Scream Queen Chapter 164

Zhu Yang assumed that this home had a car. Originally, Zhu Qiandu had prepared a large package for fear that she would be wronged.

I know that my sister is the best to enjoy, but when she thinks that she is about to go to the barracks to squat with a bunch of rough-skinned men and women, haha, my heart trembles with distress.

I have forgotten his sister’s worth, how many years his sister has enough supplies for her to eat, drink and have fun, and his sister also has a plane daily necessities purchasing system, where should I worry about this?

But later Zhu Qian’s preparations were useless. Going to the military camp was also to gather at a unified location, and then the train was concentrated, and he drove there in a luxury car. Do you really think you are going to school?

Zhu Yang and the others started the train, and they could still see Zhu Qian who waved his hands and looked dissatisfied. Two of the family members also went out to see them off.

But the expression was the opposite, anxiously wishing Zhu Yang rolled into the barracks so that his father could escape her influence.

But when the tail of the train disappeared, their ‘father’ sighed in a sense of loneliness.

Then when he turned his head, it seemed as if he noticed the two big living men, and his brows suddenly frowned.

School is about to start, but these guys can’t be released.

So he said to the assistant who followed: “Call everyone’s school to ask for leave, and say that they have made no progress one by one. I regretted this time at home.”

If this kind of argument is definitely not feasible for ordinary civilians, it is not necessarily true for the upper class, especially those with armed forces.

There are indeed many children who are stubborn in school and are taken home for education, and there are still many.

Some military families even threw their children into the army for a while, and promised that they would be obedient.

Zhu Qianyou said, “There are still women in the family. Without my permission, I can’t take a step out of the door.”

The assistant was still unbelievable at his order, but he suddenly got cold eyes when he saw him: “Whoever violates the order will be killed on the spot.”

The gaze assistant understands how many hands are clean in the arms business? The same is true when the boss asks to deal with some people who are obstructing business.

What happened in the family that caused the boss to make such a sudden rumbling?

However, the assistant didn’t doubt it. Those who could work with a man would naturally know that his heart was ruthless and selfish.

Regardless of how men treat their original children harshly, spoil the lovers and the illegitimate children of the two parties, they can also enjoy themselves in peace with them, so that they can be filial to the father and son.

But if something really happens, the assistant can guarantee that, not to mention the lover and illegitimate children, even his mother, the boss can leave it without hesitation.

So he looked terrified, guessing that it was probably the content of the secret conversation between the eldest and the others yesterday, so that his attitude changed suddenly.

I don’t know what method the eldest used, in short, now the boss’s balance is completely tilted there, of course this is not what he needs to care about.

It was handed to Zhu Qian from the rear, and Zhu Yang absolutely trusted him, but the four players were still a little unbelievable until now.

From time to time, he looked at Zhu Yang, and after a while, Pei Yu couldn’t help but ask: “Sisters, isn’t your ability a halo of Mary Su? Just think that everyone loves you deeply and so on.”

Zhu Yang was drinking water and almost choked. He glanced at this guy and didn’t know what he thought.

Seeing her reaction, Pei Yu knew that she had guessed wrong, and said, “I’ve seen too much, guessing.”

Zhu Yang was really curious to see a few people, and did not hang them: “It’s a copy.”

Many did not elaborate, but the players suddenly realized.

Zhu Qian is a spiritual prop, strictly speaking, it is not part of Zhu Yang’s ability. But this ability to copy NPCs is not unique.

On the contrary, there are quite a few, that is, Zhu Yang himself has seen it in the circus, and the puppets that carry the souls of dead players are still fake.

I also heard Bai Youyou and the others say that in a certain instance, the girl encountered a person whose ability is to manipulate soil.

Offensive and defensive are very strong, the soil can also change the quality and shape according to the person’s own needs, and it goes without saying that the deformation is imitated.

Hundreds of mud puppet soldiers can be created in a flash, and copying the appearance of others is naturally a piece of cake.

Since the five people talked about ability-related, they exchanged a lot of information, and each showed one or two of their own abilities.

