Scream Queen Chapter 178

Xie Yi is one of the high-ranking big players Zhu Yang knows, and he doesn’t need to mention his own strength.

A person looks like an immortal, without dust and smoke, and is as handsome as an immortal. It is really a role that can calm people just by looking at them.

Especially in events or occasions in the direction of Xuanmen.

Speaking of shame, Zhu Yang was fooled by his looks.

But this guy is obviously doing a part-time job of catching ghosts in reality, and he is bold and fearless about the gloomy place, but there are real ghosts in front of him, and he has repeatedly made inconsistent with his identity and strength.

But if you are afraid, he often sticks out a little finger and can kill a lot of it, and it is extremely reliable at critical times.

If you want to be serious about the big guys, no matter how uncomfortable you are, you will at least feel stretched with that strength.

But he didn’t. According to Zhu Yang’s previous question, this guy answered plausibly: “I’m not afraid, or I feel so oozing.”

“No matter how much I look at, I can’t adapt. The conditioned reflex that vision passes me, then I can’t help it.”

In short, it’s like a strange flower deliberately playing treasures, but anyone who knows him knows that he doesn’t have it. This one is really scared.

And compared to Zhu Yang’s preference for games, she is very lucky. Xie Yi is even better than her in this respect.

According to Lu Xiuci and Qu He, they got acquainted with the intermediate field and encountered a very dangerous mission at that time.

In the end, the two people who talk about military force and tactics have to say that the most critical part of safe customs clearance is Xie Yi’s luck.

Therefore, Zhu Yang’s sense of contempt and admiration switched back and forth repeatedly, of course, most people do.

For example, at this moment, Zhu Yang looked at him. He made no secret of contempt on his face, and even regretted greeting him.

Sure enough, Xie Yi heard a familiar voice directly calling out his name, and raised his head–

Oh! This is a fierce man who is good at dealing with ghosts.

I quickly grabbed Zhu Yang: “Miss, please cover, this is up to you.”

Zhu Yang pulled his fingers off his arms one by one: “Do you want a face? Level 99 is talking to me, level 70.”

“Where!” Xie Yi said hurriedly: “At the beginning I saw your talents and talents and the future can be expected, so a ghostly girl, I was so mad at you, don’t you let me say it?”

“I don’t care, anyway, it’s about the two of us.” He said hurriedly: “You think about our friendship, are you embarrassed to leave me behind?”

Zhu Yang smirked: “Uh-huh! What kind of friendship between us? I have a deep memory of you selling it to my dad at a high price.”

Xie Yi suddenly looked embarrassed: “Well, then I didn’t recognize the person at that time. Besides, it is tattered for you, but it is really useful for ordinary people to encounter dirty things.”

“The market price is so, you can’t say I’m familiar with it, right?”

“Yo, didn’t you recognize anyone? You are afraid that you have forgotten that you were introduced to me by my dad.” Zhu Yang picked up the tail of his eyes.

Xie Yi scorned his face, and quickly changed the subject: “Look at this room, it’s so gloomy–Huh? Why are you so familiar?”

A trace of depression flashed across Xie Yi’s face, who had only changed the subject, and then his expression became serious.

“What’s wrong?” Zhu Yang said.

“This seems to be my home.” Xie Yi said.

There were four players in this trip, three men and one woman, who were sitting in this hall when they opened their eyes.

This is what they said in their home country. The large bungalows built in the country are equivalent to the living room, but the decoration is not as elaborate as the commercial houses in the city.

It is usually a square table with a double bench on each side.

Then there will be piles of commonly used farm tools and sundries around the corners. The TV is generally not set in the main room, so the general structure looks a bit empty and messy.

The room they were in was also unusual. There were still unfinished dishes on the table, which were covered with a dustpan to prevent cats from sneaking around in the village from eating it.

It was the time when the evil spirits came at dusk, and the **** sunset came in, and the spacious and bright lobby room was stained with blood.

It looked ominous and gloomy, so the experienced veterans at the beginning of the game can guess the copy type of eight or nine.

Only Xie Yi’s remarks were surprising.

The other two players are more than 30 years old, and they are different from the players who entered the advanced stage in the previous ABO world. Obviously, they already have experience in the advanced stage.

Although hearing Xie Yi’s words, the copy might be trickier, but his attitude is calm.

A named Wu Jianjun, with the same person and name, looked ordinary, like a middle-aged office worker who passed by on the bus in the morning.

The other is Zhou Long, with a bit of evil and bandit temperament, which is different from ordinary players.

