Scream Queen Chapter 176

Is Zhu Yang’s relief to the victims really all for good intentions? She wants someone.

Want to seize the throne, with the bargaining chips she has now, she has the right to say that she can skip the step of cult brainwashing and creating public opinion, and the time will always come.

So in the final analysis she only needs two things, the army and food.

Which of these two does not require people?

Originally, this fief was sparsely populated. Most of the people who took root here were of mixed races of the two countries, and it was hard to run a few people along the way to fame.

This stupid pig with **** in his head turned her away.

Zhu Yang smiled, and actually said to the official: “I didn’t think it well, but since our Highness promised, even if the conditions are limited, it will not be accepted, so it is not good for so many people to go for nothing.”

“Needless to say, at least the travel expenses to go back have to be subsidized, which also saves your Highness from becoming that unbelievable villain.”

Seeing the contempt for the woman’s uninformed and ignorant proposal flashed across the faces of a group of officials, Zhu Yang took another sentence: “Don’t worry, we don’t know the trouble caused by the situation. This money will naturally go to your Highness’s private account.”

“It’s abrupt at the first time. Our Highness is also young. I don’t know much about women. I need your help.”

He said to the official headed: “It’s also troublesome for Master Fang to send people to gather the refugees who have driven over from thousands of miles, and distribute road funds uniformly.”

A few more people were recruited: “You bring a team of advanced cities to break up the money. Later, let the Master Fang and their people organize records, and they must be distributed to the refugees.”

Her actions looked stupid to the officials, but the attitude was still the same.

The officials present were the fief’s local snakes. Here again, dragons and snakes are in chaos. The officer who was sent here before is wise to be an overhead puppet. It’s okay if you really want to reach out to this pool, it will not end well.

The little prince’s biological mother made this gesture, and they were also widowed and orphans.

There is news that this woman is domineering and difficult, and it seems that she is also a time-conscious woman.

That’s not a big deal. After Zhu Yang arranged things, several strong guards brought out several boxes of money.

When the box was opened, it was really dazzling.

The number is so huge that even the officials present can’t help but look greedy. In the end, this place is too poor, and the people are so sturdy that it can’t get a good amount of oil when scraping the ground, and you have to prevent it from being scraped too hard. The thief broke into the house and chopped it.

This is not a joke. Being an official here is life-threatening.

Naturally, the number of refugees who came to defect is not many in the total number of people affected by the disaster, but the number of these words depends on the comparison.

The so-called amount is small, and it is also in ten thousand yuan. Naturally, the amount of money that Zhu Yang took out looks large, but the actual amount of money distributed to the head is only a few taels per person.

And a few ounces of silver can survive in this world, even if the court’s disaster relief funds are distributed to the people, I am afraid that there is not so much.

The officials scolded the prodigal maiden for not knowing human suffering, but no one reminded her that she could make a reduction.

If it wasn’t for her arrogance, some people would like to add a sentence that the money is not enough, let her add more.

As for what she ordered, the officials were more pleased.

Immediately arranged all the guards who could be mobilized in the city and even the family members of the house to come out to ‘help’.

The mother and son have gained a lot of fame along the way, even the long live master in the capital mentioned it from time to time, and they have rushed to reward many things along the way.

It’s hard to get some good points from them, but the ignorant woman scatters the money by herself, don’t blame them for picking it up.

In other words, these people only intend to let the money pass on the victims, but since they don’t tear their skin, they naturally send more people.

And because the property will be scattered at that time, instead of collectively gathering, the big officials have everything, and the little officials may not be able to get enough soup.

It would be better to rely on the talents of each team, and count as your own as much as you get.

So one by one couldn’t wait to send all the boys out to pick up money, along the way

The youngest ‘help’ is thirteen or fourteen, which is really speechless.

But the little prince, A Yuan’s guard, and He Roujia, who was invisible to others, began to tremble from the beginning of the official’s rude words to Zhu Yang’s kind words and even some retreat attitude.

Along the way, no one knew this guy’s domineering arrogance better than them, and he refused to eat even the slightest loss.

