Scream Queen Chapter 182

Zhu Yang immediately became happy. At this moment, Zhu Weixin is in the third year of junior high school and is also in this school.

However, the teaching building of the junior high school is far away from here, so there are definitely not many negotiations between junior and senior high school students.

But Zhu Weixin is different. He is not shy by nature, and he does not feel guilty about the environment of all seniors. He often comes to his sister.

He looks good and popular. I wish the people in Yang’s class are always happy to see him. Many girls will specially prepare snacks for him.

At this moment, he was holding a piece of chocolate in his hand, and he was eating while talking to the people around him.

To talk about pure popularity, Zhu Weixin is much better than his sister.

Zhu Yang walked over and put a finger on his cheek that became bulging from chewing: “I didn’t eat at noon?”

When Zhu Weixin saw her, his eyes lit up, it was obvious that he was careless with the people around him at first, but when he saw her sister, she suddenly looked so bright.

At this age, Zhu Weixin still maintains a sticky dependence on Zhu Yang since she was a child, that is, when she went to other places for three years, she gradually had to mature and become independent.

“No, I went to play a ball, there is nothing left in the restaurant after the shower.” Zhu Weixin said obediently.

“Then you don’t eat it?” Zhu Yang rubbed his head.

Zhu Weixin raised the chocolate in his hand: “Isn’t this eating right?”

More than that, there are a few snacks on Zhu Yang’s table, cakes and candies, and the cute looks are for girls.

Sure enough, a few girls around laughed and said, “Brother Zhu Yang, come early, we can even get you a meal ten minutes early.”

The school does not force students to eat in the cafeteria. Some parents feel that the school’s meals might not suit their children’s tastes, so many students bring their own lunch.

Zhu Weixin squinted and smiled at them, with chocolate in his mouth, which made people greedy.

I hate how my younger brother is not such a good-looking and well-behaved person. He is so spoiled by his parents and Xiaobawang all the time. If he doesn’t listen to his brothers and sisters, how annoying it is.

Zhu Yang, who is a domineering and arrogant person, will be sister and brother of Zhu Weixin, and it was once incredible.

I wonder if most of the families with two children are so evil, one is well-behaved and the other is extremely arrogant.

It just so happens that they are the opposite of the average. The older sister is the arrogant one, while the younger brother is pure.

Of course, no one dared to mention this kind of evaluation in front of Zhu Yang, but if she knew that others had ideas, she would definitely laugh at outsiders’ ignorance of Zhu Weixin.

She opened her mouth and dared to bury the corpse and raised her hand to throw the ghost downstairs. She was not so tigerish at first.

Zhu Yang pulled his brother out and came to a classroom in this building.

It is said that it is a classroom, but it is luxuriously arranged and the seats are comfortable. It is better to say that it is an activity room with a particularly unsophisticated style.

This is the meeting room of the sisterhood. Even the members of the sisterhood don’t know how Zhu Yang managed to get the school to agree to such an improper decoration.

Zhu Weixin was not the first to come back here, and just sat down nicely.

Zhu Yang opened a cabinet and took things from it in a gesture of action, actually covering the sudden appearance of food in his hands.

Then put a steaming meal in front of Zhu Weixin.

Zhu Weixin looked at the hot and fragrant meal in front of him, and felt a little confused for a while.

“Sister, I thought you would make me instant noodles, where did you come from?”

Before Zhu Yang answered, he explained: “I know, do you know that I didn’t eat at all? Did you see me when you passed the stadium?”

After he took the chopsticks that Zhu Yang handed him, he ate it sweetly.

There are also some unfaded baby fat faces, cheeks bulging because of chewing, not to mention how cute.

Zhu Yang felt soft in his heart.

Ah, how cute my younger brother was at that time. I did whatever I asked him to do. If something happened, I would help her find a reason to justify herself, and there was nothing wrong with it.

It’s like now, the bones have grown out, and you all know that you can control your sister.

“What are you doing here to find me?” Zhu Yang asked while supporting his chin while watching his aunt smile.

“No, just tell you to wait for me after school.” Zhu Weixin said.

Surely it might only be for this, but Zhu Yang thought about it then.

She and Lu Xiuci had just been dating for a few days, and Zhu Weixin knew about it. Every time she saw Lu Xiuci, her brows would be frowned upon. The slimyness reached the extreme.

