Scream Queen Chapter 170

Time became very slow at this moment, like a revolving lantern before death.

It’s not that Zhu Yang has never encountered a strong attack. He actually died once at the ancestor of Wandu.

But all the rhythm was in her plan that time, and even death was a part of her own design for victory.

With a wealth of hole cards and a known ending, it is not a real test of life and death.

But this crisis is unprecedented and unpredictable for her, and it is not a small loss.

That huge cannon/bullet seemed to be getting closer and closer to her, and in the next instant it would swallow her, a relatively small bug in the queen’s body, turning it into fly ash and dead.

Just as Zhu Yang played that shot as if he saw the end of the queen’s head blow, the queen also seemed to see the air around her being distorted by energy, and Zhu Yang could even see it with a grinning smile.

But given the appearance of the other party, it is not a pretty picture.

What Zhu Yang hates most in her life is that ugly people do strange things in front of her, especially for being such a peerless ugly force.

In this desperately short time, she actually completed a series of mental activities in her brain.

But the action on his hands was not delayed, just like Zhu Yangkong was happy.

The Zerg queen’s huge senses lost her complacency in the next second, because she stopped when she saw the cannonball.

Of course, it is still struggling to shoot towards the target because of inertia and impact, but the speed is already pitifully slow.

The Terran Zerg actually stopped it.

It stopped, but Zhu Yang didn’t feel good here.

At the beginning, with the ability of the poison skin people, let alone this powerful high-explosive weapon, even the ammunition/pill of the rocket launcher could not be directly stopped or changed its trajectory after it was shot.

It can be seen that these high-injury weapons purchased from Infinite Games are so powerful, and at such a short distance, such a sudden turn.

But if Zhu Yang didn’t have the energy for the last round of baptism, and at the same time absorbed the cultivation base of Lingyunjing and Wandu ancestor, with the step-by-step mental strength growth, she would never be able to survive this catastrophe.

In fact, the best way is to change the trajectory. With this distance and speed, it is too difficult to make a direct turn and bounce back to the queen’s direction, more difficult than stopping it directly.

The most convenient way is to offset it slightly so that the cannon/bullet falls diagonally behind her.

But at this time, Zhu Yang couldn’t do that, because behind her was Longlong Xiaoji and the alphas who were fighting.

This cannon/projectile has a long range and great power. Once it explodes, even the size of the Zerg queen will be completely involved.

The guys behind him are only two or three kilometers away from her, and they are fighting intently at this moment. Without defense, even Longlong might suffer a big loss.

After reluctantly stopping the cannon/bullet, Zhu Yang’s mental power and that huge impulse were sawing, she seemed to feel a coldness from the tip of her nose, 80% of her nosebleeds.

It’s really unprecedented to suffer such a big loss just after seeing each other.

Zhu Yang slowly controlled the artillery/bullet and turned one direction, but didn’t directly fight back at the queen. Seeing that the other party looked at ease, if he did it again, Zhu Yang could not stop it.

After turning around ninety degrees, the cannon/bullet shot in the other direction, and then a loud explosion sounded. At such a close distance, a small mushroom cloud even rose.

The Zerg in that position suffered heavy losses.

To say how severe it is, you can hear the sharp and angry cry of the Zerg queen.

“Hey! Do you feel bad? Queen Bitch, if you refuse to take it, you have to let your children and grandchildren take it.”

This is shameless, and I don’t know that the Zerg queen can’t speak human language. In short, the other party’s huge head has turned to Zhu Yang, like looking at a mosquito that has annoyed it and must slap it to death.

However, the cockroaches that Zhu Yang released were still greedily devouring the eggs under the queen. As long as the two of them were fighting, there were countless fewer eggs in the basin.

The queen was so angry that she screamed at the tidal cockroaches under her body, and then the movements of the cockroaches became stagnant.

Not to mention the swallowing power of locusts crossing the border, even the action has become hesitant.

