Scream Queen Chapter 166

The elite camp has a small number of people and a single selection criterion.

Regardless of other abilities, or personal special talents, strong force is the prerequisite.

In such a place, following the rules is particularly simple.

There are not so many mixed parties fighting party battles. Although there are groups and close relationships among hundreds of individuals, the overall cohesion is absolute.

Especially in the task, and the concept of facing the strong.

These people are aloof because they are powerful, and they naturally know the foundation of their status and existence.

Prejudice is not without them, but strength can break everything.

So when that omega sits on the ‘Dead Mountain’, with his back facing the setting sun, a wave of horrible aura comes from his slender body.

Asking them condescendingly: “Now, who is the boss!”

The alphas took a step back subconsciously. It was obvious that this guy was already physically exhausted and could no longer fight against others.

But the memory of just now is deeply imprinted in my mind. The strength of the strong has been imprinted and deepened over and over in the battle with the nine top alphas, and an indelible concept is stamped in his heart in a short time.

The unintentional retreat represents the fear and vigilance of their body’s instinctive feedback, which no high-level zerg can bring to them.

“You you you! You are the boss.”

On the contrary, an alpha under Zhu Yang took the lead in acknowledging the counsel. The key is not to recognize it even more. They have already defeated them with overwhelming strength.

Generally, when they are training, it is also allowed to propose private battles, as long as they do not cause death or disability.

No matter how serious the injury is, you can rest for two days and keep it alive. There is no need for harmony and order. What you want is the competitiveness of the members that will never stop.

Like the arrival of a newcomer and being tried by an old man, this kind of situational knowledge is an unspoken rule of entry and convention.

If not, these people won’t even be able to put them into the training team first without a placement.

Even a few omegas, when the alphas provoked, the surrounding trainers did not hinder anything.

I am also happy to see a battle between the two sides. After all, only strength can make these proud elites accept newcomers from the bottom of their hearts.

Military screening? data? What kind of **** is that?

But everyone would never think that the outcome of this battle would be like this.

An omega, directly flipping nine alphas, is still a group of the strongest team elites in the world.

It’s not that there is no ability and experience to be better than these nine alphas. For example, a group of elites who retired from the previous generation, if invited back, one-on-one combat may be able to beat one of them to the ground.

But they are definitely the strongest elite with the best condition, the highest endurance, and the most prosperous physique so far.

And these nine people, under an organized and cooperative siege, were beaten to the teeth by an omega?

The people at the base have gone crazy, and various data analysts, trainers, and scientists are all discussing frantically.

Many weapon design experts have already got design inspiration in the battle just now.

Yes, the elites here are the muse of these designers.

After one person speaks, other people become more kind.

Zhu Yang only listened to a group of people under him and said at the same time–

“It’s you, it’s you, the boss, the boss! The supernatural power is superb, and the life is boundless.”

Baa like a flock of sheep!

Zhu Yang even had the illusion that he had traveled to the evil/religious scene of Mrs. Yundu, and he was in the background of the great integration of the future world.

It seems that the promotion rate of martial arts is quite high, and a group of westerners can’t help but laugh at such words.

People in one group were convinced, and naturally there was no objection to the remaining three groups.

The good thing about this kind of place is that as long as you have enough strength, you don’t have to think about anything else, and it takes less than an hour to be accepted here.

This is a very efficient thing for players. If you stay in an ordinary barracks, then this step will be much slower.

The other groups trained as usual. One group was seriously injured, and after they were over, medical robots had come over and carried them away one by one.

Zhu Yang can still walk, but still sits on the stretcher of the unexpected robot, lazy!

The attending physician in the medical room is a red-haired **** big beauty Beta, who looks charming and passionate, and exudes terrible hormones.

It’s different from people’s usual impression of beta.

But also, the beta population is tens of billions, nearly ten times more than the total population of the real world.

How can it be a template like a setting? They are not robots. In fact, this group of people are truly normal people.

If you ignore a few beauties!