To Zhu Yang, it feels a bit like the gold-fishing player I met before.

However, gold-fishing players are disgusted by the game. Once the trouble goes too far, they will even be designed and cleaned up. Not to mention the advanced field, it is amazing to survive the intermediate field.

She glanced at Xie Yi, Xie Yi nodded as if he understood what she was thinking.

This made Zhu Yang extra vigilant, because the existence group that was disgusted by the game just walked to the advanced stage, it seems that his ability is not small.

But the other party was obviously smart enough, as if he was not comparable to the kind of idiot who had met Hu Gong before.

Also, people who become advanced players have almost everything in reality. As long as the money and power are within the scope of operation, which one is not to seek out things?

People with far-sighted people are naturally unique. It is estimated that if there is no major conflict of interest, they will not pick things up at all.

Therefore, Zhu Yang is vigilant and vigilant. He doesn’t feel that the other party will be stupid in small places.

After the four of them introduced themselves, Wu Jianjun asked: “Brother Xie, what do you mean by your house? Do the scenes of this round of dungeons directly copy the familiar places in the player’s reality?”

Then why are the four players Xie Yi? Or is it possible that everyone will have a round?

The other two players have already guessed in this direction.

Xie Yi didn’t cover up: “Strictly speaking, this is my hometown. I lived for a few years, and then moved. The elderly in the family refused to follow along. They wanted to stay here and stay here for a while.”

Speaking, he got up and touched the slightly uneven corner of the table. The square table looked like a few years ago.

There are a lot of damage to the corners, but because it is wiped and used every day, the arc is round and there is a layer of oily luster.

“I haven’t seen it for almost five years. I knocked on this place.” He pointed to the recess.

Zhu Yang said: “Then your head is iron enough.”

Asked again: “What? The elderly at home didn’t come back after they went?”

Xie Yi glared at her: “Go, my grandparents are alive and well. Their home was demolished when they just graduated from college.”

He also compared Zhu Yang: “I lost so much.”

Zhu Yang rolled his eyes and didn’t want to bother him. The guy had to mutter: “Of course your eldest lady doesn’t like this, but I’m a second generation.”

“Okay! Let’s talk less about topics that don’t match your appearance.”

Just muttering, at this moment, an old man came in from outside, holding a cigarette stick in his hand, and enthusiastically said to them: “Yiwazi, why are you still here after the banquet? Walk around, have dinner.”

Xie Yi saw the old man and thought for a long time before reacting: “Grandpa San?”

“Eh! How silly? I stayed in the city for a few days and didn’t recognize anyone? Hurry up, let’s go, don’t let everyone wait.”

As the old man turned to lead the way, he didn’t urge him when he saw that several people had followed.

Xie Yi secretly told Zhu Yang: “My third grandfather passed away when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school.”

Zhu Yang nodded, and wondered: “Why are you not afraid now?”

Xie Yi was inexplicable: “Why should I be afraid? He doesn’t look like a ghost at all now. Look, there are shadows on the ground.”

When I finished speaking, I saw Grandpa San in front of him turning his head and grinning: “What are you muttering?”

The old man’s face is dry and cracked, looks like orange peel, and his teeth are not good when he is old. Because he smokes all the year round and does not have good oral habits, his rotten teeth turn yellow and black, and his mouth is opened with a burst of smoke and bad breath. Mixed bad smell.

It wasn’t obvious just now, with a grin at this moment, carrying the **** setting sun, the old man who was originally simple and close suddenly became strangely strange.

Xie Yi immediately persuaded him, holding Zhu Yang’s arm, his mouth tightly pressed, and he dared not speak big words.

The third grandfather had a chat. Seeing Xie Yi sticking to her eldest daughter, he cheerfully asked, “I haven’t asked you first. You just said to play for a few days. Is this your object?”

Xie Yixin asked where he dared to pry on the wall of Lu Xiu’s resignation. Didn’t he pry without seeing the game?

So he hurriedly said: “No, it’s my buddy’s object.”

Seeing Grandpa San looked at the two players behind him, he explained: “It’s not them, people are busy, so I didn’t come.”

Now the third grandfather frowned, watching Xie Yi’s boy picking up the other girl, the girl is not shy, since it is not a target, there are targets for himself and they are all involved with other guys.

For a while, I looked down on Zhu Yang, but he didn’t say anything in person, just shook his head: “The young man at this moment–”

Looking at Xie Yi, Zhu Yang wanted to push him into the ground and let him sprout on his own.