It would be more difficult to handle things, and she would be willing to let out that nasty breath. As Ruojia said, in fact, she didn’t have to fall out in the palace at that time.

It is not a problem to avoid the public, just want to beat Wang Qi violently, or pour that stupid medicinal tea into the mouth of the princess, and there is no need to be so embarrassed.

But she just couldn’t bear the moment of breath.

But at this moment, she didn’t easily fatten up these brains, and a fat guy could be raised in the desolate land and slapped on the wall.

It can’t be that this guy suddenly knew low-key humility, it can only be that these people are already dead in her eyes.

How boring is that to be angry with the dead?

As a result, the victims who had been chased nearby were found back, saying that they would send the road money back. Although the people who came here sincerely murmured in their hearts, it is natural to have money.

Even people in the city who were informed that they were ‘well-informed’ knew about this, and those who pretended to be refugees came out to receive money, but they didn’t care about it.

It became more and more that Zhu Yang and his party were stupid and unorganized. Among the hundreds of people, there was not even one shrewd and reliable person who could speak.

It is also to blame for Zhu Yang to tune/teach too hard, Zhidong did not dare to go west, the mighty hundreds of elite mountain bandits really pretended to be more decent than the regular army.

With the old world of these people, why don’t you know the doorway inside?

Even those who want to escape along the way and want to organize rebellion have long been suppressed and conquered. How can you feel that your boss is the one who did such a stupid thing?

I just don’t know what her purpose is to disperse money at the moment, so just obediently do the same as she said.

So everything went according to plan.

With so much money to open the way, the officials naturally became more enthusiastic about Zhu Yang and his party, and they had prepared a banquet.

Naturally, Zhu Yang readily agreed, and too many people were sent out, and the few remaining had to go to the palace to settle the bags and clean up.

Although it has been cleaned, after all, the identity is not to be neglected here.

So when attending the reception banquet, Zhu Yang and the child had two servant girls besides Ayuan’s guard.

Such a bachelor made everyone more at ease, and the doubts that had been raised before also dispelled their doubts.

The so-called poor place is not poorer than the upper level. Although the specifications of the banquet are not as luxurious as the prince of Beijing banquet, it is not shabby.

Previously, Zhu Yang was the head of the negotiations with officials, but she was impatient to deal with this kind of social occasion.

He pushed the child out.

It was also because the child had a good quality. The prince had only obtained this son for many years, so he was trained as an heir, regardless of whether he was in charge.

A child at the age of, although still a little jerky, he can barely cope with it.

It’s just that a group of officials saw that the other party was young, and they had no souls in front of them. Although it doesn’t show up on the face, in the end, everything seems to be contemptuous.

Guard Ayuan tried to stab these guys several times, but the child gave him a careless look, calming his emotions.

Also, at Zhu Yang’s level, these people are not even fit to work for her, just like moving into a new house to clean up the remaining dust and dirt.

Dust and dirt are indeed annoying, but they don’t have to worry about it.

After a social party, Zhu Yang took an order for the child: “Eat more. I can’t sleep at one and a half tonight, so I won’t be hungry for a while.”

Children eat well naturally.

But these words made the officials who were sitting close to listen to them, and they had to make a joke: “His Royal Highness is only this age. Is it necessary to stay up late to give the official document?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “It’s not in such a rush, but tonight, most of the officials in the prince’s fief will be unfavorable to the resettlement of the victims, and they will search for the victims’ life-saving wealth, and be killed by the victims who broke through the wall in anger.”

“His Royal Highness is young, but it is inevitable to be embarrassed that such horrible things happened in his own fief. How can he fall asleep?”

She said this slowly, the expression on her face was still as careless as when she was outside the city gate at that time, but the expressions of the people present changed drastically.

The leading Master Fang threw the wine glass in his hand to the ground, and the sharp cracking sound made the atmosphere of the whole room rattle.

“It’s unreasonable, when I wait for the court to order the official, can this kind of enchantress frame life and death?”

As he walked out of his seat, he bowed his hand to the little majesty: “Such enchantresses are often accompanied by his majesty, and they will surely keep one of the people out of their lives.”

“Come on–”

As soon as the voice fell, some guards had already drawn their swords at Zhu Yang and the others.

