Scream Queen Chapter 173

There are three major games in the front, and the model has matured. Although these other small games have different types of motivations, and even have strange themes, the general structure is also the same.

For example, the player’s points rewards obtained by successfully clearing the customs in a copy can be exchanged for the materials and money they need.

As for the exchange ratio, here is a little bit worse than the dog than the game, only a fifth of the game is the dog.

For example, Zhu Yang can exchange one point for 10,000 soft sister coins, and other currencies equivalent to this purchasing power.

But the strategy game can only be exchanged for two thousand yuan.

However, the players of the Raiders game do not have a special survival test, especially the initial copy of the rookie player, whether it is a person or a social background.

Moreover, the initial funds given by the game are enough for people to pay for food, clothing, housing and transportation. Except for Zhu Yang, who also spends extravagantly in the game, most people don’t care about enough money.

But Qi Xun felt speechless for Zhu Yang, who had already deviated from the strategy track by a thousand miles, and was not doing business as soon as he set foot on a foreign land.

Following her in a ghostly gesture, watching her frantically buying and buying on Fifth Avenue.

Qi Xun held on to the full-length mirror next to him, took a few deep breaths and waited for the blood pressure to drop before trembling and saying, “Isn’t it interviewing the heroine? What are you doing?”

Who expected Zhu Yang to be more dissatisfied than him: “You can’t play games, how much activity funds have you prepared?”

“This kind of game’s default strategy time should be at least two years? Is this money given for two years? Is it necessary for the player to be self-reliant? Doesn’t it consider the player’s plan not to step out of the road?”

While trying on clothes, Zhu Yang used her fluent English guide to suggest her matching requirements, so that she could choose products for herself in a purposeful manner.

Don’t forget to complain about the single strategy direction of the game: “If there are players, there is no reason to be an actor. The intersection with the strategy goal is not the only one. The strategy goal is an individual and not a trigger egg.”

“Isn’t it a way to get in touch with the place where his car is passing by? If you choose this route, does the preliminary investigation by professionals need money? Then the funding for this activity is simply not enough.”

Not to mention that Qi Xun was stunned, he vomited blood on the spot in the strategy game.

This sounds so shameless as to be so natural? It is a strategy game, romantic encounters, beautiful love, lingering life and death.

Although it is suppressed by the three major mainstream games, it is not an infamous little game, okay? It also has its own copy world.

According to this guy, he wants to turn the love channel into a legal channel in minutes, right?

Qi Xun’s mouth opened and closed, and finally grasped the point with difficulty: “You, didn’t you say that you want to make the best use of what you have? If so, what is the meaning of gold fingers?”

“If the frequency of use of the gold finger is too low, there will be no relevance to speak of. Naturally, it is impossible to be exposed after clearing the level and completely belong to oneself.”

At this time, Zhu Yang changed into a handsome motorcycle suit, leather black trousers, and the tailoring design was first-class.

The straight, slender and powerful legs are tightly wrapped, and the figure is too good to be removed. The powerful and domineering aura is simply the boss himself.

Don’t look at Qi Xun’s babbling along the way, you can see Zhu Yang’s appearance, and I have to admit that if it is a major heroine movie, her image and her temperament are perfect.

Zhu Yang said: “Why not? You shouldn’t think that the upper body of your personality is only used to improve acting skills? That would be too violent.”

“Don’t talk about anything else, are you really admiring the goals of the strategy?”

“Just follow the strategy model you mentioned. If the player doesn’t give a corresponding response, how can the goal of the strategy be sincere?”

“Not everyone is able to show affection for people they don’t like from their eyes to their actions. What’s more, many strategy targets still need to face each other day and night. Isn’t this an opportunity for cheating?”

After Zhu Yang finished speaking, he looked up and saw Qi Xun blushing.

Somewhat unbelievable: “No, no? You really like it?”

Qi Xun was a little embarrassed: “It’s not all of them. Most of the goals of the strategy are very attractive. It is not difficult to show admiration for them.”

Zhu Yang was speechless, and finally understood that the love brain players mentioned by Lu Xiuci were not an exaggeration. It seems that the selection of players in this game really fits the game itself.