Zhu Yang felt that there was a force to see her with her will to manipulate, which was much stronger than her.

And she controls the cockroaches, so she can receive some overall feedback from the cockroach babies.

They are now fighting against instinct. The Zerg queen can order all insects, as long as they are insect creatures, they can follow her instructions.

Fortunately, the cockroach babies are spirit creatures. Although they have some of the characteristics of insects, they are the embodiment of her spiritual power.

Even if he would be threatened by instinctive trends and overwhelming racial power, Zhu Yang’s mental power was not weak enough to make them contend with instinct.

If it is a little weaker, I am afraid that the control has been robbed long ago, and countless cockroaches will turn to themselves.

It seems that one of her greatest abilities has been sealed.

Zhu Yang’s heart sank, but he was also unambiguous, and directly took the cockroaches back, and the group of cockroaches covering the surface of the basin disappeared instantly.

In fact, she was shocked, and the shock in the Queen’s heart was not too much.

Its absolute command on insects failed for the first time. Although those little bugs became numb and hesitant, they did not listen to its order to counterattack back.

It didn’t understand the origin of these little bugs, only knew that as long as it was a Zerg, it should listen to her orders.

So in the scene just now, in Zhu Yang’s view, it was a regret that his ability was cracked, but in the eyes of the queen, the supreme authority was challenged.

This even made her feel more angry than the previous attack, and the death of a large number of people.

There was a screaming sound, and Zhu Yang, who was known as the whistle spirit, felt for the first time that the sound of a creature was harsher than her.

Without giving her a breathing space, the queen had already launched an attack.

Zhu Yang suddenly felt a distorted space, and a strong sense of crisis came, as if the death god’s sickle was waving and cutting her neck, but she couldn’t see the death god’s position.

Driven by intuition and sense of crisis, Zhu Yang made a bold decision without any signs or origin.

It was this decision that saved her life.

In this instant, Zhu Yang condensed an ice mirror under his feet, and then fell down, using the skill of piercing the mirror to hide in the other world of the undead.

After falling, she observed the place where she just stood through the ice mirror.

In order to test the queen’s specific abilities, she threw a zerg corpse out of the space ring when she hid in the ice mirror.

Along the way, she collected a lot of Zerg corpses that she considered worthy of research.

Then she saw that the tough and complete corpse of the Zerg suddenly became torn apart, like a mirror shattered into pieces, and the figure in the mirror was also completely unrecognizable.

But the scary thing is that this thing is not an illusion in the mirror image, but a fact.

Switching the cannonball to her by turning the ballistic trajectory to her, split the person in the air like breaking a mirror out of thin air.

Ninety percent of the probability is space skills, coupled with the cannibalization speed of the Zerg.

Zhu Yang has studied the history of the Zerg. At first it was just a native creature on this desolate planet nearby, so why did he come here?

The other party’s encroachment is across the planet, but don’t think that the planet is so easy to cross.

But the distance between the earth and the moon is so close, even if many Zerg’s bodies are strong enough to survive in space.

But on such a long journey, their vitality is strong and they are not bigu gods, can they just reach the earth and swallow other planets without energy supply? Moreover, if you want to march in space, you need to worry about more than food.

In fact, how the Zerg migrated to this planet from its home star is also a mystery. Scientists have made countless hypotheses, but there is no conclusive evidence after all.

The most mainstream speculation is that human interstellar expeditions or interstellar pirate illegal traders brought them to this planet to reproduce.

But this does not explain how these guys spread between planets.

It was just calculated according to their erosion speed that if they were not an empire, they would soon be captured by this group.

Now Zhu Yang knows that this queen has spatial ability. She is laying eggs and is extremely weak.

If it is a period of victory, with its ability and physique of the race, completing the planetary migration is not impossible at all.

Although the preparation and energy required are unimaginable, it can definitely be done.

