Scream Queen Chapter 160

Fairies are much more adaptable in this respect than humans, and perhaps most of her moves are heartless.

In short, after the crisis was lifted, it was time to play again within a few seconds. The waves of the wave and the grilled meat still on the rack were not burnt.

Seeing that no matter where it was, the boss at home had the final say, and started to shake again.

However, due to the man’s status and strength, he dared not deliberately seduce him anymore, but a few really had a heart, hoping to have a further relationship with the boss in the future, and stayed aside and bit his handkerchief in depression.

After learning that Longlong is the one with their scales, a group of guys don’t mention being more diligent, and they can’t wait to serve the young master.

I completely forgot that I was almost swallowed just now, which shows the nature of not remembering to eat.

Zhu Yang was extremely satisfied with the seductive monsters all over the house. In terms of appearance, this was naturally the pinnacle of the younger brother group she had received.

Before in ancient times, I had to take a little leisurely time. In many cases, it was not suitable to just let them all out for fun.

It’s different now, it doesn’t matter how she likes to bring it.

So she will be there in the next time.

In the name of quickly adapting to the modern world, Zhu Yang took a group of fairies out every day.

She bought and bought in the commercial street during the day, and played in the bar at night. The high school classmates who had not contacted for 800 years were recruited by her to have a party, and she showed off.

The top beauty group headed by her, there are more than a dozen when they go out, each of them has a different style, beautiful appearance, delicate skin like white jade, and a professional model with a very recognizable temperament.

Zhu Yang’s vision is very good. If she chooses a fairy to go for looks, it is the idea of ​​crushing the beautiful actress in the entertainment industry.

Therefore, a group with such a high overall appearance will not appear in reality at the same time, but now it is walking on the street.

Shopping for several days has caused the business district to be confined, which is really no joke.

One day, a well-known Xiaohua came here to participate in commercial activities, but after a group of goblins came out, Xiaohua had a celebrity aura, and couldn’t match this beauty shock.

Wherever they went, people circled around them, followed by taking pictures, and even their spending money was photographed and they were also searched.

The face value provokes a crowd of netizens licking wildly, not to mention the scouts who chase and block.

Not to mention the squatting in the business district, some of the magical powers got her contact information and called her desperately to lobby.

Not to mention, the conditions offered are unprecedentedly generous. After all, with so many superb seedlings, even if they don’t know anything, just relying on their appearance can create a **** path for the company to make a lot of money.

What’s more, the fairies are also versatile.

Going to the bar at night is naturally the most eye-catching place there. There are countless people who come up to strike up a conversation, and the quality is not low.

Of course there are idiots who are not long-eyed, but Zhu Yang ordered not to kill, and these fairies can only scare them.

Zhu Yang’s high school classmates and former plastic sisters have mostly graduated now, and many of them have continued their studies abroad, but most of them have started to help from the companies that went home.

During the more than a year of graduation, Zhu Yang hasn’t heard anything here, neither seeing her out to work, nor hearing that she wants to start her own business, nor did her studies continue.

Normally, I don’t have much contact with a group of former classmates and friends, but she and Lu Xiu resign and have a strong relationship. Many formal occasions are common occurrences of this kind of thing everyone knows.

When everyone got together, when they talked about Zhu Yang, they couldn’t help but said sourly that it would be good to be next to the super giants, and they would have nothing to worry about after graduation.

I am afraid that the rich have many rules and will not let the daughter-in-law of the family show up. Otherwise, I would like to be so low-key for nearly a year.

There are also many who use such a good education to get such good academic ability but they can only talk to their husbands and children at home. In short, no matter what they say, it has two sour meanings.

After all, no matter how you say it, Zhu Yang will no longer be in the same class with them.

Her family has money. In the past two years, she has hoped that her family’s business will be prosperous. Now it is difficult to do business. Many people’s families have been in a downturn in the past two years.

Even if she doesn’t do anything, the people around are all they need to flatter her, but she is not angry

That said, no matter how disdainful of his jealousy was concealed, when Zhu Yang sent the party invitation, everyone was not vague.

