Scream Queen Chapter 18

Zhu Yang rarely fights directly with people when he is small and big,  There is no shortage of people around him.

There have been countless conflicts with people for two decades. In these countless counts, most of the conflicting subjects had the heart to kill her.

Then the small part that is really put into action,  Under this huge base,   is still not small.

But the number of times Zhu Yang was successfully attacked can be counted with one hand, and this number of times is approximately equal to the number of times she has actually worked with people.

There is no experience at all, so the girl is anxious and fights in a jerky posture, which is vividly performed by her.

I saw her grabbing the female ghost by the hair and pulling the person’s upper body out of the mirror.

Pulling it in front of him, he cut his hand, slap after slap on the head.

Swearing while beating: “Scary isn’t it?”

“Seven orifices are bleeding, right?”

“Rotten face, right?”

“Put your hair out, believe it or not?”

“Everyone is scared when they say it,  Don’t be disgusting. Has the female ghost of the broken game company trained on the entire TM assembly line? A recipe is silly back and forth.”

“I haven’t asked why the last ugly guy died? The unlucky face with a torn shoehorn, really thought he was a flower among female ghosts?”

“Change my face, do you look like a idiot? The last **** landed on the moon and touched porcelain,  you are not much better, you can be a ghost without knowing it? You are so used to you.”

The female ghost tilted her head, and her head was also caught. This position is basically to resist incompetence.

This **** looked thin and delicate,   didn’t expect the arms as thin as two firewood sticks to be so powerful.

The female ghost was buzzing with her head, and someone took a brick and banged her on her head. She was dead and worried about the risk of concussion.

“Woo~~” The female ghost struggled desperately,   then I heard a “hiss”.

She loosened her head and looked up in disbelief, seeing that the opposite **** was holding a handful of hair in her hand.

That full handful of weight,  for every woman-female ghost-no,   long-haired female,   is a lethal amount that makes people collapse.

The female ghost tremblingly stretched out her hand to touch her scalp, and she was really bald.

The whole thing went mad at once, and a stern scream resounded across the sky.


Halfway through, the voice was chopped off again, just like the goose that was stepped on its neck.

It was Zhu Yang who saw her screaming with her mouth wide open, so he picked up a piece of soap from the sink and threw it into her mouth.

The soap is from Teacher Qiu, used to wash personal clothes and socks by hand.

It seems that every female ghost has that skill, that is, opening her mouth to one-half of her face.

Otherwise, such a large bar of soap won’t fit in.

The female ghost didn’t prevent herself, she swallowed the soap directly, then hiccuped, and made a few bubbles.

She was dumbfounded, when other tenants who heard the movement ran over.

There were too many people, and she had to retreat, but Li Li and the others were quick. Before she disappeared, they clearly saw a female ghost in the mirror holding her bruised face and half-bald head, sobbing. Escaped.

In this situation, they heard the screams, thinking it was the ghost launching the first tentative attack, and then Zhu Yang was scared and screamed in a different scene.

The female ghost flees in embarrassment, and Zhu Yang stood in front of the sink with an arrogant face and exhaled, feeling that she would retire before she warms up.

Really, according to these battles, it might be possible who made the scream just now.

Lu Xin came to Zhu Yang without asking the obvious cause and effect.

Just ask: “Gone?”

Zhu Yang nodded: “What do the missing woman and the landlord’s wife look like here?”

“Oh, I found this.” Wang Bei immediately turned out the phone.

After all, it was a criminal case, and the girl’s family tried desperately to find someone here. At the time, the missing person notices were not posted, and the photos were not difficult to get.

Wang Bei opened the saved picture and Zhu Yang looked at it, and it turned out that it was the female ghost just now.

She curled her lips and sneered: “Spicy chicken!”

Li Li and the others were very heavy and pessimistic about the appearance of ghosts in Suohunye ahead of time.

Like in previous horror games, once a player sees a ghost or is attacked, everyone else is panicked.

Because all of them have the same position in front of ghosts, it will be their turn sooner or later.

