Scream Queen Chapter 159

Everyone knows the cooking skills of pheasant essence, a generation of wives-like handsome men with extraordinary talents, the degree of virtuousness and the appearance of a cool and brave demon once showed a serious contrast.

Sister Yun’s cooking skills, let alone, it’s not pleasing to say, if one day the world’s spiritual power is exhausted, the spirits disappear, and the people of the profound school will lose their jobs.

Whether she is practicing medicine or cooking, she is definitely one of the best in the world.

Because I want to teach pheasant essence and appetizer for each meal, during that time, it is changed in a different way and it is delicious.

If it weren’t for Zhu Yang’s use of illusion techniques to cover it up, he would be afraid that the ghost house would not be able to contain the fragrant fragrance.

But human noses are so easy to hide, dogs’ noses are much sharper. Recently, many wild dogs have come around nearby.

When outsiders saw it, they thought it was a haunted house and added an ominous vision, so they didn’t dare to get closer.

So Zhu Yang can understand the torture of the three guys during meal time, tea time, and supper time every day.

Zhu Yang quickly untied them, and said, “It’s not that they are not hungry for you.”

The mentality of the three of them is pretty good, and because of the limitations of the soul-reading card chain, they are not afraid of their tricks. Moreover, the selection of the national teacher is busy, so they didn’t take them seriously.

I have suffered a bit before, but it is not too sad.

As soon as the three of them untied, they immediately smashed the lunch they had just sent before they had time to eat.

“Look at what you eat in this special”

It can’t be said to be bad, just ordinary dry bread and water.

Zhu Yang also urged the narrow, and said with a smile, “It’s okay for you to smell the pancakes.”

After speaking, seeing the three players staring at her with red eyes, they laughed to death, but they didn’t feel helpless.

Said to the pheasant, “Quick, go up and make lunch.”

After a meal was gobbled down, the depression that had accumulated in the three people’s hearts for so many days finally dissipated a lot.

This is the only way to express gratitude to Zhu Yang, “If it weren’t for you, we would explain it here for this round.”

“I didn’t expect the game to make such an arrangement, and that’s all about the identity. Recalling the card, Nyima, simply choked his life at the beginning.”

The player who sent her a letter for help was also afraid of saying, “When I was famous outside, I also made friends with a few big sect capable people. When I knew there was a hidden family of Xiaoyaomen, I wondered if there would be a copy this time Helped.”

“Bah, I think too much about good things. It won’t work. You have to remember it. Otherwise, let’s not talk about the hurdles leading to the high-level field.

After talking about this, Zhu Yang knew that out of the three players, two of them were already in the level of impact.

And more than once.

Like this, there are opportunities everywhere, but at the same time there are copies of dangers and traps everywhere, which is an impact copy.

If you can gain a lot from this kind of dungeon, you can accumulate the capital to become a high-level player, and even cross that barrier in one fell swoop.

But this kind of dungeon is not for Da Lala to tell the player, so that the player can prepare in advance.

The degree of danger of each copy is unknown, just like an examination question that will never draw you knowledge.

However, two of these players have been more than the first time, so they can usually be touched during the game.

So the result this time made them very regretful. The starting point and the difficulty of the game were ordinary at first, and they even regarded this place as an ordinary intermediate copy.

But they can’t be blamed. Once a copy of this impact level fails to perform well, then it will be played back to the original level, and several ordinary intermediate copies will be continued, and then the game will do it when it thinks you can try again. arrangement.

If the game’s assessment of a certain player is always unqualified, it will not arrange such a copy that is full of dangers and opportunities, and the probability of death is several times higher than usual.

So many players spend their entire lives in the mid-level field. This is the evaluation of the game.

This opportunity was missed, and the two players may have to accumulate several more games before they can get the chance to hit the level again.

But at any rate, their lives were saved, and since the two have experienced it several times, it can be seen that in the game, their evaluations are not low. After all, the impact is successful at one time, rarely.

