Scream Queen Chapter 169

Because of the Zerg’s shell, Zhu Yang is not easy to do.

Otherwise, she sang ‘a chicken on the left hand and a duck on the right hand’ in the morning with her current scream. With a high-level Zerg shell, leading a group of younger brothers.

With an extra plump **** in his hand, quite a bit of patrolling the mountain, he robbed the old farmer in the village. The old farmer dared to be proud of his anger.

On the other hand, Xiao Ji is weak, pitiful, and aggrieved because of being held in his hands by the classic chicken-catching action.

In the end, I couldn’t bear it, and squeaked several times, and his stepmother changed her hand and hugged her in her arms–

“Hey, if you can get in front of the queen directly, I will reward you for eating her eggs.”

“The nutritional value is definitely good.”

Talking and rubbing Xiaoji again: “Of course, our Xiaoji is also high in nutritional value. If we stew with mushrooms, it will taste–”

Before I finished speaking, I was pecked by Xiaoji. It was a Zerg shell, not a mother, and a hole when the beak went down.

Not to mention, Xiao Ji is full of weapons, not to mention strength and fighting skills.

As a chicken suspected of having the descent of a phoenix or a messy bird, he can go to the sky and enter the water.

The claws of the mouth shell are all sharp. It was good when I was a child. Since the feathers evolved, the claws of it have been repaired with the same Edman alloy knife.

The worm shell that Zhu Yang was holding had a hard outer shell, which could not be penetrated by ordinary weapons.

Even the elite alphas have to look for the other side’s weakness to strike. Unexpectedly, Xiao Ji directly pecked at the carapace. One peck was a hole.

“Okay, okay, you won’t be able to act anymore if you peck again. Hurry up, put a band-aid on the place where you peck.”

Xiao Ji pouted her mouth proudly and muffled the thing, anyhow she could fool it.

Sure enough, with a shell, their journey was much smoother.

Then I met more and more Zergs, and didn’t become wary of them.

Although these guys are already corpses, the corpses are still fresh, and the pheromones on their bodies are still emitting.

The smell alone can make the low-level Zerg disperse.

But if others don’t provoke Zhu Yang, she is not willing to just fool around.

The Queen’s place is heavily guarded, and must be forced to break through.

But when there is too much movement, these peripheral guards can immediately turn around and return to help. If left alone, there will only be more and more reinforcements from the other side.

So whenever they met the Zerg, cockroaches appeared from her and disappeared quickly.

On this planet, people will subconsciously think of insect creatures as enemies when they see it.

In the same way, if the Zerg sees insects, they will subconsciously think that they are of the same kind.

The queen has too many people and too many kinds, and even they don’t recognize them fully.

Like this kind of huge number, but the single-body lethality is not very good, or they are uniformly placed in places similar to tiankengs to form a natural line of protection.

Either they are crawling around, egg-sized cockroaches, for them there is nothing to guard against.

Even the Zerg tribe also has the same tendency to swallow the same tribe, it is not these small and scattered similar.

Even if the cockroaches climbed on their bodies, the zergs would just casually slap to death, and even didn’t care about it at all–

After all, it is a savage species, can you expect a wild rhino to care about the mosquitoes on its body? At most, I was bitten and rubbed against the tree.

Before being bitten, I didn’t even bother to deal with it, and the body structure of many Zergs was not suitable for fine movements.

Then that group of Zerg would never imagine that they would die in the hands of a ‘mosquito’.

The first was a group of intermediate zergs, thousands of them, and they were also guards.

Seeing Zhu Yang and a few of the “Advanced Zergs”, they shrank their necks and stopped waiting for them to pass before daring to continue walking.

This race has not evolved wisdom and civilization as a whole, but the biological chain is very clear.

Zhu Yang mentioned a creature that did not belong to the Zerg race. In their eyes, as long as it was not of the same kind, it was in the recipe.

One by one, watching Xiao Ji drooling under the control of appetite instinct, Zhu Yang suddenly turned his head, urging the remaining pheromone of the body to be pressed.

Those Zergs shivered under this pressure.

Of course, it is not all due to the pheromone. Zhu Yang’s own spiritual manipulation also played a role. The spiritual ability she obtained was incomplete, and it was not easy to manipulate higher wisdom with strong will and strong spiritual power.

But for this group of savage creatures, to put it bluntly, the queen’s control is stronger than her.