But this was the first time that the panic in his heart was suppressed by the rush of thunder.

Just be ignorant, anyway, after getting to know Zhu Yang, this emotion has become the norm.

But how brave the heroine is to make a ghost in the first encounter with a novice?

The two looked at each other, and they were envious of the high level of clearance in the trials, thinking that the little girl was lucky.

But now it seems that it’s obvious that someone just came here with a ghost.

Suddenly he was in awe of the violent eldest lady, and at the same time, this pair of people’s ability to grasp the ghost with both hands also gave people more confidence for no reason.

At this time, other tenants also came out in their pajamas. Not only the Qiu family on the second floor, but the landlord and Ms. Cui on the first floor also heard the movement and went upstairs.

But Wu Yue, who lives on the second floor, did not open the door.

Teacher Qiu worried: “Miss Zhu, I just heard a loud cry, are you okay?”

The landlord also asked: “See a mouse?”

Zhu Yang didn’t take the blame for the ghost, and said blankly: “It’s not my name.”

“Why isn’t it you, that old just now—” the landlord was saying.

Just listen to Zhu Yang emphasized again: “It is not my name, my voice is not that bad.”

The people present were not deaf. In the end, Wang Bei saw that this young lady was really unwilling to beg for everything. He couldn’t explain to the NPCs that it was a ghost call, right?

So he took the initiative to carry the pot: “I, what I called, I saw a cockroach.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and the landlord said with a smile: “Miss Wang is a northerner, isn’t it? Habits are good habits, we have a lot of cockroaches in the south.”

“There are still cockroaches here?” As soon as the voice fell, he heard a voice disgusting.

The landlord immediately wanted to lick his own mouth, and as expected, the daughter called away in the next second.

“Ha, I found that you are really a treasure here. You can refurbish and dig out surprises every day. Are you proud of having cockroaches? Are you so close to riding it to elementary school?”

The landlord knows that this **** is difficult to deal with, but he dare not offend these wealthy people. Just a few trips a day and the tip of the leg can cover the turnover of one day in the peak season. Can you not wait for him?

Especially this eldest lady who takes her chin to watch people all the time, it is one thing to be tricky, but generous is the most generous.

So he hurriedly said: “This is an old house, but you are very concerned about cleanliness. If you don’t believe me, ask Teacher Qiu. People who are such a diligent teacher Qiu can only boast.”

“I don’t care about it. My standard is to be sloppy at random? Tomorrow you have to fight cockroaches and clean the whole house by the way. Li Li and the others will do it with you anyway.”

“I go out during the day and come back at night to see that there is no dust in the corners of the whole house.”

After hearing this, the landlord changed his face and forced a smile: “Then you are embarrassing me? For such a big house, it takes two days to find a dedicated cleaner.”

Zhu Yang was impatient to interrupt him: “Then how much do you pay the cleaning company? I will give you ten times, only two points, speed! Efficiency!”

He said with a sneer: “Just like you are sloppy, shouldn’t you just do superficial work, open the floor wall behind you, and hide the dead mouse body?”

The landlord has always been pleased with a flattering face. When he heard the words hiding the corpse, a trace of ferocity flashed in his eyes, but he lowered his head so that no one could see it.

The words were so lavish, and I had to agree to tomorrow’s toss.

When he returned to the room, Zhu Yang said to Li Li and the others: “Hey, the opportunity to follow him has been given to you. Now that the ghosts of the landlord line have already appeared, I must find something useful now.”

Li Li was still thinking about how to use the taming tools, so Zhu Yang immediately handed him a way to walk around the house without being suspected.

The eldest is so capable, it’s simply not easy and happy to get things done.

But I didn’t realize that I had already acquiesced in my heart that the head of this four-person temporary group was already Zhu Yang.

The landlord went out early the next morning to buy cockroach medicine. When Zhu Yang went downstairs to have breakfast, he happened to ran into high school students going to school.

Without even thinking about it, she pulled people out of the yard and forced them to the corner.

To the high school student: “What are you doing in such a hurry? Didn’t you talk to me last night? I haven’t answered yet.”

