Scream Queen Chapter 180

The room was decorated in a common style at that time, with smooth and clean floor tiles, but the furnishings in the house didn’t pay attention to style matching.

This room should be used by the host to entertain guests. It is usually used for stacking some extra bedding.

But recently the bed was cleaned up for weddings at home, but the bride’s dowry today was not easy to place, and it was temporarily placed here.

The room is not big, and it’s even more cramped with so many clutter. Two or three people will feel unable to turn when they come in.

But at the moment there were so many big men in the room, but no one felt that the place was too small.

The bridesmaid was pressed on the bed, and her clothes were pulled more exposed and embarrassed. Several people blushed early, and even the room they had just entered was spreading a bad smell of alcohol.

However, what makes people more evil is what to do next with alcohol and excitement.

Zhu Yang’s noise came too suddenly, causing the people inside to freeze.

In the bridesmaid’s wide open collar, a greasy hand is on her breast.

The eyes that looked over from shock still remained unconcealed licentiousness and excitement.

Seeing a beautiful woman appeared at the door, the few beasts who had been using their brains to dominate their lower body had not yet reacted.

The bridesmaids are like grabbing a straw: “Help me, help me, they are crazy.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Where, they are just for fun. How can it be said that it is nasty to make trouble in the bridal chamber? Happy days are good.”

Those few people reacted, looking at the red-headed and wretched faces with a smile because of alcohol——

“Yes, right, that’s right, everyone is just joking. You can’t afford to lose too much, but you are still a good friend of your sister-in-law. How can you let them down on happy days?”

The bridesmaid struggled quickly: “I don’t have such a friend.”

There was a flash of resentment in her eyes, what a familiar thing the **** said just now.

In the past, the two of them were close together when they were in school.

That’s how she often keeps herself from coming off stage with her guns and sticks.

“Oh, Lili, your family is indeed a rich person, so I am willing to buy such expensive clothes.”

“The boys in the next class follow you everywhere to block you? Isn’t that because I like you, alas! I have no one to chase you, of course I can’t understand your troubles.”

“You don’t have to be so disrespectful to others, right? If you want to refuse to talk in private, it’s just chanting. There are so many people in the class, it makes everyone unsightly?”

“Lili, help me drink, Lili, I learned from my childhood, these are all practiced.”

“I’m a boss, you don’t drink too much and you don’t give face, you think you are a spoiled pet when you come out to work? Touch your thighs? Are you too sensitive? Maybe you just sit close and accidentally bump into you.”

“Lilli, we never lack people to chase her. As soon as she went to work, many male colleagues asked her about her. Several married people.”

Her family conditions, appearance, and grades were better than that of the slut. At first, she just jokingly slapped her.

Over time, she felt embarrassed in front of the **** every time she had something good or achieved something.

I originally thought that she was usually outspoken, but she just knew what these drunk beasts were like and what would happen later.

But let these beasts take her away.

She came to be her bridesmaid today, but was pushed into the tiger’s mouth by her own hands.

The despair at that time had not dissipated, and the cold water poured down from her head. In the past, someone had persuaded her to stay away from this bitch, saying that this **** was wrong.

She has been conscious of friendship for several years, and how can there be perfect people in the world?

Only now has I realized that I am the biggest fool.

The bridesmaid struggled and said, “I won’t be this bridesmaid. That **** will have nothing to do with me in the future. Could you please call the police for me.”

A few drunks still mixed up, although Zhu Yang’s noise was too loud, making them excited.

But after such a short while, the old attitude reappeared, seeing the bridesmaid struggling to get out of bed, several people actually pushed her back.

It is true that the law does not blame the people, and when there are more people, they dare to do anything.

But the new house seemed to notice the movement here, and the originally locked door suddenly opened.

The bride in a wedding dress came out first. Behind her was the scarlet 囍 on the door, with a smile on her face, but it was just what the person was thinking.

Maybe she didn’t have more clear logic about the situation in her mind, but she just subconsciously stood by when her jealous friend was in trouble.

Even that is still the faint expectation in her heart, if this person who presses her everywhere, if he suffers from some criticism, he will lose the advantage in front of him.

But her actions to fuel the flames are tantamount to murder.

She hurried to the door of the room, looking at the embarrassing picture inside, a flash of pleasure flashed in her eyes.