If the queen dies, let her manipulate, although it is certainly impossible to manipulate such a huge handwriting of the entire ethnic group.

But it is still possible to pull a considerable army.

If Zhu Yang and the others moved forward without incident, those intermediate zergs dared to leave, and then Zhu Yang’s cockroaches had been planted in the next step.

Run to each Zerg, climb to their lifeline zone, one bite!

Some Zerg races are full of vitality, even if their bodies are cut in half, they may not die, or even split into two separate life forms.

But what Zhu Yang released were all poisonous cockroaches, which was the poison of the ancestor of poisons who could be placed in the high field. The general zerg killed instantly.

After a while, their corpses would stand up danglingly and continue to walk forward, as if nothing had happened.

However, as Zhu Yang and the others moved forward more and more, more and more Zerg were knocked down in this way, and the walking dead under her control soon reached a terrifying number.

Occasionally, there are some unusually talented Zergs who are actually resistant to toxins, or their bodies are more poisonous than that.

There will not be many of these types, but they are treasures to Zhu Yang.

The lead can be used to cultivate anti-toxin serum, which allows cockroaches to swarm up and continue to evolve.

Therefore, the more she moves forward, the more ferocious the cockroach’s evolution.

The ability of insect plague here is like fungus that has been soaked, swelling rapidly.

“What a good place!” Zhu Yang said in a happy mood.

Except for their special attack squad with less than a hundred people, they are all enemies, and there are many kinds of enemies that are good for evolution.

It is true that she is here as small as a drop of water mixed into the sea, but she can use the entire sea as a cover to extract the benefits desperately.

Several alphas personally watched more and more corpses under her control, and at first they helped count the number.

Because if she can use these corpses for them, at least some of the pressure can be reduced when the war starts.

But later, they were even a little horrified by the count. Although I don’t know how much defense the Zerg Queen has, but the number of Zergs she controls is enough to cause a painful turmoil, right?

But she is still secretive, not even showing her feet, this huge army of corpses mixed into the zerg group.

Imagine that when an emperor is fighting with people, half of his companions around him hear the attack order not to rush to the enemy, but to aim the weapon at his teammate. How terrible and desperate is this?

But when the same thing is converted to the enemy’s position, he feels extremely refreshed and relieved.

Zhu Yang concealed his strength, which was revealed at the beginning of the mission, and he demanded the right to speak.

The alphas are not stupid and sweet, it is that Zhu Yang’s strength is far superior to them, and now there are super powers, the situation is better than others, and he can only listen to her temporarily.

What if you try someone who is comparable to them? It has long been controlled and even killed. This kind of task related to the survival of the country cannot tolerate the slightest change.

But now they did dispel the last trace of doubt, no matter what her purpose was, in short, she was indeed rushing to fight the Zerg queen.

It is impossible to kill so many Zergs in one fell swoop.

Zhu Yang, who was using this perfect condition to create a puppet, suddenly heard Pei Yu’s voice–

“Zhu Yang, it’s a bit troublesome. No matter how we lure, the number of Zergs is still limited.”

“It’s not that the number is small, but there is definitely no injury. The force of the Zerg Queen should not be dispatched anyway.”

Zhu Yang expected this: “It’s okay, kill as much as you can. When the war starts, there will be no guards and outsiders. They will definitely turn around and come to the queen.”

“If you can, you can set up some traps on the way. If you say, each person should have one or two abilities such as natural disasters?”

At this time, Pei Yu is also unambiguous: “The two will be against the sky, and I have just entered the high court.”

“However, I made some sinkholes and rock barriers.”

It seems that this girl’s abilities are dirt, and it is indeed convenient on the battlefield, but the Zerg claims to have nothing to eat, and some can even survive in space. It is estimated that it will not last long, but it is better than nothing.

And if Pei Yu stayed there, he could continuously create traps to hinder the Zerg.

She has spoken here, and the other guy in the same group with her naturally cannot be ambiguous——

According to Pei Yu’s transmission, the strongest ability of the guys in the same group is tornado, and if the two cooperate flexibly, they can form a strong line of protection.

At least they guard the direction, don’t think of bugs to support.

And Zheng Hao and another group of players naturally expressed their views.

Zheng Hao’s strongest ability is water, which may not sound particularly advantageous here.

After all, this planet is barren, and no matter how much water is given, Zheng Hao hasn’t reached the level of endless supply.

