wandu, this arrogant manner is only a short line from the original show, doing a lot of evil, and having too much debt.

There are ninety-nine-nine-eighty-one thunder tribulations, let alone you a treacherous man

Even if Zhu Yang fails, the game will allow other players to destroy him. If the intermediate players fail, it is not impossible to send high-level players to do the task.

The glass cover in Zhu Yang’s hand is a kind of biochemical dish bought in the unlimited game space, and it is an item specially used for dangerous research in the advanced copy world.

The ancestor of Wandu is now at the end of the force, and was ingested again. He was going to blew herself up and drag her to death. It was too late now.

Zhu Yang directly pressed the button to clear the experimental samples, and the overbearing splitting reaction began. After a while, the poisonous ancestor who had been accumulating and exploding dissipated into a basin of green water in it, and there was no soul left.

Senior Brother Li and Junior Sister Yun looked at him tightly, their eyes a little red, after all, it was the grace of nurturing for so many years.

However, although Xiaoyaozi concealed evil intentions, he taught his disciples to be pure and jealous. He had strict control over every identity and strength division of himself, and each side would not deviate from his own rules.

Therefore, Senior Brother Li and Junior Sister Yun, as well as the new generation of Xiaoyaomen, are also the generation with the world in their hearts. Although they are heartbroken, they will not be able to plead with Zhu Yang to let them go.

Once the Wandu ancestor died, all the monsters were in chaos and were about to flee. Another bazooka appeared on Zhu Yang’s shoulder. It bounced to the sky twice, and the entire Wandu Mountain was shaking again.

“It’s all the **** said that you should tie your hands and feet, stand in a row and stand outside, no one is allowed to move. If anyone takes a step forward, I won’t have the chance to reincarnate you.”

Since she can kill the ancestor of Ten Thousand Poisons so that there is no trace of soul left, everyone will naturally not believe her words.

So the script went round and round, and finally came the scene of the successful robbery of the bandits.

The monsters of Wandu Mountain, except for most of the dead and wounded, were scared to death. They could only tremble and tie each other with Zhu Yang’s rope.

Zhu Yang released the newly recruited employees in the spirit beast bag to see these guys.

Although the fairies in the spirit beast bag knew that their new boss was leaving here, they had to do something important before taking them to live a good life.

But she would never think that she would come directly to pick out the ancestors of the poison, and the most important thing is that she succeeded.

The ancestor of the poison, the king of the monsters, these little monsters are usually unworthy of being named for each other, so they are slaughtered by their new and old.

How come they hugged a thigh that looked like it was really not as useless as other stupid fairies said, even if they didn’t look good, their skill was important.

Since then, Zhu Yang’s fairies have paid more and more attention to appearances. With the advanced level of cultivation, they have become more and more beautiful, because they know that the more beautiful they are, the more they will eat.

Of course, this unhealthy trend has only planted the seeds at this moment, and it is a follow-up matter, so I won’t mention it for the time being.

At this time, Zhu Yang wiped the knife into the body of the ancestor of Wandu, Fu Jiang, who had developed a sarcoma, had already developed the body tissues and had grown into more complete bodies.

One by one, naked and beautiful young girls appeared in front of them, leaving Brother Li and Li Xuan ashamed of their eyes.

Zhu Yang saw that each of these Fujiang, born out of the flesh and blood of the ancestors of Wandu, was a poisonous person, and he did not dare to collect them all.

Fu Jiang had to use it with caution, not to mention that it is possible that this kind of poison can cause a biochemical crisis if not paying attention.

So Zhu Yang went up and twisted the necks of the guys who had just staggered up, and put the bodies into a new space ring.

In the space ring, there is no need to worry about their resurrection and splitting, nor will it harm and pollute other Fujiang, but it is easy to bring the corpse out to resurrect Dufujiang.

Not only that, this battle was too tragic, and there were many pieces to clean up. Anyway, she had to burn all within a kilometer of the ancestor of the poisonous battle just now.

