Scream Queen Chapter 161

Wang Xin also left the public eye for more than half a year. At first, the outside world only thought that this was for gilding.

After all, in the popular stage, it is always easy to get a good impression of people with such a humble attitude if you choose to study without making money.

You must know that after coming out of the haunted house variety show, Wang Xinyi’s halo overwhelmed the other three traffic, suddenly widening the gap.

Many investors even asked him to participate in movies and TV shows for hundreds of millions of dollars. Unexpectedly, he was not just talking about it.

Except for the several endorsements that have been signed before the haunted house, the others can push and push, and the rapid and unbridled retreat when the heat is highest.

At that time, the sunspots were still betting on him, saying how long his so-called “study with concentration and focus on writing songs” will last.

After all, many celebrities yelled like this, but they went out in a few days and didn’t produce any incredible works. I and the fans obviously forgot about this.

At that time, many problems in the entertainment industry were facing rectification, and the state promulgated many policies, starting from taxation and financing restrictions.

Wang Xinyi’s rapid retreat made him the leader of traffic, but he was not named as a negative influence, and even received a lot of praise.

This has made a lot of traffic in the circle hate it, and they believe that his so-called “retreat” is just a prominent background and a keen sense of policy.

Everyone was more or less unlucky, and he was the only one who picked it cleanly. He deserves to be Xiuxing’s nine-thousand-year-old, Zhu’s royal relative.

The boss of Xiuxing has a good relationship with the above, which is known to the outside world. Zhu’s background is even more impressive, and the country takes the initiative to recruit.

Regardless of the beauty in normal times, in fact, the country’s positioning of them is more than that.

Every major member of the Zhu family is some unspeakable reserve. Their appearance has not only changed the social pattern, but even changed the direction of the country’s development.

The country has established relevant departments as early as two years ago, and they are determined to win the areas that have never been touched and are in urgent need of development. The cooperation of the haunted house has also enabled them to be at the forefront of the world in this regard, bringing countless benefits to the country.

For at least the past 30 years, it has been impossible for the country to shed its grit and kill the donkey, so no matter what policy it is, it is impossible for the fire to hit Zhu’s head.

The Zhu’s “auntie” dialed a little bit, then Wang Xin also lay down and lived in this circle all his life?

At this moment, he hasn’t moved for a long time, and he jumped out, and also brought out a beautiful old man with excellent appearance.

Not to mention the fans who are eagerly looking forward to his return, it is because of this lively and fragrant male appearance, everyone is also screaming as if they smelled the smell of meat after a long time.

[Husband, husband, you’re back, do you remember me and Zai’er are waiting for you? 】

[The mistress upstairs is going to die, and I didn’t speak in my big room, where did the cheap maid add to himself? 】

[Oh, don’t make any noise upstairs, Yiyi puts his arms around me and reads the comments and is laughing at you. 】

[Fuck, the **** upstairs is good for begging. 】

[Wang Xin also gave it to you, the other handsome guy is mine. 】

[It’s late, already in my bed. 】

[Can you stop licking a group of women? After almost a year of retreat, I still have to sell my face. 】

[No, no, his old face is not new anymore, so he’s pulling a handsome guy into the group. 】

[How much is the sunspot upstairs? Add a group and earn money together. 】

[Pull it down, the navy still has money to make, and Sunspot is just going crazy on the Internet. 】

[Stop brushing, is there enough bricks moved today? If you want to spray, think about whether you have earned all the internet fees. 】

Although traffic stars are criticized by others, in their own territory, the fighting power is to kill the gods and kill the ghosts.

Within two minutes, the discordant voice was suppressed, and then he focused on discussing the new work and the beautiful boy.

In a short while, there were several hot searches on topics, and the appearance of Koi Jing is really good.

Without a name, this person circled a wave of Yanfen, and the photo was saved and licked.

Fairies have learned to surf the Internet a long time ago, and naturally quit when they wake up in the morning to brush their necks.

Chong Zhuyang complained: “That guy is all scheming.” Why did he make a lot of money like this? It’s called not obeying the company’s arrangements.”

When the Koi listened carefully, he looked at Zhu Yang with a melancholy expression. His original temperament was dusty, and he was suitable for a route that was similar to pure white and immortal.

The female body is already a standard role beauty, but this year is the era of male sex, and the lethality is even more expensive. With that melancholy look, you will scream frantically when you see any woman.

Not to mention the extremely ‘motivated’ approach of taking one step first, which is to kill someone, I’m afraid I can be forgiven with this face.

Zhu Yang was about to talk, but the fairies didn’t eat him.