However, since he can kill to the advanced field with relatively small lethality, he can see the control of the opponent.

He directly plunged the water into the ground, and his surroundings turned into quagmire swamps, and the effect of dragging reinforcements was also good.

There is another player’s ability that is relatively mysterious, and I didn’t tell everyone, but I promised to keep my direction.

No one insists on this, after all, some abilities are really hard to tell.

For example, Zhu Yang’s ability to control the corpse may be guarded by fellow players.

In many cases, even if you don’t have the intention of harming others, it is not easy to publish everything for self-protection.

Zhu Yang is very satisfied with the current progress, because she spreads cockroaches all the way to make puppets, and the speed is not fast.

There were also a lot of surprises in it, such as when she passed a rock hill, she was approached by a few Zergs without noticing it.

In fact, it was their fluke this time.

Those high-ranking zergs didn’t realize that their companions were already hollowed out corpses, so they came out.

The other party was able to be completely invisible, and he couldn’t even feel the breath.

Zhu Yang went all the way, releasing cockroaches for investigation at any time, and many zergs hiding in traps were picked up, but no matter how many cockroaches, it is impossible to carry out a carpet search after all, and if the number is not well controlled, it will be exposed.

She should be thankful that when these guys met, they didn’t just complete the control of the corpse, otherwise these guys became suspicious and quietly followed them all the way, always finding anomalies.

The advanced zerg has basically evolved IQ, and possesses cunning fighting intelligence and observation ability, which is not so easy to deal with.

As soon as these invisible insects appeared, they pointed to Xiao Ji in Zhu Yang’s hand and asked in Zerg language: “What is this?”

“Old hen!” The fresh corpse manipulated by Zhu Yang still has a certain physical memory, and the empire has fought with the Zerg for many years. Since even the high-level Zerg’s combat thinking can be deciphered and fully simulated, the language is naturally no problem.

So there is a Zerg translator in the combat uniform, plus physical memory, communication, etc., there should not be much flaws.

“What?” There is no flaw in the communication, but this term is not in the other party’s concept, so the Zerg asked loudly.

These invisible Zerg races should be higher than Zhu Yang and the others, and their momentum was overwhelming.

Zhu Yang naturally manipulated the corpse to make a humble posture: “I don’t know, we picked up this thing when we patrolled. Its mouth is called the old hen, so I will call it the old hen.”

“Really?” The Invisible Zerg looked suspicious.

Zhu Yang patted Xiaoji to indicate cooperation, and Xiaoji reluctantly let out a “ji”.

Zhu Yang was still dissatisfied, and used brain waves to communicate with it: “Baby, I can’t deal with you like this.”

“Mom accidentally pursed her mouth, baby, will you help her to round it up?”

But thanks to Xiaoji’s evolution, his various abilities have matured a lot, and the imitation of pronunciation has also broken through the species barrier.

However, he did not specifically ask him to learn Chinese. Zhu Yang is still in the posture to let his children grow freely. He feels that his child is not a parrot, so why have to learn?

But now, it is cruel and inhumane forcing the children to pronounce.

“Old, old mother—mother—” “叽! 叽!”

“Have you heard? This is it.” Zhu Yang said to the Invisible Zerg.

The Zergs also don’t have any kind of names, and it is estimated that they don’t know the pictorial books of the names given to them by humans.

It is very logical to be able to pronounce names through animals.

The Invisible Zerg didn’t have any suspicions either, but also looked at Xiao Ji greedily.

Zhu Yang hurriedly said: “The queen is weak in laying eggs, give it to her!”

High-level insects are naturally much more self-disciplined, and can converge without intimidating like low-level insects.

Putting the queen first is the iron rule that the higher class Zerg will obey.

So after hearing the words, he said: “I will take it, and you will continue to patrol.”

“Good!” Zhu Yang happily handed Xiaoji to them.

Everyone was unprepared, only suddenly, those invisible zerg felt the surrounding aura waver.

When there was no wind and no earthquake, it was suddenly a little unstable and felt like the sky was spinning, but it returned to normal in the next second.

However, while the center of gravity was stabilized, their heads flew out.

The five invisible zergs, without exception, were not made by others, but Xiaoji.

Even if Zhu Yang hides in the belly of the corpses, there are a thousand ways to kill them, but Xiao Ji moves fast.