But he said: “Hey! You guys are so crazy, I just heard Lili said that he is going to call the police.”

He said to the bridesmaid again: “What a big deal, I’ll talk about them. You are here to attend my wedding. You want the police to come and let me behave.”

The bridesmaid took a bite and sneered at the bride: “Are you still a person? The surname is Xu, I tell you, don’t fool around with this matter today.”

A trace of panic flashed across the bride’s face, but in this unequal friendship, it was obvious that she had a wealth of means and experience with the bridesmaid.

Suddenly he covered his eyes with his hands and cried: “I knew you looked down on me. I told you that I can’t be on the table for this wedding, so you will have to bear it this day.”

“What did you say? You promised well, but now you are thinking about tearing down my stage. Our friends have been married for so many years, and there is only one wedding in my life, and you are so cruel.”

Seeing her shamelessly beat her back, the bridesmaid’s eyes were bleeding.

But then again, if the bridesmaid can really fight the bride with her heart and lips, she won’t be foolish to maintain a friendship with this kind of person for so many years.

The drunken guys followed suit, not only didn’t take the threats and anger of the bridesmaids seriously, but they also had the momentum to continue to take advantage of them.

At this time, Zhu Yang smiled to the bridesmaid: “Yeah, it’s only once in my life. You are so ugly, didn’t you come to get revenge? Okay, let go, marriage is so noisy, you Where is this?”

What she said quite resonated with the bride and them. Seeing the atmosphere returned, the bridesmaid’s face was full of panic and despair.

Then I saw the woman at the door ripping off the bride’s blouse and threw her on the bed.

Then she didn’t know what happened, and the bridesmaid was dragged to her in the next second.

The positions of the bride and the bridesmaids changed in an instant, so fast that the bride didn’t even know what happened behind him, let alone the group of drunken and hungry ghosts.

The bridesmaid was a little unbelievable when she got out of trouble, but her shame and desire to survive made her subconsciously hide behind Zhu Yang, and hurriedly buttoned her torn off clothes.

Now the bride is in the same position as she was just now, with her coat wide open, surrounded by a few drunk men.

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “You are all making brides in bridal chambers. I have never heard of making bridesmaids. You have also seen them. The brides are so generous. I think you will be your guest today and she won’t be disappointed in anything.”

“After all, this is her once-in-a-lifetime wedding. If she can’t afford it, how can she socialize?”

He said to the bride again: “Oh! Your home is a few villages away from here, and I don’t know where there is no town yet. You actually have such a different custom there.”

“It’s up to you to accept a good one. It’s a wedding. Of course, the bride is the big one. What are you doing in a daze?

As for the bride, no matter the wire rod and skin temperament are of course far worse than the bridesmaid, she is like this, even walking on the street, it is estimated that no one will take care of it.

But after all, she is a woman, especially she is so drunk that she has no sense of reason, and her thinking is focused on the next three inches. At this moment, it is estimated that unspeakable things will happen to a sow.

The bride screamed in horror, and when she realized the situation of the bridesmaid just now, the woman couldn’t show the calmness she used to persuade others.

Zhu Yang licked his lips and said: “Oh, right, they just closed the door and made trouble, I am not disappointed.”

As he raised his hand and waved, the kicked door returned to its original position.

Inside, the screams of women and the laughter of men came out through the door, as if Zhu Yang hadn’t opened the folding door.

It’s just that the heroine in it has changed the individual, in fact, the difference is not big.

At this time, the bridegroom came out of the new house. He thought of it just now, but he was held down by his wife.

At this moment, it was obvious that the sound was not right, so he opened the door quickly.

I saw the bridesmaid who had been dragged away outside the door, but his daughter-in-law was nowhere to be seen. What came from inside a door was his wife’s voice.

With a shock on his face, he quickly rushed over and kicked the door, but the door with average quality and behind the lock was the same as the iron welded door at the moment, and it couldn’t be shaken.

The bridegroom hurriedly started smashing the door outside and shouting, “You guys, stop the fuck, you guys.”

Earlier he thought these guys were making a bit of a fuss, but the brothers came all the way from the field to join in. How could he be disappointed when he was moved?