For a while, they talked fiercely, but they are now famous all over the world after yesterday.

Especially Zhu Yang’s face recognition is still so high. From the time he got on the bus, the people in the carriage looked at this side from time to time.

Several players were a little uncomfortable, but Zhu Yang was not affected at all.

When she was in school, there were people watching even eating, ignoring other people’s talk and laughter, without the slightest embarrassment and pressure.

After getting out of the car, several people discovered that the number of recruits reported today was quite large, even more than yesterday at the conscription office. It can be described as a huge crowd.

But there is nothing wrong with thinking about it. The conscription started half a month ago, and this batch is as of yesterday.

For this reason, the military has set up dozens of registration and inspection windows, but there are long queues at each window.

Zheng Hao put up his tent and looked at it with his feet on his feet: “Good guy, the shortest team also has more than 100 people in line. When will this wait?”

To verify the identity, to hand in personal belongings, to confirm the inspection and then distribute the clothes to receive daily use, right?

Even the flow of operations takes several hours at the end of the turn. Moreover, checking the entrainment of personal belongings is extremely strict and cannot be sloppy at all.

“This, this team has the least people and the most efficient.” Pei Yu pointed to a team busy.

After the words were finished, the other players were preparing to line up honestly, and they saw Zhu Yang walking straight to the head of the team.

The four looked at each other, knowing that this guy was going to jump in the queue properly.

Also, looking at her looks and domineering aura, it is natural that it shouldn’t be too easy to arouse others.

Presumably in reality, there is no need to wait in line, and there is always only someone waiting for her, a big beauty who is favored everywhere.

But this kind of character works in reality, and it is the first type taught to behave in games.

But this guy not only failed to converge, but also extended this domineering and arrogant way to the present, becoming an advanced player all the way.

No one who can become an advanced player is lucky.

Her lack of security and the easy way to make enemies can go so far, which just shows that making up for this advantage is particularly powerful.

If there is any difference between advanced players and intermediate players, it is that they will never question any teammate.

So seeing Zhu Yang stepping forward, they also followed.

The players who thought she would take advantage of her beauty immediately realized that they were thinking too much, and saw that Zhu Yang directly lifted the person in front of the team with one arm, and then took the place of the opponent.

Going like a prison tyrant.

When the strong alpha was pushed out, the whole person was a little confused, and then raised his eyes to see that it was an Omega.

I took a closer look at one of the omegas that were castrated yesterday, and I suddenly became angry: “Are you looking for a fight? Ladyboy, there is no camera here today, no one will accompany you to show.”

Zhu Yang raised his head and glanced at the other person. The physique is really strong, and the top of Zhu Yang’s head can reach his chest.

When the two stood so close, in contrast, she was so pitiful that a gust of wind could blow away.

The people in the back line are enduring the boring queuing, but they are energetic when they see conflicts.

But before his eyes were fully focused, he saw the tall and strong one suddenly fell to his knees, and no one even saw how the Omega shot.

In an instant, the height advantage of the two reversed, and the Omega looked down on the alpha.

“Could you be a little demeanor? Didn’t it mean that alpha should have pity on Omega? When Omega talks to you with a sore neck, can’t you just kneel and say it more considerately?”

“Are you the **** Omega? You are nondescript weird–” He was smashed into the ground by his head, like a carrot that didn’t come out of the pit.

Yesterday, although there was a numerical comparison in the report, the focus was still on the mass castration incident. Not many people were aware of the force value of this group of Omega.

But at this moment, many people are looking at them with scrutiny eyes again.

Zheng Hao and the others walked over and asked Zhu Yang in a low voice, “Why are you picking things up again? Isn’t it good to pull hatred with such a high profile?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “What is our purpose? Is it to join the army in an orderly manner?”

“Look at the eyes of the people around you. The orientation of public opinion is one thing. Putting a lot of things under the sun may make people excited, but when the heat is gone, the prejudice and malice that should be there will not disappear.”

“Even if we don’t ask for trouble, trouble will come to us. Instead of drifting with the flow in low-key silence, it’s better to put yourself in the position of thorns from the beginning.”

