Scream Queen Chapter 175

He Roujia’s strength is worse than Qi Xun’s. Qi Xun has learned taekwondo and can barely say that he has a certain foundation.

So He Roujia is a pure war five scum – technically speaking.

But her clearance times are the most in the entire four-person group, and the average evaluation is also very high, so strictly speaking, her physical fitness should be strengthened to the highest in the four-person group.

Naturally, it far exceeds the human limit of the copy world.

But there is a truth. Which of the lions, tigers, dogs and bears is not more powerful than humans? But several people can hunt these beasts together.

The beasts of others also have the combat talents carved into their genes, and the cunning and agility trained from the difficult and dangerous living conditions, but He Roujia doesn’t even have these.

Therefore, she can be regarded as the guy in the four-person team who wastes physical energy to the extreme. With brute force and agility, she should never prevail in fights with the same unskilled people.

This is also her basic self-protection ability.

But to face hundreds, let alone hundreds, even a dozen well-trained soldiers, she will be cold.

Zhu Yang knows this point, and He Roujia knows it better.

Therefore, in her view, physical fitness is only a guarantee of survival. It is important and naturally important, but it cannot be such a powerful bargaining chip.

After all, the targets of the Raiders are all in high positions. In most contexts, personal force is completely unable to reverse their positions, not to mention having nowhere to start and inertia in training is one thing.

If you let her target the target, she will be full of energy, because that was originally her fun, but she practiced martial arts day after day—

It is also said that martial arts exercises can also make the joints thick and the muscles clumped, making the body appearance unsuitable for most mainstream aesthetics.

Most of the targets of the Raiders like the skin is like snow, soft and boneless. He Roujia didn’t do it because he sacrificed part of the strategy bargaining chip because he was not interested.

After Zhu Yang entered the space, he released Xiao Ji and Longlong. Seeing that the two children had changed such a vast world, they ran away with joy.

The small farmhouse has a good mood, Zhu Yang went in and looked at it, but it was not as convenient as her large villa.

So Zhu Yang released the villa not far away. Although it was a bit of a disruption to the overall style, he could spend time to make adjustments.

No matter what tasks you do in the future, at least food, clothing, housing and transportation will be delicious.

Zhu Yang was stunned by this girl’s theory while listening to He Roujia’s analysis while taking care of the spatial spirit spring.

It’s not that her idea has no merits, it can be seen that she is a person who knows how to weigh the pros and cons.

She is also very confident in her logical thinking.

This is actually a good thing. Regardless of the game, it is always a taboo for players to have no ideas when clearing tasks. He Roujia is even better than Qi Xun.

She has a free set of standards for her own current situation, if her future plans are too thin.

Zhu Yang asked her back: “Then why is the fixed reward at the end of each round of the game is physical blessing, not beauty?”

“The most basic things are most easily overlooked, but in reality they are the most fundamental and important.”

“If the final path of the game is what you said, why doesn’t it give you the corresponding beauty value through the evaluation every round?”

“Wait for your players to gradually become so beautiful that anyone can fall in love at first sight. If you follow what you said, this is the correct operation, right?”

“But obviously the end of the game is not like this.”

He Roujia heard the words, her face a little solemn.

If someone tells her this before knowing that there are other games, she will sneer at her own experience as a newcomer.

But now it is obvious that there is more than one game, and the game is far less advanced than other gamers.

The game release mission allowed them to get close to this player. Obviously, the games are not in good condition.

If there is a competitive relationship, is it possible that they still have to face up with this kind of people who can tear the Zerg in the army?

He Roujia didn’t want to believe that her experience and summaries along the way were meaningless, but she couldn’t refute the other party’s words.

It’s not how reasonable her words sound, but she, this person is a game that must be courteous.

The other party is standing much higher than himself, and he can naturally see the truth that he can’t see.

Because of this, He Roujia doesn’t dare to have the naive idea of ​​having different game properties and adaptability.

“Then how to get out now?” He Roujia asked.

“Let’s talk about it first, wherever you enter the space, the next time you go out will be there too. A big living person suddenly disappears, and the other party will definitely guard this place with heavy soldiers. Maybe you will be chopped into flesh as soon as you go out.”

Zhu Yang said: “Except for the players, no one else knows about this. Even if they catch the law, this period of time is enough to escape.”