Dress up carefully, which is very concerned.

As a result, he came to the scene to realize that Bitch was showing off their new attendants.

To be reasonable, Zhu Yang’s followers are of higher quality each year, and they all know that.

Who was in junior high school and who went to college in high school, even though she went out of town.

But it’s not that people in this city and her are the same school, you can always know if you want to inquire.

The collection of beauties from all over the country is naturally not at the same level as in high school, but if it is still within the scope of common sense, the situation now is not right.

This guy is a trainee who is about to debut in the entertainment industry.

No, no, it can’t be a trainee, or someone who doesn’t have a family to do this. Naturally, I know what’s going on with those people.

Young and young with styling and packaging, as long as there is a little foundation, there are opportunities these years.

But Zhu Yang’s family is not the same thing at all. These people have no trace of packaging at all, which means that the current level is only their natural state.

And beauty is easy to get, but such a unique beauty is rare.

Not to mention the current uneven entertainment industry, even if it is a random comparison with the gorgeous actress of the golden age, it is not a point.

The key is that Zhu Yang is still screaming, and the direct introduction is that these are my little brothers.

People can’t help but wonder if she collects so many top beauties, whether she wants to develop into the entertainment industry.

Not to mention, with this quality, she could really make a bloodshed.

But what Zhu Yang said was that they all settled abroad, and this time they just came back to play, and another group of fairies treated her diligently and well.

It seems that the classmates who came to the party can only sigh at the same person.

The fairies seem to be obsessed with this kind of time spent drinking and drinking, and they just feel exactly the same as the boss described.

If Zhu Yang were not afraid of trouble, they would not live in this world anyway, and if they were involved with anyone, they would be asking for trouble.

Otherwise, some leprechauns have already started to screen their prey in the crowd.

After the party, the vixen still chatted with her, “A guy wearing glasses just came up with me. It’s a type I like. He has a good academic temperament, but it’s more real than that stupid talent.”

The rabbit spirit also excitedly said, “I like the uncle type. Just now there was a handsome mixed-blood uncle. He has a great body and is too masculine. It’s much better than those idiots.”

The mouse spirit also said, “A lady with short hair just invited me to drink, and she smells really good. Hey, do you want to try to become a man if I meet my favorite lady in the future?”

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “No, since people come to talk to you, you don’t necessarily like men.”

Fortunately, most of the fairies are low in their gender and it doesn’t matter, and most men and women eat everything.

But he went back to him, Zhu Yang did not forget what he should do.

During this period of time, she completely refined the spirit cloud crystal in her spirit. According to Lu Datou’s statement, the real world is the Age of Doom.

It is impossible for even stronger monsters and ghosts to be born, but being able to become a selection site for players is enough to show that this is a high-dimensional world.

To be honest, Li Xuan was able to become a player because he was a soul from a higher dimension. If he was just a native of that world, let alone the player, Zhu Yang told him that the keywords of the game would be blocked.

Although refining things here is slower and the strength is limited to a very low level, it is the same as Longlong practicing here.

In other words, although the difficulty index of cultivation here has increased more than ten times, it is definitely not the kind of doing twice the result with half the effort.

In the real world, it can be enhanced a little, then entering the game world will increase according to the proportion of you being suppressed, which is extremely cheap.

Therefore, many players ignore the importance of reality, thinking that reality is difficult to condense aura, so they just let it go. They only know that it’s a lot of fun, but in fact, it’s a fool to put the essence of higher dimensions.

After Zhu Yang thoroughly refined the Lingyun Crystal, he realized that his spiritual power and spiritual power had gone to a higher level. According to this suppression ratio, he didn’t know what was going on when he entered the game.

And the fairies naturally did not dare to be vague when seeing the boss working so hard. In addition to the freshness of Hua Tian Jiu Di a few days ago, it is also time to play later, and there is no ambiguity in the homework.

Then they were pleasantly surprised to discover this cultivation secret, and they were fed Lingyunjing by Zhu Yang, plus staying next to the dragon dragon deity, natural cultivation is very fast.

By the time Zhu Yang made up his mind and decided to send the employees over, the strength of each of them was no longer the same as before.