There is one thing to say, if you really have the ability to meet one another and love one another, it would be an incredible talent for strategy tasks.

Zhu Yang shrugged, expressing his understanding, and there is nothing to blame.

It is difficult for her to like a person in love. If she also sees a person who loves one person, based on her ability and appearance, the harem conservatively estimates that the bottom of the two digits, and the first number is still seven. Large numbers like eight/nine.

But it doesn’t matter if you enjoy love games, she still likes luxury life, but these guys have turned the cart before the horse.

Kuang bought a pass and booked a luxury suite in the hotel. Zhu Yang took a shower and took care of himself before he arrived at the building where Director Ji worked.

The production company of that movie is one of the world’s largest film companies, and the location can be found in a Google search.

Recently, because of a new round of intensive casting, the director should still be here.

It doesn’t matter if he isn’t here. With such a big investment gossip is flying all over the sky, it is not difficult to find the director’s whereabouts.

I wish Yang good luck. The director came to the headquarters today. There is a nice cafe downstairs in the headquarters building.

Zhu Yang went over and ordered a cup of coffee to observe the surrounding environment.

In places like this kind of dense film and television industry, not to mention that stars from all over the world come and go frequently, and come out alone to work hard, with the dream of an actor, looking for opportunities here is naturally like crossing the river.

A billboard was smashed down on the street, and those who were sure to die were all the poor guys and unscrupulous brokers who shared the basement with others.

Zhu Yang caught sight of a man across the street. He was a white man of Germanic descent, tall and strong, with tight muscles and a very solid physique.

This kind of mixed dragon set in action movies is convenient, mercenaries who die within a few seconds of appearance.

“Hey!” Zhu Yang snapped his fingers at him from a distance, calling him over.

This action has to be performed by a man, which is undoubtedly a kind of provocation. It is possible for someone to fight you in the street.

But here is a film industry block full of opportunities, and the other party is a beautiful lady, so chances are coming.

So the big man came over without even thinking about it.

Zhu Yang sat at the outermost position of the open-air cafe, and was separated from the road by a wooden fence. The big guy didn’t look at facing the big five and three thick, but he had a good attitude——

“What can I do for you? Madam.” The other side said through the fence.

Zhu Yang was not polite: “Want to make some extra money?”

“Of course!” The other side nodded. The actor usually has to do part-time jobs. People not only pursue their dreams, but also have to eat well.

Sometimes running errands can earn a day’s living expenses, why not do it?

The big man thought that Zhu Yang was just letting him run errands, but he saw that the other party handed over a small wad of money.

The money was folded in half, and he knew from his veteran experience that there would be no less than ten, but the key is that these dollars are all 100 in face value.

This is not a small amount. The big man looked at Zhu Yang in surprise, but saw her other hand put on the table.

Then a wad of US dollars appeared on the table like magic, this time the number was even more, and the thickness was at least one hundred sheets, but he might not be able to earn it for half a year.

I heard the beautiful Asian woman say: “As you can see, the extra money is not small, but it’s not so profitable. Do you mind getting beaten up?”

“Of course it’s not just you. You know someone of the same size as you, who can be here in ten minutes. If you find twenty, can you do it?”

The big man nodded quickly: “Yes!”

“But what is the degree of injury?”

There are many injuries in the film crew, and many bottom actors are so poor that they can’t even pay the dues for joining the actors’ union.

Although there is a sound employment system here, the compensation for the capital from individuals is naturally very small, and some minor injuries are simply trivial.

The big guy is also the old oil who has been mixing here for a long time, and he naturally knows what he can’t blindly agree to.

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I know how to use medicinal wine at most, and I will avoid your face without delaying your work.”

The big guy understood. It turned out that this person wants to get started personally, and of course every lady who mixes here can’t be underestimated.

Maybe a thin girl in the crowd is the fighting champion, especially this is an Asian.

But the other party glanced at Zhu Yang’s fingers, the skin was soft and delicate, the knuckles were thin and not thick, and the fingers were slender and straight.

So I was completely satisfied, and after receiving the deposit of more than one thousand dollars, Zhu Yang explained how to do it.

Then he nodded and said, “See you in ten minutes, ma’am.”