Originally, they didn’t have this kind of custom at all, but these guys brought it over by themselves. Previously, they thought it was a bit out of line, but now it’s obviously not the same thing.

On the night of the wedding, the wife wears so many green hats in front of her. How does this make him a man in this life?

You have to be called the green head **** when you go out.

But he was shooting loudly outside, but inside it seemed that he couldn’t hear it, and there was even unbelievable movement.

The bridegroom panicked, looking for something to open the door, and quickly summoned his parents who had already gone upstairs to come down and help.

Seeing Zhu Yang and his best man standing aside, there was a child beside him, so he said to them, “What are you doing standing there? Help.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Eh~~, didn’t you let others not care about it when someone else was taken away? Why are you panicking now? What a big deal.”

“Could it be that if others can bear it, you can’t bear it?”

“Oh, by the way, aren’t these people your brothers? Your brothers don’t know who you are? It’s just like joking in your mouth, they are not bad guys.”

“Otherwise, you wouldn’t worry about them pulling people away just now. That’s okay! People will take care of your daughter-in-law, alas! What kind of axe is you looking for? It’s unlucky to smash and slash on happy days.”

The bridegroom was anxious and annoyed, and he was poked into the lung tube by Zhu Yang’s words, trying to strike her with an axe.

At this moment, the old couple upstairs also came down. Only when they saw it did they realize that something serious happened at home, but no matter how busy the family were, they couldn’t open the door.

Finally the bridegroom threw his axe and sat on the ground, crying, his parents also thumped their chests–

“What kind of evil is done in my family——”

Zhu Yang and Xie Yi looked at them coldly, without touching their hearts.

A few villains are hateful, the bride is hateful, but the groom is not much better.

Although he doesn’t necessarily have malicious intent towards the bridesmaid, it never happened to him and he always took it for granted.

When it is with others, being generous and forgiving by others, it is his turn, and he can’t say the same.

“Let’s go, go back to sleep.” Zhu Yang said to Xie Yi.

Don’t think Xie Yi is usually very good in front of Zhu Yang and the others, but along the way, naturally it is impossible to be a good person who is bound to do things.

The number of times he has cleared customs is currently unmatched by Zhu Yang, and he may have seen ten times more dirty things than Zhu Yang.

So at this moment, he has no discomfort with Zhu Yang’s approach, the only thing that makes him feel unhappy.

It is that such an event may have happened in his hometown in reality, and the scene at this time has only been restored.

Although it is no wonder the blind dates, after all, there are no people at the moment, and there is no such stinking custom in them, such as tying people naked to trees.

Later, the Internet developed and I saw other places doing this on the news. I had never heard of it before.

Not to mention that marriage trouble has even turned into a crime.

But knowing that such a tragedy might have occurred in his hometown, Xie Yi felt uncomfortable.

So on the way back, I was very silent, holding Zhu Yang’s hand, really like a child.

After entering the room, Zhu Yang pointed out a room to the bridesmaid casually: “You can sleep here tonight.”

The bridesmaid was surprisingly quiet at the moment. Hearing that she raised her head and looked at Zhu Yang, her voice seemed a little light: “No, I’ll just sit here for a while.”

Zhu Yang nodded and didn’t persuade her. He put a few more food and water on the table: “If you’re hungry, eat some, we went upstairs to sleep.”

As soon as I turned around, I heard the bridesmaid behind me say: “I always hope that someone can kick open the door at that time and save me.”

“thank you!”

Zhu Yang didn’t look back, but shrugged: “It’s too late to say anything. What I did was just to make myself feel uncomfortable in the future.”

In fact, no one was saved.

Behind him came the bridesmaid’s laughter, very softly: “But you have done what a clear-sounding man did not do.”

Then the bridesmaid stopped talking, and sat on the chair in the main room like a sculpture.

Going upstairs and returning to his room, he found that Xie Yi followed her step by step.

Zhu Yang stretched out his hand and shook in front of his eyes: “Hey! Come to mind.”

Xie Yiruwoke up and helped: “Huh? Arrived home?”

Zhu Yang frowned: “Have you been wandering with you?”

I didn’t eat the dinner. The things at the banquet looked real, and I didn’t know what it was, so Zhu Yang had just knocked off some melon seeds in the afternoon and ate some chocolate in the space.

