Scream Queen Chapter 172

Xie Yi trembled all over, crying with a sad face: “Then what if the female ghost comes back to me again?”

“If you haven’t lied, with your physique, she shouldn’t **** with you so quickly, after all, she’s not strong right now, and it’s not worth spending with you.”

Zhu Yang returned to the room and fell asleep not long this time, but the difference from what Zhu Lina described was that the female ghost did not fall asleep tonight.

Zhu Yang had anticipated this. Perhaps the bad master made the female ghost feel threatened as soon as he entered the door, so before coming to her at night, he wanted to make an effort to drive people away.

But since it hasn’t been driven away, with the current female ghost’s ability, it must be a lot of loss, and even the strength to enter her dream is gone.

Of course, this is just an optimistic speculation. It is also possible that the ugly **** has deliberately disrupted the rhythm and is holding back some big moves.

Zhu Yang can only be more vigilant about this.

The next day was the fourth day. After breakfast, Zhu Yang hadtily tidied up and went to school.

Today, she deliberately did not wear makeup, nor did she wear bright clothes, plain Mori dresses on her body.

The slender and beautiful figure seemed even more awkward, and her eyebrows were frowned and her eyes were melancholy throughout the morning.

I looked a little haggard, but it was so beautiful that I sighed, and I was straight forward to see that the desire to protect was inflated.

For a time the gossip in the school forum became more lively, but the general wind direction was pitiful and distressed that Zhu Yang ran into the dirty stuff. The boys had even begun to organize ways to come up with various dog skin plasters.

It’s the girl’s occasional one or two voices that are sour. [No illness or disaster, but only two nightmares. Are you so hypocritical? It was all her when he entered the forum. She hasn’t vacillated people who are really depressed or take a break from school for treatment. 】

[But it is not. If there is a sign of schizophrenia, I should be sent to the doctor quickly and healed late. 】

Such kind of ridicule just came to the fore, and all kinds of accusations were put to the bottom, mocking others’ misfortunes, and unlucky things have to be used to compare moral hats such as rankings and so on.

At noon, I have a regular meal with the sorority members. After a day and night of fermentation, everyone who should know knows.

Everyone sat down at the table on the second floor, which had been agreed upon and reserved for the exclusive sisterhood, and began to inquire and comfort Zhu Yang’s condition.

But even with a worried expression, the content in his eyes may be gloating, curious, or thoughtful.

Zhu Yang has always acted online, and the atmosphere was pleasant for a while. The young and beautiful girls supported and encouraged each other to overcome the difficulties together, which was moved.

Suddenly a different voice said: “Um, Zhu Yang, although I don’t want to talk about this when you are in pain.”

Zhu Yang raised his head, Lin Qian walked in front of him, and the triumph in Bi Chi’s eyes could hardly be hidden.

He also made a statement saying: “You don’t have makeup today? You can’t be embarrassed because of your personal emotional image. Sisters must maintain their beauty outside, or just don’t go out at all. This is your own rule.”

“The day before yesterday, Xie Xiaomeng was said to have been done by you, but today you did not abide by the rules you set. As the president, is this a principled negligence?”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows when he heard this, but did not rush to answer, but first glanced at the reactions of the people around him.

No one expressed dissatisfaction with Lin Qian’s fall into the trap, but rather agreed with her.

The rules that everyone must abide by, she Zhu Yang ignores herself, not to mention the typical sorrows of people in the sisterhood, whoever has a strong aura should speak out.

Just after Lin Qian was cut back last time. One by one, Zhu Yang didn’t dare to provoke so quickly, but it’s okay to keep silent and develop.

Zhu Yang knew their virtues long ago, and there was no gap in her heart, as long as she remained absolutely strong.

But with the incident of Julina, then the Sisterhood will have to beat the individual’s mind hard, and it will save the next time someone dares to dare to mess with her behind her back.

This design not only waited for the female ghost, but it was also important to let each **** realize that the wrong person had been dared to hit her.

Seeing her melancholy frowning eyebrows disappeared, her whole fragile and helpless temperament disappeared, her eyes returned to the condescending contempt.

Looking at Lin Qian with a faint smile, she sneered, “Of course I will abide by the rules I set.”

“But you, as the card face of the broadcasting department, your ability to hide your face and speechless understanding makes people doubt the overall level of your department.”

“Don’t be embarrassed and maintain your beauty at any time. Did I fail to do anything?”