As soon as he walked here, Qi Xun saw the door of the building opened and a middle-aged man about fifty years old came out from inside.

The other party was full of energy, but his eyebrows were frowned, and his distress and anxiety were no longer concealed.

As he walked forward quickly, he said: “Is it so difficult for a heroine? Who are the people who came to audition this time?”

“What I want is a heroine with both good and evil personality, beautiful, fit, agile and powerful, and a bit of bitch.”

“The one who sent me was either a bloated fat woman or a black-and-yellow withered girl. Where did it come from this time? You would just pouting and staring and dare to shove it in front of me?

The assistant in the back followed him quickly, explaining: “Aren’t there many people with the right appearance? The body lines can be exercised, and the actors here are very professional.”

“Furthermore, Amanda is not as bad as you said? How healthy is her complexion, her temperament is wild, and she has had amazing fights. The audience will like her.”

Director Ji irritably said: “No, she is like a **** mercenary. If I make a desert combat movie, I will choose her without saying anything.”

“But this time the protagonist was a spoiled girl leader before he became a hero, she doesn’t look like it.”

“What about Wendy? She started as the Queen of Campus. She looks absolutely suitable and fits the personality of the beginning of the movie. Her acting skills are also good. She performed well in literary and artistic films before. Isn’t there time left? The growth path of the heroine.”

Director Ji shook his head again: “She can’t. She is too thin and has no beauty of strength. I don’t have so much time to train her.”

“It’s still a trivial matter, but she can’t play that trembling sense of oppression. She is only suitable for the role of a chick.”

Seeing the assistant about to speak, Director Ji irritated and said: “Don’t mention those in China. One generation is not as good as one generation. If Li Hui is thirty years younger, it will be fine.”

The assistant said that you can really say that Ms. Li has long since stopped filming, and now occasionally invites the International Film Festival to present awards to the new version.

The life achievement of the other party is simply the pinnacle of an actress, with a strong aura, and he can easily find any role.

Although she has left the rivers and lakes, her legend still circulates in the rivers and lakes, known as “Li Huang”.

It is not that there are no suitable actors who come to the audition, but Director Ji’s requirements are too strict.

This hero movie originally had a series of movies based on comics, and the original has a huge fan base.

The heroine is different from the traditional heroes. The predecessors of ordinary heroes either have special occupations, wealthy wealth, rough backgrounds, or great ideals and sense of responsibility.

Ordinary heroines have a relatively single background, the daughter of a big boss, the girlfriend of a big boss, and a professional with a feminist color.

But this one is very different, just like X-Servant is different among superheroes, this heroine is also a strangely set existence.

Before becoming a hero, the other party was a female leader. A typical rich girl in the Upper East Side, the ultimate task of life is to be extravagant and to maintain his own rule in the circle.

All day long on campus, her boyfriend is changing faster than her clothes. The cheating is simply the most inconspicuous one in her **** operation. She has to split her two legs and she must step on her boat. Variation octopus.

But this role is undoubtedly charming, even if the atmosphere is as open as it is now, her personal virtues are still criticized.

Hidden on her campus is a civilian hero who usually has an ordinary sense of existence, and this girl was once the dream lover of the civilian hero.

So her beauty must be stunning enough to make people ignore her badness, or that badness makes her beauty more attractive.

This is not only a setting in the movie, but also in front of the camera, giving the audience a sense of substitution and making the audience feel that–

[Oh, this is really a bad bitch, but if she shows up in front of me, invite me to dinner. I will jump up happily, then run around the street in excitement, and then take out all my savings to pack myself, buy expensive gifts, and book a romantic restaurant. 】

[I can stand on the moral high ground when I hear hearsay and pick and choose her character, but when she comes to me, I can only throw away my reason and become flattering. 】

Just such a charming girl.

Then because of an accident, this girl gained superhuman power, which was different from the initial panic of the hero who gained power unexpectedly.

This arrogant and high-profile girl is even more arrogant, using her super power to do a lot of **** things.

For example, the super-acoustic eavesdropping on plastic girlfriends who say bad things about her at home and memorize the blacklist, such as using teleportation speed to better deal with the huge boyfriend group more easily, and for example, she has privileges in an organized boyfriend. Strong suppression in the activities of

It sounds different from the values ​​of traditional heroes. Now that you have the power to do these things?