As of this moment, no one has a sense of crisis in Zhu Yang’s remarks.

In their opinion, even if this woman wanted to make trouble, she was so stupid that she didn’t want to think about the comparison of combat power, and she was only a guard at the scene.

It was the fox who was slaughtered in the cage clamoring recklessly.

But the next second, someone ran in panic.

“My lord, the victims rioted, and we were fighting.”

The place is desolate, there is no place for farming and commerce, and the natural defense force is also limited.

Although it is located on the border, it is not the kind of border town. If it is really such a place, the emperor would not dare to use it to send his heirs casually.

The neighboring tribes here are also scattered tribes, because they are located in remote areas and are not under the jurisdiction of the barbarian court.

In short, the desolate zone does not even have an army to guard against the desolate zone.

Why? Because if the barbarian court attacked from here by detour, it is estimated that it would cost most of the marching cost just to come over.

And there is no supply yet, and large areas along the way are poor. Fighting to support war is a dream.

So there is limited defense here, but the number is still much larger than that of Zhu Yang.

It’s just that the people on Zhu Yang’s side scattered the money and waited for the victims to gather and send back the capital.

I didn’t mention anything about the return journey. I just said that the money was to thank everyone for their trust. At this time, all the people who came to the fief accepted it.

People are always resettled first, and then pay resettlement fees. Niangniang and Dianmeng forgive the blind dates for their hard work, and everyone is upset, so you might as well divide the money first.

Thousands of miles away from starvation and poverty, I think he really believes in the character of Zhong Niangniang and His Royal Highness, and plans to live under his command with peace of mind.

The now well-trained guards of the former mountain bandits exclaimed: “Since there are not many people now, they are concentrated in one place, first collect the money, and then make registration arrangements. Everyone trusts the mother and your highness, and they trust everyone.”

“Don’t worry, people have already been arranged to go into the city to buy a large amount of food and cooking utensils. The powerful men and women will come to help first. The old and the weak will be distributed.

Suddenly, the victims who were gathered back were moved to tears and they knelt down and bowed their heads in the direction of the city gate, chanting great mercy.

It’s not in vain to make a desperate bet, and finally see the hope of living.

At this time, a load of food was carried out of the city and piled on the temporary construction space. Because there were many people maintaining order, it also avoided the chaos of the hungry people.

It’s just that there isn’t much grain produced here, and the grain merchants have limited stocks, but because of the long deal with the barbarians, the meat is easy to get and cheap.

Because people who are hungry for a long time are not suitable for eating big meat, they chop the meat and throw it into the porridge pot for cooking.

Dozens of large pots were fired at the same time. While registering the change, the fragrant and meaty smell of rice wafted, and the victims who left their hometown felt a little safe for the first time.

Zhu Yang had planned the registration and resettlement of disaster victims as early as on the road. Although the situation has changed, according to the method she taught, it is not chaotic.

But the guards who were ordered to pick up the money were anxious, which was not what they said before.

They are still waiting for these people to scoop up their own fat sheep after they have scattered and leave, but now that they are not planning to let people go.

Someone said anxiously, “How did this happen? Master Fang didn’t explain it that way.”

He didn’t say that it was okay, as soon as he said that Zhu Yang’s people began to instigate, threatening that the dog officer here would not give everyone a way out.

These people had robbed the roads after Zhu Yang was dispersed, and their ability to rob more and less depends on their ability.

In the future, the “helping” family members even the weird rogue rascals came out: “Is there anyone who needs so many people to help? We have so many people on our own, is it too much to be too busy?”

Some people who were ordered to pretend to be victims of the disaster were also pulled out: “Is this fat man with greasy ears and slippery ears, is it a disaster victim? Do you know that if these rascals take away a piece of silver, one of the folks may have no money for the settlement? ”

The officials sent out to take advantage, but now it has become ironclad evidence that they have bad intentions to **** their life-saving money.

Even before Jian Niang Niang and His Royal Highness came, the victims were turned away and blasted everywhere. The crowd was suddenly excited and a riot broke out.