Zhu Yang’s heart sinks, the mites now only have a trace of blood to hang her.

But this also made her guess another thing from the side, that is, every Zerg queen may have different abilities.

According to the results of the exploration of the Zerg’s home planet, it will be found that the Zerg’s existence history is not shorter than that of humans. If every queen has this ability to complete interstellar migration and devour other planets.

Then human beings have not developed to this day, I am afraid they were destroyed by the Zerg when they invented the wheel.

In other words, kill this queen, even if the Zerg may give birth to a new queen soon.

But the ability may not be the same as that of taking office. If you can’t complete the interstellar migration, the earth can breathe a sigh of relief and get more time to wipe out this threatening race.

My mind turned, and the actual time outside only passed a few seconds.

The Zerg queen was even more annoyed when she saw her attack failed again, and even lost the trace of the human being.

Zhu Yang didn’t plan to go out so soon, this was almost the most patient battle she had ever fought.

The Zerg queen had been on high alert for a long time, and seeing no one came out, only then did she condense her breath and continued to lay eggs.

It seems that the defense has been lowered, but Zhu Yang still dare not care. If this mite is so minded, he is also sorry for its exaggerated defense.

Sure enough, after a long time, the guy looked up to the sky and screamed unwillingly, helpless and violent at Zhu Yang’s hiding head and tail.

It’s now–

Zhu Yang came out of the mirror, but his whole body had become a mermaid model.

When she was in mermaid mode, her aura was completely different from when she was in human mode. After all, she had changed a race.

Because of the battlefield, this ability was quite strong when it was first acquired, but it has never been of great use, and naturally there is no room for independent growth.

But this is the case. After Zhu Yang’s overall strength becomes stronger, this ability is still different.

The Zerg queen has locked Zhu Yang’s breath as a human being, and she is on guard.

But there is a saying that when you focus on a certain point, other things around you are easily overlooked.

What’s more, Zhu Yang’s body size, in the eyes of the Zerg Queen, may not be much stronger than that of humans looking at mosquitoes, and there are no other Zergs around.

Under the cover of the weather, Zhu Yang was not spotted by the Zerg Queen for the first time.

She felt the queen’s mental power swept over her, but the Zerg was not without a fish race, there were several types of octopus touch/hand type.

Fish-scale types are not uncommon. The size of the Zerg species is so huge that it can’t even be counted. Moreover, they probably have no statistical concept at all.

With this layer of cover, Zhu Yangyou deliberately used illusion to blur his sense of existence and rushed towards the queen.

There are dozens of Zergs working on the Zerg Queen, helping her lay eggs and taking care of her physical condition, so it is not abrupt when something approaches her.

But in order to prevent the other party from becoming extremely vigilant, Zhu Yang still summoned Longlong——

“Don’t pay attention to the miscellaneous soldiers, come and help mother to cover. By the way, don’t bring Xiaoji over.”

When Longlong received the news, he immediately rose into the sky. It was close to Zhu Yang, which was less than three kilometers away.

As long as he rushed over, the huge white dragon hovered over the Zerg queen in the next second, blasting out a roar of heaven and earth cracking——


The Zerg queen had long known that the enemy had a particularly strong opponent this time, and she would be able to cope with it in the heyday, but she was very weak at this time, so she didn’t dare to care about it.

Seeing that it was such a powerful creature, the Zerg queen’s guard against Zhu Yang immediately came to Longlong.

The roar of the dragon caused most of the worm eggs in the basin to explode on the spot. With the dragon’s breath and coercive roar, it directly killed the newly born, fragile worm eggs.

The Zerg queen was so distressed that she was also furious and screamed towards the dragon.

Then Longlong unceremoniously slammed into it. The giant as big as the house looked at the hardest type of Zerg at the same level.

If you get hit, you will have to die if you don’t die.

The queen of the Zerg race made a judgment at a glance, knowing that the fighting strength might not be the opponent of this creature, and quickly used the ability.