But think about it, the protagonist is a rich girl who has everything, and super powers will not bring her much benefit in a steady daily tone.

In addition to vanity and freshness, she has all the actions she should have before she has superpowers. People like her, the dark side of the world and her five senses, are themselves selfish people without compassion.

Naturally, there will be no lofty ideals. Before the darkness comes, super powers are just icing on the cake when she is mischievous.

Although the three views burst through this experience, parents felt that the hero’s comic story should be graded for fear of teaching bad children.

However, the form of expression is full of jokes, and the intensive rhythm does not let people have time to substitute. The constantly switching montage shots are also the most intensive part of the film.

However, strength and danger are associated. The girl is too ostentatious, revealing her ability in the eyes of the caring person.

The next routine is relatively old-fashioned, encounter and defeat the enemy, on the way to realize the complex and multi-faceted world, grow and transform in pain and danger.

But if this were the case, the second half of the movie would be dull.

This girl has a unique motive for growing up. It is pain for other heroes to achieve their maturity.

The death of a loved one, the death of a lover, the death of a friend, or all three.

The girl is amazing, because her family was bankrupted by a powerful villain, and even the only remaining mansion was bombed.

For her, poverty is the most unbearable thing for her. After her bankruptcy, all of her friends stayed away from her. Even the last follower dared to speak to her in a superior tone.

The school no longer recognizes her privileges, and even all the things she had done before were turned out and expelled from the school.

Later, she moved to the chaos of law and order, and the streets were dirty. According to her, the whole house was not even a cheap apartment the size of her bathroom.

This guy finally went crazy, and was about to pull the villain who was persecuting her off the horse and regain everything he had.

The keynote of the movie is not a bitter bitter, all the transitions are expressed in an absurd and humorous way.

The girls naturally made countless jokes while living in the slums.

For example, she wants to work hard and train herself. She used to have a private gym at home.

And here, the exciting music and her determined eyes, the powerful and beautiful shoulder and arm lines, and the sweat bead on it appeared in the picture at the same time.

Seeing it is a enthusiastic and aggressive editing, after a few pictures, it can be marked with the words one year later.

But when he was handsome for only three seconds, I was scolded by various accents of’FU/CK’ from upstairs and upstairs, and then the girls were already energetic and hurriedly spent all night lying on the windows and upstairs and downstairs curse.

The funny embarrassment of the rich girl in the slums after the bankruptcy was interspersed with the advancement of the plot, and then she gradually made friends here.

Then, with the assistance of these three-in-class friends, and the strength of his own, he solved his enemies in a refreshing and explosive visual effect and regained everything that belonged to him.

Do you think she will understand the true feelings of adversity in the midst of suffering, and then cut off with the plastic friendships and concentrate on managing new relationships?

Do not? On the day she left the cheap apartment, she drove a convertible sports car and still brazenly said to a few friends: “God knows how much I look forward to this day. I’m leaving, you guys keep playing, losers!”

“Did she just call us loser?” The friends who were originally heavy and reluctant ate the exhaust gas of the car, and expressed their absolute enthusiasm for the **** of the **** crossing the river and breaking the bridge.

But after returning, she invested in hospitals, schools, and environmental management in this neighborhood, which also brought more job opportunities to people here.

The slums can be seen by the naked eye, and friends are helpless with Nabite’s mouth.

That guy has always disliked bitterness and deep hatred, and disliked true feelings, but there is no doubt that she has transformed inside.

This is a special hero who has a high voice in comics and series of movies.

The director is not under pressure, and he is very strict with casting.

To say that Zhu Yang’s set is definitely not true in reality, she is no matter how good she is, and she feels that this role is designed for her.

However, there are walls in the international aesthetics. A commercial film with a large audience will not choose Asians to take risks.

Fortunately, it is a strategy game after all. Although the background is similar to reality, in order to make the player’s upper limit of development more reasonable, it is the same as the previous ABO setting. The aesthetic understanding between race and race is very easy. There are more opportunities for Asian actors.

In addition to the huge Asian market, it’s not that country C people have chosen the leading role of commercial films before, and the results are also very good.

