Scream Queen Chapter 177

The little prince knew that Zhu Yang was a man, don’t look at her right now, the entire fief and the surrounding large areas are all her words.

But she doesn’t love power, because she feels that it is something she can get at any time and anywhere, and naturally she will not cherish it, let alone worry about it.

Honestly speaking, the more wise he grows, the better the little prince understands how lucky he was to meet her.

For ordinary people, even if the current situation is like a beautiful flower, when they really reach the top of their rights, they will inevitably have a gap in their hearts.

But she was particularly open, thinking that the world is just for fun, but such frivolous motives did not hinder her efforts to this end.

I am afraid that rather than enjoying the results, what she learns halfway through is what she values.

The supreme existence in the world is imperial power. If she doesn’t even care about this, then how wide is the horizon that she really focuses on?

Therefore, Zhu Yang said, “If you don’t even have the ability to protect yourself, you are not worthy of inheriting her world.” The little prince did not feel embarrassed or embarrassed.

Instead, he thinks that it should be the case. If he is just a fool who can do nothing without his mother, it doesn’t matter that day.

So the third child picked up was kicked out quickly and went to Beijing alone.

Zhu Yang was famous in the fief, and even had her first and then the little prince.

It’s impossible for people in the capital to have heard of this great reputation.

However, the inherent prejudice of those people never believed that there was something about her in her reputation.

I thought that 80% was because the little prince and the brains behind it threw her out to distract her. After all, the little prince was young and his reputation was too high and was taboo by several people in Beijing.

Moreover, the little prince’s birth mother was humble, and she failed to stand up in the Eastern Palace after giving birth to her son, which shows that she is stupid.

How can such a person make people believe that everything in the fief is her own? Everyone still prefers the first prince to leave to his son.

So when the imperial decree came down, Zhu Yang was not specifically mentioned, so she just stayed in the fief to prepare.

It was also when she hid the corpse of the child’s birth mother. At that time, the people behind the scenes found that the woman was not dead, and it made Zhu Yang sway Li Daitao stiff for so many years.

Not to mention the outside world, in short, the day the child left, Longlong and Xiaoji were so happy, and they even took out snacks to celebrate.

It can be seen that the dislike of cheap three-children.

Not to mention how the little prince is now struggling. According to the spy’s information, Hongmen Yan did not mention it, and even suffered two assassinations.

A few years ago, people were exiled to this desolate fief that everyone looked down on, but now they have become fat meat that everyone wants to take a bite of.

Indeed, if the little prince dies, he has no heir at a young age, and the first prince has no other heirs, and the rich frontier that stretches for thousands of miles on the fief will become a land of no owner.

However, the child is not bad in terms of political literacy or strategy, knowing that several princes are not fuel-efficient lamps, and they all want to eat his fat.

But the princes are not a single iron bucket—not to mention the iron bucket, they just barely eat their flesh.

The competition for the throne has always been cruel, and the little prince shows his strength and strength in a timely manner, and he also knows to use the contradictions of several princes to act.

The few princes saw that the child had wings, and if he wanted to chew him off, he would have to be torn off a large piece of meat, and under the situation of this group of tigers, he would bleed and wait to be divided and eaten. .

If you can’t swallow it, those who intend to rise to the top will never want to offend a prince in a rich land.

On the contrary, his support is just as powerful as a tiger, so all parties tried their best to draw in.

In this short period of one or two months, the child was savvy, using the situation to shift the focus, and unexpectedly changed from being surrounded by wolves to being a guest of every province.

The end is great, once back to the political center, this guy is like a fish swimming in the sea.

Rao Zhu Yang received a series of news reports, and seeing him from the beginning of the difficult move to the current wanton free and easy, I have to admire that he is indeed a blood of power.

His father was unsuccessful, and his sense of existence was not obvious when he was run over by a few princes, but the child was more blue than blue.

I won’t mention the difficulties and dangers in the early stage. Even now, several princes are not vegetarians. Even if you want to win, it is naturally impossible to bet around.

