Scream Queen Chapter 179

Although it is not a pleasant thing to be scared by a ghost, it makes people feel happy to see the ghost being scared away.

Xie Yi can be said to be the first person who has seen the essence of Zhu Yang’s ghost nemesis, not to mention that he is now an advanced player.

At the beginning, it was just such an ordinary person, still a spoiled eldest lady, who was stunned by the fake Sadako.

The original game’s selection field clearance conditions can only be achieved by surviving. Generally, this step is to consider whether the screener has the psychological qualities to become a player.

In fact, the customs clearance method is very simple. Strictly speaking, when Julina transferred the curse out, she has already succeeded.

It’s a pity that I haven’t lived for seven days.

Therefore, if Zhu Lina is the minimum screening standard for players, then not only will it be easy to survive, but also Zhu Yang, who rarely gives ghosts to death in the selection field, is undoubtedly a talented player.

At this moment, she was already strong, with a lot of cards in her hand, even if this dungeon was evil, even the attack could not be implemented.

But she has more conditions to engage in troubles. The ghosts and monsters were not afraid of them, and now they are even more uncomfortable.

Xie Yi really wanted to hug Zhu Yang’s thigh tightly on the spot, long live sister Shanhuyang.

In fact, he was also preparing to do this, but only approaching Zhu Yang, the old woman with heavy makeup and rotten teeth, who could scare away the third grandfather, turned around.

She smiled at Zhu Yang invitingly, and Xie Yiga fainted with a twitch.

But the dragon tornado rolled around his neck, and the dragon could fly, this guy fell down with a soft leg, but the dragon stayed in the air.

So Xie Yi directly hung Longlong’s tail around his neck, but the pain also irritated him, but he didn’t dare to look in the direction of Qianmengui.

Zhu Yang also felt that the face of the village elder’s mother was too powerful, and quickly changed Qianmiangui back to Zhu Qian’s appearance.

Touched his soft hair: “Well done, a dead old man doesn’t think he can’t be cured without touching him.”

“Next time I dare to come, let’s be so scared. If he really has the courage to marry the village elder, I admire him.”

Zhu Qian wasn’t happy anymore. When he was next to his previous master, everyone had acted before, and he didn’t have his own aesthetic.

But after Zhu Yang gave him a new identity and personality, he began to understand the world from his own perspective, who learned from whom, and with Zhu Yang, it is natural to grow into an appearance association.

He muttered: “How ugly is that?”

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “Isn’t this now the only effective means of attack? Who else can you rely on?”

Zhu Yang coaxed the child like this, and indeed Zhu Qianyi listened to this and looked at the current situation of giving him away.

Didn’t even the most powerful Dragon Dragon scare the ghost? For a while, the sense of honor soared, and I only felt that I was responsible for protecting my sister and her useless leg accessories.

After a few words, he was so happy to forget how ugly the village elder mother was.

Seeing Zhu Qian’s appearance, Xie Yi eased his energy and took his hand and said, “Brother, you are my brother, can you sleep together?”

If this is in reality, an adult who is more than 20 years old and drags a young boy in his 14th Five-Year Plan will surely be beaten to death as a mole.

Of course, I haven’t settled well here, anyway, this guy hasn’t settled the bill that disturbed the dream.

Zhu Yang was surprised: “You can all be scared and fainted? Then how did you clear the level in the early stage?”

Xie Yisan smiled: “Didn’t the ghosts in the early stage seize the opportunity to physically attack and be effective, I put a sack on them before they are scary.”

Said that a large sack suddenly appeared in his hand: “Look, I haven’t thrown it as a memorial.”

“Later, I got a little stronger, so I closed my eyes, which never scared me.”

“…” I don’t know if the poor one is he or a ghost.

But according to his statement, this guy is indeed growing at an amazing speed, and the perception of spiritual energy should be unmatched.

As long as Zhu Yang passed the high-standard customs all the way, he couldn’t say that he had the ability to close his eyes and fight the group ghost in the early dungeon.

