Scream Queen Chapter 167

In any case, the family went back to the house violently.

The villa is still the same, but it is much cleaner this time.

It can be seen that for more than a month, Zhu Yang has really not been polite to these people.

Although he wouldn’t be locked in the house with handcuffs and shackles, the range of activities that were only in the house and kept under surveillance was also choking.

They are not even allowed to use communication tools. Needless to say, the terminal is confiscated. Other network devices are also unavailable. At most, they can watch TV in their own room.

Several children were at a loss as to what to do with the sudden face change of the’father’, and felt at a loss all day at the sudden collapse of the treatment that had been used for more than ten years.

It is two women, because they have been with the’man’ for more than ten or twenty years, as the interpretive flowers who rely on men to survive, their minds cannot be clearer.

It’s just that no matter how smart they were, they would never guess that a man has fundamentally changed individuals.

Because strictly speaking, it makes sense logically that a man would turn his face so unrecognized.

If others don’t understand, they still don’t know how cold and selfish a man is? I guess it must have been the eldest daughter’s secret talk with him, which showed him what interests the whole family could not resist.

In the face of huge interests, what is the sacrifice of a mere lover and bastard? This is what they know very well, the values ​​that men have.

What makes them puzzled is where the eldest lady came from, and where did she come from to convince her “father”.

This guy is just a castrated omega, not to mention the value of marriage, but anyone who is a little decent will not marry her.

Relying on her beauty, if she is a lover, she is not without a way out, but she has no glands and can’t emit pheromone that the alpha can’t resist.

Even the attractiveness of a beautiful face cannot last long.

It happened that she even went to the military camp to be a soldier, and mixed with a group of alphas all day long. The whole omega’s life value was ruined by herself.

When the master heard the news, he had the idea of ​​expelling him.

Even after they twisted and dialed a little, they had already begun to kill.

After all, if it is due to loss of virginity and castration, in order not to affect the reputation of the family, it is safer to deal with it.

But things didn’t change at that time. The guy first turned his face and made a big fuss, stabbed the man out of the shameless scandal that he had concealed for more than ten years, and even beat his father.

That’s it. With a man’s self-esteem, he can endure it and change his attitude in just a few minutes?

At first, they thought that the master was ignoring this guy, and when she went to the barracks, the family actually started to reorganize.

They were all under house arrest, and the eldest master was brought around to teach him, and even recently he has started to repair the relationship with his original wife.

This makes the women panic. Can the original wife’s family tolerate them? Don’t talk about dignity, it’s not for profit.

The prerequisite for friendly cooperation between the two sides is that this huge family property will eventually fall on their granddaughter.

To let you illegitimate children share a piece of the pie, and possibly even harvest the fruits of your business, even if they want to make things so beautiful, they have to see if they are happy.

So the women are really panicked. Not only are they in their current situation, but they really feel that even their lives have been shrouded in risk.

But they just want to break their minds, but they can’t figure out what bargaining chip the eldest can use to make her “father” change her position.

They can’t be blamed for this. In fact, the two women are very smart, depending on how they can be castrated by Zhu Yang.

The idea of ​​such a vicious and insidious method of smearing under the prestige of public opinion shows that the other party’s wisdom is very high.

It’s just that the pattern has limited their horizons. In their opinion, the current situation is incomprehensible, after seeing the dangers of Zhu Yang and his party.

They still think about the power they might have behind them, rather than focusing on them.

Just as now, they even thought they could change their situation with the pressure of an outsider.

Even if the Duke of Eaton is noble, but if he can place surveillance in a large arms dealer’s house and know his every move immediately, then he doesn’t need to marry the eldest daughter of the family, omega.

Wouldn’t it be enough to let this family be a completely obedient younger brother?

Zhu Yang and the others came back that they hadn’t expected, and they had only notified Zhu Qian about half an hour ago.

The speed of transportation here is very fast, the elite camp is very far away, but for the elites to race against time to get along with their families as much as possible.