Therefore, Zhu Yang has to boast a great deal just for this transfer.

That is, in this chaotic situation, I finally waited for the final battle opportunity set by the instance.

The old emperor suddenly fell ill, and in order to finally ascend to the Golden Throne, the people who had been covered with a fig leaf began to try to see him.

The harem court was chaotic, and the powers that several princes had operated for many years also showed up.

The rumors in the capital will not be mentioned for the time being, according to the spy to report that the game judges that King Qi with the highest stack is indeed superior.

He actually secretly arranged the army outside the city, and the imperial palace guards were under his jurisdiction, even if there were some other princes, but in the end, the king of Qi should have an overwhelming advantage.

Among the dangers, I won’t repeat them one by one. In short, according to the logic of the process, King Qi finally reached the top is already a certainty.

If there is no Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang started preparations as early as when the child left. She has a long way to fend off the land, and it won’t take a while to get to the capital.

With such a huge number of troops, I am afraid that others will know it as soon as it leaves the fief.

When the time comes, a few red-faced princes will naturally unite to resist her foreign enemy.

Therefore, Zhu Yang separated a group of people, one led by a barbarian nobleman who was captured a few years ago.

Let him rush to the barbarian imperial court thousands of miles away, inciting them to contain the frontier army.

A large number of troops can’t make a move, but Zhu Yang is unstoppable with the advantage of cavalry.

When the battle for the throne was about to fall, a powerful army had already arrived at the gate.

How can King Qi’s military strength resist Zhu Yang’s army? It’s the towering city gate, you don’t even need a siege ladder.

Zhu Yang cared about the use of tools. He had designed a siege artillery based on his own ideas, and immediately blasted the gate of his defense.

Wang Qi is silent in the joy of victory over the years, admiring the look of defeat of several brothers.

Only after hearing a few words of Shanhu Long live, this **** was told that the city was broken before he fell on the dragon chair.

King Qi immediately made people resist, but it was useless. The city was broken. How could the remaining troops resist?

The people were panicked, but saw that this mighty army entered the city without any harassment and was disciplined.

It was not like a rebel siege, but like a heroic warrior returning from victory. The panic disappeared a lot.

Got it! Anyway, several princes and grandchildren are fighting for that position, no matter who wins, it is his family’s world, the imperial city is still here, and the people are those people.

I just hope that these masters will quickly fight to make everyone feel at ease.

The palace was gradually occupied, and King Qi, who was one step away from the throne, had a canthus.

The little prince who was also in the Golden Luang Temple was held by his neck with a knife: “You are good to calculate.”

The little prince looked at the weapon on his neck as nothing at this time, he smiled: “It’s useless, Uncle Emperor.”

“Her ambition has never been to serve me. Even without me, she has a substitute. Even if you let me blood on the spot now, she will not stop her attack.”

His calmness did not cheat, but no one dared to say that he was bluffing.

Indeed, if this kid is the core of the whole conspiracy, then he will not stay here at this time and his life will be controlled by the enemy.

If his existence were the backbone of their entire interest group, the army outside would not attack so rudely and would not worry about the situation inside.

Zhu Yang walked into the Golden Luang Palace wearing a scarlet shirt. As a leader, she didn’t even wear her battle armor, which was heavy and airtight.

To change to such a leader, she had been shot to death with an arrow, but her whole body was particular and hypocritical, but it confirmed her calm and unhurried strength.

When King Qi saw her, his pupils shrank, and he wouldn’t have been in love for a few years and remember a concubine who hadn’t lived for two days.

But what Zhu Yang did at the beginning can be easily forgotten? Inside the heavily guarded palace, the prince was beaten, the princess was persecuted, and the witchcraft disappeared out of thin air.

In the end, it was a flamboyant escape from birth. I am afraid that the authority of King Qi has never been scorned like this since his birth.

Zhu Yang stepped forward, seeing the people in the hall as nothing. If it weren’t for the place where King Qi stood, she would have forgotten what this person looked like.

