Scream Queen Chapter 171

A few hours later, the spacecraft landed on the earth.

With their miraculous survival rate, they were not only warmly welcomed by the elite battalion and the high-level military who arrived.

More is incredible, but this incredible, from the initial loss of speculation in the communication, to the incredible looking at Zhu Yang and the five of them.

Because humans are launching a general offensive now, the entire military department is very busy, but even so, there are several big bosses who have taken time to come.

One is to pay attention to the warriors who have made great achievements, and the other is–

Zhu Yang guessed that their details have been touched by the military in the few hours since they returned to Earth.

In fact, Zhu Yang didn’t expect to keep hiding it at first. After all, with the combat power of the elite battalion, now this result can’t come back from any aspect.

And as they are the special forces that assassinated the queen, there must be monitors on their combat uniforms.

The purpose of this monitor is not to monitor the soldiers of the elite battalion, but to record information.

Because that planet is covered by the pheromone of the Zerg queen, there is no way to detect it in real time.

However, even if the elite camp sacrificed as the worst plan at the beginning, humans have the opportunity to find a record after the queen spawned and migrated, and continue to analyze her in a deeper level.

In the past, information about the queen was obtained in this way, and every small piece of information was accompanied by sacrifice.

But the military would never think that there is a person’s individual strength that can directly shake the queen.

That is the Zerg boss who has the possibility of encroaching on the entire galaxy. Although in the weak period of spawning, they never thought that humans could kill.

The point is that there are actually five such people, although they are of different degrees, they have indeed surpassed the human category.

Zhu Yang rested and satisfied. When he got off the spaceship, his mental head was already good, and he knocked a bit of the recovery potion, and the whole person’s state was restored.

The elite battalion headed by her descended from the spacecraft one by one, with the smoke of war still remaining on her body.

But the group did not see a trace of embarrassment, and the triumphant figure appeared stalwart and tall under their supreme military service.

Many people have wet their eyes, for these elites who don’t need to sacrifice, and the future that has been dispelled from the black mist above the human head.

The leaders of the military and the base stepped forward to shake hands with them in turn to encourage them. The people behind clapped and wiped their tears.

Even if Zhu Yang and the others are not the people of this empire, they can actually feel the ease of the Damocles sword hanging over their heads finally disappearing.

In just a few hours, the elite camp has prepared a celebration party for them.

The elite camp has a wealth of materials to serve the elites, so it is not troublesome to prepare.

But before that, Zhu Yang and the big guys went to the research room.

Although the settings of this world are silly, and the settings related to her background are also a pot of blood, but outside that range, most people are at least online.

After all, it was the wartime period, and those who wanted to be in high positions were also stupid styles in the blood, don’t even want to organize such a unified and efficient organization to fight against the Zerg.

Therefore, Zhu Yang was not disappointed, no one designed to control her when she came back.

At least no one is stupid enough to think that she, who can single-handedly slaughter the Zerg queen, can be controlled without a long time preparation by humans.

Besides, they should know that there are creatures of the mythical level around them, but they have not appeared around them at the moment, which means that if they are caught, there will be a strong counterattack.

This is the earth, not the barren planet where the Zerg is staying, it can be created hard.

If there is a big disturbance, tens of millions of people may be implicated in accordance with the scope of her force and the current density of the population.

No one can bear this responsibility, so Zhu Yang said that the other party is smart, at least the person making the decision is not a greedy fool.

Zhu Yang also cooperated, telling the Zerg researchers one by one what he had seen and felt about fighting.

And took out a piece of Queen’s meat from the space. Although the Queen was gnawed away by the cockroach babies, she also collected a little body tissue just in case.

People in the scientific research team get that piece of body tissue, like a treasure.

An old man wearing glasses couldn’t help but wipe his eyes: “We finally have real contact with the queen’s DNA.”

“With it, we must be able to decipher the racial secrets of the Zerg, even if a new queen appears, it is not to be feared.”

This is not an exaggeration. Although each of the Zerg queens may have different abilities, they must be fundamentally similar.

As long as humans decipher its DNA and develop targeted weapons against the queen and even the entire Zerg race, then humans will not be threatened by this race in the future.

Adding to the many samples collected by Adam and the others, it was a rich harvest. Zhu Yang never thought of proactively confessing his hole cards.

But I think her battle scenes will be studied repeatedly for a long time to come.