Even many people have experienced this kind of dungeon, because they have not triggered enough difficulty, and have not challenged the biggest boss, and they don’t know if they have missed it.

Knowing that Zhu Yang hit her for the first time at this time, and also came up with such a perfect evaluation, the three players couldn’t help but sincerely worship her.

“I knew you were one of the top players in the game, but I didn’t expect to be so powerful.”

“It’s over once. When we first time, we didn’t even know that we had faced such an opportunity. Later, we went out and slowly analyzed the clearance process, and then asked friends of advanced players to ask, and then we reacted.”

But there is no jealousy. They also know now that Li Xuan is a traverser and has the intention to become a player.

Because his starting point is high and the world he lives in can give high enough benefits, if there is no accident, the future of this kid can be expected, so while the three of them are optimistic about him, they don’t cover up their words.

He also learned from him the specific process of the battle at Wandu Mountain.

Although I don’t know how Zhu Yang avoided the terrible soul card, let’s not say anything else.

For them, in that situation, it would be impossible for Zhu Yang to fight for it like this.

After all, they are much worse in strategy and courage than others. They have to make a few moves once they pass by, and that is not injustice.

But fortunately, before they were arrested, they already had some reputation. The fifty-first place in the celestial master list was not included, but the eighty-ranked ones were still well-known on the list.

In any case, the completion of basic tasks is not bad.

After receiving the prompt of successful customs clearance, the three of them thanked Zhu Yang again, and teased that the next time they met was in the senior court.

After another period of politeness, the three also left the game, saying that they had to go back to ponder a similar situation.

It seems that the prompts of the game are also slightly sensitive, and Zhu Yang believes that they will not stop at the midfield.

They can go, but Zhu Yang can’t leave so soon.

Brother Li just came up here, and since Zhu Yang wanted to build momentum for him to consolidate his position, he also had to show off.

The first name selected by his national teacher was publicly handed over to the senior, but it was overturned several times, and it was finally a foregone conclusion.

However, Senior Brother Li is also a companion with her to kill the demon, not to be missed, and the overall strength of Xiaoyaomen is admirable. Even Zhu Yang, who is in town, has no objection to this result.

I understand why the Xiaoyao Gate is so powerful, even Zhu Yang, who seems to be a high-profile luxury, can endure the pain of submerged cultivation.

And Xiaoyaomen also promised that in the future, most of the disciples will continue to practice in retreat as they did in the previous thirty years. Although they were born, they will not be too high-profile.

This made Xuanmen feel at ease, at least without being overwhelmed by these amazing talents.

However, he also urged the nephews of the descendants of the sect to reduce the vain aura and cultivate more painstakingly, and the atmosphere of the entire profound sect became clearer.

Brother Li knew that Zhu Yang was leaving, and he seemed to feel something in his heart.

He alone asked Zhu Yang to come out and talk to her, “In fact, I had expected it.”

“Even though I see you, I feel cordial, and I know that we grew up together and have a deep friendship, but when I think about it, those memories are not substantiated, just like watching a shadow play in the eyes of a third person.”

“You are not my junior sister, are you”

Zhu Yang was a little surprised, the implantation of the game would definitely not be flawed again, which was not discovered by the ancestors of the poison.

However, as expected, the ancestor Wandu treated these disciples as animals and used them to replenish their mana reserves.

If a person truly understands what his domestic poultry thinks, logically and emotionally, he can’t find any clues, and naturally there is no possibility of finding abnormalities.

But Brother Li is different. Zhu Yang’s assigned identity has a special relationship with him. There is also the anger and heartache of betraying the teacher, and the surprise during the selection of the national teacher.

In order to plant some seeds in their hearts, Zhu Yang also hinted repeatedly.

Brother Li had a clear mind, and when he went back and was immersed in his thoughts, he naturally noticed something was wrong.

Zhu Yang couldn’t help but sigh, perhaps this is the risk that the higher the level of the dungeon world is, the easier it will be.