Although she looks handsome as a target of the Raiders, it is not surprising that she looks much better around her.

She lifted King Qi away from the dragon chair, and swiped the big cloak directly onto it.

The people below took a breath: “Where are the rebels?”

Zhu Yang sat on the dragon chair, tested his comfort, and curled his lips: “That’s all.”

He looked down and said with a smile but a smile: “When you overthrew the previous dynasty, in the eyes of the former officials and the royal family, you were also rebels and thieves.”

She is so powerful this time that the entire palace has been replaced by her people, except for those who are exceptionally hard, dare not yell at her.

Although he hasn’t started to see blood yet, there is no luck in the power struggle.

Several princes turned their attention to the little prince: “As a prince and grandson, you are colluding with the chaos and the gangsters and handing over the Li family?”

The little prince said casually: “No, my mother said she is only the queen mother, and the throne is still mine.”

Several princes sneered: “Do you believe this? My brain was eaten by a dog.”

When I finished speaking, I saw Zhu Yangchong wave his hand–

“Come here and see what your father I made for you.”

The little prince blushed, his eyes on the golden throne inevitably became excited, but he still maintained the prince’s style and style.

Only then did he sit up cautiously, until now he was a little unbelievable.

Zhu Yang got up and patted him on the shoulder: “I said, as long as you can live to this moment, then the throne is yours.”

“But this chair is uncomfortable. You have to sit for a lifetime. Sit well.”

She simply felt that the experience of this chair was not good, but no one said that she felt that it was true. It was like an encouragement to a young emperor.

The little prince-no, he should be the little emperor now, even he.

The little emperor nodded heavily, and then said to Zhu Yang, “Well! I will sit down.”

The few princes almost didn’t vomit blood due to this kid’s effort.

Although the birth mother of the little emperor was humble, she didn’t even know her, and when she was kicked out of the capital, she also met in a natural scene.

This woman is obviously not the same person at the beginning, of course, except for King Qi, it is naturally impossible to recognize that this is an assassin who has caused a sensation in the capital and has been wanted for several months.

But at this moment all the clues are connected together, and sure enough, everything in the fief may not be the hand of the little emperor.

They said that except for the mother and son, everyone had already been killed. Where did the prince leave him such a powerful brain.

With such a talented minister, the prince would not die in vain.

The women governed the territory, and in just a few years turned that piece of wasteland into a rich land, and trained such a powerful army.

No matter how well-established the little emperor’s blood is, how could they come back?

The princes were okay. They had already lost before Zhu Yang and the others came. At this moment, watching King Qi was only one step away from the throne and his dreams were broken, he couldn’t express his joy.

King Qi was unwilling to be mad, but he was helpless in the end.

I don’t know who took the lead first, and then the people in the hall knelt down one by one.

Zhu Yang quite enjoyed the process of fighting Jiangshan, but she was not interested in the following trivial matters.

It was also a coincidence that when she turned to the harem, she saw the original Princess Qi.

Princess Qi is also unlucky, and will think that she will be the mother of the world, but her husband’s position is turned off before she sits up.

For Zhu Yang, who cut her offspring, she must have recognized it even in ashes.

Seeing that this demon assassin actually motherly adored the world, Princess Qi did not go crazy on the spot, it was considered a strong psychological quality.

After the enthronement ceremony, not long after being named the Queen Mother, Zhu Yang completed the task and quit the game.

The voice of the strategy game is heard in the ear [S-level clearance evaluation. 】

He Roujia, who came out with Zhu Yang, couldn’t calm down for a long time, because she heard the sound of the game.

Even if Zhu Yang didn’t act as a guide, he had negotiated a bargaining chip to enter the arena. As a player, the golden finger of the spatial spirit spring would also be exposed.

There is no doubt that the ability also wants to follow the excellent master and be used to the full.

The more you use it, the higher the possibility of upgrading. Zhu Yang has used Lingquan to its extreme and developed many unheard of uses.

