Scream Queen Chapter 181

Zhu Yang glanced at him because he had just hit the sky by Xie Yi and almost fell. The two were close and slightly intimate.

Then he looked at Lu Xiuci at five meters away, looking suspiciously and hostilely at Xie Yi’s eyes.

All of a sudden, I knew that the dog was itching again within a few days of the game.

She was still wondering why Zhou Long and Wu Jianjun didn’t fall.

The two followed them, and even if Zhu Yang didn’t look back, they still rushed all the way to the advanced stage.

Even if the current clues and the estimation of the situation are not as comprehensive as Zhu Yang and Xie Yi, there will be no lack of judgment in times of crisis.

If there is nothing wrong with the two of them, they will definitely just follow them, and it stands to reason that at most they will be a few seconds behind Xie Yi before they should get down.

But now that there is no trace of them nearby, then it is possible for them to start their own levels at the same time when something happened later, or if they had another identity in this scene, even when Zhu Yang started his own level. of.

If Xie Yi’s level is completely called a logical chaos, I don’t know what to say, because a certain existence of the layout and Xie Yi’s power will inevitably consume a lot.

Existence outside the game, wanting to control the initiative from a player of Xie Yi’s level is still a bit whimsical.

Therefore, the so-called existence draws a framework, but has to constantly compromise on Xie Yi’s autonomy.

What’s more, after Zhu Yang and Xie Yi discovered the clues, Xie Yi’s ideas began to gain the upper hand.

I have to say that they walked so easily, which is why the other party did not dare to spend with Xie Yi anymore.

To put it bluntly, the first scene was originally the one who was thrown out to fool people, and the other party was also smart. It happened to take advantage of Xie Yi’s powerful characteristics to make people confused for a while.

Then Zhu Yang and the others couldn’t learn from him in his level, but Zhu Yang didn’t get nothing.

When she left, the hint given by the bridesmaid who had become a ghost made her instantly think that perhaps the thing she had been looking for was in this copy.

She was pleased that the game was actually arranged in this way, which means that her strength has touched a certain place in its view.

But before he had time to be happy, the dog was playing tricks again, and Zhu Yang choked with anger.

Lu Xiuci walked over slowly, stretched his hand over Zhu Yang, and pulled her back from Xie Yi to his side.

Looking at Xie Yi, there is no shortage of scrutiny in his eyes.

“This classmate looks strange, I haven’t seen it before.”

Lu Xiuci itself is the pride of heaven, only his own pride, but Rao is so, and I have to admit that the young man in front of him is equally amazing.

Although Xie Yi is now wearing the shell of a high school student, he is already good-looking, with an elegant and dusty temperament and an appearance that does not eat fireworks, which is unforgettable.

But inside, after all, is a strong and powerful reincarnation boss, although he was born ordinary, if the two are at the same age, maybe he is not as good.

But Lu Xiu’s speech in front of him is just an ordinary high school student, and his momentum is incomparable.

Lu Xiuci frowned tightly, and a strong sense of crisis struck him, making him more vigilant towards this person.

Then Zhu Yang said: “He just transferred to another school, shouldn’t he have time to introduce him?”

Lu Xiu listened to her words and looked back at her: “Oh? It turned out to be a new transfer student, that’s enough to understand.”

Zhu Yang hasn’t been choked by Lu Dato in eight hundred years. Now, Lu Xiuci dare to talk like this. It is also a washboard keyboard electronic scale durian shell package to start.

Didn’t see her bring so many goblins back, that guy would dare not speak up?

In addition to her lust, it was also based on the loyalty and trust of the two of them.

After three years of breakup, reunion in the game, and various changes in the middle, the two have matured a lot.

And feelings are even more pure and rare in the test of time.

Just to say the most straightforward words, Zhu Yang must have two hearts, that is, three years in the empty window period. I don’t know how many positions have been changed. How can he always remember such a crooked-necked Mustang?

Is there a lack of temptation in her family background? Not to mention the glamorous monsters in the game.

