Scream Queen Chapter 163

Just look at the family in front of me, let alone those who may not come out in the house.

There were nine people in front of Zhu Yang. A middle-aged man who was somewhat similar to Zhu Yang seemed to be her father in the dungeon setting.

In addition, there is a teenager who sincerely stopped her ‘father’ from beating her, he should be a younger brother.

Then there are two beautiful women, one is similar to her ‘father’, but well maintained, looking like a coquettish beautiful woman in her early thirties.

The other looks even younger, only in his twenties, but it should all be a maintenance work.

After all, there are young children beside them calling their mothers.

Excluding the teenager who helped her talk, there were four other children, two boys and two girls, and the eldest girl looked almost like Zhu Yang.

It should be her ‘sister’ who could replace her in marrying her ‘father’. The youngest boy is only seven or eight years old.

The children of the family are all pretty good, but except for the teenager who helped her talk, the others were either gloating or looking arrogant.

In short, according to the dog blood routine, you can roughly judge the camp just by looking at the expression.

There is also an old lady who looks lean and has shrewd eyes. She is holding the youngest boy so hard to keep her from approaching a group of people, fearing being knocked.

These nine people looked like the masters of the family, but they weren’t a family with a low profile.

The other servants, bodyguards and others are all wearing uniforms, so the old lady is naturally easy to guess.

Zhu Yang hooked Gou Peiyu and asked, “Isn’t it said that the number of omegas is scarce? Why can this product hide two beautiful girls in the house?”

In addition, in the eyes of the two beautiful women, there is no warmth and only maliciousness towards Zhu Yang, and there is a high probability that it will not be her ‘mother’.

Only Omega can give birth to Omega, so Zhu Yang’s ‘mother’ can only be Omega, which means that her ‘father’ has at least three Omegas?

Pei Yu looked at the development of this dog-blood drama in front of him, and smirked: “The small number is relative to the total population, and the number of alphas, of course it is very small.”

“Generally speaking, half of the alpha population in Omega is good, so it’s so rare.”

“But no matter what, the so-called scarcity is a matter of the civilian class. Is it related to the upper class?”

Of course, Zhu Yang understands, just like Dios squatting on the street all afternoon and not necessarily seeing a big beautiful woman passing in front of him, but the rich are surrounded by a hundred flowers.

This is the place where the upper-class people live. There is no need to talk about the scarcity of Omega. There is no saying that anything is scarce here.

Zhu Yang was not surprised at this, but just complained about the funny gap between the high-tech background and the humanities of the mansion gate.

She muttered and didn’t care about the scolding and cursing in front of her, which naturally angered her’father’ more and more.

“I’m talking to you, you dare to look around, your wings are hard, right? As expected, just like your dead mother, I should have interrupted your legs and let you stay at home if I knew today, so that I can save you from embarrassment.”

“Master, don’t be angry, she is also confused for a while. The child has done something wrong and it is not an adult without care. Recently, she often stays out at night and mixes with different people. There is alpha in it. We were originally I feel that the child should have his own personal space when he grows up, and it is also our fault because her mother has gone too early and can’t bear to care about her.”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that the momentary softness would actually harm her. Now things can’t be restored. I shouldn’t let her be alone when I saw her and alpha. After all, she was engaged.”

The two of them seemed to react, and both eyes looked at Zhu Yang incredulously.

Not to mention, although these two are not little girls, they are not at all inconsistent with this frightened little white rabbit expression. The mixture of charming and innocent is a different kind of charm. It is no wonder that they can be attracted by the powerful.

But what comes out of the mouth is not so beautiful.

“You, shouldn’t your glands be marked already?”

According to what they had thrown out earlier, the logic made sense.

An engaged Omega is mixed with a messy person, and there is alpha in it. When the pheromone collides with each other, it will be messy. The marked Omega is equivalent to losing virginity.

People who marry people can not only afford the title of “duke”, but also make men cautious, and they must also be powerful and powerful.

In this case, it is a dead end for the lost Omega, so in order to cover up this scandal, it is better to cut off the gland and destroy it in the name of awe-inspiring righteousness.

The truth is buried in a glorious image even though weird is not tolerated.

Her remarks about being able to sacrifice gender in order to protect the family and the country did stimulate the enthusiasm of many people to join the army.

In any case, the military and government at least have to stand on her side in public opinion.

Wearing this glorious coat, even if he has no glands, if the Duke of Eaton has a keen political sense, he should marry’her’ home as usual.

