Scream Queen Chapter 183

Xie Yi and Zhu Weixin also had a fate. After speaking, they remembered how horrible this guy was when he saw Sadako on the card TV in the villa.

Most people just know that their family members want to help cover up something important, should they be afraid of shock?

This kid was good, and skipped the previous reaction directly, and jumped to the option of destroying the corpse and destroying the traces.

When Xie Yi watched the funny, he felt that this guy was terrible in a certain sense, but in a few words, Sadako disappeared after a short time, so he didn’t take it seriously.

He took a deep look at Zhu Weixin, and felt that this kid was very suitable for games.

Thinking about this, I felt my stomach was pounded, and Xie Yi hissed in pain.

Zhu Yang knows what he is thinking when he is so stupid. This evaluation is not to say that Xie Yi has done the game.

But she was strangled to death in the bud, thinking of this would inevitably warn the game again.

However, Zhu Weixin frowned for a long while when seeing her sister and cheap cousin, and then his eyes lit up.

“Cousin, are you interested in my sister? If you are interested, go forward boldly. My sister is not interested in cowering counseling.”

Xie Yi’s scalp exploded, and he glanced at Zhu Yang, thinking that he is a serious person, where is the taste like Lu Xiuci and games?

Hurriedly said: “Don’t, brother, you can eat rice, but you can’t talk nonsense. How can I fall in love with your sister if I am not blind? Even if I am blind, my thirst for life is still there. Hurt me.”

This is to kill people, who wants to get involved in their Shura field?

Zhu Weixin provoked the matter himself, but he was unhappy when he heard him say this: “Who is it? I think my sister is blind? I don’t think I am blind?”

Then he decided that the stickiness of this guy, and the atmosphere between him and her sister that it was difficult for him to mix with, was that the two had already started.

He encouraged Xie Yi again, and almost persuaded Xie Yi to cry: “Your sister has a boyfriend.”

Zhu Weixin said that if she didn’t have a boyfriend, she wouldn’t need your kind.

He added: “How can a mere boyfriend be a hindrance? Even if you get married, you can get a divorce, let alone just fall in love.”

Dare to love this kid because he wants him to entangle with Lu Xiuci, and then he can take advantage of the chaos to occupy his sister alone?

This kid is too bad!

He glanced at Zhu Yang, urged her to interrupt your brother’s Xiao Jiujiu?

Zhu Yang spread his hands, pulled her back with the collar carrying Zhu Weixin, smiled and said, “Shall I lead the line in front of your sister?”

Zhu Weixin shrank his head, but stubbornly said: “What’s the matter? A man is like clothes, when did you look so shabby in the closet? It hurts to be a brother when I see a good one, what’s the matter with you?”

“Look at Lu Sejin, you two won’t grow up. I’m not afraid that you will be broken in love and cry, so prepare first?”

Said and pointed at Xie Yi: “Look at this spare tire, he is new and—”

“Yes!” Zhu Yang squeezed his tender lips: “My fault, my fault, shouldn’t put too many arrogant remarks in front of you.”

Anyway, she had been slapped in the face, and Zhenxiang’s law was inevitable.

In the end, they played around in the room for a long time, and then the two of them went back to sleep.

After Zhu Weixin and the others left, Zhu Yang recruited a cockroach, transformed it into a bee, and flew to the girl’s home.

The female ghost in the computer had escaped by herself during their gag, and Zhu Yang didn’t catch it either.

Compared with this, it is even more curious, whether the female ghost will take the initiative to contact the surviving original body.

Baby cockroaches are spirit creatures. If a female ghost appears in that area, it will feel.

After experiencing the ABO dungeon, some cockroach babies have invisibility skills due to gnawing on the invisible zerg.

It is very convenient for concealment and surveillance. The girl seemed to be emboldened, but she did not find the surveillance of the baby cockroach.

However, the female ghost did not appear in front of the original owner during her lifetime, but Zhu Yang was not without gain.

Because there was a **** incident in the girl’s house tonight.

It didn’t happen when Zhu Yang sent the cockroaches. In fact, there had already been a round at that time.

Listening to the conversation between the girl and her mother guessed the whole picture.

This afternoon the girl came home from school. Her father brought a middle-aged beautiful woman and a girl about her age back home.

The reality is always more terrible. The girl who grew up as an only daughter only knew today that she had a sister who was about the same age as her. The age difference between the two was a few months.