He also nodded, and said to Senior Brother Li, “Well, I am not, in fact we are just tourists here.”

“We are also surprised to get the identity of the disciple of the Xiaoyao disciple, and even the soul-reading card control.”

“But we have a task, and we have to do everything we can.” He said solemnly, “Brother Li, I’m sorry.”

Brother Li smiled bitterly, “Where is it that you can’t help us? You have come from afar, you have been caught in a dangerous situation, your reputation has been seriously injured, and the situation is even more embarrassing. You have to worry about the fate here. It is us who should be ashamed.”

“Our Profound Sect failed to handle things well, so that we can’t keep it here, we have to rely on other existence to smooth it out for us.”

He now thinks that Zhu Yang’s appearance is a more absolute existential taboo of the great ancestor of Ten Thousand Poisons, fearing that the world will be disrupted by the old poison and become a purgatory on earth, so he sent someone to deal with him.

In short, he thought Zhu Yang was a substitute for the real fairy in the sky.

When Zhu Yang saw his misunderstanding, he didn’t explain it. Strictly speaking, it was almost the same.

She never underestimated the aborigines of the dungeon world. If many players hadn’t wiped their butts in the game, it would have been an irreversible incident.

Especially in the higher world, there are some aboriginals who are capable enough to break the barrier of the world.

A mere player would dare to have a sense of superiority in front of others, without knowing how to die.

As far as Zhu Yang knows, it’s not that no players died because they were taken away by the residents of the high-level field. As for the specific operation, Lu Datou did not tell her.

Another unspeakable secret that has not been unlocked.

When things were arranged, Zhu Yang relaxed and Li Xuan went home.

This time, he didn’t have to drag him all the way to travel, and he quickly packed him back after traveling thousands of miles.

Li Xuan was very reluctant to see that she was leaving, and asked her, “When will I be able to see you again and how to become a player? I’m not sure at the moment.”

Zhu Yang smiled, “Don’t worry, the game is already focused on you, and you were helping to kill the enemy in Wandu Mountain, and you were almost killed by the poisonous monsters several times. You already met the player’s screening criteria.

“Maybe you will be able to receive a selection task in a few days after you go back. Usually, the ghost comes out to scare you. The better the performance, the higher the initial score. I will leave you a little weapon in a while. If you have you, this place is originally a place for cultivation. The starting point should be very high, and soon you can become an intermediate player.”

Li Xuandao “Sure, then I will wait for ghosts to find me when I get home.”

He said and said, “I just look forward to a decent ghost this time, don’t seduce a female ghost, if it’s really like that, it’s a selection exam”

Zhu Yang sighed, not to mention, as far as the initial selection is concerned, Li Xuan’s quality is much higher than that of ordinary people, even though she may not have been so calm at the beginning.

People are afraid and worried about going to see a ghost, but he is better, picking and choosing.

Zhu Yang asked him again, “You are not going to take the imperial examination”

Li Xuan shook his head, “I don’t really want to be an official, but being an official in this era is the best way for me.”

“I have to take care of my mother and sister and give them support, but I don’t want to give up modern thinking. Once you leave, my place is no different from the original.”

“But if you enter the game and become a player, you can still go to the modern world every few months to breathe, and when the time comes, your strength will become stronger, even if you are not an official, you can protect your family.”

Although not every dungeon world has a modern background, it also injected vitality into his life.

This guy is not the type who is content with the status quo, otherwise he won’t be entangled by monsters many times. He has adventures and romances that belong to men.

Zhu Yang asked again, “But it’s life-threatening.”

However, his face suddenly became a little weird. “Sister, in fact, in this world, the probability of death of ordinary people is not much lower than in the game.”

“You see my family is wealthy. As long as there is no big problem, it is okay to be rich and happy for a lifetime.”

“Three years ago, there was a wealthy household in our town. It was because the family’s property was greedy by the prefect, and he refused to compromise, so he was falsely accused of losing his life.”

