Scream Queen Chapter 162

What Zhu Yang is doing now is actually very difficult for ordinary people to operate.

First of all, it is not easy to operate flexibly with two hands behind the back, and it cannot be calibrated with the eyes. It depends on the feel.

One carelessly, the gland is not cut off, first cut off a piece of his neck meat, eat more wrongs?

But she is not here. She has mental power. Although she can’t observe everything in the world out of thin air, she can’t be more precise in her control.

The operation that seemed reckless, thrilling, and **** in the eyes of others was actually accurate and unbiased to her.

It is not much different from cutting a double eyelid, but it does hurt without anesthetic.

She was so fast that she didn’t even bleed much. Once the gland was removed, a hemostatic bandage was applied.

The bandages produced by Infinite Game Space are very effective, and the analgesia and bleeding are all first-class.

Zhu Yang’s face remained the same throughout the whole process, and then he took the cut glands in his hand and looked at it.

After listening to the setting Pei Yu said, she even got close and smelled it, and indeed asked about an indescribable fragrance.

This scent is hard to describe, but it feels very **** when it smells it.

Sure enough, it is the exclusive setting of XX text, but the dog is not interesting enough.

Why should she be set as Omega? Such a fun setting must be Alpha because of her personality.

If you set her to alpha, you may choose to use the pass symbol for the first time in history.

Anyway, log out of the game first, put Lu Datou on the team, then re-enter the world, and finally the guy is set to Omega.

If Lu Xiuci knew his awe-inspiring righteousness, and a girlfriend who was determined not to form a team, she would immediately abandon the principle for this kind of thing, and she would probably vomit blood with anger.

But let’s not talk about people in the real world, the game really regrets what she said.

Yeah, why not make her Alpha and sex-oriented Omega? How fun is that?

Thinking of this, there was an annoying grunt in Zhu Yang’s head.

Zhu Yang sneered: “Why are you playing with you, you really want to play with me?”

“I thought that your setting was random or had any meaning in the game mission. As a result, it became the original form after a trick. You wait for me.”

The game doesn’t dare to speak anymore. It’s so stupid. Really. I guessed she wasn’t satisfied with this setting, so why did she forget it?

Zhu Yang and the game played a verbal lawsuit for such a short time, it only took a few seconds to convert to reality.

It is estimated that what she did was too shocking, and there was silence around her.

It was the other four players, their eyes lit up when she saw her stance of raising a knife.

Zheng Hao patted his forehead: “Am I a clubbing me? I also worry about inhibitors, worry about a hammer, if I cut it, everything will be gone?”

Their players are not people in this world, and there is no deep-rooted gender concept that belongs to this world.

There is only a single male and female in their minds. For the concept of gender characteristics, these two extras make them roll their eyes.

Only the thing on the back of the neck, long in the way and troublesome, except for the purpose of mating/mating.

It’s easy to be controlled by others, so why keep it? They don’t want this thing to have children.

Don’t say that male players don’t take this seriously, even female players will hate it when they know it.

Of course, a small number of very obsessive brains are another matter.

Omega is scarce in this world, and it is natural to arouse alpha’s protective desire, when she just questioned the game.

In order to quibble, Nagobi immediately gave Zhu Yang a few examples, saying that some players enjoyed this kind of handsome guy surrounded by many suitors, and actively asked to become an Omega.

But it seems that there is more than one meter of grass growing on the tomb now.

Zhu Yang thinks that the game is about donating her. How did such a lack of heart get to the advanced stage?

As a result, as explained by the game, this dungeon has only recently become an advanced dungeon, after the war with the Zerg.

In the past, the background was relatively single, and when the main enemy on the battlefield was only of the same kind, it was only an intermediate copy.

In this way, it makes sense. It is the diversity of species. There are really silly forks who have regarded the game of life and death as a game of love.

When Zhu Yang complained so much, she didn’t know that the game was also complaining about her.

Isn’t it a virtue for you who have turned the game of life and death into a game of vacation? But he didn’t dare to speak out and was scolded. Knowing that he had already been credited, the dog knew better than the game that he had to catch his tail recently.

It’s a bit too far away. Although several players were so stunned by this gender setting, they were a bit left behind for a while.

But Jing Zhu Yang’s stimulation naturally reflected how to completely eliminate the disadvantages of the initial arrangement of the game.

So four people move their hands almost at the same time. It is inconvenient to use special props or abilities here, but it goes without saying that you carry a handy knife with you.