She asked Xie Yi: “In the past, did you pick up ghost copies like this?”

Xie Yi said shamelessly: “The main thing is to pick up girls, I still don’t care about men.”

“Then what, buddy looks like, it’s okay.”

“Yeah, it’s that people originally expected the tall and handsome little brother to provide strong arms, but I didn’t expect that I was a strong arm. Tsk! The girls’ broken hearts.”

Xie Yi was not ashamed but proud: “That is, everyone regarded me as their best friend in the end, saying that I was a friend of women, and wanted to introduce me to someone.”

“Then have you ever asked about the male or female thing that people want to help you introduce?” Zhu Yangliang said.

Xie Yi’s body stiffened and he didn’t dare to pretend to be forced in front of the eldest lady who was observant of Qihao. He acquiesced in the fact that the girls regarded him as a **** honey.

Zhu Yang was too lazy to talk to this guy, and suddenly said to the old man in front: “Grandpa San, how old is Xie Yi this year?”

Mo said Xie Yi, the other two players were also surprised.

Gang Xie Yi whispered to Zhu Yang that the third grandfather had passed away before he was in junior high school, and they must be able to hear him clearly with their ears.

When the old man passed away, Xie Yi was still a primary school student. At this moment, I saw him as an adult, but there was no accident. Naturally, this is a strange place.

But they have already acquiesced that the old man is weird, and ghosts cannot be expected to be logical.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Yang asked directly, not because they didn’t know there was a problem here, but because they felt that this obviously weird person, with weird settings, is it necessary to ask?

When the old man in front heard it, he turned around and said, “How old? Didn’t you still serve drinks a few days ago? He said he was admitted to the city No. 1 high school, and Yiwazi will be very successful in the future.”

The old man’s answer surprised the players, and he heard Zhu Yang ask again: “Do you think he looks like a kid in the city just now?”

I don’t know if it’s joking or questioning, which makes the atmosphere a little uncomfortable. “You say that a eleven or twelve-year-old child has a partner?”

A moment of confusion flashed across the face of Grandpa San: “Oh, yes! I’m all grown up, it’s time for Yiwazi to marry a wife.”

After speaking, he glanced at Zhu Yang, quite a bit of not marrying such a woman.

Zhu Yang reluctantly said: “Huh? Didn’t he just put the wine a few days ago? He just graduated from elementary school.”

“Elementary school—” The third grandfather’s expression was a little confused, and then confidently said: “Yes, I can’t remember the days wrong, I drank a few more cups that day, and I vomited when I came back, and I suffered her mistress.”

“My third grandma is still there.” Xie Yi said to Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang asked directly: “Where is the third grandma? Why didn’t you call her for dinner? Or is she already there to help?”

Grandpa San thought for a while, then his face changed abruptly: “Where is my daughter-in-law? My daughter-in-law is not here, where is my daughter-in-law with me?”

Talking about it, he ran away madly and madly.

Xie Yi couldn’t bear it, but Zhu Yang grabbed an unremarkable thread and pulled it all the way, revealing the weirdness of this copy.

This made Xie Yi and the other two players couldn’t help but improve the evaluation of this game, and they looked at Zhu Yang’s keenness differently.

A horror copy is obviously a ghost, even if it is not a ghost, there are weird NPCs, and they can’t justify their own memories and settings.

This is impossible even in the low-level field, but it happened in the high-level field.

Everyone would not think that this flaw would make this copy stupid and easy, and the special situation would only be accompanied by greater danger.

Wu Jianjun and Zhou Long couldn’t help but sighed: “I haven’t experienced the ghost copy for a long time. I really neglected.”

Knowing what is unreasonable is just a part of the setting, and if you don’t dig to verify it, if it’s just them, you will definitely lose this clue.

The importance of clues is something that every mature and advanced player will not neglect.

Zhu Yang didn’t speak either, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

They had been out for a while when Grandpa San had gone crazy and ran away. Even without him leading the way, they could still hear the lively movement ahead.

I want to come this is where they want to have a table.

Several tables have been set up in the spacious dam, and the surrounding blind dates have come. It should be a happy event to watch the stickers at the door and the platform outside.

The dishes were already on the table. Seeing Xie Yi and the others came, a man who looked like a bridegroom official came up in a fat suit——

“Sit down and sit down, just waiting for you.” To Zhu Yang and three others: “You are free, you are welcome.”

Zhu Yang’s three people were naturally polite, and the men didn’t stay here much, and then took turns to greet the other guests. Their faces were full of wonder, which shows that they are looking forward to tomorrow’s big day.