The number of defenders in the city was several times larger than that of Zhu Yang, but it was nothing in the face of the number of victims.

Under normal circumstances, the victims would not dare to confront these soldiers with swords, but at this moment they are the enemy of the dead. Even if the city defenders have the advantage of weapons and physical strength, where are these people who are so angry?

What’s more, there are Zhu Yang’s people. When the officials got the news at the reception banquet, the situation was almost stable.

Knowing that the boss was short of people, the defenders were not slaughtered, and the food on the spot was almost all done.

I had a meal of sticky meat porridge, which was a large bowl full, compact and honest, without any clear soup or water.

After eating, the **** soup will be boiled there, and the rest of the grain will be piled there, saying that it will be eaten tomorrow morning.

After venting the anger of the same enemy, the victims became closer to the guards of Zhu Yang who had fought together, and it was naturally easier to maintain order.

There were also many people guarding the captured guys, and there were more than a dozen registration desks opened for efficiency. Of course, even so, they were still busy until the next morning.

However, the victims are at ease and orderly, as long as the efficiency of orderly things is not low.

These are not shown first, and then return to the reception banquet.

The person who came to report said that, and the door of the hall suddenly closed.

It was the two maids who followed Zhu Yang to serve. These two maids were not as beautiful as those in the back houses of ordinary nobles.

The figure is also tall, and there is even a hint of fierceness in the eyebrows.

After the entire hall was closed, Zhu Yang raised the wine glass in his hand: “How can this be good? Let me cut off the life and death of everyone here today.”

As soon as this was said, the people here were naturally not polite.

The sword pointed at Zhu Yang’s guard rushing over. At this moment, Zhu Yang and the child were sitting next to Ayuan’s guard.

No one felt that this was a threat before he did it. Moreover, seeing the swords facing each other, the guard immediately lifted the little majesty out of his seat and stepped back a few meters.

According to Zhu Yang’s explanation, he doesn’t have to do anything at any time when an armed conflict occurs. His only task is to ensure the safety of the children.

Zhu Yang raised his foot and kicked the table, the long table clip wrapped her huge force and knocked over the front guard, and even the people behind them vomited blood and fell down.

Cleverly breaking through from the side, Zhu Yang grabbed a table again.

In this case, the table is a very good weapon. The table length can withstand the simultaneous attack of long knives, and the table top is thick enough to cut people over.

Of course, the premise is that she has the strength to wield the table as a pan.

The guards had to be careful of other officials, but Zhu Yang didn’t have to be restrained at all.

Someone wanted to escape from the door, but the two maids showed two short knives in their hands. Whether it was the person who was going out or the support who was going in, they were all chopped down one by one.

There are quite a few stances of a man who is in the position of being a man and a man. Of course, this is also because most of the people are sent to make money. The manpower remaining in the mansion is really not much, let alone support.

Another official was knocked down. One of the women who was a former gangster who was now the maid of the palace said: “Bah! Auntie was born and died with my father when she was seven years old. You guys were still playing with chicks at the time.”

“Ah! Pay attention to the words, pay attention to the words.” Another female bandit reminded, it can be seen that they have been cleaned up/taught.

Thanks to the greed of these gadgets, Zhu Yang swept all the people out without much effort.

At the moment, the headed Master Fang still had the previous arrogance, and he was crying bitterly and begged Zhu Yang and the child.

Zhu Yang stepped on his head and stepped into the floor. Everyone clearly heard the sound of skull cracking.

Both were two battles of fright, shocked and shocked.

It’s not the first time that Zhu Yang killed someone, so he didn’t talk about the world. It was the idea of ​​these guys all over the house that killed tens of thousands of people at every turn.

No, it’s not even forced to death. The people sent out by these people may directly kill people during the looting.

You can even take the head back to report your military merit, which shows that the roots here are rotten from top to bottom.

Zhu Yang was impatient to spend too much time rectifying the order, and he directly removed the original order and re-operated.

The little prince is politically literate, so he said to Zhu Yang: “Kill all? Anyway, look at these people and factions.”

Zhu Yang touched his head: “This is indeed a safe way, but it doesn’t apply to our situation.”