This time, the elite camp deliberately arranged the aircraft to send them back, plus the time to clean up before and after, less than half an hour.

Only for a while, the Duke of Eaton, who hadn’t been in contact with this family for more than half a month, did not come early or late.

It seems that someone has found the time to deliver the letter.

I wish Qiancai, regardless of the arrival of the duke or the duke, in the current situation, whoever has the weapons and the army will have a hard back.

In this more than a month, he has clearly refused to ship to Eaton several times.

The cancellation of the marriage contract has already been announced in the newspaper, just as he said, the two were angry and disdain to make the two align.

And directly released the speech from the perspective of the old father——

[I am proud of my daughter’s choice to join the army, and I am also disdainful of the petty and shamelessness of a duke. 】

These words completely offended the Duke of Humans’ family, but let’s not say whether it can be tough with the big arms dealer during this period.

After this public opinion came out, the Duke of Eaton’s family also made public relations messy for a long time in order to restore its image.

After all, the country has repainted peace, this year’s frequent recruitment, and even allowed omega to join the army, it can be seen that the situation is grim.

And you, a great noble with a title, have such a low level of consciousness.

Because of the determination that the five omegas would rather castrate collectively to join the army, countless young people who had been shaken in their hearts rushed to the barracks.

There are also countless omegas coming out. Although most of the physical values ​​cannot be listed on the front line, their participation in logistics and medical positions is also a major gain.

Regardless of what some people think, the emergence of a few people has indeed injected another boost from the conscription that has entered a weak stage, and a lot of fresh blood has poured in over a period of time.

These are all adding to the bargaining chip for victory in the future battlefield.

And the person who makes this kind of contribution, even if you really feel that they are no longer suitable for being a wife?

Really smart people should also express their attitudes in accordance with public opinion, express support and admiration, and even gain some political capital by this.

Ordinary people are not ashamed of the other party’s fall into trouble, while the powerful people simply think that the other party is too stupid.

So Eaton’s family has had a hard time recently, and they have been surrounded by emotional distress all day long.

If it weren’t for the current Duke of Eaton to be the old Duke’s only son, no one would let this mindless idiot sit on it.

It doesn’t matter if you have no ability, but can you not be so stupid?

Especially the people of the Eaton family also found out that the reason why the Duke was so impatient to retired was because he had been involved in school with the second daughter of that family.

I’m trying to get rid of the eldest daughter’s desire to let the second daughter stand up. In the eyes of this idiot, I am afraid that the same marriage will be married. Who is married or not? As long as the daughter in this family is enough, why not choose what you like.

After knowing the news, the person who assisted the old duke almost broke his dog head on no impulse.

Do you know that one is the eldest daughter and the illegitimate daughter?

For ordinary people, the opinion of the door may not be serious, but you are a duke, and a duke takes an illegitimate daughter.

Do you want to throw the faces of the ancestors of the Eaton family on the ground? I really like it, I don’t have to raise it as a lover.

It’s not too normal for a rich and powerful lover to raise a lover. If you play with your wife separately, as long as both parties manage the people under them properly, the surroundings will praise you for family harmony.

When someone persuaded the Duke of Eaton, he actually put on a ‘Hugh will use your indifferent and chaotic view of marriage and love to measure my feelings. ’

Didn’t make the family popular anyhow.

So during this time, the young Duke of Eaton was also detained by his family, and he could not get in touch with him.

Of course, even more importantly, even if he contacted him, he would only be rejected by Zhu Qian, so Duke Eaton didn’t understand why he would temporarily change his mind after all he had discussed.

The Duke of Eaton’s visit was not a major event for Zhu Yang and the others. In Zhu Qian’s view, it was not as important to let his sister have a good dinner.

It is only afternoon, the kitchen is already busy, and the exquisite afternoon tea desserts are brought out.

Zhu Yang didn’t look like he was going to participate in the life and death mission, but he started to enjoy it with great interest.

During the period, she felt the line of sight from upstairs, but she didn’t care. In fact, it was enough now.