It can be seen that this guy can become a big boss, although the shortcomings are obvious, but the advantages are more than enough to make up for it.

“Then why didn’t you close your eyes just now?” Zhu Yang said.

“The premise of closing my eyes is to be able to knock people away. You have also seen it. I can’t fight away, but I still talk about asking for a wife. I didn’t understand the specific situation of this event, and I didn’t dare to just close it like that. Eyes.”

Listening to it is pretty reliable, even if you are afraid, you will never reveal your flaws without understanding the enemy.

If Zhu Yang hadn’t seen him indifferently holding down his head when the false Zhenzi was about to crawl out.

There was no fear at the time, but now this bluff is not a pretense.

So Zhu Yang always felt that Xie Yi was a bit strange.

It’s not the kind of weird that makes people feel crisis, in short, it is a guy with many contradictions.

It was already three o’clock now, and Zhu Yang didn’t spend time with this guy, so he wanted to go back to sleep.

Xie Yi really wished to leave Zhu Qian here, but Zhu Qian made a grimacing face when he turned around, scaring this guy to realize that this kid was a double-edged sword.

Being able to scare away ghosts will naturally scare him away at any time.

So I had to go to bed holding Longlong grievances.

Woke up early the next morning, Xie Yi took out a rich breakfast to entertain Zhu Yang.

Although Zhu Yang is rich in materials, he has not been to many worlds, especially the higher world.

The food Xie Yi brought out was all Lingmi Lingcai from the world of Xiu Xian, and the meat food was also raised in Lingshan.

The delicious, fresh, and realistic ingredients are almost like two species, but they are similar to the food that the Valentine’s Day special, the dog-rival game invited couples to eat in the restaurant.

Xie Yi set up a big table in one breath, and said to Zhu Yang, Zhuqian, and Xiao Jilong, “Eat more, don’t be polite, it’s not enough for me to have it here.”

Zhu Yang is also not welcome. First, he drank a glass of fruit juice squeezed into his stomach. He envied him and said: “As expected of you, this net worth, hey!”

Xie Yi smiled and said: “You don’t have to be humble. I was still spinning around in the middle court when I was with you. You will basically have these things in two more games.”

Then he said, “Didn’t Aci bring you these before?”

“Not really.” Zhu Yang said.

Although Lu Xiuci struggled to please her, he himself was a person with a simple lifestyle.

When I met him in high school, even though I knew his family was extraordinary, he was not at all extravagant.

The overall style is very low-key. Although the family background is there, low-key cannot be called thrifty, but it does not have the bluff of young people of the same age.

At first, the two people seemed to be completely opposite types.

Later, the wild horse of Ji Ao was trapped by Zhu Yang, exposing the nature of petting his girlfriend to dominate the sky. With the title of being taken advantage of, people seem to have forgotten his own original habits.

In fact, many times, Lu Xiuci’s extravagant ostentation is only to serve Zhu Yang, and he actually takes these very lightly.

When Zhu Yang entered the game, he was already one of the top bosses in the game. It seemed that dividing Zhu Yang so many points was very staggering.

But if Zhu Yang stood at the same height and looked back, it would be nothing.

Moreover, the game’s expectations for the cultivation of each player will not allow the boss to use materials to bring out a waste.

Therefore, although Lu Xiu gave Zhu Yang a lot of things, but helplessly, most of them are visible and useless, even if he wants to buy it madly, it doesn’t cost much.

After understanding the meaning of the game, even if he was worried about Zhu Yang’s life in the game, he still put Zhu Yang’s growth first.

I chose a lot of things and didn’t directly help Zhu Yang. Not only did she worry about her progress in becoming stronger, but she also had to pay attention to the habitual maintenance between her and reality.

It was only later that Zhu Yang learned that after a player like her walks too fast, after seeing a higher, more prosperous and more comfortable living world, his attachment to reality will be greatly shaken.