But after all he couldn’t serve the meal, he took out a bit of a big meal, and recruited Xiao Ji Longlong and Zhu Qian.

While eating, he said to Xie Yi: “Yes, I said that the bridesmaid came back with us, why are you neither scared nor screaming, and thought that your fear of ghosts has improved.”

Xie Yi was shocked: “What? The bridesmaid is a ghost?”

Zhu Yang glanced at him inexplicably: “You don’t even recognize the person who drags you down, right?”

She really wronged Xie Yi, just like him, how dare you see what the ghost looks like in the well?

It was Zhu Yang who had had a face-to-face encounter with the other party. Although there was a layer of water and the other party’s face was pale, the well water was clear and transparent, and Zhu Yang could still recognize it.

According to the timeline, the bridesmaid was probably still on the way back to welcome her, but her ghost had already appeared in the well.

It can be seen that the timeline and logic have no meaning here.

There was something wrong with the bridesmaid when she came back, but Zhu Yang didn’t care.

This guy Xie Yi didn’t care even more. This guy relied on the boldness of the art masters and didn’t pay attention to the situation in his own level.

If other players dare to be so careless, it is estimated that they would have died eight hundred times earlier. This is the waywardness of the boss.

Xie Yi hurriedly squeezed over: “Don’t be like this, you still bring it back if you know it is a ghost?”

He was not surprised, after all, the two of them had a general framework for their speculation, he just didn’t see the ghost in the well.

Zhu Yang said: “How fun to bring it back.”

Xie Yi and her looked at each other for a long time, and then took Zhu Qian’s hand: “Brother, I will sleep with you tonight.”

Gee! This is really a good figure.

Zhu Qian coldly took out his hand: “I’m only half a year old now, I want to sleep with my sister.”

Longlong and Xiaoji quit again, and the five scum in a mere war dared to fight for beds?

Zhu Qiandao: “I am a big senior, I am an uncle.”

In short, the last room was crowded in Zhu Yang’s room, and no one could get out.

Even Xie Yi was also shameless. After he became a child, he completely gave up treatment. If he wanted to push him hard, he would dare to cry.

Zhu Yang felt from the heart that all this guy was bullied by big guys of the same level, because he was too low on his overall face outside.

But these are all trivial things. Zhu Yang has such a space, the bed is not big, and her villa in the space has a good accommodation environment.

Just sleep in it.

When I came out of the space early the next morning, I went downstairs and saw that Wu Jianjun and Zhou Long were up and eating breakfast.

The bridesmaid was no longer there, and asked Zhou Long and the others that they hadn’t seen them when they came down. She was also a little surprised why there were a few empty water bottles with food bags on the table.

Zhu Yang looked at the food that had been eaten on the table, his lips twitched.

These foods can boost the spiritual power of ghosts and monsters and can be eaten directly.

The employees at the haunted house were not allowed to eat food directly at the beginning. They could only taste the essence of the food, like a tribute. Later, the more famous and loved by others, it was only with merit.

At this moment, there was a heart-piercing scream from the direction of the groom’s house.

It is said that such a big movement, the village is not big, people with long ears should know.

But Zhu Yang didn’t meet a single person on their way.

Xie Yi is not surprised: “When the play is over, the actors should naturally be scattered, and I don’t like to squeeze around in the crowd. I am a kid now.”

Zhu Yang heard nothing good or bad, but Zhou Long and Wu Jianjun heard what he said and looked at him in surprise, very to no avail.

This said, why is it like the people here can’t get out or he can decide?

Thinking of his strength, Wu Jianjun, who had suffered a lot from his hands, looked a little wary in his eyes, but Xie Yi didn’t take him seriously.

Soon I came to yesterday’s groom’s house, and it was the groom’s parents who were crying.

When a few people entered the door, they smelled the **** smell of the whole house.

They came from two rooms, one was the wedding room of the bride and groom, and the other was the room where the bridesmaid was dragged into.

A few people went to see the room first, there was blood everywhere in the room, and there were a few naked people on the floor, just those few.

They either have obvious wounds on their neck, heart, or head.

Then everyone’s lower body was castrated/castrated, which should be castrated/castrated after killing people.

Also, if the opponent wakes up due to pain during the castration/castration, then there is no way to kill all of them.