Rather than replacing her with a sister at random as her “father” said, even her “father” was so angry that she didn’t understand things for a while, but the two women responded quickly.

She immediately cast a shadow of what she had done.

Zhu Yang raised his head, glanced at the two of them, and no longer thought of these people in front of him as the carrier of the story.

She understood what the game wanted to tell her.

No matter how ridiculous the script is, the NPC who is no longer a brainless idiot in your opinion, as long as it is connected with your setting in the game, you can’t let it go.

Otherwise, when you charge in front, you may be bitten by the rear.

For example, now, as players, they can of course ignore these so-called ‘family’, no matter how strange the other party is, they can leave cleanly, and no **** repertoire can be splashed on them.

But after they went to the barracks, some unfavorable public opinion broke out afterwards——

Of course, they don’t have to comment on the accident world, but if the military recruits enough troops, the public opinion value of the three of them becomes less worth mentioning, so other voices will come out.

Leaving aside other things for the time being, their influence on Omega alone is not positive from the perspective of the above. If you abandon them then, no matter how powerful the five people are, it is impossible to fight against the high-tech army.

Then how do they play?

Zhu Yang woke up, and was indeed a little bit overwhelmed. It was the reason why someone could become a high-level copy.

It’s one thing to spit out dog blood, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The enemies faced by players are far more than those on the battlefield.

Maybe it’s easy to be confused by this absurd idiot’s background and character relationship chain, so many players have fallen into this, right?

Zhu Yang can’t make such a low-level mistake or even capsize in the gutter.

Sure enough, the words of the two beautiful women were like thunder in the man’s ears.

His eyes were sharp, and he looked at Zhu Yang like a hook. He didn’t have the irritability that he wanted to kill at the beginning, but it was even more frightening.

The old lady who was holding the little boy on the side opened her mouth and cursed: “It’s worthy of being a **** of a **** life. What kind of bad luck has my house fallen on your wife? You are tearing your dad’s face on the ground— —”

“Mom!” the man sternly said, “Stop talking.”

The old woman’s voice stopped abruptly, but her eyes still shot at Zhu Yang like a knife.

The two beautiful women were worried, but they couldn’t hide the pride and malice in their eyes. Several teenagers and girls were also gloating.

Although the boy who helped her stop people didn’t believe the words of the two beautiful women at all, he felt powerless about the fact that he didn’t say a word about it and had already found it to be the case.

Zhu Yang smiled and said before the man spoke: “How about going in and saying?”

There are people everywhere outside, and it is always bad to be entangled here.

The man was waiting for someone to gag her in, but seeing her say so, he had to hold back his anger and turned back to the room.

Zhu Yang and the four players looked at each other, and it was impossible for a few players to be indifferent to what she could think of.

Even if they didn’t touch it so deeply, they knew that this kind of rumors would be bad for them.

Ordinary players and NPCs naturally do not offend the river water, and they maintain a humanitarian spirit under normal circumstances.

However, it will obviously become a variable and hindrance of the game, and there is no psychological burden for everyone to rob them.

So the group thought that these self-castrated idiots were about to be out of luck, but in their opinion, a group of silly Baitians took the initiative to invite the robbers into the house as guests.

The area of ​​the house is also not small, it is about the same size as Zhu Yang’s real home, but the garden is not as big as theirs, and the surrounding residents are much denser.

However, compared with the population density here, the family background of this family must be much more prominent than the Zhu Yang family in reality.

Zhu Yang looked up at the photos on one of the walls, as well as various meritorious awards.

Collecting all kinds of details can infer what this house does. It turns out that this house is one of the military’s arms contractors.

It’s no wonder that you can marry the duke. In this world, even though they are still singing and dancing, they all know that they are fighting desperately for armed resources.

The Zerg is coming fiercely, and no one can say that the result of the war is bad, but if they have enough troops and weapons.

Even if the country is defeated, you can retreat to other planets and try to make a comeback.

Zhu Yang quickly extracted useful information and logic under a patch of dog blood, and the man turned around and saw her look like this, and the other four castrated Omegas that came in together were incredibly furious.

But there was no urge to start, instead, I sat back and said in a deep voice, “All five of you are like this?”

Speaking and looking at the other four players, his eyes were filled with regret: “Your parents-forget, you have them to discipline, so you can do it yourself.”

I want to come to live here with a few other players who are also distinguished from the family. It is not easy for him to surpass other parents to discipline.