Fortunately for her, the reality has her beloved relatives and lovers. Some players who are not very ambitious in reality will naturally tilt like a copy world in their mood.

This is a very dangerous signal, even more dangerous than the threat of life in the game.

You must know that no matter how comfortable the dungeon world is, it becomes a world of its own, but the real world is a world of higher dimensions, which is the basis of players and even the game.

If there is such a disorder in the mood, one day the player will get lost in the dungeon world. There is more than one such example.

Therefore, Lu Xiuci just spoiled his girlfriend again, and didn’t dare to enjoy good things that were too far beyond her premature.

It can be seen how broken Zhu Yang was.

Although Zhu Yang felt that he was too cautious in his heart, he also understood the pressure he was under when he entered the game.

But enjoyment is indeed the essence of her, but it is not ignorant of the importance.

While chatting while eating breakfast, Zhou Long and Wu Jianjun got up and went downstairs.

There is no water heater in the rural house, and there is no bathroom in the room. Naturally, I can only boil water for washing in the morning.

However, advanced players are not more concerned about the trivial matters of life, and saw two of them pull out the functional robots.

One took out a clean room, and then glanced at each other: “Oh, I haven’t seen this novelty yet. Would you like to change it?”

In short, it didn’t take two people to move, and they cleaned themselves up in minutes.

But looking at the delicacies on the table, the two became a bit greedy.

They can feel the aura contained in the food, which must be brought out from the copy of cultivation.

It’s not that they haven’t been to the Cultivation Dungeon, but that is almost the peak of the difficulty of the game, even for advanced players, it is actually difficult to get an excellent performance evaluation inside.

Naturally, there are fewer resources available, not to mention the things that this kind of sect can only produce and enjoy with them.

But last night Xie Yi screamed so badly, they didn’t come out to be boring, naturally they were not so cheeky that they were almost holsters.

So the two of them took out their own food and started to eat.

As for the dragon dragon who saw Xie Yi’s courtesy, the two agreed that this was the boss’ pet and mount, and didn’t think much about it.

Not long after the meal, the village began to lively. The joy of blowing and beating made this strange village look festive and bright this morning.

An uncle in clean clothes came over and called them: “My son, let’s go, it’s time to meet the kisses. We will welcome you back from the town. It’s almost ten o’clock. I’ll wait for a while to catch lunch.”

While talking, he handed Zhou Long and Wu Jianjun a cigarette.

The two of them took it again and again, only to let him go first, and then they changed their clothes.

The uncle left with a happy face, but the two players turned their heads and smiled, and raised the cigarettes in their hands at Zhu Yang and Xie Yi.

This cigarette is not abnormal at present, anyway, they have also accepted the fact that advanced players can’t break the disguise for the time being.

However, the two of them took out two packs of cigarettes that the bridegroom gave when they left last night, and when they opened them, they were filled with straight earthworms.

The quantity is about the same as that of ordinary cigarettes, no more than 20 cigarettes.

“This number, pay attention to it!”

Zhu Yang had taken the cigarette case, but the cigarettes they got were not the same. Generally speaking, they bought cigarettes and candies together.

Even if there are two brands, the price should be very different.

But they had a pack of cigarettes that was a popular brand in the countryside ten or twenty years ago. Zhu Yang saw her grandfather smoked it when she was a child.

The other is an exaggeration. The packaging must be at least 40 or 50 years ago.

She asked Xie Yi: “Do you have any impression of these two cigarettes?”

Xie Yi picked it up and looked at it carefully: “Yes, my grandfather likes to collect cigarette cases, and now I also bought several large cabinets for him to store.”

“Then go out and have a look?” Zhu Yang put Longlong Xiaoji and Zhu Qian away, and after Xie Yi, Zhou Long and the others stepped out.

Just when the welcoming team went out, there was a band blowing and beating in front of them, which was lively and festive. The groom was surrounded by everyone to tease and make fun.