They don’t have Zhu Yang’s mental power, but being able to become advanced players naturally has their own uniqueness, even if they don’t necessarily see the glands behind their necks.

But it was actually easy, cutting off the glands in an instant without unnecessary damage.

When they stretched out their hands and touched their necks, someone present reacted.

Hurriedly roared: “They want to—, quickly, stop them.”

However, it was too late, and the voice hadn’t fallen, the glands were cut off, and everyone had a string in their hands. This scene seemed to the players to be commonplace, and it was a bit gratifying.

It’s the same as removing a hole buried in the body.

But in the eyes of the people here, it was a **** and brutal mass castration scene.

The auditor who initially rejected Zhu Yang has passed out.

Five Omegas, five!

Just for his word, the collective castration was staged. Can he afford it? The military court can already be scheduled for tomorrow.

Hundreds of people around looked at the five of them in horror, and even the empathetic ones had silently covered their own balls.

There are also a few Omegas who came to join the conscription, not to mention, they covered their glands and their scalp became numb.

The alpha who had molested five players on the train before, even looked at them with sore teeth and even a little fear.

When they were on the train, they had already learned about the combat power of this group of Omegas, which was different from the idiots who stood around and talked, and watched the crowds.

Those **** are still laughing at their fistlessness and lack of seed, and those who are a little better only think they pity the jade and let the Omegas.

But in fact, they, who have been in direct contact with the opponent’s strength and fighting skills, know the abilities of these guys.

But having said that, this is just an example. The Omega group is weak, but there are one or two strong points, which are just anomalies and not enough to make people change their entire group.

But these people are far more fierce than they thought. These guys are ruthless people who don’t even care about their gender and their own existence value.

By analogy, if a person can beat you up, you won’t necessarily be convinced, but if he dares to beat you up and chop diao on the spot, that will make your scalp numb.

Because the opponent is not only strong, but also crazy, even weird, you can’t measure it with ordinary people, you never know what these guys will do in the next second.

The unknown is always the most feared thing in human beings, even in this place with different gender backgrounds.

There was a mess around: “Quickly, give them some heals and carry them down.”

The supreme officer of this film was also alarmed. It was a tall, blonde and blue-eyed alpha with a neat and straight military uniform on him, which was different from the temperament of the alphas previously seen or in the presence of many.

Compared with the publicity of these guys, this officer was obviously more abstinent and calm, looking like a man with a heart for the city.

But even so, the chief who rushed in had a cracked expression when he saw the situation.

He walked step by step, his breathing was a little heavy, and when he saw the glands that the five were still holding, his eyes were dark.

There are nurses around, but I don’t know why the Omegas did not follow.

The chief alpha reprimanded them: “How long will you have to stand here? Go down to heal your injuries, I hope you really understand what you have done.”

But the next second he knew why these guys could still stand here casually.

I saw that the female Omega castrated her at the beginning and threw the glands in her hand, like a piece of snot paper.

She was very heady, and suddenly the gland was thrown into the trash can.

Even if it has been cut off, the surrounding alpha can still smell the intoxicating aura left by the gland.

Look at the face of this female Omega again. Today, hundreds of years after the world has merged, the aesthetic difference is not so obvious.

Although Zhu Yang has an Asian look, her features are delicate and profound, and she is a look that can be appreciated by the East and the West.

Coupled with the pheromone smell, it is really a rare beauty in Omega.

However, such beauties cut off their gender characteristics, and Chief Alpha is a bit dark in front of him.

The natural protective desire for Omega makes them not only angry about this kind of thing, but also a little bit distressed to the point of no attachment, not to mention there are five beautiful Omegas here.

All the people present saw Zhu Yang’s behavior, and there were suffocating expressions on the faces of someone throwing almost 100 million diamonds into the sea.

But the person concerned didn’t care and took the healing spray from the nurse.

Science and technology in this world are highly developed, and so is the medical industry. Strictly speaking, gland removal is just a minor injury.

The wound is less than two centimeters. This wound is converted to another part of the body. People who are slightly stronger and rougher will not even go to the hospital at all. A piece of medical tape will be applied.

Even if you don’t stick it, press the wound with something, the blood clotting factor in the body will stop bleeding soon.

If this medical spray is applied to these small wounds, the effect is immediate, not to mention that the skin is intact.

At least in an instant, it will stop bleeding and scab, and relieve pain and inflammation, without hindering movement at all.

