Scream Queen Chapter 184

Because the game mission is to survive for seven days, even the current situation is like a movie that can write hundreds of thousands of characters and the plot line can last for more than ten years.

Zhu Yang would not think that they can be so leisurely.

Although at present, the two sisters and even the female ghost three have no threat to Zhu Yang, but the hand that is behind him is not so gentle. He should also be racing against time.

Xie Yi was delayed for a day, Zhu Yang came to Parallel World for the past day, and now there are five full days of game time left.

How can five days bring a devastating blow to her? So as to capture the vitality of her whole person?

To be honest, it is Zhu Yang’s imagination, and it will be every time for a while.

In the afternoon, a few people did not go to Zhu Yang’s house separately. Because tomorrow is the weekend, we can have fun this evening.

Zhu Yang and Lu Xiu’s resignation and Xie Yi said and laughed when they came down from the third-grade floor and passed through the second-grade area, they happened to ran into the two sisters of the He family.

He Yihui didn’t respond much, but He Yihan, who has become a new member of the sisterhood, greeted Zhu Yang enthusiastically.

“Senior elder sister, elders?” He looked good.

Zhu Yang was talking to Xie Yi, and only clicked his chin when he saw this. He didn’t stop even the words in his mouth, passing by the two of them.

At this time, when school is over, there are many students going back and forth in the stairwell, going home, working on duty, busy participating in club activities, and there are quite busy and crowded up and down.

But the surroundings of the three people seem to have nothing to do with the recklessness here, handsome men and beauties, aura of dust, the crowd unconsciously stepped away when they saw it, so that they shuttled through it, coming and going calmly.

It seemed to be shining wherever it passed, and it was unforgettable and unique.

He Yihan quietly watched the three walk away, her heart full of ambitions that are bound to win, and He Yihui behind her, why not?

How sensitive are Xie Yi and Zhu Yang to human emotions? Walking far away, Xie Yi suddenly said: “It’s really welcome.”

Lu Xiu asked in confusion: “What?”

Zhu Yang left his hand indifferently: “Go on the side, stay away from me.”

The first time Lu Xiuci saw a girl turning his face faster than turning a book, he was dumbfounded: “This is what happened? What’s wrong with you?”

Zhu Yang looked at him critically: “You always seduce people with your face open all the time, can you keep yourself safe?”

Lu Xiuci almost thought it was the landlord’s grandfather who was reprimanding the charming eighth wife, even though there were a thousand words, he didn’t know where to start.

“I–” He opened his head, and then suddenly realized: “Don’t you want to come to the liquidation now?”

He has heard that some men are very pleased when they are pursuing girls. They are all sorts of inferiorities, but in reality they have an extremely low self-esteem and conceit.

So before I got it, everything was fine. Once I got it, I would be picky and suppressed. I was thinking of the low-cost idea of ​​‘being so pretentious at the beginning, but I was still committed to me’.

It seemed that I wanted to find all the prestige I had once lost.

In order to resist Zhu Yang’s aggressive onslaught, he read some weird books and tried to dispel his heart with reason, but everyone saw it.

So it’s a little dazed at the moment.

Zhu Yang raised his eyes and squinted at him: “Huh! I hope you understand that you are now a well-known person. Although everyone was coveted when you were single, you should learn to constrain from now on. .”

Lu Xiuci looked at this guy for a long while, making sure that she was deliberately picking things up.

For Lu Xiu’s resignation in the future, no matter what Zhu Yang said, it is enough to lie flat and do it. Reasoning with his girlfriend is the most stupid act.

But now he obviously hasn’t trained his desire to survive, so he raised his eyebrows and said, “Should I disfigure Mingzhi when I became you? Then what happened to you back then.”

“I’m excited when I see it!” Zhu Yang Zhenzheng said.

“Seeing the color -” Lu Xiu still wanted to provoke her, but he was immediately blushed by her words, and for a moment forgot what to say next.

Seeing that there was no expression on her face, he followed Xie Yi and walked forward, feeling uneasy, so he secretly reached out to hold her.