“But you—” Lin Qian didn’t admit that she was still dead, and pointed to her plain face.

Before I spoke, I saw Zhu Yang recruited someone to come over.

Coincidentally, this is Cheng Senior, a talented person in the journalism department. He is handsome, from a good family background, and has a good personality. Because of frequent professional contacts, Lin Qian had already secretly promised her.

But after hearing that Zhu Yang recruited the people, he made a pitiful white lotus again: “Senior, I want to ask your boys what they think.”

Xuechang Cheng was flattered: “You said, is there any trouble? Just say it.”

The whole school knew about Zhu Yang being shocked by ghosts, but she didn’t say it personally, so it was not easy to tell it in person.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Yang said something else: “When I went out today, I also found that I had a bad complexion and a ghostly appearance. When I came to school, everyone was staring at me, and I wondered if it would hinder everyone .”

“You guys have a more objective view, so I want to ask, I’m-okay now?”

When Senior Cheng heard this, he immediately retorted: “Where? You girls just like to think about it, knowing that you love beauty, but when you look at you, you definitely don’t dislike it, or you suddenly change your style, which is both fresh and inconsistent. ”

As he talked, he became a little ambiguous, Zhu Yang said with ease: “The senior, what do you think of me adding a makeup? Oh, just a makeup like Lin Qian.”

Senior Cheng looked at Lin Qian, who was still ambiguous with him but had never broken the relationship, and at Zhu Yang, who was the most conspicuous and beautiful among a group of beautiful girls.

With a serious expression: “No, in fact, compared to Lin Qian, I appreciate Zhu Xuemei’s simple dressing style today.”

Lin Qian looked at the senior in disbelief, Zhu Yang waved his hand lightly: “That’s OK, I’ll interrupt the senior’s meal. By the way, my birthday party may have to be advanced. It’s Sunday this week. Please show your face when the senior arrives. .”

Invited by the beauty in person, Cheng Xuechang naturally has a bright face. There are many boys who want to go to the Zhu Yang party. This is really something to show off.

What’s more, Zhu Yang just found him and took Lin Qian to make a difference. Isn’t it interesting to him?

The boy left with infinite brain replenishment, and Zhu Yang raised his legs and looked at Lin Qian and said, “What to do? The old lady just goes out without washing her face without makeup, she is still more beautiful than you in the eyes of others.”

I glanced at the surrounding girls again: “Of course, anyone who wants to be confident can do the same. Let me see, just take Lin Qian after makeup as a reference. As long as it is not lower than this standard, I will never say anything. four.”

“Of course, if you don’t know how you look, don’t blame me for speaking badly.”

“Zhu Yang, you–” Lin Qian was anxious, this **** not only seduce her favorite boy in front of her, but also humiliated her so much.

Using her as a reference does not mean that she is the minimum standard for the appearance of the sisterhood?

Zhu Yang looked back at her and said coldly: “What? Any comments?”

From the beginning, Lin Qian wanted to take advantage of her illness to kill her, seize the gap to destroy the prestige of the **** and then pull her down step by step.

Looking at her eyes at this time, there was full of understatement of irony, and only then realized that the so-called fear of hitting ghosts, sluggishness and so on, it was all this **** doing a show.

Maybe it’s because the fishing law enforcement sees their response so that they can beat the rushing people down. I hate myself for being too impulsive.

After being distracted by the betrayal of this hacking and the betrayal of the ambiguous object, Lin Qian could only swallow this mouthful of blood and explained in a low voice that she didn’t mean it.

The girls around just as they had reacted, they all accused Lin Qian half-truths for nothing to do.

Zhu Yang laughed, his smile was bright and sweet, just what he said made his heart tremble——

She said: “I admire Lin Qian, you can afford to put it down, you can save face and become more and more courageous.” She also said to the other members of the Sisterhood: “Oh of course, you are sensitive to the direction of the wind. Being neat also satisfied me.”

This was clearly scolding Lin Qian to see that the situation was wrong and admit her mistake, and quickly confessed to everyone.

But no one dared to reply, only to bury their heads in the salad on the plate.

Julina, who had already come out of the house, was sitting at the end of the dining table, she didn’t dare to breathe with a big sound.

She is also entangled by a female ghost, what is she like? What is Zhu Yang? Zhu Lina even felt that this **** could maintain her dominant position even in the last second before death.