Zhu Yang grabbed the spray from the nurse and sprayed two layers on the back of her neck. Advanced genetic technology allowed her wound to heal visible to the naked eye.

Several other players also learned the same way, just for a few seconds, and then wiped the towel on it.

There was only a small scab in the original gland, and the whole person looked nothing unusual.

Zhu Yang then threw the spray and towel back to the nurse, and blinked at the other person: “Thanks, beauty!”

The nurse was a female beta, and her face suddenly turned red when she was so upset.

This Omega has obviously been self-castrated, why is it still so charming? It must be the cause of the residual pheromone.

No no, Omega’s pheromones are related to their beta fart? They can’t feel it again.

The female nurse blushed and glanced at the female Omega again. Is that her own personal charm? Obviously an Omega, why is the temperament so A?

Chief Alpha saw all this, and several Omegas had no regrets about what they did, and one of them had time to seduce Beta.

No, it’s a bit biased to say seduce. Is this the normal Omega seduction? In his opinion, the other party’s behavior is more like a fascinating alpha everywhere.

There was another black spot in front of Chief Alpha. To prevent these guys from continuing to make trouble, he said: “You guys go down first.”

He said to the person on the side: “Pick that gland back and see if there is any chance–”

He didn’t finish this sentence, but everyone knows what it means. In fact, with the current medical technology, there is still a chance to reconnect it in such a short time.

After the commander Alpha gave the order, looking at a few guys hurting their eyes, he scolded again: “Go down and lie down.”

But I saw a few Omegas looking at him inexplicably, and the female Omega at the head said: “Lying? Why do you want to lie down? We are not injured.”

He said and jumped: “Our bodies are much more flexible and energetic than most people here.”

Chief Alpha is also a person who has married a wife and had children, and he was born into a bodily family, and naturally understands more than ordinary people.

Like his wife and relatives around him have Omega, they suffer from lack of energy and weakness for so many days every month.

I can only lie in bed and rely on someone to take care of me.

However, these guys cut off the glands, and they still behaved so nonchalantly. Didn’t he see Omega’s pheromone response?

Although the wound is less than two centimeters, can it really be seen as an ordinary trauma? It’s like a man’s egg being plucked. Although the wound is small and does not involve the limbs, it can be seen that people can still stand up.

Chief Alpha thinks these guys are arrogant, and he even suspects that this was sent by the Omega radical rights organization to deliberately cause a commotion.

But if you look closely, these guys are really ruddy, with no discomfort at all, as if what they removed was not a gland, but a corn that hindered their movement.

No, no, as a gentleman, how can you make such a crude metaphor?

Then he was quite happy with one of the male Omegas: “Oh, my mother, I finally feel relieved.”

“Oh by the way, there is an extra seam under me, which is very annoying. I will go to the infirmary to find someone to sew it on for me.”

The other two male Omegas nodded again and again: “Yes, yes! I recognize it without anesthetic. I’m so wicked, I can’t stand this stuff.”

“Okay, it was such a happy decision.”

“Stop, stop!!!” Chief Alpha had also been on the battlefield, a man who had not changed his color in the face of thousands of dead bodies and thrilling battles.

At this moment, he was scared and sweated by a few Omegas. He was sure that these guys were abnormal.

Can’t let them stay here.

However, Zhu Yang had already understood how shocking their behavior was after shaking the other side several times.

Before the chief’s words came out, he said: “Sir, someone just promised that as long as we are no longer affected by the pheromone, we can enter the frontline training camp.”

Talking about it, I got some information about them: “Look, this is our basic quality, which is completely above the standard.”

He pointed to the glands in the hands of several other people: “Look, this is our consciousness, and we will never be troubled by pheromone again.”

“In order to become a qualified fighter and defend our homeland, we have long since abandoned gender stereotypes and have made the consciousness to eliminate all obstacles.”

“I hope the chief can understand our intentions and give us a fair chance.”

If there is no collective castration, perhaps Chief Alpha will still consider it, but now he really doesn’t want to meet the wishes of these Omegas.

These guys are incredible lunatics, or even more mean, they are perverts.

The guy who can put such a cruel hand on himself and doesn’t care is himself an extremely self-conscious person.

Such people are suitable to be lone rangers. I believe that with their fierceness and determination, if they become interstellar pirates, they will definitely achieve something.

But this is precisely the trait that a soldier needs, and it’s not easy to control.