Drill here whenever you have time, not to mention anything else, just don’t give them a chance to be alone.

Like going home together after school or going out on a date or something, even if you can’t stop it, you have to be a huge light bulb.

Zhu Yang was so angry and funny: “Okay, wait for you. Oh, by the way, my cousin will have to stay with us for a while.”

“What kind of watch—” Zhu Weixin didn’t finish asking a word, as if he was thinking of something in his mind.

Then he curled his lips: “Oh, Cousin Yi, just live there, don’t be afraid of the dark and scream at night.”

Zhu Yang’s eyes flashed, and he was very powerful.

She could be sure that just before mentioning this topic, Zhu Weixin absolutely did not have the concept of Xie Yi in his mind.

But in less than a sentence, not only the sense of existence is complemented, but it also has its own set of memory chain and logic chain, and even the feeling of evaluating the person’s opinion, and there will be no sense of violation at all.

No matter how smart a person is, he would never think that this person actually appeared in his own memory out of thin air, right?

It looks terrifying in a sense, but Xie Yi’s own thoughts make all this supplement.

It can be seen that Zhu Yang said that the guy was level 99, and she was only level 70. It seemed that the distance was not far, but in fact, there was a big gap.

Taking the strength of Xie Yi and Lu Xiuci as anchors, and speculating on the strength of the top bosses in the game, if Zhu Yang wants to pick the emperor, it is no different from looking for death for now.

There is no player protection mechanism in the arena, and no loopholes in the rules.

But Zhu Yang became more eager to try.

When Zhu Weixin finished the meal, she even took a fruit from the fruit plate and gave him.

Feed my baby brother before letting him go back.

Zhu Weixin doesn’t know what his sister is doing today, just see his eyes are very loving. It’s not that he doesn’t hurt him usually, but he is always drinking on the face.

Today it is very different, and people are blushing.

Zhu Weixin has always been frustrated with her love affairs recently, so she came over to talk about this problem.

Today, I made trouble for Zhu Yang and completely forgot about it. I thought it was rare to forget that guy once.

As a result, not long after leaving the house, they ran into Lu Xiuci and Xie Yi on their way back to the classroom.

They also changed their jerseys and took a shower. Their hair was still misty. The two handsome seventeen or eighteen years old looked even more tender and attractive.

Zhu Yang’s eyes were a little dark, thinking about going back and letting the big head become py at this age.

Lu Xiuci is also keen on senses. When he saw them, the first thing he thought about was whether Zhu Weixin came to find fault again.

Suddenly raised his head and saw Zhu Yang’s wistful eyes, he was taken aback at the time, and immediately suspected that he had made a mistake, and then his face blushed.

Zhu Weixin originally saw him as unpleasant, and when he saw him suddenly so embarrassed, he couldn’t stand it suddenly: “What are you doing? I haven’t said anything yet? Is it possible that I am bullying you?”

Still a child~~~

Only Xie Yi, who is also an adult, sighed inwardly, that these sisters were too ignorant to converge.

Lu Xiuci was pulled back to his thoughts by Zhu Weixin’s voice, and felt a bit embarrassing. Lu Xiuci at this moment is not the head of Lu who lay flat and gave up treatment in the future.

For a while, he took out his brother-in-law’s style and sternly said to Zhu Weixin: “Why are you still here when you are going to go to school? Find something to go home after school in the afternoon. Junior high school students don’t run to high school all day.”

“Why should I go? Who are you to order me like that?” Zhu Weixin was blown up by the hair that was shunned at noon.

He resigned directly to Lu Xiu: “I will go home with my sister today, where you can stay cool.”

Lu Xiuci frowned and looked at Zhu Yang: “Have you forgotten that you are going to a place after school today?”

“Where?” Zhu Yang subconsciously asked.

When the words came out, Lu Xiu’s face turned black immediately.

How fresh, not to mention a few years, just six months later, how can this family dare to shake her face with her because a word is wrong?

The time to see the status was too short, and Zhu Yang won too fast, so that Zhu Yang would ignore this guy’s initial temper.

Zhu Weixin was immediately overwhelmed by his sister’s words. He looked at Lu Xiu ridiculedly and said, “Some people~~, I think my words are more weighty.”