Zhu Yang took out the matches that he had bought in Fujiang World, and found that although this thing was specifically for Fujiang, the fire was too small.

She was afraid that after a long time, Fu Jiang would have blood infiltrating the depths of the soil, and when she resurrected after she left this world, then this world would be over.

Cultivators who are firm-willed may not be affected by her charm, but mortals will definitely fall, and these people have no experience with Fu Jiang, and a bad body damage spreads out, then only the gods will gain this world.

Zhu Yang took out the props torches that she bought at the beginning of the game. She only used this torch on Yundu’s mother.

After all, the proliferation capacity of that old tree stump is comparable to Fu Jiang, but the form is different. In order to avoid inexhaustible killing, the exchange window has this stuff.

But now it is convenient to burn the blood remaining in Fujiang. Sure enough, the fire of this torch is to prevent proliferation. When it is burned down, the area is completely charred, and the ground is burnt for three feet, and it is cleaned up.

As for the ancestor of Wandu, although Zhu Yang’s mission is related to the Xiaoyaomen, she guessed that the main task was to escape the Xiaoyaomen’s hunt safely and to become famous all over the world based on this premise.

After all, she was not reconciled, and she had to admit that the strength of the ancestor of Wan Po was really stronger than the four of them tied together.

If it weren’t for her accumulation of personal personalities, and the fact that the other party had underestimated the enemy for decades, Zhu Yang would also explain in this copy.

This Xiaoyaozi is a life-threatening opportunity given to her by the game, but she must seize it.

This is the only way from the intermediate field to the advanced field. No wonder there are so few intermediate players who can eventually become advanced players.

If she retreats on the premise of knowing the intention of the game, she chooses to temporarily avoid the greatest challenge of the ancestor of the poison, and only do other tasks.

It’s not that you can’t get a high evaluation, but the game will carefully consider whether the player is finally suitable for upgrading to the advanced field. After all, the advanced field players have not avoided danger in the face of opportunity.

In this regard, even Zhu Yang, the attitude of the game is fair.

I’m afraid that if she doesn’t choose to gnaw the bone of Ten Thousand Poison Ancestor, she will still spin around in the Intermediate Instance.

But now she can clearly feel that perhaps the next game will be the key to her excess.

After clearing up the traces, Li Xuan approached her and whispered, “Awesome, that thing can still be used like this”

Of course he was talking about Fu Jiang.

Zhu Yang rubbed his head with a smile, “Although the guy himself is stupid and weak, it would be a waste of the opportunity given by the game to see the value of something just like this.”

“I won’t mention my abilities for the time being. At least, among the props I have, Fu Jiang’s ease of use index ranks in the top three.”

It was almost a little worse than the Human Skin Book and the Resurrection Pill, and the Resurrection Pill had been used by her just now.

This pill was the previous game hinting that she found a bug in the show, and solved the show where she was a second landlord and sold players in collaboration with other forces.

Fearing that the show was dangerous and dangerous, the game vomited blood and bought a capsule pill at a discount. However, Zhu Yang walked the show around the whole process and didn’t use the pill, so he saved it.

Later, I got an explanation and knew that this was such a god-defying prop. It was not the same as the pass symbol. Although the pass symbol can save your life, once you use it in the game, your efforts will fall short.

There is no reward for exiting the game with a pass, but the resurrection pill is different. In this case, Zhu Yang has the opportunity to give up his life.

She was quite emotional, but Li Xuan twitched her mouth and said silently, “You, you really use people as props.”

Zhu Yang shrugged and said that the lingua franca of a scumbag is only her body. As for death or alive, it is second.

The three of them didn’t know how Zhu Yang was resurrected in situ, and they didn’t ask, this kind of defying method is naturally an unspeakable secret to them, how can they explore it without authorization.

Entering the cave house of the ancestor of Wandu, except for the place where it was destroyed by indiscriminate bombing, the treasure house was not affected.

The attendants inside were all rushed out and **** on standby. After entering the huge treasure house, Zhu Yang’s eyes became currency symbols.