But there is one thing to say, Lu Xiu’s resignation before him perfectly restores the pride and edges of this age, but it is worthy of the name of the Mustang.

When chasing him, he was slapped a lot of times. At the beginning of the relationship, he was not crushed by Zhu Yang.

Although the name of being taken advantage of is something, but the dominance between couples will be seen before they can really distinguish themselves.

At this time, Lu Xiuci is still dreaming of a domineering boyfriend and a pretty girlfriend.

Zhu Yang looked at him as jealous as a hedgehog, and he felt pity and pity in his heart.

If Lu Datou comes back and sees his original appearance, he can only pat him on the shoulder, and let him lie flat and admit his fate as the person who came here?

So instead of being embarrassed by the stabbing, Zhu Yang took Lu Xiusi’s arm and leaned on his shoulder: “I know what he is doing, it’s enough to know you.”

Rao Shi Lu Xiu was displeased, and in the coquettish teasing of his girlfriend, he had to be ashamed and sweet, glared at Zhu Yang, took her to leave, and ignored the so-called transfer students.

Nor can he blame him for being careful. Although Lu Xiuci didn’t know the so-called gambling at this moment, he was not blind.

It can be seen that when Zhu Yang pursued him, the more he was behind, the more defiant he was, as if his frequent refusals had provoked her inevitable victory and defeat.

In this case, it is actually a very irrational behavior to agree to her pursuit. Lu Xiuci thinks that he has always been a sensible person, but he is terribly attracted to this person, even if it is the part that is deadly.

At this moment, it took a few days for the two of them to confirm their relationship.

So Lu Xiuci was very worried that this guy would lose interest when he got it, and instead challenged higher difficulty.

If there is no better person around him, this worry may dissipate as the relationship heats up.

Unfortunately, people like him are really not everywhere, so under the suppression of self-confidence and objective conditions, those worries did not emerge until they disappeared.

But now Xie Yi appeared out of thin air. The moment he saw him, Lu Xiuci suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis.

Because in his opinion, this guy is qualified.

Don’t you know that Xie Yi looked at them from behind but only slapped his tongue.

Lu Ritian, who was so afraid of his daughter-in-law, was actually a majestic day when he was young?

Huh~~, seeing a threatening opposite sex, if a girlfriend dares to be more intimate, she would dare to poke her hooves through the vinegar bottle.

Thinking of what this guy had suspected of digging his corner in the game before, he was afraid to tell his girlfriend.

This is not a matter of 30 years in Hedong and 30 years in Hexi, right?

brothers? What happened to you in just a few years of work?

But think about the strength of Zhu Yang’s sisters, too, how can a man stand it?

When Lu Xiuci walked in front, he felt strange gaze coming from behind. When he turned around, he saw the guy looking at him with an aunt-like expression of pity.

The boy Lu Xiu exploded his scalp and wanted to hit someone.

But that guy was thick-skinned, and he followed them carelessly.

He couldn’t help asking Zhu Yang: “Who the **** is this?”

Zhu Yang thought about this task and was considerate, so that she could play-well, looking back at her boyfriend in her teenage years, but she can’t just throw her teammates over the wall for the sake of sensuality, right?

The contact in the copy is inevitable, and this guy still has to arrange an identity.

He said: “My relatives in my hometown are two towns away, a little far away. The family recently got rich due to demolition and relocation, so they have been transferred to us, so he can be regarded as my distant cousin.”

Don’t say it, Xie Yi’s real hometown is indeed two towns away from Zhu Yang’s hometown, in the same district.

They are close to the main city and have good traffic, so they belong to the kind of relatively affluent countryside.

Zhu Yangxin is not afraid of being dismissed. Although this is her level, Xie Yi naturally controls her own identity.

If the last stage stayed a little longer, that existence would be defeated, and naturally it would be impossible to see Xie Yi.

This kind of usual setting does not need to be entangled at all, anyway, it does not affect the game.

When Xie Yi heard it, he agreed.

Sure, just be an extra cousin.