After sitting down, Xie Yi frowned: “This house—”

“What’s the matter?” Zhu Yang glanced at the guests around him. He looked at all the folks here, but it was strange.

Most of them are senior citizens who are over sixty years old, and they account for as much as 80% of the guests. In a village where young people do wedding events, this percentage will never be the same.

The remaining 20% ​​are young and strong, only a few, and most of them don’t look good. Except for the groom, there are two sturdier middle-aged men.

In the end it was all children and women.

The age of children is also a bit extreme, either preschool children who haven’t learned to walk for long, or teenagers around thirteen or fourteen.

There are also women, either described as withered or with a big belly, there are normal ones, but not many anyway.

Moreover, these people dress strangely. It stands to reason that to participate in other people’s happy events, they have to wear body clothes no matter what?

And according to Xie Yi, their hometown is not a poor rural village, just like Zhu Yang and the others, they are only an hour away from the city. When he was young, every household in the village had no worries about food and clothing.

But at this moment, I can see that there are not a few ragged clothes, and some have a strong era color, which is the style of decades ago.

It doesn’t matter if the old people wear that style. They are from that generation, but several young people also dress like that.

In the village, there are usually eight to ten people sitting at a table, and the rural people don’t pay attention to it, just a few places.

However, Zhu Yang and the four of them are very well dressed, especially Zhu Yang and Xie Yi. The handsome men and women are fashionable and have extraordinary temperament. Zhou Long, who is suspected to be a gold-fishing player, also has his own momentum. He is looking at ordinary Wu Jianjun. There were many old people and village women on the table, and they looked outstanding.

The four felt that it was not easy to get close, so they didn’t even talk about the position at this table, even eight people were not full.

Except for the four players, only three of them sat here.

A child of thirteen or fourteen years old, a woman with a big belly, and a strong man, these three people are the least abnormal in appearance.

“Yiwa, did you just come back? It’s been a long time since I saw you.” The strong man and the woman said, they looked like a couple.

Xie Yizheng smiled and nodded: “Uh, uh! Yeah, it’s been a long time.”

After talking, I lowered my head and joined Zhu Yang’s ear: “I haven’t seen him in eight years. The village’s cousin and aunt drove her to the hospital when she had a baby at night. There was a car accident and the family of three disappeared.”

Another teenager with the appearance of a junior high school student also said: “Xie Yi, how many days are you coming back to play this time? I will take you to fish, and I told you that you will not come several times, so how boring.”

“I was young. In the summer of the second grade, I ran to take a bath in the reservoir and drowned.” Xie Yi said to Zhu Yang again.

A child born in the same year, Xie Yi has now grown up, but another time stays forever in the summer of thirteen.

But these people in front of him turned a blind eye to Xie Yi’s age. On the one hand, they recognized his relaxed setting of returning home with friends, and on the other hand, they knew him at the moment of his death.

The other party knows nothing about the logical loopholes that can be seen at this glance. If they are forcibly sorted out, I am afraid that it will make the people here into chaos like the third grandfather just now?

Zhu Yang and the others understood that the people here are all the people who died in their village in recent decades, which is not difficult to find.

This village is not poor, and the majority of those who died in the old age were the majority. A few decades ago, medical treatment was not developed. It was the mothers who died at home, the children who died, and the teenagers who were most likely to drown in the summer.

Those who died of illness described as haggard, and there were not many accidental deaths, so young people accounted for the least.

Knowing that this is the other world, the chicken, duck and fish on the table are unattractive.

What supplies can ghosts have? It is true that the bridegroom’s family hosted the dinner. How much time has passed since then?

But the others were very fragrant, and no one cared about them. They ate them horribly, as if they hadn’t eaten meat in 800 years.

Zhu Yang stunned Xie Yi with his elbow: “What’s the matter with this restaurant? How did the bridegroom die?”

Xie Yi said, “I almost forgot about this. This house was later sold to an uncle in the same village. I don’t have much impression of the original owner.”

Halfway through Xie Yi Primary School, his family bought a house in the urban area and moved there. Although his parents are not as prosperous and wealthy as Zhu Yang’s parents, they can live a good life by doing a little business.

However, when I was young, I basically went back to my hometown during the summer and winter vacations. One year I met this family for weddings.

At that time, he was still young, so he ran around with the children in the village, and joined in for a lively meal when the banquet started.

Then I heard that the wedding banquet that night was a bit unpleasant. Within two days, many people died, including the bride and groom.

