Scream Queen Chapter 16

The house is located in the laneway, with high walls on both sides. Because of the age, the walls are covered with moss and some climbing vines.

There were few street lamps in the whole alley, and lack of repairs. The light bulbs flickered and the light was dim.

When Zhu Yang and the others came back at night, they had to turn on their mobile phone flashlights to see the way.

So this kind of gloomy alley is convenient for people to do evil.

Even if it’s less than 20 meters from the inside, it’s busy and busy outside, but this short distance seems to be divided into two worlds.

It was obviously not the first time that the high school student tenant was bullied in front of the place where he lived. The three gangsters are no strangers to this side.

Seeing that he only held his schoolbag tightly and did not speak, the gangsters were a little impatient.

He snatched his bag: “Hold so tightly, can’t you just go to the bank today?”

Seeing people grabbing bags, Wu Yue’s always silent and cowering attitude suddenly became agitated, desperately struggling to grab the belt, and then violently pulled back.

It’s a boy, even looking so thin, he has some strength. He suddenly went crazy and didn’t care about it, and cut the hand of the **** who snatched the bag so much pain.

Suddenly he was so embarrassed that he smashed his stomach with a punch. It may have hit his stomach. Wu Yue bowed his body and almost vomited.

Naturally, there is no spare capacity to keep the backpack.

The man eagerly unzipped the zipper, and violently poured out the contents, but there was nothing but a few broken books.

Suddenly felt as irritated as having been played, kicked the book with one foot, then turned around and grabbed Wu Yue’s hair and slapped it on the face——

“You’re courageous, aren’t you? Dare to play with me? You don’t have a hand to cover a few hands, it’s like someone wants to tear your pants.”

“Yes, you want to cover it, right? Torn him and let him cover it slowly.”

The other two whistled when they heard the words, and then held Wu Yue left and right, and took out the blade when looking at the head.

Wu Yue struggled desperately, but his small size would be the tall rival of these three men, seeing that the blade had already been cut on the pants.

The first one said badly: “Don’t move around. When I was a child, I caught a lot of birds but it was not so stable. If I cut it somewhere else—”

At this moment, a voice came from the alley——

“Is this the book you dropped?”

Several people turned their heads and saw four people slowly approaching from the alley, headed by a girl who was slightly older than them.

She had a book in her hand, which was just kicked away. Several people have come a few meters away while talking.

Several **** realized that the speaker was a big beauty who was not worse than a movie star.

This is really the most beautiful woman they have ever seen in reality, not to mention those village girls at school, they are some of the Internet celebrities who like to cheat money everywhere and sell meat. , The filter was turned on across the screen, and it was all scum compared to this.

However, her question was directed at Wu Yue, her eyes were directed at him without hesitation, and she asked: “This book belongs to you?”

That was Wu Yue, who would not even care about the most useless nerd in the school.

Wu Yue suddenly got excited again when she saw the book in her hand, but saw the beautiful woman raise her hand, beckoning him to stay safe.

“Don’t worry, I will return it to you, but this book looks so interesting. The texture of the book cover and pages feel like human skin, and the text patterns inside are dazzling. There is also considerable research on ancient calligraphy and painting. Can you invite me to your room to discuss it if you have the opportunity?”

Li Li and Wang Bei didn’t know what medicine Zhu Yang was selling in the gourd, but Lu Xin was quite calm about her running the train.

But this is not the same to the ears of a few bastards. The beauties are obviously also the tenants here. What they didn’t expect is Wu Yue, who is so soft-hearted. Not only does such a big beauty live in the rental house, but there is also a chance. People take the initiative to invite to live in the same room.

Suddenly, several people stopped their aggressive bullying stance just now, and their actions changed from imprisoning their hands into intimate hooks.

“Okay you, Wu Yue! I know such a beautiful sister, and I don’t introduce it to us.”

The familiar Chong Zhuyang greeted again: “We are friends of Wu Yue, did you come here to live in, sister? Long-term or short-term rental? It’s not a local accent, right? What can you ask us about? It’s not easy. If you get scammed, or add a WeChat account.”