In his mind, he has completed his own settings, and at the same time, his information here is just as they said.

Zhu Yang was hugged by Lu Xiuci’s shoulders, and she also embraced his demon, feeling the feel of the delicious body when it hadn’t completely faded away, while carefully looking around.

Unlike Xie Yi’s copy, the level difference between Zhu Yang and Xie Yi is not small. Naturally, it is impossible to face the existence that is equal to or even faintly suppressed.

Therefore, Zhu Yang’s level is much more logical.

Looking at all the details, it is impeccable, it is the real world time reversed to six or seven years ago.

Nowhere is it like Xie Yi’s side, everywhere is illogical and absurd.

Sure enough, I went back to the classroom, and I ran into the head teacher in the hallway. When the other party saw Xie Yi and blamed him for running around, he would be introduced to his classmates later in class.

Zhu Yang glanced at the date. It is not long after the first semester of high school has just started.

According to Xie Yi’s logic, then there will be something related to her that will happen to her, but she has no impression of a tragedy.

Zhu Yang recalled it, and it stands to reason that the third year of high school was not far from her in real time.

But after experiencing all kinds of things in the game, Zhu Yang will inevitably feel like a world away.

Not to mention the people and things at this moment, even Julina, who caused her to enter the game, has not been so impressed.

If the family and lovers are not in reality, and the anchor of reality is strong and solid, as Lu Xiuci said, it will be separated from reality and easily lost in the game.

She thought for a long time without remembering what was happening around her at this moment, so she no longer struggled, because the matter came back by itself anyway.

The appearance of Xie Yi really caused a sensation throughout the grade, just like the appearance of Lu Xiuci.

The girls inevitably rushed to find out what the new handsome temperament guy came from, but they hadn’t figured out why, they saw this handsome guy just like Tiezhu locating the magnet.

Directly rushing to Zhu Yang and sticking to him, plus Lu Xiu’s resignation that she had previously taken down, is this guy a handsome harvester?

The plastic sisters who were so busy with their heads torn a pot of cold water would inevitably be jealous, but they did not dare to act in front of Zhu Yang.

Not only that, but she has to be praised for her high charm and strong wrist.

Lu Xiuci looked particularly uncomfortable, and he wouldn’t let anyone chase away, as if he couldn’t understand the wink.

If you want to be really ruthless, the other party actually made a pair of ‘you don’t have to do this for a brother, right? The expression, I really saw a ghost.

Zhu Yang also said: “His mother, my cousin told me that I let him take care of it. It is inevitable to be scared if someone suddenly transfers to a new school and has no relatives.”

Scared? This guy doesn’t know how to write these two words. The nephew of the mayor’s house next door, the fat man, because the girl who was chasing him, peeked at Xie Yi from the window, and stopped him from the toilet in the third class.

He hadn’t stepped forward yet, and he didn’t know what this guy did. The Fatty people came out like quail in fright, their legs were shaking, and they had not heard of the complaint.

Zhu Yang whispered: “Look at my cousin’s celestial appearance, he looks like a superior person in the world.”

“In fact, his family learned Yuanyuan, and he does plan to eat this bowl of rice in the future.”

Lu Xiuci was startled and looked at her hesitantly, thinking that his girlfriend was running the train again, but that was really weird just now.

So he took out his mobile phone, searched for a picture on the Internet, and brought it to Xie Yi: “What do you think of this?”

Seeing Xie Yi’s originally smiling face stiffened for an instant, Lu Xiuci confirmed that his hair stood up at that instant.

Then slowly turned to himself, the look in his eyes even made Lu Xiu a little afraid that this guy would cry suddenly.

It really is a lie! But at the same time, he was stupid.

Lu Xiu thought speechlessly, but thinking that he was a relative of his girlfriend after all, and he rarely treated him well, unlike Zhu Weixin’s boy who looked at him with frowning eyes.

He really should be taken care of, and let him grasp a weakness, it is indeed more pleasing to the eye than before.

So he took the initiative to say: “Play basketball at noon?”