Suddenly the space where Dragon Dragon was located shattered into fragments, and the Zerg Queen seemed to see this grand worm blood splashing all over the sky in the next second.

But at this moment, there was a feeling of ice cold from its head.

Although the Zerg queen is tough, the spawning environment still needs a dry place with a suitable temperature, which explains some of the factors it avoids during spawning.

Pity her interstellar-level aggressor, she was attacked as soon as she faced the enemy.

But in the next second, it was discovered that even though the surrounding space was split, the big worm had escaped.

The whole body’s scales glowed colorfully under the sun’s shining, but this beauty also made people see its toughness.

Dragons are immune to most attacks.

This is what Lu Datou told her earlier, and knew that Longlong wanted to follow this time, and expected it to increase the difficulty, so he slenderly told Zhu Yang about the child’s immunity limit.

That’s why Zhu Yang dared to let it come over to cover, but Xiao Ji couldn’t do it. The child was still weaker and his body was not strong enough to defend against everything.

Coming over hastily made the Zerg queen torn to pieces.

After Longlong got rid of the divided space, he didn’t waste his mother’s sneak attack opportunity, so he slammed his head against the queen’s head.

The queen was originally afraid of its physical strength, but now her head was frozen, and it was even more fragile.

As soon as Longlongfang hit it, its spirit was shaken, and it was extremely painful. In the instant that broke through the ice, there were still tragic cracks on the surface of the opponent.

Longlong was about to take advantage of the victory, when his mother’s voice suddenly sounded in his ears: “Don’t bump, come back!”

To say that this child has been born and died in so many battlefields with the senior boss father, the combat consciousness and the execution of the master’s orders are absolutely quick.

After changing to another pet mount, he might not be able to respond quickly even after hearing the order, but Longlong was stunned to contain the inertia, and he did not hesitate to judge the owner.

Sure enough, the next second it left, it was obviously injured and embarrassed, and it only needed two more blows to smash the queen’s head, secreting a purple gas.

The tip of Longlong’s tail swept a bit when he left, and Zhu Yang immediately chopped off its tail when it came.

It has a huge body at this moment, and its tail is naturally large. Zhu Yang cut it down by tens of centimeters with a single knife, and it does not affect the appearance of Longlong visually.

But after the beard fell to the ground, I saw a little purple smoke on it as a flame attack, and quickly burned the beard.

Longlong hovered to Zhu Yang, swaying the tip of his tail, a little aggrieved.

Zhu Yang hurriedly touched its head: “Don’t cry, don’t cry, just cut off your hair. I will take this guy’s skin and make a sofa for you.”

“No!” Longlong said disgustedly, and then held his mother to avoid a purple mist in the next second.

The mother and son are hypocritical, but they dare not be vague at all–

“Poison? No, it’s not poison.” Zhu Yang muttered while looking at the purple smoke.

It was not so much poison as it was a kind of cannibalization ability. Zhu Yang had an extra dragon scale in his hand and threw it into the purple smoke.

Unexpectedly, the dragon scales were also gradually getting smaller until they disappeared.

Although it was metabolized and separated from the scales of the dragon’s body, the basic attributes still remained.

It cannot be destroyed by ordinary means.

When recruiting new employees to send dragon scales before, the more powerful Bian Tilian and Comb essence also thought about using dragon scales to make indestructible weapons.

But because there was no way to cut, so I had to give up. Zhu Yang had an Edman alloy knife on his body.

It can be seen how tough this thing is, but it has been eaten up in the purple smoke. It seems that even Longlong cannot take risks.

“You fly to high altitude, where the smoke can’t reach, see the opportunity to help me.”

“Okay!” Long Long was a little worried, but believed his mother’s judgment, so he rose into the sky.

This ability of the Zerg Queen is too domineering, so the scope will not be too wide, otherwise the human army would have died cleanly.