At this time, Wu Yue looked the same as usual, but when he heard Zhu Yang’s words, there was more panic in his eyes.

As if not wanting to know the answer.

But he couldn’t help him. He just listened to Zhu Yang slowly saying: “I don’t know what human skin is, it’s just touching the image. Is it true?”

“Don’t scare me. I may have washed my hands for a long time yesterday. If this is the case, do I need my hands?”

Wu Yue shook his head repeatedly, feeling at a loss for a while.

Zhu Yang smiled: “It’s pretty much the same.”

Then he didn’t say anything, so he let them go.

It was Lu Xin who was not sure of her intentions, but he didn’t ask. Many things were more interesting when the mystery was revealed.

But he mentioned another thing: “Did you get skills in the trials?”

Questions used, but the tone is affirmative.

Zhu Yang didn’t deny it either, she didn’t think this was a secret that had to be covered up tightly. As the plot of the horror game deepens, ghosts and monsters that need to be dealt with appear, which are always needed.

But most people don’t think about it over there. The trials are not difficult to say, but after all, they subvert the world view. Usually, the reserve clearance is not very high.

The initial evaluation of the S-level is one of the few players in the entire game, let alone a skill book.

Li Li and Wang Bei have seen her smashing ghosts and monsters, and they are only admiring her psychological quality, and the method of causing harm. They still habitually think that Zhu Yang uses the talisman paper in the novice gift bag.

Or she has high initial points and bought some other props. In short, she doesn’t think about acquiring skills, which is terrifying for newcomers.

But Lu Xin was very aware of the difference between using skills and props. To be honest, Rao knew that she had a flexible mind and was good at doing things right.

He was surprised to be able to do this, but it was an amazing surprise to be able to accumulate such a high level of raw capital in the early stage.

Zhu Yang asked him, “How about you? Do you also have skills?”

Lu Xin nodded: “Yes!”

I thought Zhu Yang was going to ask him what it was, but she asked, “How many?”

Lu Xin opened his lips slightly, a little depressed, and then his expression was casual and calm.

There was also a smile in her eyes: “A lot.”

Zhu Yang was not very surprised, but this guy did not hide her temptation anytime and anywhere. In this peaceful calmness, it was the ultimate arrogance and confidence.

Zhu Yang is not someone who has a strong teammate and will hope to deliver to others, but what comes with it is an eager sense of competition.

She raised her eyebrows and glanced at Lu Xin: “I will be more than you, soon.”

The two spent more than a day outside, during which time they received many messages from Wang Bei.

For example, they found some suspicious things in the villa, but in the end they mostly returned to no avail.

In the afternoon, a message came over suddenly, saying that the landlord really planned to put the stalker who harassed Ms. Cui into her room, and the famous name was to arrange a surprise inside.

Li Li took advantage of the landlord to go out to buy cockroach medicine in the morning, sewed down the front drawer of the bug/listening device.

During the period, I overheard the landlord and the stalker calling, saying that the time was set in the afternoon, because Miss Cui went to midday work today and came back at 8 or 9 in the evening.

Listening to the conversation between the two of them, it touched the work and rest patterns of single girls.

Wang Bei asked her if she wanted to stop this, or just kick the stalker up in advance.

For this kind of person, any woman with a normal mind will have a scalp burst like a scalp/toad/toad off the instep.

Good central told them no, she Wang Pei said:. “This crazy, you beat him up, when he was suffering on the way to test their love, self-moving feel great as anything.”

Wang Bei knew that she had every way to clean up people, so she let it go.

However, this day, Rao went through every corner of the villa for the reason of continuing to fight cockroaches, but he didn’t find much.

Li Li told them: “I have knocked every inch of the wall, solid, and I haven’t found any basement or the like. I also focused on the attic, except for some discarded furniture.”

This made the two of them a little frustrated after a busy day, and Zhu Yang simply asked them to come out for dinner.

The top dishes of the high-end steak restaurant didn’t make the two people feel better. After all, the time passed day by day, and the clues to the secret seemed to be more and more ferocious in the whole game, but correspondingly they did not find any practical props.