He really looked sharp and shouted to Zhu Yang: “Kneel down!”

Zhu Yang turned around and learned a little bit about the basic information of the house, and his calm look made people dissatisfied.

As a result, she went straight to the sofa on the side of the man. Originally, the man was sitting in the main seat, but the other positions were seated once in the order of family status.

And Zhu Yang and the others are standing opposite, facing a three-counseling posture.

But this time Zhu Yang walked in directly, facing the position closest to the man, lifted the child above it aside, and sat down.

That kid is probably the most favored lifeblood of the family, and the old lady stays on her hands all day long, and she is also a bully in front of her brother and sister.

At a young age, the virtues of joining in the fun and falling into trouble have begun to show up. How can you be willing to be opened now?

Suddenly, he started to cry like a pig with a sharp throat, and he was about to kick Zhu Yang with his two short legs, which shows that a lot of this kind of thing was done.

Zhu Yang grabbed his calf, lifted the whole person upside down, and threw it towards Zheng Hao.

The living room suddenly exclaimed, and the mother of one of the beautiful women who looked like a little boy had passed out.

Seeing that her darling grandson was treated so rudely, the old woman wanted to rush to tear Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang pointed in Zheng Hao’s direction: “Oh! Be careful not to fall.”

The old woman hurriedly ignored Zhu Yang and rushed towards Zheng Hao.

How flexible is Zheng Hao? Seeing her was drawn over, while avoiding the old woman’s desire to hug the child’s hand, he smiled and said: “Eh, don’t worry, hold your hands firmly, you won’t fall, let your brother hug.”

The kid over there was okay, letting the people in the living room breathe a sigh of relief.

The man now looked at Zhu Yang’s eyes as if he was looking at the dead.

Of course Zhu Yang understood that the dog would not bark when he was about to bite. If he said that the man still flared his teeth and claws at first, he was afraid that he had already made some plans.

Zhu Yang smiled at him: “Let the servants and the bodyguards avoid it. They have been with the family for so many years, and it is not kind to seal up for today’s affairs.”

The man sneered: “Do you still know what you are doing is shameful?”

“I underestimated you. If you are not an Omega, your determination and cruelty alone will make a difference in the future.”

“It’s a pity that you, like your mother, were born with the wrong **** and didn’t know the peace. In the end, you can only harm others and yourself.”

Having said that, the man still waved his hand and retreated everyone around him.

Their five players are all set to Omega, but the man does have an alpha, and it seems that it is not weak.

Naturally, it is impossible for an army/fire business person to not have the ability to protect himself by two. He also seems to have considerable confidence in his own strength.

So he doesn’t care about distracting everyone, because he has the confidence to control the whole situation in the present situation.

Also, just five Omegas, any alpha has such confidence.

Those servants and two of the guards naturally retreated quickly after hearing Zhu Yang’s so-called “seal”, for fear of hearing what they shouldn’t.

When only these individuals were left in the living room, the man continued, “I have to say, your judgment is good.”

“But once things have happened, there will definitely be the possibility of being turned out. I will let people deal with the names of those or those alphas.”

The only young man who had good intentions towards Zhu Yang immediately said: “Dad, that is just a guess by the aunts. You can’t convict your sister based on their words.”

After he finished speaking, the two beautiful women laughed and said, “Master, we know that you have a deep relationship with her brother and sister, but we can’t be wronged for protecting her sister, right?”

“Are we false? Besides, don’t forget how your mother is—”

At this point, the two looked at the man’s face and saw that it was extremely ugly. They didn’t finish talking, and only pursed their lips: “If you want to come, your sister will have a mother and a daughter.”

The boy suddenly stood up and looked at the portraits of the two women about to swallow them, but their children were not easy to provoke.

The two women looked pale and frightened, and the children stood in front of them in a posture of a mother-of-career——

“Brother! Old things are old, it was originally something that happened, do you still want to turn the bills? Is it because your mother has an affair with others or our mother’s fault?”

“I think she was so arrogant and domineering at the beginning? Relying on her father as her family’s son-in-law and taking over the power, we have no place to stand, and even grandma has not received due respect.”

“If it weren’t for all sorts of ugly things that would not be allowed in the family, the father would not be out of the sea of ​​suffering. As the son of the father, do you want to blame him for the wicked mother?”

The young man was obviously not good at speech, and was trembling all over by a few brothers and sisters.