Therefore, she sincerely hopes that the female ghost will take her away. If she does not die, she will definitely not know what will happen after the autumn.

In the afternoon Zhu Yang returned home and Xie Yi was still there. He didn’t run away, so he only hid in the room for a day and played King Pesticide.

Seeing that Zhu Yang came back, he threw the phone away: “It’s time for dinner, and you won’t come back soon. Your aunt looked at me and almost bored me to death.”

“When she was doing cleaning, she came and went to inquire about the eight generations of my ancestors, and said that it is appropriate for us to match the Chinese zodiac signs. Sister, you are twenty years older than me.”

“After I refused, she started to sell her daughter again, I…” Xie Yi complained, slapped his thigh, “Are the old ladies now so careless?”

“I said, even though I’m being threatened by you, I will be a humanoid mosquito-repellent incense here. My safety is not guaranteed and I have to withstand mental attacks.”

Since his original appearance last night, this guy has simply lost the temperament of a master, and he has fallen into an internet addiction youth.

Zhu Yang was too lazy to listen to his complaints and waved his hand: “I’ll take care of you. Auntie has clean hands and feet, is diligent, and cooks deliciously. That’s enough.”

This Xie Yi admits, especially the pork ribs specially cooked for him, it is really fragrant, and no big hotel can produce such a homey taste that makes people unable to stop eating.

Before going to bed at night, Xie Yi said, “The female ghost didn’t fall into a dream yesterday. She will definitely come today. Have you figured out how to do it? If it doesn’t work, I can’t sacrifice to accompany you to survive tonight.”

Zhu Yang nodded and pointed to the recorder in his pocket: “Well! There is another piece of evidence for sexual harassment.”

Choked Xie Yi back to the room.

Zhu Yang didn’t understand that tonight, the female ghost would definitely express something, but since the decision was made, he couldn’t persuade him.

According to Zhu Lina, in the early stage, even on the sixth day, he might be able to see a ghost anywhere in the daytime. There was no substantial attack. There is a high probability that the seventh day can only be used in the rule.

In other words, the front is all paper tigers, which are used to weaken people’s will. Of course, many people are already having a hard time.

Zhu Yang, who was called a week ago, never believed that she could be tough with ghosts. According to her self-recognition, horror movies are seen, but it is not the kind of silly and bold that cannot be frightened.

I don’t know where I’m broken. On the contrary, facing the female ghost, the only way to kill her is to kill her, but I am not very afraid.

While lying on the bed half dreaming and half awake, Zhu Yang felt that he had come to a narrow and dim place.

The layout of the room is simple, with only one bed, one chair, one dressing table, and a ceiling fan on the ceiling.

Zhu Yang looked at it for a while in wonder, and suddenly he was excited. This is the room of the female ghost in the video.

The next second with this recognition, footsteps came from outside the door, stepping on the old wooden floor, the sound of creaking and creaking for no reason made people creepy.

Zhu Yang estimated that the female ghost was coming in soon, and he came out as soon as his mind turned viciously.

She hurriedly took off her white silk nightdress, pulled a hanger from the bed, and hung her skirt on the ceiling fan with her feet, and then turned on the ceiling fan to the minimum.

In the dimly lit room, a white dress was slowly spinning in the air, and at first glance it looked like a white corpse was hanging.

Then Zhu Yang gently hid in the blind spot by the door, and the door opened quietly at this time, making a disturbing creak.

The female ghost sneered along the way, her eyes were poisonous and triumphant, and today she can finally pull Nabichi into a dream.

She didn’t believe that Bitch could survive. If she didn’t scare her into urinary incontinence tonight, she would be in vain.

As a result, when he opened the door, what Doutou saw was not the figure of the bitch, but a pale corpse hanging on the ceiling fan slowly turning.

The female ghost suddenly became stiff, and a shrill scream poured out from her mouth unconsciously——


Zhu Yang didn’t care too much, and he rushed to the mall with the temporary attendant.

Although this game is said to kill people, it is not stingy towards players.

Anyway, Zhu Yang had a lot of money in his own online banking account, and others estimated that it was similar. If the money was spread over seven days, it would be enough to spend time in the game.

It’s a bit like a big meal before decapitation.

Zhu Yang is not welcome. Although it is not like a developed city in the first and second tiers, there are still many brands she likes in the central business district.

I bought several sets in one go. Zhu Yang couldn’t tolerate wearing the same clothes for two days, so he simply prepared the remaining days.