After a while, the two began to get sticky again.

He almost didn’t blink Xie Yi’s eyes.

Ouch, why is he here? Watch two high school students fall in love? So these two guys were like this in high school?

Listen to what it is, especially sister Zhu Yang, don’t you remember that you are already twenty-three-four? Seriously, the inexplicable works of girls of this age can be played into three points.

Xie Yi didn’t tell them to get goose bumps, but after thinking about it, he realized that Zhu Yang had tuned/taught his buddies.

To say that a young and beautiful girl, even if she is cute in every way, her works are just like, people start to get irritated before they start to get angry.

After a few more conditioned reflexes, a man will know what to do in such a situation. Ask him to say, there is a strategy game called, and it is a violent thing that did not choose her as the player.

I picked up Zhu Weixin in the junior high school, and the four of them returned home in two cars.

Zhu Yang will play a lot of things, but now he doesn’t like to mess around at home, maybe the game has given enough excitement.

She hadn’t remembered for a long time that she once had the title of party queen.

So I called back, took the nanny and aunts at home on vacation, and ‘takes’ out a lot of fruits and vegetables from the freezer.

Actually thinking of showing off his cooking skills.

Zhu Yang has the ability of a plane supermarket, but under normal circumstances, this ability has little effect.

The things from other worlds, Zhu Yang easily dare not give ordinary people to eat, and her space has a huge material reserve, and now there is more space spirit spring.

According to popular saying, there is overlap in skills, but Zhu Yang doesn’t dislike it if there are too many skills.

It was space food and space water again, and Xie Yi also provided some spiritual meat.

Looking at her busy sister in the kitchen, Zhu Weixin looked at Lu Xiu’s resignation unhappy while waiting for dinner happily.

Lu Xiuci said funnyly: “What’s the matter?”

Zhu Weixin curled his lips: “You have a great face. My sister used to be busy setting up parties when she came back at this time of the week.”

Zhu Yang’s party is famous far and wide, and Lu Xiu’s resignation is not unheard of. He has even been invited to participate.

This is the invitation letter sent by this guy on his birthday when the summer vacation last semester.

Originally, there was something in his family that day, and his father asked him to accompany him to a banquet.

But he just didn’t listen to his feet, he chose this side, and he also made an invitation to his classmates’ birthday.

As a result, she walked down the stairs in a small dress that day, shuttled through the banquet, as light as an elf, sitting by the pool with others under the moon, with high-heeled sandals casually thrown aside.

With slender legs and delicate toes sliding romantically and carelessly on the water waves, Lu Xiuci had always thought that he didn’t like girls with long sleeves.

He used to admire people who could stay aside quietly and calmly than the shuttle like flowers and butterflies.

But that day, he wanted to kiss her madly. From then on, he knew that what he liked and what he wanted could be so different or even completely opposite.

Then within two months, he fell completely and surrendered.

At this moment, when Zhu Weixin talked about it, Lu Xiuci couldn’t help but look at the kitchen, feeling sweet.

But his face arrogantly said: “It doesn’t matter, I can.”

He originally meant that he would like it regardless of the extravagant party or the small gathering of her cooking, but after Zhu Weixin listened to it, he would just listen to the ass.

“Aci! Come and help.” Zhu Yang’s voice came from the open kitchen.

In this life, Lu Xiuci doesn’t even talk about cooking, and he hasn’t even burnt water. After hearing Zhu Yang ask him to subconsciously want to help him?

But Zhu Yang has never been too busy to let a man copy his hands and wait.

She gave Lu Xiuci a paring knife: “Peel off the skin of the potatoes, then stare at the soup pot. The water will boil and turn to a low heat.”

“Oh, oh!” Lu Xiuci took the paring knife somewhat freshly. This job is simple. Although he is a kitchen novice, he is not a natural kitchen killer, nor is he hand-handicapped.

Although it’s the first time to do it, it won’t be messed up, and on the contrary, he has strong hands-on ability. Without Zhu Yang’s explanation, he also consciously washed out other vegetables and started to cut them. At first, he moved slowly, but he found the hand feeling. Up.

