Scream Queen Chapter 165

The simulation field where Zhu Yang is located is completely black technology.

The simulation field was only half the size of a basketball court when it entered, and there was nothing around it, nothing unusual, and glass all around.

Just like the observation room for human experiments in science fiction movies, it looks cold and empty.

But once the system is started, it can instantly restore hundreds of combat scenarios and any enemy in the military database.

To tell the truth, Zhu Yang can also do this with illusion, but he can’t help but lament the awesomeness of this technology.

A small sensor is worn on the head, and the pressure and feel it touches is actually the same as reality.

Zhu Yang could even feel the smell of the zerg blood splashing out, and the sticky breath that suddenly got in the air.

It is not a psychological effect, these body sensations are actually simulated.

Indeed, the more realistic the effect, the more it can help the soldiers adapt to the battlefield, as much as possible to offset the recruits’ fear of the enemy.

However, there must be a set of strict evaluation criteria when screening opponents because the body feel is too realistic.

If you lose in the hands of the enemy, or even experience the moment of being’killed’, many soldiers may have mental problems.

Especially some high-ranking Zerg, members of the elite commando team, also dare not let them try easily.

Everything has to be step by step.

So when the officer asked him to do this, everyone around him was shocked.

The giant winged spider is undoubtedly a high-level zerg, and the few intermediate zergs just now are completely two concepts.

The length of the torso alone is more than three meters, not to mention the limbs, it is a giant to humans.

The reason why the other party got the name “Giant Wing Spider”, you can infer its appearance characteristics by listening to the name, that is, the presence or combat power of the wings is unparalleled.

The trainer looked at the chief in amazement for a long while, and saw that his expression was firm, not because of any personal emotions, she really felt that the female omega could try this difficulty.

You can only slide the interface against the enemy, until the end, the three-dimensional projection of the giant wing spider appears.

The order of the battle enemy interface is based on the Zerg’s strength and biological status, the simplest is at the top, and the last one is of course the Zerg queen.

And the distance between the giant wing spider and the queen was less than five zergs, and they were on the same page.

And the reason why the five zergs in the middle are ranked lower is based on the difficulty of the battlefield, for example, some talent skills are really cunning.

If you really want to talk about the individual combat strength, the same high-level Zerg, the queen’s guard team, several varieties are actually comparable.

Not to mention entering the test link of the elite force, that is, the members of the elite force want to use these advanced zergs for simulation training, and also have to test the mental state and functional situation at that time.

So when the trainer’s hand fell on the projection of the giant wing spider, it was a little stiff, but the next second, he resolutely swiped the projection into the empty circle next to it.

At the same time, a huge spider slowly appeared in front of Zhu Yang. It took shape and roared hideously at the convenience.

The hideous mouthparts and eight Senhan eyes looked at Zhu Yang, looking terrifying.

To be honest, Zhu Yang has seen a lot of strange creatures, the **** gloom in the horror copy, the inverted position in the animal world, the mutant animals and plants in the unmanned jungle, the monsters and ghosts in the world of spirits.

Not to mention anything else, it’s just a creature like a spider. When she was an exchange student in the Infinite Game, she had seen the size of the palm of an adult with a body that was about to catch up with a basin.

Just a little bit of toxin can kill an adult instantly.

In her own Zhu’s company, there is also a spider man made up of human limbs, which is also not easy to mess with.

Previously in the Ghost dungeon, the poisonous generals of Wandu Mountain had more species of spiders.

But I have to say, on the premise that I have seen so many spiders with great lethality and variety.

Zhu Yang still felt that the spider in front of her was the best she had ever seen. The other party was even just a piece of simulated data, but she could feel such a real pressure.

It can be seen that if you see it on the battlefield, and this thing exists in plural, it should be a frightening picture.

Once the spider took shape, not to mention Zhu Yang who was facing it, the four players outside also showed worried expressions through the glass.