Now Zhu Yang was a little puzzled, and asked Goubi Games: “This world has advanced technology and advanced monitoring methods. There are many things that should not be hidden from the state machinery.”

“Then why it is impossible for the previous players to have not exposed all of them, but now it seems that their reactions have not been exposed to capable people.”

[Due to the special nature of this game, the changes brought about by the player’s departure will be rationalized according to general logic. 】

In other words, if their elite battalion successfully assassinated the queen and most of the members survived this kind of thing, the game will wipe out the player’s extraordinary performance and use coincidence, luck, and other factors to complete the logical chain of the same result.

Oh, yes, I have to bring back a part of the queen’s body tissue.

With this difficulty, I am afraid that the game can only come back perfectly by breaking the brain.

Zhu Yang sneered: “That’s really hard for you.”

The task arranged by taunting the game was too ferocious, and in the end she completed the task, and now it is the game’s turn to shoot herself in the foot.

Sure enough, the game spurted out of old blood, and it was really forbearing and forbearing that he didn’t scold this guy for getting cheap and selling well.

But it really didn’t have time to pay attention to Zhu Yang now, it had to prepare before they left this world.

When Goubi Game was digging through his brain and trying to make it round, Zhu Yang went to the celebration dinner with natural beauty.

The base specially prepared beautiful dresses for them, because they are in a different era from reality, and there are huge changes in fashion styles.

When Zhu Yang came here, he began to enter the military camp. He hadn’t visited the world very much yet. Looking at the dress, he felt that he needed to go shopping.

When they celebrated in a carnival, good news frequently came from the front lines of the battlefield. Without the unified control of the Zerg Queen, the Zerg was just a mess.

And losing the queen is a fatal blow to this race. When the new queen is born, all of them will be in panic where they can’t see the future.

Naturally, don’t expect them to perform above the level in the war. The human army has been devastating along the way. When the celebration is over, the whole situation has completely thought about the human side.

Zhu Yang’s five players looked at each other, and it was time to leave.

Generally speaking, the barracks definitely didn’t want to leave, but Zhu Yang had a special status at the moment. After some consideration, she agreed without asking her to wait.

She said goodbye to Adam and the others, these silly big guys seemed to have a feeling.

If her ability is so strong, then after the Zerg queen is eliminated, there is no need to stay in the elite camp and keep pace with them.

After all, there is no such thing as a threat to her existence in the entire galaxy.

The alphas are not stupid, but they have been together for so long, and the friendship that has just come down from the battlefield.

Adam blinked, condensed the wetness in his eyes, stood at attention, and bowed deeply at Zhu Yang: “I have been taking care of you all the time, and the mission is also unforgettable.”

The same is true for others, and the other groups also expressed gratitude to the players formally and seriously.

They can come back alive, it can be said that they are all protected by these “superpowers”. If it were not for them, the entire elite camp would no longer exist.

To be honest, Zhu Yang barely managed to do the ‘saving mankind’ a few times, but she really felt ashamed of it because she wanted to make a medal.

For players, the fundamental purpose is to pass customs, and any humanitarian spirit is incidental.

If in her judgment, there was no possibility of a battle at all, she would naturally give up the mission without hesitation.

In the final analysis, motivation is not the same thing, and naturally it cannot afford the gratitude of all mankind.

On the contrary, those like Adam and others who are always ready to sacrifice for the country are the real heroes.

Saying goodbye to these silly big guys, Zhu Yang and the others got in the car back to’home’, and Zhu Qian naturally waited at the door of the house early.

Had it not been for barracks that were not allowed to enter, and the location of the elite battalion was not known to ordinary people, he would have come yesterday.

After seeing Zhu Yang, he wanted to jump over and drill into her arms, but thinking of his current identity, he could only hug Zhu Yang in.

He was distressed and worried: “You didn’t tell me how dangerous the task is. You knew I had gone too. Stay here and pay attention to the mess here?”

As a large arms dealer, naturally there is a channel to learn about some battlefield Mixins, especially at this moment Zhu Yang and the others have not left, the world has not yet begun to correct.

As Zhu Yang’s ‘father’, after knowing that she is more powerful than humans, he must inevitably draw inquiries through this channel.

Even if he didn’t directly tell Zhu Qian about all the situations on the battlefield, he was not stupid, and all sorts of routine deductions could naturally guess the situation.

Zhu Yang resisted the movement of touching his head and patted him on the back: “Go in first.”