Compared with last night’s banquet, this welcoming team is obviously young again.

However, none of these people appeared at the banquet, just as if they came out of thin air.

Zhu Yang and Xie Yi glanced closely at the welcoming team, until they could only see the end of their team, and then took back their eyes.

Not waiting for Zhu Yang to ask this time, Xie Yi said: “The welcoming team is not unusual.”

“When I was a child, it was usually the same for wedding events in the group, and there was no problem with the clothes. It was much more normal than yesterday.”

To say that they violated peace, it was Wu Jianjun and Zhou Long who helped to greet their relatives. After all, their clothes are not only fashionable for the people in the city, but also the aesthetics of a dozen or twenty years later.

The wedding banquet was held in the bazi yesterday, but there will be more tables today than last night.

We went to greet the relatives here, and the wedding banquet was also very busy. The stove set up outside, the one-stop masters invited were busy frying and cooking.

First make cold dishes, peanuts in puff pastry, fried shrimp chips, fried crispy pork, and sweet and sour pork ribs, and then serve the twists bought from the old workshop on the street, and a few braised vegetables.

The big dishes need to be cooked for a long time, and they are already cooked in a big pot. Steamed pork, glutinous rice bowl, stewed hoofs and whole chicken and duck.

As for cooking, it’s not anxious. You can wait until the bride picks it up before starting, but the sound of cutting meat and vegetables on the chopping board is endless.

The whole is full of festive heat.

Zhu Yang and Xie Yi are not much different in age. When they were young, they had no worries about food and clothing in their home village.

The food for weddings is indeed the same. It is affordable and delicious. If it weren’t for Zhu Yang to eat delicious food in the morning, it would be greedy now.

They looked along the melon seeds cigarette candy tray that had been placed on the mat. At this moment, the varieties of cigarettes and candy were uniform and in keeping with the times.

There was no sense of chaotic violations like last night, it would be better to say that the whole wedding banquet was surprisingly real, and logically there was nothing wrong with it.

Compared with last night.

Even the guests changed a group, and there were people Xie Yi knew.

“They are all folks in their hometown, some of them are still alive, and now they look like they were young.” Xie Yi said.

“Is there no one from your family?” Zhu Yang asked.

“I didn’t see it.” Xie Yi frowned, “My grandpa is good at cooking. I used to go to the kitchen to help with happy events.”

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “It’s also a good thing. I’m afraid that a child suddenly rushes out. When you were a child, it would be great fun.”

After that, several children ran outside with slingshots and melon seeds snacks given by adults.

Xie Yi nodded at the children with his chin, “I should be there.”

“The taller one is my cousin. When I was young, I played with him. At the moment, some of us should have picked up the leaked firecrackers and fried cow dung.”

Gee! Look, no matter the appearance is more beautiful.

Fashionable beauties like Zhu Yang, or cool handsome guys like Xie Yi, under the same childhood background, all owe their hands the same.

Don’t say Zhu Yang, even if Xie Yi’s occasionally embarrassed, but how easy it is to clear customs, he understands what is going on.

“In this way, the attack doesn’t work.” Xie Yi said: “It’s just that the real purpose hasn’t surfaced yet. It’s estimated that it will be announced at the wedding banquet. Let’s see how the game is arranged first.”

Zhu Yang smiled but smiled: “Maybe it’s not a game?”

Xie Yi was taken aback, glanced at her, bowed his head for a while, and then said: “You have to know that other than the game, the person who can trap me here does not exist in the game copy.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Who knows, I haven’t really seen the power of the senior field.”

She said that, Xie Yi felt that his judgment was a bit blind.

It was true that because of his own strength, he eliminated one possibility without even thinking about it, but if he didn’t trap them directly, but changed to another form of operation, it would be much simpler.

And if there are games to fuel the flames–

So he suddenly looked up: “Go, I’ll show you a place.”

Zhu Yang readily agreed, and was taken to the well at the entrance of the village.