Compared to Zhu Yang and Lu Xin’s heartlessness, the two of them are a little bit ignorant.

They came out early, and since the dining atmosphere was not strong, they came back early.

As a result, when I went upstairs, I heard a huge movement from Teacher Qiu’s home in the opposite door, endless beatings, men’s curses and women’s sobbing.

Yes, Miss Cui’s good show is about to be played here, it’s going on again here.

Zhu Yang suddenly saw a small figure at the end of the corridor. When she walked over, she saw Teacher Qiu’s son Xiao Ming sitting on the ground, leaning against the wall tightly, with her head down, her shoulders twitching.

Feeling someone in front of him, he raised his head, tears in his dark eyes.

Seeing that it was him, a pleading flashed across that silent and well-behaved face, but he didn’t say any words for help.

The child’s idea is simple. Xiao Ming grew up in a violent environment. In his eyes, his father is the mountain that weighed on him and his mother. He was used to his grandparents using him as a guise to force his mother and father to be tied together forever.

I am also used to the irrelevant persuasion of everyone around me, and the unanimous attitude of the surrounding world makes the child’s heart dark.

But until that night, this elder sister pulled a copy of it. This was the first time in his life that his father’s violence was successfully stopped, and this elder sister was amazing.

Even though my father seemed to want to beat my mother yesterday, my sister glanced at her and passed the night in peace.

Today, my father had a drink and came back to hear from the landlord that my sister was going to a high-end hotel for dinner, and it took a long time to come back.

Zhu Yang pursed her lips. It is reasonable that she is not so bad-hearted. In her opinion, the scumbag of domestic violence is hateful, but she has the courage to resist the domestic violence, because she did not dare to face the gossip around and chose to stay In the comfort zone, even women who cannot protect their children and make his childhood miserable are not so good.

She is such a strong and confident person who despises mothers like Teacher Qiu from the bottom of her heart. The so-called “helping” them is just a kind of cold starting point to stop her in front of her.

But at this moment, seeing Xiao Ming’s eyes, Zhu Yang always felt like a knife in his throat.

She breathed out a sigh of breath, resigned herself to turn around and walked back.

Walked to the door of Teacher Qiu’s family, kicked her foot—

The door was kicked open with a ‘bang’.

At this time, the room was in chaos, the tables and stools were all overturned, and the sheets and quilts were rolled on the ground.

Teacher Qiu curled up on the ground, her husband was kicking her with his feet, holding a notebook in his hand.

Before Zhu Yang and the others broke in, they were reading aloud–

“The moment I met him, the ice and snow in my world melted, and my whole heart radiated the joy of dead wood and spring—you’re a **** bitch/dog, and when you see a man, you will send/chun—”

At this point, he was interrupted by a loud noise, but when he turned his head, he saw that the goddess goddess opposite was back.

Teacher Qiu’s husband was agitated, and most of them woke up from the wine.

Zhu Yang smiled coolly, “Yo! Reading the script?”

Without waiting for his answer, he clapped to himself: “Yes, not bad, the reminiscences of the big night are like water years? The life style is very deep without first coming to your house.”

Then the smile on his face closed: “Then let us taste your story too!”

This was spoken to Teacher Qiu’s husband, and her husband went backwards after hearing this.

Everyone kicked in. It was a blink of an eye to move in. “I’m sorry, I don’t know if you are back. I quarreled you. We will clean up immediately.”

But where is there still room for him to speak?

As soon as Zhu Yang cast his eyes, Li Li and the others went up and caught the person. Wang Bei first took Xiao Ming to their room to feed the cake. The next scene was a bit ugly, making it difficult for children to watch.

Zhu Yang walked forward, followed by the man behind him grabbing Teacher Qiu’s husband, and Mr. Qiu at the end.

Seeing that everyone was savage, the man couldn’t do it well. At this time, he thought of his wife and hurriedly asked his wife to plead.

Teacher Qiu hesitated a little, but was about to speak but thought of Zhu Yang’s irony that morning, but did not speak at all.