So I didn’t entangle here anymore, and went back to class with a victorious gesture passing by Lu Xiuci and them.

Lu Xiuci was not angry with this kid, but Zhu Yang was even more angry: “Can you forget such an important thing?”

Zhu Yang didn’t have a concrete sense of the time in the game, and didn’t keep up with his thoughts for a while.

But she also remembered right away, today is their one week time.

Leaving aside the ritual sense of the young couple, Zhu Yang was even more affectionate at the time, to make him remember all the anniversary of the two.

Of course, this is not entirely the reason.

Because a week ago, when the two of them determined their relationship, the saying was to try it out for a week.

If you get rid of the desire to win and lose and the desire to challenge, if they can still attract each other, then they will officially become lovers.

Ok! Like Zhu Yang and Lu Datou, the love story when they were young is also a pot of blood.

That is to say today, Lu Xiuci knew that all the rejections he had said before were replaced by slaps, and slapped him back in the face, so he gave Zhu Yang a horse.

In other words, after school this afternoon, it is their decision whether to continue their relationship.

However, Zhu Yang can even forget such days.

Lu Xiuci suddenly felt cold. Did Zhu Yang really only regard him as a mountain to challenge, and when he got it, he was uninterested? The idea emerged uncontrollably.

But the young man’s self-esteem does not allow him to do struggling things at this time.

So he took a deep look at Zhu Yang, then turned around and planned to leave.

But then the arm was suddenly pulled, and then the body was pulled back with a force, and the body turned back due to inertia.

Immediately afterwards, the softness and fragrance covered his lips, Lu Xiuci’s eyes widened, his heartbeat stopped, and the disappointment and uncomfortable emotions had not yet been fermented and disappeared.

But then he began to panic.

The youthful and romantic school love of young people, it stands to reason that kissing and other things are also beautiful and simple.

When I touch my lips, I feel shy and joyful.

But think about who Zhu Yang is? The old driver who has played so many tricks with this guy, all kinds of pys are simply breathtaking.

How could she kiss the smell of clear soup?

The powerful technique kissed Lu Xiuci, who was still stunned, and the whole person almost fainted, and the squishy and ambiguous voice made the person on one side blush.

Her hands are still irregular, and when the two separate, Lu Xiu resigns, what the whole person looks like—

Just like being ravaged or ravaged, there is an intolerable mist in his eyes, his face is red, his lips are red, and Zhu Yang’s eyes are full of panic.

Seeing Zhu Yang licked his lips and put all the traces of the deep kiss in his mouth, Lu Xiuci had never seen such a battle.

After holding back for a long time, only one sentence came out: “Why are you so proficient?”

Then he hurried back to the classroom upstairs.

Zhu Yang laughed like a wolf with a big tail, and heard Xie Yi’s voice from the side——

“Tsk tusk tusk! Fortunately this is outside, just now I was afraid that you would do it on the spot.”

He looked at Zhu Yang with awe, and then at Lu Xiuci, who was running away, and exclaimed, “Every second, every day, every day, every day, and every day~~”

Seeing that Zhu Yang didn’t care, he quickly said: “You stop, let’s do the task, right? How do you look at you, the focus has shifted now? Although the young Lu Ritian is delicious, don’t just do it. Did you pick it?”

Zhu Yang took out the small mirror he carried, wiped the corners of his mouth with his fingers, and brushed the hair on his sideburns.

Indifferently said: “The first time I pulled him to bed was half a year from here, rounded up, that is, tomorrow.”

Xie Yi had to sigh for the mobility of these two guys, but hurriedly said, “You can relax a little, strictly speaking, he is just an NPC.”

Zhu Yang laughed: “This is not right, I prefer this to be a parallel world.”

Xie Yi was taken aback, the topic returned to the game and his thinking suddenly became alive: “You mean that girl?”

“Indeed, building a world is not something that existence can do, and this girl is not like a pure bridesmaid.”

Xie Yi analyzed it in his heart and agreed with Zhu Yang’s idea, and then felt wrong: “Huh? If it is a parallel world, then Lu Ritian’s head will not be—”

Zhu Yang smiled with a guilty conscience: “Oh! It’s a lover after all, it’s inevitable to be intimate.”

“Besides, what if I’m too cold and there are rifts in the subsequent relationship? We are really in love.”

