Scream Queen Chapter 174

As soon as Zhu Yang entered this game and understood the basic rules, he felt that there must be several other games. The players of this strategy game are too blessed.

First of all, the duration of the game, although in line with the principle of avoiding the player’s inner loss and mental breakdown, the time somatosensory of the game will be adjusted.

But during that time, what really happened, the efforts made, and the experience gained won’t disappear.

And each copy will have a corresponding golden finger.

Regardless of the mission, will the cheats be revealed to the player’s actual ability?

But according to Qi Xun’s tone, it can be seen that the golden fingers of the upper body of this personality are not top of them here.

Also, the strategy game template is limited, and the resources it can provide cannot be as diverse as the three major games, but this game integrates its own resources, puts a copy of it, and gives players a ‘trial’.

Measured by the level of clearance evaluation and player talent, which is the so-called affinity, if the role of a cheat can be played above the average level, it is possible to burst out and copy it and eventually become something of itself.

In Zhu Yang’s view, even if the cheats cannot be taken away after the final mission is over, the use of the cheats should be squeezed to the extent that he can be satisfied at the stage with such a long game time.

Based on this alone, the players of the Raiders game are much lighter than the three major games.

Even Zhu Yang, the initial capital accumulated in the selection field was too high at the beginning, laying the foundation for her to look down upon the players of the same period from start to finish.

But compared to the player’s initial capital of the Raiders game, it is also not as good. If you really start a cheat for the player to watch and use, Zhu Yang thinks that it can’t be exchanged for many points.

Zhu Yang’s luck is not bad, there is a senior player boyfriend, although the level of the two in the early stage is very different, he has to guide step by step.

But at any rate, having more contacts also fills in the fact that she has no excellent fighting skills to guide her, thus wasting her basic physical fitness.

The game has all occasions, and there are many situations where the ability is deprived or restricted, so players can never ignore the most basic physical combat capabilities.

And these guys, sitting on the resources integrated by the game in every possible way, turned a blind eye to its true use?

These four guys should be of similar level, and the least should have a record of clearing a dozen games.

However, the force value only stayed at this level, of course, it can not be said that they did not make the most of the things in the game.

For example, the Raiders experience in the showbiz dungeon is the basis for them to mix like a duck in the real entertainment circle.

But other than that, they seem to be nothing. According to Goubi Games, they didn’t even suppress their strength.

Because it is not needed at all, their strength is not enough to be suppressed.

After speaking out the original words, Qi Xun’s face became a little trance.

Fortunately, he is now in a ghost state, even if he is swaying on the road, he does not have to worry about being hit by pedestrians and cars.

Qi Xun’s heart was dull and uncomfortable at this moment, and he had to describe it.

When I learned that I had sold 200 million antiques at a discount of 500,000, I was complacent.

Although knowing that past regrets cannot be recalled, this kind of thought can be solved with nothing but being unwilling to rely on Tim.

But he still couldn’t help but began to sort out the golden fingers he gave in every game from the first game.

Then, according to Zhu Yang’s thoughts, what can he get in Golden Finger.

He has already possessed his own experience and inertia in his many strategies. After all, he has tasted the sweetness several times, and it is hard not to be convinced.

But now he realized that he could have swallowed the candy whole instead of just licking it outside the sugar coating.

Perhaps Qi Xun did not have Zhu Yang’s flexible thinking of precisely highlighting the key points and squeezing out the benefits of cheats.

But according to her words, I cut into it from another angle and recalled all the copies he had experienced. Indeed, he can now know how many opportunities he has missed to grow stronger.

If you follow this line of thinking, he is probably already an advanced player now.

The intense unwillingness and spit on himself made Qi Xun feel like a knife, and when he followed Zhu Yang back to the hotel, he couldn’t help but shed tears.

“No, it’s still too late. I have several cheats that I have exploded. It’s not too late from now on.”

Zhu Yang took a different look at this beautiful young man: “Isn’t that enough? It’s never too late. It happens to be so much time now. Why are you free?”

Next, Qi Xun put away his cold eyes on how Zhu Yang had broken his halberd on the battlefield, and indulged himself wholeheartedly in his current thoughts.

Tell them in the game that there are other games, and learn that Zhu Yang can really fight against the invading Zerg directly.