“Huh~~, I just said in the morning that this place hasn’t opened for several days, so many distinguished guests came in the afternoon?”

“Today this is so luxurious as never before.”

Although it is a serious injury, it is not a serious injury in this era.

You don’t even need to have an operation. If you lie down on the advanced treatment equipment for a while, it only takes half an hour for the most injured one.

Then, do not exercise vigorously to affect the new bones within two days.

The doctor named Nicole treated the alphas while teasing them.

The last nine alphas were all done before coming to Zhu Yang’s side.

At this moment, Zhu Yang had put on her coat back, so she could not see the embarrassment on the surface of her body, and her face was a little bruised, but she was upright and sitting on the hospital bed full of energy.

Seeing the advanced treatment device operating, it seemed as if he was very interested in it.

Nicole did not join in the fun, only knew that a group of alphas had fought with them and suffered heavy losses when they were sent.

She thought it was a group of retired elite uncles from the previous generation who came back to teach the younger generations, otherwise it is really impossible for anyone in the world to hurt them at the same time.

So why was an omega with a bruised face mixed in the nine alphas? She thought it was just because the opponent was affected by the battle while working.

Nicole, the **** and boastful beauty, touched Zhu Yang’s face in distress.

“Are you a new employee? I’m sorry, the people here are of this kind of virtue, and all of them have only muscles in their heads. Oh, look at this.”

While talking about the injury data on her body with a scanner, he comforted: “Originally, omega and alpha entered the medical room at the same time. According to my will, I must take care of the beautiful and cute omega first. The rough alpha is there. You won’t die if you lie down.”

“But these guys are too miserable this time. According to military regulations, they can only be treated first. Don’t mind.”

“Come and show my sister, where do you wipe your soft tissues—fuck?”

Talking Nicole glanced at the data fed back on the instrument, where is Nima’s minor injuries?

It was clearly similar to those alphas, but those with the worst physiques were two or three times that of this girl. Such a comparison made this omega even more pitiful.

Nicole suddenly felt distressed and said: “Oh! It was my negligence. It turns out that you are not hurt less than them. Why don’t you react at all, silly girl?”

Speaking of contempt, looking at the nine alphas that have been treated almost the same, the meaning expressed in the eyes is very obvious-

[Omega are so rigid, but you are going to die. 】

The alphas who are lying in bed eating bananas, apples, grapes, and cookies: “…”

Nicole quickly entered the treatment plan on the instrument to Zhu Yang to start treatment.

Then the more I saw a group of fools who were not pleasing to the eye, they went up and confiscated the fruit snacks one by one——

“This is my inventory. You are polite to eat it. Will anyone bring up fruit to see you when you are in the hospital?”

Then he asked: “Who beat you like this? I guess it must be Lancer and the others. They were not reconciled when they retired from the group.”

Adam and the others sneered: “What if you can’t be reconciled? It’s a fact that when you get older, your physical condition will decline.”

“Furthermore, why do you think they can beat us when they come back? We are not the same as we were when we just succeeded. The same life and death struggles, most of the previous generation guys are hired after retirement Are you going to be the bodyguards of the powerful? Do they maintain such a high training intensity?”

“It’s not that everyone still maintains the peak level. It’s going to be the same. We beat them and it’s almost the same.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows, which was actually right. A group of people had already passed the youthful period, but not all of the retired people were well maintained.

Then she was weird: “Then who fiddled with you?”

Then Nicole saw nine hands pointing to one place together.

There, the slender and beautiful omega was doing the treatment, because the treatment required to relax the body and mind, she simply took a nap.

After closing her eyes and relaxing her posture, she didn’t look as aggressive as she was on the training ground, she was just as beautiful as an angel.

Nicole **** said: “Ah~~, so cute—wait! What do you mean?”

“She?” The red-haired beauty said angrily: “You don’t make jokes like this, you girls.”

Unexpectedly, the alphas were impatient and entangled after hearing this, and directly abandoned themselves and said: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, we are the mothers.”