“Good!” Xie Yi gritted his teeth.

After lunch together, I originally wanted Zhu Yang to watch them play basketball, but Zhu Yang always didn’t like to cheer for others and scream.

This is usually something other people do against her, not to mention that the plastic sisters also told her that today is a new recruiting interview for the sisterhood.

Although Zhu Yang is quite mature now, he doesn’t play this set much, but the essence has not changed after all.

In her opinion, the sisterhood was managed by her when she was young, and naturally she would not look back to feel naive. On the contrary, when she was in the right environment and in a corresponding position, Zhu Yang would still take it seriously.

At this moment, the entire sisterhood, apart from her being the boss of the iron, also has two major followers, who are qualified to be by her side at any time to clear the way for her.

It can be said that she spontaneously ran the first generation of dog legs-

Zhu Weixin doesn’t count, he is born.

Because their school is an international school, the fees are high, and the educational philosophy and pace are also different from ordinary middle schools in China.

After all, most of them go abroad to study after high school, so in addition to cultural studies, they also attach great importance to art training and club activities.

School has just started recently, and every club is hiring new recruits.

The sorority occupies the most spacious and bright indoor stadium. They are not even a serious society and have not submitted any records with the school.

But other organizations dared not say anything, so they had to find another place, because Zhu Yang didn’t even allow sharing.

She was so domineering back then.

Two doglegs-sisters pushed open the gate of the gymnasium, Zhu Yang stepped in neatly.

The inside has been arranged, and the center position is naturally hers. Except for her, there are two people on each side of the long table, and the remaining sorority members are sitting in the auditorium at the back.

After seeing Zhu Yang coming in, the girls who came to see the interview started to get nervous by her exaggerated aura.

Most of them are new students who have passed a round of screening, so they are naturally outstanding children.

They can afford to go to their school and they are naturally in a good family.

Excellent, beautiful and rich, these three conditions are all, it can be seen that the girls present are all arrogant girls.

I originally knew about such a sorority association, and the one who submitted the application was nothing more than wanting to get to know the girl group at the top of the school’s pyramid.

They asked themselves that they would definitely not be inferior to others, so when they came, they also had the purpose of provocation and scrutiny.

Of course, to go to a place must go to the top floor, which is why they are here.

After seeing Zhu Yang, the identity of this guy was obvious as soon as he appeared. Because even in the beautiful and beautiful sisterhood, she is the most conspicuous one.

Not to mention the powerful aura, after a scrutinizing gaze swept over them, just waiting for someone to be impatient, he stood up straight subconsciously.

Zhu Yang took the clipboard handed over by the person next to him. On it was the interview list, information and photos.

By the way: “Let’s start.”

The first girl with long straight hair and fashionable temperament in school uniforms and skirts came forward: “My name is XXX, please give me your advice.”

The interview was going on in an orderly manner. No matter how Zhu Yang remembered the members of the sorority in high school, after all, he is still in contact.

Even if they studied abroad, they almost all came back. Zhu Yang was invited to go out to play from time to time, and big holiday parties were also invited. Zhu Yang did not refuse every time.

Therefore, the screening results are the same as those in the past. People who were not selected back then will naturally not be able to be selected.

When there were a few remaining, a girl with curly hair came out.

“Hello, senior sister, my name is He Yihui, sophomore year this year.”

It’s not surprising that there are sophomores. Not every girl wants to enter the Sisterhood as soon as she enters the first year of high school, and it is inevitable that she will sneer at this kind of group at first.

But after a year of observation, it was found that the advantages of this group in the school are obvious. And Zhu Yang is such a capable leader, it is really good that they choose first.

And the connections and energy that are united should not be underestimated.

Even for the sake of my own studies and future, I can’t compare this as a girl’s gang-making gadget, and I regret that I want to join it again.

However, those who joined in the second year, except for a few special reasons, or who can wait and watch for so long, are generally screened out.

It is not that Zhu Yang is careful to this point, but that the speed of a person’s judgment on things is part of his ability.