Rao is self-proclaimed as a local tyrant, and she has to be tempted by the huge wealth in front of her. This old thing has been the emperor of Southern Xinjiang for nearly a hundred years, and the accumulated possessions can be described as terror.

Li Xuan quickly tweeted Zhu Yang, “Here, this is more money than the national treasury.”

“Of course, most of the money in the national treasury is taken from the people, and most of it has to be used by the people. The money from the old thing is collected by your own.”

Li Xuan urged her to say, “Pretend, come and I will help you move.”

As I said, I took a half-person-height golden bottle and stuffed it into Zhu Yang’s hand. The golden bottle was pure in color, beautiful in workmanship, and inlaid with large gems. It was invaluable, but it was only inconspicuous here.

Zhu Yang thought about it, and finally only installed a small part, because it may be useful in the ancient background copy in the future, and he gave Dragon Dragon a special product of gold, silver and gems.

But she couldn’t take all of this much. Once the ancestor Wanpo died, the entire southern Xinjiang sphere of influence was emptied.

It’s possible to get messed up if it’s not good. Although it’s easy to remove the tumor, it must also prevent heavy bleeding.

So these wealth must be used for the people.

However, the refining pill equipment of Wandu ancestor was divided by Zhu Yang and others. Zhu Yang had a hunch that she would undergo a huge transformation after she left this world.

Many things of the ancestor Wandu were not used by himself, so even if Brother Li and the others repeatedly declined, Zhu Yang insisted on giving them the bulk.

“Especially Junior Sister Yun, you are good at doctors. Once Wandu ancestor died and many monsters were not restrained, Wandu Mountain is okay. The branch offices may cause riots in various places. You should study it and respond early.”

Junior sister Yun nodded and was not polite to her. In their opinion, Master Xiaoyaozi was the ancestor of Wandu, so the entire world covered by the conspiracy of the ancestor of Wandu should also be treated by them.

Zhu Yang took a small part of these things, but for her, it was stale.

The real benefits, such as the poisonous wormhole of the ancestor of the poison, the poisonous snakes, insects, rats and ants in it can make the scalp numb.

Zhu Yang let the cockroaches go down and swallow them. Although there are tens of thousands of cockroaches that have evolved through the poisonous water of the poisonous ancestors, this number is not enough in the higher world.

It has to evolve into a more terrifying number. Besides, if these things are not swallowed and let them run out, that is also a human tragedy.

In addition to this, there are also ancient books about the cultivation of Wandu ancestors. These are good things to take back to practice for their employees.

It is also possible for that world to evolve from a low-level field to a middle-level field under their joint efforts.

The more advanced the world aura is, the more abundant their cultivation base is.

With her, she had to work for the welfare of her little brothers, and although the low-level field integration she had experienced at that time, in her heart it was her own base camp.

It’s no wonder that she is thinking about recruiting employees while doing tasks. Her professionalism is impossible to use in reality and can only be poured there.

Zhu Yang collected the secrets and found a lot of genius treasures, there are also many types of Lingyunjing.

However, it was not as big as that of the Yun Po mother who was swallowed by her. After all, that size could not be met.

Zhu Yang gave one of Li Xuanli’s brother and sister Yun, and gave another one to the newly recruited employees.

The fairies who were working hard to earn performance, and at the same time, were all beautiful and powerful, they burst into tears.

I was so moved by the boss, this is always the case.

I haven’t done much work yet, and the great benefits continue to flow. How can they meet such a boss?

A group of monsters were crying and working while refining the spirit cloud crystals, tickling the monsters of the Ten Thousand Poison Mountain with jealousy.

Those are the treasures of cultivation that can only be enjoyed by the ancestors, let alone them, even the poisonous generals can only get one by making a wonderful work. Why these spicy chicken

Now that the treasure has been searched, the cave house of Wandu Mountain is useless, and Zhu Yang directly went down with a few shots and completely destroyed it.

But when it was too late, a little demon who looked like a ten-year-old child suddenly had a jade card in his hand and aimed at Zhu Yang, raising his hand to fold the jade card into two sections, trying to kill him with one blow.