Even if these people can’t help but they can’t make much noise.

After all, she is now in the elite camp, and she may have no return right away. Even if these people have not learned well, the military will not allow the reputation of a hero with such an important task to be discredited.

What’s more, the aftermath of the conscription that Zhu Yang and the others brought hasn’t completely passed.

After a while, the two people came downstairs, the man’s elder mother and the youngest son.

Of course, some people followed them step by step, but the old woman didn’t give her advice when she saw Zhu Yang this time.

Even the domineering and arrogant little boy, now without the bearish energy that was fearless and undaunted before, seems to cringe.

The old woman handed the boy to Zhu Yang: “Looking at the sister’s return, why don’t you call her sister? Hurry up and let her sister play with you.”

The boy’s expression was very unwilling, but Zhu Yang and his party’s robbery behavior was still vivid, and his age was not the least ignorant.

Fear and resistance to her, but a few days after Zhu Yang left, because he ran in front of Zhu Qian and spoiled her since she was a child, he said bad things about her.

This was actually taught by his own mother. They can’t do it well here, so it’s better to let the child pierce the matter through the child’s words.

Children are young and have always been favored, just to make people unhappy, and there shouldn’t be much trouble.

But they were thinking about it. Zhu Qian not only hung up the bear child and had a meal, but also let him watch the biological mother who instigated him to come out and had a meal.

Then Zhu Qian left a cold smile: “My family Yangyang is also instigated by a few of you slut?”

“Whether you use your child as a raft, let alone a nine-year-old idiot, even if you dare to scold her for nine months, I still can’t get it wrong.”

In fact, Zhu Qian’s essence was Zhu Yang’s ability and weapon. When someone insulted his master and he, he felt it was a matter of course to kill him.

It’s not happy to only hold back this identity, but after several cold expressions, he also scared the family.

The old woman knew her son, and she was really ruthless to him.

But the little grandson was brought up by himself, the old woman’s darling.

Seeing that everyone is not good now, the two children of the original partner are going to heaven, and she can’t take care of the others, at least the youngest grandson has to let him have a good relationship with the elder brother and sister.

No matter where you get up in the future, you can help.

Although this concept has always been taken for granted by parents, it can also be seen that the other party has a heart for children.

But without waiting for Zhu Yang to express his position, Zhu Qian waved his hand and said to the person who was in charge of looking at them: “What is the appetite for people to come over to eat?”

He glanced at the child again: “Don’t shout, there is no your sister here, go upstairs.”

Since his age, he was born soon, and Zhu Yang gave him the identity of Zhu Qian, indicating that this is his image of existence in the future, and asked him to erase all memories and cognitions belonging to others, and to re-understand the world.

That moment was the time when he truly admitted that he was born again, and it was only a few months away from now.

In other words, let’s not say that he is rude to children, children are nine years old, he is less than half a year old.

In truth, he is the baby.

But the old woman naturally didn’t think so, her face was angry, but she looked at Zhu Qian imperturbably, trying to persuade: “Why do you say that.”

“You still have your blood. He is also your son. Half of the blood is connected to his sister.”

Zhu Qian smiled sickly but impatiently: “Are you suggesting that we have lost the half of his blood that communicates with Yang Yang?”

When the old woman heard that, wherever she dared to entangle her, she was afraid that the “son” would be mad and could do anything. She ran upstairs and returned to the room with her son holding her in fear.

Zhu Qian felt that the surroundings were a bit pleasing to the eye, and put another cookie in front of Zhu Yang——

“This is delicious, you try.”

The four players ate their cakes and watched Zhu Qian, who was dressed in the skin of the Patriarch, were serving Zhu Yang as if they were serving their ancestors. They were a little envious.

No wonder this is convenient. Obviously, this ability or item is self-conscious.

Not only is the business ability good, but also so caring. How can it not make people feel much better to have such a sincere possession in the game world?