Zhu Qian reluctantly responded, and Zhu Yang naturally knew what he thought.

Whispered: “Okay! Your abilities are not originally on the battlefield, but they are irreplaceable.”

Zhu Qian’s existence can indeed make Zhu Yang’s situation more calm for many times. She never thinks that the value of force is the standard to measure a person.

So I don’t think Zhu Qiannengnai is smaller than others.

This statement naturally made Zhu Qian coax so excited, his face flushed, and he was immediately shifted to focus, and he forgot to pursue his sister’s concealment of the focus.

Zhu Yang and the others returned from the tense battlefield. Most of them felt as if they were a world away, but in fact it was only two days ago.

She asked Zhu Qianhe’s’brother’: “There is nothing wrong with the family these two days, right?”

“Why is it okay?” Zhu Qian said with a curled lips: “The gift is here, and that kid moves fast.”

“Then you should be happy!” Zhu Yang’s eyes lit up. She was also worried that her task here would be completed, and that the bride price would not be in place for a long time, so she would stay in this world and wait.

The’brother’ said, “I guess Eaton secretly did it behind his elders in the family. I heard that he went back and said about it and made several people fainted on the spot.”

“If those people wake up and see Eaton cut first and then play, they probably will have to faint once.”

Zhu Yang touched his head: “Then now is the time for you to take advantage of the fire.”

‘Brother’’s eyes flickered and nodded: “Hmm!”

The so-called “beautiful gift” Zhu Yang couldn’t take much with them, but she could use another good thing.

It was Zhu Yang who was in the barracks before, and Zhu Qian attended an exhibition as the head of the family.

The exhibits in the exhibition are sponsored by the owners, showing off their heritage or wealth, anyway, that’s the virtue.

Zhu Qian saw an ancient book in it. It was good for the ancient world where there were many strangers, but it was particularly eye-catching when it appeared in this interstellar age.

If this were the case, it would not have reached the point where Zhu Qian cared.

However, Zhu Qian, as a spirit prop creature, can sense the energy of the same source in the underworld. He can’t tell it for a while, but he also believes that it can appear in the high-level field. It will not be simple things with such aura.

But the things at the exhibition will not be traded. He found that the thing belonged to the Duke of Eaton’s house, so he mixed it in the conditions of the’beautiful gift’. He originally thought that if this guy didn’t submit, he would let his sister free up to grab it after returning from the barracks. .

Now that they are so cooperative, they are naturally happy and peaceful.

Zhu Yang and him came to the study alone to see him take out the ancient book from the safe, which really made Zhu Yang feel a wave of spiritual energy.

It’s just that the ghost painting symbol above is more complicated than the human skin book, and she can’t see why it is, but she also believes Zhu Qian’s judgment and put it away.

After receiving the ‘beautiful gift’, they immediately turned their faces and turned their backs on the family and threw the family out.

Although the Duke of Eaton was shocked by their front and back changes, at least he was able to be with his sweetheart, and he also took in a large family.

Zhu Qianlima used the identity of the Patriarch to break away from these people, and said to the’brother’: “It’s done, I can only help you here, and then–”

“Thank you!” Without waiting for him to finish, the younger brother suddenly said.

He raised his head and looked at Zhu Yang and Zhu Qian with complicated eyes: “No matter who you are, thank you.”

Zhu Qian raised his eyebrows: “Huh? I found it? Not bad. It can be seen that without the influence of brain damage, your mind is still clear.”

Knowing that the’brother’ has complicated senses for them, but Zhu Yang and the others are not gentle enough to take care of others’ emotions.

After a day’s rest, I went out and wandered around the world, and bought a lot of things with the flavor of the times.

The other four players did not deliberately set aside time waves. For one thing, not everyone was as eager as Zhu Yang to treat the copy as a holiday destination.

Most players are still unwilling to make minor changes once the mission is over.

Secondly, they have also been to a copy of the high-tech world, but there are no such powerful enemies to fight against. It is only a mid-level field, and it is not so unusual for these.

“As a result, I am the one with the least knowledge?” Zhu Yang was a little incredulous.

“Nor.” Zhu Qiandao: “You level up too fast. From the novice field to the advanced field, there are not 20 copies. The average person is ten times the number of you and may not be able to become an advanced player, even most Trapped to death in the midfield.”

How many worlds do you expect to see with such a copy?

Also, Zhu Yang shrugged, no longer tangled, and happily led his brother to go shopping.