It is naturally a joke to say that advanced players are afraid of such brutes in single-player combat.

I am afraid that apart from the Zerg queen, there will be no high-level players in the singles, even if these Zergs are huge, hideous, cunning and good at fighting.

However, each advanced player possesses at least one small-scale disaster-level ability, and it can be said that it is a fight between the gods if they are picked up individually. Would you be afraid of them?

What’s terrifying about the Zerg is the terrifying number. Many ants kill the elephants. The number is already so terrifying. No matter how strong the individual is, this conclusion is not so wonderful.

And the current situation is that they do not easily expose any abilities, and can only win by relying on physical functions and fighting skills.

To put it bluntly, although the player’s physical function has been piled up to a high level, the actual physical combat experience and skills are probably not as good as the elite alpha here.

After all, it is professional training and battlefield baptism that take more than ten years or even decades. The general background of players has destined their combat mode to be short in this area.

I haven’t seen the Zerg yet, just by seeing the simulation effect, I can intuitively feel the arduousness of this task.

Then everyone heard the game’s mission release message in their minds——

[Exterminate the Zerg Queen! 】

It’s really simple and rude, but it’s also difficult.

To kill the Zerg queen so easily, a higher civilization in the future world will now face the blow of destruction?

No matter how worthy of this world background, the combat power and scientific and technological strength are real.

The mission that several players speculated at the beginning was only to promote the victory of a battle or to solve the crisis of the fall of human civilization.

After all, it is an interstellar battlefield, and personal abilities are really limited, so they are already considered to be within their abilities, and they have to use tricks.

But never expected that the harshness of the game this time was staggering.

Not to mention a few of them, even Zhu Yang’s face sank.

At this time, the giant wing spider had already attacked, Zhu Yang grinned, and made a brutal smile.

It’s not that she hasn’t learned about the abilities of the Zerg queen, and let’s not mention it for the time being. The most basic point is naturally that she can control all the Zergs with spiritual power.

The number of these Zerg races is in the hundreds of billions. Although the lowest level of miscellaneous soldiers is easy to eliminate, the speed of reproduction is also terrifying.

The more you go up, the more amazing your strength.

Does it sound familiar?

Yes, supposing that Zhu Yang’s ability to control cockroaches is analogous, cockroaches are also divided into batches based on evolutionary results.

The most common is the non-toxic and harmless cockroaches at the beginning. This number is the largest, almost inexhaustible, depending on her mental power.

Then came the red-eyed cockroach fused with the zombie virus. Because it swallowed an entire base of zombies, the number was also quite large, and it was considered terrifying for a small-scale battle.

Then there are the cockroaches that swallowed the poisonous human toxin, and the cockroaches that later swallowed the poisonous ancestor toxin based on this.

In the end, this kind of number is not much, only a few thousand, but the power is amazing, it is not a problem to kill an army.

The structure between Zhu Yang and the cockroach is so similar to the Zerg queen.

She is a simple and shabby version of the Zerg Queen, or the Zerg Queen is a luxurious and complete, grand-scaled her.

Insect plague is one of Zhu Yang’s strongest abilities!

This way, you can understand the difficulty of this game, right?

The extremely sharp alloy short knife slashed on one of the legs of the giant wing spider, and the other party let out a sharp scream.

The blood ejected from the limbs was corrosive, and Zhu Yang dodged quickly.

After seeing her swiftness and strength, the giant winged spider stretched its wings and opened the distance.

The wings that can carry its huge figure can’t be described as covering the sky and sun in Zhu Yang’s eyes.

Apart from Longlong, it was the first time that she saw such a huge animal.


Zhu Yang’s face condensed, and this task indeed slapped her out of her psychological comfort zone.

She knows the capabilities of advanced players, but she has always been at the forefront of players of the same level, even if she becomes an advanced player.

But the strength of the other four players is far from her, she can feel it.