Zhu Yang had learned about these on the plane that came.

Director Ji was walking forward with his assistant chattering, and the car that picked him up had already arrived.

But suddenly I heard someone calling him not far away: “Director Ji!”

Director Ji looked up and saw a young girl sitting in the seat of the outdoor cafe.

She was wearing a black coat, sitting sloppyly, with long legs stretched and folded up, even if she was sitting, she could not hide her graceful figure.

And she is wearing black close-leg trousers, it is easy to see the lines of her legs, the ends are straight and slender, not the kind of light and fluttering feeling at first sight, but the fit and slender who can kick the fence in front of her at any time. .

This leg alone is in line with Director Ji’s expectations of the heroine’s body, looking at the other person’s looks and temperament.

Her facial features are delicate, her contours are sharp, and her photogenic lines will be beautiful and aggressive, but her skin is fair and delicate.

Director Ji wore glasses and couldn’t help approaching, and she could see more clearly when she got closer. This girl has no makeup, but her skin is infinitely white, like a piece of warm jade.

The look and aura are almost arrogant self-confidence, just in line with the origin of his heroine.

But the amazing thing about this girl is more than that. When Director Ji couldn’t help approaching because of a word of her, the other party did not show any look of joy and happiness, which was taken for granted.

For him, an international famous director who is absolutely in the destiny of an actor’s career, she looked at him more like a gift from a superior.

The corners of the mouth are like a smile but not a smile, and the eyes are shuddering and aggressive.

If it were normal, with such an arrogant attitude, Director Ji would have long been displeased by the boss who controls the industry’s top resources.

But now he is full of eyes full of the heroine’s affairs, this look at it, as if the person he was looking for suddenly appeared in front of him.

What a surprise.

However, the other party was so experienced in the end, and it didn’t take long for him to come back to his senses. However, the person had already approached and sat down in good faith.

Qi Xun looked a little dumbfounded at the whole process.

No, to say that they are not without this tiger body’s ability to shock the four people, but that has been in the game for a long time, and their superimposed abilities and their own charm have evolved to a degree.

To put it bluntly, Mary Su Halo has already cultivated a little way.

But this guy is a complete newcomer to the Raiders Field. Qi Xun has found the game for sure. There is absolutely no similar charm aura on her body, and no spiritual hints are used.

She said she kept her promise very much, saying that she only used their level of ability, and everything else was sealed, and she never played tricks secretly.

When she just spent money to hire people, she must have seen Director Ji come downstairs.

This is not surprising. Players naturally have to listen to six directions and see all directions. The elevator in this building is an external elevator. Their players have good eyesight, and the opponent can see when they are on the 20th and 30th floors.

Qi Xun quietly watched how she fought for the role, but after the incident, Qi Xun felt unbelievable no matter what she thought.

The whole process took less than five minutes, and this Nima was even more powerful than their game’s big boss Mary Su.

It’s like this.

Director Ji sat down and said: “This lady, do you know me?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “The C people who appear here may not know you?”

Most of the people who come and go here are film workers. Since they are in this industry, do you know the industry representatives in your own country?

Director Ji guessed her purpose, but the attitude of being so demanding and superior made him feel more and more compatible with the role.

At the moment, he thought this was Zhu Yang’s deliberate performance, a part of acting.

According to the usual logic, he replied: “Then you call me something?”

He thought that Zhu Yang would push and pull a few words with him, but he didn’t expect it, and then listened to the other side: “Aren’t you looking for the heroine of the new movie? I am the heroine you are looking for.”

Director Ji was accustomed to the straightforward way of speaking of foreign young people, and he was choked by this determined tone.

However, Zhu Yang is the person he has seen the most to take on the role so far, so he naturally has a little more patience.

By the way: “Do you have a financial company? I never heard that the audition opportunity requires actors to stop the director from personally fighting for it. If that happens, I’m afraid I will be overwhelmed by the crowd every day, so let’s—”

Zhu Yang didn’t wait for him to finish, and raised his finger: “Put away the polite remarks. Time is precious to you and me. You don’t have to waste it in inefficient procedures.”

Director Ji smiled noncommittal: “If you don’t go through the program, things will be messed up.”

“That’s because others are not good enough to make an exception.” she said.