Zhu Yang didn’t plan to do the task this time when he went back, and he won’t be rewarded for the whole stroke.

So when the exchange window opened, Zhu Yang rarely bought anything.

The fairy with her beast bag, Zhu Yang set foot on the copy of the company.

As a result, she herself entered the game and received the game notification.

As the power of ghosts and monsters in this world has reached a certain number, and the overall cultivation base has made a huge breakthrough, this world has been upgraded from a low-level copy to an intermediate copy.

Although this result was within Zhu Yang’s expectation, she didn’t expect it to change like this.

It can be seen that the weight of her bag of fairy is still not light in this world.

But also, the overall strength of some intermediate worlds is now inferior to this, and upgrading is also due.

Perhaps for a copy world, this is also an extremely important benefit, so after this notice, Zhu Yang obviously felt that the world was very friendly to him.

It’s a bit stupid to say that.

But for an analogy, even if it is invisible, there is no specific form of existence, but there is a sense of comfort in the spring breeze, which is unprecedented in the game world.

Therefore, Zhu Yang is also happy to estimate the consciousness of this world.

However, the other players were not happy, they heard the news when they opened their eyes, and everyone’s hair was blown up.

“What’s the matter? We only have low-level strength in the mid-level field. Isn’t that fatal?”

Zhu Yang waved his hand, “No, no, this dungeon is in a good mood, and it should reduce the difficulty, but if you work hard, you may gain a lot.”

Moreover, this place has just become a mid-level field. The powerful ghosts and spirits are all under Zhu Yang, and she can restrain them from doing bad things.

Other ghosts may break through the upper limit due to the upgrade of the world, but that is not a day or two.

So the difficulty of this dungeon should be similar to what they had booked before entering the game.

However, her relaxed tone made two of them curl their lips, “It’s easy for you to say, anyway, if you touch your lips, it’s done, let’s see you work hard.”

This group of players can’t do it, co-authoring seems to be for her to clear the customs, and I still want to be too light and afraid of the heavy.

Not to mention going long in the game, whether you can save your life is one thing.

Naturally, Zhu Yang was impatient to coax these people, and said with a smile, “You are right, of course I made it easy. Anyway, it is not me who participated in the test. Come on.”

Seeing her turning around to leave, one of the older ones hurriedly called her “Hey, where are you going”

Zhu Yang didn’t look back, and waved behind him as he walked, “Don’t worry about me, I will give up this mission.”

There are all low-level players, and I haven’t heard that the mission can be abandoned, but if you don’t look for the ghost, the ghost will come back to you.

Therefore, ordinary players will not be scattered when doing tasks, and get together more to take care of them.

Some people are dissatisfied again, “If she is like this, if she escapes the attack by ghosts, even if she can’t get a high evaluation, it will not rely on our efforts to clear the customs.”

One thing is clear. Watching this game where players care about even this kind of thing, I couldn’t help but dare not return hope for the collaboration in this game.

To be honest, in reality, you may be despised if you are taken by your teammates to pass the level, but in the game, you just ignore everything you want, and you have to watch the game to agree.

Otherwise, as soon as each game comes in, you will directly announce that you will not participate, then there will be no life-threatening, who will pass the customs

Someone with good knowledge suddenly exclaimed, “Couldn’t she be a highly experienced player? Only after entering the same instance for the second time or more can you choose to paddle and not be troubled by ghosts.”

Because he has proved his sufficient clearance ability to this dungeon world, just as if he has already handed in a qualified answer sheet, then the invigilator will naturally turn a blind eye in another round.

And after careful consideration, it is true that what she just said, at first glance, I don’t know the height of the sky, but in fact it is very sure.

The active mind has already begun to wonder how to maximize the benefits of this field, but there are more idiots who can’t see the situation and dismiss this statement.

What the players do here is naturally not about Zhu Yang.

When she got out of the initial location of the game, she took out her mobile phone and called the company.

Upon receiving her call, Playboy drove over to pick her up in a luxury car. No one else could steal this errand.