But the distance is too far Longlong can not make a powerful attack, and has to consider whether it will affect Zhu Yang, every move has to be careful.

Zhu Yang moved in his heart, and immediately formed a layer of ice on the Zerg Queen’s body, and got into it by himself. As expected, the space began to twist in the next second.

The two abilities exposed by the Zerg Queen so far are both offensive and defensive, powerful abilities.

Needless to say, the space is distorted, people don’t dare to show up easily, and these purple smokes are all-round defense in the queen’s blind spot.

But if the creature walks in, it will die.

But it can be seen that the queen was forced to fail just now, because the purple smoke was also eating away at the eggs under her.

It is estimated that Longlong wiped out most of it in one breath, so the queen has no scruples.

Soon, purple smoke spread all over the queen’s body. This guy knew that Zhu Yang could be fascinated by himself, so he didn’t stingy with his ability.

According to the queen’s current weakness, such a large scale of purple smoke should be quite expensive, but it dare not care about a dragon and a stranger.

Zhu Yang was thankful that the Zerg Queen distorted only this flat space and could not touch other worlds.

And the place where she hides is not belonging to the stranger’s life, if it’s just the ability to hide in the ordinary space, I am afraid that this guy has to be found out.

At this time, the two sides were in a stalemate, and the queen was always on guard, and Zhu Yang did not dare to come out easily.

She has many abilities and countless attack methods. At this moment, she can’t find a suitable counterattack method after thinking about it.

As long as the reason is, she is hiding in the other world, although she can observe the outside world through the mirror.

But if you want to launch an attack, naturally you can’t expect the attack from this world to hit the world, which means that she has to look in the mirror.

At least a part of the body is mirrored, so that the condition can be fulfilled.

However, it is impossible to use objects as a medium for the ability to use, and time-lapse weapons have been used once.

Zhu Yang threw several hand/grenade/balls on the mirror and landed on the queen, but the ordinary military materials were eroded and lost most of their power or even disappeared before they exploded. That thing is so domineering.

Longlong breathed fire in the sky and attacked. Unexpectedly, when the flame touched the purple smoke, it actually swallowed and merged.


At first, Zhu Yang thought this thing was poisonous, but he immediately denied it, and then guessed whether it was some kind of powerful microbial food.

But carefully recall that the dragon’s tail whiskers and scales disappeared, and the flame was also called. It was more like a flame than something else.

She doesn’t have any effective way to deal with the flames, and the ice is not the opponent of this thing, it will melt and disappear in an instant.

But Zhu Yang suddenly thought that he seemed to have bought something in the last world.

It was the torch used by Fu Jiang to clean up the mess. The power of the torch was huge and its penetration was very wide.

And the search function is very strong, even Fujiang’s all-pervasive reproduction cells can be pulled out and burned.

If the more powerful flame can swallow the weaker side, Zhu Yang wouldn’t mind using it.

In short, if it fails, Fu Jiang will be used less in the future.

As long as he feels it, Zhu Yang took out the torch from the game panel, rubbed it on the ground and lit it.

When this thing was used at the time, it was no different from the common fire, but this time in the other world, it showed a little weird blue.

A move in Zhu Yang’s heart, perhaps being contaminated with the aura of the other world would make this flame more powerful?

Thinking of this, Zhu Yang didn’t rush to pass the torch out, but just waited, and after a while, the blue became more and more obvious.

The appearance of the whole flame was completely changed, like a ghost fire in the netherworld.


Zhu Yang hurriedly told Longlong to hide away, and then threw the torch out.

As soon as the torch party touched the purple smoke, it exploded like natural gas hitting Mars.

The Zerg queen screamed in pain, but the fire was too violent, and her entire body instantly turned into a sea of ​​blue-purple open flames.

It was as if a man poured gasoline on his body lit a fire.

But if you want to kill the Zerg queen with just one item, it would be too easy.