Zhu Yang grabbed a few handfuls of sand in his hands: “So, before they react, let’s make a quick decision.”

Saying that the individual is a complete individual is out of space. As expected by He Roujia, this room already has a good soldier handle and there are people outside the door.

It’s just that the other party suddenly saw this vision, and most of them guessed that the direction was the trick of the goblin and ghost, thinking it was invisibility or escaped.

Therefore, most of the troops in the palace were scattered around to conduct carpet searches, and there were not a few people with their hands in place.

These few people are enough for He Roujia to deal with it.

Zhu Yang’s sudden appearance surprised the guard beside him, but before he could react, he was fascinated by the sand.

The other person wanted to be warned, and was stunned by Zhu Yang’s slap at the same time.

Resolve the few people in the room in an instant, try not to make any noise, the whole process is so fast, when all the people in the room fall down, the guard outside actually heard the movement.

There were not many people guarding outside, only two. Zhu Yang didn’t give them time to respond for help. He walked in front of them in an instant, one of them smeared his face with sand, and then chopped them with both hands. gosh.

He Roujia was stunned by her powerful execution, but after another thought, this guy didn’t even use any fighting skills.

After the whole process, she was able to do it completely, but under normal circumstances, she would not choose to tear her face on the spot when she encountered more than one elite soldier.

It’s not that I can’t beat a few people, but I’m used to avoiding battles and the attacks that might follow.

Zhu Yang didn’t delay, came out of the room, picking up a suit of good soldier’s clothes and armor, but didn’t wear it, and threw it directly into the space.

When I passed by a room, I took a set of relatively plain clothes from the inside, took off my colorful outer covering and replaced it, and then put the outer covering on the surface.

This is a back house, where all the female families live in. After just experiencing such a terrible thing, people are either gathered or visited the princess, and most women dare not stay alone.

After all, one word is inconsistent and daring to judge the princess and heir. It’s not that no one has done such a thing in the house, but it is really shocking in front of the public.

So it was easy for Zhu Yangshun to order something. He changed his decoration outfit while walking.

And she’s smart, she definitely messes up the house with things, and she won’t fold her even when she gets her horns. Not to mention the people who patrol and search, the owner of the house has returned, and she probably won’t know for a while that she’s missing some clothes. jewelry.

Sure enough, the guards who searched saw the stunned person and the clothes that had been stripped off, and immediately rushed to the humanity below: “The assassin has gotten into us. Pay attention to the people who are wearing military uniforms, who are not the right body shape.”

It’s not that there is no doubt that there is a blind eye, but the other party shouldn’t be burdened with such heavy clothes when he escapes.

With so many speculations, it is natural that there is no space inside the scene that disappeared.

Although it was impossible to completely divert his gaze, he also gave the other party the wrong signal, making Zhu Yang all the way to the periphery of the palace courtyard, and he was outside after turning over the wall.

But at this moment, it was inevitable to bump into the guard, but the number was limited, Zhu Yang chopped his hand just to cut, and jumped out without delay.

The drape on her body was conspicuous, and as soon as she stepped out of the wall, she was seen by people searching outside the palace.

Zhu Yang rushed into the crowd, leaning on the cover of the crowd and the building, took off his coat and threw it into the space.

She changed her hairstyle as she walked again. She used to have waterfall-like long hair draped around her waist, and now she has an ordinary hosta in her hand, which is rolled into a bun in threes or twos.

At first glance, she and the original look are not the same at all, of course the face is still the same, just to avoid being locked in the crowd immediately.

In this era, there is a great disparity in class, so when more and more royal guards appear on the street, the people on the street are busy hiding on both sides.

Then the cover of the crowd is meaningless.

When Zhu Yang was passing by a carriage, he pierced the horse’s butt, and the horse was shocked and ran into the direction of the people from the palace.

She raised a hand and threw a small piece of gold in the horse owner’s arms, and disappeared completely from the sight of the pursuers through the commotion.

When the palace guards got rid of the carriage and searched among the people around, where could there be anyone who could match the characteristics of the assassin?

The guards of the palace came home with a feather, but Zhu Yang did not relax.

She also took more than half an hour in the space, plus the time it took to get out of the Royal Palace, and it was almost two hours now.