The man yelled, spitting out the **** in his mouth, and was hit on his stomach with a fist. He suddenly had stomach cramps and dizzy with pain.

Obviously, it is not only the goddess, these four people are not easy to provoke.

In a blink of an eye they arrived on a flyover. This was the place they had just returned. People came and went, and there were street singers playing guitar and singing, which was just right.

Zhu Yang walked to the young man who was playing the guitar and singing, grabbing the microphone in the other hand and pushing him aside——

“When I passed by just now, there was not a few dollars in the guitar case. After a long time, it is still these few dollars. Those who live in the bridge hole are not as shabby as you.”

At first, the two wandering singers thought that there was a gangster messing up the place, but in the end it was a meal of ginseng rooster. Life is not easy, why bother to dismantle?

Just listen to the woman’s Lianzhu Cannon continuing to say: “It’s because you are pitiful, so I will provide you with a new idea of ​​performing arts. Sit aside, watch the atmosphere accompaniment, and learn a little!”

Seeing this group of people approaching fiercely, the two young men were once again controlled by Zhu Yang’s strength, and they really sat on a small stool in confusion.

Upon seeing this, Lu Xin co-operated with him and knelt down before throwing the man into the microphone. At this time, Zhu Yang turned the microphone directly into the speaker.

Suddenly, there was a sharp noise, which caused passers-by who had turned a blind eye to the show to look at this side at the same time.

Zhu Yang just patted the microphone, and took his mouth to raise his voice: “Those who have passed by, you have seen rooftop singing and performing arts, you have seen rooftop begging and kowtow, you have seen mobile phone stickers and reselling shoes and bags. But have you ever seen the self-report of a domestic violence scumbag?”

“This man on the ground is ugly, eats soft food, and loves to beat his wives. JJ has no duality, his temper is better than the sky, is it moral loss or human sorrow, let’s listen to the detailed breakdown.”

Everyone just looked here subconsciously, and when they heard this topic, hey!

Looking at this posture again, it is estimated that the man beat his wife and was held back by his sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

In line with the national characteristics of people who love to watch the excitement, no one stopped on the roof just now and the crowds gathered in less than a minute. And watching the excitement, it was snowballing. People passing by would stop and get in when they saw the circle. .

The two young artists have never encountered this battle since their singing career.

Just listen to the girl who opened them urged: “Accompaniment!”

The two came back to their senses now, but what should they play? Thinking of family ethics, let’s play women’s flowers.

When the melancholic music sounded, Zhu Yang put the microphone in front of the man, kicked him and said, “Read!”

Seeing him not moving, he kicked impatiently: “Read it! Didn’t it seem like reading your wife’s diary? It was my turn to be ashamed to share?”

“Okay, it’s not good for so many people to accompany you to grind. I said at the beginning you answer.” Then he lowered his head and said in his ear: “Who doesn’t know about the bad things in your family? Dare to say a word of panic, and promise one more in the river tomorrow morning. Floating corpse with a drunk! Oh, it’s just right that you drank anyway.”

The man trembled, not sure if the evil spirit was intimidating or real, and saw a small piece of ground where her toes moved away.

At night, the sky bridge is not well lit, and most people can’t see it so fine, but he can see clearly when he kneels.

At this time, the voice of the evil star has already sounded-

“Ask, how did you and your wife meet.”

“Blind date, meet each other.”

“Then how do you, your honour, impress the wife of a middle-upper look, gentle temperament, professional teacher, and a typical male ideal target?”

“I, I treat her well, buy her breakfast every day, pick up and drop off to and from get off work, I remember all birthdays on holidays, I was so kind to her, she—”

The man was slapped in the face when he was going crazy: “Just show off your sister. After getting married, do you still buy breakfast every day to prepare holiday gifts?”

The man was silent.

Zhu Yang continued: “When you got married, the cost that both parties paid for setting up a family.”

“She brought a deposit of 200,000 yuan, a wedding banquet hosted by my family.”

“What about the gift money charged for the wedding banquet?”