That’s a gold finger with a very low rate of exposure, but it’s a matter of course for Zhu Yang.

He Roujia saw that she completed the task with another way of thinking, even if she was just by her side, it seemed that the things that could be applied in this task were the sum of the previous ancient copies.

She used to learn embroidery, calligraphy, painting and culinary skills for the purpose of the strategy. She asked herself whether she was a person who was not enterprising, and she was even complacent about her efforts.

But now it has been discovered that players entering the game can be like a sponge, greedily drawing countless survival, strengthening, and livelihood skills.

She felt that even if she went to a similar dungeon again, even if nothing else was so good, but with her experience in Zhu Yang, she could make the task extremely calm.

What’s more, there is gold finger blessing.

So after He Roujia came out, she covered her face with her hands, and sat next to Qi Xun in a shameful manner, following him.

This stupidity makes the two remaining evils even more so.

Zhu Yang released Xiao Ji and Long Long and ran for a while at his home.

At this time, Zhu’s mother brought some drinks and snacks up. Seeing that the whole room hadn’t even poured a sip of water for the guests, she said to Zhu Yang: “Well, somehow you greet the guests, this is not sensible.”

Naturally, Zhu Yang didn’t plan to entertain a bunch of guys at first. The other game snoops that existed at that time didn’t get people out of the game and it was interesting enough.

At this moment, I have already got two golden fingers, but it is not so stiff.

After Zhu’s mother went out, Zhu Yang also ate a little cake and rested for a while.

Then he said to the game: “The next two tasks will be shorter. I will be busy next, too fast.”

I have never heard that there are still picks and choices when doing tasks, but I dare not fail to follow the strategy game.

The boss game is watching from the side, showing off all the way, it can be seen that this player is his favorite.

The Raiders game has already begun to regret at this moment. It was originally planned, and Zhu Yang was still in the mid-level field at the time, so he estimated her in his heart.

But who knew it was so cruel now? And the routines are different from others. Seeing so many benefits, it is impossible to achieve the goal.

Thanks to her teaching is really good for the player’s long-term development. If these four guys can learn, then concentrate resources on training, it is not impossible to train advanced players who can have advanced games.

Then the evaluation of their entire game will follow.

Even her search in the dungeon is a bit harsh, and the achievements made by the player during the completion of the task will have an impact on the dungeon world.

For example, her performance is too excellent, far surpassing the average performance or even breaking records. The dungeon world must have more stringent evaluations for players to complete tasks.

If this is done by the game’s own players, even if it hurts later generations, the benefits are still in their own pockets.

But Zhu Yang is a player of other games, and these guys will learn from each other in the future, it is not rare for the game to reward itself.

According to her, how can you just grab something if you look at it?

The key is the cleverness of this guy, I believe most of the situation is really not just talking.

So the Raiders game took a pitying look at Goubi Game, but saw that the big man was very proud.

Yes, they are happy to give her all the good things.

Next, Cheng Rui and Chuanxi also completed the copy with Zhu Yang.

The mission copy with Cheng Rui is a black/dao background, which is obviously a sadomasochistic mission.

Zhu Yang’s identity has become a poor man whose father owes gambling debts and sells his daughter to pay the other party’s gambling debts.

The task is to attack the young and handsome black/gang boss, and the golden finger given on the spot is indeed a perception of danger.

After all, you have to move around in a gang/gang environment, get involved with the boss, and get kidnapped one day.

To say that Cheng Rui’s force value is not bad, at least the skill is better than Qi Xun before.

It’s just a modern background, the gang with hot weapons flying all over the sky can’t be supported by fists.

The route of his previous strategy was to use both strength and beauty, with a competent and loyal subordinate on the one hand, while constantly stalking.

Coupled with the dog-blood abuse in the routine, even the boss who regards beauty as a plaything has to be moved.

Cheng Rui felt that there was no problem with his strategy, but he was not eager to express his stance if the lessons of the two were ahead.