After buying clothes, cosmetics, shoes, bags, etc. must be added.

Even in the world of horror games, maintenance is an uninterrupted task.

If you want to use a joke to describe, Zhu Yang is definitely the kind of person who will dress up beautifully when he is about to die, buy a brand-name body bag that he is satisfied with, and even if there is enough time, he will even have flowers for the funeral. Decide what you like.

Lu Xin followed her, and didn’t comment on her desire for shopping.

If you want to buy it, you can carry it when you have a bag, and occasionally express a little opinion, so that Zhu Yang feels that this guy has a good taste.

In reality, he should also be someone with a good family background, right? However, other aspects may be so mediocre that she has no impression of her from a school.

There were several times when Lu Xin subconsciously habitually took out the card to pay, and he stuck his hand in his pocket, but fortunately Zhu Yang didn’t notice.

When Zhu Yang was happy to buy, most of the day had passed. At three or four o’clock in the afternoon, the two people returned to the rented house.

Of course, it was Lu Xin who had a big bag and a small bag. Zhu Yang only had a cup of coffee in his hand.

When Li Li and Wang Bei saw the two of them come back, they were a little confused.

When Zhu Yang saw them and the landlord sitting at the tea table in the lobby drinking tea and chatting, he also saved the effort of finding someone.

There are several bags of clothes thrown in front of the landlord: “These are sent to the dry cleaning. Remember not to put softeners and fragrances. Those smells are very cheap and cannot appear on me.”

“The bag of garbage in my room was taken out and thrown away to take up space. Oh, by the way, remember to disinfect the towels with hot water.”

This pile of things fell down and almost didn’t faint the landlord.

He hurriedly said, “I only rent cheap short-term rental here. No, I don’t have these services.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand and dismissed him: “I didn’t let you go free. The fees that should be collected are collected, and the service fee is also included.”

Of course, she was too quick to order, and she could tell at a glance that she was used to it.

Reminiscent of the movement of cutting people upstairs yesterday and the rampant of throwing people out this morning, it can be seen that it is the local tyrant who has a mine at home.

Seeing that the pile of clothes to be dry-cleaned were thrown over again, they were all expensive brand names, and the landlord suddenly did not dare to neglect.

He immediately picked up the things and went out. Before leaving, he went to their room and brought Zhu Yang’s suitcase that she claimed to be ‘trash’, and planned to throw it out.

At this moment, Ms. Cui was making up her mind that she was going to go out to wash, just to see how people were arrogantly calling people during the whole process.

To be honest, she was very grateful to the new tenant for what happened this morning, and asked the landlord about their name.

It’s just that the other party doesn’t look like a good talker, and it’s not sheer kindness but a head-to-toe contempt for her.

Listening to her speaking and acting style, you can see how domineering this girl is.

In addition to being so beautiful, there must be no good things to say to those girls in their school. Presumably the environment around her does not lack such a sinister voice.

But how did she take it for granted?

Even with such dazzling and self-confidence to lose his temper and do bad things, Cui Yuan felt for the first time that the **** of the school girls was not a dark and embarrassing word.

If it were used on this girl, it would be fascinating, free and easy. Those rumors that have been entangled with her for a long time, if put on her, will look like those people are hateful, right?

Miss Cui has a lot of emotion here, but Zhu Yang and the others are already quarreling.

If it were not in the lobby, Li Lizhen would swear.

He asked in a low voice, “You did this when you went out to investigate today? Splurge and spend a day in the commercial street?”

Saying ‘bang’, slapped it on the coffee table: “Zhu Yang, I don’t know what kind of Grand Canal you got through the trials, but you think the points are so simple, it’s obviously a beating.”

“You are a newcomer and haven’t adjusted well, and haven’t seen the horror of ghosts in the official arena. It’s okay to use this place as a playground. Anyway, your life is yours, and it’s your business to sneak around.”

“Don’t hurt everyone, you can see that you came in less than a day ago. Except for the high school student, every line of ghosts has offended many times. The task of investigating should be thrown aside and just enjoy yourself. I don’t know your reality. Do you have to make way for things like buying things for you when you study and work in the middle school, but now life is at stake, and if you don’t constrain, we can only take care of ourselves.”

“But I have to remind you that although the death rate in the first game of the newcomers is not high, it is obviously higher now. Think about how to ask for your own blessings.”