Zhu Yangbian praised him for his ability and diligence, but Lu Xiu didn’t show up in his words, and his heart was as beautiful as a prize.

But he didn’t know that the moment he took the knife right now, the kitchen would belong to him in the future.

There is no doubt about the quality of meat, vegetables and fruits. Zhu Yang’s cooking skills are not very picky, but some of his favorite home-cooked dishes are also authentic.

Rao Shilu Xiuci and Zhu Weixin have eaten the delicacies of mountains and seafood, the jelly and jade dew, they can’t help but have an appetite, and they almost eat it uncontrollably.

“My God, this is too delicious, right?” Zhu Weixin was eating the fruit after the meal, while looking at his sister with bright eyes: “Sister, did you pick up the cookbook from the God of Cooking? Or was selected by the Chinese Little Master Passed on?”

Lu Xiuci also nodded, obviously surprised at this meal: “Indeed, it’s so delicious.”

Zhu Yang listened to a wave of flattery with a smile, before calling out: “The people who didn’t cook should wash the dishes.”

Xie Yi and Zhu Weixin were also obedient, and took the bowls on the table and went to the kitchen, leaving Zhu Yang and Lu Xiu on the table.

Lu Xiuci was still immersed in the awe-inspiring food. Suddenly, he felt something more in his calf, rubbing up and down across the fabric of his pants.

He could feel the shape of the thing, small and exquisite, each round and round like tender beans carved in white jade.

Lu Xiuci blushed, his eyes were a little uncomfortable, but the touch suddenly disappeared.

There was a sudden disappointment in his heart. When he was harassed, he felt intolerable and wanted to scold her for mischief, but she would always converge just one second before you spoke, making people suddenly empty.

Zhu Yang got up and went straight upstairs. When he was on the stairs, he turned and looked back at him, with an inexplicable smile in his eyes.

Lu Xiuci had just drunk a glass of luscious pomegranate juice, but now she suddenly felt dry.

He squeezed his hand on the table, then finally got up and followed. At this moment, Zhu Weixin was washing the dishes in the kitchen, and he was rarely guarded.

As soon as Zhu Yang approached the door of his room, Lu Xiuci was overtaken by Lu Xiuci. He turned around Zhu Yang’s body, held her waist with one hand, and kissed her head.

This time, unlike the last time I kissed her actively, it stayed on her lips for a long time.

Although it is still slightly green, it can be seen that this is the result of thousands of simulations in my mind.

After the kiss ended, Zhu Yang held the doorknob with his hand, opened the door and pulled Lu Xiuci in.

Seeing that he was about to be lustful towards his young boyfriend when he was young, as soon as the door light was turned on, he saw that Zhu Yang’s entire room was ruined and bloody.

I saw that the originally fashionable and gorgeous decoration in her room was messy now, the quilt sheets and pillows were smashed, and feathers stained with blood were everywhere.

Tables and chairs fell to pieces, expensive clothes and jewelry were torn and shredded, and they were thrown on the ground like a pile of tatters like revenge.

There are countless photos of her posted on the wall, all printed from her social accounts, and every photo has been destroyed.

Either scratch her face sparsely, or write unbearable abusive words on it with black pen.

Other places are covered with terrifying **** handprints.

Zhu Yang didn’t have any reaction after seeing it. She saw more scenes that were more terrifying than this. As for the property, she didn’t feel distressed. After all, she could buy herself in the parallel world ten times more expensive in minutes.

But anyway, something ran into her house to make trouble. This is not a holiday that can be explained in a few words.

Ok! Anyway, there are people who want to fill in this occasion, and there is nothing to be angry about thinking about it this way.

But Lu Xiu resigned. Seeing all this, he subconsciously blocked Zhu Yang behind him, his face increasingly ugly.

Zhu Yang’s house is not a place where any cat or dog can sneak into. Her house is a place where the rich live in this city. Although it covers a large area, the security is absolutely top-notch.