Coming up to surround the Koi Jing is a violent beating: “If you dare to seduce the boss if you do something wrong, do you think we are dead?”

In particular, the pheasant started the most ruthless: “Okay, you bitch, belong to my group, dare to bypass me and ask for credit. I knew you didn’t follow the rules, but I didn’t expect to play this trick.”

“Crying, crying! They are all millennia foxes, what do you think you guys don’t know?”

Zhu Yang quickly pulled them away: “No, did you forget that he is a woman?”

All the fairies disdain: “Pull it down. Whatever you become, are fairies still men and women?”

Also, fairies are not mortals. Men and women have power differences. Whether they are strong or not depends on their cultivation. Therefore, since they do not have the consciousness of male superiority and inferiority, naturally they have no demeanor to care for women.

Okay, Zhu Yang originally said to let these guys relax for a few days before working slowly, since they are all anxious–

At noon, Zhu’s official collar issued an official announcement.

It is the new season employee’s joining promotion.

For Zhu’s huge industry, it is naturally impossible to even advertise new recruits, so everyone knows that this “employee” refers to an artist who is not human and can do front-line work.

Such as Yangui and Playboy.

Zhu’s frontline artists are either well-groomed and full of styles. Even if they are not good at looks, they have fresh skills and are very popular with the public.

So as soon as this push came out, netizens couldn’t wait to click in.

This is a publicity film. Although the time is rushed, the most indispensable thing about the haunted house is the scenery and special effects.

Even these people are special effects themselves.

Then the netizens saw that all the stunning beauties and peerless men with alluring beauty.

The fragrant fox demon, the pitiful bunny demon, the quirky rat demon, the dangerous and charming bird demon like a fallen angel.

The dazzling and gorgeous comb essence of Manzhushahua in hell, strolling in the fairyland, accompanied by beautiful twins with lotus effects.

And the beautiful fairy with green hair and sharp ears around the vine. There are more than a dozen stunning beauties, all of them don’t have the same temperament.

It can be said that since watching film and television, I have never seen an image with such a high overall appearance. This is simply a paradise for Yan Gou.

Then someone found that one of the handsome guys in white clothes seemed a bit familiar, isn’t it the one who was only on the hot search a few hours ago?

It turned out to be an employee of Zhu’s.

[Kneel to Zhu’s father. 】

[I am convinced with this handwriting. Some time ago, some people questioned Zhu’s lack of fresh blood and whether it is difficult to find high-quality ghosts. It turns out that they have held back such a big move. 】

[I said it, my face hurts now, I knelt on my face and licked the screen. 】

[This is a fairy, right? God is a fairy, right? You told me that there are ghosts in the world. It took me more than two years to accept, and now I say there are fairies? 】

[Of course there are ghosts and fairies? Isn’t this normal logic? 】

[I **** really admire the idiot who is serious and crooked upstairs, do so many prosperous beauties need other reactions besides licking? 】

[I am a two-dimensional fat house, my lifelong dream has finally come true, there are real fairies and elves appearing in reality, I love Zhushi. 】

[Debut, debut, debut! 】

The people who originally chose to buy hot search today regretted it. After the two news, it is destined that netizens will no longer care about other things.

After the official announcement of the blockbuster, the enthusiastic discussion among netizens stopped the fairies.

At the same time as the shooting, the mirror girl had people register the official bib for them, and assigned an agent and assistant to the others.

To be honest, she didn’t expect to have to work so soon, but as one of the bosses, it is natural for employees who are passionate about working.

Countless people followed Zhu’s official blog to their own official blog. In just a few hours, the attention of the fairies has soared from zero to millions, and it is still rising at an unprecedented speed.

Of course, the effect is immediate, and all the fairies have already felt the power of the established faith.

It turned out that after changing a world, it was so simple for them to get people’s love. In the past, no matter how beautiful they were, everyone shouted and beat them. Compared with the strength of self-protection, their beauty was simply not worth mentioning.

But here, there is everything with a beautiful appearance, which is exactly the same as the boss promised.

A group of guys were dancing with joy, and naturally their debut debut was also intensively prepared.

Zhu Yang deliberately stayed here for a while, and now Zhu is already on the right track. Although she is the boss, there is no need to mix work indiscriminately. So apart from reading some reports, she knows how much profit has been made in the past year, and what other forces are To finalize the cooperation, the days are leisurely.

The single that Wang Xinyi and Jinli Jing collaborated with was soon released. She had listened to it first, and she played a classic song that both refined and popular.

The layman can only distinguish whether it sounds good or not, but the insider can hear how high the guqin accomplishments of the Koi Jing are. All of a sudden all kinds of analysis on the Internet.