But it was too late. Due to the continuous expansion of the scale of recruitment, the military intentionally promoted it vigorously. The recruitment advertisements were everywhere, and the recruitment scene would be followed by the media.

It is to let the young people feel this passionate and empathetic scene, so that they can devote themselves to the military.

This kind of thing inherently depends on impulse, so there are several media who accompanied the recruitment scene.

These are all live broadcasts, all buildings in the city are showing, and other advertisements are sometimes inserted in the middle, but the frequency is not high.

At the moment Zhu Yang and the others caused a commotion, the media with keen sense of smell and good at finding topics have already pointed their cameras at them.

So now the people of the whole city have witnessed those few Omega chop diao with bare hands—no, castration on the spot.

In less than twenty minutes, this matter has set off a huge controversy worldwide.

Some of the vulnerable Omega fainted directly, and discussions on the Internet were stubbornly different, and the opinions of all parties were noisy.

But there are also many who had to give up because of external forces, but now seeing a few Omegas who can still serve the motherland so decisively, they immediately dialed the registration number.

For a time, the registration received by the military set a record high, and it was impossible for Chief Alpha to refuse Zhu Yang and the others.

The high-level officials will not care about his riding a tiger. In fact, the high-levels are already riding a tiger. This kind of news is too big and too eye-catching. Explosion.

This can no longer be said to be heat, it is a worldwide explosion.

[Five Omegas castrated collectively at the conscription site]

If you see this kind of title, who wouldn’t click it?

As for the five guys at the center of the topic, it can be said that they are exposed to the eyes of the people all over the world. They are really unimportant.

For fear of a wrong response, the people’s enthusiasm for joining the army will be hit, although this incident is strange.

But I have to say that this has changed the people’s usual indifference towards the military, and it is more useful than any advertisement.

And now they lack soldiers most.

So not only could not refuse, but after Chief Alpha answered a phone call, he could only return their information in a good manner.

Adjusting their facial expressions in front of the media, they were transferred to the frontline training camp with a touch of emotion.

After pinching his nose to build a few Omegas into true heroes who serve the country for the people and serve the motherland without caring about their personal interests.

Chief Alpha smiled hardly: “Now that you are in the frontline military reserve, then go to the treatment room with the nurse. You can get the glands back at this time.”

Even the gland that Zhu Yang threw away has already been picked up and disinfected and preserved.

I believe that after taking it back, rest for a few days, it will be a complete Omega again.

People who have been following the Internet at this moment have some voices.

[This time the military really paid a lot of money. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of hitting the army, they actually performed such a big show. 】

[Anyway, these Omegas are really safe, I have never seen anyone who dares to do this. 】

[Moreover, they are all beautiful Omegas, especially the first female Omega, who has a good temperament. How did the military convince them to do this? 】

[Upstairs, don’t speculate maliciously, can everything involve conspiracy theories? 】

【Is not it? The result now is that the recruiting call has been blown up, and these Omegas still do what they should do after a show. 】

[Although mass castration is unheard of, it can be said that with the current level of medical care, it takes only minutes to recover. 】

[But anyway, those Omegas are still tigers. 】

This statement is gradually getting higher and higher recognition, but the live broadcast is still going on.

Just when everyone thought their speculation was true, they saw that female Omega took over the gland that someone else picked up for her.

Because of the close-range shooting, the expression on her face was fully visible.

If this is acting, I believe she must be the greatest actor of this century, and she can actually find no flaws in front of such a 100% restoration of the lens, and no trace of show.

She is undoubtedly beautiful, even if the lens is so close, even if the projection on the city landmarks magnifies her face hundreds of times, there is no way to find a flaw on her face.

Obviously such an Omega should be a precious resource held in the palm of the hand by the upper class, but at this moment, it is doing such a shocking thing in the public for the criticism of the world.

She took out her glands from the biological dish, and a trace of contempt flashed across her face. The expression on the glands was not a part of her body, her important gender characteristics, the important components of her charm, and herself One of the proofs of existence.

It seemed to be a malignant tumor that had grown out of thin air to hinder her beauty and health, with undisguised disgust and contempt.

Then, with the finger grip, the fragile gland was squeezed in her hand, like crushing a grape, with some liquid on her hand.

She drew a towel from the table on the side, slowly wiped her hands, and then threw the towel into the trash can.

Like the toilet paper thrown out of the nose, it loses its value after use.