At this moment, Zhu Qian has restored his own appearance. As for the existence of the “Patriarch”, it depends on the game control.

It’s really not possible. “Brother” should clear his own obstacles by himself. It is impossible for him to beat all the roads.

Then the Duke of Eaton was indeed fast enough, and they had already seen news of the engagement coming out during their shopping.

However, in the world-wide carnival of the victory of the war and the defeat of the Zerg, the marketing of the so-called “Marriage of the Century” will not only not receive the attention it deserves, but it will even be annoying.

The Duke of Eaton also had the innocent heart of a **** male protagonist at this moment. It is estimated that the second lady’s love is somewhat sincere.

However, it is not Zhu Yang’s concern to see how far this love can go with the spoiled and greedy blood suckers.

Another thing is that those who secretly covet them, in addition to Zhu Yang, must have walked the ‘family’ route of other players.

Several players have similar backgrounds, and they are all powerful and powerful families.

After knowing that the omega who had been kicked out of the house had made world-renowned contributions, he naturally changed his face immediately and wanted to repair the relationship.

But at that time the players had already left, and the grief made people laugh.

Zhu Yang took Zhu Qian to buy, buy, buy, eat, and eat, and packed a lot of special delicacies, and found a place to put out the little dragon dragon to enjoy it.

After playing for a long time, he left the dungeon world.

Then Zhu Yang was dizzy by the surging rewards.

To be honest, this is one of the reasons why she did not wait to quit the game.

She knows that the clearance evaluation this time is definitely top-notch, and the rewards are probably unprecedented. After all, the rewards of the advanced dungeons are qualitatively different from the previous ones.

So she also gave herself some time to make herself look calm.

As a result, calm down, she just wants to lie in Jinshan and laugh wildly.

The points are ignored, anyway, she is already in a state of money and nowhere to spend.

I didn’t mention the ability upgrade anymore. When she reached her current strength, every time the value increased by dozens of points, there was really no obvious change.

This is like playing a game. The difficulty of rising from level 1 to level 10 is incomparable to that of level 90 to level 91.

But what even she didn’t expect was that the queen’s two abilities that made people very greedy had actually exploded.

A space twist, a purple smoke, and a single carry out can make her who has experienced many battles come out, and she can only win by luck and traps.

And now these two are in her pocket.

In addition, the characteristics of the Zerg queen have also been divided by Zhu Yang. This is a bit of a response, but the benefits are really many.

First of all, her insect infestation ability was upgraded again, and her reproduction ability increased the total number of cockroaches by at least 30%.

Then the cockroaches swallowed some of the abilities of the Zerg before they became more stable, and even the Zerg can evolve more varieties.

There are potential benefits, but now Zhu Yang has not encountered the right conditions and has not been triggered.

In short, everything is terrific in terms of it alone, especially the distortion of space that she can use with the power of mind.

But capturing and killing enemies is probably more efficient than the Zerg queen itself.

The so-called high risk has high returns, but this time it was her highest return.

That is to say, she has two powerful abilities that can be ranked in the top three of her abilities at the same time, giving her almost the strength to compete with advanced players who already have a lot of experience.

She originally belonged to the type with far superior strength among the new high-level players, and now she has completely separated from them, although there is still a big gap between the top big players in the entire game.

But now you can see the back of those guys.

Zhu Yang grinned with an ambitious smile, coming soon!

As soon as he came out, Zhu Yang fished out Longlong and Xiaoji from the spirit beast bag.

Longlong is okay, because its owner is Lu Datou, and his rank is higher than Zhu Yang, and Zhu Yang’s changes have no effect on it.

On the other hand, Xiao Ji, Zhu Yang was almost taken aback when he fished it out.

It was already in the shape of a **** before, but its feathers were red, and it looked shining and beautiful.

At this moment, it was fished out, and the whole matured circle, and it was almost a big cock.

But it is also inappropriate to talk about a rooster, because its feathers are gorgeous and long, and its tail feathers can even drag on the ground. Although it is not a colorful five-color, but the sun-like fiery red color makes it look even more majestic.

There are three beautiful crest feathers on the head, the whole chicken(?) looks elegant and domineering, and it gives people a strong pressure when the eyes are opened.

But when he saw Zhu Yang in front of him, he came in and slapped in desperately: “Mom, mom!”

Longlong’s disliked tail pulled it out: “Stupid second child.”

