Scream Queen Chapter 168

After Zhu Yang and their aircraft landed, other people came back one after another.

Although I only went back for one night, everyone had a good harvest.

The vast majority of people chose to conceal the danger of the mission, of course, the mission must never be revealed.

This concealment means that there is not even a sign that there will be no return. It is the same as getting a day off and getting home with family members.

But they know that without exception, everyone has prepared a suicide note and explained the funeral.

Because of this contribution, the military will certainly fulfill the last wish of the special forces as much as possible. But even so, there is no atmosphere like a bereavement in the elite camp.

In their view, death was originally a part of work, and being able to die on the battlefield with glory on their backs is also the most brilliant way for elite fighters to fall.

Adam and the others brought a lot of things back, just like a group of college students returning to school after summer vacation.

He also graciously handed over a bag: “Boss, this is my mother’s cheese jerky. Try it, it’s delicious.”

Zhu Yang was not polite. He took a piece of it and stuck it in his mouth. It was really good, so he simply handed over a bag from him.

Watching the guy open the backpack again, the good guy eats everything.

Adam’s own family background is good, his father seems to be a senior in a big company, and his mother is a housewife, who is virtuous and good at cooking.

Even if there are advanced cooking machines to meet people’s high-intensity pace of life, this guy has a lot of blessings since he was a child, and he grew up eating home-cooked food.

According to him, every time he goes home, he will bring a lot of delicious club camps in large and small bags, and this time as always.

But at this time the officer next to him said: “These should be put away, because it takes up too much space and will affect the mission.”

They are going to carry out sneak attacks and assassinations, and they are not going on an outing.

The limited luggage space is filled with necessary survival supplies and weapons. Where can I bring such an exaggerated large bag to eat?

Adam’s husky expression suddenly became lonely, and there were other people who were the same.

They are experienced in tasks and naturally understand this, but these things are left there, but there is no such thing as’waiting for me to eat again’.

Adam and the others were about to let people take things away, but Zhu Yang stopped and said, “Don’t give it to me, I’ll eat again when I come back.”

As he said, he took several large bags back to his bedroom, and packed his things out after a while, and there was nothing unusual.

After packing things up, a group of talents went to the research and development room to collect weapons and supplies.

For this mission, the entire camp naturally made its utmost efforts, designing the most advanced battle suits for them, and considering all the improvements that can be thought of and the technical support.

Although it is very slim, but also hope to maximize the survival rate of the elite.

As for the weapons, they didn’t just choose the most powerful ones. Their journey this time had already been simulated countless times.

Scientists have calculated the traps and enemies they will encounter with a high probability, and selected weapons suitable for substitution on the battlefield from the constantly optimized schemes.

They made the most of their mobility during this trip.

Zhu Yang put on the new combat uniform, which is indeed different from the previous one. Many small weapons can be directly embedded in the uniform without hindering the action.

The backpacks are already equipped, and people in their group and other groups will not go together.

In fact, all groups acted separately from the beginning, and when they were familiar with their equipment, all the people outside the group had already left.

Pei Yu got in touch with Zhu Yang through her abilities, and constructed unimpeded communication between players.

The people have not left the camp, but their mission process has already begun.

“Okay, let’s go!”

This time they boarded not an aircraft, but a spacecraft.

The battlefield is on another planet, which is why the country can still maintain the peace of singing and dancing.

However, according to the current rate of invasion, if this battle has not been established, then this planet is not far from being greedy.

Of course, human beings have discovered other livable planets, but if they lose their base camp and run away, it will naturally be more difficult to organize a resistance. Compared with the Zerg race, they will grow stronger and more terrifying.

It’s also a matter of time to eat the entire galaxy.

Only by capturing the thieves and the king, killing the central queen of their entire ethnic group, and then completely eliminating the new queen when they are unable to organize, can the survival crisis be completely resolved.

At this time, Zhu Yang did a real task with a group for the first time. I didn’t feel it in the previous simulation task. Only now did I realize their real pressure.