The people who eat melon don’t understand, but they only know that Zhu’s newcomer is very good.

And in the MV, this guy became a prototype, a pure white koi spirit, wandering dexterously in the blue waves.

All of the koi reposts on the Internet were replaced by his screenshots, and the koi essence became a veritable koi king.

This guy has a lot of heart and eyes, so other fairies can’t understand him anymore, they can only watch him take a step first, and believe more and more every day.

After I learned the background online, I realized that this guy’s prototype took advantage of this.

There are not many people who even worship the Bodhisattva Buddha these days. It is diligent to turn koi. Believe it or not, but when I turn, I always have good wishes in my heart.

Judging from this scale and momentum, it will probably not take long for this product to fade away and lay the foundation for the dragon.

The koi spirits are trending well here, and other fairies are not too good to behave. The gimmicks and qualities are all placed here. As long as you don’t get blind, you know the future of this batch of newcomers is promising.

All kinds of invitations flew like snowflakes, but Zhu Yang was leisurely, just staying in the playground and playing cats and dogs, bears and leopards.

Sit leisurely and watch the work of the fairies gradually get on track.

After half a month, I finally received the news of the game clearance, and it was time to go back.

It took a long time to say goodbye to everyone. A group of people had so many days to say goodbye to them, knowing that she was leaving.

There are many fairies crying, Zhu Yang comforted, but there is no other way, only promise to come over and play more.

This time I came to the haunted house and didn’t take any money. In fact, everyone knew that with her current skills and wealth, the income from the haunted house was nothing to her.

But no matter where she went, she was still thinking about it.

Zhu Yang didn’t like this heavy farewell atmosphere. Telling the truth is not a farewell to life, so he took Xiao Ji and hid.

According to the coordinates given by the game, Zhu Yang joined the players.

Unexpectedly, this copy of this time was dead-

In fact, it’s not right to say that. The dungeon that she cleared, in many cases, benefited other players because of her personal expressiveness.

Therefore, the death rate of the level she is in is not high, and even no one has died for a long time, but in fact, the current level is the real clearance rate of the game.

There are six players besides Zhu Yang, and now there are four left.

The two who died were the two who criticized Zhu Yang for leaving.

According to the statements of the remaining four players, it was actually good luck for these two to survive until now.

They are all the kind of people who are afraid of the heavy and shrunk behind the people. Everyone set up barriers to prevent ghosts from attacking. Those two actually want to talk about themselves and do a lot of work.

I don’t know the so-called, is it possible that what you did in the game copy was for others to fail? Quante is to save lives.

Then obviously their good luck is coming to an end, and this world has been upgraded to an intermediate copy.

Even if the player’s game difficulty remains the same, environmental variables have to be taken into consideration.

Zhu Yang didn’t take it seriously either. Generally, the same players can help, but she would not take these people as her responsibility.

She chose to paddle the whole time, and naturally there was no reward. After saying goodbye to the remaining players, she returned to the real world.

When Lu Xiuci saw that she finally cleaned up a group of little fairies, the depression in her heart was wiped out.

“If you hire employees in the future, just hire employees, don’t bring them back?”

Zhu Yang took his eyes and stared at him: “I want to have the ability to jump directly from one instance to another, without having to take this car. I still find it troublesome.”

Talking and stunned him: “You don’t use the topic to play, don’t think I don’t know, Longlong has already dumped everything out.”

Lu Xiuci chuckled in his heart, for fear that this guy would have a temper with him.

As a player, especially a high-level player like him, sometimes it’s good to take advantage of the trend, or sometimes to serve the mission, you have to run several of your own forces in the dungeon.

Take Zhu Yang’s haunted house for example. She opened the haunted house for the first time, apart from playing games, but also to cultivate it as her own points base.

But now her wealth is increasing, and the role of points is becoming more and more limited. Still supporting the haunted house is no longer related to interests, but more of affection and responsibility.

Haunted House is just a low-level copy, and it can bring so many benefits at the beginning, what if some high-level copies?

Lu Xiuci has his own power in several high-level dungeons, which is very common among players. Before the company of Resident Evil, there were poisonous people standing behind the company, which shows that everyone is tacitly aware of this.

Advanced dungeons can provide a steady stream of props and even combat power reserves, even if Lu Xiuci is alone, it is impossible to let this benefit go.

Think about it, the cultivation of power requires someone to manage. As the boss, he is powerful and handsome. Does anyone in the copy like?

It is abnormal if no one likes it, so Zhu Yang and Longlong will know which female nuns have pursued him in the world it is in, and which witches have broken him too much.