Xiao Ji glared, and pinched when he came up. As a result, he didn’t control the surging energy, and the flame of energy from the feathers ignited the room.

Thanks to Zhu Yang’s ability to obtain the Queen of the Zerg, he immediately distorted the flames out of this space.

Otherwise, her previous fire-fighting ability, such as power or ice and water, would really be unable to take this flame for a while.

After all, this is not an ordinary open flame, and when the whole house burns, she can’t cry.

But after such a short time, her room was completely dark.

Xiao Ji knew that he was in trouble, and looked at Zhu Yang pitifully, Long Long was not doing well, but now he was obediently side by side for fear of being scolded.

As a result, the two bear children were not scolded, and Zhu Yang was scolded first.

There was too much movement in the room, which shocked Zhu Da, Zhu Ma and Zhu Weixin, but when the door opened, he saw the whole room as if it had been burnt down, and he was shocked to death.

Zhu Yang had to use illusion techniques to cover up Xiao Ji’s hugely changed appearance, and also had to deal with Zhu’s mother who made such a big fire on her for the first time in more than 20 years.

The whole person could not be lifted up by the three court trials.

Everyone agreed that she was playing with fire in the room to death, Zhu Yang somehow wanted to argue for herself–

“It’s not me playing with fire, it’s Xiaoji——”

“Bah! Is there such a thing as you? The more you live, the more you face? You used to let your brother carry the pot for you, even Xiao Ji was wronged?”

“Are you looking for a bird who can only play with fire to show me?”

On this day, Zhu Yang’s family status hit a record low. Seeing that this continues, even her father is qualified to train her, Zhu Yang decided not to sit still.

She looked at Zhu Weixin: “Brother, look at this pot, it’s big and round–”

“Come less!” Zhu Weixin put Xiaoji in his arms: “Forget it before, this time you must increase your memory and scare people to death. Are you burning the house?”

Xiao Ji was also filial, and he threw himself out to stand up and jirk to show that he was doing things by himself.

It turned out that Zhu’s mother and the others felt more distressed: “Oh! Seeing the child is sensible.”

He glared at Zhu Yang and said, “See what kind of bullying the child is like? You have nothing to do with it.

“Before you were young, so you can do it in your home. Now you are all grown-ups in the family. There are so many little guys below. Are you embarrassed?”

Zhu Yang lay flat on the ground expressionlessly: “Swear, I will never reply today.”

Just as the evil force who has been in the house for so many years gave back.

When he saw Lu Xiu’s resignation the next day, Zhu Yang was still full of bags, making him very happy.

Zhu Yang’s room was shattered. Although she did not lose much by putting out the fire in time, the room still had to be renovated.

Taking advantage of this effort, she drastically changed the style of her room by the way.

Although a bit tossing, but also a lot of fun.

Lu Xiuci suddenly told her that the competition between the games would start soon.

According to her performance, she is likely to participate.

No, I will definitely participate, otherwise the game originally sent her as an exchange student for fun


Besides, she has performed in front of the other two games afterwards, has been registered, and is impressive.

Players like her did not participate, and it was too far from the rules of the game.

Originally, according to the plan of the Goubi game, her competition in this year’s competition should be an intermediate field, and her opponents were excellent seed players of Xu Xiao’s level.

Unexpectedly, she was riding too fast like a rocket. I asked Xiao Shizi earlier that Xu Xiao should have reached the middle and late stages, and if he was lucky, he might even break through the advanced stage.

But her original opponents were not as fast as hers.

Zhu Yang is definitely a bully if he still goes to the intermediate court, but to really participate in the senior court competition, the current state and strength may be sufficient, but the experience in the senior court is always slightly insufficient.

Therefore, Lu Xiuci’s suggestion is that she actively enter the game experience in the near future.

At least before the start of the competition, another substantial leap was made.

Zhu Yang nodded: “Don’t say I will, after all, the opponent I selected does not exist among ordinary high-level players.”

She has not forgotten the Liangzi formed with the “Emperor” in the infinite game.

They are not ordinary advanced players, they are one of the top five pillars in a game.

She didn’t suffer much from the strict calculations at the time, but in the final analysis, it was the use of the rules of the game, the competition between the dog-match game and the infinite game, and the infinite game’s vigilance against several big bosses, which made the other party throw the mouse.

If not, let alone the emperor, even a horse behind him can pinch her to death.

Although Zhu Yang retreated all over, it seemed that he had hit the other side’s sore spot and turned her popularity upside down, but after all, she was not satisfied with the victory on her lips.