Zhu Yang pulled him back and sat next to him: “Don’t talk if you can’t speak. What’s the point of arguing with a few **** to win?”

“If you are not good at quarreling, then smash their kneecaps and spine and let them shut up and just listen to you.”

Her arrogance made the man think of her’mother’ for a moment, and she did not put everyone in his eyes.

The humiliation and resentment of his youth immediately came to mind, and several other people used to look at his face.

Seeing him like this, I knew that Zhu Yang didn’t want to have a way to survive today, and that remark was abhorrent.

Then he besieged her up–

“They are all brothers and sisters. You don’t treat us as human beings.”

“Does your father’s blood and bones are not worthy of being your brother in your eyes? Only the younger brother of your mother is a human being?”

“It can be seen that her father’s blood is lowly.”

The old lady also mixed in: “My son, the proud son of heaven, who graduated first from the military academy that year, has a bright future even without your mother.”

“Your **** mother is upset after marrying, and shows her face all day long. Where can she fulfill her obligation as a wife?”

“When you are a child, you dare to dislike your father and say, do you think so.”

To be honest, even if they have figured out that they will no longer be underestimated because of the absurdity on the surface, Zhu Yang and several of their players still feel the same about this situation.

These dialogues should clearly appear at the gate of the feudal house, right?

Zhu Yang sighed, ignoring the anxious expression of the young man beside him, his legs curled up–

“Humble? Isn’t that necessary? If you are not born as a bitch, how can you make this good mansion into a chicken coop and live well?”

“Because the chicken coop is his comfort zone, you let him live in the swan nest, and he feels uncomfortable. For this reason, he has to murder the swan and bring the chicken into the magpie nest, which is refreshing.”

“Do you know what this kind of person is called? It’s called natural inferior bone. No matter how tall you stand, no matter how well you dress, your inferiority and inferiority cannot be erased.”

“This kind of person can’t be taken to the sky, it will only pull the person into the mud, so that he is comfortable.”

As she said, she raised her eyes and looked at the man with tense facial features with a smile but a smile: “You are right?”

The living room is so quiet that you can hear the sound of the needle dropping.

However, Zhu Yang casually turned over a crystal glass on the table and poured half a glass of water into it.

She hadn’t had a sip of water after coming out of the conscription.

But her virtue angered everyone present, and one of the teenagers had a grim face and hated her superiority.

“You actually—” Just as he spoke, a crystal cup slammed into his forehead.

That boy is an alpha, with excellent physical functions and good qualities. It stands to reason that a mere glass should be easy to escape.

But when he tilted his head, the track of the glass was actually skewed, and he recognized that he would normally slam it straight on his head.

With a bang, the glass cracked, and a red thread appeared on the boy’s forehead, and blood flowed down the bridge of his nose.

“Ah–” a short exclamation came, but was interrupted by a greater noise.

A large crystal bottle slammed in front of them, and Zhu Yang slowly retracted his hand.

“When I speak, don’t interrupt when I’m not allowed to speak, you know?”

“Although it hurts feelings to say that, but for your stupid and unknowingly reasons, I just remind you that now we are usurping power and robbing the relationship.”

“This building has been occupied by us, can you give me a little bit of face for the bandit, Lao Tzu? It’s really speechless for you to show off the virtues of the host when the den is occupied.”

“What do you mean?” The man said solemnly, then stood up with a sneer.

“I didn’t know that you were hiding such ambitions, too. With your mother in front, I should have thought of today.”

His alpha is full, aggressively spreading across the entire living room, not to mention the two beautiful women and the three Omega children.

Even the boy next to Zhu Yang turned pale, showing how strong the other party’s intimidation is.

However, these five Omega juniors who had just been castrated did not respond at all, which made the man’s heart flash huge doubts.

Realizing that it might not be as simple as he thought, the man stretched out his hand to stop Zhu Yang.

But I heard a voice behind me: “Don’t act rashly~~”

When he turned his head, he saw the guy who hugged the youngest son at the beginning. At this moment, a small knife appeared in his hand, with a sharp blade, lying on his son’s neck.

The old woman was so frightened, Zheng Hao thought of it, “Oh, yes, there is one more.”

Then another knife in the other hand was placed on the old woman’s neck, which made her voice stop abruptly.

The other three people did not know when they also appeared behind the two beautiful women and their children.

Tugging their hair and pressing people on the sofa, a pair of alpha teenagers wanted to resist, but they hit the head directly.