Her father’s choice to bring the Xiaosan and the illegitimate daughter back at this time must have either depended on it or something made him make up his mind.

So no matter how the mother and daughter quarrel, the arrangement still has to be arranged when people come back.

According to the general routine, girls are the typical heroines who abused the scumbag again, and they are a bit different from the former ABO world Zhu Yang’s vulgar identity.

Unlike her mother’s collapse, the girl who should have reacted the most was calmer, and even took the initiative to arrange a room for the “sister”, so that the “sister” was flattered, and the reaction of all kinds of ideas was not easy to display.

The father also felt that the eldest daughter was sensible.

Zhu Yang won’t comment on the specific situation.

The wonderful thing is that it is quiet at night. After she went back to the room alone, she turned out a book and connected the two names together.

There was a sneer in his mouth: “Let your two dogs bite the dog first.”

Zhu Yang saw through the camera strapped to the baby cockroach, one of the two names was similar to her name, but the difference between the last word was the illegitimate sister.

The other is her name.

So Zhu Yangdu remotely controlled the baby cockroach to go to another room to look at the face of that’sister’ again.

If the girl can barely remember the memory and still have a little impression, this ‘sister’ will have no impression at all.

So Zhu Yang realized that even the situation of the girl was the kind of tragedy that happened in the village of Xie Yi.

It shouldn’t have been just such a few years, Zhu Yang has no memory.

The person Xie Yi has been nearly twenty years old and still vaguely remembers what happened back then, so Zhu Yang guessed that what happened next would happen in a parallel world.

It has nothing to do with her own reality experience, right?

Then she will be called here, and the entry point will need to be rethought.

Zhu Yang has always felt that the levels of several of their players are just by default in the game, a certain existence obtains temporary dominance to give a test or conspiracy.

But now it seems that maybe the game has any new information to convey to her?

And this information is far more important than the purpose of this clearance game.

Thinking about it this way, many things make sense.

The next day Zhu Yang told Xie Yi about the incident. Although Xie Yi was a little surprised, he was not shocked. He clearly understood this rule.

Zhu Yang asked: “So our real world——”

“Don’t worry about this.” Xie Yi waved his hand: “With me, the old road and the old song are there, this kind of thing can’t happen.”

“After all, this is a random probability. There is no parallel world that can stand this kind of thing, not to mention the protection mechanism of the game, the success rate is extremely low.”

“In our real world, because the three of us have already touched the high-level players in the absolute realm, generally those who don’t have long eyes don’t dare to invade, but this parallel world should have no particularly strong players, otherwise it’s more than that.”

Zhu Weixin took the breakfast and put it in front of his sister, facing Xie Yi’s longing, directly and indifferently gave him a ‘self-serving’ look.

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s nothing, I say your craft is getting better and better.” Zhu Yang forked the sausage on the plate and fed him.

I wish Weixin happy to succumb to the past, no longer entangled with Gang’s problems.

Zhu Yang has sorted out the whole picture of this copy.

He wondered why her occasion was a parallel world, and she chose something that she didn’t even remember.

That was a major event of death, but when a student died, it was also a major event in their school. Even if it did not happen in school, it is impossible for the well-informed children of the rich family to be ignorant.

If Zhu Yang didn’t get the impression, it meant that this kind of thing had never happened in her world, then this was a branch of events in the parallel world, and the same thing went to two results.

In this way, Xie Yi’s last copy is not just a reference, he has to completely deny his routine, which is completely different.

Zhu Yang said, if this is a parallel world, it is a real world. Can the real world be used as a copy of the game?

The answer is rather ambiguous.

The real world is a high-dimensional world, and the selection of players can only come from here.

In the game, as powerful as a copy of Xiu Xian, any cannon fodder can crush a large number of people in the real world, but the world level is still overwhelming.

Zhu Yang herself wants to understand that the latter one is to ask the game for verification, of course this involves higher secrets, and the game is not good for her to reveal too much at this stage.

Next, she asked Xie Yi to fill it up, and if she couldn’t answer, she didn’t say anything, and let her figure out the rules.

Some dungeon worlds are too powerful and detached for this world, and can cross levels.

For example, the ancestor of Wan Poison in the last Intermediate dungeon, if given decades of time, he might be able to break the void and enter the advanced dungeon based on his cultivation base.

He is too strong for that copy, and he is no longer a existence that can be shaken by the people and forces of the world.