The heart of the starter is full of extreme hatred, without any hesitation or retreat, but if you want to start, this is indeed the wisest way.

Zhou Long and Wu Jianjun went home first last night. Xie Yi didn’t want them to mix up with them too much. They were also interested.

Even though I knew that something would happen, I didn’t expect it to be like this. I couldn’t help but feel cold when I saw a few men like that, and I felt an urge to cover my crotch.

Going to the wedding room again, the bride who should have appeared in that room is now in her own wedding room.

There were no traces of embarrassment on his body, as if he was hacked to death with the groom in his sleep.

The wound on the groom’s body was relatively clean and neat, but the murderer obviously hated the bride, chopped her whole body several times, and her face was even more sloppy.

Zhu Yang said last night that it is actually impossible for her to save anyone here. What has happened is just restoring the matter now.

Even if she kicked the bride in last night, by the next day, things were still developing on the original track.

The bridesmaid knew it by then, so she came back early in the morning to finish what she should do.

Then before the morning light shone on the room that made her nauseous, she jumped into the well without love.

Several people left the house and came to the well. As expected, there were corpses that had already floated inside.

This is a clever girl, and most people will only cry because of this disaster.

However, she forcibly endured the physical pain and calmly waited for someone to fall asleep and waited for the mobile hand. People who drank alcohol would sleep particularly deep, so she sent the group of beasts to **** easily.

Regardless of appearance or psychic abilities, the other party is more than one block better than the bride.

But people’s feelings and communication are often such unreasonable things, and many obvious asymmetric relationships are not seen by the parties themselves, or they are accustomed to compromise.

But are those people really fools? Not necessarily, it’s nothing more than indecision, always hope for the hopeless.

The girl paid a heavy price for this.

Zhu Yang took a deep look at the well and the corpse in the well, and said nonchalantly: “Go back and have breakfast first.”

Zhou Long and Wu Jianjun, who had eaten half of their breakfast, were a little at a loss: “Just, don’t see if there are other clues?”

But obviously Zhu Yang and Xie Yi both care about their own levels even more than the two of them.

If you want other things, you just let it go, but the two have to go through their own levels, and the next level can’t be named.

So the first level has a strong suggestive meaning, the more clues you get, the more calm you will be later.

But Xie Yi’s level is really a little bit confused, and even logical time everything is chaotic.

So Wu Jianjun smiled and said: “If the key is this wedding, then you see, now the wedding is over and things have happened, but the whole village is dead.”

The parents of the bridegroom were still crying there just now, but Xie Yi and the others hadn’t been there for a long time.

It’s as if they existed only for the sound of a howling, reminding them that something happened. According to what Xie Yi and the others said on the road, do the two people still think that each other is too noisy to make people disappear?

In this case, don’t expect the police to come.

Wu Jianjun said: “Now our situation has not changed, and it is not the next turn, it means that this game has not been broken.”

Xie Yi had already taken out the food and ate with Zhu Yang and the others. Just after seeing such a **** murder scene, the two did not affect their appetite.

Seeing the two people’s indifferent attitude, Wu Jianjun and the others just swear in their hearts and dare not show it.

I had to continue to eat the unfinished breakfast.

Naturally, it is at this level, and no one will be affected by that mere scene.

After eating and drinking, Xie Yi even wandered around in his old home freely and touched the furniture and walls around him.

And the toys I collected when I was young, the top iron ring, and the small bench made by the bamboo grasshopper that my grandfather made.

When Zhu Yang saw him hard to give up, he said, “Take it home!”

Xie Yi shook his head: “It’s not true.”

“But if I restore these things, I can do it myself, so why do I rare them. It’s this situation, which makes me miss it.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Cheng, let’s go, don’t delay, I have to clear the levels frequently recently, so I don’t have time to spend in a game.”

Xie Yi retracted his hand: “Then go.”

The dialogue between the two is as if they could break the situation right away and get out of here.

This made Zhou Long and Wu Jianjun’s eyes flashes of disbelief. They said they didn’t participate much, but it was only last night.

They don’t have a clue here, but Xie Yi and the others are already clear about it?

This neat and efficient combing speed made the two of them feel a little heavy.

Forget Xie Yi, Zhu Yang is obviously only about the same strength as them, but in terms of the pace of clearance, he can completely keep up with the big guys.