Moreover, there are people in her family all day long, so it is impossible to hide such a big motive from the servants without knowing it.

Lu Xiuci subconsciously suspected that it was the domestic servant who committed the crime, so since the other party dared to do this, I am afraid there will be even more terrible arrangements waiting for them.

And the number of servants is more than one or two. With Lu Xiu’s family background and the crisis consciousness cultivated since childhood, he subconsciously associates with the possibility of a joint cooperation case between servant groups.

He categorically said: “Go to my house!”

Then he took out a satellite phone he brought with him to call home and asked people to pick them up. In his opinion, the people at Zhu Yang’s house were already untrustworthy.

And Zhu Yang puts people on holiday, and now besides their empty house, I am afraid there are others lurking.

As a result, they would be in danger if they were scattered upstairs and downstairs.

Lu Xiuci said to Zhu Yang: “Don’t be afraid, you follow me, let’s go down to find Axin and Xie Yi first.”

As he spoke, he took a decorative baseball bat in Zhu Yang’s room in a protective manner.

He has good fighting skills, even if the opponent is an adult, if it is not swarmed by a few adult men, he is still sure.

Most of the servants in the house are women, but they are afraid that the other party will sneak in from outside.

Rao Zhu Yang has become very strong now, seeing Lu Xiu’s speech is still soft in his heart.

To be honest, they themselves never experienced any threats when they were dating in high school.

After reunion in the game, although Lu Xiuci intended to protect her, because of the hidden identity, Zhu Yang himself is a tiger, and strictly speaking, he has never encountered this step.

But now, when both of them are just ordinary people, Zhu Yang can’t help but sigh that he has always been so good.

Even before everything started, it was not the game that gave him the glory, he himself was so dazzling.

Zhu Yang forcibly resisted the urge to push down the young boyfriend behind his back, and grumbled disdainfully from the game that had been silent for a long time.

Zhu Yang sneered [Don’t know what’s good or bad, and don’t want to think about who can help you relieve your stress when you bite with someone. 】

The game stopped talking, and at this time they also came downstairs.

Seeing that Zhu Weixin and Xie Yi were still washing the dishes and there were no people around, Lu Xiu was relieved at first, and then felt that it was very unusual at this time.

But in any case, his judgment is that Zhu Yang can’t stay at home more, but the family will arrive a while later, and it is not good to drive down the mountain rashly.

In case someone was outside, it would be even more dangerous for them to go out now that the moon is black and the wind is high.

So Lu Xiuci first told the two about going to his house. Zhu Weixin exploded when he heard his suggestion. He felt that this guy was very uneasy and kind, and wanted to abduct his sister home in just a few days.

Is that what a serious boy does?

After hearing him talk about the current situation of Zhu Yang’s room, his face suddenly turned black. Zhu Weixin’s thinking was similar to Lu Xiu’s speech.

I am afraid that there is a ghost. Seeing that their siblings and their parents are not at home all the year round, the two children are guarding such a large villa and they have become malicious. I am afraid this picture is not small.

Even if the other party didn’t do it first, he went to the room to engage in terrorist threats. It is not necessarily because of the perverted mental illness of the rich.

Either way is not a good thing, so he took a look at Lu Xiu resigned, no longer the usual entanglement: “Okay, go to your house first.”

Lu Xiuci was generally satisfied with Zhu Weixin’s reliability when it was critical. During this period, Zhu Weixin also immediately took out the phone to notify the security in the area.

When Lu Xiuci just speculated about the direction of the matter, he subconsciously thought that if the place wanted to do something, it must have cut off their external contact at this time, presumably blocking the signal within the villa.

But I didn’t expect that Zhu Weixin’s phone call could be made. Obviously Zhu Weixin also noticed this, and then a trace of absurdity flashed across the faces of both people.

The room is messy, but no one cuts off the signal, and no one takes advantage of the good timing to attack them? What the **** is this for?

But despite this, the two did not relax their vigilance.

Xie Yi wiped his hands and glanced at Zhu Yang.