Omega is short in stature. Although in reality, the stature of several players is the standard of ordinary people, but in this big environment, it seems a little thin, especially in the face of alpha.

The alphas of the two fifteen and sixteen-year-old teenage girls were a bit taller than their adults, and their physiques were a bit bigger.

But it was the fists of three slender and weak Omegas that smashed lightly, and their heads were like a heavy hammer, and they suddenly went black and fell onto the sofa.

“My dear, what’s wrong with you, my dear?” The beautiful women passed the two in horror. Seeing them dizzy, they stared in amazement, “What did you do.”

“It’s all said that you should respect our robber’s identity. If you don’t believe it, we can only express it with action.”

Zhu Yang raised his finger to the people around him, and said to the man: “Your family is all held in our hands now, can you sit down and listen carefully?”

“Nizi!” The man’s veins were about to break, but he didn’t dare to move again.

The young man beside Zhu Yang was indeed a little shocked in his current situation, and he didn’t understand how the sky suddenly changed.

Zhu Yang looked at him stupidly and sighed.

They are all younger brothers, look at Zhu Weixin’s black-minded stuff, and look at this simple white rabbit.

Zhu Yang dared to say that if Zhu Weixin is in this position, let alone being run over by a group of illegitimate children, whether these children in the house can live so much is one thing.

That guy is absolutely cruel to malicious feedback.

Converging these inexplicable divergence, Zhu Yang chuckled and said leisurely: “It seems that the situation is more interesting than I thought.”

“In other words, you are still a Phoenix man who made his fortune from his wife?” Then he asked the boy: “Is our mother clan finished?”

The boy was at a loss: “No, no, grandpa’s family is fine.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Sure enough, it’s unbelievable. The wife’s clan hasn’t fallen. It’s just a matter of framing his wife. It does not rule out the possibility that the wife’s clan is in power.

“He even blatantly gave birth to so many illegitimate children of the same age as the original child, and the eldest son did not get his due rights when he reached his age. In the face of his sad self-esteem, the benefits are so insignificant.”

She raised her eyes and looked at the man: “I really don’t know whether to admire you or despise you.”

“Sister, what did you say? You said—”

Zhu Yang waved his hand impatiently: “The idiot gives me a little brain, how much is the age difference between these two and me?”

She pointed to the surrogate’sister’: “It is clear that this man first concealed his relationship status and clung to the powerful, and then shamelessly took the illegitimate child home to enjoy the resources provided by his original partner. It’s like a **** and stand up.

“How do you believe this shameless bitch? You actually let your biological mother exist in such an embarrassed image in the eyes of your own children?”

“I guess your mother has no contact with this family now?” Zhu Yang laughed: “Yes, it doesn’t matter if public opinion doesn’t come up and down the stage. My grandson is so stupid that he can’t help him. Feng, it’s hard to deal with.”

“What else can I do? I can only open one eye and close one eye temporarily.”

She looked at the boy, her eyes full of maliciousness: “Understand? It’s all because you are unreliable. Even if your mother’s family wants to give you a bargaining chip, you can’t do it inside and out, fool.”

The boy turned pale, looked at her in disbelief, and then at his father.

Seeing that his face was ugly, but he didn’t refute, something collapsed in his heart.

Men do not mention their personal virtues, nor do they mention their strange brain circuits, but they are undoubtedly powerful.

Although the teenager was dissatisfied with the family situation, his mother was strongly busy with business when he was young, and he was taught by his father.

Naturally knowing the excellence of his father, this admiration and admiration has been with him until now, but was broken by his sister.

The truth was caught off guard, but it was unprovoked shame.

Not to my father and those people, but to myself, stupid, weak, and weak.

Seeing that she was confident, the man thought she had found out the ins and outs, and naturally knew that covering up was useless.

Just sneered: “Who told you these things? Your grandpa or your uncle? It’s embarrassing for them to plan for so long.”

“It’s just that, shouldn’t they think that this is the case today and want to pull me off the horse? That would be too easy.”

Men still don’t think that these things are something that Zhu Yang and their Omegas can accomplish alone. “How many people are here?”

He thought that his wife’s clan had already started to move. No wonder the unfilial daughter walked in as soon as he came in.

When the hand hidden behind his back moved, suddenly there was a sound of metal being crushed.

The man looked back and saw that there were only egg-sized cockroaches beside his wrist. The cockroach bit off half of the bracelet in one bite, destructing his plan to secretly shout.