The Duke of Eaton came quickly, and they only ate a few cookies, and the outside indicated that they had arrived.

Not to mention Zhu Yang, even Zhu Qian had not directly faced the Duke, but had two video calls.

However, each time it ended with Zhu Qian’s preemptive accusations, and even the words were not finished.

So they didn’t really know what kind of person this duke was.

But he is definitely not smart because of his hand at the cusp of the storm.

Then they saw people and they understood that the game really had a bloodline running through it.

It’s just that Zhu Yang’s nonchalant, unstoppable, marvellous work that relies on the force of the force to play the scene has no place to play, the dog blood script Fang hurriedly called the curtain as soon as he appeared.

Where is the rhythm of ups and downs? It really disappoints the spectators.

If this line is a dog-blood plot line, then Duke Eaton’s personality naturally conforms to the dog-blood tradition.

Regardless of whether your brain is working well, your face looks really good.

The appearance of a typical aristocratic diamond bachelor, a classic description is a cut face.

It is estimated that he was not beaten when he was a child, so coming to someone else’s house is a posture of condescending nostrils.

Let people want people to throw this stuff out on the spot.

Seeing Zhu Qian and Zhu Yang and a few strange omegas having afternoon tea, seeing that he didn’t mean to meet each other, this guy frowned.

Just wanting to ridicule the family’s rudeness, I heard a pleasant and pleasant cry from the upper floor——

“Eaton, are you here?”

Everyone looked up and watched the ‘sister’ who was the same age as Zhu Yang standing on the second floor, looking at him across the railing with an expression of whether they would cry or laugh.

In all fairness, that ‘sister’ is really a beauty. Unlike Zhu Yang’s aggressive beauty, the other party is a very weak and protective type.

Coupled with the natural characteristics of omega, there are not many alphas for her to break her head since she was young, and she naturally chose the best one.

If this is not intuitive enough, make an easy-to-understand analogy.

Whatever the heroine in Qiong Yao’s drama is, she is the same. I won’t mention anything else for now. Then I see the pitiful temperament, the pure and moving beauty, the clean eyes like washed eyes, and the tear glands controlled by me.

Ten alphas and nine have to fall.

At this time, Duke Eaton was watched by his sweetheart with the eyes of a **** who saved him from fire and water.

In those eyes, he is everything to her, her only hope in jail, how many men can withstand it?

So he instantly forgot the rudeness of this family, even forgot the existence of other people around him, and looked at his “sister” idiotically.

The voice said softly: “Well! I’m here, I rushed over when you asked for help.”

“Eaton~~” The ‘sister’ was overwhelmed, and the lover’s name was even more soothing.

Suddenly, there was a burst of music in the living room.

It’s a high-pitched male voice, and only sings in the rhythm of ‘ah’.

This song may not be here, but in reality, even if you haven’t listened to the entire song, the prelude is definitely familiar.

It is the famous opening song of “Return X Gege”, which is especially suitable for this kind of occasion where two lovers finally meet each other after looking through Qiushui.

Zhu Yang was kind enough to put this BGM. Even Zhu Qian, watching so many TVs with Zhu’s mother, deeply felt that his sister was really too kind.

Just such a pair of eye-catching couples, they also bake the atmosphere for them, and a few players are still smiling and trying to keep the atmosphere.

The grief brought about by the mission for a time has been forgotten.

But obviously the people involved don’t quite understand the romance in it.

The Duke of Eaton looked back at Zhu Yang abruptly. Although he had a marriage contract, he had always been unhappy with this fiancée.

I feel that the other party has a strong personality and never knows how to be gentle and considerate, so he is not like an omega at all.

Now she is doing self-castration even more. It can be seen that she still has mental problems. Such a person, who stopped losing her marriage in time, was condemned by all parties.

Can’t understand what people are thinking now.

At this moment, he finally said something to his beloved girl who was under house arrest by them, and this guy made trouble like this.

Eaton stared at Zhu Yang with a gloomy face and said, “Yeah! Yes, let’s do business first.”