It must be fart to say that she is not surprised, she has always had a sense of superiority.

But the game tells her with the actual situation that your competitors are no longer those people.

Converge your sense of superiority and aim for a new runway.

Just a copy of a seemingly stupid set, how many times has the game reminded her to wake up?

It can be seen that for the long-term plan, the game is broken.

But what she didn’t know was that with her understanding at this point, others would have to actually fall into the pit to learn good things.

She was able to make things right in time with a little dialing, and the same hint was not just given to her.

How can this make the game unpleasant?

As long as advanced players cross that threshold, they will become the mainstay of the game, and each one must be carefully cultivated.

High savvy makes people worry-free, and naturally I feel refreshed when I see it.

At this time, the simulation field was full of spider silks, which were as tough as steel and slender as hair.

Seeing the progress suffered, the giant wing spider immediately sealed Zhu Yang’s range of action with its spider silk.

Moreover, the opponent was extremely cunning. When Zhu Yang was moving at high speed, it suddenly sprayed spider silk in front of him. Once Zhu Yang’s sudden stop was weaker, he even almost got cut his neck several times.

It is still somewhat reluctant to fight alone, but Zhu Yang is gradually becoming weaker.

The trainer was a little worried, even if she had a prejudice against her omega identity at the beginning, she felt a sense of cherishing talent at this moment.

This kind of giant winged spider, even the alpha of the elite commando team, can only be defeated with combat uniforms and thermal weapons.

Close combat and hard work, to be able to do this, is already the best first-class in the elite special attack team.

So a trainer asked the chief alpha officer for instructions: “Sir, for the sake of the long-term state of the 8627, let’s stop here.”

Her movements are clean and tidy, and it can be seen that she has been professionally trained by strong fighters and her combat awareness is also very good.

But it can be seen that she started relatively late and there is still room for improvement, which means that it is not her peak now.

Then the next training mode should be carefully designed. It is not wise to let her suffer too much in the simulation field.

But Chief Alpha didn’t pay any attention to it, and stared at the simulation field closely, for fear of missing a little detail.

After Zhu Yang and the giant wing spider entered the stalemate again, he said, “Look at her eyes.”

“That’s the absolute confidence in this matchup, the look in my heart confirming that I can kill the enemy.”

“Now she is not in a weak position. On the contrary, I think the rhythm of the battle is always in her hands.”

“For such fighters, you are too worried.”

As he spoke, the officer chuckled, “Who will cast a psychological shadow on the enemy who is destined to die by his own sword?”

The people around were shocked, and then looked back at the simulation field.

But I saw that 8627 had been trapped by the spider web. Under the premise that her speed was sealed, her combat power was indeed greatly reduced. Now her physical movement is restricted and her strength is meaningless.

There was no doubt that she was about to lose, but the expression on the officer’s face became more determined.

The effect of the military simulator is particularly lifelike, not only restores the fighting power of the Zerg, but also restores their cunning combat wisdom.

Seeing that the enemy was trapped in action, the giant winged spider was not busy approaching, instead, it proceeded to completely restrain her limbs.

Of course, the tough spider silk can break away with Zhu Yang’s wrist strength alone, but this thing is cunning, the spider silk is sharp, and the toughness of the spider is to break the wrist.

Seeing that she had no room for resistance, the giant winged spider swooped down from the sky with a scream.

The people outside the simulation field can’t bear to look straight.

The predatory habits of the giant wing spider are of course the same as its siblings, but it is huge in size and powerful in toxins. With just one bite, an alpha can be dissolved instantly, leaving only the outer skin intact.

This terrifying way of eating is also one of the reasons why it ranks so high.

Although the people in the simulation field will not die, if the connection is not disconnected now, 8627 will truly experience the fear and pain that melts from the inside.

The trainer was about to close the simulation, but the officer held his hand.

In the next second, the giant wing spider that swooped down suddenly exploded and turned into countless pieces of flesh, with green blood splashing everywhere, looking disgusting.