There was cold sweat on the alpha forehead in the cabin for them to adjust the seat, the absolute strength and the sense of oppression brought by the murderous air, it is difficult for ordinary people to keep calm when facing.

Zhu Yang suddenly felt a sense of relief that the underground bear child was surprisingly reliable.

At this moment Adam suddenly turned his head and asked her stupidly: “Boss, did you just watch it? Did you finally realize our handsomeness?”

“You see a few hours before the spacecraft arrives at the destination, it’s better—”

Zhu Yang put one hand on his head, his five fingers tightly wrapped around his Tianling Gai, as if he could put his fingers directly into his brain in the next second.

She smiled and said, “Why not?”

Adam and the few guys around him who looked eager to try out said, “No, why don’t we play poker for a while.”

But boring poker games are quite hypnotic. After not playing for a while, everyone sat back to their seats and fell asleep.

Because Zhu Yang slept well last night and was not sleepy, he closed his eyes and counted his supplies over and over again in his heart.

This time the war, I am afraid that the cost is not small, but this is second.

Most importantly, she has to sort out her own things and make the best use of them in the life and death.

Of course, this is an annoyance for people who are too wealthy, but other players may be itchy after hearing this.

After a few hours, the spacecraft arrived at the destination, and because they could not alarm the Zerg, their whereabouts were very secret.

Even if the spacecraft has an invisible reflector device, the target is too big after all, and many Zerg’s sensing capabilities are very strong.

So at the planned place, the pilot controlled the spacecraft to land.

And said to them: “This is the planned place. You can’t drive further ahead. The Queen’s guard range is very wide. It’s up to you next.”

A group of people quickly organized themselves and jumped out of the spaceship. The whole process didn’t take two minutes.

They will leave as soon as they leave the spaceship, and time is tight, trying to avoid the possibility of being discovered by the Zerg.

Once landing, the combat uniform will automatically adjust to the surrounding environment.

Not to mention the concealment function, it can even emit simulated Zerg pheromones when necessary, which makes them easier to disguise.

The location of the Zerg queen cannot be accurately located, and it is already incredible to be able to circle this range.

They landed on the ground in a mountain, of course, don’t expect vegetation to cover here.

But even so, the surrounding mountains were chewed up with wormholes, and many minerals are also one of the food of the Zerg.

Those wormholes are densely packed, which looks extremely uncomfortable, but this is only second.

Inside, I don’t know if there are any Zergs who have left. They still have to be careful if they want to go through here.

Adam and the others were holding their weapons and moving forward vigilantly, and they saw their boss standing there without moving.

Several people thought she was a little nervous when she came to the actual battlefield for the first time, and was about to call her when they saw a huge cockroach crawling over on the ground——

Well, it’s not huge, there is a high-level zerg called cockroaches, the opponent is five meters tall.

In contrast, this egg-sized cockroach is really nothing, but it is definitely not an ordinary species.

Any bugs found on this planet are their enemies, no matter how big or small.

So Adam fired and shot over. He was very accurate, and the cockroach that was about to climb on Zhu Yang’s fingertips was shot out by a bullet.

Zhu Yang’s fingertips hadn’t been hurt yet. This guy made his move so suddenly that even Zhu Yang didn’t respond.

She was dumbfounded, and slapped Adam’s head with a slap: “Fart, what should I do to scare the baby?”

Adam thought she was using Internet language, and said with embarrassment: “Oh, boss, it turns out that you sometimes use words so cute.”

Zhu Yang didn’t give this unintentional anger to death, but the cockroach baby was naturally the most angry.

It quickly turned over and crawled back, extremely fast, and Adam was surprised when he saw that the little zerg was not dead.

Is it horrified that even this low-end Zerg has evolved such a strong defense force? But the action is not slow.

Seeing that he was going to shoot at the cockroach again, and the cockroach also bitten the twenty-five son at this time.