“My parents took it away.”

“It is said that since you got married, you have not purchased real estate or transported cars. The expenses for the wedding banquet and the gift money are not very different. It should be regarded as the same. The money goes in and out of your parents.”

After calculating this small account, Zhu Yang sneered: “In other words, if your wife gets married, you pay 200,000 yuan, and you get married-only a few of them?”

As soon as this was said, there was a commotion around, especially the single male compatriots.

Teacher Qiu stood not far away. His identity was obvious. Although he was over thirty years old, he was still an intellectual and not beautiful, especially at the moment with some bruises and his hair was slightly messy, which aroused the desire for protection.

Suddenly some male compatriots were dissatisfied–

“I can find a wife by rubbing this? I’m still single, and I can’t find such a good wife after saving two houses.”

“It’s **** good to buy breakfast and say, to ask for a wife who doesn’t care about you being poor, ugly, and stingy. It’s all right in this life.”

“So don’t try to treat you nicely in pictures. Two faces before and after marriage, the soft meal is frank and frank, I really think that there are a few diamonds.” This is what a female compatriot said.

Seeing the atmosphere came up, Zhu Yang also entered a formal topic——

“How long is unemployed?”

“Two and a half years!” The man lowered his head.

“How much income did you have during this period?”

“No, no!” The man’s head lowered and lowered in the surrounding whispers.

“How much is the cost of alcohol and mahjong money per week?”

“…” I stopped talking this time.

Jiang Muti smiled: “I have forgotten, how can people who brazenly eat soft meals care about family expenses.”

“But I have to tell everyone that a teacher, who is not a high-income group, has to pay for a family of three, pay the rent, and at the same time bear an alcoholic and gambler.”

“There should be no shortage of such people around you. I think you can understand that if a family has a gambler or a drunkard, it can basically be said that there is no hope, not to mention the double burden of alcohol and gambling.”

There was a sudden uproar in the surroundings, and even the music of the two accompaniment buskers changed from a female flower to an angry tune.

Zhu Yang added the last fire: “Of course, besides alcohol and gambling, this one has no other hobbies. Low-carbon and environmentally friendly. The cost is low. You can do it at home at any time. After drinking, you can beat your wife and be eliminated by society and work. The puddle of mud seems to be able to regain self-confidence on women.”

“What a cheap and convenient way to decompress!”

As soon as these words came out, the male compatriots who were displeased just now couldn’t help but took off their shoes and slammed them in the man’s face——

“You **** worthy of being a man?” Looking at Teacher Qiu again, “Big girl, divorced! This man is not saved, and those who make money will be beaten, so I didn’t suffer this sullenness.”

With this opening, the surrounding community became more and more excited. I don’t know who opened his head first, and then shouted uniformly from below——

“Divorce! Divorce! Divorce! Divorce!…”

Teacher Qiu had this idea countless times, but her parents, relatives, friends and colleagues all stood on the opposite side of her.

It was the first time that she heard the true voice of her heart being called out by so many people, and the sound shook her heart.

Tears shed tears on Teacher Qiu’s face.

And Zhu Yang also finished the performance and said loudly: “If the show is worth watching, please support it. Please put it in the guitar case. Please put the banana skin rotten egg insole socks and tomato on the face of the man, thank you!”

After the crowds dispersed after the tumult, both sides were rewarded.

The man’s side has been smashed so that no human form can be seen. Below the overpass is the pedestrian street, which sells snacks, and most of the people who come and go are still holding food in their hands.

It really has everything, all the ingredients on the man’s body can be counted as a food exhibition.

While looking at the guitar case that was instantly filled with zero bills, the little brother Yiyi said with a little embarrassment: “This, how is this embarrassing.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “I only borrow your venue tools for what I have said, so you can count on the money you earn, don’t you have to work hard to accompany you, you deserve it.”

“Thank you!”

After a refreshing fight, Zhu Yang took the people and left, ignoring the man who was still kneeling on the ground.

Upon seeing this, Teacher Qiu looked at the man and then at Zhu Yang’s side, still following Zhu Yang’s direction.