He glared at Lu Xin and said: “She is a newcomer and she doesn’t know how high the earth is. Don’t you understand what this place is? Don’t catch your life after chasing a woman.”

His words were full of disgust towards this young man.

Zhu Yangman casually unwrapped the product packaging, and when Li Li finished speaking, he said coolly: “Oh? What progress have you made today?”

Li Li choked upon hearing this, his aura a little bit, but he immediately supported his aura again: “The landlord stays in the hall all day, and we haven’t been able to enter the room for the time being.”

Then hurriedly added: “But we are actively trying to find a way. We have been close to him all afternoon. As long as he sets out his rules of going out and the work rules of Miss Cui, who is the most uncertain, we can—”

Before he finished speaking, Zhu Yang interrupted: “So, haven’t I already created a chance for you?”

“Ms. Cui just went to the sink with her cosmetic bag. It can be seen that she is about to go to work again soon. The landlord has been taken away by me. The place where large trash is thrown nearby is more than two hundred meters away. The nearest laundry room is two. Outside of the street, it will take no less than half an hour to go back and forth between the two sides. In addition to the high value of my things, the laundry room will definitely spend a lot of time carefully checking every piece of clothing.”

“Ms. Qiu gets off work at 6 o’clock, and then it’s not earlier than 6:30 to buy food to pick up his son home. High school students have to go to evening self-study and have to come back at least after 9 o’clock, which means you two have at least two hours. The universal key is in the drawer of the bar, so you haven’t gotten a day to deal with such a simple thing. Are you embarrassed to accuse us?”

Zhu Yang sneered, “No matter how much experience you have, you can’t talk about efficiency. I can finish the things you spend a day in ten minutes, so what do you care about me with the extra time?”

Li Li and Wang Bei opened their mouths half-open, and after hearing her acrimonious stroke, they realized that Nima is now the best time to act.

Wang Bei is okay. She has a gentle personality and doesn’t have any independent opinions. Whoever makes sense will listen to whoever is reasonable.

But Li Li relied on his most experience and the oldest, and his face was a little ugly when he couldn’t come to the stage because of a little girl.

He held back for a moment before saying: “The other people have about the same time, but how do you know that the landlord won’t come back early? In case he leaves something or the laundry doesn’t take too long, he might—”

Before I finished speaking, I saw Zhu Yang raising the screen of his mobile phone to face him. There was a positioning on the screen, and a small red dot was moving.

She smiled and said, “I can’t think of anything you can think of? I threw Lu Xin’s mobile phone in. Even if he saw it, he would only think that Lu Xin had put it in when he was carrying a bag, so he could observe where he was at any time. If he comes back soon, a phone call will ask him to buy something nearby. As long as the service fee is sufficient, he will be happy to run some errands if he wants to come.”

Li Li had to shut his mouth angrily, and put out a sentence without emphasis: “Remember to do your task tomorrow.” So he went to the front desk with Wang Bei to get the keys and start investigations.

In fact, Zhu Yang has no expectations for the current survey results. After all, this is only the first day, and there will definitely not be too many clues for them.

Is it really a vacation for the game to let them over seven days in advance? Although the story of the plot is probably already in their minds, the cause and effect, the ups and downs of the process, are slowly unfolding.

Zhu Yang still prefers certain things to be triggered after a certain period of time, so he ignores the rhythm of certain fools.

With long legs resting on the coffee table, he half leaned against the sofa in the hall, asking Lu Xin to peel her oranges to eat.

Don’t tell me, she found that this guy is pretty good at serving people, not too much, and winks, let’s look at the situation again, if you can go out, you can really take him as a follower.

Sure enough, more than an hour later, the two of them came out with nothing, and both looked a little depressed.

Before long, the landlord and Mrs. Qiu returned, and the landlord handed the bill to Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang happily paid the money and added some hard work. The landlord even took pictures of her **** and told her to do everything during her stay.

For dinner, Li Li and the others wanted to order takeaway, but Zhu Yang said, “Do you really like it here? You don’t want to leave for dinner.”

It doesn’t matter if they take their attendants to a nearby hotel for a big meal.

Wang Bei saw that although Zhu Yang was a few years younger than her, he was neat and smart. Compared with Li Li, his flexibility looked more confident.

For a while, I felt that the girl was right, this game was terrifying and terrible, but there was no need to treat myself tightly all day long, so I was busy with them.

Li Li couldn’t see it. Seeing that the dominant position was in the hands of this little girl, he was afraid of being excluded. After all, he was not a leader in the real world, and followed him.