He was young at the time, and adults wouldn’t tell him, naturally, he couldn’t have a deep impression. So much so that now he almost forgets that the owner here was someone else.

“The key may be this wedding.” Zhu Yang said.

After speaking, I heard the task notification from the game.

Survive in the copy for seven days.

It’s another seven days, but this number matches the ghosts.

Only after receiving the task, there was one more thing in the bowl in front of Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang lowered his head and saw that it was a human finger. The knuckles and shapes were feminine, but they were not delicate. The fingers were all broken, and fresh blood was poured on them.

Zhu Yang raised his head and looked at the tabletop. The original rich noodles, the chicken, duck and fish cooked in the cauldron had become the fragmented body of a woman lying on it.

The head of the female corpse was facing Zhu Yang and Xie Yi, with a pair of eyes staring at them.

Xie Yi was so scared that he hiccuped, and he froze into a stone man.

At this time, I heard the faint voice of a woman from the side: “Why don’t you eat it? It’s delicious, try it quickly.”

“Taste it, it’s delicious.”

The woman seemed to have eaten and drank enough, her mouth was full of blood, and there were hideous pieces of raw meat between her teeth. She looked at Zhu Yang with strange enthusiasm in her eyes.

The repeated persuasion made people feel chills.

Zhu Yang suddenly smiled and put on a fussy face: “How can I eat rough rice? The meat is so old and it is full of calluses.”

I copied the chopsticks and turned over the finger to beckon the woman to see for herself: “They haven’t been cleaned, and there is mud in the fingernails. This kind of hospitality fools who hasn’t eaten in eight lifetimes?”

After speaking, he glanced at the woman and said, “Oh, sorry, you just thought about it just now, after all, I can’t measure the poor by my own standards.”

As soon as the word “ghost” came out, all the people at the table stopped and turned their heads to look at Zhu Yang.

Some even had an inconvenient seat position, and the other end turned 180 degrees, saying that this place was okay, and the ghosts didn’t believe it.

However, Zhu Yang continued to pick and choose indifferently, a pair of chopsticks stirred the ‘mat noodle’ on the dining table, poking and poking–

“Look here, the hair is not shaved clean, there are behind the ears, eh~~ there is also earwax. Do you want to scare someone to death with your eyes staring at the guests?”

She took the chopsticks and poked the eyelid, and directly covered her stern staring eyeballs. Her original ferocious face made her extremely funny.

Zhu Yang was like a villain who didn’t care about table manners. After a round of picking, he looked at the belly of the woman who served her with vegetables.

“If you say that the meat is fresh and tender, the stuff on the table must not be able to catch up with the piece in your stomach.”

“How about? Let me taste it? I really want to eat it, let me taste it~~”

Zhu Yang yelled at her with the weird tone of the woman who had just advised Cai, just like a soul.

The woman covered her belly and leaned back, and almost fell off. It was her man who was quick to hold her with his eyesight and hands.

Then the couple gave Zhu Yang a bitter look, and left the table silently.

As soon as they left, only Xie Yi’s ‘faxiao’ was left on the table, and Zhu Yang looked at him.

The boy shrank his neck and shook his body: “I, I’m full too.”

Seeing that he was about to get off the table, Zhu Yang hurriedly said, “What’s the hurry, Xie Yi finally came back. How about going to the reservoir for swimming tomorrow?”

Then the young man looked at Zhu Yang’s eyes with a vicious look that did not match his age.

Zhu Yang stared at him with a smile on his face, as if his expression was that the little milk cat was playing sideways, and the young man was finally ruined.

The atmosphere of the wedding banquet was a bit wrong, but fortunately everyone was eating almost the same right now.

The bridegroom hurried over and said, “I’ll go to meet my relatives tomorrow, will you come to set up a personal court?”

Zhu Yang attended similar rural weddings when he was a child, and the two parties were generally not far apart.

Either neighboring villages and neighboring towns, because according to Xie Yi’s age, when this bridegroom got married, it was not like in recent years, all young people went to the city to work and settle down.

The source of all marriage partners is generally introduced by family relatives, and there are few people who are too far away.

On the day of the wedding, the bridegroom will go to greet the bridegroom.

Xie Yi just wanted to agree, so he was shot by Zhu Yang: “We have something to do when we come back, so, two people come to help?”

The bridegroom nodded: “Yes, then trouble the two brothers.”

He also handed over two packs of cigarettes.