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “Really? I really rely on my parents at home and friends when I go out. It’s great that I have met so many enthusiastic little brothers since.”

When they saw the door, they laughed more and more diligently. They were about to say that choosing a day is not as good as hitting the sun. The night market has just started now, or take her around.

Zhu Yang continued: “Speaking of which, I am really a little busy and need your help.”

“You said you said!” The three also let go of Wu Yue and leaned over.

Seeing the beautiful women with bright smiles, but when they said it, they turned their minds three times, but they didn’t react.

“Oh yes, sister, I was a little bit high when I went out to buy and buy, and the card was maxed out accidentally, and I will stay here for so long. Seeing you are so righteous, I must not bear my sister’s future. Eat pickles, right?”

It’s not that a few people haven’t spent money for women. For example, they often reward anchors on the Internet, and the horses that want to chase in the school have not paid for them.

But it’s like this when you meet each other, it’s not the same routine, right? Besides, they have been squeezing their classmates’ wallets everywhere recently because of their tight hands.

“No, sister, you are joking–” they whispered.

Seeing the other party’s bright face collapsed in the last second, none of the Peking opera actors were so fast.

Zhu Yang said in a threatening tone: “Children, you have to be cautious when you talk to adults. Who is the hippie smiley kidding with you? Do you know how happy your sister was when you said that you could help? It’s just a shame.”

“You told me a joke?”

“Children, adults and children are not the same. Children hope to sit on the floor and howl twice and pat their buttocks and forget it. Adults are not so easy to get it done. They can do anything when they really can’t.”

This posture is alive and well with someone who is about to rob, not to mention the fact that the other party returns a lot of people.

The gangsters were a little bit square, and forced a smile: “It’s not that I don’t want to help, elder sister, it’s really that we have empty pockets at the moment. If you don’t believe me, I will show them to you. They are all the same weight.

“Really? Let me see!” Zhu Yang said.

Hearing this, several people were busy preparing to flip their pockets, they heard the other snap their fingers, and ordered the three people behind her: “Take a check.”

This bandit is just as serious, not only the gangsters on the opposite side, but also Li Li and the others.

Fortunately, Zhu Yang’s new attendant is still as eye-catching as ever, and when he hears the greeting, he will go forward. A few gangsters see it for real, and a little want to run.

But Lu Xin lightly fisted past the stone wall and there was a pit. Only then did a few gangsters realize that they had encountered a hard stubble, and almost urinated, their legs were so soft that they couldn’t move their feet even when they were running.

With a glance at Zhu Yang’s eyes, Li Li and Wang Bei also immediately recovered.

The two of them twitched their mouths, but still resigned themselves to their fate, and searched the few people cleanly.

Sure enough, not much was found, except for some scattered change, only the ID card key and mobile phone with him.

Zhu Yang took the spoils disgustingly: “Tsk tsk! This won’t work, it’s not enough for tomorrow’s breakfast.”

“I said, do you really sincerely want to starve your sister to death? Such a beautiful woman, watching her starving to death, still talks about the king’s law? Is there still humanity?”

“You tell me how to fix it.”

Several people saw that even Wang Bei, a woman, could easily squeeze them, no matter where they dare to underestimate this group of people, after all, they are just horizontal domineering little kids in the school, bullying and bullying classmates are fine.

Really, two street gangsters can cut them.

At this time, they all lost the arrogance they had when they bullied Wu Yue, and they were shaking like a chicken.

“Well, I’ll send it to you tomorrow?”

Zhu Yang clapped his hands, and smiled: “This is what it sounds like.”

They didn’t even talk about releasing people, but said: “Let them hold their ID cards in their hands and take a photo!”

“If I don’t see you tomorrow, my sister, I’m so poor, I just have the ready-made online loan information, and it’s easy to find someone with the address. Oh, yes, just now your friendly performance to Wu Yue is also in the mirror. If you think about it, tell your parents. Call the police or something, anyway you can figure it out.”

This was the end, and a few people ran away in a shit.

Zhu Yang curled his lips, and then he turned his attention to the book in his hand.