Then I saw that Zhu Yanggan came to the house to catch her little girl, and then chopped up the ‘gambler’s father’, took the family’s money, and a few little guys’ only gun slipped away.

When Cheng Rui asked her how to interact with the target, Zhu Yang found the gang godfather who was vacationing on the beach.

Yes, no matter how large the target power is, it is young after all, so how did his turf come from?

Naturally, there are people who are loyal to him.

Zhu Yang gave up a little bit of effort and succeeded in getting her to be brought under his command by the old man, and used the golden finger crisis intuition to save her several times.

It was not that he could not form his own forces from scratch, but Zhu Yang felt that the similar nature of the dungeon didn’t need to waste too much time, so he took the shortest path.

The father’s son has several godsons, who are the target of the strategy and his competitors.

The old man has no children at his knees, and one hundred years later, the position of the leader must naturally be chosen among them.

But since Zhu Yang joined this battle, how could other things develop like this?

After gaining the old man’s trust, she didn’t do a good job. She gradually changed from having an influence on him to having her own prestige, and then gradually controlled all the power of the old man.

By the time of the later period, the old man seemed to have become her puppet.

Naturally, the godsons can’t let any female gangsters even make them more prominent than them because of their beauty.

Even let the old man have accepted her as a righteous daughter, that is to say, morally, she and them also have inheritance rights.

Numerous assassination fires followed, but Zhu Yang didn’t say that she was carrying a gold finger, she deeply felt the power of this gold finger.

Although it was just a danger perception at the beginning, there was no exact orientation.

But Zhu Yang didn’t just use that as a measure of crisis, because the trigger of this golden finger was accompanied by danger, and it was just an early warning, and could not confirm where the danger came from and in what form.

So usually although the player knows that it is useful, it is a good thing to not feel that it is triggered.

After all, this skill does not guarantee that you will not suffer losses.

But Zhu Yang is different. Not only is she not afraid to trigger skills for her own benefit, she even conducts tests and analyses herself.

Countless times stepped into dangerous places, countless times with various crises to test this golden finger.

Frequent use of the golden finger makes the power of the golden finger stronger, but the most important thing is that Zhu Yang is in the various values ​​of the degree of danger, the difference in the way of origin, and the evaluation of the degree of consequence.

After groping for the triggering laws and subtle differences of this ability, this golden finger was upgraded.

What a jaw-dropping thing is to upgrade the dungeon’s inherent configuration, which has not yet belonged to the player’s cheats?

Cheng Rui who followed her was stunned.

In other words, due to frequent births and deaths, Zhu Yang himself has formed a crisis judgment intuition, so the affinity with this gold finger is higher.

Don’t underestimate this golden finger. Its use here may be limited by the world structure, but once it reaches Zhu Yang’s hands.

Absolutely can win a metaphysical advantage in the battle with the same level of bosses.

After all, the crisis intuition of the basic configuration is useless in the war, but after Zhu Yang’s upgrade, it means that it may still rise.

If it is upgraded to a certain level, it may decide life or death.

Naturally, a few godsons all came home from her, and she stepped on them as a stepping stone to build a higher prestige after repeatedly failing to target them.

When the old man was dying, he passed the position to Zhu Yang, a few well-planned rebellion, Zhu Yang just wanted to say that she had only experienced a round of seizure in her last world.

And the scale is much larger, so it can’t be easier to do.

So at the end of the mission, Zhu Yang became the undoubted new boss of this piece of strength.

Then put the dog collar around the neck of the target: “Now, you are my dog ​​too.”

When Cheng Rui came back, he also doubted the desolation of life, and sat down with Qi Xun and He Roujia.

In the end, she couldn’t help but tell them: “She has upgraded her cheat.”

“What?” The other three almost jumped up.

Nanima is a golden finger, not the initial bloodline or ability of other games.

I’ve only heard of cheats being exploded, and I haven’t heard that they started to level up before it exploded. How cruel is this guy?

No, since it’s an upgrade, it’s not just that simple

The player’s actions must inspire the cheats, which is driving, so you can imagine how incredible this is.