“She is the pure man. There must be a few invisible ones hidden in her pants, which can turn the sky upside down.”

Adam said that he was aggrieved and almost cried: “Good day-to-day pure man, pretend to be an omega? Is it fun to deceive Alpha’s heart?”

“That’s it, after winning us, we can’t urinate further than anyone else. It’s not as strong as we lack anything.”

“I can’t experience the fear of being thought of by the strong, and the feeling of defeat is greatly reduced.”

“Boss, do you have special hobbies? Some?”

This group of guys started begging in the first sentence, and now they are turning in an incredible direction.

Others don’t know, Ni may not know the urination of these guys? It is clearly a group of Mu Qiang shaking M.

Was wagging his tail to be happy, but couldn’t put it down, so that the conversation was so strange that I didn’t find multiple mouths.

The omega that was being treated did slowly open his eyes–

“A hobby, I have one or two.”

The eyes of the nine alphas immediately brightened, and Shuttle jumped out of the bed: “What what?”

“What hobby?”

“Don’t worry, we are sturdy and durable. Boss, you can play whatever you want.”

Zhu Yang glanced at them: “Ha! That’s not necessary. My hobby can only be applied to each person once, and it is also a one-time thing for me to make it again.”

“Huh? You can’t say that. The alpha you used to play is too crispy. After you try us, you will know that we are basically two species with ordinary spicy chicken.”

Speaking of a group of people gathered around Zhu Yang’s bed, they still stood still, but they exuded all kinds of coquettish and seductive aura.

Not to mention, these guys have a strong and bitter temperament, a strand of fragility that has just recovered from a serious injury, coupled with the unique beauty of good genes.

A group of nine people, blond princes and healthy type, silver and black hair, abstinence and black belly, brown and red hair, innocent and passionate.

The tough line with short thorns and fried hair and the delicate line with semi-long hair.

Although Zhu Yang has convinced him for a while, he is a beautiful omega after all. It is also the Mu Qiang effect that gender differences bring about different performance effects.

What’s more, the fight just now had a drawbridge effect. In Nicole’s eyes, a group of alphas are just like a group of male **** desperately showing off their feathers.

Everyone sends out a signal–

【come! Come try it! Alpha is strong and sturdy, so you don’t lose a try, you won’t be fooled. 】

A group of stupid things made Nicole blind.

But Zhu Yang on the instrument bed grinned, showing white teeth: “I like castration.”

The nine people heard that it took three full seconds to remove the information, and then another five seconds to confirm whether they had heard the wrong word.

After finally confirming that I had no problem receiving it, I covered my own throat, and then backed a few steps, and the circle broke up.

Silently sat back on his own hospital bed, digging out the biscuits from the bedside table and gnawing on his shock, dare not recommend himself a pillow seat.

Did you look up at Zhu Yang again?

Gee! Pity.

But, either, getting stronger is a perverted process, the boss, this is not a mild illness.

Especially in the midst of boredom, someone turned on the TV and found that the news on the TV was covering the collective castration at the conscription site the day before yesterday.

To be honest, the elite camp does not prohibit the use of electronic products, and there is even a special entertainment room, and their restrictions are much smaller than the military camp.

However, the heavy training menu every day leaves them no time to play, and most people also have this self-discipline.

It’s impossible to get to this point by chance and luck. Every drop of sweat that I usually shed is the foundation of my survival rate on the battlefield.

So even the news that they knew in closed places like military camps, they didn’t even know.

Even if you have heard a few words, it is only a social news.

But now, look at the face on the TV and compare it with the face on the hospital bed.

All alphas have a desolate feeling of sore eggs, and a female alpha said, “Unfortunately, the boss will **** the younger brother?”

“It’s hopeless, you guys.” Nicole despised.

Not to mention Zhu Yang, she wants to cut something from these guys.

But it didn’t take long. After Zhu Yang’s injuries were healed, a group of people licked their faces and leaned over again, saying that they wanted to take her to the camp.

Zhu Yang naturally readily agreed.