Zhu Yang didn’t expect anything at all, what she wanted was the follow-up response from the Zerg Queen.

Sure enough, the Zerg queen immediately distorted the space of her skin, and her own purple unknown flame, together with the flame thrown by Zhu Yang, disappeared instantly.

If it weren’t for her skin’s fierce burning, as if it had been dissolved by sulfuric acid, everything that happened before the empty surroundings was like an illusion.

It’s now–

The queen’s mental power is placed on sweeping away such a large-scale flame, and this is the only moment when they are stuck together.

When the flame disappears completely, she can continue to free her hands to clean herself, Zhu Yangke has no second torch.

The queen did not even take two seconds to completely deal with the flame threat.

Zhu Yang had to make an effective attack within two seconds.

Her current position is on the queen’s back, and she has to reach her head in an instant. It sounds not far away, but according to the queen’s size, she actually has to span a straight line distance of tens of meters.

Zhu Yang didn’t dare to hesitate, he drilled out of the mirror to facilitate the use of mental power, and instantly the whole person was ejected onto the queen’s head like a cannonball.

0.8 seconds!

The queen’s head is twice as large as Longlong’s head because of the difference in body structure.

But relatively, the facial features are also very easy to find.

Her ears are on the side of her face. Zhu Yang has studied the queen’s body structure and remembers every inch.

Compared with her head, her ears are small in proportion, but they are also the size of a person’s height. Zhu Yang quickly stopped the momentum in the air and rushed into her ear holes.

1.4 seconds!

The foul smell spreads over the surface. Fortunately, the combat uniform will automatically isolate most of the harmful gases, which are just ordinary body dirt.

But the hypocritical love is as clean as Zhu Yang, and there is no room for frowning at this moment.

The queen’s movements were much faster than she thought. Her estimate was two seconds, but at this moment, she clearly felt that her mental power had fallen on her.

Longlong in the sky had already felt it, and hurriedly attacked the female insect.

The queen knew that she had to deal with the bug in her ear first, but she couldn’t resist the threat from Longlong.

Her body is weak, and it will take a while to continue to activate Ziyan. Without Ziyan, she would not dare to fight against this long bug.

But the space distortion is much easier, the heart moves at will, this long worm can be recreated, at least it can contain a moment.

At the same time, kill the bug in the ear, and Ziyan can be used.

The Zerg queen suffered a big loss and was bound to kill these two guys.

Zhu Yang even felt that the air around her was beginning to twist, but her preparations were already perfect.

The loudspeaker is adjusted to the maximum, the power of thought is used as an auxiliary, and the props purchased according to your own voice ability are superimposed.

Take a deep breath, expand the lung cavity, and then—


The sharp sound hits the queen’s brain directly like a needle, the physical superimposition, the mental power, and the spiritual power props do not count the cost.

Regardless of her ability structure, she couldn’t escape these three things, and Zhu Yang felt that one of her hands and one of her feet were broken.

Because when she launches an attack, she can only choose between defense and continued attack.

She chose to attack.

Then just before the whole body was shattered into pieces, the queen’s mental power was devastated, the twisted space recovered, and Zhu Yang escaped.

Then a flood of green blood flowed out of the ear cavity.

Zhu Yang’s blow just now exhausted all of his mental and spiritual power, and he broke one of his hands and feet, and there was no way to escape.

I had to be directly washed out by the stench of green blood.

The queen’s ears were more than a hundred meters above the ground, and it was estimated that she would fall three-quarters to death if she fell through exhaustion.

But a huge white shadow passed by, and Zhu Yang fell on his hard and smooth back.

The white dragon scales of Longlong’s beautiful feeling are all dirty.

She was embarrassed and said, “Go back to Mom to give you a bath.”

Longlong wanted to get more dirty than his scales, but felt more distressed for his mother: “Heal the injury first.”

“Okay!” He said, lying on the back of the huge dragon: “It’s because of you, or my mother will explain it here.”