What she wants is to impeccably swell the opponent’s face from the inside to the face, so in the competition, besides the emperor, other players are not in her focus.

Lu Xiuci didn’t mind that she set the goal too high, anyway, it was a team match, not a single confrontation.

The emperor has dealt with each other, and even the two have fought directly as opponents. It’s just that the interests are negotiated, so there is no need to be brave.

In the final analysis, the top players of the two games, if there is not enough temptation, how can they make such a real sense of meaningless consumption?

I also knew that Zhu Yang had come back from Infinite Game to talk about this before, but at that time, her entire mental image was all about the excitement of sweeping goods. The emperor had mentioned the matter in one stroke, and Dao did not attract his attention.

It seems that the impact of that incident on her is far greater than she thought.

Lu Xiuci hugged her: “Don’t take that guy too seriously, just like that. Instead of staring at him as a target, you might as well look at me. I am definitely better than him.”

Zhu Yang looked up, his eyes sparkling: “When I think it’s okay, I must fight you first.”

No, he didn’t want his girlfriend to stare at a certain man from time to time, but he didn’t want her to sharpen his eyes all the time.

Obviously it is too late to change.

“Tell me about other impressive advanced players in other games.” Zhu Yang said.

Although her goal is the emperor, she may not be the goal of others, and she is not a person who ignores the past.

Lu Xiuci thought for a while: “The extreme games that came to our game to pick things up before, they are generally weak.”

“Beginner players simply hit many of our mid-level courts, do you know that?”

“Know!” Zhu Yang nodded, especially the poison skin people and rock people, as well as the demihumans fused with animal genes, simply blessed.

“If you have not progressed so fast, and you are still in the mid-level field, you would be wary of encountering players on their side in a competitive match, but the high-level field is—”

Lu Xiuci smiled, revealing Ruoyouruowu’s irony: “The higher the level, the gap between us and us is widened. It is one thing to have fewer resources. The key is that players follow the game, and their minds and perceptions are also extremely stingy. It’s easy to miss opportunities when they are in front of you.

“The only thing that impressed me a bit was a female player. She is a hybrid of Venom Skin and Murloc. Both of her parents are players. The two races are not in the same world. Only players have intersections, but they can produce The future generations are also a miracle.”

After all, there is no mention of the toxicity of the poisonous skin person, and reproductive isolation.

“She was not born through technological means, she is a natural person, combined with the advantages of her parents, she has a good talent and understanding, and she is considered one of the players in extreme games.”

Zhu Yang nodded, it was really good, if it wasn’t for the racial traits of the poisonous people, the romance would be greatly reduced.

This kind of person who has the advantages of two races and is born with a very low probability is simply the life experience of the protagonist.

“What else? There can be only three games, right?”

Lu Xiuci’s expression fluttered when she asked her, “Yes, it’s not, of course there are others.”

“Is the nature of the game weird?” Zhu Yang guessed after seeing his expression.

Lu Xiuci nodded: “Let’s put it this way, there is also a chain of contempt between games.”

“Although extreme games are considered younger brothers in our games and infinite games, the three games are serious and serious, and the player’s path is only to become stronger.”

“Wait, serious?” Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows. We know a dog-rival game?

Goubi Game replaced the huge mess left by Zhu Yang with a normal logic chain, and he was so busy that he lost a lot of hair.

As soon as I heard that I was despised, I immediately stopped doing it.

Hearing the terrifying grunt of cats and dogs, Zhu Yang didn’t care. He even poked a knife and said, “It’s obviously stupid.”


Lu Xiuci felt that this fellow was also very pitiful. He knew that the work to be done in the last game was not easy after hearing Zhu Yang’s description.

So what the conscience found out also said to the dog game: “Well! Compared with the rest, you know that the dog game is already serious.”

Then Zhu Yang knew it in his description.

Dog games, infinite games, and extreme games. These three are considered mainstream. They have a lot of resources and abilities, and they even exist in the dungeon world.

According to the analogy of real online games, that is the big production of the industry’s leading companies, the world-wide games.

With the diminishing scale and power of other games, the ecological chain can be imagined. Even the poorest can be compared to the pirated version of Lianliankan where no one cares about rough imitation painting rules and sound effects are so bad.

Even some games are unable to screen players with a wide range of screening meanings because of their low qualifications, and even the selection world can only make a point in the selection space of the three major games, which shows that survival is poor.