The city gate was sealed off long ago, and it is estimated that a high degree of martial law has begun in the city.

A woman who can be a royal concubine, her natal family will naturally not be a powerless family. The political bargaining chip that the other party lost because of her bowl of tea, it is estimated that she has her heart after eating it raw.

But the players are no better than ordinary people. It’s a big capital, and it’s impossible to be surrounded by towering gates. Everywhere is heavily guarded.

At the same time, you must use geographic advantages as a natural defense barrier, but as long as it is not heavily guarded, it is not difficult to get out of here.

In the end, when Zhu Yang left the capital from the weak point of guarding, he could see that the city gate had been closed from a distance, and it seemed that the opponent was about to catch a turtle in the urn.

Pooh! She is not a turtle.

He Roujia watched her get away from the net all the way, admiring her calmness on the spot, and she really came out like this.

But still couldn’t help saying: “If you want to listen to my forbearance at first, you don’t need to flee out of shame now.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Disgusting? In my opinion, your so-called Renyiren is the most disgusting.”

“But it’s also true. Generally speaking, I can bear it for a while. When I come back, I have the opportunity to escape calmly. Of course, it depends on my personal choice.”

“I just breathed out for a while and can afford my own consequences.”

“Of course a big man with a high military value can be so calm.” He Roujia said.

“I have basically sealed all abilities now, even fighting skills, which means that I am now as useless as you.”


Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Okay, say these are useless, start thinking about my hegemony.”

“There is no play on King Qi. Where do you want to bet? Let’s say yes. Others are not blind. You just succeeded in getting into the backyard of other princes and even the emperor. Before you started climbing, you might be pull down.”

“and then?”

“What then?” He Roujia was inexplicable.

“Enter the back house of the guy who might win the throne, complete the task, and then?”

Zhu Yang said: “In the last copy, Qi Xun also exploded the cheat. You claim to have experienced this copy, but you didn’t get the cheat, which means that you are not using it frequently and have a good affinity. Not visible.”

“In addition to the success of the strategy, what did you get?”

A trace of embarrassment flashed across He Roujia’s face: “I didn’t have a low evaluation for completing this task. Do you think that every cheat finger will explode? That’s too much of the difficulty of the game.”

“But you haven’t worked hard to get it!” Zhu Yang looked at her and said confidently.

He Roujia was startled, and then listened to her to continue: “With your secrecy with Lingquan, in addition to improving your appearance and detoxification, you can occasionally treat people who you think are worthy of treatment, even if you are helping the target of the strategy to win the throne You have to be cautious about the bargaining chips, and it will naturally be impossible to use them on a large scale.”

“What is the prerequisite for obtaining the ability? In addition to good clearance evaluation, the first thing is to connect with the ability or the ability-related person, and establish compatibility.”

“Active attack or frequent use, in order to get the ability I want, I used to face the ability holder at the cost of a life.”

“Who do you think the ability ultimately belongs to is a kind of contingency? Maybe it’s a little bit, but it’s more about letting the ability feel your desire for it and your inevitable desire. This is the so-called phase.

At first, Zhu Yang thought that commensurability was the adaptation of his own qualities or his original abilities, but he saw that Lu Xiuci and their senior bosses had many conflicting abilities, and they also had the opposite abilities at the same time. Thought about it.

As long as she really wants to get it and has worked hard for it, she will always get it.

Then she understood, fighting hard in the dungeon, and then ensuring the clearance evaluation, there is a high probability that the dream will come true.

But He Roujia didn’t know that there was such a statement, and looked at Zhu Yang blankly.

“But you, I—”

What is not obtained is naturally limited.

Zhu Yang said again: “Let’s not talk about ability first, you have not squeezed out the benefits of Lingquan at all.”

But He Roujia wanted to ask again, but Zhu Yang kept silent.

Enough said today, it will be long in Japan.

She didn’t want the players here to follow her strategy style, but in the final analysis, it doesn’t matter whether you follow the strategy route or your own pioneering route.

Since the game gives benefits, there is no reason to waste it.

So Zhu Yang heard the sound of vomiting blood again, but she naturally ignored it if she listened too much.

In this copy of the game, the emperor is faint, and sooner or later will be dragged down by several princes.

King Qi is the one with the best comprehensive conditions among all the princes at present. Of course, if he does not participate and develops step by step, he is indeed the most likely to become an emperor.