Put them in a position that will never be ignored, no matter the good and the bad, they will always be the first to think of them.

And what their players need is to be a good baby in the military camp and get the qualifications? No, on the contrary, we need this kind of conflict and stimulus that has no chance of stability.

Opportunities and rewards are always hidden here.

Of course, several players also understand this. If it were not for the aggressiveness, they would not be able to make this step.

But usually their approach is not like Zhu Yang’s look at ‘unscrupulous’. In their opinion, Zhu Yang is really messy.

Many times it is really called a no-composition, but the magic is that the afterthought seems to be under her control again.

Thinking of this, the four players shrugged and chose to stand behind Zhu Yang.

There were people who were dissatisfied with jumping in the line and received two punches, and they stopped.

Even because of their fist supremacy and ignoring the rules, many people in the team began to fight for strength to jump in.

The officer who was very risky to maintain order came over to keep the team safe, but the stinging nature of several Omegas also made everyone aware of them at the first moment of the report.

Zhu Yang handed in all his personal belongings. He was empty, not to mention metal products, and other materials were not allowed. In this era, it is not only metal that is lethal.

Zhu Yang’s spatial ring is naturally not good, but she is not helpless.

The ring was rolled down and placed in the mirror where Fu Jiang was installed. That mirror was a game prop, but it entered the game panel.

But in order to prevent Fu Jiang from hiding her ring, she put Longlong in it.

Dragon Dragon is an advanced instance creature, powerful, and will not be disturbed by the aura of the other world.

It’s just that facing hundreds of Fujiang babababa all day long, he is suffering from the child, and it is estimated that he will have trouble with her.

The people who do the close examination are all betas, both men and women, and Zhu Yang is a female beta.

The other party is a black-haired girl, wearing glasses, looking indifferently sensible and acting like a business.

Zhu Yang is also owed, and I don’t know if he is dissatisfied with the so-called ‘removal of the glands and loss of charm’ or what.

It’s just more ostentatious here than the copy in Fujiang, full of charm, and squirming around.

She is sometimes naive and speechless, and it happens to be poked this time.

After the beta girl has finished checking, prepare to bring her the distributed clothes.

She made a look of regret: “Eh, is this over? I want to stay with you for a while.”

As she said, she approached the house: “You smell good, what perfume do you use?”

I don’t know why, this self-castrated Omega obviously doesn’t emit any pheromones, but when she gets closer, the beta girl feels a dizzying pressure.

She couldn’t help but said, “Go on, what’s a joke? Perfume is not allowed in the military camp, and I am not an alpha or omega, so how can I give off some breath.”

“I guess so!” Zhu Yang raised an eyebrow and smiled.

The beta girl suddenly understood that she was humiliated by this guy, and mocking beta mediocrity is what many low-level alphas and omegas do.

The beta girl thought that since this guy can ignore gender, he shouldn’t be such a narrow talent, but she didn’t expect–

But the other party continued in the next second: “How can cheap perfume and pheromone create such a special taste?”

“Cold, sensible, and fresh, just like being in a rain-washed forest, without any messy embellishments, making people quiet and peaceful.”

Girl Beta raised her head, her face flushed, and the close-up face was soaked with infinite charm even at the corners of her mouth.

However, she looked at herself appreciatively: “If I can, I really hope to live with you and stay in the same room with this kind of breath.”

Girl Beta’s eyes shimmered a little, but then she showed loneliness that she didn’t even notice–

“How is it possible? You omega live alone, and you won’t live together with any alpha and beta.”

“Really? It’s a pity!” Zhu Yang shook his head and left, holding the new clothes.

The next few players who lined up to do the checkup were a little confused at first when she saw her molesting the other girl, thinking that this man and woman would eat it all.

But then I thought they were talking, but to be honest, this guy really gave them a feeling of letting go.

After receiving the clothes, you have to take a bath and disinfect first. In a sense, there is not much difference between entering a military camp and entering prison.

They serve as the frontline army reserve. Although the five people have separate rooms, they are in the same area. The front and back of the room are alpha.