Lu Xiuci has a clear conscience, but he also knows Zhu Yang’s virtues, that is, he can find trouble if nothing happens, let alone grasp the handle.

Seeing the cold sweat on his forehead, Zhu Yang asked him, “Do you still dare to be jealous?”

Lu Xiuci shook his head with humiliation, and the desire to survive was very strong.

But seeing Zhu Yang picking it up and putting it down gently, he became uneasy. After a while, he asked awkwardly: “You, don’t you question me?”

Zhu Yang was inexplicable: “What am I asking you for?”

Lu Xiuci: “Do you remember one time when you dreamed that I approached another girl, and when you woke up, you smoked me indiscriminately.”

Anyway, similar things, no matter whether they are reasonable or unreasonable, he is the one who is unlucky.

Zhu Yang has matured a lot, anyway, if she said that in the previous relationship between the two, she could only ask for nothing, and he had to accommodate and compromise in everything.

After so many lives and deaths, I also know that I was not a human being.

She hugged Lu Xiuci’s head and touched his hair: “Oh, poor little, see how scared you are.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t clean up you without asking questions. It’s not your fault that you are excellent, right.”

Lu Xiuci looked at her face, and only felt that it was raining red, and in the rest of his life he could see this guy one day in a reasonable manner, and he couldn’t help being very moved.

But Xiao Ji Longlong and Zhu Qian, who are eating popcorn behind them, feel that their father’s/brother-in-law’s ideals are so humble.

The whole family was sticky and played here all day, and only returned home just before dinner.

As a result, when I went home, I heard Zhu’s mother say that a few people came to look for them today. They waited for a long time, and then it was really late before leaving.

Zhu Yang took out his mobile phone and found that it was the one on the other side of the haunted house. When he came back, he was sticky with his boyfriend and forgot to change it, so he did not receive a call from home.

He sat down to eat and asked who the few people were.

Zhu Ma said, “Are you a few beautiful young children, or stars, but you young people should know a little bit soon after your debut.”

“Said it was the previous Valentine’s Day to go skiing in the mountains. As a result, there was an accident and I was rescued by you. Thank you very much.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “How did you find it?”

She didn’t remember any messages left at the time, and she refused to leave a call because of those people.

“I guess I found it from the villa in Xiaolu?”

Then it’s even more interesting. Let’s not talk about Lu Xiu’s resignation. It’s not anyone who wants to check it out. Even if you find it from there, shouldn’t you find him?

Why did you go to her door first?

Zhu Yang and Lu Xiu looked at each other and didn’t speak.

I wish my mother picked food for them, then glanced at the TV, and suddenly pointed at the screen: “Hey! By coincidence, it is them.”

Zhu Yang turned around and was an idol group that became popular recently after his debut.

No wonder she looked familiar at the time. Although she doesn’t follow stars, the recent exposure rate of these people is really not low.

There is a saying that is hard to say, but it is indeed a fact. With the identity of a player, it is easy to make noise.

Let’s not mention whether they can threaten their existence in reality. Even if there is a big mistake, the game uses a confidential mechanism, then it is not worthwhile.

Zhu Yang didn’t have a job after graduation, nor was he keen on operating a social circle. He either improved his strength or played crazy with his family all day long.

In a sense, it is a little out of touch with society, so these people find her purpose, and it is inevitable that she will think about the game.

But this is not right. In reality, they cannot know the superfluous things in an effective way, but if several people are players, they cannot be indifferent at all.

I couldn’t figure it out for a while, and Zhu Yang didn’t entangle, no matter what the other party’s purpose is, he will always make a move.

However, the other party did not come to the door the next day, it is estimated that there is not so much gap in the identity of the star.

Zhu Yang knew that the next game was the advanced stage, so he also let go of other things and wholeheartedly integrated his resources and strength during this time.

I asked Lu Datou about many classic copies of the advanced field, and made simulations in my own mind.

Just listening to his description can tell the tricky parts of the advanced copy. Zhu Yang is not weak now, but according to the example he gave, it is not so easy for her to go in.

Lu Xiuci asked to enter with her this time, just like the first game of Intermediate Dungeon.

But this time, Zhu Yang refused: “I know that the last game made you a little worried, but don’t worry, according to your statement, my strength as a newcomer in the advanced field is already considerable.”

“And I can’t ask you to help each time before opening my legs.” Zhu Yang held his head and said solemnly: “I hope that the premise of using team props is that we fight together, not you. help.”

Although Lu Xiuci is present, she usually minimizes her presence and gives her performance opportunities, but in fact, she doesn’t have many opportunities to help her.

