Scream Queen Chapter 17

Zhu Yang felt that they were playing a detective game, and the keywords they found would trigger the corresponding clues.

Although they don’t understand it comprehensively now, the situation is much more complicated than the information they got at the beginning.

On the contrary, the most tragic story line between Teacher Qiu and Ms. Cui seems to be the clearest.

And the high school students who hanged silently and the landlord who was originally just a cannon fodder were actually worth digging into so much.

Zhu Yang clearly felt that when she heard some information from the landlord and Wu Yue, she clearly felt something different.

However, this feeling is not unfamiliar, because Zhu Yang had already experienced it once when he watched the fake Sadako video that day.

She was still a staunch atheist at the time, but now–

Can only say that time has passed.

Obviously she is not the only one who feels this way. Li Li and the others, as experiencers, are afraid that they understand better what is going on.

He just heard him cursed in a low voice: “Fuck! It’s all this difficult, come back?”

Obviously, the branch line of this extravaganza ruined their happiness after shopping.

After sending the three gangsters away, a few of them returned to the villa. They were originally only worried about the seventh day in the future, and they suddenly felt the wind and wind.

The point is that they all understand that this **** 90% is not just a psychological effect.

The landlord walked over cheerfully with a smiling face. Li Li and the others could still chat and laugh with this ordinary man just like them yesterday, but they are somewhat uncomfortable now.

Regarding the disappearance of the former female tenant and the accidental death of the landlord’s wife, it is better to put it in the real world, without evidence, than to suspect others casually.

But the people and affairs of this villa can really directly determine that this turtle son can’t get out of it.

If ordinary people face to face with this kind of person, they panic early, and the other person is the owner here. No one knows the bricks and tiles better than him. As long as the landlord wants to, he can go anywhere in this house at any time.

But after all, I have spent several horror games, and a few experienced people are fairly calm.

Only Zhu Yang who entered the game for the first time——

Li Lizheng wondered if she would restrain her bad mood and reveal any flaws.

She heard her suddenly said: “Old Xiao, we just heard that you have missed a female tenant here before. Is it true? Why didn’t you tell this kind of thing online? I said I wouldn’t be here. Now, Geying people have to panic.”

Both Li Li and Wang Bei were dumbfounded, let alone hide their emotions, just ask them directly in front of people?

The landlord’s smile froze a bit, but since he was someone who could deal with the police, naturally he wouldn’t show any flaws here.

He hurriedly said with a miserable face and pretentiously said: “Oh, my lady! Don’t mention this. The little girl is playful and doesn’t know where she is lost. I was turned around at the time. ”

“That one thing dragged me down and the door was almost closed. Who did I provoke? It’s okay! The girl who died is the biggest one, and I don’t say whether people are good or bad. So I just say when I meet, girls no matter where they are. , You still have to pay attention to safety.”

“Don’t go to those bad places, and you will seldom drill everywhere at night. This one has a sad family, and it also hurts the people next to it?”

A lot of funny singing made an innocent implicated bitter star into the woods. If it weren’t for the hint of ghost NPCs in the game world, I would really believe it.

It’s no wonder that this quality can fool the police/surveillance. I really underestimate this person.

Who wants Zhu Yang to be reluctant to say: “But I heard that your wife passed away unexpectedly not long ago. It is a coincidence that only one thing is said to be so unlucky. If you don’t make it clear on the Internet, you can’t be authentic?”

“Who would be happy to live in a dead house?” Zhu Yang said, ignoring the landlord’s unsightly expression, and went to the stairs.

The toes clicked on it: “I heard that people fell down the stairs and fell to death? Oh, it’s terrible~, this staircase can fall to death out of thin air. Is the safety of us tenants guaranteed?”

The woman’s words were quick and sharp, she didn’t care about her harsh words one by one, and it was almost like a urging curse in people’s ears, and she couldn’t hide her hostility. Everyone who had a knife in her hand wanted to slap her head. Poke her over.

“Heh!” The voice stopped suddenly, giving the person who had tried to endure it to feel like a foot.