If there are no accidents, you still have to stay in this place for a while.

So this afternoon, a group of elite alphas surrounded by omega doglegs turned around and became a landscape that cannot be ignored in the elite camp.

But Zhu Yang and the others are idle, and the others are not.

The first is the newcomers to join, these five omegas need specially-built battle uniforms and handy weapons.

Several people are physically different from the alphas, and the usual sizes in stock can’t be matched.

The battle of Zhu Yang just now did not just establish the status of the biological chain here. The battle scene had already been transmitted to the design department.

The experts inside gathered together to analyze and research.

Those who have a designed training menu will observe Zhu Yang’s current state at every step, and design the most suitable training program according to her needs.

If there is a uniform design, it is natural to maximize her advantages and make up for her shortcomings.

A group of people were extremely excited–

“Equipped with my combat uniform and weapons, she is definitely the strongest al-oh no, to put it bluntly, but the strongest human!”

No one questioned this statement, and the efficiency was amazing when the logistics team of the elite camp was running.

The next morning, someone came in by Zhu Yang’s bed and put on a new combat uniform.

It is said that it was designed overnight. Although it is not in the best state, the people in the weapon design department can’t wait to let her wear this.

The combat uniform is not so much a suit of clothing as it is a close-fitting armor.

Of course, it is not as full-featured as the real European and American science fiction movies, but the material is soft and tough, and ordinary weapons are hard to destroy.

It is also easy to store and store weapons. Compared with attack power, defense ability is the focus of the design.

After all, the abilities of the Zerg are diverse, not to mention the generally hard carapace and thorns, which are enough to drink a pot in close combat.

Zhu Yang was not polite, and put on the combat uniform when he got up. The fabric was snug and comfortable, the thickness was about the same as denim, and the elasticity was also very good. It didn’t affect the movement at all.

The design is also very good, a bit similar to the one-piece suit of the heroines in the movie, which is very cool.

And the color is not simply black and white, the color can be changed according to needs and the environment, after all, their special attack team needs to do a lot of infiltration tasks.

This is not simply hiding like a lizard with a fundamentally different environment, and even adjusting various physical values ​​such as the soldier’s body temperature and heart rate.

Many animals can feel heat, and Zerg naturally have it. It is absolutely impossible for people to deceive each other with superficial skill alone.

The soldiers in the elite camp are not just a few people in one room, and everyone has their own separate room.

So after Zhu Yang changed into his combat uniform, he heard a knock on the door.

She opened the door, not only the players, but the group of nine guys were all there.

Seeing the conversion to the combat uniform, one by one made excitement sounds, holding several kinds of breakfast in his hand——

“Boss, eat!”

Zhu Yang took a sandwich casually: “You don’t even have to eat breakfast together?”

Adam waved his hand: “No, every group or even the training menu is different every day. Sometimes it’s normal for days to get staggered because of projects. Why do you want to unify this?”

The five players can prove that several of them have also received combat uniforms, and some have not had time to try.

Like Pei Yu and Zheng Hao, both belong to the second group. They were notified as early as last night that today the second group will go to the tropical rain forest simulation field for mission simulation early in the morning.

Yes, there is no need to say that the elite camp restores the holographic simulation field of the Zerg enemies.

There are even countless real mission scenarios built, and the training intensity and difficulty are not at the same level.

A few people also came to say to Zhu Yang, and then in different groups, there may not be many opportunities to get together.

So several people confirmed a contact method.

The private terminal is collected, although the elite camp will issue new ones, but this is not suitable for players’ personal contacts.

Zhu Yang does have the high-tech communication equipment bought in Infinite Games, but it is not easy to expose it in this place where personal belongings are not easy to carry.

At this point the player’s ability comes into play.

It turns out that Pei Yu has the ability to help players communicate remotely, not mental power.

She can mark several people at the same time, and then no matter how far away from these people, she can communicate with each other herself.

However, you can mark up to three people at a time. If you want to mark a new person, one of the original three will be invalid. This is random.