In fact, Zhu Yang should have known this a long time ago, but she is limited to the game copy.

So suppose that the highest level dungeon, the cultivating dungeon, what happens if someone’s strength exceeds the upper limit of the world?

Pursuing a higher level of leap is the instinct of the strong, but the process from the dungeon world to the world world is not that simple.

Even if the cultivation base is superior to the world, it will still consume a lot in this sky-grain-like level crossing, and it is not easy to even survive.

Once successful, these strong players are not players and are not controlled by the game. Once they are restored to their vitality, it is not known how much impact it will bring to reality.

There is only one way for them to recover, and that is to absorb the player’s vitality, so don’t look at their current situation, it seems that they are just coming and going with some small characters.

But the real enemy is the former absolute strong. Once he makes a mistake, is caught by the other party’s flaws, and absorbs his vitality in one fell swoop, it will be a devastating end.

And once the player fails to compete with it in the real world in a game, then for the balance of world levels and the rules of the game, this world may become a copy world.

In the case of a copy world, the self-protection mechanism is full of loopholes, and all monsters and ghosts have more room for cultivation.

This becomes a customs clearance point, then people from the outside world frequently go out in this world, and the defense becomes more and more like a sieve.

People living here are not as safe as they are in reality.

After all, not every game is like a dog game. It pays more attention to maintaining the original order of the copy world. Some games happen to profit from chaos.

Take extreme games as an example.

In Xie Yi’s scene, Zhu Yang and Xie Yi had long used the instability and discordant logic constructed by the environment, and Xie Yi’s from time to time actually let him change the setting, speculating that the level was constructed by Xie Yi’s inner subconscious. It’s just a fantasy.

Xie Yi is so powerful that the other party can’t build a perfect one, and as Xie Yi discovers the truth, gradually leans toward him.

At that time, Zhu Yang realized that the enemy of this level should be an extremely strong man with independent consciousness and standpoint.

But at that time, Zhu Yang’s speculation was mostly biased towards the existence of a second landlord under the ‘show’ game.

It wasn’t until his own level was opened and the other party’s unceremoniously arranged arrangements were completely different from the previous cautiousness of Xie Yi, and Zhu Yang discovered the signs.

She suddenly sneered: “This is because you don’t want to bite, so I bite twice. I think it’s not a problem to bite my bone, so I feasted.”

Xie Yi said: “You are very strong, and you have excellent qualifications. It is indeed a rare nutrient. But isn’t it Wu Jianjun that is in the worst condition now?”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “I think that stuff is big and small.”

It was Wu Jianjun, not Zhou Long, that was dangerous, because Zhou Long’s anomaly before and the change in leaving the previous level made Zhu Yang and the others suspicious.

So after knowing that Wu Jianjun and the others were not here, there was a sentence in the dialogue between the two of them, ‘That’s an advanced player after all.’

This means that Wu Jianjun was killed alone, and if the opponent is evil, his strength might increase.

Therefore, Zhou Long was already the biggest suspect in their minds, but it was not certain whether the opponent was mixed into the players at the beginning of the game or dropped the package midway.

Zhu Yang prefers the first type, after all, it is too difficult to drop in front of Xie Yi.

Xie Yi admires these sisters very much. Smart people can know the whole leopard from a glimpse. She can guess she is picking two leopard hairs here.

I heard that the game sent her more than one clean-up and anti-virus task, no wonder she was still competent at the mid-level field.

This cleverness, catching up with them is not very long-term. Previously, he knew that this guy’s goal was to pick the big guy in the game in this competition, and he was still a little unhappy.

But now it seems that the future is still unknown.

However, the overall context has been figured out, and Zhu Yang and Xie Yi have no idea for the time being how the other party operates.

It stands to reason that the girl’s ghost or rebirth body, even if a hundred more were tied together, Zhu Yang would only have a finger to poke them to death.

However, this arrangement shows that it will affect her.

So don’t look at things as if things are going to be a trivial one, but Zhu Yang didn’t dare to be careless. Even the previous ABO games directly used force to break tricks were not so easy to use.

After breakfast, the three of them arrived at the school in Zhu Yang’s private car. On the way, they passed a video with Zhu and Zhu who were talking about the project in the field.

I wish my father happily show off Xiaoji to her: “Yang Yang, Asin, see what I found?”