The entrance to the village and the welcoming team are not at the same place. The road in Xie Yi’s home is well-built. Even nearly twenty years ago, there was already a flat and wide cement road from the village to the town.

The weather is good today, and the wedding and wedding events are not so smooth and convenient.

And the entrance of the village where Xie Yi brought her was around the direction to another village. The people in the village were all over the wedding feast, but there was no one here.

The well is very old, and the moss at the head of the well should have not been used frequently for a long time, but there is still water in it, and the water level is quite high. Adults should be able to feel it when they reach out.

Xie Yi said: “After getting through and getting familiar with it, few people come here to pick water. Washing clothes will go to the river, but occasionally there will be no water.”

“But when I was young, I used to come here often.”


“Because people have drowned in this well, the adults in the village lied to us that there were female ghosts in it to intimidate the children not to come to play around the well.”

“As long as you dare to drop your hands and feet, you will stretch out a hand and pull us off.”

Zhu Yang understood it right away, so adults just don’t understand the dying psychology of bear children, so they can only scare the beloved baby.

If it is a bear child, not only can’t stop their curiosity, they may also show their courage to personally test.

“Aren’t you afraid of ghosts? How dare you come?” Zhu Yang smiled.

“At that time, I hadn’t entered the game yet, I didn’t know if there were real ghosts in this world.”

In reality, Xie Yi is not afraid of haunting or a terrifying atmosphere. When doing business, he pretends to be an expert.

But when he enters the game, he knows that when the atmosphere is gloomy, it is not that he scares himself, but that there is a sign that something will come out.

“You go in and try it?” Xie Yi said, “I used to do this when I was young.”

Zhu Yang kicked him to the side of the well: “Why don’t you come?”

Speaking and pressing Xie Yi’s upper body, he sighed towards the mouth of the well. Xie Yi pretended to fail and drew back desperately——

“No no, sister, elder sister! I will invite you to go to my hometown to play the game another day. It is no different if you let me do this, but this is not in reality. It may be true here—”

Before he finished speaking, a pale hand stretched out from the mouth of the well, pinching Xie Yi’s neck and pulling it down.

The hand was pale and swollen, and his nails were pitch black and festered. The end was scary, which made Xie Yi both scared and disgusting.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t you bring me some good memories of my hometown? It ruined my childhood.”

Yes, if this copy is out, I think back to the old home that has been demolished and this is what happened, how can people look directly at the old home?

That hand was desperately pulling down, but what strength is Xie Yi? Even if the ghosts can’t do anything here, they won’t suffer from the opponent’s hands.

Zhu Yang looked down from behind Xie Yi, and could vaguely see a pale female face below through the water, as well as long hair floating like algae.

While struggling with his eyes closed, Xie Yi said to Zhu Yang: “Don’t just stand up, just tugged me and help me move these sisters’ hands away.”

Zhu Yang glanced at it disgustingly: “No, her hands are almost soaked, I will definitely feel sick with a pinch.”

Not only couldn’t save him, but suddenly thought of something, raising Xie Yi’s feet, living in the well with the help of the female ghost, she threw him in——

“Just go down and see, what’s down there.”

Xie Yi was stunned at the time, Zhu Yang’s face overlapped with Lu Xiuci by the side of the station.

That guy also bullied him. It’s good luck and threw him as bait if he was in danger. As expected, it wasn’t that the family didn’t enter the house.

As Xie Yi entered the water, a few bubbles surged on the surface, and then it was calm.

Zhu Yang stood beside the well with his arms in his arms, and didn’t panic, but it stands to reason that the well is not big and not very deep.

Xie Yi is an adult and a very capable player, it is impossible to go on and stay so quiet.

Then the place where he fell is not the bottom of the well in the physical sense.

Twenty minutes later, Jingou did not respond, but Zhu Yang did not panic.

This pitted teammate’s goods felt without guilt that if Xie Yi could suffer in this way, he would not be able to go today.