The man didn’t come back all night, and he didn’t come back the next day and the third day. Of course, this is something later.

Li Li and Wang Bei said excitedly: “It’s too special to relieve my anger. I wanted to beat that turtle grandson a long time ago. I forgot that he was a ghost NPC just now, so I was not afraid at all.”

“Yes, no matter how powerful it is, it will be after you become a ghost. At this time, I will eat soft rice, and look at his face.”

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “Aren’t you afraid of hatred now?”

The two choked, and then they said bachelor: “I’m afraid of a fart, just tell you, if you don’t want to blame him, he won’t chase us? It’s better not to hold back the bird’s breath these days.”

The group walked back happily, and when Teacher Qiu followed up, they shut up and stopped discussing the game.

After catching up with them, Teacher Qiu called Zhu Yang by name, and then said: “I just figured it out when I ran all the way, I want to divorce.”

“I will leave tomorrow. I just saw the man kneeling on the ground. He was slapped in the face by men, women, old people, and children. I didn’t dare to fight back. I realized that I was married and endured, and I was afraid of such a thing. .”

“I won’t answer phone calls from my parents and relatives. I’m going to get a divorce.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “That’s your business!”

Teacher Qiu smiled shyly and didn’t emphasize that she was actually a tough person, otherwise she would not be able to support a family alone, knowing that no matter how much she said, it would be better to just let it go.

The group returned to the villa, only to hear a scream as soon as they entered the hall. It was Miss Cui’s voice.

But everyone knew what was going on. They were calm. The landlord watched them pull Teacher Qiu’s man out, and then they were left behind, and their hearts trembled for a while.

Teacher Qiu, the man will not be killed, will it?

At this moment, Miss Cui ran out of the room, grabbed the ceramic lucky cat on the cashier counter and threw it on the landlord——

“You’re **** dying, you all told you that it was a pervert, you let people into my room, what is my room now? Give me back the rent, I will move out now, or I will call the police.”

The landlord hid while saying: “Oh, oh! I’m not old and soft-hearted, you don’t see the infatuated young man being poor, look at you, a girl who treats you so nicely, hurry up, it’s wrong, this village doesn’t have this shop .”

Miss Cui was almost mad, and then the stalker followed out of the room.

He was holding a big box in his mouth: “Yuanyuan, I haven’t finished it yet. Don’t be so rude. Didn’t your parents teach you to listen to others to finish?”

Miss Cui was flushed with anger at the moment, and a ceramic slammed his head on her backhand.

The man suffered a bit, because the lucky cat was not bulky, but it didn’t hurt much.

But he made a look of love: “You hit it, as long as I can let you down.”

Miss Cui was dizzy with anger, and then she turned her head and saw Zhu Yang.

She suddenly ran over to grab Zhu Yang’s hand like a savior.

“Sister, you are my elder sister, I thanked you last time, can you help me again? Throw this disgusting thing out, count me owing you once, next time you ask me to do anything.”

Zhu Yang just cleaned up a spicy chicken, and turned around again, which didn’t make people kick.

I was about to make hypocritical words, but my heart moved suddenly.

She looked at Miss Cui and said seriously: “Really I can do anything?”

“Hmm!” Ms. Cui nodded like garlic.

“Even if this requirement is not fulfilled when you or when you become a ghost, will you comply?”

Although Miss Cui didn’t understand why she emphasized this, she still agreed.

Zhu Yang laughed, and then asked Li Li to catch the stalker who was going to run when she saw her, and led Lu Xin and Wang Bei into Miss Cui’s room.

And Teacher Qiu stayed in the lobby to comfort Miss Cui, the landlord did not dare to say any pitiful **** at this time.

Maybe these people just had a life left in their hands, and to be honest, he was getting a little bit more and more unable to understand the origin of these people.

As soon as Zhu Yang entered the room, he was suddenly stunned by the scene inside.

I saw that the wall was covered with photos of Ms. Cui. The viewing angle was obviously a sneak shot. It is conceivable that Ms. Cui, the protagonist, had a lot of scalp tingling when she walked in.