He was shocked by the scale of other games and the strength of players. At that time, he doubted the position of the strategy game in the ecological chain of the game.

A senior player on the other side can directly talk to the game, making him aware of the inequality between the two sides.

But at that time, he could only comfort himself with his expertise in the art industry. In fact, who didn’t want to become stronger?

Because this is the end of all games.

He had always felt that the path to becoming stronger was to strengthen the body after clearing the level, because after all, the gold fingers provided by the game were mostly assisted, and there were quite a few weird ones, but it was impossible to apply practice to practice.

However, they have only now discovered how stupid they are. The opportunity to become stronger has been ubiquitous for them.

Qi Xun couldn’t help asking Zhu Yang: “If this is the case, why doesn’t the game directly express it?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Have you ever played games in the real world who directly hung the clearance strategy on the small window?”

“Furthermore, comprehension is originally a part of player selection. I don’t know how the nature of the game is generated, but since your strategy game is a strategy game, you have to abide by your own audience standards.”

She asked Qi Xun about their player selection criteria, and the answer was that they had had more than ten lovers in one year.

Of course, one by one or cheating at the same time, this is not within the scope of the game.

But at such a frequency, the chance of screening for an unscrupulous love brain is simply not too high.

The game is to place hope on the players, but it can’t fail to follow its own selection criteria.

Zhu Yang shrugged, and finally understood why the three major games are in the lead, and it is so difficult for the latter games to catch up.

The key link appears in the player selection criteria.

The selection criteria for the dog than the game here is catastrophic survival. This kind of people generally has a more cherishment of life and an understanding of the impermanence of the world than ordinary people, as well as a mysterious luck.

In a major accident or disease accident, other people have died, and you are the only one who escaped. Don’t look at the evil things like luck, but in many cases it really works better than any golden finger.

All players are more or less lucky people, and this luck naturally turns into the luck of a dog than the game.

The screening criteria for Infinite Games is to kill people. Except for a few cases, those who can get to the point of killing are mostly brutal and extreme.

This kind of player puts aside the moral standards first, and should be the most adaptable to cruel fighting.

So infinite games are naturally very competitive, because all players are not fuel-efficient.

Not to mention the extreme game, its screening standard line is not mentioned, but the screening occasion is unique.

So it seems that the players of the three major games have their own bright spots in the most basic nature, and they have long been rounded by them.

Other games cannot select players based on the same screening criteria, and must be based on the nature of the game.

Such a situation as the Raiders game, there must be more weird than it, it is no wonder that many games have not been able to catch up.

And every game competition is a fight between the three major game gods. Except for a few of the other game players who are really struggling, they are basically the funny comparisons invited by the monkeys.

The big guys who have participated come back to talk about these wonderful anecdotes.

The topic is a bit far away, in short, Qi Xun learns from pain, and in the process of Zhu Yang’s strategy, he exercises himself fiercely.

After choosing the most suitable one among the martial arts masters with many styles, he learns his personality every day, then quit his training, and transfers that experience and skills to his own.

As for Zhu Yang, her side naturally progressed smoothly.

Director Ji is not a good-tempered director, and Zhu Yang is also an arrogant personality. It stands to reason that the two of them should be the kind of hard to get along with.

But Zhu Yang has a way to deal with this old stubbornness. The key is that she is very capable, and when it comes to work, she did not try her best to meet the strict requirements of the director.

It’s that he doesn’t refresh the season’s director’s perception all the time, making the other party feel that his harshness seems too petty, but in fact it is not the upper limit of others.

The crew she worked with once suspected that the director had directly extracted this person from the comic.

The film company also knows how to market. Before it was released, it had a marketing plan of ‘the strongest woman on the surface’, and later changed it to the ‘strongest person on the surface’.

Country C was originally one of the main markets for this series of hero movies, and this is the first movie in the series to choose the leading heroes of Country C as independent films.

The whole country C and You Rongyan once had the highest expectations for movies. This is not just a question of the nationality of actors, but also represents the victory of filmmakers in country C in the competition, allowing domestic filmmakers and film companies Identified the pace of moving closer to the mainstream market.

And Zhu Yang’s people are also extremely popular in feminist organizations. She who doesn’t like feminist rights has amazing looks.