He glanced at the people on the second floor and saw that they were communicating with each other just like on the phone. Everyone was following a servant at his side.

It is said to be serving, but in reality it is monitoring.

Thinking of the experience of my sweetheart for more than a month, I looked at Zhu Qian and Zhu Yang coldly.

“I don’t even know that with the perfect law today, there are still people who can restrict the personal freedom of so many people without authorization. It can be seen that there are a few guns that can really be regarded as the only warlords.”

This is like a fool, but he is still a privileged class.

So Zhu Yang and Zhu Qian also smiled unceremoniously: “Do you want to go back to your home study and talk to Eaton’s house rules?”

This family has a conservative family style and pays great attention to reputation. It is not far away. As far as the incident happened 20 years ago, the person involved was the aunt of the Duke of Eaton.

It was an omega, because he eloped with his lover for violating the intention of the marriage contract and was arrested by the old duke himself and executed by family law.

It is said that the criminal law has been in the Eaton family since ancient times, and it is very painful and cruel.

According to him, if your family member commits a crime and can be killed privately, don’t talk about laws and human rights here.

The Duke of Eaton was stunned back, his face flushed.

Zhu Qian was too lazy to spend time with him: “Oh, right, you said just now that she asked for help?”

“I didn’t allow them to contact the outside world. I even confiscated all the equipment. No one helped me because she couldn’t ask for help.”

Said that he lifted his chin. Although his imitation of men was perfect, he looked more like Zhu Yang at this time.

The people in the room knew what to do without his instructions, and went upstairs to set up the maid who was in charge of supervising the second lady.

The maid panicked and repeatedly denied it, but her terminal was searched, and the communication records from twenty minutes ago were not deleted in time.

The evidence is conclusive, and Zhu Qian does not want to know why this person is taking his own salary and who does the job.

After all, if you can go in the same direction as the brain remnant brain circuit, of course normal people cannot understand it.

“Throw it out!” He gave orders.

Don’t think that it doesn’t matter what it is to lose a job now. The population is exploding and the employment environment is cruel.

The unemployment rate is extremely high, a stable job is very difficult to find, many people are reduced to jobless people, social security has not been fundamentally improved under this situation.

Working in the rich area here, even if you are a small servant, your salary is stable, and the public security here is the best in the city, living in the host’s house, you don’t have to worry about going back to work after a tiring day, and going home through the road The roadway will be robbed or even more dangerous.

So how can the maid not panic? She looked at the second lady and the duke for help.

Just like the idea at the beginning, I hope to get rewarded by helping the lovers.

But the second lady avoided her eyes, but Duke Eaton wanted to say something.

But the master blocked him back: “Why? Did the Duke come to my house to take care of my dismissal? Then should I leave the house and become the owner of this house?”

No matter how arrogant Duke Eaton was, he would not dare to say such things in a weapon merchant’s house. These people have a strong sense of territory.

Speaking of this, I am afraid that dozens of them will rush to point at them.

After a seizure, the family finally reduced their arrogance, but his purpose was to save his sweetheart, so naturally he wouldn’t just shrink back.

So he found a place to sit down and said directly: “I didn’t think about the previous thing. I believe that everything that happened during this period is not what everyone wants to see.”

“No! I’m quite happy.” Zhu Qian said: “Seeing that your duke’s family is exhausted to wipe your ass. It’s the only fun I have besides busy every day.”

“You–” The Duke of Eaton hypnotized himself desperately. This is the father-in-law, this is the father-in-law, so you can’t make trouble too ugly.

Then he said: “Now that Zhu Yang and I retired has become a reality, this matter has passed, there is nothing to say, I think everyone should look forward.”

“So today I came to my door with a sincere heart and asked for a new marriage with your mansion.”

“Mr. Zhu, please marry me your second daughter.”

“Eaton~~” The’sister’ on the second floor finally couldn’t help but rushed down, and the two embraced tightly.