The stall in the room was obviously caused by the female ghost sisters she cleaned up last night, but there is something special here.

They are neither good at yelling about ghosts, nor can they be too obvious to the people around them. In a sense, they are actually quite passive.

But in this way, Zhu Yang obviously allowed things to develop logically. Xie Yi thought for a moment, and understood her plan somewhat.

It is probably because they are worried that after their mission is over, there will be trouble spreading on the people around her. Use this matter to keep them vigilant and make them realize that their living environment is not completely ordinary and safe, right?

The security came first, and they also paid attention to what happened to Zhu Yang’s house, and immediately checked the surroundings of the villa to see if there were anyone hiding.

I wanted to call the police but was stopped by Zhu Yang and the security guards did not force it. After all, the people living here are not able to get anything from the outside world.

And they must have their own solutions.

It didn’t take long for people from the road home to arrive. There were a dozen black-clothed men in four cars, all of them well-trained from Zhu Yang’s eyes.

As soon as they arrived, they cleared the security guards and handed over the results of the search just now. They were divided into two groups, one group escorted them back home, and the other group went directly to the room and started the investigation.

When they arrived at Lu’s house, the preliminary investigation results there had also come out.

Lu Xiuci looked at the report sent over there-

“There is no trace of intrusion in the room. According to the degree of blood oxidation at the scene, the time the room was destroyed should be around 5:30 in the afternoon.”

“At that time, you had called to inform the people at home to leave. From the monitoring of the villa’s gate, all the servants had also left, and we arrived home around six o’clock, then there should be no one in the villa at that time.”

“As for the possibility of the servants sneaking back, let alone the normal operation of the monitoring, there is no indication. My people have also checked the servants’ behavior after leaving the villa, and there is no abnormality.”

“Even recently, they and their close relatives have not had any unusual economic changes, and there have been no unusual people or unusual conversations in reality and the Internet.”

“All this is just like—”

“It’s like seeing a ghost?” Zhu Yang took his next sentence.

Lu Xiuci looked at her worriedly. According to the preliminary investigation, it was just like that. Who has such a mysterious wrist, and the person with this wrist is actually hostile to his girlfriend.

But seeing Zhu Yang herself, she didn’t care. Lu Xiuci felt that she seemed to be too calm. Even though Zhu Weixin’s face was calm, her expressions inevitably revealed her irritability because she was worried about her sister.

Zhu Yang held their heads one by one, and the three leaned together: “Calm down, nothing can’t be solved, as long as we are together.”

This may be taken for granted and no longer responsible for others, but it is Zhu Yang’s greatest expectation for himself and his brother and lover in this world.

Lu Xiuci and Zhu Weixin only regarded her as optimism and comfort. Seeing that she was really not afraid or uneasy, they felt a little better.

Uncle Lu is not at home either, and they live in the huge mansion of the Lu family.

Zhu Weixin is here for the first time now. Even if he is a wealthy home, he is shocked by this style and scale.

He turned his head and whispered to Xie Yi: “It’s over, you are not qualified for a spare tire.”

Almost didn’t stun Xie Yi to death: “No, is it possible that this is something glorious? Should I be disappointed?”

Zhu Weixin took it for granted: “Of course, it’s up to the spare tire standard for my sister, and it’s also very good. Your whole personality can be a lot higher because of this.”

Xie Yi looked at him fixedly, and suddenly grabbed his dog’s head and rubbed it wildly: “You are a mad boy who loves your sister, shut up.”

Regarding family matters, Zhu Yang did not inform Father and Mother Zhu, so when the couple connected the video with the siblings at night, they did not notice that they were not at home.

Now that the people came to the house, Lu Xiu resigned naturally and had to show them around.

Zhu Yang is as familiar with this place as his own home, except that Uncle Lu’s room and study are inconvenient to enter, where does he not know?

However, after Zhu Weixin learned that he is a fighting and firearms lover and has a wealth of collections at home, he clamored to sign with him.

Lu Xiu resignedly said that although this kid was shaking and obtrusive when making light bulbs, it is good to be close to protect his sister and learn more.