The film company united all available marketing methods and crowds. When the movie was released, the rave reviews made her popular all over the world.

People who came out of the movie theater couldn’t believe that such a fun and **** fight was contributed by the heroine movie.

[Just came out of the movie theater, the second brush, the idiot next to me asked me why I should kneel on a chair to watch the movie, I did not answer, the movie was halfway through, and he did the same thing as me. 】

[The upstairs marketing effort is too strong, which part is this series? Every movie is so mysterious, isn’t it just looking at special effects and feelings? I have ten minutes to enter the theater and come out to slap you in the face. 】

[Too handsome, especially for fighting. Most of the long shots are just showing off skills. There is no stand-in and editing. It’s terrible to be an actress like this. 】

[I like her character so much, it’s a clear stream among heroes. 】

[Upstairs you make up, continue to make up, it’s obviously a mudslide. 】

[This should be the most fashionable hero movie, right? Has a compilation of the heroine’s fashion sports car clothes, shoes and bags come out? So beautiful. 】

[I think this is a big flaw in the movie. Is it a hero movie or a chick movie? 】

[Upstairs, rest assured, she just wears high heels, can kick a hundred like you to death. 】

[That kind of costume filming scene is more difficult, right? I saw the toe of the shoe spin on the ground and slowly stopped after kicking the enemy. It was beautiful and handsome. Was the actor really not injured in this shot? 】

[No, I didn’t even hang Via. I can’t believe that the action was made directly without any assistance and special effects. Queen, I want to lick the toe of your shoe. 】

[I’m on the second floor, and now halfway through the movie, I risked my death to reply, and I also knelt down. 】

Although commercial films cannot be too much inquisitive on depth and plot, this one is obviously a textbook-level commercial film.

The overwhelming praise on the Internet has broken the global box office of the series of hero movies, and the circle of friends meets twice and three times.

It’s not that there are no bones in the egg, but after the movie is released, more shooting highlights will naturally be published online.

But netizens saw that most of the thrilling actions were not special effects, but real-life combat, and the industry leaders analyzed the doorway frame by frame.

That staggering inhuman skills and force value, let people look at the tidbits and still have a sense of longing for a superhero, completely unable to connect with reality.

The green screen shots of general commercial special effects movies are simply embarrassing collections that cannot be seen, but Zhu Yang is an exception.

Just for this ability and toughness, no one can be confident.

Many of her performances in the film have even been recorded in the Guinness World Records. What else can she do besides kneeling and shouting?

The film company struck the iron while it was hot and immediately drew up the shooting plan for the second part of the single-player film, as well as the dramatic adjustments in the role and importance of the joint film.

In the field of commercial films, Zhu Yang is in the limelight.

But Zhu Yang is not busy except for this. The upper body personality will be copied to Zhu Yang. This is the reward she promised when she first entered the strategy game.

Her current strength value is not busy screening the personality of martial arts masters, on the contrary, it is the personality of many special professions, she draws it out and learns it.

Animal trainers, weapon experts, trap designers, and skills Zhu Yang found useful or interested in, all learned about them outside of work.

But the thing that made her spend the most energy on learning among the dungeons was the way of investment.

There is also an autobiography about the personality of a film industry leader in the film. Zhu Yang has a thorough understanding of the industry through learning.

After thoroughly comprehending those knowledge and experience, according to the background of the copy, he smoothed out the inexhaustible connections in it.

Then use the remuneration investment obtained from the advantage of being the first line of international business, and thoroughly establish a foothold here through contacts and relationships.

In the meantime, I took a few movies with a spicey vision, including commercial literary and artistic films, all of which were big hits. Commercial films made a lot of money, and literary films won prizes everywhere.

Even let her get a queen trophy of the most prestigious international award.

Zhu Yang wasn’t lucky enough that the world revolved around her, but she could learn what she needed.

From the perspective of film selection, there is naturally the personality of a legendary producer in his personality. Zhu Yang, through his habit of selecting films, of course, a successful film requires many factors, but he is already in it, and there is no lack of’teaching’. .

A person like her with quick thinking and clear context should not be troubled in any line.