Suddenly there was another person in the middle, holding Adam’s gun in one hand, and picked up the cockroach in the other—

“All right, stop!” Zhu Yang touched the baby cockroach’s shell.

Fortunately, this is one of the most evolved cockroaches. The carapace is so hard that it can’t even be penetrated by ordinary guns.

The virus can heal quickly, so it healed in a few seconds with its volume from a serious internal injury, and the whole body was full of poison.

Let it take a bite, Adam guessed it was dead.

Zhu Yang said: “This is my cub. He is obedient and gentle by nature. It is much better than the Zerg who has no style wherever they go. They are not the same species. Don’t you compare them?”

The baby cockroach was soothed for several times, and then the fire pressure went down, but he still opened his teeth and barked at Adam.

Show the fact that it is super fierce.

A few families heard it and it was hard to say a word. The silver-haired Larson twitched his mouth and said, “Old, boss, so you still control insects? But I didn’t see you being vague when killing insects in the simulation field.”

The so-called world is so large and unsurprising, let alone insect lovers’ fascination with Zerg structure.

Because of the Zerg’s hideous appearance and terrible strength, Ye Gong admires the incomparable fool like a dragon, and there are many in reality.

Zhu Yang rolled his eyes: “I have said not to confuse my baby cockroach with the Zerg.”

She took the cockroach back and stood up: “Because of the coverage of the Zerg pheromone, the headquarters cannot get in touch with us, so I reconfirm one thing.”

Seeing her serious face, the others couldn’t help but wait.

Then the nine alphas opened their eyes wide, filled with amazement.

Because what happened before them somehow broke their perception.

I saw swarms of cockroaches pouring out of countless holes, and this number also made the scalp numb.

They switched weapons with extensive lethality, and were about to raise their guns to destroy them, they saw Zhu Yang raise his hand to signal them to stay calm.

Jin followed with screams, those egg-sized, densely packed cockroaches dragged out countless zergs from the wormhole.

Crazy gnawing on them, those zergs are not weak, the common middle-level zergs hide in the wormholes of the mountains, waiting for opportunities.

It seems that they are all races who are good at covering their tracks, and even the monitors equipped on their battle uniforms have not scanned them, but under this natural geographical advantage, the role of the equipment is indeed limited to the lowest.

In other words, the cordon was far wider than they thought, and they estimated that the Zerg hiding inside would have discovered it.

Then plan to attack when they pass through the front, the perfect spot enclosed.

At that time, their position was in an unfavorable terrain, even with a high level of force, they wouldn’t be able to break the halberd here.

But it is always a sum of money, and as long as there is battle, there is a possibility of loss of manpower.

However, at this time, the middle-level Zerg who were ambushing in the dark were dragged out and swallowed up one by one. They were not weak, and quite a few had ethnic talents.

For example, a species of zerg can secrete corrosive mucus on the body surface in order to drive away cockroaches, but these cockroaches are not afraid. They swallow the mucus like bubble cola, showing its terrifying swallowing power.

It has always been the densely packed number of Zergs that gave people this shocking visual effect, but today they have seen the Zerg being treated like this.

Although the Zerg does have many races that feed on the same kind, during the alert period, which race dared to kill her frontline guards against the will of the queen?

This is clearly an act of treason. If the Zerg’s will and protective instinct for the queen are so weak, then the war will not last so long.

But in any case, those Zerg who were dragged out one by one were swallowed up by cockroaches within a few minutes.

The wind blew across the mountains and turned into a sound of sorrow in countless holes, and then there was silence.

The cockroaches were extremely quiet, and after swallowing the Zerg, they did not take a step forward under their watchful eyes.

At this time their boss finally spoke up-

“Next, I hope you forget all the battle plans, and all the instructions of the commander, because their judgments and plans are based on a serious miscalculation of the strength of our group.”

“Wh, what’s wrong?” Adam and the others swallowed hard.