If the fight in his back house is successful, it is equivalent to completing the task.

But Zhu Yang doesn’t like to wait for others to appreciate the food. She is a wonderful thing to eat hard even soft food. Otherwise, how did someone get the nickname of being taken advantage of?

But now the emperor is a lean camel bigger than a horse, and the time for rebellion is not in time, so there are still a few years to go in peace.

Zhu Yang said: “First, build an army and have enough food to come out.”

He Roujia sneered: “You can train the army?”

Zhu Yang: “No, you can do it once you do it.”

She was like she was talking about home-made handicrafts, and it was done after a few touches. The eldest sister is the army.

He Roujia took a deep breath: “You didn’t say it yourself, it’s the mother’s ritual world, not the power over the world. It’s not for you to be king.”

Zhu Yang laughed: “After the power is over, there will be more people who want to be my son. Believe it or not that my elder’son’ calls my mother so many people are willing.”

“But I prefer others to call me Dad, or Dad is the same.”

He Roujia seriously suspected that Qi Xun was caused by the strangeness of Qi Xun, and it was indeed crazy to spend a few years with such a guy.

The emperor is incompetent, and the people of the world will naturally not have a better life.

Zhu Yang originally planned to set up a cult/religion in a place far away from the capital to absorb refugees, but he saved a child shortly after he left Beijing.

She is considered a fugitive for the time being, but she hasn’t walked fast all the way. To gain this world, she must first understand it.

Therefore, Zhu Yang has done a lot of work along the way, and it is quite slow to go without the official road.

On that day, she ran into a carriage escorted by a team and was ambushed. It seemed that the escorted party was not ordinary people, and they were all wearing fine armor.

It’s slightly different from the Qi Palace, but it’s almost the same system.

Royal soldiers!

Although the men and horses in the ambush had ordinary attire, they had no advantage in the number of people and killed all those royal soldiers, saying that they were ordinary bandits.

It was obvious that there was an assassination plot between the royal family.

Originally, Zhu Yang didn’t want to be nosy, but saw that the carriage was chopped apart and two people fell out of it.

A enchanting beautiful woman in her early twenties and a seven or eight-year-old boy, the beautiful woman was so terrified when she saw the knife cut off, she wanted to use the boy to block the knife.

As soon as Zhu Yang felt profitable for the child’s obvious clan status, he couldn’t bear the death of a child before his eyes, so he picked up a rock on the mountain and smashed the ambushers down.

She sealed her fighting skills, so it is not easy to get directly into a well-trained assassination unit, but relying on the advantage of the high ground and the outstanding arm strength of the players, the stones that are often hundreds of kilograms will be thrown down.

The ambush suffered heavy losses for a while, but these were all dead men who were desperately trying to complete their missions. When Lu met the strongman, the man closest to the boy took the knife and cut it over regardless of the danger.

Although the boy was young, but also clever, he quickly backed away and opened the distance between the two to create space for Zhu Yang to attack.

It was the beautiful woman who was frightened and scurried and prevented the assassin. She was chopped down with a knife and became a dead soul.

Zhu Yang saw that the remaining number of people was within the range of his own limited ability, so he picked up a big stick and jumped down.

That posture is simply the roots of the bandits handed down from the eighteenth generation of ancestors, even the weapons are hard to say, and it seems to be invulnerable.

But at this moment, no one dared to treat her as a mob.

The humanity headed by the remaining people: “Where are you from? If you ask for money, we will leave in a while. Everything on this road is yours.”

“If –, then weigh up if this is something you can mix.”

It is impossible for the other party to explode, so he was vague, but Zhu Yang ignored it.

I can’t even bear to talk to the other party. After all, this is not an opportunity to bargain. After a few tricks, the ambushers knew they were invincible, and the remaining two desperately held Zhu Yang, and made one person to take advantage of this gap. Boy.

Zhu Yang’s big stick was not small, so he broke it with force and threw it at the man who had already thrown the knife at the boy.

The force of a cannon/bullet smashed the man directly into the air. So far, Zhu Yang and the boy were only left in the entire col.

Oh, there is another ghost, He Roujia.

When He Roujia saw this ambush, she was talking next to Zhu Yang. With her experience of fighting in the palace, she was naturally more insightful than Zhu Yang.