As soon as this stance came out, the last one was naturally even less dare to challenge Zhu Yang.

He swallowed: “Sister, yes, or do I just forget it? I have fully realized how good you are.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “I don’t care, but I have to ask for all the rewards for a good deal. Ask you if you want to play games.”

Obviously the game is not willing to trade at a loss, so Chuanxi kicked it directly into the game.

This copy of Chuanxi is the least time-consuming, so that Chuanxi has a sense of absurdity that things are over before they start, and they doubt life when they come out.

The three pushed him: “What’s wrong? What mission this time? How much time did it take.”

Chuan Xi’s face was blank, and he still didn’t react to what happened.

“That’s right, this time it is a martial arts copy. The player’s identity is the decent lady who was abandoned at the wedding. The groom who abandoned her is the target of the strategy, a decent hero.”

“Then during the visit, the demon girl who had an affair with the target of the strategy came to grab her, and the target of the strategy ran away with her.”

“This task is to make the target of the Raiders heartbroken about giving up the wedding. You say, don’t you have to **** someone back from the demon girl, let him be crazy for you, crazy for you, and scream for you? Wall?”

“But she—” Chuan Xi pointed at Zhu Yang: “At that time, she received the golden finger of the system, and the golden finger of that level is all the secrets in the martial arts.”

“She said directly that it is not very useful, there is no need to spend time here, and then she will attack the target heart with a knife.”

“She is still plausible, and her heart is pierced. Of course it hurts. The key is that she did the task according to the rules of the game. Although rude, efficiency is also a part of the evaluation, especially S-level.”

At this moment, not only is it clear, but even the strategy game is irritated by Zhu Yang’s perfunctory posture.

Zhu Yang smashed the melon seeds and still had the face to complain about the strategy: “I know that it is not easy for you to accumulate some capital in a poor little game, but four cheats are good, and I am also prepared that may not be so convenient for every one. But you can’t fool me like that.”

“What kind of martial arts cheats? Do you think you need martial arts cheats at my level? What’s more, the upper body of your personality overlaps this golden finger in a sense, OK?”

“Since you gave me a piece of chicken ribs, don’t blame me for perfunctory work. In short, I think I teach everything that I should teach. How much they can chew in depends on the individual.”

“Okay, it’s over, I have to rest, and give me the last reward.”

It was originally agreed that in addition to the cheats of each copy can be copied away, an additional ability will be rewarded.

There were so many pits in the strategy game, and there was no deduction at the moment, so I gave it very quickly.

Zhu Yang only felt something covering her, but he didn’t feel much, so he frowned and said, “What?”

[Mary Su Halo! 】

This time it was Zhu Yang’s turn to vomit blood: “Mom, you can find the fault, right? Dogs hold it down than the game.”

The game has no entity, and the player can’t hold it, but the dog is different than the game.

The strategy game is still complacent, is the Xindao game so good? Especially one of the Big Three.

Then he was really stunned.

Zhu Yang sneered: “Don’t worry, your father, I’m not bullying, I don’t need the game level to suppress you.”

Then the door of the room opened and Lu Xiuci, who had already gone home, appeared here.

I don’t know where in the strategy game, my conspiracy was exposed, and I shuddered suddenly.

Zhu Yang despised: “How deep is your heart and eyes hidden? Isn’t it because Aci from my family has finally trained you to be qualified to participate in the advanced competition.

“You have suffered a heavy loss. That is because your players are not reliable. Fair play actually hates the players.”

“Your player’s stingy is also your lead. What is it? You want to cheat me out of this nasty by the task, right?”

“With your virtue, you can see why the players in your game are not properly guided, you are a fool, there is no one.”

He pulled Luxiu again and resigned: “This guy gave me a Mary Su halo. It’s still a passive skill. You can figure it out.”

Zhu Yang is really not rare in this halo, just like what she said in the ABO world, without the blessing of pheromones or other things, would she have no charm?