However, these game players have the advantage of having fewer players. They can use their resources to cultivate their promising players.

Every competition is not that players without mini games are eligible to qualify.

But in other words, this is also a gamble for those games. If the wrong person is selected, the resources invested in the early stage will be lost.

Of course, this refers to the most shabby game. According to the descending ladder, some games are only limited to the three major games.

“What I mean by this is that the theme of the game is too strange. Don’t be too surprised what type of player you encounter.”

“For example, some games are in love, even if the clearance reward is to make themselves stronger, and many copies also involve armed confrontation.”

“But the theme of the game determines the player’s behavior. Many players who are accustomed to solving things through emotional intelligence and charisma are somewhat so-”

Zhu Yang understands, love brain!

The game has to select one that is suitable or meets the screening conditions. First of all, this link can determine the player’s overall style to some extent.

For example, the dog than the game is lucky to get back a life, people who almost died once will always be more open-minded, so the dog is not so sharp and cruel than the overall atmosphere of the game.

The screening condition of the infinite game is to kill people, not to mention that all murderers are evil people, but that is an example after all, so the competition between players of the infinite game is much more cruel and insidious.

And this kind of people with power can’t put them back into reality at all. Even if you use more means to restrict the game, criminal personality can still find loopholes to undermine the stability of the real society.

So infinite games are not easy.

Let’s not talk about extreme games, let’s talk about this analogy of love games.

According to Lu Xiuci’s speculation, it is really possible that many players are the kind of love brain that does not consider reality and any conditions before entering the game.

Of course, we can’t say this. Love is a beautiful thing after all. If it doesn’t hurt others, then there is no problem. Is it possible that everyone has to live according to a template?

But after entering the game, these players have their own values ​​and the game at once, and taste the sweetness of love.

Many things can be done by conquering men/women. Why do you have to work hard?

The game can’t directly tell people other than high-level players [You don’t have to worry about it. You will fight with people in the future. If you get a reward, don’t even think about pretending to use Mary Su special effects. 】

The three major mainstream games refuse to accept such players as exchange students.

So when the competition came, it was a tragedy.

The tragedy is not only that type of player, but also the people who meet them.

Lu Xiu’s remarks can hardly be said: “They are not the least capable, but they have adapted to the way of solving things. When fighting life and death, they can still think of seduce opponents.”

However, they are serious players! Who can become a high-level player is not a determined one?

He met a female player who was in a love game. She was beaten down and couldn’t figure it out. She also had a concave shape, showing a beautiful face and half-exposed shoulders.

Thinking that he would look shocked, his face was stunning, and it suddenly dawned on time that there was such a beautiful and tough woman.

After seeing him unmoved, his worldview was broken, and he was shocked to doubt that his abilities and charm were limited.

No, big sister, this is a serious competition. We are players, not your attackable NPC in the game.

Besides, he has a girlfriend, although he hadn’t gotten back then, he was in a period when he was a moron stalker in the city where he had nothing to do and went to college.

He didn’t dare to tell Zhu Yang about this now. It was only then that he realized that everything really depends on his peers.

I used to think that the dog was stupid than the game, and the player had to worry about it, but since that happened.

Lu Xiuci no longer demanded more of it, at least it was a serious game.

Of course, it’s just an example, and it’s not limited to this type. There are also other wonderful themes.

During the period, I gave a few more examples, and Zhu Yang almost laughed away.

She fell on Lu Xiuci: “That is to say, at the beginning, Zhulinna Bitch got the qualification for the dog game. If she got the qualification for the Marie Su game, then I would already have three thousand harems now.”

Lu Xiuci’s smile disappeared at the time: “Then I will just tear down the game.”

It’s no joke, the supportive senior player of top games, it is really not impossible to dismantle a small game that is not influential.

“But then again, if you want such a good thing, Julina will not let me.”

The two of them discussed this topic for a long time, and after dinner, Lu Xiu resigned and sent her home.

But this time when she went home, she saw four people, the most popular idols who had been rescued in the snow-capped mountains before and then reportedly visited her house once.

Seeing her back, I wish my mother said: “You are really, you can’t get through when you go out to play, and the children have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Seeing her eyes lit up, the four of them hurriedly got up to say hello, and said to Zhu’s mother: “It’s not a problem, we were originally uninvited.”

Zhu Yang had a playful smile, which was persistent enough.


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