Then she smiled at the stunned people around: “Why does the sir think that our consciousness is a show?”

“If there is room, then our attitude is worthless. We don’t want pheromone to limit our performance on the battlefield from the bottom of our hearts. Being able to enter the frontline battalion is just the beginning, and the ultimate goal is to fight the enemy.”

“So I hope the chief can completely put aside our gender concept and treat us as real warriors, okay?”

Chief Alpha thinks that if you continue this way today, you will probably get a cerebral thrombosis, because after the female Omega, several other guys immediately destroyed their glands.

Although medical technology has been developed to be able to manufacture artificial glands, just like prosthetics, no matter how it can replace the function, no matter how fake it is, it is different.

The speculations on the show on the Internet immediately seemed to be slapped in the face. The Internet even fell into a vacuum for a few minutes, and the original fierce speeches from all parties became sparse.

It can be seen that this incident has multiple impacts on the Three Views.

Chief Alpha arranged everything and almost fled, and after they left, the media flocked to try to interview these Omegas.

Although they had just castrated themselves, they were not in the slightest embarrassed, which made many strange and sympathetic eyes on them seem ridiculous.

“Miss, what did you think when you removed the glands?” A microphone stretched out.

Zhu Yang didn’t stop, and replied as he walked: “It still hurts to cut directly, so local anesthesia should be done first.”

Local anesthesia is even very simple here. A spray of anesthesia spray can quickly penetrate into a specific place, which is very convenient for trauma.

The reporter probably did not expect her answer to be this way, and she was not satisfied with this argument.

Then he asked: “Do you really regret it at all? You have to know that after losing your glands, you lose all the charm of being an Omega.”

“Huh?” Zhu Yang stopped slightly when he heard the words, and glanced at the camera with a smile.

This look is undoubtedly also broadcast simultaneously. In the eyes of most people in the world, these Omegas are no longer Omegas.

They can’t distribute pheromones, can’t stir up the instinctive love and protection of alpha, and their charm is greatly reduced.

But with this careless and playful eyes looking across the screen, many people still have a heartbeat, thinking that this person is really charming.

It’s just that across the screen, everyone only regards this as a human appreciation of beautiful things. In fact, this Omega should have lost its sexual appeal.

Then the reporters who interviewed, as well as those who were still watching the scene online, saw that Omega beckoned to the side——

“You guys, yes! Just a few of you.”

The camera turned around at the right time, and there were a few alphas standing over there. They were in their early twenties, all young and well-groomed.

In any sense, it is a more popular group, but the attitude of female Omega is arrogant.

Omega, who is usually gentle and weak, and has a sensitive personality, is quite different. If I really want to say, this temperament is somewhat similar to some domineering female alphas.

What happened to the reporter? Naturally, I know that this Omega wants to prove that he still has charm through this.

But he was very disdainful, without pheromone, just this female Omega’s personality, the alpha who can like her is probably gay, but the alpha is basically straight cancer, such a group is rare.

So they retreated a bit and sat to watch this Omega roll over.

Those alphas are also honest, although they are inexplicable, they also come over.

Then, whether it is the people at the scene or through the screen, there is a feeling suddenly.

That’s impossible to describe, but from a few alphas, she came over and asked her: “What’s the matter?” At that moment.

Something suddenly opened up, and the whole atmosphere changed.

Then they saw that female Omega slowly raised her eyes, with a nice eye shape, her eyes slightly raised, and her thick eyelashes were like a brush in her heart, making it itchy for no reason.

After lifting the eyelashes, the eyes were filled with charming and affectionate soft light, as if crushed and dotted with stars.

Unintentionally, this Omega is favored by the Creator, but her temperament behavior and her arrogance just covered her own sense of existence.

But at this moment, now that the charm is exuding, her hair seems to have a fascinating halo.

The corner of her mouth was slightly hooked, and Zhu’s lips were lightly opened. Before she could speak, a few alphas saw the tip of her tongue flashing past.

Like an unintentional tease, it made people breathe a little bit lighter, and then a **** and sweet voice came–

“My shoelaces are loose, can you help me?”

Her expression is ostentatious. It is not so much an Omega asking for help, but more like a school bully alpha.

But this is the situation, under the premise that there is no pheromone dominance, or even the definition of the opposite sex.

Several alphas suddenly came back to their senses, stunned by the desire to express themselves, they squatted down/body vying for the first.