This thing looks yellow and old, and there is no material to it, but it is definitely not paper. The characters above are all tadpole scripts, a bit like Southeast Asian scripts. The occasional interjection I turn over above is also very strange.

What Zhu Yang said just now was not entirely false.

As she was thinking about it, the book in her hand was snatched away. She lowered her head and saw Wu Yue holding the book tightly in her arms.

He glanced at Zhu Yang dodgingly, squatted down and quickly packed his schoolbags, and then ran into the house without saying hello to them.

Zhu Yang and the others didn’t care, but Li Li said strangely: “Why do you want those kids to come tomorrow? If you can’t get used to bullying people, can’t you just beat them away?”

Zhu Yang casually said: “Don’t say that we still have a task to go out to inquire tomorrow? What can the two of us outsiders find out? Of course, it is this kind of idle locals who run around all day to come in handy.”

“Bai handed over the call handle, don’t use it for nothing.”

Li Li shut up, and had to persuade her all day long. The little girl watched the chaos, she only cared about her happiness, and seemed to have some sympathy that she didn’t want to admit.

But after all the calculations were done, she was able to manage everything, and the unexpected method was also easy to come by.

The group of people went back to their rooms, and because of Zhu Yang’s coolness during the day, the things they used when they came back at night were completely new.

High-end silk pajamas, expensive skin care products, and comfortable soft-soled slippers, the whole person is equipped with shotguns.

When Wang Bei looked at it, she sighed that she was stupid. There was a lot of money in her account, and she had to spend the past seven days awkwardly. If she died, she would be very poor, so she decided to buy a wave by herself tomorrow.

The next day, a few people got up and went downstairs. As soon as they left the yard, they saw that the three gangsters had arrived.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Forget the money. You can’t make up a few things because of your poor, but there are a few things left to you. Once you have done it, you will realize your promise and help us.”

The three of them breathed a sigh of relief. Ten hours have passed since last night until this morning. Where did they go to get the money, if it wasn’t for the money, it would be nice to say.

This group of people saw that they were practicing family skills, and they were probably gangsters. They had their identity information, so how could they dare to escape?

They are there to help with things, and because the plot hasn’t been extended now, the clues in the house are also limited.

Li Li and Wang Bei also simply learned from Zhu Yang, planning to go out for a day today.

Lu Xin was quite speechless when he saw this, and said to Zhu Yang: “You are really capable of making people around you feel less nervous.”

“Not bad, it suits me!” Zhu Yang shrugged: “I don’t like the tight and suppressed negative emotions around, which will pollute my mood.”

A smile flashed across Lu Xin’s eyes, it was this terrible arrogance and of course, as if the surrounding air should also look at her.

In the afternoon, Li Li and the others returned first. The two of them had the same big bags as Zhu Yang and others yesterday, with a lot of loot.

The two of them looked very excited. Although they were experienced people who had gone through several rounds, they would not have less than two thousand points.

This is converted into real world money, and it is also a multimillionaire level.

But where the life-saving capital in the game can be used by these points, most of the newcomers are stretched.

The screening criteria of the game are also people who have survived a catastrophe. This kind of people understand the preciousness of life. Generally, there are still few bachelors who exchange their points for huge amounts of property in one breath and leave them to their families, and then go to death generously.

The two excitedly piled the bags on the table and looked through them all the same. They were all afraid to go in in the real world.

I also talked to Zhu Yang and the others about how delicious the top Japanese food they ate at noon.

The landlord on the side saw this group of people so bold, and the more they didn’t understand why they rented their small broken villa.

The first day I looked at the salaried family on a business trip, people wondered if they went out to win the lottery yesterday.

Soon after, the three gangsters also came back, because they wanted to avoid the landlord, a few of them led some people out.

The game the day before gave everyone a tragic ending for each tenant, but in the end it was general. For example, Wu Yue ended up being unbearable campus bullying and hanging himself.

Just this sentence, what useful props can you expect to find? Can you know what he cared about attachments during his lifetime, and he would also value or fear when he was a ghost?

So Zhu Yang sent indicators to several gangsters.

But the three did not disappoint her much.