Because Zheng Hao was in a group with her, there was no need to worry about the opportunity to communicate. There were just three places left, and the remaining three players were one for each.

The second group left soon, but the other group was not idle.

One group was severely injured yesterday and could not do too vigorous activities within two days.

But this intensity is relative to them, compared to ordinary people, the daily training they can do is already very intense.

Zhu Yang is following the trainer, she just started here, and she needs a lot of guidance.

After a few days, she was naturally inspired.

To be honest, she is not the kind of professional way of practicing martial arts for decades. In fact, she is almost the same as other players.

The reason why the physical combat ability is far stronger than the same level, in addition to his own combat talent and thinking, of course, is the meticulous training of Lu Datou.

However, no matter how great Lu Datou is, the experience and methods he has mastered are also optimal for him, not that he will not be able to adapt and adjust.

In fact, he broke his heart for Zhu Yang, but his personal thinking is limited after all.

But in this respect, these trainers, who may be helpless, are more professional.

Based on her good foundation, she has drawn scientific conclusions and healthy growth directions, which has troubled Zhu Yang for a long time.

She felt a bit of a sudden openness to the question that could only be understood.

In these days, Zhu Yang can clearly feel that he has broken through a certain bottleneck.

In this inconvenient use ability and purely exercise his close hand-to-hand skills every day, Zhu Yang really feels that he has benefited a lot.

The relationship with the nine alphas has become more and more tacit as we get along day and night.

One group also did countless simulation missions during this period, and cooperated in combat to kill the enemy.

These alphas found that their boss is not only physically strong, but in fact, the mission intelligence is also very high.

It is very fast to respond to different enemies. This is not someone who can be cultivated in a peaceful environment.

The average person usually encounters a robber with a gun or a robber, although the empire is under pressure from the invasion of the Zerg.

But many people have never seen a Zerg in their lives. In order not to cause panic among the people, Zerg’s public data is only a drop in the bucket.

The most common and least lethal kind, thanks to the keyboard man on the Internet, complaining about the incompetence of the army all the time, how can such a small species have not been completely wiped out.

In fact, the enemy is a hundred times more cruel than this. They are rich in species and each have talents. Because the whole clan has only the absolute voice of the queen, they cooperate with others.

What is fighting rhythm?

For example, you first fought with a Hercules, and you have adapted to the punch to the flesh. Only when you break out to the limit can you effectively fight the opponent’s situation.

Then he immediately changed players midway and became a guy with less lethality but amazing speed.

This guy actually doesn’t need the same power output as against a Hercules, you may be able to kill him with a tenth of the force. The important thing at this time is to quickly adjust the fighting rhythm, otherwise the unnecessary empty punches will consume their own physical strength for no reason, leading to the final defeat.

But it is easy to say that once you have adapted to a fighting rhythm, it is actually difficult to make changes. Most people will continue to suffer until they adapt well.

On the battlefield, a loss may kill you.

But Zhu Yang seems to have a lot of experience in group attacks with different species, which is a rare talent for the special attack team.

Not to mention that when she is a newcomer leading the team, the old manipulative techniques are no more jerky than the experienced ones.

If it is not determined that the background of the members of the commando team is absolutely clean, they will all have to doubt which interstellar pirate came from.

In addition to daily intensive training, Zhu Yang also desperately collected information about the Zerg queen.

Humans have fought with them for so many years, and the queen rarely appeared on the front line, but after all, it is the biggest enemy. The country has long established a special research institution.

All kinds of analysis and deduction, as well as the information obtained by the soldiers risking their lives to explore, make the Zerg queen’s face in the military familiar.

Zhu Yang has seen the holographic simulation image of the other party, which is simply a giant.

The size of the body is even more exaggerated than the complete body of Longlong, and the appearance is a bit like a giant mite.

The ability of this thing is a mystery, because it has never been shot, but one thing is certain, it is able to control the whole family freely.

Of course this is all nonsense, as is the racial structure of others. It is not that he did not try to directly assassinate the queen to end the battle.