The entire edge of the glass was filled, but the data was automatically turned off when the enemy died.

Then the whole room returned to normal again, and the glass was clean and flawless, and the inside could be seen clearly.

“It’s impossible, how did she do it?”

“Spider silk!” the chief said.

The trainer didn’t rush to call up the game record, and then magnified the last-minute screen several times, only then vaguely saw the transparent, hair-thin spider silk densely all over the air.

With their dynamic vision, they did not catch it at all, and several people looked at the chief.

Chief Alpha smiled: “I can’t see clearly. If we can see clearly, the spider will naturally be spotted.”

“I judged it through her behavior. Before she was trapped, she did a lot of extra moves quickly and neatly.”

“By the way, she wouldn’t be caught by the giant wing spider without these extraneous actions. This is actually a trap she set up.”

“Because the flying height of the giant wing spider is too unfavorable for her, as long as the opponent doesn’t get close, she can be killed by medium and long-range attacks. She must change the status quo, so she put a trap on that bug.”

At this time, the hatch opened and Zhu Yang came out from inside and returned the knife to the training officer on the side.

This knife is not bad, definitely not comparable to Edman Alloy, but it’s almost the same as the iron-cutting knives she bought from Infinite Dungeon.

Chief Alpha greeted her and said to her: “8627, you are doing a good job. If you can use its own spider silk cloth to strangle each other in front of the giant wing spider, the only thing that has the advantage of the insect is that it can fly. ”

Zhu Yangxin said that this is not an advantage. Strictly speaking, she would also fly, by reciting the words of motivation.

It may be a bit reluctant to get higher, but the mid-to-low altitude flight of the giant wing spider is completely fine.

Chief Alpha continued: “It’s just too risky. It doesn’t matter if you kill a spider on the battlefield, and this trick doesn’t work in an empty field.”

“It’s okay to show weakness and lure the enemy, but you must not lose your mobility. The real enemy, even if it dies, the spider web that has condensed on you will not disappear like this. During this time, a lower zerg can kill you. .”

Zhu Yang didn’t feel depressed, but smiled: “If I’m on the battlefield, it’s also impossible to use terrain to trap me, and I won’t be so embarrassed to go to the battlefield without wearing a battle suit or long-range weapons.”

It means that no matter what the situation is, it’s a matter of fact. If you really want to theory, then Zhu Yang can also ignore the flying advantage of the giant wing spider with a heat weapon, and the opponent can kill it immediately no matter how cunning.

After all, the weapons and conditions she has now determine her coping mode, and it does not mean that she can only do this.

Upon hearing this, Chief Alpha became more satisfied.

After taking a deep look at Zhu Yang and the others, he said to the deputy on the side: “Form a group.”

The combat effectiveness of this omega is obvious to all. Although one group is the elite of the elite, the opponent can definitely reach that threshold.

The other four omega survey and design officers also participated in the whole process.

Compared with Zhu Yang, their physical combat capabilities are much more mediocre without using their abilities.

After becoming players, they have consciously done fighting training, but good guidance is not so easy to find.

If there is no chance in the game, even if there are those characters, you will not have the time and situation to let others teach you.

Needless to say in reality, people without power and power can’t reach people who are truly capable.

With their strong physical fitness, they can naturally beat ordinary alphas, but compared to Zhu Yang’s start later, the other four players can be singled out by the professionals present in the battle mode.

“The reaction is too slow!”

“Too much extra action!”

“The decision is not good enough!”

“Oh my god, they really waste their bodies too much, it’s violent.”

The trainers were heartbroken, but the players didn’t feel humiliated when they heard it, but were rather ecstatic.

It seems that the fighting system in this world is also very mature and powerful, and they happen to be in the best training camp.

This is an opportunity to train their shortcomings, let alone them, even Zhu Yang also thinks this is a good opportunity.