Because they want others to dare to **** him, this guy dared to turn the whole car upside down, trap people in the car and not get out, and then drove out of the garage by himself.

Before Zhu Yang was allowed to wait for long, the **** stopped in front of her, holding a rose that he did not know where he had pulled for such a short time, and looked at Zhu Yang with peachy eyes.

“Welcome back”

This guy was originally a celebrity among celebrities, and there were not too few people nearby. Some girls immediately recognized him, and immediately screamed to attract people around him.

Zhu Yang hurriedly pushed him back, got in the car and let him quickly start to leave.

Because this world is now a dungeon fusion world, the flow of time is no different from reality.

It’s not an oolong after she left for a while and returned for several years, which is a good thing.

However, as the business of the haunted house became more and more busy, many employees were also assigned to branch offices.

Even the initial employees are not able to stay in the city’s base camp every day. They have busy jobs.

This time when Zhu Yang came back, Zhang Qian and others were not there, but the mirror girl, the old cat and the two little ghosts were all there.

It has been less than a year since Zhu Yang came back last time, and everyone is very happy to see her coming back so soon.

Zhu Yang was also unambiguous, and when he arrived in her private room, he released the fairies

“Show them everywhere, here is where you work from now on.”

As soon as the fairies came out, they could perceive the endless stream of people in the nearby amusement area, and after a short glance, they could see the power of faith around these ghosts and immortals.

Just stay here, as if you can feel the endless energy for yourself to take in, how can you not know the benefits you can get in practice if you make a c-position debut?

The boss really didn’t lie to them, and their strength was about the same as the strongest person here.

People like Bian Tilian and Comb Jing were originally powerful monsters, not to mention, for a while everyone was confident in their future.

As one of the bosses of the haunted house, Mirror Girl has been developing for a few years, and her vision and tolerance have long been different.

As the saying goes, the **** decides the head. If she was only the ghost boss in the broken apartment, she might challenge her authority with more powerful monsters on her shoes.

But now what is the market value of Zhu’s, what is her worth, and the benefits that Zhu’s steady rise will bring to them, and how many fools will be jealous and capable of pushing such a good-quality fairy outside.

Collecting so many goblins at once, no matter which party they cooperate with in the future, even if the entire Profound Sect is united, they will have an absolute advantage.

So the mirror girl is very happy, sincere and enthusiastic to the new employees, looking at them is like looking at a money printing machine.

And promised that the project planning of the rest of the amusement parks can be determined according to their image ability, to ensure that they will do their best to package their debut, and that the boss of the branch is also selected, everyone has the opportunity to compete.

He urged Zhu Yang to sign a contract with everyone. The current contract is much more relaxed than the unequal treaty they had back then.

It’s really the difference between a black workshop and a regular company. You can get a settlement fee before you work.

At first, the fairies were worried about whether they would be squeezed out. After all, they were all fairies who had worshipped the mountain before.

Knowing the difference between the newcomer and the direct line, although I knew that their strength might be stronger than the old one, but they couldn’t pinch the tip everywhere.

After all, it is the boss who is embarrassed by the old and new groups of people. If the trouble is too big, the boss must make a choice among them, and that will be the end.

They are not happy to be beaten back to their original form in such a good day. The bitter fairy on the mountain is not easy to do.

Not only is poor, but also slow in practice. Where can there be such good things piled up, the power of faith is continuous, and the scenery of practice is good.

Unexpectedly, the other party was unexpectedly easy to talk, just seeing their eyes look exactly like the boss, but this also had to be admired by the new goblins.

Not to mention the cultivation level, this mind is indeed the manager of the boss election.

The impression of the two parties was good when they first met.

When the people who went to work outside received the news that Zhu Yang was back, they all rushed back except for those who couldn’t get away.

Zhu Yang was surrounded by dozens of fairies and ghosts, and he looked at their growing cultivation level, which was quite gratifying.

She nodded, “Yes, this world has been upgraded to a level due to everyone’s efforts, and there will only be more auras and resources born in the future. As long as you persist, under this virtuous cycle, naturally it is not just stopping here. ”

Said to pull the ghost baby and the little boy, “I haven’t seen you for a while and you have grown taller.”