Xie Yi was about to vomit, didn’t he just see the boyfriend who was so bullying when he was young?

Seeing that she knew the scale and bottom line, Xie Yi didn’t care about these two wild mandarin ducks.

The two slowly returned to the classroom. Zhu Yang Chong looked at the position where he had resigned, and saw him looking out the window this time.

It looked like no one came in. In fact, the tips of her ears were red. If there were not many people in the classroom, she would like to take a bite.

However, after school in the afternoon, Lu Xiu resigned and couldn’t resist the shame anymore. He also did psychological construction. At least he was able to collapse on the face. Come and find Zhu Yang to go with him.

Zhu Yang thought about promising his brother to go home with the pigeons at noon, so he said to Xie Yi: “You go home with my brother first.”

Xie Yi nodded, and when the three of them got out of the teaching building, they saw Zhu Weixin walking towards them.

I don’t know how fast this guy ran after school.

Xie Yi was sensible even after being entrusted. Before Zhu Weixin could speak, he picked up a junior high school student: “Go, go home with cousin first~~”

“Why? No, what are you doing? Don’t carry it, I’ll go by myself—sister, sister—”

Zhu Yang smiled and waved at his brother. The child looked at the triumphant eyes of the guy standing next to her, and the good mood of the afternoon was suddenly lost.

Zhu Yang was impressed with the next thing, because this scene has been remembered by her until now, and the memory has not faded.

Although she knew what was waiting for her, even now, she still remembers the joy and sweetness at the beginning.

Taking the reins of the horse from Lu Xiu among the roses in the garden, Zhu Yang looked at him and said, “Thank you!”

Lu Xiuci didn’t feel surprised when he saw her eyes, but he had a strong feeling that couldn’t be overcome.

To be honest, he wasn’t sure how much Zhu Yang really liked him, but seeing her eyes now, the feeling of confusion in his heart calmed down.

She is the same.

Lu Xiuci’s heart is as sweet and soft as soaking in honey, and he blushes a little when he thinks of the kiss at noon.

But at this moment, he plucked up the courage to cover it, and dropped a kiss on Zhu Yang’s lips.

Zhu Yang only raised her consciousness at this moment, as if she was watching this scene from the third perspective.

But it didn’t last long, and after the next second kiss ended, it returned to normal.

She instantly understood what was going on, it seemed that this copy was really special.

Zhu Yang originally thought that even though it was a parallel world, her current body was her own, but she didn’t expect it to be.

She just came to this body, her body in this parallel world.

Nothing else was abnormal. It is estimated that the scene at noon was stimulated, and she would no longer be willing to give her hands on such things.

Zhu Yang’s aunt smiled in his heart, too cute.

But since this body belongs to her in a parallel world, why can she still use space and abilities?

You have to ask Xie Yi for a while.

At this time, Zhu Yang took out something from her schoolbag, which was a ring. She put it on a chain and put it on Lu Xiuci’s neck.

Since the girl is a reborn evil spirit, the people around Zhu Yang are not necessarily safe.

This ring is a high-level item she got, which can withstand high-intensity damage, whether it is physical or spiritual, and can notify the owner, that is, her.

For Zhu Yang and the others, the ability to resist is not enough, but for ordinary people, it is extremely applicable, and can even withstand the full blow of mid-level players.

However, the more pressure it bears, the faster it will be scrapped.

Naturally, Lu Xiuci didn’t know this, and it was just a token of love, rubbing the corner of the ring with his finger and couldn’t restrain his upward hook.

I felt that I was too stupid, so he coughed, and changed the subject: “You haven’t said you yet, why are you so proficient.”

This is the rhythm of talking to death.

At this time, of course he was not as winking and eager to survive in the future, but after confirming that this is a parallel world, Zhu Yang did not intend to interfere with himself and the head of the world with his current experience and style.

It’s just that this guy is not worried. If she says she has found someone to practice, what an embarrassing Baixue scene is that?

Zhu Yang smiled: “I have practiced~~”

Lu Xiuci heard that there was a blank face on his face, and Zhu Yang continued: “I can tie the knot with cherry stems now.”

He was relieved to the naked eye, like a roller coaster.

“Ah, oh, cherry.”