A vicious smile appeared on his immature face, but the next second, the smile stiffened.

Because Zhu Yang, who should have been cut into two pieces out of thin air, stood there with a good eye, without frowning.

“It’s impossible,” he screamed.

Before he could escape, he was caught by Senior Brother Li and hit the ground directly.

“I remember this kid was a kid who came across when he first entered the cave and thought it belonged to some monster. That’s why.”

In the battle, she has always prevented the ancestors of the poison from using the soul-reading card. After all, using the human leather book to contract herself in order to achieve the purpose of cursing the contract with the Gu is only her theoretical assumption.

As for when others launched those contracts, they were completely useless, or she had to resist them carefully. Many still need to be tested, not to mention the fact that things are in the hands of the ancestor Wan Po but are not a concept in the hands of the three guys.

However, the ancestor of Wandu was forced by her to have no gaps and bit his whole body. He thought that the soul-reading card might be swallowed by a cockroach, but unexpectedly it was in the hands of this child.

Zhu Yang held down the little demon’s head, and his spirit invaded, only to find that there were two consciousnesses in it.

One of course is the child’s innocence, the other is exactly the same as the old demon of Wandu.

When I asked, it turned out to be correct. This child was a reincarnated body raised by the old demon with poison, and that old thing had long since been refined into the child’s consciousness with a ray of spiritual thoughts.

Because he has to select the most suitable body to restore peak state through the election of the national division, but in the end, these cultivators are all human beings, and they are susceptible to rejection of his demon soul, so they must be reconciled with the demon body.

The little demon’s strong roots are naturally a good choice.

Zhu Yang held down the little demon’s head and sneered, the little demon’s expression became terrified in her laugh.

Then Zhu Yang used mental power to pull out the consciousness that belonged to the ancestor of Ten Thousand Poisons and directly shred it.

Originally, her mental control ability was not so powerful, but she swallowed that piece of Lingyun Jing really as she expected.

Oral is too wasteful, and only the blending and refining of the spirit can make the best use of the real thing.

It is only now that Lingyun Jing has been refined for less than one-tenth. Once all of it has been refined, her mental power and spiritual power reserves will be directly at the level of advanced players.

Sure enough, as the head of Lu said, many things will be understood at that time.

The spirit of the ancestor Wan Po was shattered, and the little demon recovered the innocence and dazedness he should have at this age.

Many evil spirits of Wandu Mountain were directly obliterated by Zhu Yang, and the remaining ones who could be content with their duties were recorded on the record, and they made a soul oath not to take the initiative to harm humans.

Only then were they let go, Zhu Yang couldn’t destroy them all, after all, the balance must be controlled.

However, after half a day’s effort, the world’s No. 1 demon and its forces, which had been prominent for a century, were destroyed.

One by one, the monsters who scattered from Wandu Mountain to find their way out were quite a bit of a sense of despair of being destroyed by bandits.

Because all around Baili knew what happened before, and even approached Wandu Mountain boldly in order to find out what news.

As a result, I saw the goblins escaping, because the people in southern Xinjiang were accustomed to the rule of the ancestors of Ten Thousand Poisons. When these goblins were walking outside, most people regarded them as petty officials.

They stopped the fairies to ask about what happened in Wandu Mountain. Those fairies just escaped their lives, and when they were stopped to ask, they came out of grief, and they actually said the matter one to one.

However, from their point of view, Tianshi Zhu was a wicked robber.

But the other party’s perspective does not prevent Zhu Yang from becoming famous.

Therefore, the news seemed to have grown wings and spread quickly throughout the world. When Zhu Yang and the four of them returned on their way back, they encountered the first wave of people.

Taoists headed by Taoist priests from the National Teacher’s Office and several elders with advanced cultivation are not slow.

However, it has been more than a day since Zhu Yang wiped out Wandu Mountain and slashed the ancestor of Wandu.

After colliding face-to-face with Zhu Yang, the eyes of these people looked at her that even the old fox couldn’t maintain the surface calm.