This makes people feel frustrated.

Xie Yi just said to leave. It was obviously the morning weather outside, but it suddenly turned dark.

It’s not the kind of gradual blackness. It’s like a self-study late in high school, and the entire floor suddenly went out of power, and it fell into darkness all at once.

But the classroom is just a little larger, and even the largest auditorium can’t be compared with the world.

But this day it suddenly turned out like a lamp.

There was not a trace of light around it, and it was impossible to describe the darkness without seeing the five fingers. It was like being in a dark abyss, which made people fear for no reason.

If several advanced players are dragged down by the darkness in this area, it would be too funny.

So the four of them walked directly out of us, walking like flying, like walking on the ground, without any stumbling.

Xie Yi took Zhu Yang’s hand: “Take me, don’t get separated for a while.”

Zhu Yang must usually laugh at this guy’s persuasion, but Xie Yi meant otherwise.

It is not that he is pulling Zhu Yang, but Zhu Yang is pulling him.

Zhu Yang also understood that this path might have other meanings, but heard Zhou Long’s cry from behind as if he was in a pit.

Zhu Yang was about to explore that direction with mental energy, but he heard Xie Yi say: “Don’t look back.”

Zhu Yang resisted the urge.

The atmosphere now is very weird. It stands to reason that it is already a high-level field. Even if this instance is special, ghosts cannot be harmed.

But on the contrary, ordinary ghosts can’t really hurt them, after all, the power gap is too big.

But Xie Yi’s instructions to her made Zhu Yang seem as if he had just come into contact with ghosts and gods.

It can’t be the problem with the ghosts in this village, then there is only one possibility.

Zhu Yang instantly understood Xie Yi’s meaning, and at the same time, Zhou Long behind, supported by Wu Zhijun, stood firm.

There was an extra flashlight in his hand: “Let’s follow the road.”

But before he turned on the flashlight, the sky seemed to be struck by lightning, suddenly returning to light for a moment, and then disappearing in a moment.

But in that moment of light, Zhu Yang could see that the bride and groom, who had been mutilated in pieces, were standing not far away in their wedding clothes.

His face was pale, his eyes looked at Zhu Yang and the others with bitterness.

Then came several flashes of lightning, and every lightning bolt could tell that the bride and groom were closer to them.

If you want to change ordinary people, you can’t hold back and run back, but Zhu Yang received Xie Yi’s instructions, even if he is taboo when he looks back, how can he run back?

She did not advance and retreated, and greeted the spooky bride and groom: “Yo! You guys.”

“How was it last night?” This was to the bride.

“How many hats did you wear last night?” This was to the groom.

Rao is that these two people should be the characters of the dust returning to the dust, or even if they turn into ghosts, they still have the original track.

After being made by Zhu Yang last night, he was poked in the lung tube again, still looking at her with more resentment and viciousness.

It took a while before I took my gaze away from her and came to Xie Yi, the master of this level.

They looked at Xie Yi and laughed: “You are guilty, and you are also guilty, don’t even want to leave, hehehe…”

How much is Xie Yi afraid of ghosts? The face of the celestial master was just thrown on the ground to play.

But at this moment, looking at the two ghosts who were pale and blushed, they didn’t respond at all.

Looking at them with indifferent eyes, the child’s face was still cold and high, as if he had helped Zhu Yang push back the Sadako who was about to climb out.

He walked forward carelessly, and didn’t bypass because there were two people in front of him, and he was about to hit each other.

Just then he said: “The villain of defeat, get out!”

Following his words, the bride and groom in front of him disappeared in smoke, and Zhu Yang was a little regretful: “There is still a little distance to the wellhead. I still think that someone will accompany you to chat?

“Only two hundred meters away, I’m not so angry that they will vomit blood and never finish.”

When Xie Yi choked, he had never seen such a good thing. Ignoring her, he dragged Zhu Yang and walked forward unhurriedly.

Suddenly, Zhu Yang felt that he had stepped on something, not flat and soft, and wanted to step on a lump of meat.

The lightning on the horizon lit up again, and only then did Zhu Yang see clearly what was on the ground.

Is it just those guys who were castrated/castrated?

These guys are still the way they were when they died, but the whole person wriggled on the ground like boneless.