“What do you think?” Zhu Yang raised his eyes and squinted at him.

Lu Xiuci’s body stiffened, and the initial reaction to survival appeared: “I, I thought, I thought it was pasta.”

Zhu Yang was not happy to die until he returned home with a rippling smile on his face.

As for the gloomy gaze that felt like a mans back on the road—?

Whatever! Whatever! There are so many spicy chickens who want to live her life, and this one is nothing strange. Where can such a big face give her so much attention?

But she didn’t know that she was so mean that the people in the secret were almost out of breath.

However, he went home and met Zhu Weixin’s grievances and complaints.

Without a word, Zhu Yang went to the kitchen to cook him food by himself, but at any rate he stuffed his mouth with something.

After making room, Zhu Yang called out Xie Yi alone and asked what he had just noticed.

Xie Yi was also surprised when he heard it: “It’s actually not your body? Well done, I didn’t even notice it.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Physiologically speaking, I was originally a complete person. I didn’t respond to it at the time. No wonder I felt a little heavy. I thought it was the reason that I directly traced my body back to this age.”

Then asked Xie Yi: “If this is the case, why can these spaces be used?”

Xie Yi said: “The ability that belongs to you is originally bound to the soul, why can’t it be used?”

Her current space ring is no longer directly worn on her body. With the upgrade, the game package can hold more things.

There were also a few spaces, and Zhu Yang put the space ring in. If there was no such thing, Zhu Yang might have noticed the moment the space did not follow.

Zhu Yang touched his current slender girl’s body: “Fortunately, it is a spiritual occasion, otherwise the fight will be enough to suffer.”

“You are enough to deal with it now.” Xie Yi said: “It really involves physical attacks. You protect your body with spiritual power, and not many people can pass by your hands.”

There is no need for Xie Yi to teach this fighting skill, but Zhu Yang still has questions for the game.

“Will this world also be the screening world of the game?”

Seeing that she already knew, the game answered in the affirmative.

“Can the Screening World be used as a Duplicate World?” Zhu Yang’s face was a bit heavy when he asked this.

If this place can become a dungeon world, then their world should be ok at a glance, plus monsters that can be reborn.

Then the real world is not as safe as imagined.

No answer was given in this game. Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows. It seemed that even if the answer was simply affirmation or denial, it would reveal some secrets about this copy.

In this way, Zhu Yang was not sure whether his guess was correct or not.

It’s just that if this is the case, then just giving Lu Xiu a prop would not make her feel at ease.

Zhu Yang went back to the room, took out Longlong, and said to it: “You go and secretly follow Dad to protect him, but you can’t easily show up in front of him if you are fine, understand?”

Long Long nodded, looking like my father and I came to protect him, without Zhu Yang’s help, it can hide itself.

He flew out of the window and flew to Lu Xiu’s resignation.

Xiao Ji was a little envious when he saw that his unlucky brother’s bald firstborn was entrusted with a heavy responsibility.

Zhu Yang also explained it: “Then protect your grandparents, don’t you know?”

At this time, father and mother Zhu were too busy to go home, and Zhu Yang rarely saw them at home, so he could only give the task to Xiao Ji.

Xiaoji nodded and opened the window and flew away. It won’t be invisible, but it doesn’t matter.

I wish my father would like the majestic bird of prey for a while, what eagle vulture, if it weren’t for Zhu Yang’s objection, he would have to raise one.

Little Zhu Qiao is not like the chicken he used to be. He is feathered and majestic. When he is not stupid, his eyes are also full of deterrence.

I just hope her father likes it, instead of catching someone to send the soup to the kitchen.

Zhu Weixin doesn’t have to worry, the straight-line distance between her and her will not exceed two kilometers every day, and Xie Yi is there, it should be fine.

In the dungeon, she didn’t have such a big battle, but this is another world of her own and family lovers. Naturally, she would rather move the crowd in the end than sloppy.

Zhu Weixin went back to the room to sleep late, and Zhu Yang had all the information about the girl transferred by the sisters.

He Yihui, 17 years old, second-year student. This age is considered older in the same grade, and the month is even older than Zhu Yang.

But this is not a problem, there is no record of repeating the grade, it is just that the admission time is a bit late.

There is nothing special about the family background, it is the average level of their school, but for ordinary people, it is considered rich.