Qi Xun worked hard to become stronger while watching her use the golden finger to the extreme. He used to find it difficult to reach the sky, and he had to reach the end of the corner in the later stage of the strategy.

But Zhu Yang is only her starting point here. She does not rely on anyone, she has become a terrifying bloodthirsty shark in the industry by extracting gold fingers.

Wandering wildly in his own waters, with ease.

In the eyes of all filmmakers, she is a golden doll, a walking money printing machine. Her strong beauty and strength value, as well as a value that is more powerful than strength value, make her very popular in the industry.

Fame, money, power, contacts, she achieved the ultimate in a short time.

However, the domestic industry has been in a downturn in the past two years, and the market chaos has led to a decline in the quality of works. The company that Zhu Yang is targeting is naturally one of the giants affected.

In the strategy script, the game arranges a powerful assist for the player.

That is when the target of this strategy is in distress, players can use their acting skills to provoke a desperate producer.

Let the companies that continue to invest in a loss state to bring back to life, of course, this is also an opportunity that players will never let go.

And this point in time is the time for the target company to prepare the movie.

Qi Xun thought that Zhu Yang had finally thought of the Raiders, and said: “Are you going to return to China? Also, with your current value, the goals of the Raiders must be looked up.”

“Your acting skills and box office appeal will immediately enable the target company to tide over the crisis. He will definitely appreciate you.”

And Zhu Yang is such a beauty, a combination of goodwill, beauty, and value. How can you turn a blind eye to the target of the strategy?

Maybe she doesn’t use her own strategy, others will do it all by herself.

Qi Xun feels that he has learned a lot from Zhu Yang. In the dungeon, he has strengthened himself, squeezed as much of the game as possible to use the value, and when he is strong, the task will come at his fingertips.

After the mission is over, not only will the clearance evaluation not be low, but all the things I have learned are my own.

This is her thinking, she will definitely not only focus on the task, on the contrary, what benefits will be the most important.

However, Qi Xun felt that he knew Zhu Yang enough, but he really didn’t expect that this person was really a strong man who did not exaggerate what he said.

Because Zhu Yang returned to China, not only did not help the target, he added to the flames and made his project difficult.

The company is in a greater predicament, and its mission goal can only be to seek external development, which is the same as all domestic capital that wants to catch up with the international mainstream film circle.

The company that is the target of the strategy has naturally made a lot of efforts in advance, but the distant water cannot save the near fire.

This time, an international team of famous directors came to shoot in China, and there will be people from the producer’s investment team, as well as the most valuable actress in the circle.

In the private party held on the weekend, it is almost a gathering of domestic industry leaders, but for the sake of privacy, there are not many people.

It also means that the quality of the guests at the party is high.

Zhu Yang didn’t even take the initiative to say hello to the target of the strategy, but the target of the strategy stood out from the crowd to be qualified to kill her.

Then Qi Xun looked at this woman who had made her stand alone, and looked at the target of the strategy with her eyes.

A face of the boss who passed the time and squeezed a room jam into the hands of the target of the strategy——

“I like Mr. Yao’s ambition, but it depends on how much Mr. Yao can contribute to his ambition.”

Hey, hello, hello! ! !

Is this Nima’s position wrong? Players who are doing strategy missions should not encounter this kind of thing too often.

Regardless of the mission target or other people, there will always be unspoken rules, which are basically the standard plot of the strategy game.

But he had never seen a player who was the target of a hidden strategy, and now Qi Xun was full of humiliating voices ‘you can still play like this’.

Zhu Yang despised him: “I have more industry rights than him and more resources than him. As long as I say a word, he can immediately enter the mainstream circle with resources.”

“The advantage is in my hands. Isn’t it right for him to kneel and lick me? Why should he not take the initiative to lower his worth?”

Also, too! Raiders thinking will not come out for a while.

Qi Xun was a little bit ridiculous!

As it should be, the target of the strategy will not be rejected. It is an honor for such a beauty to date someone, not to mention that there are great benefits.

Although selling meat hinders the dignity of the hegemon, capitalists always put on a fig leaf for their own profit. This is the instinct of thinking.

Besides, Zhu Yang is beautiful and excellent, there is no need for any psychological obstacles.

But when he really saw the real chapter, Zhu Yang let the game skip the unspeakable plot.