Then put a heart line on the bed sheet with roses and pink candles, not afraid of burning.

There are also a lot of balloons piled up in the room, which shows that the purchasers want to create a romantic atmosphere.

But Zhu Yang counted the cost. If the photos weren’t counted, a pack of balloons plus two dozen candles, plus a bunch of apparently shriveled rose petals seemed to be picked up.

“Tsk tusk! The cost of this confession can be regarded as refreshing my vision.”

Wang Bei also curled his lips and said: “My first love in high school was also a poor student. I confessed to me and saved more than a month of living expenses to buy a bracelet. Are these 30 yuan available? There are also forced faces to claim surprises.”

Zhu Yang also sneered: “I chased my first love, and I gave me more than nine thousand roses and a horse on the day of the relationship.”

Wang Bei smiled stiffly, and was confused by this sudden show.

Some were dumbfounded: “Nine thousand–, no, horse?”

Although Zhu Yang looks like a lady from a rich family, is it true that rich people fall in love?

“Why send horses?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “When he rejected me for the third time, I said that I would like a strong Mustang. He will definitely be mine. Later, he followed me and sent me a horse.”

Wang Bei opened her mouth: “What is the logical relationship here? What do you think?”

Zhu Yang suddenly became a little irritable: “Who knows? I dumped it because there was a bag in the brain. Forget it, don’t mention him, just lift me up.”

Wang Bei’s heart is that you mentioned it yourself, but there is also a change of topic with winks.

So he turned around and asked Lu Xin, “Xiao Lu, your first love–”

Halfway through the conversation, seeing Lu Xin’s expression, I was shocked and went back. I don’t know why he suddenly turned so dark.

But in the next second, the other party looked the same again, making Wang Bei almost think that he was wrong.

Zhu Yang, who walked in front of him, waved his hand: “I need to ask? He must have never been in love before.”

The crooked topic was over. Zhu Yang and the others came out of Ms. Cui’s room. The people outside were already at the coffee table.

Zhu Yang sat on the main seat, watching Li Li kneeling in front of them stalking.

This stalker was only cleaned up last time, and then he broke the jar and said: “You can’t stop me, I really love Yuanyuan.”

“Oh, true love!” Zhu Yang said casually, and then looked at the big box next to him. That was what this guy held in his hand at the time: “What is this?”

Ms. Cui glanced up, and she felt vomiting with disgust, and she was ashamed to speak out.

But Zhu Yang asked her to endure the nausea and said, “It’s a mess of things collected by this pervert.”

“There are the toothbrushes I lost, the used snot paper, the leftover hamburgers I ate at school last week, in short, all the things I used. Also, he said–”

Speaking of this, Miss Huo closed her eyes fiercely: “He said thinking of my dirty underwear from the plane.”

Li Lizheng was flipping through this box of things, and when he heard this sentence, he immediately retracted his hand like an electric, almost nauseous.

That’s it, the kid is still yelling: “Yuanyuan, this is true. When I was playing, I only thought of you, not others.”

Miss Cui was almost vomiting in nausea.

Zhu Yang nodded: “It seems that he really loves you.”

Miss Cui raised her head in horror, looking at Zhu Yang incredulously.

Just listen to her continue: “Since it is true love, I must pass the next test easily.”

Immediately snapped his fingers: “Feed these to him.”

Suddenly there was a gasp in the hall, but Li Li was excited, and immediately found a pair of chopsticks.

With a piece of snot paper on the surface of the box, he stuffed it into the stalker’s mouth.

The frontier still grinned: “Don’t worry, your underwear, I will keep you as the main course for the end.”

The man was caught off guard by being stuffed with several pieces of snot paper and almost vomited out, but when he was about to vomit, Li Li pinched his mouth.

Then he saw the woman sitting on the sofa grinning: “Since it is true love, enjoy it, or do you feel sick and don’t want to eat?”

“Hey! I don’t even want to eat the snot of my beloved woman, what kind of love is it?”


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