“I wish you friends, along the way, I heard a lot of rumors that the ancestor of the poisonous poison has been put under your sword. This matter is serious.”

Since the ancestor of Wan Poison had been destroyed by Zhu Yang and there was no scum left, Zhu Yang raised his hand before a lot of poison attack secrets appeared.

Those people don’t look at the content inside, just relying on the aura on it, they also know that this thing has just been dug out from other people’s caves and it is fresh.

Everyone looked at her with horror that was beyond mere horror, and many of those who saw the secrets of cultivation actually looked a little hot.

These are all the secrets of the powerful ancestor of the poison, if you can get the hand

However, greed hasn’t grown, and before the things are clear, Zhu Yang waved the things away.

“I want to replace these things in Beijing and destroy them in public.”

This thing is not a serious practice method. Once practiced, it requires the bones and blood of young children and the pure soul to be taken regularly.

They can’t forget that the bones under the poison worm cave are full of bones of young children, and the number is shocking, so Zhu Yang raised his hand and exploded the ghost cave.

And according to the records found, the disciples of Xiaoyaomen were also selected from these children with excellent aptitude.

That is to say, Senior Brother Li and Junior Sister Yun present, including the three fellows, and so the two generations of disciples in recent years, are all sacrifices that were lucky enough to escape the devil’s claws.

It’s not the so-called orphans who were kindly adopted by the master. Although this ghost place looks rich, it’s about sacrificing children.

If a child is selected, there are those who do not want to be separated from their own family, but trade or even abduct other children to go up first.

Their life experience is no longer testable in this chaotic and huge amount of sacrifice, which makes Senior Brother Li and Senior Sister Yun anguish.

Zhu Yang looked at a few pitiful eyes, smiling but not smiling, “I know that you are addicted to practice, and you are naturally curious about the powerful and supernatural powers of the ancestor of Wandu. This is human nature.”

“Although the other party is outside the evil spirits, the concept of cultivation is not entirely undesirable. If you want to save the essence and open up a more complete cultivation method for the descendants of the Xuanmen, it is naturally a good thing.”

“I have a few authentic exercises here, but they are useful. I might as well lend them to you for a look. It’s just seniors who know what can abandon prejudice, learn from each other’s strengths, and what can’t be opened.”

This time the jujube family has increased the stick, so what can everyone say

It is a pity that they have to look at how young people can slash the head of ten thousand monsters under the sword. Their necks are not as hard as the ancestors of ten thousand poisons.

I know that the benefits of Wandu Mountain may be taken care of by this Xiaoyaomen, but what is the solution?

Xuanmen has always respected the strength, that is, there are private means that can be used, and the premise is that the strength of the group is stronger than the others.

But the power gap reaches a certain level, and any conspiracy is just a joke.

Some benefits can be divided, indicating that Xiaoyao Sect’s attitude towards the entire Xuan Sect is fairly friendly, and that the family is originally a prominent super group.

Although they have been away from the world for many years, the disciples who have come out are better than one. It can be seen that the overall strength of the sect of the people is, and it is not shameful for a sect like this to bow its head.

After a group of people quickly pondered them, they immediately changed their attitudes and compared them with Brother Zhu Yangli and their peers, and the posture was adequate.

Only the Taoist priests of the National Teacher’s Office were shocked.

But it’s not surprising, Xiaoyaomen, National Teacher’s Mansion, Wandu Mountain, the bosses of the three places are all Xiaoyaozi. There must be a cron who knows about this, otherwise it’s too tiring to hide from the world.

Zhu Yang looked back and glanced at the other person with a smile, “Oh, yes, my senior brothers and sisters have been in the National Teacher’s Office for a few days, and when they return, they will visit in person and express their thanks.”

After I finished speaking, it seemed as if I had reacted, “Ah, it doesn’t have to be so troublesome. The position of the national teacher is already in my pocket, so I don’t have to say it too much.”

Then he asked the other party, “By the way, there should be no more questions for the selection or do you want to have a written test last?”