It knows very well about Zhu Yang’s abilities and can cooperate with each other without explanation.

The sense of instability at that moment is that Zhu Yang launched Mind Power to test the surrounding situation. If there is still an invisible Zerg, she can’t see it with the naked eye, but can use Mind Power to control the fine dust in the air. Where did it go?

It was also her carelessness. In the past, it was useless for others to use blindfolding skills in front of her. She had the ability to be immune to illusions, and she was still a passive ability that was always on.

But these Zerg invisibility is not an effect of ability, it is their biological skills, illusion immunity is naturally useless.

After she tested that there were no more invisible zergs hiding in her surroundings, Xiao Ji suddenly spread her wings while being handed over.

It is not small in size, and although it is incomparable to the high-level Zerg, the length of its wings is equivalent to a long sword.

The feather is not very sharp, but it can gather spiritual power on one side, just as a master of internal strength can kill with a paper fan alone.

It can also use its wings to cut off the opponent’s head instantly, and with the benefit of its claws, when several invisible zergs lose their vigilance and fail to react, they take their heads.

After all, those invisible zergs are gifted and convenient, I am afraid that the real strength of fighting alone is not the upper reaches of the advanced zergs.

Several huge corpses fell to the ground, and Xiao Ji fell to the ground with his wings flapping.

The action pulls the wind, the appearance is cool, what a mighty fighting chicken.

The alphas who admire strength immediately gathered around and praised: “Brother chicken is awesome! Brother chicken is amazing! Brother chicken beats ten people without breathing.”

Xiao Ji kicked and wanted to touch its alpha, in a posture of “I hit a hundred of this kind of garbage at a time, and I don’t have to change my anger.”

Then Zhu Yang grabbed his wings and picked it up again: “It’s alright, let’s converge, and the show is enough.”

Xiao Ji: “… bully the chicken!”

In his son’s arms, Zhu Yang kicked the corpses: “This ability is good.”

She let out a batch of cockroaches and tried to eat them.

Along the way, there is a chance that the cockroach will gain the ability of the engulfed Zerg, of course, it is less, and it must be compatible.

For example, a Zerg with split skills was ingested. Some cockroaches that have swallowed can divide the body into two and two into four, and there is only one mental power that needs Zhu Yang to manipulate.

The current number is small, but if the ability is replicated to the entire group of cockroaches, she can use half or less of her energy to manipulate the same number of cockroaches in the past.

This time, Zhu Yang let hundreds of cockroaches try to swallow the invisible zerg, and he also thought about it.

After all, this is not an ability, she can’t burst out, only the cockroach has the opportunity to swallow it for her own use, but if you believe in discord, it is no use.

Zhu Yang looked at the cockroaches with his eyes focused. After they had eaten a zerg, Zhu Yang used his spiritual power to suggest manipulation.

As a result, the figures of the hundreds of cockroaches really suddenly appeared and disappeared, and then completely disappeared in the air, but Zhu Yang could clearly feel their existence.

“It’s done!” she said excitedly.

So Zhu Yang kept releasing more cockroaches to devour the remaining few, and said: “One bite, no one is allowed to grab it.”

Fortunately, the body of the high-ranking Zerg is huge, and when all of them are used up, she already has tens of thousands of cockroaches that can be invisible, with all levels of ability.

This is another huge gain, in the case where others are unprepared, it can be almost invisible.

When several alphas saw this scene, they suddenly felt a bit tingling on their scalp.

Their boss can’t think of picking the Zerg queen as an opponent. After all, the queen is the center of a race, and this race is at the level of devouring the planet.

If you change to another single opponent, I am afraid you can walk sideways in the universe, right?

But anyway, the higher her ability, the greater the probability of their task completion.

With this complicated mood, several people continued to move forward.

After learning from the previous lesson, Zhu Yang became more careful and kept the dust control within five hundred meters.

So as not to be disguised by any talented race, this manipulation is too detailed, and it is actually quite mentally consuming to maintain it for a long time.

However, Zhu Yang did not think that only the moment when the queen was defeated was worth the effort.

The result really made her uncover a lot of invisible zergs. She killed them in a surprise attack and fed tens of thousands of invisible cockroaches.

Let them spread out to hunt, with this heavy cover, the efficiency is ten times faster.

When they were within ten kilometers of the queen, Zhu Yang knew that there were countless corpses controlled for her.