But just because he was there, the essence was different, and it would naturally influence her acting style and judgment.

Lu Xiuci has never been able to hold her back, so worried, but he can only follow her statement.

She has already gone more than half now, and there is no need to influence herself in the last part.

She had to confess to her: “You are only a newcomer to the high-level field right now. The first instance should not be the world of cultivating immortals, but your personal strength is much higher than that of ordinary players of the same level.

“You must know that those who can pass the test to enter the high-level field are already a very precious player resource in the game, and are fundamentally different from players in the low-level and intermediate fields.”

“So in order to prevent your conspicuous individual ability from increasing the difficulty of the game, you may choose a copy that limits the individual’s strength.”

“For example, advanced warfare!” Zhu Yang said.

Lu Xiuci smiled, admiring her consciousness, but also very worried: “Yes, in advanced warfare, your strength has not reached the point of crushing the overall situation, then it is easy to be swallowed by the battlefield.”

“So promise me that you must not underestimate the enemy, okay? If something goes wrong, use the pass immediately.”

Zhu Yang sighed: “I have said, I cherish my life more than you.”

Longlong on the side squatted over and looked at her with green eyes blinking, the meaning was obvious–

I didn’t take me in the intermediate field before, this time it is always okay, right?

Zhu Yang thought that the nature of this dungeon was mostly as Lu Datou speculated, so he also hugged Longlong——

“Sure, you will go with me this time. Later I will stuff your nest and gold coins into the retail bag, and you and Xiao Ji will pack their favorite snacks and toys.”

The two children naturally cheered and ran back to the room and began to pack their things.

When it was time to enter the game, Zhu Yang pretended to enter Longlong and Xiaoji, closed his eyes, and the exchange window was opened.

There was still nothing good this time. They were all syringes filled with medicine, and there were more than twenty.

It’s not like the pill. There’s a name below—


What to suppress? Isn’t the place where they are going to be dominated by humans?

And this amount seems to be used for a long time, so it seems that you have to live in a collective group for a long time.

Lu Datou’s speculation is getting closer to the truth, either a school or a military camp.

Zhu Yang didn’t think much, so he bought the row of injections. After the transaction, the feeling of weightlessness came.

Then Zhu Yang felt that he was sitting in a car, the car was moving at high speed, not bumpy, very stable.

She opened her eyes and a futuristic city appeared in her eyes.

With dense buildings, generous planning, and a strong sense of technology, it is like a future city in a science fiction movie.

There are flying cars shuttled everywhere in the sky, but they are not disorderly, and Zhu Yang is now sitting in a long train similar to a light rail.

It should be the public transportation equipment of this era. The exterior can be seen through the reflective glass of the passing high-rise buildings, which is particularly cool.

It can be seen that this dungeon world is advanced and rich, but since it can become an advanced dungeon, unless their players are acting as an evil camp to engage in trouble with the state machine.

Otherwise, it would certainly not be as threatening as you see.

Even the prosperity in front of us may be built on countless poverty, blood and tears, who knows.

Zhu Yang looked around and also received feedback from several other players.

This time, one and five people, three men and two women, all look pretty good, giving people the illusion that they are participating in an entertainment copy.

Zhu Yang greeted the other four players and exchanged some messages in a low voice.

Several of them are newcomers in the advanced field, but their strength and temperament are beyond doubt, this can be clearly felt.

“Guess where are we going?” Another female player smiled.

Although the people on this train stand casually, they are all young and strong, without a child or old age.

Many of them are physically strong and exaggerated. To be honest, Zhu Yang and the others are somewhat conspicuous in it.

Because he looked too thin, Zhu Yang’s height is definitely not short among girls. Although his figure is slender, he has some places. At this moment, it is a bit pitiful to compare in front of so many big men.

She saw many women almost all of the European and American big-size figure, plump buttocks and fat breasts, strong and sexy, compared to her and another female player, the Asian figure is conspicuous.

But they are not bad. Although they are “skinny”, there are at least many women who are similar to them. These people seem to be in different groups, looking intellectually cold, and not with the tall and big men.

But Zhu Yang and the three male players in his party will be pitiful.

Just like a few reed sticks in a group of muscular men, obviously they are of medium size in the real world.

Not only that, but there are also many people who look at them from time to time, during which there is no lack of dirty hints.

The three male players are so angry that they want to jump up and break the train-believe them, it can be done, after all, they are advanced players.

At this time, the train passed near a tall building, and the huge glass screen outside the tall building was advertising.

It turned out to be a conscription advertisement. After the scene of war and blood, the registration location was hit below.