Then there was a chuckle, and then: “Ah, sorry, it’s unpleasant to keep mentioning someone’s dead wife like this. Lao Xiao now looks like he wants to kill my body and hide it in the villa.”

The landlord got a sharp mind, and then he hurriedly reduced his emotions, and waved his hand with a smile: “Don’t be kidding! It will be my lover’s death in five days, thinking about this, I am distracted.”

Five days? Isn’t it Su Ming Ye? This is really interesting.

After speaking, Zhu Yang stopped entangled and went straight upstairs. It’s just that the boss’s eyes look at her when she turns around.

After entering the room, Zhu Yang told Li Li and the others: “Don’t go out these days, stare at the landlord, and don’t let any trouble go.”

Li Li hurriedly said, “I probably understand what you mean, but can we make things that the police/survey can’t find?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “It’s impossible, how can it be possible with you.”

“then you–”

“Arranging you to do something, doesn’t it seem that you are of no use at all.”

This is really so angry that Buddha can ascend to heaven again.

The two angrily said: “We are also alive from the game on our own, really when we don’t look at luck at all?”

“You wait, that turtle son can take our eyes off and write the name upside down.”

“Oh oh! I finally realized that at this moment, not everything can be pushed to the police/Uncle Cha? Congratulations, I also bought yourself when you buy things for a day.”

The two of them blushed, let alone, they are really a bit fluttering, especially when they see Zhu Yang doing everything lightly. They are ordinary people. Once they have a more capable backbone, their inertia will come out.

After being ridiculed by Zhu Yang, the two immediately set out to buy tools.

At any rate, it was for my own life. I returned to reality and learned various survival methods as much as possible in the past few times. In fact, the formal players who have survived a few games are fundamentally different from ordinary people.

Zhu Yang is capable herself, but she is not used to being lazy.

According to her statement, let her do everything, what else do you have to follow?

So when it was hot there, she was sitting on the rocking chair on the balcony of the room, enjoying the fan of the rocking chair and serving fruit.

After squinting for a while, Zhu Yang suddenly opened his eyes: “You said, the book yesterday—”

Lu Xin shook his head when he heard the words, “I understand what you mean, but this kind of props, before the ghost NPC uses it, the player holds a page of waste paper.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows and glanced at Lu Xin meaningfully.

This guy has always been more familiar with the game than Li Li, but if you say that those mentioned before are still relatively simple, but this——

Wouldn’t it be a rule that players in the beginner field can understand?

At first, Zhu Yang thought that his S-level performance had increased the difficulty of the game, but obviously this follower who listened to everything he said was the most hidden.

Lu Xin didn’t avoid her gaze, but smiled calmly at her, and then the two changed the subject tacitly.

Lu Xin still served people diligently, and Zhu Yang, even if this person was 80% senior, still took it for granted.

Li Li and the others went out for two hours before returning, but there were others who came one step earlier than them.

So the world with too many branches is the trouble. When you are focusing on one, the other side is unwilling to be lonely and go to the plot.

It turned out that it was Teacher Qiu’s first love, her son’s head teacher, personally visited the house.

To say that this first love teacher was also troubled by Teacher Qiu’s husband at the school. Generally, he can’t win from hiding, let alone drip the muddy water.

But Xiao Ming’s situation is really worrying, his body looks bad, and his spirit is getting more and more withdrawn. It shouldn’t be misunderstanding that the dispute between adults has become unfortunate.

This person is also a good person, planning to sit down with Teacher Qiu’s family and have a calm talk to resolve the misunderstanding.

Obviously, Teacher Qiu’s husband is not sympathetic. He was so annoyed that he drove him away. He didn’t do anything, but then again, besides daring to beat his wife and son, who else would this man dare to beat?

The original intention of the first love teacher is for the sake of the child, okay! Since then, in the eyes of others, it has become even more proof that his son has a relationship with him.

After driving away, the man went back upstairs and slapped his wife to slap his wife, but before the hand fell, he saw the fierce woman swaying out of the house, apparently intending to eat.