Pheromone is chaotic, hormones are strong, any omega but standing in the corridor here is estimated to be faint and stimulated to estrus.

When the few of them came over with their clothes and daily use, they had a lot of verbal teasing along the way.

Even when they entered the door, an alpha suddenly blocked them.

The dirty eyes swept them up and down: “Hey! Beauty, do you need help?”

Also, for three years in the army, the sow raced Diaochan. The guy thinking from the lower body doesn’t have to have any pheromone to get estrus/love.

Many people stopped to see this scene in the corridors of the surrounding rooms, and most of them were happy to see it. It can be seen that if it is an ordinary omega, there is the decision of self-castration, and Fang will not be easy to walk when he comes here.

The players, especially the three male players, have been fed up with the situation where a few big lords have been molested all day long with indecent eyes. With Zhu Yang flying in front of him, they don’t plan to solve the problem peacefully.

He twisted his neck and was about to do something for these idiots to see what a pure man is.

Zhu Yang at the forefront took advantage of the trend and stuffed things into the alpha’s hands: “Help? Just right.”

“On the bed, wipe the room clean, don’t miss the dead corners of the cabinet and the bottom of the bed, remember to disinfect, who knows what the last group of people did in it.”

Then he took a critical look at the alpha: “Why are your hands so dirty? Didn’t you just sterilize it when you just came in?”

Alpha glanced at his hands through the quilt that had been thrown over, and they were clearly deadly clean, only one of his nails was rubbed a little bit of dust there.

Zhu Yang was dissatisfied: “No, you wash your hands first. Be careful not to soil the quilt. Okay, go to work.”

This tone is exactly the same as that of the servant in the house. It can be seen that this omega has a good background and is spoiled.

But since these alphas are capable of doing this kind of thing, don’t expect them to have any demeanor, so they should be polite and show that they are taking advantage.

I didn’t expect this omega to be really welcome.

The alpha laughed: “Yes, but everyone here helps each other. Only when there is friendship between people can we have a long-term relationship.”

He drew a step closer, and a strong alpha breath spread out: “I helped you, how can you help me?”

Following the routine, the omega will then ask, ‘what are you going to help? ’Then there will be no clean words in Alpha’s mouth.

How can a group of oily fools pass so easily?

But this omega no, she took a step back, as if being photographed by the strong pheromone, which made Alpha even more proud.

But seeing her frowning, with a disgusting expression smelling bad breath, she asked another female omega next to her.

“The pheromone of omega is emitted by glands. Where does the alpha come from?”

Pei Yu was questioned by her sudden jump, and she was taken aback for a moment, before she said: “emmm, it seems that there is no unified setting. Omega is a gland to play this point, in fact, not all works are common.”

“Originally, it just can’t stand scrutiny. There are settings for the service and there are two private settings, and there are no specific standards.”

The alpha laughed: “Do you want to know where alpha pheromone is emitted? I can tell you, do you want to touch—”

He said that he was about to pull Zhu Yang’s hand, but found that the female omega’s sight fell to his crotch.

Male alpha is even more excited, seeing the crotch is already looking up.

Just listen to the other person: “Here? It’s direct.”

“But the surrounding breath is too intrusive, I think at least two-thirds of the concentration can be reduced to make people comfortable, or simply–”

Her words are endless, but yesterday’s deeds of Omega castration on the spot, who doesn’t know now?

For this omega, it is clear what the method of reducing the concentration of pheromone is.

The male alpha crotch/next cold stepped back several steps, looking at the female omega with some horror.

I don’t know if it was an illusion, but I found a silver light in her hand.

No, this is a military camp. They checked it when they first came in, and it is impossible to bring in offensive products.

But it’s about Dandan, any alpha can’t be risked.

Then the female omega said, “That’s the right thing. If you stay far away, you don’t have the urgency to cut it off immediately.”

He said and smiled at him: “Don’t worry, unlike glands, orchiectomy will still affect your actions. You have to work, and I won’t be doing it now.”

She said it, this omega really said it.

The malicious alphas around couldn’t help but retreat, feeling the wind blew cold for no reason.