The child nodded and thought that too, the emperor is far away from the mountain, he was exiled here and no one cares about life or death, and everything else is the same.

As long as they fully control the fief, they will have the final say.

Then one night without stopping, he ransacked the homes of the officials present. Not only did they make up for Zhu Yangsa’s money, but also more.

Shan Xingfang’s family is more than multiple of the money she took out, but they are so greedy that they don’t give the people a way to survive.

One night, he didn’t sleep at all. Zhu Yang is the player’s spirit. Of course, the children are not tired at all when they are young, which shows that they are determined.

Zhu Yang fed him some spiritual spring water. It was indeed not time to rest at this moment.

The disaster victims were also planned non-stop, and Zhu Yang and the children personally came to visit the temporary shelter.

In short, in reality, the affiliation group that led the way to the countryside was brought out, and the victims who had just paid for the settlement and had enough to eat more than regard them as living bodhisattvas?

Along the way, Zhu Yang made full arrangements for the resettlement of the victims, resettlement sites, field division, and labor distribution.

The farmland here is fertile, but most of it is left unused. The victims fled this year without a harvest.

In the past, it was okay to only care about his life, but now he has settled and settled down before he noticed the fields here.

“All these fertile fields are left uncultivated and sinned!” There is an old farm road.

When each household divides the fields according to the population and plans to build houses, the victims have a complete sense of settled down.

However, these people quietly grasped the survival driftwood for the rest of their lives, forgetting that this is an uneven junction.

It is one thing to have rich soil, but it can be robbed once every ten days and a half. Who would be willing to work?

But apparently two consecutive days of good news made them overlook this point.

Zhu Yang started to recruit soldiers and buy horses non-stop. Because of the good treatment, her generous treatment after giving money first also played a role in buying horse bones.

Many of the disaster victims are strong and fit, and even the people in the city have a lot of excitement.

Zhu Yang slaughtered most of the officials, leaving behind some practical posts, and the whole Chengdu was scared by her tricks that she had made all night.

Thousands of city guards lost their heads, so naturally they could only worship her mountain tops, as well as the rogues and officials’ families, as long as they came.

From this, Zhu Yang quickly formed an army with a number of tens of thousands. Although it was not comparable to other places, this starting point would be enough.

Zhu Yang is not a person who knows everything, because He Roujia has not exploded the golden finger of the upper body of personality, Zhu Yang simply treats himself as an ordinary person with strong individuality.

But with so many people in her hands, with all kinds of talents, Zhu Yang even learned **** the enemy like A Yuan’s guard on the way.

These are all she knows, but He Roujia will not. He Roujia understood what she meant.

Even if you are empty and have no skills at the beginning, people are alive. Even if the player’s physical stamina can outstrip the world, as long as there is room for growth, you can’t give up all the people and opportunities you can use.

He Roujia thought to herself, if this guy is not a high-strength boss, or she is also a person with no background, can she still become stronger step by step?

So what she said earlier that the so-called lack of coaching opportunities is just to make excuses for herself.

This recognition made He Roujia a little ashamed.

Then she really realized what this guy’s light and fluttering phrase “Isn’t it an army, it will be cool.” What does it mean?

This guy really doesn’t have high military literacy. Some bandits are considered to be the best, but the army is not the same thing as this.

But she has never been stingy in employing people. There are quite a few military talents in the city defenders, and she is not stingy in promotion.

Then she was really like a blind man while studying and doing a few things, so that she could train the army in a decent way.

According to her, what does it matter if you go on a crooked road? Anyway, as long as the quasi-control power and the money and food are in place, nothing big will happen.

This season is not the time of spring plowing or autumn harvest, and the frequency of barbarians coming down to rob is also small.

However, Zhu Yang did not intend to waste a whole late fall and winter. The victims who were to be resettled built their houses, and Zhu Yang distributed the crops for the season.

Nature comes from space, and the food in the space is watered by spiritual spring water, and the quality is about the same as modern fine species.

Naturally, the yield per mu is not comparable to that of this era. Given her several years of development time, the cross-generation of fine seeds and this fertile land, Zhu Yang can turn the fief into the richest agricultural land in the country.