“You know how many people die on the road every year, those who go to Beijing to rush for the exams, the scholars who go out to study, the traffickers who go around asking for life, and how many people die every year.

“For another example, in this era, a cold may kill one person. If I had a high fever in modern times, it is not a matter of not going to the doctor, because I know my body can bear it, but here I dare not ignore it. Take medicine to see the doctor.”

“Sister, I know that the game is dangerous. I am not purely for excitement and fun. Maybe if I were my last life, I would not easily choose to become a player and take similar life risks.”

“But in this life, this risk is not too high compared to reality, but the reward is much higher than that of being an official. Moreover, the officialdom is violent, and it is not a careless loss of life.”

“Besides, Brother Li and I have been fighting side by side. In case of bad luck, it’s okay to ask him shyly to take care of my mother and sister after I die.”

He had considered everything he could think about, and how Zhu Yang could ensure that risks were not risks depended on everyone’s situation.

Fortunately for Li Xuan, if it is a warrior in the age of war, the death rate of a game with each other is simply pediatric.

Lady Xiucai was very happy to see them coming back from the study tour. Because these two-month-old son was not at home, Lady Xiucai was able to clean up her, and she was much more honest.

Since this guy had a criminal record of hurting his son for a woman, Lady Xiucai couldn’t help but play with women with the money he earned.

When I came back this time, Li Xuan’s younger sister was also picked up from the country. The little girl was about ten years old, she was very cute, and she relied on her elder brother.

No wonder Li Xuan can’t let go of his family in this life anyway.

Zhu Yang thanked the Xiucai lady for her retention, and just as he was about to quit the game world, he felt that Li Xuan’s ghost was passing by.

She smiled, it seems that the selection test has already begun.

However, just as Xie Yi couldn’t help her in the first place, she couldn’t help Li Xuan for the same reason.

I also believe that Li Xuan can solve the difficulty of the selection field in this district. After all, he has experienced the battle of Wandu Mountain, and many intermediate players have not had such a brilliant experience.

So Zhu Yang also logged out neatly.

Zhu Yang’s harvest this time is still plentiful. The ancestor of Wandu was originally difficult for her current strength to overcome, but she was killed by her, and the whole force was uprooted by her and handled cleanly.

The evaluation is naturally the highest sss level, and although the abilities obtained this time are not many, each one is rare.

The first is the improved version of Yundu Mother’s corpse control ability.

Mother Yunpo can contaminate monsters and humans with her corpse poison, turning these people into puppets who listen to her orders. She was splashed by her corpse poison at the beginning, and it was Zhu Yang’s intrepid attack by countless monsters. Interrupted and completed the instructions conscientiously.

However, Zhu Yang does not have corpse poison, so the medium has become a worm. As long as the worm transformed by her spiritual power has a light bite, it can be used by her.

But it will not harm the controlled person itself, because her spiritual power is non-toxic.

But if you want to make the puppet desperate like Yundu’s mother, the result will naturally be another matter.

This ability is very useful for gathering intelligence and layout, but it must be used in combat with care not to involve the innocent.

The other one can’t be said to be ability. After all, the toxin of the ancestor of Wan Poison has been ingested by her cockroaches. It is a benefit already obtained in battle, and it is not a reward.

All the games directly rewarded Wandu Patriarch’s cultivation as a reward.

The ancestor of Wan Po is a bug-level existence in this world, and the strength of cultivation is still above Zhu Yang when converted into spiritual power.

Spiritual power is the capital for expanding ability, and the upper limit of spiritual power is the upper limit of power.

Zhu Yang has gained the cultivation base of the ancestor of Ten Thousand Poisons, but it is not the concept that one plus one equals two, so many of her abilities have been qualitatively evolved.

Before that, Zhu Yang was still trying to find a way to find opportunities to improve several other abilities, not to mention reaching the level of insect plague and mind power, but he definitely can’t let such a good ability not evolve.