I faintly have an idea in my heart, but still a little unbelievable.

“We started training in the elite camp a few years ago, and there are people who record values ​​every day. It can be said that everything about us is transparent. They even know us better than ourselves.”

“That’s you!” Zhu Yang said, “For someone who has only been there for more than a month, how much do you think they can dig from me?”

Several people were silent, at least the situation in front of them, no one believed that it was not from her.

But they soon learned that it was not a matter of time, but was based on the inherent limitations of a human being.

Even if Zhu Yang is stronger, one blows up nine of them, but says she can fly, no matter what the front is, everyone will deny it.

Because it does not belong to the scope of human ability, with this framework to observe, naturally it will never be possible to detect her true ability.

Of course, this can’t be blamed on others, it’s the players who actively concealed it.

But when we come to the battlefield, there is no need to conceal it. The most important aspect of teamwork is not only trust and understanding.

The understanding of the strength of teammates also determines the plan and response during combat. Covering up will not only affect the trust value in the action, but also cause misjudgment of the situation, and the chain reaction brought about is also unfavorable.

The cockroaches that came out like the tide suddenly disappeared, as if they were just an illusion.

Adam and the others said in shock: “What about people–no, what about cockroaches?”

“I put it away.” Zhu Yang said.

“Can you take that stuff?” Several people seemed to be scalded.

Those cockroaches gathered together, at least thousands of cubic meters, right? How to collect it? Not to mention that they now have a backpack alone.

Even if the spacecraft just now is still there, it can’t be put on hold.

Zhu Yang smiled, and suddenly several backpacks appeared in his hands. This time everyone could see clearly.

That thing really appeared out of thin air, it is impossible for a tight combat uniform to hide such a large number of backpacks.

Those backpacks appeared in her hands out of nowhere, and because of inertia, they fell and were pulled by her shoulder straps.

Then a few people looked at the backpack with close eyes.

“This is mine.” Adam reacted first.

He quickly grabbed one of them and opened it quickly. That’s right, there is a bag of delicious food his mother stuffed him this morning.

Several other people also took their own, all of which they had to abandon before the mission.

The mood of everyone was complicated for a while, and it was indescribable to be able to see what they couldn’t let go of here again.

But this is beyond common sense one after another, which makes them feel uneasy.

“How did you do it?” female alpha Murphy asked: “I obviously saw you put these things back in the bedroom.”

“You just saw me go back to the bedroom?” Zhu Yang smiled.

“These are just trivial points.” She took the things back, and several large backpacks disappeared into her hands out of thin air, without a trace.

I saw that everyone wanted to rush to her and turn over, but listened to her: “I just want to say that those cockroaches were indeed collected by me, and as long as there are them on the way, we don’t have to worry too much about ambushing.”

“And to store your backpacks, I just want to tell you that you don’t have to worry about the consumption of food and weapons along the way. I have a lot of stock.”

“There are other abilities. We will show you one by one when we encounter battles.”

“It’s not for showing off, and I don’t need to doubt my motives for the time being. Anyway, it will definitely be exposed. It’s better to give you some details first.”

“Killing the Zerg queen is our common goal, and I hope you all follow my orders in the next mission.”

Although Zhu Yang became famous on the day he entered the elite camp, he was called the boss by everyone.

But the task is not to fight, after all, to see who has the hardest fist. Originally this mission. According to common sense, Zhu Yang didn’t have the qualifications to serve.

The time she came in was too short, but her terrifying strength was to wipe out the disadvantage of lack of experience.

But after coming out, the general direction of all plans must be based on the conclusions drawn from the intelligence and deduced data collected by all parties. If something happens on the spot, it is naturally Adam and the experienced veterans who make the decision.

No matter how good the simulation field is, it is not a real battlefield after all.

But now Zhu Yang said so, and demonstrated the ability that has never been shown in the elite camp, even for humans.

How can this make a group of people acceptable for a while?