“You mean you can do it?” Director Ji said.

As soon as he spoke, there was a commotion at the intersection of the block, a group of people clashed, and the push and shoving made a lot of noise.

There are more than 20 people, all of them are more than 1.9 meters tall, muscle-bound big men, and there are all kinds of people.

Suddenly they fought, and soon they came to Zhu Yang’s vicinity.

The law and order here is very good, and when someone makes trouble, someone will come forward, but this group of people is too strong and can’t be controlled for a while.

The scene suddenly became a mess.

Director Ji’s assistant was about to let him avoid, but they saw Zhu Yang suddenly turned out of their seats.

Then in a melee, one hand with one hand, smooth and agile movements, beautiful and agile posture, all the more than twenty big men, together with the security that came up to stop, were all lying on the ground.

And when I was close, I could see that it was not a fancy, the sound of fists and muscles colliding with each other.

The combination of strength and beauty is not the heavy fighting style of a hard-blooded man. It is dexterous and powerful, agile and beautiful.

The calm and incomparable style in the encirclement is simply the special effects he dreams of.

But the difference is that other actresses need special effects as a substitute for Via, and she really does it.

How difficult is this for the smoothness and reduction of movies? Director Ji also felt suspicious to add back some of the lens inspiration that had to be crossed out because of the manpower limit.

After the last person fell to the ground, Zhu Yang landed and stood up. The female figure was perfectly slender, but she just stood there, as if the sky could be supported by the collapse of the earth.

Regardless of the character and background of each hero, the keynote of saving the world is unified.

This is the incarnation of the ideal heroine.

I don’t know if it was a coincidence or something, the billboard on the side suddenly fell off.

The billboard is not small, and falling from such a high place can definitely kill people.

Bian Zhuyang still had people lying on the floor. After watching a movement and visual enjoyment, he cried out in surprise when he saw this scene.

Even Director Ji in the open-air cafe exclaimed.

However, the billboard was about to hit Zhu Yang’s head, and she punched it open. The huge billboard was knocked back into the air, and then she lifted her leg to lift the billboard to a clearing not far away.

The sound of steel bars colliding showed the weight of the billboard, and her hand just now was even more powerful and handsome.

The people around applauded, Zhu Yang returned to the cafe and sat in front of Director Ji again——

Watching him reiterate: “I am not here to play your heroine, I said, I am the heroine you are looking for.”

Director Ji finally understood the meaning of this sentence. It was not a confident term, but a statement.

She pointed out her unique strength from the beginning. She meant that she just wanted to act the story of her.

Director Ji still had those shots in his mind, and then he let out a deep breath.

“Tomorrow at eight o’clock in the morning, come to the crew to try the look.”

Characters that have the basis of the original must have their own unique looks, especially this is a superhero movie.

The movie will definitely be redesigned according to the elements of the comics, and Zhu Yang will try the styling, basically confirming that she has got the role.

The assistant was anxious immediately: “That’s the decision? You don’t know who she is, the producer—”

“Okay, I have the final say.” Director Ji said.

If he had no absolute right to speak in the movie, he would not have been able to decide on the heroine under the pressure of such a long time.

Director Ji stood up, and after making a decision, he naturally had time to think about other things, and he soon recalled.

Where is there such a coincidence of gathering people to fight? He almost clicked on their words.

It’s just that her performance is too stunning and shocking, making people completely unwilling to think about other things.

At this time, Director Ji smiled helplessly: “You are also unscrupulous.”

Those big guys are already up, and Zhu Yang really knows the severity, but it hurts when he is beaten, but after the pain, it will not cause much damage.

Some police rushed over to arrest them, but they also got Zhu Yang’s confession early, saying that they were shooting social investigation videos.

[How will passers-by react in a fight? 】such as.

In short, with the development of the Internet, Internet celebrity blogs are paying attention. Indeed, there are all kinds of strange street shots these years, and cameras are indeed following.

In addition to internal commotion, they also avoided passers-by and admitted their mistakes in a good manner.

The police originally wanted to take the people back and educate them, but so many people were a troublesome thing, so they warned on the spot and left.

Zhu Yang gave them the remaining money, without disguising that this was a game planned by himself.