“Ok, no problem, I’ll come!”

The first one was opened before the shoelace was touched by the second one: “Why are you here? Have you tied your shoelaces? You have to rely on a servant to wear clothes at home.”

“The same goes for you. Get out of the way. Don’t tie the knot. I’m a knotting lover. I know how to tie beautiful shoelaces.”

The scene where a group of alphas knelt in front of her fighting to break their heads was a bit ridiculous, but the female Omega didn’t have the slightest discomfort and shivering from being surrounded by alpha.

Generally, Omega will feel uneasy when surrounded by so many alpha pheromones, but this is different, as if she is the master here, no, it turns out that she is the master.

She stretched one foot forward and stood up casually, but this did not hinder her nice curve, but seemed lazy and sexy.

Looking condescendingly at a few alphas breaking his head, his slender white fingers drew his hair casually.

What a mean, vicious, evil face, but no matter the scene or behind the screen, no one denies her charm at this time.

Obviously an Omega without glands, an Omega that can no longer emit pheromone.

When the shoelaces were finally fastened, Zhu Yang touched Alpha’s head like a dog, and smiled: “Thank you, it’s a good tie.”

The opponent was flattered immediately, and Zhu Yang returned to the camera.

The reporters were dumbfounded at this time, and their expressions were blank.

Just listen to that Omega sneered: “Why can a gland veto my charm? Look, I’m still such an attractive beauty.”

She has lived for more than 20 years, without pheromone, she still won countless spare tires.

In addition to the different species, as long as she is a human and has a normal aesthetic, she has absolute confidence in her beauty and charm.

Not to mention fighting against the perfect Fu Jiang, at least the semi-finished product was killed by her own charm, right?

A beauty is still a beauty even if she cuts her **** and chops diao, and it is not all pheromones that dominate human behavior. Otherwise, can it be that all betas are robots?

It is estimated that the direction of the development of this matter is too unimaginable, and even those with eyes have to admit it.

I won’t mention the deeper nature. They are happy to be called upon by such a charming beauty in front of them.

The reporter who wanted to see her rollover brought greater news and controversy was a little bit painful, and wanted to ask something more.

This time Zhu Yang grabbed her interviewer first, which was different from the traditional on-site combination of reporters and photographers.

Those cameras are all mini suspended, and the appropriate angle will be selected according to the reporter’s interviewer.

Zhu Yang snatched the interviewer, and the camera caught her face.

The momentum of her whole body converged, and she no longer had the kind of confusing and charming scene just now.

It is serious as if looking into the heart of the person in front of the screen through the screen.

“Put away your disgust, pity, pity, anger, after the war begins, you will know how insignificant the glands are to us.”

After speaking, she threw the interviewer back to remember, and several people left with countless eyes.

There is no pretending to be strong, and there is no righteousness, as if they don’t think they have just lost anything in their hearts.

Everything is so trivial.

I have to say that this attitude is really trembling, whether it is the discomfort of sticking to the rules or the annoyance of the authority being challenged, but inevitably, there are still many people who are excited after seeing them, through gender. Consciousness saw something.

Of course, this is also seen in the eyes of some organizations and consciously inspired.

After signing up, I didn’t live in the barracks on the same day. Many people will be screened out because of their physical or psychological qualities.

Since Zhu Yang and the others were admitted in full view, they naturally went back to pack their things, and they could officially report for the next day.

Pei Yu was a little worried: “Did we make things a little big?”

“Usually this kind of background is also from the Omega rights protection organization. If they learn our approach, we must be charged with incitement. It won’t be beautiful if someone from above deals with us.”

Who knows that Zhu Yang didn’t care: “I just checked the information. The lack of pheromone will not affect fertility. Although you will suffer for a while, it can never cause trouble.”

“It’s not just the right cut, it’s better to say that I can’t understand why these people are screaming that they are born to suffer and are controlled by others, why they don’t perform such simple operations.

“Well, it is the law that hospitals cannot perform this kind of surgery. But the existence of this law is even more puzzling. If Alpha is born to be a fighter and leader, why should we let such a disturbing factor exist?”

“According to the data, many high-ranking alphas have baffled military aircraft or political scandals because of this kind of thing. What the **** are they doing? Isn’t the whole world set to serve love and friendship? Otherwise, why is there so much history? In the past, there has not been a policy to make all Omega births have their glands removed?”