Sure enough, as long as the expenses are not limited, the world of horror games can still be very free and easy.

After eating a feast in a high-end restaurant, Li Li and Wang Bei also sighed for nothing.

In the real world, they are just ordinary wage earners. How can they spend thousands of dollars on a meal? That is the family’s living expenses for a month or two.

But there is no restraint in spending money here, and even a bit of a rogue, the whole house will die in seven days anyway, and even if the house is eating now and the landlord is credited with it, no one will collect debts.

It was past nine o’clock after the group had enjoyed the big meal. Because the restaurant was not far from the place where they lived, a few people walked back to digest.

As a result, as soon as I entered the alley, I saw a few people sneaking in there.

Upon closer inspection, one of them was actually the high school student tenant in their house.

However, this child is not in a very good situation now. He was put on his shoulders by a few boys wearing the same school uniforms.

“If you rent a villa outside and say you don’t have money? Don’t be so stingy. We are all here, so you can bear us leaving empty-handed?”

Ok! Has the school violence started to rob?

That night the female ghost did not come out to find a sense of existence, Zhu Yang felt familiar, and fell asleep until dawn.

Today is the sixth day, and after midnight tonight, which is the seventh day, the female ghost is likely to be able to make a substantial attack.

Rao is Zhu Yang, who has always had the upper hand.

She felt that just in case, she still had to explain what should be explained.

So when Xie Yi came to the restaurant for breakfast, he saw Zhu Yang calling home to explain his funeral.

But the way of explanation is also unique.

“Hey, Asin! If I don’t call you tomorrow, all my things will belong to you.”

Zhu Weixin didn’t understand why his sister suddenly delivered welfare. According to the past, she was a little suspicious of her fishing law enforcement.

Busily said: “Sister, if you say this, it’s useless for me to take your things. Can I still wear your clothes, bags and shoes? You’re not trying on me, are you? thing.”

Zhu Yang despised him: “Stupid, just reselling them is worth a lot of money. Have your parents come back recently? Don’t run around this summer, stay at home and they will serve tea and pour water to be obedient. Coax them. Do you want to be filial?”

“There is also a box under the cupboard in my room. If I don’t regret calling you the day after tomorrow, you will return Lu Xiu’s resignation for me.”

Zhu Weixin listened more and more wrongly: “Sister, why do I listen to you, so like explaining the funeral?”

Then there was an anxious cry in his voice: “Couldn’t something really happen to you? You are looking for someone and raising money in the past two days. I used to blow up your card when you went shopping. You even dare to contact Brother Lu.”

Zhu Yang secretly scolded these Erques for being stupid, and he was so clever at the critical moment.

He changed the subject and said: “What does it mean to dare? A big living person with his surname Lu is not a snake or beast, who has your sister ever counseled?

Zhu Weixin pierced her and said: “But you said that he is a pervert with inconsistent appearances, and he was only looking for him when he was lame. Sister, you forgot how you temporarily changed to volunteer to clean up your baggage and escape the field?

The worst thing he had done in this life was stabbed by this fool, and Zhu Yang became a little ashamed and angry: “Okay, let you do something to force you so much. In short, you remember the things, be obedient! I’m going to be in the summer vacation. come back.”

“Sister, maybe it’s me—”

Zhu Weixin didn’t finish speaking, so his sister hung up the phone. Although she was full of energy on the phone, she cursed herself with the slightest prestige, and it seemed that there was nothing wrong with her.

But Zhu Weixin just got more and more frustrated as he thought about it. He didn’t think about what to do all day. When a friend invited him out to play, he refused.

When it got dark, the anxiety became more and more intense. Zhu Weixin put down the bowl and finally decided not to listen to his sister’s greetings. Even if he was scolded, he had to make it clear, so he immediately took out his mobile phone to book the ticket.

Unfortunately, the flight that is close to this time will not arrive until early tomorrow morning.

However, Zhu Yang finished his unlucky brother’s explanation and gave Xie Yi the reward in advance.

Not only did he not give a discount because he was a counterfeit, on the contrary, it was more than the promised amount.

Xie Yi was a little flattered: “Oh! Which one are you?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “If you give it to you, just keep it.”

I didn’t say anything else. Xie Yi was able to stay here these days to support her. It is appreciated. As for her previous threats, the other party has done a tricky business and made a small achievement. If you really decide to leave, you will worry about you if you have no time for him. Gu’s little girl?