So after less than 24 hours in the military camp, the five of them packed up and moved to the training camp.

The elite training camp and the previous military camp are not in the same place, and the location is much more secluded. When Zhu Yang and the others went, they were in a closed car for the whole journey.

I don’t even know where I’ve been, and the treatment here is naturally different from that there.

First of all, the number of people in the entire training camp is not more than two hundred, but the area of ​​the camp is huge. The number of trainers, medical staff, nutritionists, psychologists, etc. for these elites is even more than these elites.

Not to mention the staff who maintain the operation of the huge base, according to the introduction.

The training funds that each elite spends a year is even higher than that of the children of ordinary chaebol families.

Coupled with weapons and equipment designed and developed for their skills, it is even more astronomical.

In this way, we can understand the preciousness of these elites. Natural elites are also proud of their existence.

So this afternoon, the alpha elites who are about to train saw five omegas getting off the car.

Wearing the same combat uniforms as them, they were gathered by the commander and told them that when they were training with them immediately, everyone in the elite camp was blown up.

Here, the elites don’t have to worry about life at all, and many formal things have no meaning to them.

When they reach their intensity, the emphasis on a unified pace actually limits their possibilities, so the elites here have a high degree of freedom.

They watched five omega enter the team, one of them also entered a group, and took a breath.

There are only 10 members in a group. What is the concept? This is the small group with the highest combat power in mankind.

Only a few hundred people were selected by the huge base of millions of troops, which shows how strong they are.

As soon as Zhu Yang entered the team, he was stared at by nine pairs of eyes.

There are nine alphas, six men and three women, all aged between 20-30. Because of their excellent genes, they are all pretty and handsome.

They are all Western European appearances, strong auras, and all of them are brilliant and confident, as well as sharp and cruel condensed by gunpowder and blood.

The collision of extreme temperament makes them all look very charming. If they are placed in the real world, packaged and thrown on the Oscar red carpet, they are absolutely stunning.

Zhu Yang held the nine pairs of sharp knives in his face without changing his face, and the other people would be treated the same way in other teams.

One of the alphas suddenly said: “The survival rate of the next mission has been so low that it now gives us benefits?”

“Pretty is indeed beautiful, but nine people are not enough points?”

When these alphas speak, they do not call the trainers as instructors, because their ranks are even higher than these trainers.

The instructor who will bring Zhu Yang said: “The five fighters such as 8627 were incorporated into the elite training camp after a formal and fair review. Please respect this result.”

The nine alphas laughed: “Respect, respect! There are so many fresh and beautiful omegas in a bunch of stinky alphas, of course we are happy.”

Talking about the blond alpha who was the first to speak, he stretched out his hand and blinked at Zhu Yang: “My name is Adam. I am glad to meet you, beauty!”

Zhu Yang glanced at his hand, stretched out a hand that was too slender and fragile for the other party to grasp it.

Then he smiled brightly: “Hello Adam! I have a friend who also calls this name. But his wisdom and boldness are more suitable for this name than you, a guy with only **** in his head.”

“Haha~~” The surrounding alpha laughed, but this smile is more like a powerful adult looking at the teasing of a wild cat.

Even the blond alpha who was holding Zhu Yang’s hand was not angry. It was so powerful that it was hard to be irritated in a sense.

He was about to pull Zhu Yang in his direction, oppressing this beautiful and petite omega with a strong alpha breath.

But when I pulled it, I felt that what I was shaking was a sculpture that weighed tens of tons and was firmly welded to the ground.

Adam’s face was startled, but he still didn’t react, let alone the people around him.

Suddenly he discovered that he suddenly rose into the air, and then he was directly pulled by his arm in the next second, and the whole person was photographed on the ground like a fly swatter.

Even if he was caught off guard, Adam’s reaction was quick and he could adjust his body shape even in mid-air. This was his fame skill, and it was also the experience he learned from several fights against the Zerg.