At this moment, although they knew that their request would not be allowed, although they knew that they would face difficulties from the wicked.

But as long as they have each other, they are ready to be enemies of the whole world.

“Yes!” They looked at each other as if they had heard a voice from beside.

“Huh?” Both of them were a little confused, never expected that things would be so easy.

Not to mention them, even the people hiding on the second floor peeking could not help but step forward.

They glanced at Zhu Qian, and he was completely indistinguishable from the joking while he was wearing the skin of the Patriarch.

He glanced at Zhu Yang again, this man who logically should be madly opposed, actually drank black tea, nodded in agreement with a relieved expression.

“Sister!” The boy suddenly called her, and he couldn’t understand it like everyone else.

I don’t understand why she wants to fulfill these two people who had sexual **** during the marriage contract with her.

Wouldn’t she be able to respond in her heart? Will not be disappointed? Besides, there is no such thing, so why should that **** get such a good thing.

Naturally, Zhu Yang could see what the young man thought, so he touched his head and motioned for him to stay calm.

Zhu Qian was unhappy, and his face suddenly became ugly, which made Eaton and the others thought that this guy had turned his back on him.

Sure enough, just playing with them?

Obviously not, Zhu Qian said: “It’s okay to take her, but her mother is not my wife, she has no legal status, and her younger siblings are all illegitimate children.”

“Since you sincerely ask for marriage, naturally you won’t make her feel so embarrassed, right?”

Duke Eaton nodded: “Of course, so-called I hope–”

“Don’t think about it!” Zhu Qian said, “I won’t give them names and divide the family business.”

“I mean, since you sympathize with them and feel sorry for them as if they are rootless, then as a son-in-law and brother-in-law, and your Eaton family has a lot of business, it is not a problem to settle a few people?”

This means that if you take a daughter-in-law, you have to marry a family. For ordinary people, no one will easily agree to it.

However, the Duke of Eaton is the home of the Duke, so it is natural to raise a few people.

So he happily agreed: “Okay!”

Although Zhu Qian and Zhu Yang’s eyes are more subtle, they feel how cold and ruthless they are, throwing away their family members like trash.

His sense of responsibility to save his sweetheart from fire and water for a time moved him in various ways.

But he was originally a meat-eater, and this family is not an ordinary person who stutters to the room.

These people have lived a luxurious life of the upper class for more than ten or two decades, so what is the best food and clothing?

So even the second lady herself felt that something was wrong and everyone was thrown out. Doesn’t it mean that the family property has nothing to do with them?

The two beautiful women upstairs naturally knew better, but when they had been drawn, they didn’t dare to speak when they saw that the master refused to give Duke Eaton any face, but they were too anxious.

But this is only the beginning.

I heard Zhu Qiandao again: “My daughter, who is raised so much as a pet, is not worse than the princess in material terms.”

“You can’t be taken away in vain. Since you like her, I believe you are willing to respect her and give him the most brilliant treatment for an omega.”

“My daughter’s value is here. The eldest son who dislikes the Dawson family is willing to marry him with two minerals. When you come to Duke Eaton, it can’t be more shabby than a coal boss’s house, right?”

“And the scale of the wedding can’t be small, don’t you want the love with your beloved to be witnessed by the whole world? Come to a wedding of the century?”

“Look at my daughter. She treats you like a hero. Do you have the heart that she will be pointed out because of her background? Don’t you want everyone to see that you value her?”

This kind of stealth change of concept, the cause and effect are reversed, a normal person has to slap him shamelessly.

But for the love brain, who is full of water and has a desire for performance, it happens to scratch the itch.

No matter how clever the second lady is, she is only a girl in her early twenties. Naturally, her longing for this kind of admired wedding is so strong that she can lose her mind.

And the Duke of Eaton—he’s just a stupid brain.

So for a while, I actually felt that my father-in-law was not so indifferent to his sweetheart, maybe this was the sorrow of the chaebol.

In order to condense wealth, he is also cruel and ruthless to relatives.