Xiao Ji has been turned into the size of an eagle by Zhu Yang, and now he is standing majestic on Zhu’s forearm.

The golden red feathers are like the sun flowing gold, and the dragged tail feathers are gorgeous and dazzling, even more dazzling than a peacock, but they have smooth body lines, light and agile manners, and sharp eyes.

The whole bird is beautiful and majestic, strangely, I wish you a happy meeting.

He showed off to the two children: “I saw it in the hotel window this morning, and I will stick to it when I see it, but behave.”

He said and touched his chin: “I must have been overwhelmed by your father’s domineering spirit.”

On the side, I wish my mother met him: “Don’t pick it up with you, can you pick up the birds in this season? It’s been all morning, but I believe it or not I will stew it for you.”

Daddy Zhu hurriedly protected Xiao Ji, and Xiao Ji hurriedly drilled into his grandfather’s arms, looking at Zhu Ma with pitiful eyes.

I wish my mother was seen by this bird, and immediately realized what he was saying? Sure enough, to be beautiful is to take advantage, and I can’t bear it.

Xiao Ji was also happy to see her mother and young uncle through the screen, and the family did not disconnect until they were close to school in the video call in the car.

Only Xie Yi, the big ‘nephew’, was unanimously ignored.

Lu Xiuci came earlier than Zhu Yang and the others, and they were reading a book while listening to the song.

Zhu Yang didn’t need to walk over to know that what he was reading would definitely not be schoolwork or literature.

This guy has mixed preferences, and he is very interested in firearms and weapons. There are controls on these things in China, but Zhu Yang knows that even before entering the game, he has his own weapons collection room abroad.

Of course, he was inexhaustible in the game early, and these naturally benefited him endlessly.

Zhu Yang walked over, pressing his chin on his shoulder: “What are you looking at?”

Lu Xiuci was not very comfortable with being so intimate yet, his face was a little red, but he did not refuse, but subconsciously slid his head.

He turned the cover page of the book: “You girls may not be interested.”

Zhu Yang at this age is really not interested, but it’s different now. She has used all the guns in the book, which one has the feel, which one is suitable for which occasion, which one is the most convenient to use, and which one is the most exciting to use. , She knows it all.

However, he didn’t plan to use his current state of mind to substitute. Lu Xiuci and Zhu Yang in this world are absolutely not related to games, so Zhu Yang may not be interested in these things forever.

So she shrugged: “The lines are good.”

As people who don’t know cars can only look at the same answers, Lu Xiuci smiled.

In the morning, there was nothing wrong with each other. At noon, I was eating in the restaurant, and someone from the sorority told her to transfer a new student to the second grade.

It stands to reason that the second-year freshmen should not let the third-year attention, not to mention the grand occasion of Xie Yi yesterday.

However, the reason why the sorority association raised it was because the other party submitted an application for membership as soon as it came.

Although the Sisterhood only recruits new members once a year, it is not impossible to make an exception when encountering particularly outstanding seedlings.

Since some members specifically mentioned it, it means that based on the other party’s judgment, the conditions are good.

Zhu Yang said: “Show me the information?”

As expected, it was the illegitimate sister of the girl who just came back last night.

Zhu Yang doesn’t know how the dog blood in this parallel world developed, but according to the modern configuration, it is estimated that she was involved in other household affairs, and certain judgments have brought resentment to the girls. Up.

Zhu Yang was a little tired, but he didn’t dare to underestimate this special occasion.

Under normal circumstances, without knowing the details, Zhu Yang will indeed recruit this girl into the club with a high probability.

why not? The other person is beautiful, even better than her sister, and excellent in all aspects, and according to the surveillance last night, he is also a good talking and sociable person.

For such a person, Zhu Yang has no reason not to accept his subordinates. As for the illegitimate child, the other party is not a stupid person, so naturally he won’t yell out loud as soon as he comes.

Neither knows this heavy concern, if it were her at this age, the result would be obvious.

The elder sister failed to join the club, but the illegitimate female sister, who she resented to death, was OK, and the few words that she occasionally heard in the surveillance last night, this sister was afraid that it was not peaceful.

This kind of thing will definitely show off in front of my sister from time to time and suppress it everywhere. So hate the house and the Wu, plus the beams before.

The girl can see how she feels towards Zhu Yang, this should be the beginning of resentment.

But now the illegitimate girl sister touched the doorway of the sorority and signed up directly after transferring to another school, saying that Zhu Yang did not believe it without the girl’s handwriting.