If this guy is a self-sacrificing omega with so-called naive ideals, it’s okay, but the situation is obviously not right now.

Isn’t this female omega a castration/circumcision in itself? Some time ago, there was news that there was a perverted criminal who had been wandering the streets and alleys for a long time, stunned and castrated the single alpha.

Isn’t this female omega just that kind of pervert?

Zhu Yang raised his head and smiled. For some reason, his smile looked strange for no reason, just like the moment when the perverted killer in a horror movie showed his true face.

At this moment, none of the alphas who had coveted her beauty thought she was a lamb waiting for them to pounce on it.

Obviously it was a poisonous snake, everyone backed silently, what should they be doing when preparing to return to the house.

Even the alpha that stood in front of their door at the beginning was about to sneak away.

But Zhu Yang was stopped: “If you don’t clean the house, it means you have nothing to stumble. It’s okay to lie down for a while?”

This bed is naturally the recovery period after being cut.

The male alpha shook his head quickly, and returned to their room as soon as he took his steps. He first washed his hands, then made various beds and cleaned them. He couldn’t be more careful, but he felt regretful in his heart.

I haven’t heard that these omegas may be able to play a bit, but so what? The most fearless thing about alpha is the collision of fists.

But this Nima came at Dandan, he didn’t dare to take it, he didn’t want to become a few omega-like shemales.

Not to mention, the barracks are just oily guys, and there is nothing to say about their hands-on ability and self-care ability.

A bedroom was cleaned up soon, and it smelled of disinfectant, not very good, but it was reassuring.

After the male alpha ran away like an amnesty, Zhu Yang and the others went out impatiently and rested in the dormitory.

At night, the enlistment inspection was over, and they came out when it was time to have dinner and walked along the line.

First, I went to the playground to receive the instructions from the chief, and then came to the restaurant neatly. The person in the restaurant is also beta.

Zhu Yang went crazy again, but the dishes in the bowl were so rich, even the desserts were more than others.

The first day, anyhow, passed, and it was relaxed and harmonious.

By the next day, it was not in this atmosphere at all. The other camps were not clear, but they were frontline alternates after all.

The current situation on the battlefield is not good, and many soldiers who can quickly enter the battle are needed, which means that the cruelty of training is predictable.

Less than four in the morning, everyone was woken up by the sharp bell and received an order to gather at the training ground.

Zhu Yang has no military experience, but there are the other four unexpected ones, even Pei Yu, a woman.

Whether it is the reality or the experience in the dungeon world, this makes them obviously quite adapted to this rhythm, or that they are well prepared.

Although Zhu Yang was pretentious and deliberately provoking things, he would not be a thorn in such things.

Because it makes her feel very low-level, after all, it is a serious matter now.

So looking at the five omegas that are the most difficult to adapt to, they move quickly, even the first batch that came to the training ground. They are also neatly dressed, in good spirits, and look like they are always ready to fight.

It is in line with their awe-inspiring posture in front of the camera yesterday.

But the other recruits are a bit sloppy. Two-thirds of the recruits in the reserve camp were recruits in the past half month. Prior to this, these alphas had various identities and were engaged in various occupations.

It is not a person without self-discipline, but most of them are still loose and unable to adapt to this initial rhythm.

So much so that more than ten minutes beyond the command time, there are sparse people rushing to the training ground.

What’s more, there are still many people who are still lying in bed right now, not awake at all.

Pei Yu tilted her head and whispered to Zhu Yang: “The first week, it was all used by rules, don’t care.”

Zhu Yang has never eaten pork and seen pigs run, but in her opinion, the frontline reserves probably won’t give such ample time for training.

Therefore, the relative method will be more cruel. I am afraid that the military department does not have so much time to step by step.

Sure enough, I don’t know how the recruits who lay in bed were picked out. In short, everyone looked pale, but everyone was not surprised to see what was in the hands of the instructor.

“Clicking sticks, why do you use electric shock sticks? That is obviously for treating prisoners.” Someone whispered.

This electric shock stick looks similar to a pointer, but it has rich functions, and the thing is not a simple electric shock.