This is not a bit of adulteration, if there is no dragon, there is no torch that has not been used up, if it is not the egg laying period of the Zerg queen.

They still flee to be more realistic.

The queen is dead, this is something that all the Zergs can sense, and her guard roars with grief.

If you turn around, you have to come and take revenge, but it also depends on whether the alpha and Xiaoji are happy.

The battlefield has already fallen, and they are unable to recover.

More zergs still became confused and confused at the moment they lost their command.

The empire’s army has been deployed, and I believe that this victory belongs to mankind.

Zhu Yang looked at the huge corpse of the queen, released his own cockroaches, and ate it away.

Such a strong boss will not be beneficial for the time being, but it should be good for cockroach babies.

After all, it is the queen of the Zerg race, and perhaps the ability to swallow her insect plague can also become diversified.

The queen’s corpse was so big that it took a long time for the cockroaches to swallow them. This time they were very satisfied with the meal.

Especially when the corpse of the queen with great power was finally taken back, all of them were filled with satisfaction.

Not long after the alphas and Xiaoji also came, they were seeing the queen’s body swallowed clean.

Adam twitched his mouth: “Just, just swallow it like this?”

Zhu Yang wondered: “Is it possible to turn in to do research?”

“Isn’t this normal operation?”

“How is it possible? The spoils I killed are unreasonable and handed over to others.” Zhu Yang was eloquent.

Ok! They had long discovered that this guy had no loyalty to the empire, but those were trivial matters, and Zerg researchers should be distressed.

More meaningful than this is that the Zerg queen is really dead.

“The task is really completed?” Several people hugged each other in disbelief.

“No one sacrificed, it’s really done.”

“Not only can we go home, the empire will not have to worry about the Zerg threat for at least 50 years.”

Although Zhu Yang swallowed the queen’s body alone, he still told them what he found–

For example, the queen’s ability, the reason why it can complete planetary migration, for example, the probability of each queen’s ability is not the same, so each generation of queens has different limits.

There is also the worm eggs that the queen has just laid, which she produced personally, and to study her DNA can also be deduced through offspring.

In short, after the pressure of the extinction is over, everything is easy to say.

When the queen died, the signal obstruction within hundreds of miles disappeared, and the alphas were able to contact the headquarters.

“Yes, the coordinates are XX-XXX. The queen has been successfully wiped out. Someone will pick us up. Don’t worry about the survey team and scientific research team for the time being. There are still many zergs around. Let people clear it up a few times.

“Yes, the scene will be protected.”

“Queen’s body tissue?” Adam glanced at Zhu Yang who was wiping her clothes with disgust: “The queen has been wiped out, and there is no body tissue left. I will hand in the specific report when I return.”

“Hmm! The eggs are fine, yes! That’s it.”

“Long live the empire!”

Fortunately, Zhu Yang has the combat uniform that was issued for the first time. Although the performance is far less powerful than the one on mission, it is also worn by the elite special forces.

She immediately replaced the set on her body. Fortunately, her head was clean, and she was about to be doused with worm blood. She was sick for half a month when she went back.

After her body was clean, she caught Longlong and wiped the scales on her back with a wet towel.

Xiao Ji ran over, poked them, and saw his mother and brother looking back at it, and then arrogantly tilted their heads to show that they were not happy.

Long Long pulled his tail on his **** and smiled triumphantly.

Seeing that the two children were about to pinch again, Zhu Yang grabbed his hands one by one: “Alright, alright!”

He rubbed Xiaoji again: “It’s not just telling my brother not to ask you to help. Our bodies are too fragile. It looks like our mother.”

Xiao Ji was very surprised that she had not been able to come to help her mother, but as a result, she was so miserable now that she felt distressed.

Mouth close to her hand whistling.

At this moment, Zhu Yang had already straightened his bones, took a special painkiller, and poured a recovery potion.