Wu Jianjun and Zhou Long took the two packs of cigarettes that they didn’t know what turned into, and even advanced players couldn’t see through them for a while.

On the way back, he said to Zhu Yang with a smile but a smile: “It’s a good arrangement for you.”

Zhu Yang knows that no senior players are willing to succumb to others. In the process of promotion, they are often people with full ideas and determination.

Unlike the people in the low- and middle-level fields who expect to pass through with their thighs, they also play the role of thighs along the way.

The previous ABO dungeons were all newcomers, but it’s okay, but these old people are willing to obey other people’s arrangements?

In the final analysis, although the player’s overall strength in the advanced field is getting stronger, everyone’s strength and customs clearance quality are reliable.

But on the contrary, the customs clearance atmosphere is the most difficult to run in.

No one will be convinced, and it is difficult for someone of the same level to suppress others, so generally speaking, the pace of customs clearance in the high-level field is never uniform. Even in many cases, even the tasks of the players are different.

Naturally, it is taboo to help others make decisions.

It stands to reason that Xie Yi is one of the few big guys with the highest level of ability in the game. If he shows his strength, he can definitely overwhelm the opposing two.

But this thing is too embarrassing now, it makes people wonder how he got into the advanced field, so on the surface, the four players of them have the same position.

Zhu Yang said: “How is it possible for the four players of us to choose only a single player’s realistic background for the dungeon setting? This level should be Xie Yi’s. You guys will help me at the moment, and it will be your turn. Time. We naturally cooperate too!”

But it was the same reason, so the two of them just asked casually. Seeing that Zhu Yang understood by himself, naturally they shrugged to express a happy cooperation.

But Wu Jianjun suddenly turned his head and raised his hand to squeeze, and a deep hole suddenly appeared in the dam where he had just hosted.

All the people above, including the tables and chairs, all fell down, and the pit was dark and bottomless, and most people would be dizzy with fear, like a huge black hole vortex that appeared in the middle of the deep ocean.

The next second, Wu Jianjun squeezed his hand, and the pit suddenly closed, as if everything just now was an illusion.

It’s just that the dam, which was full of tables, chairs and benches, was empty right now.

Rao Shi Zhu Yang was also taken aback by his unprepared shot, and then there was a hint of interest in the corner of his mouth.

Sure enough, every high-level player can’t just look at it, don’t think that Zhou Long is the one facing the fiercest spirit.

Unexpectedly, Wu Jianjun, who looked at Wen Tun’s mediocre, would be caught off guard more than the opponent.

After everything on the dam disappeared, Wu Jianjun smiled at Xie Yi and Zhu Yang. The smile was still the same as his whole person, honestly gentle, but what he said was not the case.

“Thank you brother, this copy is really not authentic. I think you seem to be in love with the scene, and the progress is not obvious. A bunch of little ghosts have been entangled for so long. The brothers couldn’t hold back, so they just–”

Before he finished speaking, he was thrown into the sky by a terrifying force, and then smashed heavily on the bluestone floor.

The slate was cracked, showing that the power is not small.

But to be honest, this physical force does little damage to the player, but Wu Jianjun’s whole body is painful and distorted.

It was as if he had endured such a mess with an annoying body.

Zhou Long’s pupils shrank, and he looked at Xie Yi in horror, his face flashed in disbelief.

Because Zhu Yang and Xie Yi are obviously old acquaintances, Zhou Long and Wu Jianjun instinctively have a group of tacit understanding. If there are differences in the task, they will not have to be led by the nose.

Therefore, Zhou Long and Wu Jianjun also had a little bit of information in the chat. At least both of them understood how the other side was at the moment, and that they were at the pyramid level in the advanced field.

The conclusion reached was that the two were about the same. In reality, Zhou Long used to be a force created by fighting and killing. It was considered a type of player with a strong force value. Although Wu Jianjun was not this route, it was definitely not weak.

The two should be evenly matched. In addition, Zhu Yang, a woman who looks domineering, hasn’t been taught to be a human being in the high-level field, should be good in her own right, so the three of them should be in the middle.

Xie Yi was the one they looked down on most at first, and he acted like a newbie who had just entered the advanced stage.

Although it is possible to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, when he and Zhu Yang get together, they are obviously dominated by Zhu Yang, which means that he is at least no better than Zhu Yang.

But now this guy who was judged the weakest by them, did not even move a finger, leaving Wu Jianjun with no power to fight back. This is probably not the strength of the legendary super bosses.

Zhou Long suddenly had a cold sweat on his forehead. He looked at Zhu Yang. It was not strange to see her expression, so he had already known Xie Yi’s strength.