Zhu Yang didn’t want to arrange things too thoroughly, just like her real pill. To tell the truth, if the low force female ghost could really kill her, Zhu Yang felt that she would not be willing to become a ghost.

By the time everyone is a ghost, she can start a fair fight again, and she will not admit that she will lose to the low one.

Yesterday’s post selection results have come out, Zhu Yang happily paid the bonus.

Those who have won the bonus went to the forum to show off again, which attracted people’s envy for a while. Although the amount was not large, it was not a lot for ordinary students, not to mention P pictures, which is much easier than memorizing words and writing papers.

So someone said below that the same games will come more.

When the petitioners were almost there at noon, Zhu Yang said slowly—

[Actually, that Shanzhai Zhenzi is still a beautiful female ghost from Chu people, who harassed me recently. I don’t know who got my address and phone number, and delivered the video by express delivery. After reading it, I made death threats every day. Today is the sixth day. Although I know it is fake, I am still very scared. 】

Because of the foreshadowing of the previous few days, the news came out and the crowds were excited-even if you didn’t like Zhu Yang, it had to be for money.

[This is clearly Shanzhai Zhenzi, so disgusting? 】

[Huh~~, one such call a day is just like being stared at by a pervert. 】

[Bullying a girl who lives alone? Is this person from our school? There is such a perversion among us? 】

[This is illegal, right? Did you call the police? 】

Running towards the sympathy of the victims, although the opinions were divided for a time, the basic wind direction was still filled with righteous indignation.

Soon the news on the forum spread out, and people from the Sorority Society called to comfort her by the usual friends.

The previous claim of being surrounded by ghosts was too absurd, and no one would believe it, but to say that I was harassed by abnormal sending of videotapes and phone calls, the credibility was ten percent.

Everyone hated iron but not steel: “Why don’t you say it clearly at the beginning, it’s just a pervert, it’s worth worrying for so long?”

“That kind of person is a mouse in the gutter. He is proud of hiding in the dark and playing in the shade. Once exposed to the sun, you think he is no better than anyone else.”

Then someone said: “Isn’t there a party tonight? Then let’s stay there together and see what tricks the idiot in the shade can do.”

Everyone agreed for a while. The atmosphere blew up. With more people, the excitement of the community and the excitement of the crowd, not to mention the abnormality of phone harassment, just tell them that there is a real ghost, so many people dare to one. Check it out.

Zhu Yang hypocritically said: “Is this not good? Although weird power sounds funny, but many things are really inaccurate, this matter is wicked, or the party should be postponed, and I will find a way to solve it- ”

Before she could finish her words, everyone refused at the same time. They all emphasized that it was going to be tonight. They had played all the things that should be played at the party, and hadn’t seen any ‘ghost’ yet.

You Zhu Yang, as the host, things are all up here, and that is absolutely not a disappointment.

Zhu Yang repeatedly thanked him, put down the phone and called the nearby supermarket, and ordered a batch of wine.

Xie Yi smacked his lips when he saw it, “You are trying to force the female ghost to dare not come out because of the number of people? But what are you doing with so much wine? If you are all drunk and paralyzed, isn’t it the female ghost who is asking you A good time?”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “This thing is also particular about it. It’s so courageous, it makes them angry, but it can’t make them fall drunk. Anyway, I have experience.”

Xie Yi was still not sure of her idea: “It is true that the best way to deal with ghosts and ghosts is to expose yourself to a crowded place, but even with so many people around on the seventh day, the female ghost may not be able to succeed. But it won’t take a lifetime.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “I never thought of just protecting myself under that ugly man. I said I would kill her. It was her soul-searching day after the early hours of the morning. Is it not mine?”

Xie Yi was silent for a while, and gave her a thumbs up: “Gang, sister, you are a pure man.”

Zhu Yang opened his hand: “You are poor, you are of great use tonight. When the time comes, be smart and watch me wink.”

Xie Yi is planning to say that we two have such a tacit understanding? Some guests have arrived.

The first ones to arrive were Xie Xiaomeng and Zhu Lina. They were the people who really knew what Zhu Yang’s situation was. They were both scared and amazed at Zhu Yang’s operation.

When Zhu Yang saw that they were both here, he was quite satisfied. Even if he knew that they were real ghosts, he would dare to come under the advantage of the group, and the performance of other people would not let her down.


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