So not only did he accompany him to practice, use professional guidance to correct him, but also teach him how to use a gun.

Zhu Weixin was happy, and said: “The first time I think you are not so useless.”

Lu Xiu’s words: “…”

Madly thinking that my brother-in-law is not easy to offend, and my brother-in-law is not good to offend.

Seeing this, Xie Yi thought about it and secretly stuffed Zhu Weixin some dry goods.

He had seen this guy behave too violently in the face of ghosts before and asked Zhu Yang about him.

It turned out that this guy had been involved in the game accidentally once, and listening to that, his performance was pretty good.

How could such a good seedling miss the game?

It is impossible for the old roads and Zhu Yang of this world to become players, but obviously this plane is not strong enough to deter some existing advanced players.

The copy this time is iron proof, although Xie Yi doesn’t feel that Zhu Yang is willing to involve his brother in the game.

But judging by his objective eyes, it is actually more pros than cons to make his brother a player.

Of course, no one knows what will happen in the future. Xie Yi only hopes that if Zhu Weixin, this child really has that day.

Then what he instilled can make him run farther from the beginning, just like his sister.

Zhu Yang looked disinterested, saying that it was for the boys to play by themselves, and she went back to the room to sleep.

Then the smile on her face disappeared when she returned to the room.

The Lu’s guest room is also comfortable and luxurious. There is an Internet TV in the room. She turns it on directly, and the interface that comes out is an idol drama that is currently on the air.

The current plot is that the original partner leads a girlfriend to tear up the mistress in the street, and the surrounding extras point out.

Zhu Yang looked at this screen, which had nothing to do with the matter, with a patience.

According to the urinary **** of that idiot, doing such a sabotage, not showing off proudly in front of the person, is like walking at night.

But she has suffered from Zhu Yang’s hands again, and naturally she dare not show up easily.

Therefore, Zhu Yang waited for a while, and found that the other person’s eyes were different in the corner of the screen, among the most inconspicuous people onlookers.

The idiot didn’t dare to be too obvious, and he didn’t make that pale ghost look, stunned among the people.

However, group acting should have the basic accomplishment of group acting anyway. You look at people on the street and face away from the other side, aiming at the outside of the TV.

With a smug smirk, how blind is the director to keep this passage?

Zhu Yang grinned and walked from the bedside to the TV in an instant. This speed surprised the female ghost inside.

But she dared to come out this time and was completely prepared.

The performance of the group performance on the spot returned to abnormal, which shows that they have escaped.

Don’t forget, Zhu Yang has the ability to travel through the Internet. At this moment, even if she wants to COS a Sadako, she doesn’t need special effects.

So Zhu Yang plunged into the TV and didn’t have to swim very far, so he grabbed the female ghost who thought it was a success and had a triumphant face.

The female ghost felt a pain in her scalp, her whole body was pulled, and she felt a sigh of fear coming from behind.

She turned her head khaka, her face was pale and stiff like the heroine of a horror movie, Zhu Yang smiled and gradually appeared in her sight.

She screamed like she saw a ghost, “Ah—-”

Zhu Yang slapped her face with a slap in the face: “Roar a hammer, do you still have a face to scream?”

Punch a person’s head directly on the ground, rubbing against her face, and said: “I find that stupid people always do not count.”

“It’s okay to do things, but can you take care of things you stupid do?”

“Last time I splashed your dad with black dog blood, and I can lick it by myself. I treat it as a mess that can be cleaned up.”

“It’s okay now. You ruined your father’s entire room. Do you know how much the contents are converted to worth? You can afford to be so poor that you can’t get enough to eat without a job?”

“Say, what should I do now?”

The female ghost faces have been rubbed off. Where can I speak? Although this **** can’t kill her, it hurts to fight.

The female ghost convulsed in pain and wept loudly, but this person was not half intolerable.

No way, she had to say loudly: “I have money, I have money, I have a small deposit, I will give it to you.”