There is nothing unusual about the social relations at school. The relationship with classmates is normal, and there are no major disputes, just the spirit of some children.

Looking at the information, her experience is normal, her family background is normal, and her interpersonal circle is normal.

It’s just that since she specially appeared in this place, it means that she will have major changes in the short term.

According to the existing clues, it is really impossible to infer that this rich girl with a smooth wind will suddenly experience a big change.

And it is also related to her Zhu Yang, so that the other party hates her deeply.

Zhu Yang clicked on her photo. During the interview, although Zhu Yang didn’t like the other party breaking her rules, he did not meet her standards for the time being.

But the other party is undoubtedly still a young and beautiful little beauty, and this person is very concerned about the photos, and all that flows out are repaired.

Therefore, the photo that was sent was also a picture on the social account of PS, and the other party smiled brightly in the camera.

After the later retouching, the whole person was so white, there was no trace of flaws, and even a sense of distortion.

After watching it for a long time, there is an indescribable sense of weirdness.

The beautiful and lively girl looks like a dummy in the visual effect at the moment, although nowadays, people are often vomited and repaired like a dummy when taking pictures.

But this is obviously not a description of what Zhu Yang is seeing now.

The person is still that person, and the photo has not changed at all.

But it gives people the feeling of the paper man in the funeral home, just like the bus driver I met before.

The brilliant smile became extremely stiff, and then Zhu Yang saw that the corners of the photo’s mouth continued to hook up stiffly.

The eyes of the person in the photo also seemed to be staring straight at Zhu Yang, the brilliance and brightness in it gradually disappeared, replaced by malice and malice.

After recovering, the whole picture became ghastly, appearing in the girl’s room at night, like a nightmare.

To change the individual, it is estimated that he screamed and grabbed the door.

But Zhu Yang looked at the other person’s face, with a careless expression on his face, as if he was blind.

No, she is not blind, she even placed her hand on the mouse and lightly clicked a screenshot——

“Get another emoji package.”

Then I put a few sentences on the screenshot, and finally screened out the most suitable ones.

[I stole the battery car to raise you]

In this way, although the picture is still terrifying, it is inexplicably more awkward, making people scared.

I wish Yang Le could not support: “Keep on doing it.”

“Personalized beauties never steal pictures from the Internet, they make their own emojis.”

The other party originally hated her for being to the bone, and now it was poked even more sorely.

I saw that the mouth of the photo opened wider and wider, and instantly occupied two-thirds of the face. The entire mouth was like a black hole to **** in, making people afraid to touch it.

Black blood flowed out of his mouth. Zhu Yangzheng’s screenshots were taken happily. The blood dripped from the edge of the computer screen and flowed along the desktop to the carpet.

Zhu Yang smashed the mouse in his hand, the expression on his face was gone, obviously unhappy.

When the person in that photo saw it, they were proud of themselves. They only felt that they could not be strong in the outside world.

Zhu Yang said solemnly: “Lick clean!”

“Gah?” The female ghost with her mouth wide open thought she had heard it wrong.

As a result, the scalp tightened in the next second, and the whole person was pulled out of the screen with his head.

Then he slammed it on the ground without pity, pointing to the black blood on the table and the carpet——

“Lick it clean for Lao Tzu.”

Seeing the female ghost only cares about the look of bewilderment but not moving, Zhu Yang put a kick on the other party.

“Do you still talk about the quality of the Internet chat? It’s just a good chat, I’m just talking about people, and I’ve also paid for Nima’s network cable. I haven’t been cut off, have you?”

In pain and anger, he screamed: “Who is talking to you?”

But when he finished speaking, Zhu Yang pressed his head and smeared the black blood on the floor: “I asked you to lick it, didn’t you hear it? It’s nothing more than three things, let me remind you, I will take this thing from your nostrils Pour it in.”

Zhu Yang didn’t expect it to be wrong. Although her location and Xie Yi’s nature were different, the girl’s abnormal reaction after the interview should only exist alone.

In other words, the lonely ghost should still exist, so strictly speaking, there are two of them here.

Just like the bridesmaid, she was still on her way back to welcome her, but her undead appeared in the well.

It’s just that Zhu Yang’s situation is more complicated than Xie Yi’s illogical.