Now with the cultivation base of the ancestor of Wan Poison and the refinement of that piece of Lingyun Crystal, Zhu Yang’s strength is already at the level of an advanced player.

It is even common for newly promoted high-level players to pass two or three high-level field estimates before they can reach her level. This comparison of strength has long been settled in her mind.

With these two rewards alone, everything else can be ignored, not to mention her harvest in Wandu Mountain is already rich.

Using the resources of this dungeon to fill the haunted house dungeon, if you can make it from the primary field to the intermediate field, then it is also a great merit, and the hidden benefits naturally need not be said.

With the benefits of this dungeon and the increased strength, Zhu Yang will be able to go to the high court immediately and see the wider world.

She came back happily in her heart, and disappeared in less than two seconds. When she left, she should come back naturally or how.

Longlong was holding her right now, dissatisfied with not being able to follow the copy.

As soon as Zhu Yang came out, he caught Longlong and kissed fiercely, “I will take you soon.”

He also praised it and said, “Because of the scales that Longlong metabolizes, his mother has recruited a lot of powerful little brothers. Although Longlong did not follow, he also helped his mother.”

This exaggeration made the child so happy that he was squinted with comfort after being pushed along the dragon scales.

Zhu Yang took out Xiao Ji and Xiao Qian, and was startled by Xiao Ji.

Because when she entered, she was just a young chicken, although Xiaoji grew a little after she swallowed the Lingyunjing, her feathers covered her body, and the adult chicken completely turned into a chicken.

But now, after the mission was over and the ancestor of Ten Thousand Poisons was cultivated, Xiao Ji has matured several times, and his body is bigger, and his body shape has changed from a child’s fatness to a firmness.

The feathers all over his body became golden, as if they were shining. The tail feathers were long and beautiful, and they looked less like chickens, but they didn’t look like phoenixes.

What I really want to say is more like a golden crow with only two legs.

Zhu Yang smashed the baby who had changed from a child chicken to a juvenile chicken. “Oh, what kind of chicken is my little chick? It’s not accurate. It’s really worrying.”

Xiao Ji was also very happy that he grew up. It told Zhu Yang that he could feel that he had become stronger and could better protect his mother in the future.

Longlong became displeased when he heard it, and said, “No matter what the roots and feet, there are only flat-haired beasts.”

Xiao Ji immediately pecked at it, and the two brothers fought together in an instant, and for a while, Zhu Yang’s room jumped.

When Zhu Yang and Zhu Qianyi were torn down by themselves, they were already sweating profusely, and the child’s spirit was too good, but also worried.

However, Xiao Ji’s appearance changed so much overnight that he would have to cover up for fear that his family would not accept it.

Zhu Yang used illusion techniques to turn Xiao Ji into the way he was before, and then grabbed its wings at breakfast the next day and told the family that the child might be developing in these few days.

Zhu Weixin reported the chicken over, looked at its wings, and said happily, “Eh, look at this wing. It is a few millimeters longer than when I measured it yesterday.”

This guy still measures every day

The family was very happy about the change of Xiaoji’s apex. The species of Xiaoji was unknown, and it remained in the juvenile stage for a long time, so it was grown up, but they believed that this was also an extremely slow process.

In the next few days, it would be like riding on the Rockets, just like a day, just like making up for the lack of progress.

On the fifth day, Zhu Weixin hugged Xiao Chi and sat on the sofa.

He touched the golden-red feathers of the chick that were beautiful as the setting sun, and sighed, “I don’t need any more meat, and it’s fast for a child to pull a stick.”

I wish my mother laugh at him, “Don’t talk about it, don’t you remember that when I was in junior high school, my dad and I went abroad to discuss business for two months and didn’t go home.”

“In just two months, you rose a lot. You were not as tall as your sister, but suddenly you were half a head taller than her.”

“Remember, I was beaten for this matter.” Zhu Weixin said aggrievedly. “My sister said that looking up at my neck was sore.”