The two said, “Our appearance is determined by our cultivation.”

The mirror girl laughed, “They can’t bear it all day long. They want to help with work when they are studying. They can’t do anything but they can only help with some errands.”

“But the two guys recently participated in a TV show, and the response was good. They will have to perform on stage anyway, so you can adapt first.”

Of course, the response is good, not to mention the beauty of the two children, just the ghost halo has its own heat, not to mention their own abilities.

However, I heard that the two children are very genius because of their cultivation and clarity of mind. They have almost finished their university studies within a few years of studying, so they clamored all day not to study to work.

Zhu Yang asked “what show is the best x brain”

The mirror girl shook her head, “No, in a horror movie, the two of them were acting as ghosts. The effect was very good. It scared people and screamed and their acting skills were also praised.

No, it’s not that you call it acting. People who are obviously acting in their true colors, really appearing in their true colors without any moisture.

The two children looked up, with bright eyes waiting for her to praise.

What Zhu Yang can do can only hold back and touched both heads, “No, yes, our business standards and competitiveness are much better than those of our peers.”

“Other children dare not play this.” It is said that many horror films require children to star in, because the children’s physical and mental health needs to be guaranteed and the shooting methods are relatively special.

Naturally, that tension is lost, and even many child stars don’t know what they are shooting after shooting.

Of course it is right to protect children, but it is also true that they were hung and beaten in this regard.

The ghost baby also said, “There is a column that wants us to go on a variety show, telling mom where to go, but my mom is too busy to agree.”

Zhu Yang laughed, “No hurry, what is important for you now is your studies. Other fun is just fine. The general invitations are just for consuming your passion. Don’t bother about it. When you grow up, naturally there will be the best. planning.”

After speaking, one person stuffed a piece of Lingyun crystal into their mouths, “Go back to refine.”

As soon as the two little ghosts touched, they knew what an incredible good thing it was, their eyes widened with excitement, and looked at Zhu Yang incredibly.

I saw that Zhu Yang took out a small bag from the ring and handed it out one by one. “The quantity is not large, but there are still one for each person. Leave the rest with you.”

“Each place is divided into one or two, which can offset the odor caused by the flow of people. The playground can naturally keep the air fresh and refreshing at any time.”

Everyone got the Lingyun Jing, their hands were trembling, and they knew what a treasure was at first sight, just swallow such a small one. When they were fully refined, they would have to at least double their cultivation.

He was holding it like a pearl, reluctant to eat it, and was afraid of losing it if he didn’t eat it, and there would be no place to cry.

In the end, everyone raised their necks and swallowed things down, and immediately felt a pure breath that continued to refine spiritual power.

Zhu Yang nodded, and took out the practice secrets that he found from the ancestor of Wandu, some suitable for fairies and some for ghosts.

She burned the damaging exercises that were unreasonable and unreasonable, and she had carefully reviewed the rest, and even gave way to the big head to pass the test, and then dared to hand it over to them after confirming that there was nothing wrong.

However, what a valuable asset the ancestor of ten thousand monsters is in their cultivation and comprehension is just a few words, which is an incredible benefit for their level of monsters and ghosts.

Not to mention this book of secret books, if it weren’t for the modern set, everyone would have knelt to Zhu Yang.

“Old, boss”

Suddenly Zhu Yang’s legs were dissatisfied with the leg pendant.

Although Longlin Zhu Yang still has it here, he didn’t give it to the people in the haunted house. Unlike the fairies, the ghosts can’t bear the pure breath of Longzhiyang.

However, a lot of materials found in Wandu’s ancestor’s cave are useful, and these materials will be distributed to everyone in the form of rewards to stimulate everyone’s enthusiasm for work.

Don’t say this, but everyone will work hard for their own belief value contribution value and money. For a while, everyone in the haunted house rubs their hands with joy.

The new fairies understand the value of these things even more.

The boss used the genius of other places to subsidize this place and it seems this is not the first time.

In the future, she may get more treasures elsewhere, and now she is better than Wandu ancestor, and she will only get more and better things in the future.