However, hundreds of plans have all failed, and humankind suffered heavy losses. It is conceivable that those who can accept this task will not be ordinary alphas.

The Zerg Queen is the only one who can’t perform a holographic simulation battle in the simulation field, because there is no complete information about it, and it is naturally impossible to simulate it.

But Zhu Yang still didn’t let go of her research. This focus is very strange even for the alphas of a group.

Sometimes when I call her, I can’t help but say half-jokingly and half-seriously: “The way you look at it is like looking at some fateful enemy.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “It’s hard to talk about, I have no grievances with it, but it is true that I will definitely fight it in the end, so it is not wrong to say so.”

The alphas were not only shocked by her goal, but also shocked by her determination, as if they had expected something.

But it didn’t take long for them to wonder if Zhu Yang knew the inside story.

Because more than a month later, there was a confidential task from the top, and a group of all members participated.

Go to the rear and attack the Zerg queen.

After this mission, let alone a group of members, the entire elite camp was shocked.

Let’s not talk about the danger of the task, this is not in the scope of consideration, after all, they are doing the work of a lifetime.

The issue of this task means that they have indeed locked the true coordinates of the queen and judged that the queen is weak. This is the opportunity to issue such a dangerous task.

Then this guess was confirmed. According to the analysis, the Zerg queen has recently reached the egg-laying period.

Just a few days later, it will lay a lot of eggs, its body is extremely weak, and it can’t even control the overall situation.

But don’t think that this task is easy. The Zerg will only know the situation better at the time, so the defense around the queen can be described as a net of heaven and earth.

In fact, human beings can infer her specific coordinates, which is the result of huge sacrifices and resources.

If the members of their race continue to increase, then humans will really be powerless.

Therefore, the entire elite camp was included in this mission, but the other groups were cleaning and squeezing, and the group that actually carried out the raid was one group.

When the time comes, several groups of men and horses will also separate, and it is possible that this separation is a death.

So that afternoon, the highest officer came to the elite camp and stood in front of the elite special attack team.

Shen said: “Leaving tomorrow afternoon, everyone can go home during this period, see their family, distribute their own property, and if there is anything that has not been done, please do as much as you like.”

“I’m sorry to tell you this news before the mission starts, but everyone, please treat this mission as a farewell to the world.”

The difficulty and danger of this time is beyond optimism on the surface. If you forcefully cheer up, it will make everyone impatient.

It’s better to be straightforward like this, and none of the people here is a coward who can’t accept the reality.

So as soon as the officer finished speaking, Adam, who was standing in line next to Zhu Yang, asked, “Boss, do you really not **** younger brother?”

Another female alpha also said: “That way I would die without regret.”

Zhu Yang’s mouth was a little twitched, and before the other alphas echoed, one slapped their heads.

“Go! You want to die, I don’t want to. I will definitely pierce the queen’s birth canal and come back alive.”

But in any case, the holiday benefits for most of the day are still needed.

Except for a few people with special backgrounds, most people chose to go home tonight to spend with their families.

Zhu Yang and the five players naturally went back together.

After more than a month, several people have feelings for the team they belong to.

Knowing the danger of this mission, even the players can’t guarantee to retreat all over, but the most dangerous one is Zhu Yang.

Because she has to face the queen.

As long as they don’t face the queen or the desperate army, the players still have the power to protect themselves.

“My ability should be able to save a few people by then, but if there are necessary sacrifices during the mission, there is no way.”

After all, protection is based on the premise of completing one’s own tasks.

“How about you? Have you thought about how to deal with it?”

No one dare to say that Zhu Yang should pay attention to the situation of one group. One group is her younger brother, so she naturally doesn’t need others to worry about it.

Secondly, I am afraid she can hardly protect herself.

Zheng Hao said: “Our distance is too far. After the mission is completed, we will not be able to come and support you in time.”

“But the current combat plan is optimal.”

It is much more efficient and successful than five players together. Naturally, players cannot be better than other professional strategic planning.