The first is Teacher Qiu. Teacher Qiu is the teacher in their school, but they are high school students, and Teacher Qiu teaches in the junior high school.

However, there is a student in their grade who is the daughter of the dean of teaching in the junior high school. He always talks to the classmates about teacher gossip.

The three spent a small amount of money to buy a box of chocolates and coaxed the girls to tell them a lot about Teacher Qiu.

Teacher Qiu is a foreigner and married her husband on a blind date. A few years ago, because of her husband’s job transfer, Teacher Qiu also quit his local job and moved here.

Originally rushed here to save money and settle down, but within two years, Teacher Qiu’s husband was unemployed, and he has never recovered.

Then it didn’t take long for Teacher Qiu’s diary when he was young to find out that he had a secret first love. Teacher Qiu is also emotional. I can imagine how beautiful the girl’s heart was at the time. It’s dazzling.

This is a good time, a good family, not to mention saving money to buy a house, within two years, she was defeated by her husband’s gambling and alcoholism.

Not only these, but also beating people. Teacher Qiu has been working with injuries for a long time. Originally, due to Teacher Qiu’s personality, these things would not make people laugh everywhere.

Coincidentally, the elementary school where their son was studying has a new teacher who is Teacher Qiu’s crush.

Teacher Qiu’s husband even went to other people’s school to make trouble, and it was ugly at the time. Anyway, it is not difficult to inquire about these things.

Then there was Ms. Cui, Zhu Yang, they only saw the university logo on the undershirt that Ms. Cui wore when she was washing, and added a full name to this clue. Actually, these guys also asked her about her through the seniors who mixed together.

It’s said that Miss Cui is quite famous in their school, but her reputation is–

Filter out some unfounded malicious slander, and get a lot of news.

Everybody knows that Miss Cui is a foreigner who goes to university here, but she is not an only child.

There are two younger brothers in the family, and she not only has to bear her own living expenses and tuition, but also the expenses of the two younger brothers in the family.

Anyway, people around her often heard her parents calling for money, which shows that the whole family is a blood-sucking family that favors sons.

It is said that once her brother called and asked her to buy a new Apple mobile phone, Ms. Cui himself used a thousand-dollar domestic phone.

This girl looks a bit sorry for her appearance, she is very soft, so she works hard and takes all tasks.

Bars sell alcohol, car models, etc., in short, they are passed to the school, and they can only increase the conversation for the people who ridicule her.

The information of these two people didn’t see anything particularly surprising. What everyone did not expect was that the landlord was even more surprised.

It is said that the landlord inherited this old villa from a distant uncle who had no descendants years ago.

He had a wife at the time, and the couple moved in and turned the villa into a hotel for business.

But one year, a girl from outside of China disappeared here, and the police/inspector and the girl’s family would definitely not stop.

But I found nothing in the villa, and this kind of short-term rental hotel, the tourists themselves ran out of accidents, they can not blame the landlord.

The landlord insisted that the girl had gone out and had not returned, and the police/inspector could only divert the investigation direction as they could not find evidence.

After that, business here was not good for a while, but after all, the customer group was all foreigners, and soon I forgot it. I changed my registered name and continued to do business.

It wasn’t long before his wife fell downstairs again and died, so he laughed with them every day, the typical single and wretched Dios landlord actually had so many things happening to him.

However, Zhu Yang was even more concerned about Wu Yue, a high school student.

Wu Yue, the three gangsters don’t need to investigate.

Several people curled their lips: “Oh, he, he is Chinese and Thai, and he doesn’t know what he committed and was thrown away to school by his parents.”

“It’s so ghostly all day long. It’s very unpleasant to look at people with gloomy eyes, and I still mutter things by myself from time to time. I heard that Thai people are good at lowering their heads. That kid might be holding back some bad farts.”

After she finished speaking, she was slapped. This time it was Wang Bei’s hand. An honest person like her couldn’t see bullying on campus. No matter how gloomy and unpleasant Wu Yue is, it is not the reason for your bullying.

And Zhu Yang, when he heard of Wu Yue’s lineage, the book of yesterday suddenly appeared in his mind.


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