Datou Lu has told him that this man looks unreliable, but his vitality is tenacious and he is extraordinarily resistant. Don’t use it politely when it’s useful.

Zhu Yang waited for less than half an hour, when the children in the village who had jumped up and down appeared before her eyes.

Maybe it’s crazy fun coming here, but this is not the point.

What is shocking is that the young Xie Yi, who had not been in it before, now appeared in it.

Although I want to be far from the way I grew up, I can still see the later shadows from the delicate facial features.

It’s just that Xie Yi wasn’t very happy anymore, staring at Zhu Yang and walking straight to her.

With some milky voice, he said in a deep voice, “You have done a good job.”

The group of children were unaware that Xie Yi hadn’t been in it before, but suddenly there were more people, and they didn’t feel abnormal.

On the contrary, it was for Xie Yidant to directly talk to a beautiful adult he didn’t know, and a group of children stood far away looking at him in awe and surprise.

Zhu Yangle was broken. He looked at Xie Yi wearing small overalls and joked: “It’s so cute.”

Xie Yi’s face flushed with anger, fortunately this guy is still a few years younger than him.

Zhu Yang took out some pocket money and sent a group of children back to the banquet with Xie Yi.

Xie Yi suddenly said: “The same person, the bigger one disappears and the smaller one appears, which is interesting.”

Zhu Yang shook his head: “You are too messy, which is also the reason why you are too strong. The whole is called one without logic.”

“I’m probably not expecting you here.”

Xie Yi and the others at this level are no longer tired of the danger of the game copy, it is not easy to want to die.

Players know that the enemies in the copy may be more aware.

So Xie Yi simply became the first one because of his strength. Other existences could not dominate him and build up the chaos caused by obstacles at will.

Chaos also has the benefits of chaos. At least next, when they turn to the main course of the three players, they can’t get any valuable experience and clues in Xie Yi’s level.

Judging from the attitude and reaction of the two, the behavior of Zhu Yang’s teammates just now and the age when Xie Yi was in this wedding when he was a child.

It was not unexpected.

However, Zhu Yang knows many things, and Xie Yi knows that, without even telling the other party’s intentions, he hears the sound of the string and knows the elegance.

This is the tacit understanding between smart people.

The welcoming team came back before ten o’clock. These days, weddings were held in rural areas, especially if the two families were not far away, and there was no talk of renting a car.

They all come and go on foot, and their hometown doesn’t pay much attention to customs.

The band ahead is the band, with a festive and bright suona. Except for the men who greet relatives, the woman’s dowry team is also a long line.

Bedding furniture, miscellaneous electrical appliances.

At that time, the dowry was still the same, and the bride price was not a burden. As for the relatives who came over by the woman, everyone carried the same. The line was elongated and looked impressive.

The bridegroom and bride were in the middle of the line, Zhu Yang and Xie Yi, who had become a child, sat in the corner of the banquet, knocking the melon seeds out of their space and watching with cold eyes.

The bride and groom are all ordinary-looking people, and they are dressed in poorly-fitting Chinese new suits. Because they are today’s protagonists, walking in the crowd is the most conspicuous and festive.

But the bridesmaid behind the bride is quite white and beautiful, and she pulls some long skirts for the bride from time to time.

It’s just that the bride’s festive face was a bit unpleasant when it fell on the bridesmaid, probably because he felt that he was robbed of the limelight by her beautiful bridesmaid.

But to be honest, since looking for someone to be the bridesmaid, it is not the appearance that I met today. The bride is dressed up today, but the bridesmaid is just painting her lips and eyebrows.

Even with this embarrassment, it is because the bride herself has misunderstood her appearance.

Many people think that they are usually inconspicuous just because they are not dressed up, and they are absolutely glamorous when they dress up. In fact, it is not the case. Sometimes the beauty of this thing is really not equal to makeup.

When the couple came back, the wedding began.

At that time, it was just like a millennium, and it was not particularly particular about it. Pulling some red carpet and red cloth at the gate of the yard would be considered a happy stage.