When passing by them, I glanced at his hand, and Qiu’s husband’s tooth socket started to hurt again.

He abruptly put down his hand, pulled his wife and children into the house, and didn’t dare to make a noise when the woman was at home.

In reality, Zhu Yang wouldn’t even take a look at this kind of spicy chicken, but there is no way for horror games, and she can’t choose NPC by herself, which really hurts her fairy style.

Supper was eaten at a good Sichuan restaurant nearby. To say that they have some comfort here, it is probably a good restaurant everywhere in the streets.

When Zhu Yang went back, he sighed, “Ah, it would be nice if you can come back through the game. These shops alone are worth visiting several times.”

The corners of Lu Xin’s mouth twitched: “You really don’t have to be embarrassed.”

Zhu Yang rolled his eyes: “One more thing, Article 134 of the Follower’s Code is not allowed to talk back or complain. Don’t think that there is an equal sense of humor between the follower and the boss.”

Lu Xin’s eyes were empty: “Yes! I did it again. What is Article 135?”

“I haven’t thought of it yet.” Zhu Yang’s faction took it for granted: “The rules for each follower are different. After all, you have your own stupid methods. The focus is definitely different. Of course, the rules are up to me.”

Lu Xin took a deep breath, then spit it out, muttering to himself in a voice that only one person could hear: “More than before—”

When the two returned to the villa, they did not expect to encounter the stalker of Miss Cui who was thrown out yesterday in the lobby.

Miss Cui was not at home at the moment, obviously the other party came here for a different purpose.

Sure enough, after approaching, he vaguely heard the conversation between him and the landlord, and vaguely leaked some words.

Such as ‘key’, ‘room’, ‘surprise for tomorrow night’, and ‘completion’.

The landlord also smiled wryly, talking to him with a look of approval.

Then the two of them saw Zhu Yang approaching at the same time, their expressions changed, and the stalker didn’t say anything.

He made a gesture of ‘it’s OK’ with the landlord, lowered his head tightly, shrank the corner and ran around Zhu Yang and the others.

Don’t say that this is the place where the plot takes place, it’s all like this, and I dare to come over.

This is how powerful the plot advances. Zhu Yang suspects that even if he breaks his legs, people will probably climb over when he deserves his role.

When I returned to the room, the tools Li Li and Wang Bei had bought had already been worked out. Zhu Yang took a look and found that she couldn’t get a lot of scientific names.

I also know where they bought it. This is where the experience comes in.

I lie in bed and play with my mobile phone until late at night, and get up before going to bed to go to the bathroom.

As a result, I ran into Wu Yue back when I went out. It was just that the high school students at this moment were a little bit different compared to the shrinking silence before.

Zhu Yang wasn’t sure if it was the cause of the clue, but at this time Wu Yue actually stopped and spoke to her.

The corridor with no lights was illuminated by a dim light on the other side of the sink, which made the outlines of people strange.

This was the first time Zhu Yang heard a high school student speak, and his voice was light and airless, not like a living thing.

He said: “How do you know it is made of human skin?”

After saying this, Zhu Yang didn’t have time to be surprised, but he seemed to be awake, his eyes were suddenly affected by fear and panic, and he turned his head and fled back to the room.

Okay! I have to use up a bottle of hand sanitizer in a while.

Zhu Yang recalled that he had touched the book last night, and his stomach was surging.

Coming out of the toilet, I was flushing with the water on for a long time, and my hands were almost washed away, and I turned off the faucet in a depressed mood.

As a result, as soon as I looked up, I saw myself in the mirror changed his face, which was more prettier than the false Sadako before, but in the next second, the person in the mirror began to bleed.

Zhu Yang took off his shoulders and turned around on the spot. There was no way to pursue this scary method with no new ideas.

The old feeling of diaphragm in my hand that couldn’t be washed away, when this happened again, I was drowned with a basin of oil in my pocket, and the anger rose to 8 meters high.

Zhu Yang turned around fiercely and reached into the mirror with his bare hands. He grabbed the female ghost’s hair and pulled forward, and violently pulled the female ghost’s upper body half out.


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