But at least there is still serious consideration for the future life of her daughter, so regardless of the things that have been offended before, and the grievances of the eldest daughter, so plan for the second daughter.

Therefore, the fooled Duke of Eaton immediately promised a large gift, the amount is so huge, even Zhu Yang looked at him with love.

Then Zhu Qianhe and Zhu Yang sent him away with a look of enthusiasm, promising that the day when the gift is implemented is when he can marry someone.

Eaton looked at Zhu Yang, and was a little embarrassed for a while to see the sincere joy on her face.

After thinking about it, he lowered his face and said: “Zh, I am embarrassed about the previous things, but I really love her.”

Zhu Yang smiled and waved his hand: “It’s okay! True love is invincible, you should say that there is no such thing at all.”

“But my sister can’t be wronged if I follow you. Your bride price represents her value in your mind, you can figure it out.”

Eaton thought she wished him sincerely, which moved him, so he added another third to the gift.

After he left, apart from the second lady and a few small joys, the hearts of the two beautiful women were extremely complicated.

On the one hand, Eaton does have sincerity towards his daughter, but on the other hand, the master’s way of eating is too ugly.

Not only that, as soon as Duke Eaton left, Zhu Qian immediately changed his face——

“What are you doing? Go back to the house, when will the kid come to redeem him with money-no, you can move freely by marrying you.”

“Now, don’t influence people to eat dinner.”

After that, a group of people were sent back.

The other four players and the “brothers” were all dumbfounded. These two are really robbers.

Not only did they sweep everyone out, but also extorted a huge sum of money, which was equivalent to selling the sky-high price of their own packaged garbage to a second fool.

The key is that someone really got into the set, and that’s exactly what they dare to think and do.

‘Brother’’s expression was hard to say at this moment: “He—so that’s it—”

Previously, he thought it was a humiliation for his sister to be divorced. The Eaton family deceived so much, and now he feels lucky.

Who would marry a girl with such a brain damage?

However, Zhu Qian cut his head: “If you don’t study well, sooner or later, IQ will be pulled to the same height by them, but I don’t know it.”

Then he said to Zhu Yang: “I’m still too arrogant. I didn’t contact him because of the disgusting thing.”

“I knew it was so stupid. I took the initiative to contact.”

“He has some good things in his hands, and then we will—”

He didn’t finish his words, but Zhu Yang understood that it was something suitable to bring out the game, and he was naturally happy to see it.

Not to mention that the Duke of Eaton went home and talked about the matter, and the family will be fainted directly.

Not to mention that the family is waiting for people to marry and rescue them.

Zhu Yang will be back one night, and will have to return to the elite camp tomorrow morning, so after dinner, Zhu Qian will give Zhu Yang all the good things he got.

It is said that she has a lot of weapons, but for the Zerg, local research in this world of nature is more suitable.

Zhu Yang collected things, and did not tell Zhu Qian about the danger of this game.

I spent a good night with him, summoned Longlong and Xiaoji, and the family huddled in the big bed.

I slept sweetly under the breath of each other, and woke up the next day feeling full of energy.

After stuffing Xiaoji back, while Zhu Qian didn’t pay attention, Longlong plated Zhu Yang’s neck and gently said in her ear: “Mom! If there is danger, let me out.”

It is a creature of the high-level field. Even if Zhu Yang didn’t mention the specific task, it also knew the difficulties.

Therefore, I was afraid that Zhu Yang would be strong and bring it out for the first time in his life. Subconsciously, he would not think of using it as combat power, so I specially reminded.

Zhu Yang touched its dragon’s head and pressed his forehead against its forehead.

Whispered softly: “Hmm! Certainly.”

Originally, she had to use all the bargaining chips she could use this time, alas, she would not necessarily win if she used all her strength in front of the Zerg Queen, so where could she leave a hand calmly?

Longlong heard the assurance that they would only return to the spirit beast bag, and Zhu Yang and the others also boarded the elite camp to pick up their aircraft.


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