The game suddenly became a little dissatisfied, but before he had time to complain, he was blocked by Zhu Yang: “What? It’s just a guide game, do I have to really fight?”

“If I’m single, I’ll enjoy it, but I don’t have a boyfriend now. Or would you talk to my boyfriend about this?”

The strategy game shut up immediately, and Zhu Yang jokingly smiled. Now, at least 80% of the time, she is guessing the idea.

Then Qi Xun saw that the target of the strategy was being attacked by Zhu Yang, and his favorability was getting higher and higher.

But at the same time, new players have also entered the game.

Zhu Yang was a little surprised, and Qi Xun explained: “If the previous player’s strategy progress is too slow, there will be competitors.”

“Don’t talk about the target character of your strategy for such a long time. There is no connection and touch. According to the rules, other players will naturally intervene. She should have been in the game for several months.”

However, the opponent is of course taking the traditional path, and now it is estimated that he has been named as the target of the Raiders with his excellent acting skills.

On a dark and windy night for a month, another player who had already progressed took advantage of the idea of ​​drinking to go further.

And out of the corridor, I saw Zhu Yang who was attending the party in the same hotel.

The target of the strategy had a good impression of the player, but after seeing Zhu Yang, he immediately ignored the opponent and walked over happily.

The female player looked at Zhu Yang incredulously, she naturally knew that this person was also a player.

However, searching her resume, it is obvious that she has been patronizing famous and making a fortune in the past two years, and has ignored the task at all, so she will come in.

The female player is a bit disdainful of Zhu Yang’s deeds. Of course, what is the use of mixing well in the dungeon world?

Can this glory bring back reality? What’s more, the somatosensory time for time is only less than a week in two years, and he can’t even hypnotize himself to lead a wonderful life in the dungeon.

But I have to say that if she turns around and returns to the strategy now, with her power, it is indeed a huge obstacle to herself.

The female player is also a master of strategy, and is very confident about this, so her eyes are provocative.

Zhu Yang stretched out his fingertips and stroked the chin like a dog, looked at the female player and said, “Don’t meet her anymore.”

“Good!” Overlord said.

“Why?” The female player couldn’t help asking, and then she was shocked to find that she was a little gaffe, and then she narrowed her expression.

But he was still very angry at Zhu Yang’s failure to follow the rules: “I mean, Mr. Yao is a free man, not someone’s property, right? I am just friends with him, and even friends don’t let a man see it. —”

A man wants face, and the boss wants face even more. Normally, when she says this, she has to follow her words even if she says that.

I have to say that this female player really understands the psychology of men.

But Zhu Yang only smiled, taking advantage of her ridiculous and pale words: “Oh! I didn’t explain it, no wonder this lady didn’t understand clearly.”

“I mean, Yao Xu is my dog. Isn’t it a matter of course that I let my dog ​​not meet someone?”

The female players are all dumbfounded, this Nima is what the male and female protagonists will say to the vicious female partner to eradicate together, right?

Where does the lack of heart come from? How’s the Raiders?

It’s not over yet, the man glanced at Yao Xu with a faint smile, “What do you think?”

Yao Xu raised his head and looked at her, saying that he would love her a lot to live and die. After all, the two didn’t even meet much, and it was an extremely unhealthy and normal relationship.

But she is so charming, even if you step on the mud, people can only see the soles of her feet and the condescending arrogance, which is breathtaking.

Compared with her splendid and extreme sense of existence, other people seem indifferent, not to mention her existence itself represents countless interests.

Not to mention not letting see a slightly promising second-rate actor, or letting him see his mother, the choice is also obvious for capitalists.

So Yao Xu smiled and said: “Yes, I am your dog.”

[The mission is completed, the clearance evaluation S, the player logs out of the game copy. 】


When there are competition conditions, which player completes the task first, the game copy will be closed.

It’s still unbelievable to force the quitted female player to return to the real world. Is that guy so successful?

That woman came back from abroad less than a month, right? Does that tyrant always shake M? This kind of insult is fine?

When Qi Xun saw her unbelievable eyes, Qi Xun was already quite calm.

Ok! He understood that, according to Zhu Yang’s understanding, the content of this mission made the target of the Raiders his own possession, and it was not at all the love and loyalty on the inner level.