At this time, it finally came within the guard range of the queen, and even the same race could not enter and exit freely in this range.

The outer edge handles are all elite-level high-level zergs, and the number is so huge that people wonder if the entire high-level race is here.

Adam was stunned as he watched these battles, and muttered: “Which idiot has given the task, just how many of us can break through so many people to assassinate the queen?”

Zhu Yang didn’t mention it. Since she was exposed, the mission this time was basically a fight with the immortals. They knelt and shouted six six six.

The key is that the above did not have a real understanding of Zhu Yang and their combat power. It seems that at the expense of so many elites, the above did not expect them to kill the queen.

Just taking advantage of her to lay eggs to make the base camp behind her turbulent is a huge contribution to the frontline.

In a decisive battle, if the sacrifice of a hundred fighters can be exchanged for a slight advantage, to be honest, even if they are elites, the sale is worthwhile.

Each of them carries a powerful force of destruction, but once they detonate, they themselves have no possibility of surviving.

It is estimated that the initial plan above was that they would be exposed less than two hundred kilometers away from the queen, and be besieged by the Zerg, and then had to detonate at the line of life and death.

The queen’s extremely large guards have their own defensive methods, and it is estimated that it is a bit difficult to kill them.

It would be good if luck could affect the queen. Even if the queen was not affected, this elite gathering of Zerg was wiped out. That would be a great achievement.

Adam and the others have nothing to complain about. The day they entered the elite camp, they wanted to one day make a contribution to the empire and all mankind.

So no one thinks they will come back alive.

But now that they had reached the periphery of the queen, a zerg soldier stopped them, and when Zhu Yang used the same reason to send the old hen, he didn’t take it for granted.

It’s okay to honor the queen with things, and you don’t need to follow it. It shows the queen’s life and cunning.

The other party stretched out his tentacles and asked Zhu Yang to hand in the ‘old hen’, and the disguise ended here.

Zhu Yang suddenly used internal communication to say to several people: “Alright, let’s go to war! Pay attention to safety.”

“I will take you all out without fail.”

Even if they had already realized their consciousness, when they heard this, the alphas were still hot.

Then, without saying much, the head of the Zerg who was about to pick up the old hen flew out suddenly.

The surrounding Zerg saw the situation alert, but were beaten into a honeycomb by the intensive shooting.

Zhu Yang and the alphas directly broke open the poisonous skin of the Zerg with their weapons and stood out.

The whole body was covered with white and green blood, flesh, and visceral mucus, but the battle broke out suddenly, and there was even no space to tear off the isolation suit.

Zhu Yang was afraid that they would suffer from the inconvenience due to the inconvenience of this broken thing, and immediately thought that as soon as the power came out, the Zerg within a few hundred meters suddenly ascended to the sky and hit the ground heavily.

Death on the spot with a crisper skin is not dead or disabled, and can’t stand up for a while.

“Hurry up and tear up the isolation.”

Not much to say a few alpha words, he rudely tore off his isolation suit within three seconds.

The unobstructed elastic plastic wrap makes it easier to move, and also shows the true lethality of this group of elites on the battlefield.

With guns in hand, they attacked the surrounding enemies with unparalleled precision. In such a chaotic and dense scene, the hit rate was extremely high.

Although they have a lot of weapons, they work well together, and they still don’t show any disadvantages under the numerous siege.

To be honest, the reason why the Zerg has been able to compete with humans for so long is nothing more than its terrifying number and endless life.

They have a variety of races and amazing attack power, which makes humans suffer a lot, but after all, they do not have high lethality with heat weapons.

After fighting for so many years, it is nothing more than human beings’ extinction speed is not as fast as their reproduction speed, so if you don’t destroy the queen, it will be a temporary solution instead of a permanent cure.

Without any scruples, the members of the elite special attack team are simply brave.

The nine people cooperated well, and they cooperated to defend each other while killing the enemy. The efficiency was so high that it was better than any cooperation between players that Zhu Yang had seen.

Even if there are nine players in the mid-level field, they are not as powerful as they are combined, after all, they still have the power of weapons.

If the number of Zerg is not so large, it is estimated that they can really make a **** road.

But obviously their strength will be crushed by numbers.

Zhu Yang directly poured countless weapons bought from Resident Evil and Infinite Game.