Zhu Yang smiled: “They said don’t act rashly, and don’t count on the surrounding equipment.”

All the alarms and monitors in the entire hall have been found and bitten by cockroaches.

The servants and bodyguards knew that they were talking about Mixin and didn’t dare to come close.

The man finally showed a shocked expression: “Zerg? You actually—”

Zhu Yang stretched out a finger and shook his head: “Oh, since you know it, you can’t stay alive.”

If the man was tense before, now he is not so calm.

This unfilial girl is not afraid of colluding with anyone, after all, if she wants to use family power, she can’t kill him.

But if you collude with the Zerg, that’s another matter. This guy has betrayed the country.

A bigger conspiracy enveloped him, and his small arms dealer was just a small bug that was run over.

He looked at Zhu Yang in amazement: “What have you done?”

Zhu Yang stood up, came to him, and said sincerely: “I sincerely sympathize with you, really.”

“No matter how **** you are, it is your own business. Even as a template for face-slaps, it will be a violent downfall at the last minute.”


Join these players. To be honest, the players have no grievances with these people at all. It doesn’t matter if you are lucky, whether you dote on your concubine, or treat your children harshly.

What is it about strangers like them?

Just because the game sets the background here, there is entanglement between the two sides, because they are set to be malicious to people who have nothing to do with them.

This malice has once again become a stumbling block for players, so if the heavens have fallen, it is really unclear which side is more unlucky.

With a move in the man’s heart, a bad premonition struck him, and he no longer cared about his hostage family.

He attacked Zhu Yang first, and then his powerful punch was directly caught by his Omega daughter.

The contrast between the two fist sizes is huge, but he just can’t move in that slender palm.

He looked at Zhu Yang in amazement, but his fists were getting closer and closer.

The man fell to the ground, his sturdy figure made a loud noise, and the others trembled in fright.

If at first he could beat the drum with a man’s attitude, no one dared to speak at this moment, and they all looked at Zhu Yang and the others in dismay.

Only then did I really believe that they were being held hostage by several Omegas.

Zhu Yang turned his head and looked at the young man with bloodshot eyes: “I see it, let people shut up, and never listen to what I just don’t want to hear. It’s that easy.”

The young boy’s eyes swept around, and those half-brothers and sisters who always took a little chance to make a bitter and sarcastic run of irony, at this moment, under such a big conflict, they dare not say a word.

The boy knew that it was so simple to shut up one person.

He looked at his elder sister. When she was a child, she followed her mother more often. After her mother passed away, she became apathetic and indifferent to her family.

Only then did he realize that he didn’t know her at all.

Her words pierced in his heart like a poisoned knife, and they were constantly distorted by the great changes before him.

Faith and trust, once the ‘truth’ built over the years collapses, the young man desperately wants to grasp something.

Then Zhu Yang said in his ear: “The Patriarch has a sudden illness. As the heir, the burden of the entire family will fall on you.”

The young man heard this, and then the other people exclaimed and unwillingly.

A happy smile appeared on the handsome face: “Okay!”

“You can’t do this.” One of the alpha boys said loudly, “Don’t think that you can do whatever you want by hurting your father. It’s too easy to think of invading your family business.”

After the boy’s world collapsed, he looked at things as if he had lost a barrier and became transparent.

“Yes, there are a few of you.” He smiled indifferently: “At this time, I have to thank the law.”

“Under the premise that there is no clear property distribution will, illegitimate children have no inheritance rights. As for you two–”

He looked at the two beautiful women: “There is no legal relationship with his father, and he doesn’t get a penny.”

“Now, you outsiders, please leave my house.”

“Dare you—” the beautiful woman said: “You are not afraid of your dad waking up.”

Zhu Yang replied: “Don’t worry, his father will only teach the eldest son his family business management experience for a few minutes in the rest of his life.”

“I’m afraid I don’t have time to care about illegitimate children.”

“It’s illegal for you to do this.” The other party gritted his teeth.

“That’s right, it’s not good to let you go out and chew your tongue.” Zhu Yang nodded, and took the man’s leg into a room.

He came out after a while, and when he came out, the man was already awake.

The young man looked at the man warily, and was patted on the shoulder by Zhu Yang.

Then Zhu Yang spoke to the man, his attitude suddenly improved a lot for some reason.

She said: “Dad, it’s up to you to restrain your family and teach your younger brother. I will call home regularly and work hard when I’m away.”