But first of all, there must be a peaceful and stable planting environment, then the barbarians who come to rob from time to time become Zhu Yang’s primary target of clearing.

Got it! Anyway, she had already regarded everything here as her own before she came, naturally including the barbarians who herd cattle and sheep in the grassland.

When she came here, if it wasn’t for a group of stupid guys to hit the gunpoint, she really stood on the wall and looked down at the whole land.

Shouted with open arms: “Mine, mine, all mine.”

All the newly promoted generals said that they have no horses, and the Barbarians will naturally not accept orders from Dabi, so that we can equip them to resist them.

Zhu Yang said: “Why should I buy free things?”

So for two months, Zhu Yang was either robbing on the grassland or on the way to rob.

Passing by a place is easily swept away, she not only grabs horses, cattle and sheep, even people.

Even if the male is absent, only women and children are left.

According to her original words: “There is no future for grazing, and you have to go hungry in winter. Seeing that you are quite talented, come back to farm with me.”

To be honest, the barbarians here came down to rob, and the organization was not large. They just relied on the speed of the horses and retreated into the grassland and did not dare to pursue the soldiers, so they were always the only ones who harassed.

But this time Zhu Yang was robbing and gearing up. Even though they had no horses at the beginning, they were numerous and defeated each one.

By the time these small tribes whose communications in ancient times basically relied on howling responded, they could no longer organize the resisting forces.

To say that Zhu Yang killed and trampled them, he might even fight back with their blood.

But those who were caught back were neither used as slaves nor tortured or tortured. They were the ones who captured the people from the grassland in their hearts as their possessions.

Strong men are in charge of the army, while women learn to farm and can cross-learn handwork.

As for the grassland site cleared by her, it has naturally become a natural training ground, with unified management of livestock and horses.

I took Lingquan water and mixed it with river well water, which greatly enhanced the physique and immunity of all creatures in this land.

Cattle, sheep and horses reproduce fast, fat and strong, so that the former nomads detained here feel incredible.

At first, they felt that with the raising ability of these Han people, the cattle and sheep would definitely be damaged. They didn’t expect it to be so fat.

It is even better than their ancestors who raised cattle and sheep for generations. If they want to raise cattle and sheep every year, they have become a wealthy tribe. How can they be expelled to this point, no one cares?

When the food planting environment came out, the farmers found that the land and grain seeds here were really gifted by gods.

The farmers who originally thought that they would have to spend the winter by relocating silver did not expect that the grains planted a month or two ago could already be harvested, and the output was so high that they could only be seen in their lives.

Before winter had come completely, everyone ate and drank, and the original people of the fief saw this.

The harassing barbarians were also arrested, and the income from farming was so amazing. Coupled with the tax reduction policy promulgated by Zhu Yang, a steady stream of people came to receive grain and the fertile land that had been abandoned was also mined.

The grassland dwellers who were detained for farming were not used to it at first, but the farming civilization is better than the nomadic civilization.

In the past, they had to starve and freeze because the water and weeds were dry in winter, and every spring is the time to rob.

This year, there is sufficient food and a warm place to live. The food in the warehouses of every household will be no problem in winter.

In addition, there are many males in the family, and they are paid back quarterly. With that money, the utensils, herbs, and living materials that are rare in the grasslands can be bought at very cheap prices.

Seeing that life is a hundred times better than before, the captives will settle here with peace of mind.

Zhu Yang also promoted several barbarians who were capable, not to mention, there were also nobles who were exiled.

The barbarians are inherently tough in fighting, and the nobles are even more systematically educated.

The other party wanted to return to the rights center, so Zhu Yang had a long chat with him, and it hit it off.

As a result, Zhu Yang’s army is increasingly developing in a brutal direction.

At this time, the princes were fighting fiercely, and even if there was someone who remembered the child, he couldn’t make any inquiries at this time.

But Zhu Yang’s expansion did not stop.

The function of the space spirit is really used to the extreme. As long as the people are prosperous, the system economy that follows naturally has room for development.

A few years later, when several princes realized that the influence of the children had spread from the fief to the surrounding areas, Zhu Yang became the emperor of the land in this once-barren land.