What might happen in the middle made her, who had been so worried about the result in her previous life, actually took the initiative to bring up the sisterhood when she went to school with her sister in the car early this morning.

He also praised the existence of the sisterhood, not concealing his vision, and regretted that he lost yesterday.

These are all Zhu Yang learned from the feedback from the cockroach baby. In this way, the younger sister who is tempestuously trying to overwhelm her sister will naturally take heart.

When she came to school, with her beauty and sweet mouth, she knew what her sister said was true when she inquired, so she came naturally.

With Zhu Yang’s temperament when he was young, he would be bored and speechless to learn that he was involved in this kind of dog blood.

But now Zhu Yang is happy to make the girl’s dream come true.

So she didn’t delay. After reading the information, she said to the second-year members: “It looks okay. Let people go to the activity room and wait.”

The second-year girls ran errands when they heard this, but Zhu Yang slowly finished lunch here.

During the period Lu Xiuci, Xie Yi and Zhu Weixin passed her, Lu Xiuci just wanted to touch her hair, so Zhu Weixin rushed over.

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “How did you three get together?”

Lu Xiuci twitched the corners of his mouth, and was ashamed to tell her that hello, brother triumphantly told me that you watched the movie with Xie Yi last night.

Then Xie Yi exploded his scalp and quickly explained that the two dismantled each other. You scolded me for being unkind, and I scolded you too much.

Lu Xiuci was still a little angry at first, and watched them perform quietly for a while, and felt that it hurts his stomach to care about the fool, so the three of them got together.

Zhu Yang knew that these guys were all kinds of stabs, but the more they got along with each other, the better the relationship, and ignored them.

Lu Li hasn’t come back yet, and when he comes back, Zhu Weixin will have a well-rounded pick and play with him.

Zhu Yang and the Sisters’ Association had dinner together. The three boys were not easy to join, so they found another seat after greeting.

The members of the sorority association saw that the boys around Zhu Yang were better than the other, and boyfriends, male friends, and younger brothers were all the best. They couldn’t help but complain about the life of the bitch.

When Zhu Yang arrived in the activity room, the illegitimate sister had been waiting here for half an hour.

The other party’s name is He Yihan, only one word away from the girl He Yihui, she is a sister.

When the girl’s “last life” started when her sister transferred to another school, she probably didn’t publicize the fact that the other party was an illegitimate girl.

Because if this is the case, Zhu Yang will not necessarily agree to the other party’s membership. First, let’s not mention the prejudice of universal values. Just because the bad things at home have not been dealt with, the evaluation will be lowered by several grades.

As for why He Yihui didn’t do this, whether it was ordered by the parents, or the exchange of interests, or was bought by the sister and daughter’s mourning policy, Zhu Yang didn’t know.

He Yihan was already dissatisfied with waiting here for so long, so she slammed the door and left.

But looking at the people around, it seemed that this was a matter of course, and it seemed that the so-called “sisterhood” had a greater influence than she thought.

When she first heard about this kind of existence, she thought it was ridiculous. Isn’t it just girls forming cliques? She was also the top girl in the previous school and didn’t feel that she was worse than others.

The reason why I have endured it until now is because I want to hit her sister in the face.

At this time, there was the sound of the doorknob being turned. He Yihan looked over and saw the girls who passed the interview yesterday stood up.

Each of these girls doesn’t need to be inferior to her. She is arrogant and beautiful, but she is not the most outstanding among them, and these people are full of awe for the sisterhood, which made He Yihan also put away contempt, and quickly stood up. .

Then I saw the door open, but the beauty who opened the door was not the master. When she opened the door completely, the figure of the person who was one step behind her was revealed.

She was an extremely beautiful girl, standing tall and elegant, her eyes were empty-eyed, her arrogance and excellence were visible to the naked eye.

She walked in with a strong aura and a strong sense of presence. Rao is the beauty of this room, but if anyone comes, she is definitely the first person to notice.

He Yihan was a little surprised, the other party’s style made her feel jealous that was not taste and unwillingness, but she used to pretend, and her face was not obvious.

Seeing that the other party was seated in a bold and refreshing posture for a girl, he raised his long legs and clicked his chin at her: “That’s her?”

The girl who recommended her to join in the second grade hurriedly said, “Yes, that’s her.” Then he winked at He Yihan.