He even said to Director Ji: “Fortunately, you are happy. If this fails, I will find a way to let you see me fighting people on the roof and fighting sharks at sea.”

Director Ji just wanted to laugh, but suddenly felt that there was a lot of information.

First of all, can she do so much? This was a surprise to him, and the action shooting of the movie was even more unlimited.

But how do you think of a way to let him “see”? That is a question of horror.

Until Director Ji left, Qi Xun was still unbelievable.

“Really got it like that? You cheated!” He pointed at Zhu Yang and said, “It is not a problem for my stamina to bring down those people, but I have not undergone that style of fighting training at all.”

“You can directly suppress your own force value into the fighting lens of the movie. It is too cunning. Without professional training, it is impossible to achieve the kind of visual effect that exists exclusively for the lens.”

Zhu Yang didn’t eat anything on the plane. The meal on the plane was average. After a successful step this time, he simply ordered something to eat.

While cutting the steak, Qi Xun sneered, “Why not? You also said that your poor is not physical fitness, but professional training.”

“Then it can be done by using golden fingers to combine with one’s own qualities.”

“You mean the upper body of personality?” Qi Xun frowned: “You mean the acting skills you used when you first fought?”

If this is the case, it makes sense, but Ju Yang’s look just now doesn’t look the same.

He looked at Zhu Yang suspiciously, and Zhu Yang swallowed a bite of tender and juicy steak.

Then he sighed and said to him: “I always thought that your resources are poor and your speed of improvement is slow, but now it seems that you are completely violating the heavens.”

“Don’t you think that the golden fingers in this round can only be used for acting?”

Qi Xun said, “Otherwise? Looked at her with an expression: “Those are movie characters who helped characterize them. Do you really think you can be that person when you have a personality?”

“Although the upper body of the downed personality can inherit the character’s knowledge and fear of resume and some of the character’s memory, it is oneself that thinks in the end.”

“For example, if the personality of the stock **** is upper body, then the glorious record of others is also a thing of the past. If you want to build a success in this industry, you still have to rely on yourself.”

Again, the personality upper body can only give you previous experience, and everything else except emotions is a third perspective. If you can’t integrate the other’s skills, you can’t become the other party, and naturally you can’t replicate the other party’s success.

Zhu Yang looked at him with a faint smile: “It’s not stupid, so why not try the personality of a master fighter.”

“Although it is impossible for you to inherit his martial arts and become a peerless master, as you said, those experiences and skills can be understood from a third perspective.”

“That means you have a hand-held instructor, from all walks of life. You have experienced more than a dozen games, and you want to be a player for at least two or three years?”

“In two or three years, your physical stamina has continued to improve. With your instructor with you, plus the time in the game, your strength value actually stays at relying on basic physical stamina to defeat a dozen or twenty people.”

“Don’t you really feel ashamed?”

Qi Xun was shocked when he heard the words, raised his head fiercely and looked at her incredulously.

I saw that the smile on her face was a bit more contemptuous, and the look in his eyes was like looking at a trash——

“I have tried it on an airplane. The state of the upper body of the personality, in order to better understand the life of the character, and every stage, all memories can be queried repeatedly.”

“Of course, it’s really troublesome, and it’s like a knowledge point written on a blackboard. If you want to master it, you have to memorize, understand, train, and then master it and become your own.”

“But this learning method is what we have been using since childhood, is there any problem?”

“Ah~~, I see, after you pass the level, your skills, rewards, and physical stamina can be increased according to your performance. Once the copy is over, you can immediately deliver it to your upper body and use it easily.”

“And the worldview settings before the start of the dungeon are all instilled in the game, directly forming a memory, and even this step is saved.”

“So you think that things that are not directly instilled and can be used on the spot, do they have no value?”

“Fool, do you want someone to chew it up and feed you directly when you eat?”

“This golden finger can really help you practice all the way to the late middle stage. In the low- and middle-level courts lacking military guidance resources, if you practice well, you can definitely make you stand out from the crowd and become a leader of your own level.”

“But what are you doing with this baby? Fool!”

Her beautiful red lips spit out these two mean words.

However, Qi Xun at this time was deeply in a panic.

What is he wasting?


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