But now it was lightly photographed on the ground, and the ground was cracked, showing that this omega is not small.

But Adam’s reaction was not slow. Of course, there was a reason for him to relax his vigilance, but the reaction power he trained on the battlefield made him not stay on the ground stupidly and shocked.

The body had already acted first, turned around quickly, pulled away, and looked at Zhu Yang vigilantly.

I saw the omega whistle: “That’s right, no matter what you think, you don’t despise any risk factors physically.”

“The fighting instinct has been exercised to the extreme, otherwise the crisis intuition will not be so sharp. These are all judgments made by physical experience first.”

Then she clapped her hands and praised her sincerely, “You guys are really good.”

“I thought I would have to drag nine beautiful cumbersome tasks to do in the future, and now it seems I can help a little bit.”

Where have they seen such an arrogant omega, let alone omega, even if an excellent alpha stands in front of them, they dare not speak big words.

But the so-called laymen watch the excitement and the experts watch the doorway. Although the flick just now was unremarkable, it looked like Adam himself was stupid and unprepared to suffer. And this omega may have good physical functions, but if they are elites alone, The physical function can go to this point, and it can’t be regarded as the title of this one-in-a-kind.

They clearly saw that when Adam was in the air, he was trying to adjust his figure, and then kicked the guy away.

What they experienced was all cruel life and death missions, and the fighting style was not waterproof. If Adam was allowed to kick, it would be normal for the omega to have broken bones and broken internal organs.

But at that moment, while Adam was adjusting, he pulled his whole body forward to make Adam lose his balance, which seemed ordinary.

But you should know that she was doing this action originally, which means that her small behavior of restricting Adam was based on the premise that there was no rebirth against inertia.

Speaking of it, it is similar to Adam’s body adjustment out of thin air, but in what space is Adam, and how is this omega fine-tuned?

From this point of view alone, we can know that Adam is not dominant.

Seeing her so publicizing, these elites also surged in their fighting spirit, Adam grinned directly——

“Hey! Come on, beauty!”

Zhu Yang took off his jacket, revealing the close-fitting jersey tank top. His body was so graceful that all designers would scream.

But looking at her arms, although they are strong, they are also surprisingly slender, as if they were broken.

The thin muscles are well-proportioned on the top, which is very beautiful in terms of omega’s body aesthetics.

But it is totally impossible to imagine how such a small muscle can burst out such strength.

“Come together!” Zhu Yang said.

The people around sneered: “Don’t let it go, let’s talk about it after Adam’s level.”

Zhu Yang said: “Same, I will be your boss, of course I have to win overwhelmingly.”

“It’s not a question of whether you are willing or not. Remember the first order of your new boss. Don’t hesitate if I let you go.”

Speaking of turning around, Bang Bang was just two punches on Alpha’s face behind him. The two of them couldn’t escape at all, and the nose was beaten with blood instantly.

Then I saw her running quickly, and in less than two seconds, all the eight alphas outside of Adam were provoked by her punches in the face.

To say that the first two people were caught off guard and she was caught off guard. The rest should still stand and let her slap her face, right?

It’s not that they didn’t hide, it’s that they didn’t hide in this range. People with almost dynamic vision couldn’t even understand how many confrontations took place in just two seconds.

Success is a hard idea.

All the alphas were also aroused and swarmed.

As the strongest elite team of nine, the latest entry has been more than a year, and they have completed countless life and death tasks together.

Cooperate with each other and have a wealth of experience in confronting the enemy together. In many cases, you don’t need to tell them to know which plan to use.

When encountering enemies with a large number of scattered and strong individual soldiers, they naturally have different responses.

Nine strong alphas swarmed and besieged a slender omega, which looked funny and inhumane.

But these guys are definitely not out of order.

The evidence is that Zhu Yang was caught in an instant. Strictly speaking, these people’s combat experience was actually much richer than her.