He Yihan possesses the strong vanity that the sisterhood generally has. Seeing Zhu Yang’s style, he naturally thinks that he can do the same.

Upon receiving a wink, he stepped forward and stood in front of Zhu Yang: “Hello, senior sister, what does it mean that I am a second-year freshman.”

“Huh? Why is this name a bit familiar?” Zhu Yang said: “Oh yes, there was a second-year interview yesterday, called He Yihui, what does it have to do with you?”

She wanted to see how the other party responded.

But He Yihan’s face was not shy or embarrassed when she heard that, and she was not asked about the panic in the family relationship, and her face was open. Looking at it this way, who can know the turmoil of her family relationship.

She smiled and said: “We are sisters, but I lived with my mother since I was a child and didn’t live together. Soon my mother agreed to my father’s request to move home, and now our sisters go to school together.”

The other party didn’t say a word of lie. If normal people’s brains are filled, the first thing they think of is not the illegitimate daughter entering the house, but the divorced parents of the sisters, one with the dad and the mom, separated all year round.

When the child got older, the couple couldn’t move either. Considering the blood connection between the hands and feet, but there was no time to get along with each other for fear of being weak, the mother finally compromised and took the child home and reunited.

If Zhu Yang didn’t let people adjust He Yihua’s information yesterday, who would be impressed by a girl who was screened out? What’s more, the two obviously had the wrong date of birth.

The three-month gap will not be twins, nor will it be born to a mother. The other party knows this, so he can run the train with confidence.

But if it is dismantled, the other party is right, and they are indeed telling the truth.

Zhu Yang smiled and didn’t say much, but this language art is more opportunistic than knowing the rules. After being dismantled, the reaction is completely demeaned.

This younger sister obviously has a much higher wrist, she can advance and retreat, and is mellow and safe. If the two sisters fought against each other, how could the “last life” mean that they would not lose injustice.

Even in this life, Zhu Yang looked at each other, his IQ did not seem to rise much, the only weapon is the prophecy of the development of things.

However, this kind of thing is full of variables. If she has no other chips in her hand, then I am afraid the result will be difficult.

Zhu Yang asked a few more questions, and the other party answered fluently. She deliberately avoided family problems and didn’t delve into it. So what does it mean that there is no reason for losing the election.

Finally Zhu Yang nodded: “Okay, welcome to join the sisterhood.”

He Yihan’s moderate performance is a surprise: “My pleasure.”

The two seemed to be chatting very happily, and after coming out of the activity room, they talked a few words along the way.

However, according to the rules of the Sisterhood, you cannot walk alongside Zhu Yang or in front of her, so He Yihan is one step behind her.

This made her feel unwilling to her heart, even for elementary school students. But looking at the people around her, the environment, and the rights of the club, as well as the boss’s appearance, it’s not the same as elementary school students.

I don’t know if it was deliberate or a coincidence. Soon after they came out, they encountered He Yihui passing through the corridor.

He Yihui saw that Zhu Yang is not as out of control as she did yesterday, and obviously she hates her sister more than Zhu Yang.

At this moment, seeing He Yihan doglegs behind Zhu Yang, there was no jealousy and resentment from the previous life on his face, only a trace of ridicule flashed in his eyes.

In the last life, she was wrong, and she actually faced these two **** alone. They weren’t good guys at first, so how good is it to let them fight with each other and lose money?

She stupidly rushed out and became a target. In this life, she didn’t rush to fight to see how long these two guys could maintain the plastic sisterhood.

After Zhu Yang went upstairs, He Yihan came to He Yihui and said with some surprise: “Sister, I have joined the sisterhood.”

He Yi painted skin and smiled and said, “Congratulations.”

She was not good at acting, but this reaction was in line with the setting that she had said regrets in the morning and was beaten in the face within a few hours.

He Yihan has no doubts, and pretends to be naive and excited: “In the morning, I heard you say that it is difficult to join the meeting, the standards are too high, and the selection is strict. I still beat the drums in my heart. As a result, I was selected as soon as I went. The president also said that I was incapable of performance. Picky.”

Seeing He Yihui’s face getting more and more ugly, He Yihan’s heart was relaxed, but she suddenly said: “You called the wrong one.”

“Huh?” He Yihan looked puzzled.

At this time, He Yi, who was so unwilling and ashamed, painted his face with a smile but a smile: “Zhu Yang is not called the chairman.”