Zhu Yang also knew that only a few words would not make it, and there was no need to reveal too much. Anyway, killing them all the way, there was a chance for them to make a judgment.

Rather, she has always been good at seizing sovereignty and manipulating the rhythm.

She raised her chin: “Let’s go!”

A group of people followed her silently, each complexion, but the current situation is not the time to question her teammates.

This guy must be on purpose.

But soon they won’t have to worry about it, because the worst on this road is the Zerg.

Following the route given, after passing through the Wormhole Mountains, they will pass a sinkhole.

If the pit was on a habitable planet, it would be a wide river. The length of the river could not reach the end. They had limited time, and it was obviously unrealistic to go to the upper and lower reaches of the river aimlessly.

But why can’t you just go there? It’s nothing more than this pit is full of zerg like snakes.

It is not big in size, about the size of ordinary snakes on the earth, but the number is huge, a large river of tiankeng made up of countless live snakes, the patient may die on the spot if they see it.

What is Da Ji Niang Niang’s pot? It’s at best a non-current swimming pool.

A huge zerg appeared out of thin air in Zhu Yang’s hand, who had just met on the road.

Before it was her turn to take action, Adam raised his hands and killed them. Zhu Yang picked up a corpse and put it away.

At this moment, the corpse was taken out and thrown in, and the living snakes instantly swallowed the five-meter-high Zerg. It seemed that they were low-level Zergs that did not distinguish between enemy and us.

Female alpha Murphy couldn’t help rubbing her neck: “How can I cross the river?”

If these snakes are only a thin layer, they will push hard with nausea, after all, the toughness of combat uniforms cannot be broken by such a low-level zerg.

Killing while walking is not a big problem.

But the Zerg just threw it down to test the depth of the pit, and it was obvious that that method would not work.

The combat uniform will enhance the fighter’s jumping ability, and the elite alpha can jump at least 20 meters away while wearing the combat uniform.

But obviously compared with the pit width, this distance is pitifully small.

“You can’t kill so many for a while, and if there is too much movement, it’s too early to be exposed.”

While frowning, I saw Zhu Yang jump directly into the snake pit——

“Hey! Boss.” Several people were shocked.

She was about to be swallowed by the snakes in an instant, but suddenly, a large area opened up around her.

The diameter is at least seven meters. Not only does it start with her, a route is directly passing through this sinkhole, like Moses dividing the sea.

It’s just that people share sea water, and she share snakes, but those snakes really can’t get close to that range anyway.

And it was almost as they guessed, even the pit was deeper than they thought, the thickness of the snake group was nearly 20 meters, looking terrible and disgusting.

“What are you doing in a daze? Come down!” Zhu Yang waved at them.

Several people looked at each other, “Is this a god?”

Only Adam’s focus is more peculiar: “On the first day, it was a fluke that we were not killed.”

Fortunately, they have saved the mind to exercise hard and strive to stand up.

“No, isn’t the point that humans have evolved superpowers?” Larson said.

“She is now turning into a dragon with her horns on her head. That’s also something to be discussed after the mission.” The black-haired alpha said.

Tucao returned to Tucao, the movements were not vague, they jumped down and walked around Zhu Yang.

Ten people ran forward with all their strength, and within half a minute they left the sinkhole.

Standing on the top of the mountain at the other end, watching the snake pit had changed back to its original state, everyone was still a little unbelievable.

Before they could sigh with emotion, they suddenly saw that there seemed to be more creatures in their party.

Fire red, huge-chicken?

The chicken stood by the pit and grabbed the edge of the snake to eat, and one bite was just as sweet as a bug.

Their boss stood beside it and patted its ass: “Is it delicious?”

“Don’t eat too much if it’s delicious, keep what you have behind your stomach.”

The huge little rooster gave up, then lifted its wings, flew to the center of the snake pit and fanned down.

Everyone seemed to see some red sparks falling below, and then as soon as the sparks fell into the pit, there was a big fire suddenly, just as if a gasoline barrel was lit.