When I looked at the configuration of the **** team, I guessed the boy’s identity.

“Hey! The two biggest incidents that have occurred in the capital in the past two days are not the assassin incident in the Qi Palace, and the only heir of the late prince who was driven to the back cover by the king?”

“Tsk tusk! The prince was weak when he was alive, and only this **** was under his knees. He was still a lowly dancer. However, after the prince, he was famous and should be driven far away.”

“It’s the people behind who behave carefully enough to pinch out even the sprout.”

Zhu Yang ignored He Roujia, squatted down / was in line with the child’s sight, and did not treat him as a child.

With the cleverness of this child just now, it can be regarded as a crisis, and no adult can do it.

So Zhu Yang asked directly: “Are you the queen of the prince?”

The boy obviously understands his identity and his current situation, but he looks at Zhu Yang.

There is no respect, greed, compassion, or contempt for the son of the prince, and certainly no respect at all.

It’s like his father once took him out of the palace, seeing the world in the market, trading and trading.

People look at the goods that are not needed, but if the price is right, they can be taken away in the bag.

He is fledgling and weak. His matriarchal origin was lowly, and his father was not enough to protect himself except for what he had divided up.

He needs this woman to take him away, and in the face of life threatening, even the nobleman can lower his noble head.

He looked at Zhu Yang and said, “I am!”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Are you going to take office?”

The boy admitted again.

Zhu Yang nodded again, then stood up: “Okay, I will be your mother from today, let’s go, go to our site.”

At a young age, the boy had tasted the warmth and coldness of human affection and was choked by her words.

Who dare to call himself him–

But when he glanced at the corpse of the gorgeous woman not far away, although he was a bastard, because he was the only heir of the prince, he could not be raised by the birth mother.

Now that he fell into the mud, the prince and concubine family, who had a strong mother clan, naturally had a way to fish her out. Only the biological mother followed him on the road.

Since he was out of Beijing, his biological mother kept crying with her arms around him. She was ashamed that the two were biological mothers and children, but they were not familiar with each other.

But in the end, he was connected by blood, but he didn’t expect that at that moment his biological mother would push him out to block the knife.

He raised his head and glanced at Zhu Yang: “What can I get by recognizing you as a mother?”

Smart children are cold and cruel enough.

Zhu Yang smiled: “Shall I give you a throne for fun?”

The boy opened his eyes wide and looked at the woman in shock. But after thinking about it, he made a vow in his heart to take back everything that belongs to him.

Isn’t it also a child’s word from others?

So he said: “The world is originally mine.”

Zhu Yang was quite satisfied and hugged the child.

To be honest, even if she had to set up a puppet in the end, she didn’t hope it was too stupid.

After all, she has to leave this world. If she is an incompetent person, she will be sure that the situation will return before liberation soon after she leaves.

It is not easy to make a living these days. Only when the situation is peaceful can the people survive.

Asking Rang Biren to scream at her shamelessly when she hears this thought. She is still a bachelor bandit, thinking about helping the world.

When he was about to leave, he was suddenly grabbed by his trouser legs. Zhu Yang looked down.

There was a guard who was not dead, but it seemed that he was not far from death.

The other party’s temperament is a bit like Xu Xiao, the type who has been tested by iron and blood, should be a retainer who was entrusted by the master.

Looking up with difficulty, Zhu Yang said, “Please, please protect——”

“Come on! Do what you want to do by yourself, and just throw off the burden of others without doing that.”

Talking about turning the guard over, regardless of the **** blood of the other side’s wound, he fed him a few mouthfuls of spiritual spring water to hang him alive.

He took out the needle and thread to sew up his wound directly. The needle and thread are all in the small courtyard of Space.

Don’t even think about disinfection, but Lingquan water can prevent wounds from becoming inflamed, and the effect is not just for fun.

After Zhu Yang sewed the other side, the man’s dying injury had been relieved, his breathing eased, and it seemed that he would not die for the time being.

Regardless of the shock of the other party and the child, Zhu Yang put away the luggage and belongings in the motorcade, which also contained the child’s identity certificate and appointment decree.

Without these two things, you can’t just go to the place and claim the king.

“Let’s go!” Zhu Yang said: “These dead men will not return for a long time, naturally someone will come to investigate and leave here first.”