Then this woman actually has the courage to bully others?

Xie Yi puts his hands in his trouser pockets. He is slender and tall, and this leisurely and lazy movement made by him is also elegant and beautiful like a painting.

He stepped on his long legs and came to Wu Jianjun, stepped on his head, and said: “My checkpoint, it’s up to you to make a mess? Let you mess up and mess up, don’t you care about me?”

“If you dare to do something extra, I will let you live your own scene with ten times more serious injuries.”

Wu Jianjun naturally apologized desperately, not even dare to say.

Don’t think that people in the high-level field can’t let go of their self-esteem. In fact, with their current strength, there is basically no life threatening. It is not easy to get to the high-level field. Players naturally know more about harmony.

But they are all advanced players. Those few represent the super players in the game, and their strength is even a part of the game itself.

No one dares to be arrogant about such a person.

Xie Yi moved his feet away, but at this time, everything on the dam that had just been swallowed suddenly recovered.

The people are still those people. The tables, chairs, benches and even the ‘mats’ on the table are the same. Even the position of things and the posture of the movements just before everyone fell off have not changed. Drinking, drinking, punching and punching.

Zhu Yang didn’t have any accidents. In fact, Wu Jianjun, who did useless work, might also know that, even if you look at these ghosts and die, how can you break the game so easily?

He just provoked, testing the depth of Zhu Yang and Xie Yi, unexpectedly kicked the iron plate and almost broke his leg.

Seeing the ghosts return to their original form, Xie Yi shrank his neck while looking at the gloomy moonlight that night, and then put it back next to Zhu Yang.

Wu Jianjun’s grievances made Wu Jianjun want to cry, not so misleading.

The key is that this guy is really scared, there is no such thing as acting.

Zhu Yang didn’t take it off for a long time, and showed his teeth to Xie Yi: “I hate men being crooked by my side, but women don’t mind.”

“When I go back, I will let Lu Datou contact the Thai side, and we will personally cross you to transgender.”

Xie Yi trembled, “You’re sexist, eh don’t stop! Just go back here, let me absorb some warmth, this wind blows my back cold, at least get out of those people’s sight? ”

“Good fellow, it’s just a broken corpse appearing on the table with a pair of eyeballs staring at me, trying to scare people.”

When Zhu Yang saw that he was really thick-skinned, he stopped entanglement, but asked with interest: “What was the trick that Wu Jianjun just cleaned up?”

To say that throwing a person into the sky and then down her mind can do it, but Wu Jianjun’s pain is so terrible, it is definitely not just a physical factor.

Xie Yi is also generous: “You will know after you clear the training dungeon. Many strong players can’t do effective damage from the above. Either they are strong, or they can be replaced at any time, so they can have a deeper attack.”

Zhu Yang nodded. Although he only said what he said, but then again, it is no good to say that Zhu Yang has no serious experience, but it can also make her understand that she is still far from being a real strong.

When I returned to Xie Yi’s house, I arranged a room. Although the rural bungalows are not as comfortable and convenient as commercial houses, there are usually many rooms.

One room was left, and the room was divided. Xie Yi came to Zhu Yang’s room again and had to team up with her to spray pesticides.

It was only around seven o’clock in the evening at this time, and it would be too early to go to bed.

And they did not eat at the table, but fortunately, advanced players more or less have space to store props and carry some important supplies.

Zhu Yang took out two big meals directly from the direct space, and played games with Xie Yi while eating.

After a while, he was almost mad with his shit-like operation: “Go! You also played a fart. If you didn’t report that you sent someone away, it was because of the friendship between us. The teammate you pitted may drown you with one spit. ”

“You can’t say that, what’s wrong with the normal playing? That doesn’t prevent me from loving this game. Did the game company say not to let the normal play? Why scold me for anything?”

“Brother, did you play so well? You can really put gold on your face. The word “normal” is for your game level, you know that it is a general existence, don’t you know?”

Zhu Yang finished cursing and waved: “Okay, I’m going to sleep, you can continue to cheat others by yourself. I know why you cry poor all day long.”

“At your level, the whole network stinks after two days of playing. No one plays with you. Don’t you have to change your number frequently?”

“How do you know?” Xie Yi was quite surprised.

Zhu Yang shook his eyes and rolled his eyes: “You pretend to be stupid, don’t you? I’m too lazy to mess with you.”

Speaking, Longlong and Xiaoji were taken out of the Lingquan space: “Go out, I’m sleeping.”