“No, things that don’t need to be explained by the old national teacher have been done.” The Taoist priest was sweating profusely.

But Zhu Yang turned around and stopped looking at him, but they didn’t relax in their hearts.

This result is completely different from the plan. The omnipotent invincible National Teacher died, just like that in the hands of a little girl in her early twenties.

No, now it’s no longer possible to call the other person a little girl, how did that terrible strength cultivated?

If the national teacher is not dead, they can still try to make a comeback, but their loyalty is based on the indestructible strength of the national teacher, and this fortress collapsed.

This caused the people of the National Teacher’s Office to face the sudden loss of seeing the way forward, and for a while they didn’t know where to change.

Of course Zhu Yang wouldn’t care about these guys. Reality brought Brother Li and the others back to Xiaoyaomen.

Xiaoyaozi is dead, and several elders knew the moment he died, and they knew the truth about Zhu Yang’s defection.

But seeing that Zhu Yang brought Brother Li and Sister Yun back, the secret that Xiaoyaozi kept was clearly known to the apprentices.

In order not to destroy the century-old foundation of Xiaoyaomen, the elders can only pinch their noses to recognize the change of dynasty.

The key is that those who don’t recognize it have been slaughtered by Zhu Yang who chopped melons and vegetables. After all, in her eyes, these elders were not wronged.

Occupying the Xiaoyao Gate, Zhu Yang took Brother Li and they personally destroyed the soul-reading card and the exercises and arrays used to make it.

It was also announced that Senior Brother Li would inherit the position of head.

When everyone saw her come back, they thought she was coming back to seize power, but in the end it turned out to be the same.

But I have to say that compared with the domineering and arrogant Zhu Yang who defected to the black history, Brother Li’s popularity is too high, and it is simply what everyone expects.

Senior Brother Li was dumbfounded, unable to understand why Senior Sister gave him the position.

But on another thought, Junior Sister had a righteous heart, and she definitely didn’t want to see things that cover the sky with her hand. She would be a national teacher, and it was indeed inconvenient to be the head.

However, this idea was beaten in the face two days before it took shape, because after returning to Beijing, the position of national teacher was also transferred to him.

Zhu Yang only said that he would become the elder of the Xiaoyaomen in the future, and from then on, he tried to stay behind closed doors and practice with great concentration.

The so-called people who are smarter and better than you work harder than you. What kind of sourness is this?

In short, today when Zhu Yang is famous in the world, as long as she sits at the Xiaoyao Gate, no one has any objection to Brother Li’s successor to the National Teacher.

The most objectionable is Senior Brother Li himself. He excitedly said, “Sister, this is not the same as what we said. Since you know how much harm the ancestor of Shi Wandu is Xiaoyaozi and Guoshi, why do you let Senior Brother serve both at the same time? square”

“Don’t you worry that one day I will become the second ancestor of the poisonous master because of the loss of power”

Zhu Yang waved his hand. “According to common sense, this is certainly not a good way, but at a very moment, the old foxes in the Xuanmen are not credible. They share the strength of southern Xinjiang. You have also seen that the position of the national teacher is in their hands. I am truly white. Get busy.”

“And the emperor is unbearable, and he wants to hand over the people to this paranoid and inferiority man, who has been overhead and suddenly gained power throughout his life, can you rest assured?”

“I only trust you now. Together with Junior Sister Yun, slowly change the world.”

Seeing that Brother Li still wanted to say, she looked at Li Xuan with a smile.

“Furthermore, if you get lost in power one day, but you lose your heart and do something that hurts the world, it’s not that no one can punish you.”

“So don’t think that I have given you so much benefit. You are acting as a bully for your master’s work. Shouldn’t you, a big brother, shoulder the responsibility and even want me as a senior sister to come.”

What she said made Brother Li feel at ease, thinking that she would keep watching herself behind her back.

But Li Xuan knew that this guy was talking about himself.