The ping-pong-pong piled up into a hill, and the alphas who were killing the enemy were dumbfounded. The body instinctively allowed them to fight efficiently, but in their heart they were shocked and speechless.

This guy definitely stole the entire military arsenal.

But in the same way, with so many weapons supplies, they can do more.

Adam screamed in excitement: “Come on, bugs!”

The other alphas all look like chicken blood.

However, the matter is not over yet. Originally, these only ten people, on the premise that Zhu Yang’s combat effectiveness had not been exposed, even if they were powerful, it was not enough.

There are too many high-level zergs here, they don’t even need one percent of the number to kill them.

However, the Zerg soon learned that things were not optimistic, and they saw groups of comrades rushing in all directions.

This was a good thing. Many Zerg races felt relieved when they saw the same kind that was crushed by the tide.

Even those high-ranking zergs at the guard level are still gratifying that these guys will be reinforced in time.

As a result, before he was proud of his face, his companion cut his belly with a claw, and the first Zerg who was attacked fell unbelievably. The impact had already begun before the remaining Zerg could react.

These guys who went crazy and attacked the same kind were not afraid of death, even more deadly than the Queen’s life threatened.

Even if you punch them through your body and bite them all over, as long as the limbs are still there and the teeth can still bite, you will have to get up and bite you.

To be honest, Zhu Yang’s transformed Zerg, and the Zerg closest to the queen here, are separated according to the distance. It is natural to see who is strong and who is weak, which is the elite soldier and which is the miscellaneous fish.

According to common sense, these elite soldiers don’t need to take action at all, but the pressure of level pheromone can make these low-level zergs afraid to move.

But now they have become Zhu Yang’s puppets, and as long as they don’t completely destroy the body, the attack will never end.

There are also a few humans who have as many weapons as mountains to cooperate with them. This wave of shock is coming so fiercely that people can be caught off guard.

If you use Zhu Yang’s own metaphor, it is that she is weak, controlling the cockroach for several miles to start protection.

Not only was it touched within 100 meters, but most of the cockroaches in the periphery also defected and returned to bite.

No matter how good she is, this is a painful stick.

Zhu Yang knew that fighting for the overall strength would never be the opponent of the Zerg Queen, so he had the idea of ​​attacking her shield with her spear from the beginning.

Sure enough, the effect is outstanding, but Zhu Yang is also the type who takes advantage of your illness to kill you.

She took advantage of the chaos ahead and ran in the direction of the queen.

Her individual strength is so powerful that any Zerg under the Queen can’t stop her, but after all, it is still ten kilometers away from the Queen.

The high-ranking Zerg here is just like the life-saving soldiers who don’t need money. Under the frenzied obstruction of the opponent, Zhu Yang’s momentum has also slowed down, and it has gradually become difficult.

“There is still half the distance!” Zhu Yang murmured.

The little Chi on the side flew into the sky and used Jinghuo to help her mother, but many high-level Zergs could fly, and hundreds of Zergs surrounded it in the air.

Some tentacles/hands that can stretch out for tens of meters can also snipe from the ground. For a while, Xiaoji also slid left and right, and couldn’t take care of Zhu Yang below.

At this moment, the Zerg queen should have known that she is coming, and could not give her time to react.

Zhu Yang no longer hesitated, and immediately released Longlong.

The dragon dragon the size of a python escapes from the mirror and returns to its original shape, hovering in the air for a moment, so that it will cover the sky and the sun.

It gave a long roar, and the terrifying pressure was released, and many Zerg on the ground were rushed by the dragon’s power to become unstable.

If it weren’t for protecting the queen’s biological instincts above all else, it is estimated that most of them would not have escaped.

As soon as Long Long came out, he saw that his brother had been surrounded by insects dozens of times.

Although he usually swears about flat-haired beasts and redundant second children, his own brother can only bully him. How can this group of trash bugs be slapped?

So before the high-level flying zergs in the air had time to escape, they were bitten to death by Longlong’s big mouth, who had already left Xiaoji.

Then the tail of the Shenlong wagging tail twitched, and the dozens behind them became **** flesh and exploded in the air, falling to the ground like rain.

“Roar—” It growled to the ground with a big mouth, and the majesty of the top game creature was unobstructed.

Not to mention the Zerg, even the alphas can’t help but have a panic expression after fighting——

“Dragon, what a dragon!” Adam pointed to the sky.