The child pointed to the guard: “Then he—”

“He can’t stay here either, is it possible to wait for someone to repair him? Wouldn’t it be a waste of sewing?” Zhu Yang said.

No, so you really haven’t stitched a wound, right? You just sew human skins as rags, right?

Leaving aside Zhu Yang’s remarks, it seemed to expose some cruel facts, and the guard also knew that the situation was better than people.

So he politely said to Zhu Yang: “So troublesome heroine.”

The horse was hacked to death, and he was temporarily inconvenient to move, so Zhu Yang could only worry about it.

Zhu Yang pointed to the child: “Go, help him go.”

“Why?” The guard hurriedly said, “His Royal Highness is a prince——”

Zhu Yang didn’t let him finish speaking, and said impatiently: “I have never heard of a son working as a mother.”

“What he can’t do, can I do it with his old mother? This is not filial, right?”

Seeing that the guards were both sad and angry, Zhu Yang waved his hand: “If you love it, you can get mixed up. If you don’t support it, you will fall down. Anyway, in the future, some work will be a hundred times harder than this.”

“If you can’t bear this bit of bitterness and humiliation, then don’t have the dream of capturing the world.”

The guard was waiting to say something, but the child put his arm against his tender shoulder.

And not to behave, but to really bear the weight of his upper body——

“Ayuan, don’t move, she—my mother is right, and you are the only person left to me by my father, and no one will assist me when you die.”

“Be careful of the wound, just rest for a while.”

“His Royal Highness–” A Yuan’s guard had tears in his eyes, his expression moved and guilty.

At this time, the master and servant were deeply affectionate, and he heard a scream of slurping melon seeds next to him: “That’s right, I am a stepmother, no one is watching, I just let him eat pickled vegetables all day long. No one redressed the beating for dinner and supper.”

He didn’t make A Yuan’s guards angry.

But I slandered the female bandit in my heart, but with her, the journey went smoothly.

Because of the assassination, A Yuan’s guard originally thought she would take them to conceal the path, but the other party did the opposite.

Going up the official road openly and openly, this was something they hadn’t dared to do when they had enough manpower because they knew that someone would slay the killer.

But she didn’t. Not only did she follow the official road, she was also high-profile and arrogant all the way.

Those who saw people put the dishes, confronted her with the consciousness of the down-and-out royal family who hadn’t been driven out of the capital, it was really shocking.

Because he was the prince’s biological mother, Zhu Yang also dressed up in a gorgeous dress. Of course, the body of the beautiful woman had long been collected in the space.

Although he was the Prince of Downfall, he had a lot of belongings, and he soon repurchased his cart.

Along the way, in addition to the indifferent and picky ways of finding fault with the post officials along the way, many more also left a lot of good names.

To clear up the mountain bandits, treat the refugees, punish the **** and eliminate the evil, is slow along the way.

Because of the bad year this year, although most of them are still passing by and there is no rebellion among the victims, we still encounter small groups of refugees from time to time.

However, refugees are not accepted everywhere, and long-term hunger and displacement have made most of the victims sick.

Zhu Yang would leave food for the victims to treat the disease. The child also guarded her when she saw the continuous supply of food. He was shocked at first.

But soon the awe of the gods and monsters became more and more pity for the world as the relief of the victims increased.

It’s just that the child is somewhat certain why his’mother’ is so convinced that the child of his choice will become the master of the world.

Could it be that she is the **** who was photographed by the sky to save the common people?

And A Yuan’s guard naturally felt proud that his young master had become the chosen one.

At this time, they only thought that Zhu Yang’s ability came from here, and they didn’t really see the horror of this woman.

Naturally, Zhu Yang knew that he couldn’t help blindly, so every time he was given a certain amount of food in addition to curing the disease, and every time he passed through a place, he would be replenished, and he would not reveal his special features at all.

These unaccepted refugees represent their fiefdoms in the name of children to express acceptance.

Not to mention, children’s fief birds do not shit, and ordinary people who fled will not flee there. Don’t dislike anyone.

But they have built a reputation for compassion and kindness along the way, and some victims gritted their teeth and decided to go.

The high-profile all the way, even the reputation spread thousands of miles away, so that the people before them are quite a bit impossible to start.