The situation of being bullied by the cruel and inhumane since childhood is clearly on paper.

Zhu’s mother touched Zhu Qian’s head and said, “If Xiao Qian grows taller than you in the future, you can’t bully him.”

Zhu Weixin stopped doing it immediately. “Why dare to grow taller and get beaten? Isn’t this our family tradition?”

I was so angry that I hurriedly grabbed him, “You are really planning to bully my brother”

He stared at Zhu Yang, “Look at the good head you brought.”

Zhu Qian obediently said, “Don’t worry, mother, my brother can’t beat me, I will let him then.”

Zhu Weixin said, “Boy, you are crazy, come to the practice room with me, so that you can teach you not to commit secondary illness at home.”

In the end, Zhu Weixin was caught by Zhu Qianko, and he squatted in the corner with blank eyes all morning without coming out for lunch.

I kept muttering “I am the hottest chicken in the house, I shouldn’t”

Xiao Ji couldn’t beat him, even his brother couldn’t beat him. Zhu Weixin, who wanted to save face, turned his sights on Longlong.

As a result, Longlong gave him a disdainful look at the spicy chicken. The meaning was obvious.

One yard goes to one yard, the uncle is the real uncle, and the spicy chicken is also the real spicy chicken. The two do not conflict.

I was shocked that Zhu Weixin wanted to hit the big wall, and later deceived Lu Li and Yin Jun to compete with Zhu Qian, and they were also a little better after losing.

But at this time it was Lu Li and Yin Jun’s turn to doubt life.

Of course, these are things to follow. Zhu Yang brought Xiao Ji Longlong and Zhu Qian to the villa after Zhu Weixin went to school.

Datou Lu had been waiting there because he had been informed by her early, and he had said hastily about customs clearance on the phone.

Zhu Yang originally didn’t want to tell him about fighting against Wandu ancestors, but what kind of experience Lu Xiuci is

Immediately found something was wrong, and after repeated questioning, Zhu Yang didn’t want to answer, but he guessed most of it through his facial reactions, and finally had to honestly explain.

Lu Xiuci didn’t expect it to be so dangerous this time. He even used the resurrection pills. He was distressed and angry.

“In the future, don’t be too strong for this kind of thing. If you see the situation is wrong, use the pass symbol. The reward and the task are not important, you are the most important.” He was a little afraid of holding her.

Zhu Yang said, “I’m fully prepared, don’t worry, I’m more cherish my life than you, and of course my life is the first premise.”

Lu Xiuci still couldn’t calm down for a long time, but think about it better, she will soon enter the high-level field.

As long as you have a firm foothold in the advanced field, then the game will not have too much life threat, unless it encounters special circumstances.

For example, there is a direct dispute between two games, but this kind of thing, who is precisely affected, the probability is smaller than the actual accident.

When Zhu Yang saw him like this, he changed the subject, and the treasurer said to him, “I not only rewarded me this time, but I can recruit many new boys. I will show you.”

As he said, he pulled people to the outdoor swimming pool, and took out the fairies in the spirit beast bag one by one.

There was an explanation before leaving the copy, because everyone knew that the next time they came out was another world.

They wanted to show their best image, just like Zhu Yang’s preliminary decision.

So Lu Xiuci saw Zhu Yang stretch out his hand

Well, a beautiful woman with fox ears.

Reach out again

A beautiful woman with white rat ears.

Pay again

A beautiful woman with bunny ears.

Also pay

A young man with black wings.

That’s not right.

Lu Xiuci watched her dig out the fairies one by one, and her expression became more and more wrong. How come these people are all beautiful and enchanting fairies.

After landing one by one, they didn’t make any noise, they were quite regular, and their eyes focused on Zhu Yang.

But why are all of them so springy, shy and timid, just like the oiran who was redeemed by the master.

His eyes are full of admiration and longing for a new life.