With the development of technology to this point, the performance of any applicable tool is different from that of hundreds of years ago.

That thing can cause great pain to people and spirit without hurting the body at all. Just one second is extremely tragic, but once it stops, there will be no discomfort and impatience in the body.

Some people say that they are used in prisons, and they are wrong. They are much more advanced than those used in prisons. After all, prisons don’t need to consider their ability to move. The tools are much simpler and rude.

This was originally designed specifically for military camps to facilitate the extraction of the soldiers’ maximum potential.

Of course, during peacetime, such a cruel method will not be used, and everything must be done step by step, but at this time—

Sure enough, how late was overall, but the first group of people were too punctual, and they were still implicated.

Zhu Yang and the others have to do heavy punishment exercises together. Alpha’s physical fitness in this world is very strong.

The average wrist strength is also up and down a ton, coupled with outstanding speed and agility, the individual combat ability is even higher than the average intermediate player-the kind that has just entered the intermediate field.

It is also equipped with a variety of advanced high-tech weapons and combat uniforms. To be honest, if it is an experienced veteran against some intermediate experienced players whose abilities are not in the combat system.

No one will die in the end.

The situation of the enemy who is slightly better in the military camp composed of such forces and the huge combat power.

To be honest, even if Zhu Yang is already a high-level player and still has a strong combat power, he does not dare to despise the current conditions, because on the battlefield, the situation cannot be controlled by her personal ability.

Interstellar war, her level still can’t come and go freely.

The two-ton metal block was doing a leapfrog, Zhu Yang and the others were still in the forefront of the team and did not deliberately keep a low profile.

To be honest, a team of hundreds of people leads the five omegas, which makes people who come and see a sense of absurdity.

Not to mention their group, many officers who were also training in other groups came directly to confirm that their eyes were not flowery.

The training area is huge, and there are other teams that are being punished for the same training and pass them by.

A bunch of alphas looked at the team led by the omega like a ghost, and even stopped subconsciously because of shock, almost causing the people behind to crash.

If it is normal, they might stand by and laugh at the soft legs of the alphas behind this group, but now doing the same thing, they naturally know how heavy the body is.

In fact, for so long, many people have relied on their will. Many people have fallen behind and even fell on the runway, and they can’t even draw the electric shock baton.

Where is the mind to laugh at others.

But looking at a few omegas, although they were sweating profusely and breathing heavily, they still seemed to have spare energy, and they were not at all embarrassed.

It seems to be doing aerobic exercise that has not reached the limit.

In the end, the officers realized that they couldn’t use the rhythm of a few omega as a benchmark, otherwise they would die.

How ridiculous, has there ever been such a history? In the competition of strength and endurance and perseverance, alpha completely defeated omega, which does not even involve any skills.

It’s just a pure physical competition.

An officer immediately called up several omega test data from his work terminal-

“The highest value is less than two hundred? Absolutely more. Her strength is definitely more than twice the normal alpha. Didn’t she use her best in the test?”

“Let’s take a look again, if the other two values ​​match, then follow the rules.”

As soon as these words were spoken, some people’s faces were a little unhappy, but the expressions of those who made the words were solemn.

“When is the time, put away your prejudices, if they really have that strength, there is no doubt that the door of the elite camp will be open to them.”

“This is an extraordinary period. You should understand the importance of an elite special engineer. I will not allow private senses to influence the interests of the battlefield.”

If this is said in reality, it must be nonsense. No one is irreplaceable.

However, the background here is different, and the direct gap between people is too big to imagine.

For a simple example, omega is the physique of ordinary humans in the real world, and even some spoiled ones are even more delicate.

The beta is slightly stronger, and the physique is much better than the real person. It is in the middle stage, but with such a huge base, it is not without the amazing talents, and even able to start a great career with a good alpha. .

The overall value of alpha is of course the best, but the possible difference between alpha and alpha is also the highest.

Assuming that there is an average value, Zhu Yang and the others casually fooled and showed twice the strength of the general alpha during the test, which was considered very good.

But the so-called alpha combat elite here is not the same species as the entire alpha group, or the entire human group.