Who expected that as soon as the two children came out, Xie Yi fished Longlong like a straw: “You brought the child? Say it earlier, Longlong gave it to me.”

Dare to love, is this guy still reluctant to leave or is he afraid of sleeping alone?

Longlong stretched out his claws and scratched him, and was caught by Xie Yi’s pet: “Eh eh! Don’t you know my uncle? I even fed you fairy fruit.”

Xie Yi, who is holding the dragon’s claws, feels so exuberant? It can be more at ease.

Zhu Yang also wanted him to get away quickly, so he touched the dragon and said, “Go and sleep with him. Minger’s mother will make you some delicious food.”

Long Long reluctantly twisted Xie Yi’s neck and left the room. What is hateful is that this man is not much weaker than his father, and he can’t hang him with the strength of the dragon.

Xie Yi’s room is next to Zhu Yang. According to him, if something happens to him, Zhu Yang will come to rescue him immediately.

Let alone Zhu Yangle’s unwillingness to save him, just these words sound funny.

But in the middle of the night, something really happened.

I want to know that all four players have to take care of the seven days of the game. Things must move quickly, and of course it will not be peaceful at night.

Even with the existence of dragons, the ghosts here may be different in nature from those in the low-level fields. The damage mode or the test to the player is completely different.

Naturally, it is impossible to guard by dragons.

Zhu Yang didn’t want to go there. Although that guy was horribly frustrated with this kind of thing, he was one of the big players in the game. He was scared and screamed and he was probably the type who could scream and beat the enemy into MMP. .

So Zhu Yang didn’t think he needed help, let alone ignore him.

But after a while, the screaming continued endlessly, seriously affecting the sleep environment at night.

Zhou Long and Wu Jianjun did not respond, so Zhu Yang had to lift the quilt and got up, slowly came to Xie Yi’s room, then raised his leg and kicked the door open.

I saw this guy holding Longlong and being chased all over the room, and the pig teammates also turned Longlong’s eyes straight.

And the one behind him, it should be said that appeared randomly anywhere in the house, was the three grandfathers before.

At this moment, Grandpa San suddenly appeared on the wall, suddenly emerged from the bed, or he was the one who opened the door of the cabinet, or suddenly a big basket-like face appeared on the ground.

Without exception, they all smiled weirdly, opened the mouth full of rotten teeth, and the orange peeled face was full of vicious eyes.

He asked Xie Yi to say: “My wife, my wife, you return my wife.”

Xie Yi was almost crying in fright, so Zhu Yang couldn’t see it, “You are so afraid of going back, but you are cutting him!”

“Even if there is no entity, are there no attacks on the spirit and soul?” Wu Jianjun had been taught a similar lesson just now.

Seeing her coming, Xie Yi rushed over and grabbed her like a straw.

“I tried it, it’s useless. It seems to be immune to injury. Once it breaks up, it will get together again.”

Before Wu Jianjun tried to test the damage that could be said to be physical, he couldn’t even attack mentally?

But before at the table, Zhu Yang made the three at the same table leave early, indicating that at least it was not impossible to drive away.

So Zhu Yang slapped Xie Yi aside, and then a human skin book appeared in his hand, and a thousand-faced ghost came to him.

Zhu Yang snapped his fingers, and the appearance of the Thousand Faced Ghost changed to the appearance of the old lady of Toad/Mao Village.

Yes, when he replaced Zhu Yang as a ghost bride, he also put on makeup.

On the wrinkled skin like orange peel, the white/pink that fell down as soon as the expression moved, the triangular eyes looked at people with an insidious feeling for no reason.

The skin-covered skull-like cheeks are painted with two red blushes, and the mouth is also covered with thick aunt-colored lipstick, and his teeth are not inferior to him.

Comparing the two phases, it was a hundred times more scary than the real ghost of Grandpa Three.

As soon as he became the image of the village elder mother, Qianmiangui had a clear mind about Zhu Yang’s ideas and stopped him straight to the third grandfather.

Grandpa San was terribly scared and evaded, but helpless ghosts are also ghosts. Naturally, they can wander around when necessary, omnipresent.

Zhu Yang grinned and said: “I want a wife? Say it earlier, we young people are not so naive.”

“Come here, this is the person I’m introducing to you, why don’t you think about it first?”

“Eh eh! What are you hiding? At an age, people can’t just look at their appearance, but also how to live, right? Don’t look at her like this, live a good life—”

Without finishing speaking, Grandpa San had already escaped.


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