Unexpectedly, the man who has never been indifferent to the eldest daughter now has a reluctant expression–

He dragged her up and said, “Isn’t it reported tomorrow morning? Stay at home a little longer tonight.”

“I’ll ask you to prepare more delicious food for you to take to the barracks. You have to call your dad every day. If you don’t answer your phone, dad won’t sleep, and don’t be bullied.”

“Our family has weapons in our hands, and the military people have to be a little bit thin. Don’t be wronged.”

Zhu Yang said: “I know, let’s have dinner first.”


Seeing the man waking up, everyone who was relieved because the main body came back, their faces changed greatly after hearing his words.

The old woman said: “Son, what are you telling her about these guys? I didn’t see Xiaobao and me and were still being -”

Before he finished speaking, he saw the man wave his hand: “Just let you stand for a while, and you are not dead.”

After finishing talking, he glanced at the child disgustingly: “What the **** is so stupid, take it away and hug it, don’t let it sway in front of my eyes.”

The child’s biological mother almost fainted, and couldn’t believe that this was what he said to his favorite child.

He tentatively said: “Master, you forgot the Duke Eaton’s side—”

The man suddenly looked hostile, and this reaction made them happy.

But the next second I heard him say: “Where did the fool dare to retreat from my family’s Yangyang’s marriage? We retreat if we want to retreat.”

“Steward! Go to Electric Eaton’s house immediately and tell them not to buy a gun from me in the future.”

“Also, let’s make a statement first, stating that we retired on the grounds that the other party was mediocre and incompetent and could not stand with me.”

“By the way, don’t match the name, and the size is also different. He doesn’t even match his name with my Yangyang.”

The girl who wanted to join the Duke’s house instead of her sister suddenly cried with her face in her arms.

Everyone didn’t know what kind of medicine Zhu Yang had given the master in such a short period of time, but they also knew that it was not the time to talk too much.

They will simply enter the barracks tomorrow, and then slowly investigate what’s going on.

After the man confessed for a lap, his eyes fell on the boy.

An expression of disgust, but had to accept: “You, start following me tomorrow to learn to do things.”

The boy was dumbfounded, he glanced at Zhu Yang, his eyes couldn’t believe it.

Zhu Yang ignored his reaction, and was relieved when the general manager handed it to Zhu Qian.

Not to mention, good use of the military/fire/business background is also helpful to her, not to mention the so-called ‘mother clan’ power, so juveniles are also an essential part.

Zhu Qian is wronged. In this environment, he not only has to work but also has to endure a strange house. Fortunately, he is now the head of the family and has the absolute right to speak.

By controlling all these people, some uncertain factors have been eliminated.

Zhu Yang accompanies the other four players to their home.

Fortunately, the game hasn’t been frantic enough that all five players have arranged a strange background.

The family situation of the four players is not so complicated, except that one of them is relatively better, and the other three directly drove them out, threatening to sever the relationship.

This is also convenient.

Several people returned home, and Zhu Qian had ordered them to cook a large table of food according to Zhu Yang’s preferences.

In order to be considerate of Zhu Yang’s appetite, that family’s messy stuff was not let on the table, and even the man’s old lady was sent back to the house.

The old woman still wanted to scold her, so Zhu Qian directly ordered someone to beat the child. She dared to scold the child, and the child would be beaten more.

Aisun cried so much that the old woman compromised.

After dinner, Zhu Qian and Zhu Yang came to the study and changed back to their original appearance, clinging to Zhu Yang and said: “You can rest assured, I will not let people outside affect you.”

Zhu Yang touched his head: “It’s up to you. I don’t believe anyone but you.”

So the two sisters and brothers spent a whole night studying the various materials in the study, and naturally they did not let the man in doubt, Zhu Yang had some ways to force him to speak.

Neither Zhu Qian nor Zhu Yang knows men very well, and Zhu Qian’s copying at this moment can only imitate relatively plainly.

However, a thousand-faced ghost is born to keenly take in materials that imitate people and restore them. One night later, men’s life stories, behavior styles, business skills, and industry routes are all understood.

In the man’s eyes, he watched the monster in front of him more and more restore himself, even he himself could not tell the truth from the false, let alone outsiders?

This family was really taken over by that unfilial girl.

And early the next morning, along with Zhu Qian and the teenager’s farewell farewell, Zhu Yang and several players boarded the train bound for the barracks.


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