Those who can grasp the situation and act quickly are much better than following the trend. Even if you wait and see, if you have enough patience or the courage to directly apply to Zhu Yang when recruiting new recruits, Zhu Yang will take a high look. .

It’s either the head or the tail. The one who follows the trend in the middle is not always Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang, the girl in front of her, had no impression, and she probably had no intersection in her previous life.

Zhu Yang looked at her face, and frowned in the photo in his hand: “You can’t wear makeup during the interview, and you can’t make up your photos. No one told you?”

Their school does not have any simple values ​​that prohibit girls from dressing up. Even if they are not comparable to those of the Thunderstorm Alliston Business School, the wealthy students are quite willing to pay for their own image.

The makeup of this girl is exquisite and there is no trace, and the photos are natural. There is no problem with the comparison with the real person. The people who screened before ignored it carelessly.

But Zhu Yang would not miss it. She said to the flushed girl: “You either remove your makeup now or you give up the interview time to the next person.”

A trace of humiliation flashed across the girl’s face, but she knew what kind of person Zhu Yang was at school and did not dare to offend.

I could only suffocate my breath and argue: “I didn’t exaggerately change my face, did I? It’s just a little modification. It’s not a Nortel admission interview. The requirements are too harsh.”

It stands to reason that it is all about Zhu Yang’s step, but in fact many things are no longer a problem in her eyes.

However, she has always been dedicated to the sisterhood, even if she left at the beginning, she chose a satisfactory heir before leaving.

Besides, for this copy, she guessed at least where the entry point was, so she didn’t take the air of an adult.

Instead, let yourself follow the logic of high school.

So she put down the signature plate in her hand, supported the table with both elbows, crossed her hands, and smiled at the girl.

“You are wrong. It should be Nortel’s admission interview. How can I be strict?”

She didn’t look back, but pointed back slightly with her finger: “Look at the members here, in terms of talents and looks, which one is below the average level of the entertainment industry?”

This is true. All the members of Zhu Yang’s sorority association, just pull one out, not to mention too full, and don’t know where to go better than most Internet celebrities who use filters to eat on their faces.

It was Lin Qian who had been ridiculing her for the lowest threshold of the Sisterhood, hasn’t she already gotten into the host world?

“For those who can enter the Sisterhood, if they intend to develop in the circle in the future, then I can guarantee that they will not be brushed off at least in terms of their appearance.”

“This is my standard, what I want is unique beauty, so don’t report luck in front of me and play tricks.”

Although Zhu Yang’s words were merciless, the members of the Sorority Association had heard it with You Rongyan. Originally thought she was too harsh, but after recalling that it is more important to maintain a high level of her own circle.

If everything is compromised repeatedly and the standard lowered, can anyone come in afterwards?

Someone opened his mouth and said: “This rule was written in the recruiting poster from the very beginning, right? And it’s the most conspicuous place. Don’t say you didn’t see it.”

“Everyone did it, but you played tricks. If you ever did it, would you be fair to others?”

“Don’t be convinced. The new interviewees don’t have makeup. We are all without makeup now. Sitting here now is the true appearance of the entire sisterhood.”

“Although there are many assessment criteria, the appearance is the main premise. You, who are already sophomore in high school, don’t know this?”

“It’s better for the newcomer to understand the rules, step back, remove your makeup before the interview, you can continue the interview. Of course you can also refuse, then leave here, don’t disturb us recruiting new people.

Seeing so many people in trouble, the girl retreated blushing and didn’t leave. She took out the cleansing cotton towel from her bag aggrieved, and took care of herself again before Zhu Yang finished the last interview.

But when she came back to the interview point, Zhu Yang directly said: “Okay, it’s unqualified.”

It’s not that the girls are so ugly, but they are actually pretty, but they are not up to Zhu Yang’s standards.

In addition, many girls came to this interview, but only less than five people were really qualified. It can be seen that the overwhelming majority of people who returned home unfailingly.

When the girl heard Zhu Yang’s words, she immediately worked hard: “You are deceiving too much.”