In other words, staying here, they have a backing for them all the time, with endless resources.

How can they not shed blood for their boss

With Zhu Yang’s extravagant pleasure, it is necessary to hold a grand party every time she comes back, so after the things are divided, everyone enjoys the luxurious and exquisitely decorated hall with piles of food and wine.

New and old employees cultivate feelings, and those who visit their friends are unambiguous.

Xiao Ji was very reluctant to leave because he got along well with Gungun the last time.

When I came back, I naturally brought a lot of good things to my friends, and Xiao Ji took them out.

Two Kuwani dressed in Tang suits and melon hats sat next to it and watched it dig out.

“This is a tender bamboo shoot cultivated by Lingyunjing. You can taste it, it tastes good for you.”

Two bamboo shoots were scooped up and gnawed. The panda’s bite force is not covered. In addition, the bamboo shoots are sweet and contain aura, which is not available in this world, so they will eat more deliciously.

Xiaoji took out two puppets again, “Look, this is a panda doll made by the best embroidery shop. Doesn’t it look like your embroiderer’s craftsmanship is good.”

It’s really good. Two pandas the size of the slaps of adult men are vivid and exquisite in workmanship. Both the aesthetics of craftsmanship and the skills are comparable to the artifacts stored in the museum.

The two billowing puppets, one in red and the other in blue, are miniature versions of them.

Xiao Ji helped them hang the puppets on their waists, which was so cute.

After that, I took out two sets of clothes for them, but it was not the style of Tang suit, it was the style of rich kids that were popular in the world before.

When Xiu Niang was doing it, she was still muttering that the child of whose family is so big, with big waist and big waist, is afraid that it is not the obese and stupid son of the landlord.

“Come on, this is from my mother.”

The two Gumgun are negligent to others, but they always know how to act like a child to Zhu Yang.

Wen Yan quickly crawled to Zhu Yang and rubbed “Thank you for the master.”

The other animals are dissatisfied, so why these two lazy people will always be treated better than them

Some cats came to Zhu Yang with their mobile phones directly in their mouths, because the service included a chat, and the cats used their mobile phones very fluently, typing faster than Zhu Yang.

I heard that a company has recently developed a that converts pets’ calls to human speech, so I asked cats and dogs in the haunted house to be a consultant.

After all, no matter how strong petologists are, they don’t understand themselves as well, so it’s a huge income.

The cat’s small paws quickly poked on the screen of the phone, and every accusation word came out, but Zhu Yang, the big pig’s hoof, only looked at the pink fleshy pads.

She fished the puppet cat and said, “Who said no, everyone has a share of good things.”

So he took out a few pieces of Lingyun Crystal and used his mental power to refine it into the water on the spot.

The cultivation of these animals is not high, so naturally they cannot be eaten directly, they are rare.

Zhu Yang beckoned to everyone, “Come in line, one spoonful per person, everyone has.”

So in front of her there lined up an endless line of animals in the corridor.

Cats, dogs, lions, leopards, peacocks, and other animals, smelling the aura of fragrance, they all complained.

One tortoise was urged by the animal behind because of its slow movement. Later, the sloth behind it picked it up directly, but it couldn’t move much faster.

An animal kicked them directly to the front, and let them drink first, so that they would not affect the party after drinking.

These two goods are served, and it takes more than ten minutes from the bar to the dining table to be less than 20 meters. I don’t know how the customers are so patient.

Of course, in fact, the guests who come to this kind of house are already full. They come to appreciate the slow movements. They are quite Buddhist guests.

There are even people with insomnia who come to see them to treat insomnia, let alone fall asleep on the table.

Mirror Girl, how could they give up this business opportunity, they made a daily special for turtles and sloths.

A day in the tortoise sloth, get up, brush your teeth and dress, make breakfast and eat breakfast, pack up and do housework, write and work, take a walk to order food.

Anyway, they are all recorded in the daily life that a person will experience, which makes people feel very immersive.

It’s just slow, so slow that people doze off.

Patients with insomnia buy one set at a time, and can’t sleep with this one every night, so they will be hypnotized soon.