Wait, what’s going on with those two men is that fairy-like white carp and the evil and enchanting pheasant, they watched his girlfriend put on some electricity

No, it’s not just male discharges, but females also have a special virtue. Just for the c-bit standing next to Zhu Yang, a group of fairies still secretly show off.

You secretly pull my hair, I secretly step on you jio, this Nima is basically the scene of a favor

Lu Xiuci’s face was getting greener, holding his arms and watching the little fairies come out one by one.

When the fairies first came out to see him, they were only wary of this person’s senses. After all, this guy was really handsome and had a strong aura, looking like a powerful competitor.

But here they only thought it was the brother of the boss in another world.

However, as they became more and more crowded, this person’s complexion changed. He stood there holding his arms and looked at them with a strange look, as if he was about to blurt out some questions.

But this guy has a strong aura, and that aura is too natural.

Most of these goblins have either seduce good women and men, or on the way to seduce good women and men, they have never eaten pork and have seen pigs run.

I just think how this person looks at them like the aura of the palace, and it makes them feel a little nervous.

When Zhu Yang released all the fairies, he happily said, “I will send you to work in two days. You will live here for two days. Let’s have a party together.”

I have been following Zhu Yang for a long time, nothing else, how to play is the first thing to learn, so everyone cheered after hearing her words.

Because there have been several rounds of lakeside pool parties outside, although these fairies come from ancient times, they don’t have the shame and reservedness of human women.

As soon as the coat was taken off, the underwear she was wearing was revealed. The female elves saw that Zhu Yang was wearing this, and they also abandoned their apron pants.

After Fu Jiang was expelled from the beast bag, the clothes, cosmetics and shoes in it were not removed, Zhu Yang also added a lot of new ones.

The fairies dress up all day long and have adapted to modern dress and aesthetics, but the image of ancient costumes is also one of their big selling points, so both hands must be hard.

Speaking far, it is said that these fairies take off only underwear, what kind of lace leopard pattern pink tie, what kind of style.

There are no swimsuits around at the moment, but they just need to change the details of their underwear.

The fairies who do not rely on beauty to eat have already jumped out of the pool like living monkeys. Because of the understanding of the villa layout and the use of modern equipment, although this is unfamiliar, they also know where to find things.

In a short while, a group of ingredients, fine wine, barbecue grills, snacks and desserts were taken out of it.

Young masters Xiao Ji and Zhu Qian were placed on the recliner with their doglegs, and one person gave them a glass of juice and dessert, and asked them to wait for the barbecue to finish.

These guys are nothing. They are lively but not annoying. Children are happy with the atmosphere, and Lu Xiu doesn’t care.

The leprechauns who are reliable looking to eat are not right.

The female monsters didn’t squeeze close to Zhu Yang, and the **** kept rubbing against her, and the snow-white legs were stretched out and entangled.

Surrounded her and asked blatantly, but in fact she was fighting for beauty

“Boss, do you see if my underwear is a little tight, you help me re-button it.”

“Boss, there is something wrong with my cup, do you see if it hasn’t been adjusted properly, you can help me adjust it.” He said that he rubbed his chest directly in front of Zhu Yang.

Well, women know how to adjust the cup when it is crooked.

“Boss, this is my own improved style. Do you think it’s okay? I’ll make a set for you. I don’t need a ruler to measure it. I will know the size by touching your chest.”

“Boss, do you see if I have grown taller again.” In fact, he stretched out his beautiful legs.

In this scene, it is reasonable to see that most of the men are full of blood, a group of big beauties with different styles.

Not to mention wearing cool clothes, wearing beast ears and beast tails, and even comes with special effects of lotus flowers, and even those who become elves are in heaven.

Truxiuci’s face was getting darker and darker.

Did not run, this Nima is really a harem did not run.

This is also surprising, the female elves are enchanting, and the men are not too much.

Especially the carp and the pheasant, one of them took sunscreen and said, “Boss, I will wipe it for you.”