“Although the Sisterhood is known as a club, it is not really a club in the true sense. It is just Zhu Yang’s follow-up group.”

“Of course, this group has a large number of people, rich resources, and exchanges of needs. It can indeed make everything simple. Objectively speaking, Zhu Yang is a very talented person. Otherwise, why are so many people willing to follow her? ?”

“But anyway, in essence, the sisterhood is her attendant, and you’d better not call her the president, because in principle she is not your boss, but your master.”

He Yihui raised her eyes and made a reminiscence expression: “Oh, I just saw you walking behind her, right?”

“Do you think this is because the aisle is too narrow? Believe it or not, even if the aisle is ten meters wide, you are still in that position.”

He said and smiled brightly: “But sister, you seem to be quite happy by yourself, um! Just be happy if you are.”

He Yihan’s entire face was stiff, and he almost didn’t stretch his personality.

She said that there was a sense of disobedience everywhere, and she was already inferior before she knew it.

She was angry, but looking at her sister’s face, she immediately guessed that what she said in the morning was intentional, and she was clearly waiting here.

He Yihan has a higher rank than her sister in the end, and soon her emotions were reduced.

“Oh! I don’t know how this is the case. Sister, I regret that you said that.”

“But yes-the president seemed to have some impression of you when I was interviewing just now. Sister, you did go to the interview yesterday and got brushed down?”

“I also heard that you were exposed because you did not abide by the rules and brought your makeup in. It was so impressive.”

When she said that, she glanced at her sister worriedly: “Why bother, sister! I don’t understand the situation, but since you understand so, why would you rather join in at the risk of cheating? And make yourself so embarrassed. ”

He Yihui was not her opponent when she was playing tricks in her last life. She didn’t expect that she was fully prepared in this life, but he was caught by this guy and came back.

But if you didn’t say that in the morning, this guy wouldn’t join the sorority so soon. Thinking about the long-term problem, He Yihui could only put up with this bad breath for the time being.

And He Yihan despised this stupid idiot in his heart, and wanted to shame her, even if the sisters were as she said, since everyone wants to join, it shows that there are many benefits.

And the boss may not always be the boss.

The two sisters are pregnant with ghosts and are preparing to return to the classroom.

But I saw two teenagers passing by the stairwell. Both of them were one in a million looks. Not only were they good-looking, they were even more extraordinary.

Even in this place full of the proud of heaven, it is still standing out from the crowd.

He Yihan’s eyes lit up suddenly, and seeing the two of them on the floor where they were in the third grade, when they disappeared completely, He Yihan came back to his senses.

If there is a mirror in front of her now, she can definitely see her face rippling in love, and this performance can’t be concealed.

She only sighed that she was so stupid in her previous life that she hadn’t noticed anything so obvious. She let this **** be a gun so many times for nothing, and was embarrassed to be cleaned up against Zhu Yang.

But this guy didn’t please, although she didn’t want to admit it, but why did she say that she wanted revenge among the people.

Although the person who hates the most is her good sister, Zhu Yang is the most difficult in terms of action. Her sister is conceited and clever, but she can’t match it.

She hasn’t been well, and her good sister will not be well after being exposed.

But why does it mean that he obviously didn’t know this, and was going back to ask.

Then she heard her sister say, “The one in front is your boss’s boyfriend, and the latter turned around yesterday, but it seems to be very relevant.”

Looking at her with a faint smile: “Why? Interested?”

Why is it not stupid, how could it be possible to commit such a taboo without even knowing it?

So he admired it and said: “Students are still studying, but they are really handsome.”

The other party is so handsome, and there must be a lot of girls with the same thoughts, so her reaction should not be too normal.

The author has something to say:    continue to beg for the nutrient solution, 1551

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“There’s always ghosts asked me to speak out” Author: ancient tea

Since ancient times, ghosts have died in vain, and the most indispensable is ghosts full of grievances.

Until one day, the painter was born out of thin air, encountering ghosts to kill ghosts, encountering demons to kill demons, and the ghost world and the demon world heard the wind.

Everyone thought those evil spirits and monsters were going to give this mortal a bit of color, but they never thought…

The ghosts and monsters with terrifying prototypes all dressed up gracefully, carefully stood in front of each other’s door, and said respectfully, “Little girl, help!”

The big ghost who happened to pass by, “…Damn, the ghost world’s face has been lost by you!”


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