Zhu Yang glanced at the starting station of the train. It seemed that it was self-evident where they were in the car.

“It turns out to be on the battlefield!” a male player said: “Well, you guys should do this kind of task.”

The other two male players are naturally eager to try, and they are also excited: “Do you think this dungeon will have organic armor?”

Shit, man’s romance!

As the discussion was enjoying themselves, a few big men came over.

The hair color and eye color look like Europeans and Americans, and the facial features are also deep. There are men and women, both of which are fit.

However, his body is very aggressive, his expression is arrogant, and his eyes are frivolous and licentious, making people uncomfortable.

The female player and Zhu Yang both had their expressions closed, and they knew what the other party was doing, and they were a little bored.

But before the two of them moved, the other three male players stood up and stood in front of them.

Although the female players are still not a high-level female player, they are not afraid of such troubles, but as men, the three people’s demeanor still keeps them in front of them subconsciously.

One of the male players is named Zheng Hao. He has that kind of beautiful appearance, which is usually referred to as a male and female appearance, which is very attractive to girls and old ladies.

Usually popular.

At this time, his facial features were tense, his eyes were sharp, and he looked at the other person and said in a deep voice, “What are you doing? Don’t want to move the girl behind.”

The blond man in the lead smiled, reached out his hand and touched his face–

“Who cares about them? I have no interest in female omega. I think it is you.”

Speaking of the whole person rushing over, the hormones diverged without money, his eyes were ambiguous: “This is the train to the barracks? What did you omega do in the past?”

Zheng Hao’s entire scalp exploded, and wanted to convince himself that these guys were joking, but the three of them took a look.

Ma Ye, these people are really interested in their men. Of course, because the latter two women grow up beautifully, there are many people who glance over, but their interest in them is real.

The three male players have spine numbness. I have never seen such a situation, because the appearance is good and it is not that they have not been favored and favored by the same sex, but they are all examples.

What does it look like at this moment, it seems common for them to stand here and be molested?

The three of them took two steps back silently, which made a group of people think they shrank, and the poor omega naturally made people more excited.

This group of people are a bit like soldiers, and the molesters seem to be very good at it. The three of Zheng Hao and the others had never experienced this kind of battle, and they were surrounded by them unknowingly.

On the contrary, Zhu Yang and another female player, Pei Yu, did not get up and left their seats, which was better.

But there were two people sitting next to each other. On the other side of Pei Yu was a woman who looked a little like Latino descent. She was also tall with big buttocks and fat breasts. She looked at Pei Yu with a frivolous look, and she wanted to put her on her shoulder.

Zhu Yang is a red-haired man here, and he is also arrogant.

This group of people gathered together, feeling a smell, different from body odor, in short, it made people uncomfortable.

She has a strong spirit, but she feels a little uncomfortable, but Zheng Hao and the others are going to die.

Deeply trapped in the encirclement, they avoided the person in front, but they didn’t know when one hand touched the back of his neck.

With an ambiguous twist, Zheng Hao’s shameful feeling a little hardened.

Oh, is it that a high-level dungeon is so overbearing that he bends his sexuality at the beginning?

He turned into anger, no matter the situation was still unclear, he punched the few people.

Suddenly there was a flutter in the carriage. The strength of the three male players should not be underestimated, but the people here seem to be generally good, especially those guys.

But the gap was still very obvious. The two girls who were forced to entangle Zhu Yang and the two girls also joined the battle, but they were quickly cleared up.

There are a lot of people in the compartment who watch the excitement and it is not too big. The three players keep their hands, and it is inconvenient to expose the high force value, so they also slightly adjusted according to the enemy’s strength.

A group of tall and good people yelled–

“Hey! Get up quickly, motherfucker, are you being kicked by the omega?”

“Did you do too much last night with weak legs? Even omega can’t stand it.”

“Is it alpha just like you? You are just useless girls.”

“Point, are you tickling? The power of beta is not as shameful as you are.”

“Hey! Beauty, I like the hot type. Do you want to follow me.”

In the hustle and bustle, things got worse and worse, but fortunately, the train responded.

The conductor came out with an explosion-proof robot and used his weapon to aim at the group of people fighting, and the matter came to an end.

The conductor said unceremoniously to the troublemakers: “Now the army is open to the recruitment of omega. Like you, they may become a member of the great emperor team. I will report your actions truthfully.”


The people around were dismissive. The battlefield situation is now grim. Several consecutive defeats have caused the Emperor team to suffer heavy losses.

Now the army almost always refuses to come, how can they give up their powerful alpha for such a small matter?