Seeing her busy for so long, she denied it in one sentence. The girl looked at Zhu Yang’s eyes full of her anger.

Zhu Yang said: “Do you have any objections to my decision?”

She looked at the girl directly, and her aggressive eyes flickered in embarrassment.

Not to mention that she is an ordinary student, no one of the members of the sisterhood dared to question Zhu Yang’s decision.

There were five people at the interview table, but in fact, only Zhu Yang could make the decision, and she alone had the final say on the whole sister.

Zhu Yang ignored the other party and saw her bowing his head. Then he clapped his hands and said to the people present: “Okay, thank you for your hard work, and thank everyone who came to the interview today.”

“After this interview, I believe that everyone understands the screening criteria. Girls who have not passed should not be frustrated. In fact, you are already very good at this stage, but you can be even better.”

“Everyone who loses the election can be made up with hard work. I hope that this time I can be used as a motivation for everyone. I look forward to seeing you again in the interview next year.”

This is not Zhu Yang’s tricks, in fact, they have come to this round, and they are indeed extraordinary.

Achievements, art, emotional intelligence, and communicative wisdom can all learn to grow, even if they have innate appearance, since these girls have a good foundation and a good family background, they may naturally be improved through professional training and exercise.

It is not that there is no example of being screened at the beginning and being entered in the second year, and those girls have tasted the sweetness of maintenance and beauty, and their living habits will be very healthy in the future.

This is also the reason why Zhu Yang has been scolded by countless people and is difficult to serve, but the reason why there are always more followers. Staying with her, regardless of motivation, but the final result is always benign.

The unsuccessful girls can’t hide their disappointment anyway, but they are the top girls in this school. They are just freshmen. They are naturally not ugly, or they are unwilling to be unwilling, Cui Tou is discouraged or stubbornly left. stadium.

Zhu Yanggang was about to inform the selected girls that if it was not the last step to join the meeting, he suddenly noticed a cold glance.

How sensitive is Zhu Yang’s senses? Being malicious and intuitionistic, he suddenly turned his head and directly connected that beam of sight.

It was the girl just now, her eyes were full of resentment, and she looked at Zhu Yang as if she was a mortal enemy with an enemy.

The look in his eyes was poisoned, and had nothing to do with the incomprehensibility of the high school girl, and it was almost like another person.

The girl who had cheated carefully before was pierced and rejected directly, although she was also angry and resentful, but in the end she still stayed at the level of the youth losing face.

But now the look in his eyes is like a ghost crawling out of the wrong prison.

Zhu Yang smiled, he appeared so soon?

The girl was taken aback by Zhu Yang’s unexpected turn of her head, her eyes were too late to stop, she knew how strong the emotions surging in her heart right now, and she even desperately suppressed herself before going up and killing that scorpion.

How scary are your eyes, I am afraid that if you give her a mirror, you will be creepy?

But when I met her directly, instead of panicking, I gave her a meaningful look.

The playfulness and carelessness in her eyes, as if her monstrous anger was a joke.

What was the end of her last life?

The girl was even more angry. There seemed to be black air around her body. There were still so many people in the gym, and it was inevitable that she would suddenly look at her when her eyes shifted.


In this way, she directly frightened a girl who came over by accident and screamed. She backed back and even tripped over a chair and fell to the ground.

Suddenly there was a mess around the commotion, and someone rushed over to pull her up: “What’s wrong with you? It’s like seeing a ghost suddenly.”

The girl turned pale and pointed to He Yihui’s direction: “Ghost, ghost!”

Everyone turned their heads and saw that it was the clever girl who was looking innocently at the moment, and she had returned to normal.

He directly blamed the girl for her epilepsy: “Yes, it’s not so ugly, right?”

Although Zhu Yang vetoed it, there was a saying that the interview was an interview, and it would not be so offensive.

But the girl’s face was pale and her teeth were fighting, so she decided to send her to the infirmary for a look.

In this episode, Zhu Yang could only let everyone leave first, and talk about the next thing later.