Zhu Yang didn’t care if this guy had an intersection with himself or resented her before he became a ghost.

This thing has parents and mothers. If it is a valid reason, Zhu Yang can’t even be impressed.

On the contrary, if a fool dares to pollute her room, the nature is bad here.

When she first smoked this female ghost, she tried it, and she couldn’t kill her directly, but she didn’t know if it was affected by the abnormality on the other side.

This guy is not completely immune to pain and attack.

The female ghost never expected that she had turned into a ghost, and she would have to suffer this insult when she came back for revenge.

I thought that even if I couldn’t do anything about it for the time being, it would at least scare her to death and make her panic all day long.

But as expected, ghosts are afraid of wicked people. There is no need to ask goddesses or Taoist priests. You are not afraid of ghosts, and you can just reach out and pull her out.

Regarding what she couldn’t understand, the female ghost panicked, and at the same time Zhu Yang’s lewdness in the past, remembered the shivering and fear that this guy didn’t even dare to speak loudly during her lifetime.

The female ghost started to cry, but Zhu Yang, the devil, didn’t let her go.

Raising his hand, the black blood in the carpet was stripped and flew up, drilling straight into her nostrils.

“Woo–, murder–kill the ghost!”

Zhu Yang looked indifferent: “You don’t listen to what you said, so I have to come by myself. It just so happens that I also think your saliva is dirty.”

A brutal and inhuman act of abusing ghosts was taking place in the room, and Xie Yi, who heard the movement, suddenly appeared in Zhu Yang’s room.

He didn’t need to knock on the door at all, or even walked to the front door, teleportation appeared directly in front of Zhu Yang.

Then I saw a female ghost with pale face, blushing eyes, and two-thirds the size of her mouth, being pressed by Zhu Yang to pour black stuff from her nostrils.

The female ghost was struggling in pain, howling and crying, so miserable.

Even Xie Yi was so afraid of ghosts. After seeing this scene, he forgot to be afraid for a while, and only sympathy for female ghosts was left.

“Sister, sisters, take a moment.” He patted Zhu Yang on the shoulder.

“I thought it was you who were screaming, so I was so scared that I came over on the spot. It turned out not to be.”

Zhu Yang generally pressed the head of the female ghost, and looked at him contemptuously: “You are all you are you?”

At this time, hearing the sound of footsteps outside the door, Zhu Yang’s expression changed, and he quickly ignored the ghost.

I picked up this guy’s hair and stuffed her into the computer. She was about the size of a human.

Regardless of the other party’s zoom speed, Zhu Yang forced the ghost back.

Then Zhu Weixin opened the door at the same time: “Sister, in your room-why are you guys here?”

He angrily pointed at Xie Yi with a dumb face. Xie Yi only had time to marvel at Zhu Yang’s black hands. He actually forgot that he was not suitable to be here at this moment, and forgot to move back instantly.

Seeing Zhu Weixin approaching angrily, Zhu Yang felt that this night, the noise also affected his sleep.

Then the younger brother said perfunctorily: “It’s okay, I can’t sleep for a while, let’s watch the movie together.”

Zhu Weixin’s face turned red immediately: “Sister! Who do you watch with? No, you still watch movies?”

Zhu Yang said inexplicably: “Why can’t I? Allow you to hide the little yellow book?”

Zhu Weixin said in a panic, “Yin Jun gave it to me.”

Originally, Zhu Yang was just a scam, but he didn’t expect to have this gain, so he looked at Zhu Weixin with bad intentions.

Zhu Weixin looked like he wanted to pierce the ground, and he glanced at the computer screen with confused eyes, as well as the female ghost with its face twisted like it hit the glass.

He hissed, and said in disgust: “Sister, so you watch horror movies? I said it earlier.”

Another picky comment: “Nowadays, horror movies are becoming less and less elaborate. What is the messy performance? Since it is scary, why do you be so stupid and funny?”

“Since it’s funny, why do you make such an ugly look, tut! It’s also rare to be ugly like this, probably because you want to be a stranger.”

The female ghost had not had time to shrink to the size of the computer. After hearing Zhu Weixin’s words, the black blood that had just been poured back by Zhu Yang suddenly vomited out, and a name was added to the list of murders.

When Xie Yi heard Jun’s words, he awed: “Brother, are you not afraid of it?”


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