It is pure strength and weakness, people have said those words themselves, no matter how harsh the game is, it will naturally be regarded as a successful clearance.

And ‘I am your dog’ eh! Is this what a general strategy can do? The other party has acquiesced to his humble position.

What if the game vomits blood again?

The two went out of the game in an instant, and Qi Xun directly sat on the sofa on one side in a trance.

The three of them looked at him and said, “Hey! What’s wrong with you?”

Qi Xun raised his head and glanced at Cheng Rui.

Among the four of them, although Qi Xun has always been the leader, the one with the highest strength is Cheng Rui. He is lucky and has two related improvements.

Qi Xun thought so before.

But his eyes suddenly became sharp at this time, and he raised his hand and attacked from Cheng Rui.

Cheng Rui subconsciously resisted and was about to ask him what he was mad, but it was shocking that after two moves, he was easily restrained by Qi Xun.

Although he didn’t use his full strength, it was the same as Qi Xun. Before, Qi Xun didn’t have this skill.

However, he went in with Zhu Yang this time and didn’t even need a strategy, let alone what he could get in return.

“when will you–”

The three of them watched the dramatic changes in their momentum during the fight, and Qi Xun, who seemed to have a tendency to change his face, was a little surprised for a while.

Qi Xun let go of Cheng Rui, sat back down, and said dejectedly: “I take it! Completely taken it.”

The other three people looked at him and couldn’t understand.

At this time, the clearance evaluation has also come out. It turned out to be S-level. They have not never won the S-level, but for a player who is almost a newcomer from another game, it is an incredible talent.

That’s right, they thought it was due to talent, and Zhu Yang was so beautiful, which was naturally a great weapon.

But wouldn’t Qi Xun be like this?

Longlong and Xiaoji surrounded them, and Zhu Yang touched them.

Although the game feels fast forward in time, it feels like several days have passed.

Zhu Yang picked up the two little guys and slapped them up: “Forget it, let’s take you into the game.”

“It feels like I haven’t seen you for a few days, and I feel so nervous about it. It’s okay to just let me touch it without doing anything.”

Longlong and Xiaoji were naturally happy to circle her straight.

When the girl among the four asked Qi Xun, no matter how she asked this guy, she said, “You’ll know after you have seen it.”

Panicked by the answer, she simply said: “I’ll be the next one. I want to see it.”

The strategy game asks Zhu Yang if he needs a rest.

Zhu Yang naturally said that she didn’t need to. In the upcoming competition, she was going to sharpen her sword to the emperor.

This time the coaching competition was originally a game that Goubi said that there were good things to try, but she did not expect the usefulness of gold fingers to be unexpected.

Four cheats plus a random reward, Zhu Yang is naturally impossible to miss.

In addition, to prepare for the competition, she has recently had to enter and exit the game frequently, and she has no time for other games.

This time they came home and it was all done.

If Lu Xiu’s resignation is here, I am afraid that everyone has to be stunned by Zhu Yang’s intensive mission frequency.

Come out and rest for a few minutes and then go in, which means walking four copies in less than half an hour?

Even if he has never done this before, of course, there are also advanced gamers who are arrogant about small games, it goes without saying.

Since the dog than the game did not think there was a problem, Zhu Yang naturally dared to take advantage of it with confidence.

However, some of the Raiders regret it a bit here, but at this level, it has not yet made it feel vigilant.

The dog spends more time vomiting blood than the game itself, so he is very happy that other games are also cleaned up by Zhu Yang in order to achieve a sense of inner balance.

It is so happy to see its success, it is naturally less likely to have a hint to the strategy game.

After resting for a while, Zhu Yang entered the game with He Roujia, the only girl among the four, and also brought Longlong and Xiaoji.

Regardless of how He Roujia saw Qi Xun’s pitying eyes before entering the game, she wanted to hit someone at all.

This guy is crazy after a game or something?

But no matter what, when you open your eyes again, it is already a copy world.

He Roujia also followed Zhu Yang with a ghostly gesture.

Then came the game mission——

[This mission: The World of Muyi]

[Golden Finger: Space Spirit Spring]

[Dungeon settings will be implanted into players’ consciousness simultaneously, please check…]

Zhu Yang has not paid attention to the following words, because she is full of heart and mind in the golden fingers of this level.