Humble and ugly, like a few carnivorous earthworms.

One of them suddenly aimed at Zhu Yang, making a jealous laugh, and even made a nasty push/crotch movement at her.

Zhu Yang squinted and smiled, and several ice blades flew out behind him and cut the guy’s crotch.

“My sisters walked in a hurry, and the skills are average. If you want to cut it, you can cut it completely, why do you still drag a piece of it. Don’t worry, I will count you lucky. Keep you wearing tight pants and no traces. ”

Several guys screamed again and again, and they did not attack Grandpa Three or the villagers before. When they fell on them, they seemed to have fallen into place.

But Zhu Yang thought about it and understood the reason.

These people even felt dirty after stepping on Zhu Yang, so they used the power of thought to drive them far away.

At this time, the well was only tens of meters away from them.

The lights of every household in the village started to light up, like snow red.

Every window in each house seemed to stand alone, looking at them from a distance, which made Zhu Yang and the others feel invisible.

But she still didn’t look too much, and went to the well with Xie Yi, and then jumped down without thinking.

Sure enough, at the moment when he touched the water, Zhu Yang didn’t feel that he had fallen into the water, but was similar to the feeling of weightlessness when he entered the game.

But in the process of falling, she seemed to pass by someone. Zhu Yang didn’t see the other party clearly, but was sure that the other party was the bridesmaid for no reason

And that person said a word to her, obviously at that speed, it should be impossible to convey it to her.

But Zhu Yang heard clearly-“Don’t fall into reincarnation.”

It stands to reason that Zhu Yang and the others have already come out of this round, so these words have no meaning.

But the bridesmaids still reminded under this premise, there must be a reason.

Either the so-called reincarnation is the biggest problem in this round, or it is one of the cards behind this round.

She wanted to switch her mind, but people were already down to earth. At this moment, she was no longer the gloomy and dark village, but the sunny and tree-lined campus.

The environment here is beautiful, and the air is clean with fragrance. Just looking at the buildings and greening can draw conclusions. The school has abundant funds and high resources.

But the most important thing is that Zhu Yang is very familiar with this place.

After all, I have been studying here for three years.

When he looked down, he was also wearing a high school uniform, and a mirror appeared in his hand to take a photo. It turned out that he looked a little more immature than he is now.

Needless to say, it was her turn for this level.

When Zhu Yang saw the high school in front of him, he was very emotional, and was almost knocked down by Xie Yi who suddenly fell.

Xie Yi hurriedly stretched out her hand, and Zhu Yang was about to cut him, only to see that Xie Yi was no longer a child.

But it didn’t change back to the appearance of an adult. Like Zhu Yang, he became a high school student.

She also wore the uniform of this school just like her.

The uniform looks very refreshing on him, and he is a handsome and handsome young man.

Zhu Yang praised: “Oh, yes, I want you to appear in front of me back then, my attendant and I-no, the sisters bet that the chasers are different.”

Just after having fun, I heard a familiar voice from behind——

“Yang Yang?”

Zhu Yang’s heart shook, and when he turned his head, he saw Lu Datou, who was several years younger, in his school uniform, looking at her–and Xie Yi who was holding her.

—–End of full text——

The author has something to say:   hahahaha, the last three words are joking, happy April Fool’s Day everyone (don’t fight).

Recommend my sister’s article: “Wearing a wealthy family and Kuo Tai [wearing a book]” by Yan Qin

Zuo Ranran once crossed and became the female star Zuo Mingran who married into a wealthy vase in the book.

The female celebrity has money and beauty, she can be called a role model in life, but it is a pity that she came through at an untimely time.

Sitting across from the cheap husband, with the divorce agreement in front of him, the pen tip has fallen on the paper.

Zuo Ranran thought of the next plot, notorious, the star route was ruined, and the sky-high compensation was paid.

At the juncture of life and death, Zuo Ranran evil started from his guts, grabbed the pen and threw it into the fish tank.

The dark blue ink smeared in the water, and the cheap husband Yan Yunyang looked up. There was no expression on the face of a dream lover who was enough to kill most of the entertainment industry. He looked at his so-called wife and said calmly: “Yu 800,000 One.”

Zuo Ranran:? ? ? Are you the **** fish?

She is still super handsome der sister!


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