Nor did he specifically invite the master of ceremonies, the groom’s classmates cameo.

At this moment, the bride and groom are highly educated in the countryside, and they are both college students, so the best man and bridesmaids are also their classmates, and they are all foreigners with accents.

The wedding was really lively, and the best man who acted as the emcee was good at eloquence, except that he made frequent jokes.

And a bit malicious spoof, not to mention the bride and groom, the bridesmaids did not let it go.

Zhu Yang and Xie Yi frowned, there is no vulgar marriage tradition in their hometown.

Both of them are natives, and because of the changes in their family circumstances, what style of weddings have not been attended since childhood?

The down-to-earth people in the countryside, the big banquets in the city, and the simple and luxurious local and foreign people have all made up a lot of excitement.

It’s really rare to see this kind of thing. A few people take off the bridegroom with only the pants left, and even play tricks on the daughter-in-law and father-in-law.

The bridesmaids were also forced to do a lot of things, but maybe the bride and groom were so miserable and nothing to say, and the bridesmaids didn’t want to make trouble at other people’s weddings, so they didn’t happen.

The elders in the village are a little uncomfortable when they see this, but often people bow their heads like the atmosphere.

If you don’t follow the atmosphere, you will lose a wink. In fact, the so-called ‘winks’ and ‘don’t want to make everyone ugly’ are often the culprits of gluttonous principles.

Zhu Yang asked Xie Yi: “Do you have an impression of this paragraph?”

Xie Yi shook his head: “No, it’s supposed that the adults drove the child away because they didn’t look good?”

Indeed, the children who played with a group of children were supposed to be eating soon, but they did not see this dam.

If Xie Yi, as a child, was in there on this day, it would be impossible to have an impression of it.

The two watched indifferently, and several lives would be killed within two days after the wedding.

This may be one of the disasters right now.

In the end, the time was almost up, and there was a reminder that the wedding banquet should start, and the group of young people stopped.

The bride and groom and the bridesmaids also came into the house to freshen up and tidy up, but it was fast, and they came out soon.

Although it was a little embarrassing to be made, the faces of several people were okay.

Up to this moment, there hasn’t been any obvious contradiction that can stimulate the motive of killing.

Wu Jianjun and Zhou Long who came back also shook their heads, saying that they hadn’t noticed anything, but they flashed their eyes when they saw Xie Yi turned into a child.

Xie Yi also raised his head with a smile but a smile. This expression was unpredictable and full of deterrence in his adult face.

But with the child’s immature face, it looked a little horrified.

He raised his head and said to the two of them: “What’s wrong, haven’t you seen a child?”

Obviously looking up at what the two said because of his height, Wu Jianjun and Zhou Long felt that he was the condescending one.

The little Jiujiu in the casual heart didn’t dare to come out again.

During the banquet, the bride and groom toast at the round table, the atmosphere is pleasant, but it has been peaceful.

After the wedding wine, the three relatives and six relatives, except for those who are extremely close, all have to go home this afternoon.

These days, the family feeds chickens, ducks, pigs and geese, and it’s not enough if they don’t serve them for a day, so after lunch, the banquet table is reduced by more than half.

In the afternoon on the square table that was cleaned up, Doudizhu’s mahjong game, in short, a normal afternoon.

Because things must happen to the bride and groom, Zhu Yang and the others also pay attention at any time.

But nothing else happened in the afternoon except to see off the guests.

Even Zhu Yang and the four players played mahjong in their spare time, but they didn’t lose money, they lost points.

In a sense, the game is still very big, and it is definitely a sky-high gambling/gambling in this era.

In the end, it was the luck king Xie Yi who won the most, and Zhu Yang and the three of them were advanced players, with a rich family.

If you want to change below the intermediate field, you have to be familiar with pants.

Xie Yi generally collects points, and smiles with a smile: “Accepted, accepted.”