To say that the personality of the upper body last time had a limited effect on her at this level now, then even Zhu Yang’s dungeon this time was greedy.

Of course, according to the Raiders game, the probability of this cheat is extremely low. This is for sure, the stronger the more convenient the ability is naturally impossible to ruin the street.

Zhu Yang felt the area and nature of the space spirit spring in an instant. It was an independent farm.

It is still a large farm, at least a thousand acres, and there is a leisure farmhouse, grass, flowers, melons, fruits, food, everything.

And not far from the hut is a spiritual spring, which hydrolyzes all poisons, preserves youth, and promotes the growth of crops.

Although for advanced players, space props with the same or even higher space area are not difficult to obtain.

As for the physique of advanced players, that Lingquan didn’t help much, but the convenience of this thing was still visible to the naked eye.

The most important thing is that it can hold living things. Zhu Yang had long felt that the spirit beast bag was still too crowded, and wanted to give Longlong and Xiaoji a bigger place, but it was a pity that the infinite game stingy and prevented her from buying higher-level items.

Now I dozed off and met the pillow.

Zhu Yang wanted to take out Xiao Jilonglong immediately and give them a new place.

However, the ensuing copy settings made her very stunned.

Looking at the customs clearance task, you can know that this should be an ancient copy, and Zhu Yang’s current identity is the concubine’s room brought in by the Qi Palace yesterday.

A prince, even the concubine, is of a good background, but the identity played by Zhu Yang is purely beautiful in the eyes of the prince and brought in, that is to say, he has no serious status for the time being.

Then in the present scene, she is kneeling on the futon.

Sitting at the top is a woman who is less than 30 years old. The man is handsome and domineering, and the temperament is the noble temperament, and the woman is also luxurious and elegant, just looking at the meanness and sharpness that can’t be hidden between the eyebrows.

Obviously it was the prince and the princess.

But these are not important, the important thing is that she is **** kneeling now.

Although this was the pose that existed when she entered the game, she was kneeling! ! !

Zhu Yang broke his heart on the spot, and a large amount of silt poured down his mind. The sharp momentum and terrifying revenge made the strategy game tremble.

What’s wrong? Did it do something wrong? Why is there an illusion that the game has done it well?

No no no, just a player, don’t persuade.

Goubi Game looked at the strategy game, sneered, did not speak, only watched the good show.

The setting of the dungeon is that the emperor is innocent, and sooner or later it will be pulled down to replace it, and the king of Qi in front of him is the most powerful candidate.

According to the general pattern, the player wins the backyard of the king of Qi. When the king of Qi is sitting on the world, the player will naturally follow the world.

Of course, the golden finger can also ensure that King Qi’s great cause is even more flawless.

But there is no such thing in Zhu Yang’s heart. At the moment, she just stared at the teacup in front of her, as if she was going to stare out the flower.

At the front of her face was a middle-aged mother with a tray of tea cups. This mother had a contemptuous expression, just like the princess above, who was obviously from the other side.

“Why is the refuge soup that the princess rewarded? You won’t take it to the Zhu family?”

He said again: “Our palace is very well-organized, and there is absolutely no reason to let the concubine be born in front of the concubine. Is it possible that the Zhu family didn’t pick up, is it because he had thoughts early in his heart?”

As soon as these words came out, the female relatives in the whole hall, the princess and the concubine below, all looked at Zhu Yang, some gnashing their teeth, some contemptuous, and some jealous and mocking.

And Qi Wangquan, the owner of the palace, drank tea casually, as if he hadn’t seen his own backyard dispute.

Obviously, the player’s situation as soon as he came in didn’t make him treat him differently except for his appearance. It was definitely impossible to break the backyard rules for a small concubine.

Seeing that Zhu Yang hadn’t moved for a long time, He Roujia didn’t know how to converge, and she was a little worried.

“Hurry up and drink the tea, that thing, a sip of the spiritual spring water will have no effect. And your expression is closed, now you have no power and power here, and you want to be disrespectful. The princess directly uses this reason. If you are kicked out, the start of the game will be lost.”

What she said is actually no problem for Zhaidou’s thinking.