The body is recovering quickly, as long as it is not completely cut off, it is still very easy to cure, and the medicine on her own can cure it.

At this moment, the situation stabilized, and she sat on the side of the rock, hugging the two children, resting while waiting for other groups to come and meet.

Her consumption was huge, and that scream had overdrawn her mental power, in other words it was a lasting blow.

Following the dragon scales on the left and the feathers on the right, after waiting for more than an hour, the talents from other groups hurriedly arrived.

A group of alphas have collected many samples prepared by scientists according to the above command.

When the four players saw Zhu Yang, they mobilized their highest physical abilities and rushed over.

Excited: “Really killed? Okay, you!”

Seeing her clean all over: “Isn’t the queen strong? Look at your clothes–”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by the more careful girl Pei Yu: “This is an old combat uniform.”

The new body was thrown far away because it was too smelly.

“Where is the queen’s body?” Zheng Hao asked.

“I was eaten.” Zhu Yang said.

Several people knew that Zhu Yang had powerful swallowing cockroaches, but had no idea about the number, but thought it was swallowed by the Zerg.

After all, it is the habit of many insects to devour the same race.

“How about your casualties?” Zhu Yang glanced at the elite camp members who came up one step later.

Fortunately, Pei Yu, they teamed up two players and barely managed to keep everyone comprehensive.

The other two players were in a team, and sometimes they were overwhelmed by the horrible number of rescue queens.

All sacrificed, but not many. A group of one or two people, if there are injured, as long as they reach the spaceship to pick them up, there is no need to worry.

Seeing them guilty, those alphas actually patted Zheng Hao and the others on the shoulders——

“It is a miracle that so many people can survive this mission.”

According to this discount rate, the elite camp that had been destined to sacrifice was almost unscathed.

The elite special attack team doesn’t have to face the pain of failing to pick up, the original desperate fight, because these few people are there, the survival rate is actually higher than the average S-level mission.

In any case, their survival this time is a blessing to them.

Even if they conceal their abilities, even if they look at the motives that are not allegiance to the empire.

But the same task, and the maintenance of them, this mind cannot be a potential enemy of the empire.

Soon the spaceship drove over. In fact, when the spaceship sent them, it did not drive back to Earth.

Although sacrifice has become an established fact, there is a one in ten thousand chance that the military department is not willing to give up these elites.

But they didn’t expect them to complete tasks that they didn’t expect to complete with such a high survival rate.

Needless to say, how the military high-levels far away on Earth cheered and rejoiced, and how the morale of the army that had already been deployed was boosted.

The crew members of the spacecraft who were given the order to pick up the people, their faces were full of excitement when they actually saw them.

“You really did it!” The crew of the spaceship came down and saluted them seriously.

“You saved all mankind, and you are the heroes of mankind.”

The reverence was true, but there were indeed a lot of wounded soldiers. They did not dare to delay, and hurriedly took people on the spaceship.

A set of collected samples was also carefully preserved.

Xiaoji and Longlong were taken back long ago. Because Xiaoji was greedy with insects, Zhu Yang threw some eggs in for him to eat.

But I disliked Longlong, and wanted to throw him into the mirror to stay with the hundreds of women who were all grown up.

Zhu Yang was scanned by the therapy device on the spacecraft. After such a long time, most of her injuries have healed.

“It looks like there is a bone fracture, it’s okay, I’ll treat you immediately.”

In fact, when she was washed down, her bones were torn apart, but the results of the examination seemed to be recovering well now.

Zhu Yang was also tired, so he slept directly on the spacecraft.

Several other players are also quite capable of overdrawing, and other alphas have killed countless enemies, and naturally they will overdraw their physical strength early.

It’s a group with as many weapons as Zhu Yang gave, so it’s a little more relaxed, but now everyone is asleep and feels sleepy.

Everyone in the huge spaceship breathed long and slept soundly.

Even the prompts from the players’ heads that the mission is completed are ignored.


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