Even if omega is successfully admitted, can it still be on the battlefield? Most of them are also divided into logistics.

Many things are just a slogan. In the face of reality, no matter how hard these Omegas resist, weak is weak.

Zheng Hao and the three of them came back and sat down, all with a bad expression.

Unbelievably told them: “This Nima is a ridiculous plot, right? Those idiots do not molest women to molest men?”

“Oh! I didn’t mean that you deserve to be molested, but are you so gay?”

Pei Yu raised his hand: “I, I think I know what’s going on. For the time being, I often look at this type.”

So she popularized this kind of world background like four people.

In terms of this ABO background, there are three basic genders-alpha, beta, and omega.

These three are divided into males and females, that is, there are six genders in total.

Alpha is strong, strong, and in the leadership of the world.

There are many betas, and the overall mediocre, similar to ordinary people in the real world.

Omega body is soft and easy to tear down, responsible for reproduction.

The key point is that alpha and Omega are in estrus. According to Pei Yu’s statement, once in the estrus, it is the same as being filled with two catties of spring/medicine without water.

In short, the setting is very fragrant.

Pei Yu’s expression skills were not very good, but the four of them basically understood.

Then I fell into a difficult word. What is the difference between Nima and a beast?

“Oh, that’s not right, you just seemed to talk about the male Omega’s body–” Before finishing speaking, Zheng Hao hurriedly ran into the train toilet.

The other two people also thought about it, and hurriedly followed.

Then it didn’t take long to see them walking out carrying Zheng Hao who had passed out with pale faces.

Zhu Yang sighed again and again: “What a good man, I can’t stand the blow like this.”

Zheng Hao was in the void of wanting to die. He immediately recovered from what she said, staring at her with canthus: “You said so lightly, let you try to have more diaos on your body suddenly?”

Zhu Yang thought for a while, and suddenly there was a flash of ripples on his face: “Then my boyfriend and I can play more.”

Three people: “…”

It took several minutes for them to come back to their senses. Fortunately, she didn’t choke to death, but they also understood the power of the advanced female players.

Just this disposition is terrible, so by the way, she silently mourns her boyfriend.

Does that buddy know that his girlfriend wants to grow diao?

However, the three male players were hit hard after discovering that they had both male and female genitalia.

When the train arrived at the destination, he still murmured: “Why is the game so honest? No, it’s honest, it’s definitely intentional.”

Zhu Yang said: “I think, compared to the following, let’s think about how to solve the pheromone problem.”

She pointed to the slightly protruding bag on the back of everyone’s neck, which was said to be marked by alpha.

Marked is equivalent to being someone’s X slave.

Let’s not say if anyone here can successfully mark them, even when it comes to estrus, it’s not easy.

Originally everyone is an adult, and occasionally it is normal to feel rippling, but if it is conditionally resolved, it is just a cold shower if there is no condition.

Who would be so happy to be troubled like a beast to affect life and even affect strength?

Zheng Hao touched the gland, some fortunate and some lingering fears——

“I thought that my sexuality was bent, it’s not good, but this thing is wicked, I almost feel hard when I touch it.”

“The injection is really a pheromone inhibitor, right?” Pei Yu said: “It’s all set in this way. If you don’t want to be troubled by the estrus period, you have to take the inhibitor regularly.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Hit!” He said that several people would take out the injection.

But the five of them talked so ecstatically that it was not just in the eyes of others how vulgar the behavior of a few guys was.

There were already many officers on the square looking over, and one of them finally couldn’t help it.

Come directly and shout: “The five Omegas over there, this is a public place, please pay attention to your behavior.”

“Huh? What behavior?” Zheng Hao touched the gland and looked at it blankly.

A beautiful Omega touched the glands and looked at herself.

The officer’s face blushed and gritted his teeth: “Don’t touch it, the military camp is heavy, don’t be so frivolous.”

Zheng Hao said hey: “You can tell me clearly, why is it called frivolous? I picked off your clothes and flicked you?”

The surrounding air took a breath, and even the rogue alpha burst into laughter on the spot.

Pei Yu quickly pulled Zheng Hao back: “No, you forgot what gender you are now?”

Just mentioning this Zheng Hao is sad: “Don’t remind me thank you!”

“No, your current behavior is to greet your **** while touching your chest with a beautiful woman.”

Zheng Hao and the other two male players stiffened and looked around.

The upright alpha blushed, watching them conservatively as a slut, and the rogue was whistling at them.

It’s a wonderful one.

It seems that it is not possible to get an injection under the public.