If anything else, under the conflict of own interests and the group, it is understandable to choose yourself, but the tricky thing is that the players and the military have the same goals in this mission.

Zhu Yang heard the words and patted them on the shoulders: “It’s okay, wealth and wealth are in danger. Since the game is given a task, it is definitely possible to complete it.”

“I have always been lucky.”

Her optimism did not affect everyone. The more she trained in the elite camp, the more she faced and realized how difficult their task was.

But at this moment, Zhu Yang was already fully devoted to the joy of seeing Zhu Qian.

Three of the other four players were kicked out of their homes, and naturally they would not go anymore. Several people came directly to Zhu Yang’s house.

Zhu Qian had already received the call before they came back and came out early and waited.

He had a dinner tonight.

Zhu Yang’s ‘brother’ came with him, but when he saw him, several players were a little surprised.

In just over a month’s effort, this young man’s changes were nothing like two people.

Before, he was just a simple, silly, white and sweet, who was flushed with illegitimate children.

But at this moment, it was a cold and solemn posture, not a posture that young people can make, but a transformation from the inside to the outside.

Only when I saw Zhu Yang, did I look good and took the initiative to welcome him: “Sister!”

Before he touched him, Zhu Qian opened him up: “Didn’t he let you call every day? As a result, I didn’t make a call every week. I didn’t want to do it if I couldn’t hear your voice. You know I face a fool all day long. Do you consume more energy? Knowing to leave me here alone.”

In fact, it’s okay. The person who has the most power to copy the identity of the Patriarch is of course the same.

However, it was only intentional to act like a baby. If it weren’t for Zhu Yang to run the rear, Zhu Qianning would live in the spirit beast bag.

At least there is a chance to be released to meet with my sister at any time.

But Zhu Qian forgets that he is now wearing a man’s skin, and a forty-year-old uncle is so sticky and chilling.

Especially the’brother’, his face became even darker when he saw him like this.

Zhu Yang patted Zhu Qian amusedly: “What’s the matter? Didn’t you let you tune/teach people well?”

Zhu Qian snorted: “I have a good training, but I didn’t ask me to have a good relationship with him.”

Although he replaced the identity of a man, he always identified himself as Zhu Yang’s younger brother.

Even if this npc’s ‘brother’ is not true, just wearing this name is enough to make Zhu Qian displeased.

Zhu Yang ignored his awkwardness and asked, “Where are those people?”

“Stay tight.” Zhu Qiandao: “There are two who want to play tricks, and I will be honest if I break their legs, and the relationship with the outsider has recovered.”

“But I have prepared good things for you.”

It goes without saying what a good thing a weapon dealer said is, but the elite camp has a confidentiality agreement, so people outside think that they are just ordinary soldiers.

Except for Zhu Qian’s explanation from Zhu Yang, he naturally knows how advanced the equipment in the elite camp is.

But at this time, it can be said that it is indeed a good thing.

“Let’s go, see it.” Zhu Yang is happy to have more chips.

“Brother” sees that his sister is now in a good relationship with his father, and his heart feels uneasy.

Obviously she picked things up, and she knew exactly what father had done during this time.

He thoroughly investigated the matter of his mother back then, and the more he investigated, the more furious he became, and on several occasions he even had the urge to stab his father directly.

But the man in front of him said lightly: “Come on, if the venting of anger is not impulsive and **** at the time, then there is no need, let’s think about how to benefit the most. After all, after more than ten years of stupidity, you are smart once. How about show me?”

He felt that his father’s current way of speaking was somewhat similar to that of his sister, but he listened.

But seeing that there seemed to be signs of reconciliation between the two of them, it was frustrating, so he took off Zhu Yang’s other arm.

Just about to speak, I saw the butler hurried out.

“Master, the Duke of Eaton heard that the eldest lady was back, and he called to say he would visit soon.”

Eaton? Not to mention Zhu Yang almost forgot about this.

Looks like there is a fiance in this setting?


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