Without mentioning him, no one on the team can remain calm: “She even has dragons? Then let’s do a mortal consciousness.”

“All to cheer up Lao Tzu, our task is to kill more in the rear, and when we are done, we will go home and eat snacks prepared by my mother.”

Farewell, now you obviously think it is a task with a high survival rate, okay?

If the survival rate is so high, if you don’t seize the opportunity, then you want to die.

“Longlong! I’ll leave it to you here.” She stood on top of the head as big as Longlong’s house and patted its horns.

“I will kill the spicy chickens and come and help you!” Long Long said.

Xiao Ji didn’t give too much, waved his wings to Zhu Yang, indicating that he would follow his brother over.

Then the two brothers began to crush on the ground, Xiao Ji’s strength is not very strong, but there is no defense for Longlong to look after, but the attack power is not weak.

Zhu Yang patted the two children, then jumped off the dragon’s head without landing, and directly used the power of mind to pass through the air.

As she got closer to the queen, the surrounding Zerg also blocked it regardless of cost.

The one who flew into the air was directly stabbed to death by Zhu Yang’s ice blade. While attacking, she scattered countless invisible cockroaches down, creating more corpse puppets.

Believe that if there are more puppets in the elite high-level Zerg circle, the direction of the entire battlefield will be more favorable to her.

Sure enough, after she passed, “traitors” appeared among the high-ranking Zergs inside, and these traitors started attacking from this inverted line of defense, so for the queen, it would be like someone fighting in front of her with a scalpel during childbirth. .

The entire defensive circle was in chaos at this time, and the alphas saw Zhu Yang run away and had begun to use highly lethal weapons.

Pieces of firelight appeared, along with the scorching smell in the air, the ferocious voices of the Zerg race intertwined with the earth-shaking dragons.

The ground is shaking, like the end of the world.

Pei Yu and the others have already begun to defend, because they have detected the Zerg rushing over, calculating the speed of a large number of Zerg plus the time that Pei Yu and the others can support.

Zhu Yang can’t delay the face of the queen for too long, as it will cause the sacrifices of the alphas.

To be honest, their players have gained a lot from the elite camp, and everyone has their own characteristics to get the most suitable menu.

Although there is no need to invest too much emotion in the mission world, since enjoying such a great care of the other party, it is natural to do something in return.

It’s near!

Zhu Yang saw the Zerg queen, and she looked like a giant mite like intelligence.

How big is it? In short, it’s two points bigger than that when the dragon is rolled up. She thought it was a small mountain before she was far away.

After all, the terrain here is also complicated, and when I got here, I realized that this was the queen among the rocky mountains.

I saw that there were countless round, mucus-stained eggs under her, the smallest being as big as a bucket.

The worm eggs are densely packed, filling the entire natural basin, and the Zerg queen is still growing.

I saw that the snake pit had already caused the panic patient to die on the spot, but I didn’t expect it would be too much here.

And there are already many insect eggs that have begun to break open, and the slimy zergs crawled out of them, looking even more disgusting than aliens.

Zhu Yang was not polite, and when he raised his hand, countless cockroaches gushed out. In an instant, it was like a black flood submerged the basin, covering the cockroaches and gnawing at things, and instantly swallowing a corner of the eggs in the basin.

And she herself was not idle, a huge cannon/barrel suddenly appeared in her hand. Compared with this, the fire/arrow/cannon carried on her shoulders before was a mini and cute.

Zhu Yang shelled the past, whether the queen was the worm egg under her.

The cannonball is so powerful that it rushes towards the queen at an invisible speed.

Human beings are associative to the image that is about to happen, and Zhu Yang seems to have seen the next second, a powerful cannon/ball exploded on the queen’s head, exploding her head to nothing.

The feedback to the eyes was that the shell disappeared in front of her when it was about to hit the queen.


Zhu Yang was a little unbelievable, and she was not so unacceptable to avoid or use powerful strength or ability to beat her.

Can it disappear out of thin air?

It seems that the queen’s ability is nothing more than a huge body, an ability to grow, and a thick skin.

Zhu Yangsi didn’t dare to neglect others. With one finger, the power was activated, the worm eggs in the basin immediately floated in the air, and even the queen was quite shaken.

However, at this moment, the disappeared shell suddenly appeared again, changed its position, and attacked in Zhu Yang’s direction.

The speed is almost inevitable.


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