“Besides, we only have more than 20 needles. I don’t know how long it will take a needle. Save it. Since the army dares to recruit Omega now, it should distribute inhibitors.”

“After all, if there is estrus on the battlefield, they will not be able to afford it.”

Several people nodded their heads and walked in line dingy.

It was their turn. Last night’s physical examination revealed that the physical fitness of the five people surprised the conscripts.

However, they still stamped their resumes. Zhu Yang pulled out a beta to ask before, that means they were assigned to logistics.

Logistics may be tied to their mission, and during this period they have already got a preliminary understanding of the war background in this world.

The enemy of this empire is the Zerg, and the mission of the game is not far from there.

So Zhu Yang did not take the form, but pointed to the data above——

“Sir, I think you made a mistake. My physical functions are much stronger than the trash in front of me. Why can he go to the front line while I was assigned to the logistics?”

The ‘trash’ in her mouth hasn’t gone yet, and Tangtang Alpha was called trash by Omega, and the other party was furious.

“Smelly girl, who do you say is trash?”

Zhu Yang took two forms and pointed to the power item: “Can’t the data explain everything?”

89VS175 is nearly twice the difference. If people look at it, anyone would think that this is a comparison between an alpha and a beta, and even appreciate the strength of the beta.

But unfortunately, 89 is the universal alpha value, and the gender column in the table corresponding to 175 actually says Omega.

Someone on the side quickly grabbed the alpha: “Have you forgotten how hard these Omegas are in the car? These are not ordinary people.”

Of course, people with long eyes could see it, so more and more people came around.

The auditor was a bit unable to get off the stage, and said: “There has never been a precedent for Omega to be on the front line.”

After the talk started, Zhu Yang sneered and came back: “Does the current behavior still allow you to follow the old-fashioned?”

“The policy has already opened up the recruitment of Omega, but do you want to violate the military order?”

She glanced at the people around her, these alphas were generally prejudiced against Omega, and the look in her eyes was like looking at a madman.

Zhu Yang didn’t care: “If you die in the front, Omega will have to pick up the gun in the end. Rather than wait until the time when he is powerless, it is better to hold life and death in his own hands now.”

Everyone is naturally unwilling to listen to this, but it is true that the policy is true. Strictly speaking, the auditor’s approach is somewhat contrary to the regulations.

But the right to explain this kind of thing is still in their hands, so the reviewer said: “I can understand your Omega’s heart to serve the motherland, which makes us very touched.”

“However, although pheromone inhibitors are temporarily sufficient, it is not surprising that any accidents happen on the battlefield.”

“We don’t want such a big risk in our camp when we don’t want to fight. Do you know what impact Omega will have if it comes into heat?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Then you have to be fortunate to have been fighting the Zerg for so many years. They didn’t even think of a way to catch Omega and go to the front line. Once the war starts and throw it on the battlefield, then the battle line will be shortened by at least 20 years.”

This argument is coaxing, if one Omega can disintegrate an army, then it’s a fart. The military dared to make this decision, and it must have thought about the control method.

The faces of several reviewers were ugly, and they smiled again after a while: “It is true that the military’s instructions are first, but there is one. Omega entering the front line needs to be tested for pheromone stability.”

Talking and flipping through the file: “After testing, your pheromone fluctuates very high and it is not suitable for the front line.”

Of course, they have the final say, and there is actually no specific standard.

However, Zhu Yang didn’t do more entanglement here. Now that he said this, he gave her a convenience.

She looked at each other: “In other words, if my pheromone no longer fluctuates and there is no risk of estrus, the front line will open up to me, right?”

“Yes.” The other side said, and then added: “But you don’t expect your own inhibitors, those products are not trusted by the military, and even if you have a long history of injections—”

“Wait, what is she doing?”

Before he finished speaking, the auditor heard the exclamation from others, and his expression was shocked.

Hundreds of people around just watched the female Omega like this, with a scalpel in one hand, and pinched her gland with the other and squeezed it out.

She raised the knife and fell, and the gland at the back of her neck was cut off in an instant in her extremely flexible movement without looking back.

This Omega, castrated himself?

To put it another way, it can be understood a little bit in the real world.

When enlisting, some people think that your woman’s **** will affect the battle, and you will not be allowed to go to the front line, or even the front line reserve will not work. They will only let you be a logistics soldier.

Then the other party will perform a live chest cut for you.

It’s so reckless.

The author has something to say:    I was so tired last night. It has been more than five months since I started writing. It was the first time I stopped the update, so I feel guilty. Hahaha.

I asked for leave in the message area, but it was quickly brushed down. Many people did not see it. Thank you readers in the group for helping me explain.


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