It is said that the video was sold out of stock, and the number of downloads on the Internet remained high.

Zhu Yang fed Lingshui halfway, and the Wang family brothers and Ah Qiao also came.

Zhu Yang handed the spoon to Xiao Ji and asked it to help her mother. Xiao Ji held up his chest and said that he was absolutely fair, and that a spoon is not a sharp spoon.

Zhu Yang was laughing to death, thinking it was the cafeteria for food

Wang Xinyu knows the goods. His slender index finger was wet with the water, and his face was full of shock, “This, this is.”

Such a rich spiritual water, just put it in the mouth, it will be a pure force, and the whole person is a lot easier, he is still a cultivator, he has a good physique, and even this reaction, let alone ordinary How good is it for a person to take a sip.

It’s no wonder that the cats and dogs behind are looking through the autumn water party.

Wang Xinyi and Ah Qiao were curious to see him like this. They tasted a bite, and immediately let the little animals in the party behind them run away, and quickly blasted them out of the team.

“No, just take a sip of water. Why are you angry?” Wang Xin also fled in embarrassment, almost hitting the dog head by the leopard ghost.

When I looked up and saw Qiao sister, she smiled, “Hahaha, who made you a black mud mask”

Sister Qiao slapped his head, “Look at yourself first.”

Needless to say, the two of them are both virtuous, and suddenly started making noises in their stomachs, and hurriedly managed Zhu Yang to borrow the toilet.

Zhu Yang directly asked them to take them upstairs. They were mortals, eating whole grains, and they were not ascetics who would vomit and pollute the sewage every day. Although it was diluted, the reaction would not be small. It is estimated that they will be tossed for a while.

He also told the servant, “Prepare a new set of clothes for each of them. They can’t wear it anymore.”

Then he gave Wang Xinyu another Lingyun Crystal “Take this one.”

How could Wang Xinyu not know that the water came from this small, soy-sized stone, which was a natural treasure for spiritual practice.

Lingyun crystals are rare. For characters like the ancestor of Wan Poison, such forces have collected dozens of scattered pieces, and the largest is the size of rock candy, mostly the size of peas and soybeans.

Therefore, Zhu Yang’s devouring of that one seemed particularly valuable, and as she scattered today, there were only less than five left in her body.

These few capsules are reserved for my mother to use. From time to time, after refining and drinking, or soaking in facial mask paper to apply to her face, she is a little worried about wrinkles recently.

A full hour later, Wang Xiaoer and Ah Qiao came downstairs in clean new clothes. They looked a little shy, but their eyes were bright, in good spirits, and in a wonderful state. They were very excited.

When I saw Zhu Yang, his face blushed at first, “Well, I’m sorry, the bathroom is a bit dirty, I opened the ventilation, remind me to use the bathroom to go elsewhere.”

After speaking, he approached Zhu Yang excitedly and asked her to look at their faces, “Look at my skin, this state.”

Especially Ah Qiao, she was already over thirty-five years old. Although she was rich, she had a hard time when she was a child. She was busy with work and often lacked sleep. Maintenance can only treat the symptoms rather than the cause, so her complexion and skin have always been poor.

I was worried about the growth of fine lines before, and there was severe hair loss before, but after Zhu Yang gave the hair tonic, the hair problem disappeared, but the skin still doesn’t work, so I can only rely on makeup.

Now the makeup on her face is completely removed, and the skin condition of her entire face is at least ten years younger than before, and even more plump and fairer than she was ten years ago.

Needless to say, Wang Xiaoer, his physical foundation is fairly good, and because he is an artist, his skin care and body management are in place, and he is still young, but he doesn’t have such troubles as sister Qiao for the time being.

But after the first wash, the whole person feels lightened by twenty catties and full of energy. Even the irregular life and the irritability and heaviness brought by mixed thinking due to the recent desperate work overtime due to song writing are gone.

For a while, I only felt that the inspiration was continuous, and I just tore a few pages from the side and said, “No, I am inspired. You play with yours and leave me alone.”