Not to mention the entire tiankeng, at least within the diameter of the tens of meters in front of them, the snake group was scorched and scorched and twisted to die at the bottom of the pit. When it was crushed by other snakes, it shattered into ashes and looked like death. Quite miserable.

This power is huge, and it’s about to be compared to the medium-sized weapons, and several alphas have the illusion of crossing to the fantasy continent.

“We are still in our own world, right? We are still performing tasks, right?”

No one can give an exact answer, but the little chicken is repeatedly dissatisfied with his results.

Flew back to Zhu Yang, and arched her head in frustration.

Zhu Yang touched its head: “It’s already very powerful! It’s more powerful than I thought.”

Xiao Ji grew up as she became stronger, covered in feathers, and after losing the image of the juvenile body, she also unlocked several talent skills out of thin air.

This kind of fire is one of them, condensing the spiritual power of oneself into a mass of energy like sparks, and then uses the wings to fan towards the target.

Although it is not a precision strike skill, it has a wide range of lethality and is also very useful.

Xiao Ji was comforted, and then twisted his **** awkwardly, and looked at a few alphas, knowing that he was helping his mother during this mission.

With one stroke of his wings, he made a military salute on his forehead.

“Why, how do you feel like a good child?” Adam said.

“Of course, my child is the best.” Zhu Yang was quite proud.

Xiao Ji now has a good fighting capacity, and as his body grows, his skeletal muscles become tougher.

I have been under the dual guidance of its dad and vulture teacher before. Whether it is close combat or ability is good, this kind of environment can still be released to help.

It was a step ahead of its Long Long brother, which made it very proud. When it was moving, it kept strutting, but it made a few alphas strangely broken.

If it weren’t for the crisis-ridden vigilance, I would like to touch it.

After walking for dozens of miles, because of the convenience of the combat uniform, even if he occasionally encounters the Zerg, he will be singled out on a small scale, and it will be quick to kill.

However, with the breakthrough of each level, the more the guards are behind, the more intensive the guards, and the Zerg who are investigating, can’t expect to be fooled by the protective clothing alone.

Moreover, this is the result of other groups igniting fire everywhere and attracting troops, which shows that the queen is taking her life.

Zhu Yang learned about the other three groups through Pei Yu in the player channel.

I have been involved in several rounds of **** battles, but fortunately, the players have extraordinary life-saving methods and good escape techniques.

With the team members, no one has sacrificed so far, but this is because they are still far from the queen and haven’t encountered too many tricky characters. Everyone understands this.

However, when encountering other groups of elites, they would be dumbfounded when they must have seen the players reveal their abilities.

After speaking, they met another team of Zerg, but this team was not the same kind of miscellaneous fish before.

All of them are high-level elites. If you have to compare them, their strengths should not be worse than the current fully armed elites.

It was also an accident. During the queen’s spawning period, the defense was tight, not only from loose to tight, there were also several high-level Zerg teams patrolling the center and periphery.

It happened to be hit by them.

Zhu Yang didn’t give them any space to signal. The high-level Zerg might have a special way to directly contact the queen, which she absolutely does not allow.

So as soon as Fang met, she used her mind power to make the Zerg team unable to concentrate.

Alpha and Xiao Ji also cooperated well. They attacked when Zhu Yang started, and they were seized by them for a while, and they caught the group of high-level Zerg unprepared.

“Be careful not to slap your face, and don’t destroy the integrity of your body.” Zhu Yang concentrated on controlling these zergs and took the time to speak to everyone.

The alphas who were aiming their particle guns at the Zerg’s heads had to put away their guns, took out their cold weapons and wiped their necks.

If this is normal, they would definitely not dare to be big, but now this pair of elite soldiers is restricted by Zhu Yang.

After more than a dozen high-level zergs died, the corpses were still intact, at most there was a hole in the body or neck.

These guys are too big, and some of them can’t kill them with a single shot.