However, it is human instinct to move closer to interests. With the prosperity of the fief and the surroundings, the people in the country are too peaceful and happy, and famines have occurred everywhere in a few years, but here is an exception.

People migrate here, and businessmen naturally come in for profit. How can the truth of this fief be concealed?

The royal family were all wary of the grandson who was kicked out, thinking that he had an obvious identity advantage, but now he still has this talent for governance?

Countless secret agents poured into the fief to inquire, but how could this be the place where the leak was originally? Prosperity is no less than Jiangnan.

The false and true news kept the people in Beijing always unable to figure out their trump cards, so they simply instigated the emperor to order the children to return to Beijing.

Now the child is in his teens, and he has become a handsome boy.

He followed Zhu Yang over the years, and he really saw the terrible thing about his mother.

At that time, she was extraordinary when she came to her like a bandit, but she didn’t quite understand how to manage a place and how to train soldiers.

But she never stops moving forward because she doesn’t know how to do something. The child sees her arrogantly turning the entire barren fief into the world’s most prosperous place.

Even if all the chips are measured, it is no longer comparable to other princes.

And when she was studying, the children were also desperately learning.

As she always said at the beginning, she even called him a stocking. If he indulges in enjoyment, then there will be inexhaustible wealth here.

But he didn’t. He followed Zhu Yang like a small tail all day long, running everywhere and not crying tired when he was, so he made him today.

“Mother!” The child opened Zhu Yang’s bedroom door and entered.

Zhu Yang would not let the maid wait in the room to sleep at night, because Xiao Ji and Long Long came out to breathe.

When the child came over, she was already in bed, and Longlong and Xiaoji were also in the bed.

Seeing the child coming in, I glanced at him carelessly, and did not take care of it.

They wouldn’t admit this third child, what a gadget, just another son.

Longlong and Xiao Ji have discussed in private, they have to find an opportunity to confirm how many good sons his mother has outside.

The first time the child saw these two was one night not long after coming to the fief.

It was thunder and rain that night, the child was really scared, so the latter rushed into Zhu Yang’s room cheeky, and then grabbed a chicken in the bed——

Anyway, it was the same scene at the time. It was nothing to have a dragon and a phoenix on his mother’s bed.

At that time, the child was shocked, and he pointed at Longlong tremblingly: “This, this is–?”

From then on, the child never doubted that he would rule the world one day, because the Shenlong was right in front of him.

If someone else had this auspicious thing, they would have been full of self-confidence and rejoiced, but he didn’t. This knowledge made him even more convinced that he would become an eternal emperor, so he desperately wanted to be worthy of the virtues of eternal emperors.

However, as the illegitimate third child who was born halfway, Long Long and Xiao Ji looked at him only completely disgusted.

Sometimes he often bullies him, such as drawing a tail or a wing for him when he speaks boldly.

The child still thinks this is the closeness of the real dragon, and is so happy about it, so angry that Longlong wants to lift him to heaven.

When I came in now, the child took out Xiaoji regardless of dislike, and had a few more delicate snacks in his hand before it was going to get angry.

The second child suddenly felt that the third child he picked up was a bit desirable, so he grabbed a snack and ate it.

The child is here to discuss with Zhu Yang about entering Beijing, Zhu Yang said impatiently: “Is there anything to discuss with you? Just go.”

“The news of the spies from Beijing, the old emperor is about the same, and the situation will soon be in chaos. When the princes have finished fighting, we won’t believe that they have stopped me.”

Zhu Yang, first, the size of the army cannot be underestimated, and secondly, he is prepared for this battle and has plenty of material.

Even if it lasts ten years, it can support it. The so-called war fight is the logistics resources, and she will not lose.

The child said: “When I go to Beijing, I am afraid that several princes will be like they were back then–”

Zhu Yang looked at him with a faint smile: “Within the allowed number of people in Beijing, you can choose the personnel as you like. If you want to do anything, all the people below will obey.”

“Although this is indeed dangerous, if you don’t even have the ability to save your own life in a difficult situation, you don’t deserve to inherit my world.”


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