The three male players nodded their heads and agreed with Zhu Yang’s statement. It can be said that this is the stupidest setting among all the dungeons they have experienced.

If it’s primitive tribes, it’s just a high civilization.

But again, how did this **** setting develop into a higher civilization? Logically speaking, after several major history of Alpha and Omega sadomasochism, shouldn’t the country be perished long ago?

Pei Yu hehe smiled: “Don’t tell me, the whole setting is to serve eroticism/sexuality/intercourse/cooperation, so don’t try to find logic inside. Do you usually pay attention to the plot when you watch movies?”

The four Zhu Yang thought for a while and nodded, indeed.

Then she suddenly said in amazement: “No, this mission of the game won’t let us change people’s inherent ideas?”

People who have developed science and technology for thousands of years still follow the instinctive animal estrus/estrus system, and they know how strong this setting is.

No matter how arrogant Zhu Yang is, he doesn’t think he can change this. Don’t be pulled down to the same height as the brains, and then defeated by others’ rich experience.

Hearing what she said, several other people also trembled, so she didn’t scare others.

The five players in this world still have background settings, and the terminal on the wrist can see their own information.

At that time, they were not required to report their names when they were recruited. The other party took the instrument to scan the terminal and then checked their genetic information, so there would be no mistakes.

So several people returned home according to the address on the terminal.

The few of them live not far, it should be for the convenience of arranging together.

But what surprised them was that several people were not from the civilian class. Even if they were not the rich, their family background was obviously more prominent.

Because Zhu Yang walked to where the address was displayed, what he saw was a luxurious villa.

In this era of people’s bombing, the capital, where every inch of land is rich in money, can afford to live in such a place, then it is rich or expensive.

The five players glanced at each other, and at the same time an unpleasant feeling arose.

This, if their background is ordinary civilians, if they have some background, it will be a little troublesome to deal with.

Sure enough, before Zhu Yang entered the door, he saw a man coming out aggressively.

The man looked a bit similar to Zhu Yang. The age of forty should be set by her father’s elders.

And he was followed by many people, both young and old, two middle-aged beautiful women, and three Zhu Yang’s peers.

The expressions of these people may be worried or gloating, showing that the interpersonal situation is not simple in such a family.

Zhu Yang was not sure of the man’s identity, and did not dare to talk nonsense, so he waited for the other party to speak first.

Unexpectedly, when he came up, he slapped his hand when he raised his hand.

Zhu Yang was not blind, and he was naturally prepared to look at his posture, not to mention that it would be a joke that she could not even slap in the face at her speed.

The opponent missed the shot, as if even more embarrassed into anger——

“Unfilial son, why don’t you just die outside, so as not to shame your family.”

The man was obviously angry and missed a hit. He wanted to come again, and the people behind him also caught up with him.

A group of noisy and noisy stopped, but despite the words, there are not many people who really feel the truth.

For fear that she would be beaten, he suffered several times for this.

The man gasped and pointed at Zhu Yang and said, “Just now the Eaton family has called to retire. Did you think about your family before doing stupid things? Well, since you don’t want to be a human being, then pack your things and let me go, and your sister will do it for you. Married to the Duke of Eaton.”

If it weren’t because the background was all modern high-tech, Zhu Yang and the others thought they had passed through the gate of an ancient house. What kind of silly lines are these?

So this is not only a dangerous task to be completed, but also responsible for raising the blood drama in such a funny background, right?

When the other players saw this battle, they were also worried. Wouldn’t they also have this kind of thing waiting for them when they went home?

But seeing the triumphant and surprised expressions of several of them, Zhu Yang was amused.

Wouldn’t Goubi Games think that a dog blood background could catch her off guard?

I haven’t smoked it for a long time, it looks like this guy is starting to be proud again.

Yes, then come!

The author has something to say:    Don’t stop me, this copy I just want dog blood, to see how the itchy snakeskin shifts in the sky of dog blood, the strange flower walks through (beating) Thank the little angels for casting me a king Ticket~

Thanks for the little angel who cast [land mine]: 2 Xiao Luo, 2 Wangshu, 1 magic stick, the queen is a master, 1 unit, 1 unit, 1 unit, no money for double eleven 1, 1 chicken thigh every day, 1 if the moon is not sunny, 1 Zhuge Yunjin

Thanks to the little angel who cast [Grenade]: 1 Starry Night

Thanks to the little angel who cast [Deepwater Torpedo]: 355,908,391 pieces


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