But Zhu Yang said: “There is such a big golden finger, who shrinks here to fight for cucumbers with a group of backyard women?”

“I am really amazed by your waste.”

Qi Xun was wasted before. At any rate, people are still working hard in their careers, but this time, with such a thick golden finger, they are only used to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages in the backyard and make wedding clothes for men?

Do these guys understand the value of this spiritual spring?

Zhu Yang didn’t say anything with He Roujia, and stood up slowly.

Her previous unexplained words have made everyone in the room dissatisfied, and now she stood up without ordering.

He simply doesn’t put the prince and concubine in his eyes.

The eyes of the female relatives looking at her already wanted to see a dead person.

“It’s unreasonable, a mere concubine, take it for me!” The princess said.

However, Zhu Yang took the tea cup in the mother’s hand first, kicked the old woman away, and the stout maid who followed was kicked one by one in the corner.

If only a little concubine is self-willed, it’s okay to say that it doesn’t hurt to kill, but this arrogance, but even a few people can’t take it, that is a big deal, and the assassin may also.

King Qi was also capable of writing and martial arts, so he attacked immediately, Zhu Yang dodged quickly and let him fail.

Then, under his inertia, he bent his knees and kicked him on his stomach, then smashed his elbow, directly smashing the person to the ground.

It’s worth it, the female family in the house screamed–

“Come on, there are assassins!”

The men in the back house were not allowed to enter, but King Qi naturally had personal guards guarding outside the door. Without them shouting, he had already noticed the situation inside and rushed in.

Seeing that the princess was already in the hands of the female assassin, the guards did not dare to act rashly.

I had to risk my death to pull the prince over first.

King Qi finally calmed down the pain and looked at Zhu Yang sharply, “Who sent you here? What are you going to do?”

It’s not like doing an assassination. She had a chance to kill herself just now, and King Qi was also shocked by the woman’s martial arts, even he was not a one-in-one force.

But the other party didn’t seem to be interested in him, but pointed directly at the princess. As far as political interests were concerned, the dead princess did not deal much with him.

So Wang Qi himself was at a loss.

The princess was naturally pale, and her nanny had fainted.

Zhu Yang ignored King Qi’s words, sneered, and poured the cup of tea directly into the princess.

The princess didn’t want to drink it. This soup for avoiding children was actually a sterilization medicine, and it was also her credit that the royal mansion had no children now.

She wants to have children in her dreams, how can she drink this soup?

But Zhu Yang ignored it and forced it in. The scene was once very embarrassed, and the prince was also wary and puzzled.

After Zhu Yang poured a bowl of tea, he smashed the teacup on the ground and said to the tearful princess: “What? The things you give to others will return to yourself, don’t you have this awareness?”

Her soup was refreshing for a while, but the entire yard was already surrounded by heavy soldiers. With He Roujia’s force value, she couldn’t break through these hundreds of well-trained soldiers.

He Roujia looked desperately at the weapons in the guards’ hands: “You died in the game within five minutes of the start. You are really good.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Why would I die?”

“Xingxing! Know that you still have a hostage in your hand, but don’t underestimate the ancients. Believe it or not, if you take her out of the door, there will be archers who will kill you.”

“Don’t I have gold fingers?” Zhu Yang said.

After speaking, Zhu Yang disappeared before everyone was caught off guard.

If it weren’t for the embarrassment of the princess, it would be an illusion.

“Monster!” someone said loudly, with the horror of seeing ghosts in broad daylight.

And Zhu Yang has appeared in the spiritual spring of space at this moment, including He Roujia.

He Roujia looked at her, a little at a loss. She had experienced this copy, but Lingquan did not explode.

But during her mission, she tried every means to hide her golden fingers, fearing being treated as a monster, but this guy dared to use it in full view.

How can you attack King Qi now? You have to be beaten as a monster on the road, right? There will be no possibility of the mother rite in the world.

Zhu Yang said lazily: “He has no access to this road, and he will soon be able to change to another emperor.”

And impatiently said: “Tsk! The mission word is stuck to death. If you insist on the mother’s ceremony, it will be better if the power is overwhelming the world.”

How happy is it to be an emperor? In the future, the emperor will also do it, and that stupid identity is nothing to be proud of.


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