They are scarce in number, and 10,000 alphas may not necessarily produce one, but in terms of individual combat strength, everyone is a combat genius with one enemy, one hundred or more.

What is needed on the battlefield is not only the crushing of the forces of both sides, but also the assault missions that involve the direction of the key battle situation. The success or failure of these tasks often determines the victory or defeat of a battle.

So we can understand how precious these elite alphas are, and if similar seedlings are found in the barracks, regardless of their background.

Of course, it is the glory of every soldier to enter the elite camp.

The other recruits all needed a little rest, but the five omegas were called over.

The alphas are exhausted into dead dogs, but still can’t help looking at them.

I saw several officers pointing to the runway in front of them, asking them to run to the opposite side of kilometers away, and running back.

Five ran to exactly one person, and several players heard the argument of the few leaders just now, and they were naturally happy to see it.

They have no time to spend time here.

After the initial whistle sounded, the five people disappeared in front of them in an instant, and their eyes couldn’t even keep up with them.

Then before they were shocked, the first person had already returned to the place, the female omega.

Then the other four came back 2-5 seconds behind her.

This result made the officers even a little confused: “Look, look at the record.”

The alphas onlookers also murmured in amazement: “It’s not like twenty seconds, right? Two kilometers, funny? Is this something human can do?”

“How long is the last record holder? I’m talking about the world record.”

“Isn’t it a **** test of elite qualifications? Didn’t you hear that you broke the world record every minute to show me?”

When a group of people are excited, they don’t pay attention to their speech. There are high-end detectors, which can’t be faked.

They slowed down and confirmed with their own eyes that all of them had run the entire course, and they saw with their own eyes that these people had run out of this speed without the blessing of combat uniforms.

Realizing that they may still underestimate a few omegas, it is a foolish act to evaluate them with the gender limit of omegas, and even the average alpha value seems mediocre.

Several senior officials solemnly said, “8627, how do you feel?”

8627 is Zhu Yang’s number.

Zhu Yang shook his head: “Just running is not enough to prove my speed. If life and death fights, I will be twice as fast or even more than this.”

The others nodded too, but at this moment no one would think this was a crazy conjecture of a few omegas.

“You five, follow us to the simulation field.”

The five people naturally had nothing to do with it, and they unearthed five seedlings of elite soldiers in one go, so that the people in the camp were very excited.

Even on the way, someone had already notified Supreme Leader, and it was not someone else, it was the chief alpha officer yesterday.

Yesterday, he was caused by a few omegas. He received a communication saying that it was about them. He thought these omegas were making a commotion again.

However, when they arrived at the place, they happened to see the trainers arranging them into the simulation field.

Chief Alpha came a step late, so Zhu Yang had already put on the holographic sensor and started to prepare for battle.

Looking at the inside scene from the outside, it was a few Zergs facing her. The Zergs were hideous in appearance, huge in size, and cunning in abilities.

What Chief Alpha saw was that the simulated enemy turned out to be an Intermediate Zerg.

He hurriedly said: “What is this for? Faced with such an enemy rashly, she will ask the spirit—”

Before he finished speaking, the green blood splashed on the glass window, as if it were real, and disappeared after a moment.

The omega inside raised his eyebrows, and said to the outsider: “This kind of opponent is not a simulation, even if it exists in reality, it will not have the effect of testing.”

“Choose something stronger.”

Chief Alpha silently swallowed what he was going to say, his eyes focused on everything in front of him.

Those zergs are not weak, strictly speaking, their shells are hard, and they can also stretch out several tentacles/hands from below their bodies.

The attack speed of the tentacles/hands is very fast, and countless soldiers were killed by this terrible tentacles/hands.

If the usual combat power is compared, five ordinary alpha fighters can jointly kill one such Zerg.

Fortunately, as an intermediate Zerg, the number of opponents is limited, otherwise they would have already been defeated.

Chief Alpha thought for a while, and said to the human next to him: “Arrange a giant wing spider for her.”

The trainer looked at him in amazement, but saw the officer’s eyes surprisingly bright: “Quick!”


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