The other opened the front “It’s your boss, I learned another massage technique, let’s try it”

The string in Lu Xiuci’s mind finally broke, and he went up and grabbed the fairies and threw them into the swimming pool one by one, splashing huge water splashes.

Seeing Zhu Yang’s face turned blue and asked, “This is the new employee you hired”

Zhu Yang was very satisfied with his recruitment results and said with a smile, “Yes, how are they all good seedlings?”

What seedling seduce your seedling

Lu Xiuci was aggrieved in her heart, but she couldn’t tell. From a young age, she liked to bring beautiful men and women into gangs. No matter what others thought, she was just vanity.

But it would be funny to question her for this. What he liked about her included vanity and domineering.

Seeing a group of little fairies reveling in the swimming pool, Lu Xiuci deeply felt a sense of aggrieved wives facing enchanting concubines.

He gritted his teeth, “Send away, all away. Since it’s an employee, I will work hard. If I don’t do anything all day long, I think it’s nothing to have a good relationship with the boss.”

Zhu Yang was inexplicable, “But I like beautiful people to serve me.”

Lu Xiu says “you”

Zhu Yang didn’t know what he thought. He wanted to tease him, so he leaned closer and said, “How can I eat?”

“Don’t worry, as long as you don’t die, they will all be concubines after all”

Lu Xiuci was really strong in heart, so he was not mad at this guy. He took a deep breath and recruited Longlong.

Pointing to the fairies in the pool, “Take these concubines and swallow all these fairies for me.”

The dragon dragon naturally came in the image of a white snake, and it would deform and reduce its aura. These little monsters had its dragon scales in their hands, and there was no way to see through its disguise.

Hearing his father’s order, the dragon scales who were robbing Xiaoji for the recliner position suddenly changed back to their original shape, and their body increased dozens of times out of thin air.

Of course it hasn’t changed back to its body size, but its size is amazing. It has a big mouth, and it has to swallow a mouthful of the fairy soup in the pool.

Suddenly I heard Zhu Yang’s voice, “Don’t go home if you dare to swallow, and go with your dad.”

Longlong opened his blood basin with his mouth wide open, so he froze there. The mouth was wide and one person high, and the nearest monster was trembling with fear by the sudden dragon’s breath and dragon’s breath.

They thought it was an ordinary pet snake. It turned out that this was the boss’s dragon, and the scales they got should have come from it.

Then the man is not a competitor. It’s the real Daoist companion of their boss. So just now he seduce a demonstration in front of him, that is, the old birthday star hangs himself.

A group of monsters were almost scared to death, and no longer dared to behave indiscriminately to exclude dissidents.

But fortunately, Bai Long also listened to the boss’s words, so he didn’t dare to move forward, but this was also scary.

Longlong was also sweating profusely. Of course, his father’s order was absolute, but when it went against his mother’s order.

Although it used to be in its own world, it was disdainful of everyone except his father.

But after all, a child with a mother is like a treasure, who spends a lot of time at home, if you really leave it to his father, it would be envious compared to Xiaoji.

Lu Xiu was anxious, “I knew you were useless.”

Longlong closed his mouth, changed back to his usual size, and said dissatisfiedly to his father, “What I dare not to do requires a child, despicable.”

Xiaoji also fits “despicable”

Lu Xiu’s speech “”

Suddenly, the status of other family members will rise over time. That’s what he means by standing alone, and will always return to the bottom.

Zhu Yang laughed enough, so he coaxed him, pulled the person down on the recliner, and sat in his arms close to his ears and said, “I bought a lot of costume clothes, and also learned a lot of beautiful hair buns, do you want to watch it at night?”

When will Lu Xiuci be able to withstand this set of concubines full of yards, although they are an eye-catcher, their own welfare is absolutely not allowed.

The result was that he was slapped up again in twos or twos, and when he recovered, he sat on the side in depression, looking at a room of fairies in distress. Something went wrong, please refresh and try again


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