She was the last one to leave, but when she passed by the girl, she said to her: “Yes, if you just had the ability to calm your anger at this moment, without any trace, I will let you pass directly.”

The girl has been smashed by Zhu Yang, and now she no longer pretends, but she is not as sharp as she was just now.

She smiled coldly: “Do you think that no matter who it is, you are always proud of being handed out by you?”

“Sisterhood? Pooh! I want to make this **** society you formed into a street rat, and make everyone who has participated ashamed to mention this experience. I want you to die.”

“Tsk tusk tusk!” Zhu Yang shook his head slightly: “If I were you, I would finish things first before letting go of these cruel words.”

The girl saw her improperly and thought that Zhu Yang despised her.

It’s good, anyway, it is indeed a big one in school, not to mention that she should have hooked up with that powerful boyfriend at this time.

For the time being head-to-head, she is the one who suffers.

The poisonous wave in the girl’s heart rolled over, watching Zhu Yang leave bitterly.

When Zhu Yang left the gym, he saw Xie Yi waiting outside.

He saw her and smiled: “It’s very ruthless, so ruthless to children.”

Given Zhu Yang’s current age and experience, if she really thinks in her current way of thinking, the development of this matter just now would be different.

But Zhu Yang deliberately restored the reaction at that age. Since she was arranged to appear here, it is not surprising that 80% of the incidents that belonged to her occurred in the school.

The girl had obviously changed a soul with experience just now, hated her, but had a good understanding of the girl’s own condition.

So it should be what happened in the future and returned to the present with memory. This kind of thing is hard to think of in reality, but what can’t be done in the game? What’s so strange?

Now this girl, even if it is not the main obstacle to her level, is at least the key introduction.

But now that she has confirmed the target, she still can’t recall anything related to her.

Looking at the girl’s posture, it seems that all the suffering she has suffered is thanks to her.

But Zhu Yang runs a small group, domineering, and arrogant, it is one thing, she dare to confirm that in this life, she and her group have not done any bullying of classmates, bullying of the weak.

In her words, they are powerful and stylish Baifumei clubs, not uninfluenced gangsters.

Their future is a social elite who makes people look up to, not a criminal reserve.

And if this girl had something to do at school, she wouldn’t be unimpressed if she had anything to do with Zhu Yang.

If this is really a projection of reality, then Zhu Yang is a little confused.

But for Xie Yi’s ridicule, she smiled and said, “According to my current personality, things can’t be triggered.”

So he told Xie Yi his guess.

Xie Yi thought for a while and said to Zhu Yang: “Don’t use my previous level as a reference. Didn’t you still say it clearly before?”

“Maybe your level is a different architecture basis?”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Yes, it depends on how things develop.”

Then he said, “Have you seen Zhou Long and Wu Zhijun?”

Xie Yi’s face is a bit heavy: “No, they are one step behind me. If the three of you are going through the same stage at the same time, the situation may be bad.”

Zhu Yang also nodded: “Yes, after all, he is an advanced player.”

After talking about the previous things, Zhu Yang asked after seeing: “Why are you here alone? Where’s Aci?”

“He is playing basketball with me.”

In this case, he himself is here, but people play basketball with him. However, Zhu Yang has Zhu Qian who can be used as a avatar, and Xie Yi naturally does not need to say similar skills.

He still smiled slyly: “I want to be on the court for fear that he will not want to touch basketball in this life.”

Zhu Yang said with a faint smile: “He wants to be on the court for fear that you will not want to touch basketball in this life.”

Xie Yi’s face suddenly became blank: “I’m just taking advantage, it’s all protection.”

After leaving Xie Yi, Zhu Yang went back to the classroom on his own. On the way, he ran into a few members of the sorority association who had returned from the infirmary and told her that the one who had just been frightened was all right.

Zhu Yang nodded and arranged for one of them to retrieve the information of the girl just now.

Back in the classroom, he found that Zhu Weixin was sitting in her seat and waiting for her.


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