The key point Zhu Yang always takes credit for doing good deeds in the name of the emperor. He was obviously a desolate child who was expelled from the capital, and in her mouth turned into the emperor of the generation to inspect the people’s suffering.

The emperor, who was so happy, naturally Longyan Dayue, repeatedly mentioned this grandson in the court hall. God knows that he might not even remember the child’s name before.

I chased a lot of things along the way. I was exposed to the bright light. Although I felt that the child was more threatening, it was not the time to do it.

After leaving for more than half a month, Zhu Yang and his entourage had already changed shotguns, and their honor was even more prominent than when they left the capital.

As for where the people came from, it was shameful to say that she was the bandit who paid her off.

She didn’t want the rabble of the hungry people. The big bandit leaders who were specially selected were those with strong martial arts and strong physique. Those who sold poorly were all beaten to the side of the road.

The mountain bandits naturally didn’t have the momentum and discipline of the imperial guards, but she did not choose a mob.

Anthropology is fast. In other words, training is easy, especially when life is threatened.

The dangling students can learn how to stand in the military posture in three days. What’s more, they can’t learn the rules and ceremonies well. They are served by a big stick that can smash a stone with a hammer.

Of course, the efficiency of Zhu Yangshou’s younger brother is known to everyone who knows, not only a great stick, but also an unambiguous benefit.

He restrains discipline, makes the best use of everything, and is good at discovering the talents of his younger brothers.

In a short period of time, the team was actually looking different, plus the original murderous spirit of the bandits, it can really bluff people.

Even the guard Ayuan feels that your majesty is well tuned/taught, and the key to doing things is rough and meticulous. Listening to the analysis of the little one, many methods are foresight.

Previously, he thought this was where the bandit came from, but the rabble of bandits only knows where to rob the people and be strict with themselves?

When he was approaching the fief, his Highness Lian Xiao said that his mother was already sincere.

It is indeed their luck.

Not to mention, Zhu Yang’s acceptance of this son really made her task a lot easier. Of course, without him, he could continue the famine and form a cult/religion to gather people, but the teacher is unknown.

With this imperial blood, a child who originally had to use nine points, now only needs five points, and the free hand can naturally do more.

The fame of their party is too obvious, and she also went all the way to expand the honor.

By the time of the fief, the dozens of honour guards that strayed out of the capital are now hundreds.

There are men and women in it, but the whole team is neat and tidy, and the momentum is high and it is not to be underestimated.

At that time, it was strange that the guards did not wear armor–

Of course, Zhu Yang has a fart armor, and where can the armor be forged privately these years? She can’t buy it even if she has money.

However, the uniform has been improved, with new fabrics for slim and straight lines, which looks very impressive.

Those old fritters in the officialdom that had deceived the king’s young and inattentiveness immediately curbed their underestimation.

After Xindao is the prince, the lean camel is bigger than the horse.

The little prince got out of the carriage, but did not accept the official’s gift, but first helped a person from another luxurious carriage.

That man was twenty, with stunning looks and extraordinary bearing, it seemed that he was the mother of His Royal Highness.

It’s just that I heard that the birth mother of His Royal Highness was humble, but I didn’t want to be so ostentatious. Those who came to us could not help being reborn and contemptuous.

Zhu Yang got out of the carriage and looked at the city gate in front of him. He was indeed a place of exile.

Compared with the majestic splendor of the capital, here you can feel desolate and bleak without going in.

But she is not depressed. To say that this place is desolate, it is not because the land is not abundant and the food cannot be produced.

But because it is located at the border, the order is chaotic, and neighboring countries are often harassed.

So why don’t even refugees want to come here? It makes sense, but for Zhu Yang, it’s great here.

Thinking of the refugees she treated all the way, many people should have defected, so Zhu Yang asked the officials about the resettlement of refugees.

“Oh, mother, I know your bodhisattva’s heart, but here is our place of refuge? People who have avoided disasters outside the country can hope to return to their hometown after receiving the court’s compensation.”

“When you get here, you can’t eat enough for yourself, and there are barbarians who rob you for a long time. You let people come here, didn’t you commit sin?”

The official was not polite.

But Zhu Yang laughed, smiling kindly and beautifully, but what he said made people feel like falling into an ice cave——

“You said, where did you push my labor for farming?”


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