Fortunately, his parents are not in this copy, otherwise his ears would have been screwed up early when he watched his children come to the table.

After tidying up the card table, we started to have dinner. For dinner, we warmed up the noodles at noon, and we only fry a few dishes and cook some soup.

The bride and groom together with their classmates and young people have a very good wine table.

The sound of drinking and punching is louder than that of the wine cans in the village. Most of the other people in the village have almost finished eating, and the remaining tables are all drinking.

Zhu Yang said to Wu Jianjun and Zhou Long: “You two are too obvious. Go back and rest first.”

The two looked at each other, after all they returned to Xie Yi’s home.

When the people were almost gone, the group of people also drank all their hearts, and clamored to make trouble in the bridal chamber.

Several men pushed the bride and groom and the bridesmaids into the house. The parents of the groom were frightened by the people at noon. At the moment, they couldn’t hide, so they didn’t go in.

The furnished new house was too noisy, Zhu Yang and Xie Yi didn’t go in, so they looked out the window.

Sure enough, you can make a vulgar marriage affair. Don’t expect to do good things after a few bowls of yellow soup.

The greasy frolics in it for a while, and the laughter in the yellow tone was a bit unbearable.

At the beginning, the gun was aimed at the bride and groom, and the bridesmaid wanted to go up and persuade, not only did it not work, but was twisted on the bed to take advantage.

The room was crowded and crowded, taking advantage of the alcohol and chaos, scared the bridesmaid screaming and struggling.

In the chaos, I don’t know who tore the bridesmaid’s blouse, revealing the white shoulders and half of the breast.

Obviously, the atmosphere in the room has become more excited, and even the groom can’t help but look at the bridesmaid and can’t move his eyes.

The bride suffocated for a day and finally broke out at this moment, but at any rate remember that this was her own happy day.

He smiled and urged people: “Don’t make trouble with our couple, you want to play with Lili.”

At this moment, there were still people paying attention to the ordinary-looking bride, who didn’t know who started it first, and then the bridesmaid was pushed out of the house by a group of people.

The girl grabbed the door frame and refused to go, trying her best to save the bride.

Long suppressed jealousy flashed across the bride’s face, and she smiled and said to her: “Oh, they are joking with you, aren’t we the same? It’s not as disappointing as you.”

The bridegroom looked at the messy clothes and tears of the bridesmaid’s face, and he couldn’t bear it, and said, “Oh, I said you–”

But before I finished speaking, I was pushed by my new wife: “As you said, Lili will accompany the guests for us.”

“She likes playing with boys, don’t I understand my friend? Don’t mix up if you don’t know.”

“But they—”

“Oh~~, what? In our days, your eyes stuck to other women’s faces and couldn’t tear it off? Look again, look again, where are you? You want to regret marrying me and now I will give you this bridal chamber .”

“I don’t even look at my face. Lili has seen too many men, so I can see you?”

The groom was obviously a dumb-mouthed, and was ridiculed by his wife’s acrimonious sarcasm. It was also a mean hint of the bridesmaid’s style.

Thinking that it is her friend, she should know better than herself, not to mention that the few guys are his buddies, he understands, they are just lip service.

Men obviously do not understand that many times people do not commit crimes because they do not have corresponding opportunities.

Those who are hidden among ordinary people and have no previous convictions cannot just judge the quality of character.

The indifference of the bride and bridegroom as the host family made several people even more arrogant. A girl as a bridesmaid is the opponent of several men.

After a while, he was pulled into another room.

Xie Yi’s face turned blue, and it was strange that the elders in the village were not talking about it, that is, it was vague, it turned out to be so unbearable.

Just about to step forward, I saw that someone was already a step faster than him.

Zhu Yang passed in front of him, came to the door, and kicked the whole door.

The people inside were stunned by the loud noise, and saw a woman who looked like an immortal, and even more beautiful than a bridesmaid, put her hand lazily on the door.

“Yo, are you playing? Let me join one too!”


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