Ah Qiao’s whole body is in excellent condition. She feels that she is ten years younger out of thin air, her hair loss is gone, and her skin is better. To Zhu Yangxu about her recent physical problems, she almost cried out because of her grievances. She is usually strong.

Except for Zhu Yang, who was always stronger than her in the impression, she was too embarrassed to ask someone to talk about it.

But while he was talking, his eyes glanced at the basin of spiritual water again, seemingly wanting to drink two more.

The animals looked at the woman’s eyes and looked at her defensively.

A Qiao gritted her teeth, “My dear, let Auntie have two more drinks, how about Auntie arrange the show for you?”

“Do you want to be a star?”

Becoming a star is definitely what you want, the more you are known, the more you love the power of faith.

However, the animals have become fine, and they are not stupid. They licked their lips and said, “Don’t bluff us, the mirror always said that your TV station originally prepared an animal column, which requires high animal IQs and has a human-like interactive response. ”

“What else can be done except us, who has always said that you can participate in the selection if you perform well, why do you use this as a favor to drink”

Ah Qiao was blushed by the animals, feeling deeply that it is not good for children to be too smart.

I had to stare at Xiao Ji with eager eyes, “Chi, take a moment, and leave a spoonful for my aunt.”

Zhu Yang saw that she was still a strong woman at this moment. Sure enough, in front of the temptation of beauty, nothing else was worth mentioning.

He quickly pulled her back, “You ordinary people, it’s not good to drink too much at a time. I just had enough energy. I will bring you better things in the future.”

Anyway, she is about to go to the high-level field. Ordinary people can’t bear things that are too domineering, but beauty and beauty are easy.

When Wang Xiaoer was composing the music, the Koi Jing was stunned and brought out the piano to play for fun.

He was full of inspiration when he heard this wonderful piano sound. He immediately went to get acquainted with the Koi Jing. He was shocked by his appearance and talent. He bluntly asked him to collaborate with himself to produce an album.

All the fairies had to sigh that this fish was cunning, and while playing, he had already planned his debut.

Saying that he didn’t know Wang Xiaoer’s identity deliberately to reveal his hand, and deceived the guy who had just met him.

Koi Jing readily agreed to this invitation. He is also proficient in music theory, and the music is full of spiritual energy. Every time he makes comments, Wang Xiaoer is amazed.

So the two got together one night, and suddenly the theme genre of the album came out.

On the spot, Wang Xiaoer called his agent and his brother was there. Naturally, there was no need to overwhelm the cooperation, and the mutually beneficial cooperation was happy.

Because of drinking that spirit water, Wang Xiaoer had been busy all night and was still in a state of absent-mindedness.

Just ask the Koi Jing to go to his modeling room. After the last reality show in the Haunted Mansion, he found Zhu Yang and he did not plan to take the traffic route anymore.

In the past six months, I have been studying with great concentration in order to write better works, but at the same time it has faded out of the public.

Every day only the agent sends some unnutritious pushes for him. If they don’t come out again, they will probably be forgotten.

But on this day, Wang Xinyi, the top four traffic leader who had no big news for a long time, suddenly sent a push.

Above is a photo of two handsome men with ink painting as the dividing line, their backs facing each other.

One black and one white, one ancient costume and one modern style, one gentleman and one trendy cool guy, two very different or even out-of-the-match styles. I don’t know how the photographer blended them together.

The strong sense of contrast is impressive, and the handsome young people can’t move their eyes away. Just looking at them, they booked the candidates to dream tonight.

Everyone knows Wang Xin. To be honest, although he is handsome, he is so familiar, and he is not very fresh.

But the handsome guy with long hair in white clothes and ancient costumes next to him is fresh. Few newcomers can have such a momentum, as if they are half out of ink painting.

With the unique historical charm that never fades, they all say that the current niche costumes are not good, either the bones are not good or the temperament is frivolous and elegant without the precipitation.

But this beautiful man did not violate the peace at all, as if he was originally a young master from the Pian Pian family.

This photo is a push message

Partner of the new album.

Within five seconds, Wang Xinyi’s collar exploded. Something went wrong, please refresh and try again


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