Zhu Yang went up to make up for the opponent, but he also followed the principle of not destroying the body.

“Boss, what do you keep their bodies for? There shouldn’t be a low-level zerg level like Snake River next, right?”

“Nature is useful.”

Zhu Yang smiled, and then hundreds of cockroaches appeared around. The alpha was startled and almost stepped on them.

Knowing that they are Zhu Yang’s possessions, and trying not to treat them as Zerg, the other party did not attack them.

The behavior of these cockroaches is absolutely based on Zhu Yang’s will. According to her, it is indeed much more beautiful than the Zerg who blindly devours.

For humans.

These cockroaches selected ten huge bugs, crawled into their stomachs from their mouths and began to gnaw.

According to the size of Zhu Yang and Alpha, a huge hole was gnawed in the belly.

However, these high-level Zerg races are three to five meters away, and the corpses still maintain their integrity in appearance.

Zhu Yang delivered a flexible airtight suit alone.

This thing is waterproof, fireproof and anti-virus. It’s a bit like a coverall, but even the head is completely wrapped and it’s impervious to breath.

Most people can’t wear it, but the soldiers come to this planet without oxygen. The combat uniform has its own oxygen supply system, so it’s no problem.

After everyone put on the airtight clothes, Zhu Yang pointed to the dead bodies of several insects: “One person, one by one, let’s go in!”

“Hey!” Although she had a faint premonition in her heart, she didn’t expect that she really planned that way.

This is nothing, it’s like sealing the phone and throwing it in the toilet.

And they are the poor phone.

Zhu Yang waved his hand impatiently: “I’m not hypocritical, what are you hypocritical? Now young people.”

Damn it, really angry!

“The key is to get in for what? Should we not hurry?” Adam said.

Larson also twitched his mouth: “I understand what you mean, it’s really easy to disguise with a Zerg shell.”

“But their bodies are so huge that we can’t move freely even if we get in. The Zerg is not stupid.”

“Look at it!” Zhu Yang put on the hood to completely seal himself, relying on his petite body shape to get into the belly of the insect in an instant.

Then everyone saw that Zerg who was so deadly dead and whose stomach had been eaten by more than half of the Zerg danglingly stood up.

The movement was a bit stiff at first, but after adapting, it was no different from normal.

Xiao Ji hurriedly ran over and took out a huge band-aid and applied it to the Zerg wound.

The band-aid has a skin simulating effect. Once it is applied to the skin, it will simulate the appearance of the skin around the body, as if it had not been injured.

Then the Zerg greeted like them, deciphered by the military, and made a few sounds in the Zerg language.

Just as the same came alive.

Several people were shocked. Even the most advanced neural connection technology can’t do it, right? How did she do it?

This is the corpse control skill Zhu Yang obtained in the last dungeon, but the premise is to use cockroaches as a medium to inject toxins.

They haven’t encountered a large-scale Zerg yet. Once they meet, Zhu Yang must use this skill to let them kill each other.

After all, the most terrifying thing about the Zerg is the quantity advantage.

How many people see Zhu Yang like this, how can they not understand the power of this trick? With any luck, they can even come straight to the Queen without hindrance.

So he didn’t even care about the inside of the Zerg body, which was dirtier than the toilet, put on a sealed suit and got in.

Some were too big, and the Zerg’s mouth was too small to drill directly, so they had to open their stomachs.

After entering, the chicken will be sewn by an automatic wound machine, and a few large band-aids will be used as a disguise.

After all, the ten high-rank zergs stood up vividly.

Across the belly, a few people asked with a special communicator: “We are here, what should I do?”

“Of course there is a way.”

After speaking, Zhu Yang manipulated the Zerg’s hand and grabbed Xiao Ji by his wings.

“Little ones, go and give nutrition to the queen who is weak in laying eggs and needs tonic.”

Xiao Ji who was picked up: “…”

Suddenly feel like I picked it up, why break it?


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