If the body functions are equal, Zhu Yang’s fighting alone may not be able to beat any of them.

But Zhu Yang’s physical strength and the possibilities based on this foundation are beyond their comparison.

She has been adjusting the combat power she can show according to the environment of this world.

When I tested the speed in the barracks before, I was also more relaxed, I was afraid that it would be too far beyond the upper limit of this world.

Then they may go to the research institute instead of the elite camp.

In the battle against the Giant Wing Spider, since the officer dared to let the thing out, it means that her performance is in his view to have a winning side, but she also has to make a tragic victory.

After finally getting in touch with the current alphas, she can give it a go, because the reference and debugging benchmarks are right in front of her, so she doesn’t have to worry about not coming back.

So this fight was very tragic, and Zhu Yang got fists everywhere, not to mention the bleeding from the corners of his mouth.

Naturally, a few alphas did not take advantage, and the coordination was completely disrupted, and the bumpy ground all around was smashed out by their bodies.

All of them had **** nose tips and bruises and swollen eye sockets. They had taken a murderous path, and they made heavy attacks to greet human weakness.

Unexpectedly, the other party is not too much, it is all like a skill that was trained in killing, and I can feel that she is very adaptable.

This is the first prerequisite for them. There are countless types of Zerg, and talents of various functions, large and small.

In many cases, there are several kinds of enemies facing the battlefield at the same time, and the battle rhythm should also change as the opponent changes. This kind of instant adaptability is particularly valuable.

But this good use of their alphas with different fighting styles is not so wonderful for them.

Finally, Zhu Yang used Adam’s head as an iron ball to pass a female alpha, and directly knocked her to the ground.

The two of them made the people around them clearly hear the sound of bone cracks. After a burst of toothache, after the female alpha ended, Adam was penetrated into the ground.

Only then did Zhu Yang gasp and staggered to stand up, her exposed skin was full of scratches and bruises.

Her face was also embarrassed, and her chin was a little crooked when she looked closely, but she was the only one standing still.

The other nine alphas have completely fallen to the ground, either welded into the ground, smashed into a huge pit, or planted directly in the same way as a radish, and the strength to move their fingers is gone.

“Fuck! This Nima is fighting with someone? This guy’s King Kong carapace, mmp, can’t break the defense.” An alpha tried to stand up, but found that he couldn’t get up, he collapsed and cursed.

“Nine alphas, stand up by an omega day.”

“Sisters, you **** have the wrong sex.” A female alpha stared at Zhu Yang, “You said, do you have a few roots in it?”

“Yes! Don’t look like an omega, it turned out to be bigger than us.”

Zhu Yang put his hands on his face and exerted force to the left. The dislocated chin was snapped back, so that there was a gap to speak.

She cut out the alphas embedded in the ground one by one, remade a pile, and sat on the mountain of nine people.

Looking at everyone in the elite camp with arms folded: “Now, who is the boss.”

The surroundings were silent, and the nine alphas who were fighting with her soared because of their adrenaline, and the high-powered enemy’s fighting rhythm made them completely have no idea of ​​anything else.

What kind of gender prejudice and common sense are all hell, but these people onlookers actually feel the horror of this omega crossing the upper limit of gender and even race from a third-party perspective.

Recalling that there are four such omegas, everyone at the moment dare not question the selection criteria of those guys in the military.

Also, not so much water release, because it is omega, maybe the other party is more strict.

If all omegas are as strong as this, then their small group will naturally exist in the elite camp.

Thinking about it this way, I saw an omega smiled and said: “Don’t worry, we are not as strong as her.”

“Fighting skills still need to be improved. A group of nine will definitely not be successful, but one or two is fine.”

This Nima is also incredible, which is equivalent to adding a ‘group’ out of thin air.

After speaking, I saw the omega sitting on the ‘Dead Mountain’ repeatedly asking——

“Now, who is the boss?”


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