On the contrary, this thing makes others appreciate her charm from the point of view that it is not pure and makes people rub the fire.

She still has to figure out a way to turn this thing off, after all, sometimes this thing might be a hassle.

After hearing this, Lu Xiu was furious.

How? In the game, it seems that I have opened a harem all the way, and there are not many people who like her.

If those guys were only likes on the level of goodwill, then could he really have his love rivals all over the corner of the world?

Lu Xiuci took a deep breath and smiled blackly: “Game, let me enter the Raiders game copy, advanced.”

With the strength of Lu Xiuci, plus the cross-server, the strategy game can’t limit his strength.

Rely on his ability to grab a few high-level copies, a matter of minutes.

The dog knew this stupid strategy was unlucky earlier than the game, but he didn’t expect that the two would give him such a big advantage.

Although the nature of this idiot’s copy was hard to say, it was enough to remodel it, so naturally he agreed.

The strategy game was howling and crying, and the four players who had never heard it speak with emotional voices heard heart-piercing sounds——

“I have suffered, I have suffered a great loss!”

Is this the advanced player of advanced games? The four people shivered.

In their eyes, the unshakable game is just a little pitiful who can be bullied at will in the eyes of these players. As long as the loopholes are checked, the game will fall into a big somersault and warning is a matter of minutes.

How arrogant and domineering and enviable?

A few people have almost subverted their usual customs clearance criteria tonight, but if the destination is like this, it seems to be very hopeful.

So when they left, several players were sincerely admired and kept back and forth towards Zhu Yang’s already dog-legged sister.

The strategy game is like being stripped of its skin, even if you can’t see it, you can feel the half-dead atmosphere.

It’s a pity that Lu Xiu resigned, but it was not a coincidence that he didn’t find the props that suppressed that stupid halo from the copy over there.

Thanks to Zhu Yang’s strong mental power, to put it bluntly, this aura is also a kind of energy. Zhu Yang consciously restrained it, but barely affected himself.

However, it is easy to come out when you relax, which shows that the strategy game is sinister.

Zhu Yang managed to comfort the big head of Hao Lu, but he also scornfully maximized the effect of that stupid halo when the two were alone.

“I want to see if you can love me more.” she said.

Lu Xiuci was about to answer her, but his strong desire to survive made him realize that this was actually a proposition.

According to the usual discussion, she must seduce her with charm, and of course she was sincere and sincere.

But this time he has to dare to follow the words, doesn’t it mean that he hasn’t loved her to the extreme before, and there is still room for a Mary Su halo?

Lu Xiuci slapped her spirits and shook her hand: “Don’t make trouble, I’ve encountered a halo ten times stronger than you before, am I okay?”

“Why do you have to rely on this thing to motivate your feelings?”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows and gave him an expression that was fairly acquainted.

I originally planned to use more experience to increase my strength before the competition, although the strategy game sent so many cheats.

But after all, they are all auxiliary types, so Zhu Yang does not intend to change the original plan.

Lu Xiuci only practiced through four levels after seeing her, and insisted that she rest for a few days before starting.

Zhu Yang also agreed, and for several days felt that the impact of the game was completely eliminated, and then notified the dog to enter the instance.

This time I still didn’t lead the way to play with the big head, but aside from the big head, I actually met an acquaintance in the dungeon.

This is a ghastly dungeon that hasn’t been experienced for a long time. Once you come in, you will find the strong horror style of this copy.

Zhu Yang was a bit weird at first. It is said that with the strength of advanced players, the damage caused by ghosts is minimal.

She once thought that after reaching a certain level, the ghost copy would stop there. The evidence was that there were no ghost copies in the late intermediate copy.

Unexpectedly, there are still advanced copies.

But before she had time to look at the players, she heard a small curse coming from nearby——

“Mmp, I am most afraid of this kind of copy, dying, there are so many high-level fields?”

Zhu Yang turned his head to look around, and said to this guy who was clearly doing the work of a celestial master, but was fascinated by a ghost-fearing guy: “Xie Yi?”


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