Li Xuan couldn’t help but raise his lips. It seems that he has passed the test of this guy. If he becomes a player, then relying on his own advantages and increasing the frequency of customs clearance, I believe it is not a idiot to become as strong as Zhu Yang.

Players cannot be too arrogant in their own world, and he cannot compete for power here.

However, the player naturally has the obligation to protect his own world, so he will become a secret observer in this world in the future to prevent people like Wandu Patriarch from emerging.

After the discussion, a few people went to the National Teacher’s Office.

The Taoist priests of the National Teacher’s Mansion did not even escape, because they were like Brother Li and the orphans who had been adopted by the National Teacher since childhood. After leaving here, the world didn’t even know where they could fit.

Zhu Yang sat on his head, glanced at the Taoist priest who knelt down below, and took a sip of tea.

Then he said lazily, “Okay, your position remains the same, and I don’t think I can find anyone who is more loyal to the National Teacher’s Office than you.”

These people are not so much loyal to the old national teacher, they are more attached to the belonging of the national teacher mansion.

If the ancestor Wandu was still alive, he might be able to instigate these guys to rebel, but at this moment there is no scum of death left.

Then no one can instigate them, without the National Teacher’s Mansion, they are like floating without roots.

Even if it wasn’t for Brother Li finally, just the symbol of finally being a national teacher, there is no need to abandon them. Even if you inject new blood, you have to do it step by step, and you don’t have to make yourself difficult from the beginning.

Drive these people down, the emperor can immediately smash the forces of the National Teacher’s Palace, believe it or not

That emperor Zhu Yang couldn’t be trusted.

The Taoist priests were relieved when they heard the words, and one after another, they worshipped Senior Brother Li. It was a foregone conclusion.

Then she said, “There were three defected disciples from Xiaoyao’s door before. You should have arranged them. Where are they still alive?”

“For those who are alive, because the old national teacher is still useful, so I didn’t treat it harshly.”

No harsh treatment, but it’s not as if the big fish and the meat are waiting to be eaten. No matter how you say it, whoever has seen a better life

But Zhu Yang never expected that those three players were actually so close to him.

A tunnel was dug underground in the National Teacher’s Palace. This tunnel has a wide range of uses, including the torture room, the merit room, the dead soldier camp, and the information exchange channel.

The secret road exit is not located anywhere else, just below the mansion where Zhu Yang lived, which is why the day she moved in, she said that someone deliberately arranged it so that no one was patronized.

In fact, people should come here often, and because they want to hide their eyes and ears, all things that pretend to be gods and ghosts are made by the National Teacher’s Office.

Zhu Yang was thinking about setting up the house there and waiting for him, but no one came these days, so she put aside.

Who knows where no one will come to a house as big as hers, so she directly suppressed the exit, and who can still get it?

The most tragic thing is that the cell where the three players are locked is directly opposite the location of the villa kitchen.

It’s just that the three of them were given aphasia spells, and they were restricted from moving. They couldn’t make a big noise and ask for help.

So when Zhu Yang came in, the three players saw her eyes all red.

Zhu Yang thought that the three were wronged, and seeing her was as eagerly happy as seeing her relatives.

Who knew that when the aphasia curse was solved, the three players cursed her before the soul-reading card chains were gone.

“My day, you are not a human being, you have lived here for seven days, seven days.”

Zhu Yang was also a little embarrassed. Although it was not an obligation to save the player, but to be honest, it was not the other party who passed a thousand paper cranes, and she would not figure out the big picture of the matter so quickly. These things were originally mutually beneficial.

Seeing these people have suffered so much, but she lived on it, and she couldn’t be saved after two walls. It was indeed a torture in her heart.

Just about to apologize, I heard the player bitterly say, “Seven days, mom, make good food every day.”

“The smell overflowed, making people want to die. I banged my head against the ceiling. You just can’t hear or hear.”

“For those of you who are special, you also report the name of the dish, and explain the method and taste in detail. Do you know that these turtle grandsons can easily feel the movement above for better monitoring.”

“We are devastated by you guys who enjoy alone every day.” Something went wrong, please refresh and try again


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