Although the owner of the money is the living He Yihui, the female ghost does not feel that she is one with the other party.

In her opinion, she was already dead, and she was dead, and she couldn’t enjoy the money anymore.

And now He Yi-e will die sooner or later. Even if he is not dead, this guy will turn jealous of He Yi-e, thinking that they are all alone. Why can she avoid the same fate?

So it is unambiguous to sell from oneself.

Upon hearing this, Zhu Yang grabbed this guy by his hair and picked it up like a dish: “Sure, then let’s go find your money.”

Zhu Yang grabbed the goods and climbed along the network cable to He Yihui.

At this time, He Yihui was still thinking about how to take revenge, but his brain capacity was limited. The combing of a lot of information, the inertia of logic, and the distribution of the layout required a lot of time.

And it may not be as expected. For example, when He Yihan joined the sisterhood today, she was backed by her.

At the moment, Zhu Yang and He Yihan’s social network page was open on her computer screen.

The grin on his face is vicious and gloomy: “Zhu Yang is here, but he has a high sense of vigilance. He has never been caught by anyone. He didn’t have many intersections with her in his previous life. He looks too invulnerable to be too hasty.”

“But you–” He Yihui puts the page of He meaning to the largest: “I know all the dirty things in private.”

“Forget it, you have to pretend to be pure for a while. This is also more advantageous for you to deal with Zhu Yang. When you start biting dogs, those guys will have time to play again.”

With this IQ, Zhu Yang didn’t know where her self-confidence came from, and felt that things would develop in her ideal direction.

But if according to this guy’s statement, she wouldn’t do it.

Zhu Yang’s game never regards completing tasks as the ultimate goal, which can only be said to be her minimum standard.

And the reincarnation mentioned by the bridesmaid, and the settings of this parallel world, made her realize that there may be the key to liberating those people who let her enter the first level of the game from reincarnation.

Then she would not be satisfied with only surviving for seven days and leaving, she must get what she wants.

Zhu Yang, who had just come over to see if both of them knew each other’s existence, changed his mind.

She has to push this idiot into force.

So she slapped the female ghost to the back of her head, which had been bald by her: “Do you know what to do?”

The female ghost cried and cried: “I know!”

Knowing this thing was so evil, she should have given up revenge, and poured the extra anger directly on He Yihan and her little third mother.

So when He Yihui sneered at the computer, he saw a wave of ripples flashing on the computer screen, like a water surface being turned on.

And why does it mean that the photos on the social network are suddenly sprinkled out of nowhere, and the entire computer interface pops up everywhere.

There are so many photos of this slut. Every day, I can’t be a human without sending dozens of microdermabrasion intensive and sad friendships.

Therefore, there are more than a thousand photos in the entire account, densely stacked, like a computer virus.

For the first time, He Yihui was confused by so many He Yihan’s faces, and suddenly felt that she was almost blind and wanted to force shutdown.

But before I touched the shutdown button, I saw that those photos had changed, and the facial features of the people in them gradually changed into her appearance.

This is more than that. After becoming her, his face continued to be pale and cracked, his eyes were dark and muddy, and the whole person was gloomy as a withered female ghost. Where is the glamour of the youth now?

He Yihui seemed to see herself in the mirror before she died, staring at the computer screen motionlessly.

Time seemed to have an illusion, and her rebirth seemed like an unrealistic dream, and everything came from her imagination.

As a result, she was never born again, had no new beginning, and had no chance to send her enemies to hell.

In other words, no matter how hard she struggles, it is futile. All of this is her destiny, and she can’t break free.

He Yihui’s face was pale, and her eyes were sneered at her face on the screen, before she screamed out, covering her head, “Ah—-”

In an instant, a puff of air pressure swept across the room, and then, like a countercurrent river, calmed down again in the next second.

At this time, He Yihui’s computer had returned to normal, but she quickly got up and ran out of the room without thinking.

The strange thing is that she just screamed so sternly, no one outside, whether it’s her parents, younger sister, or the servants in the house, found no one.

And Zhu Yang, who did not show up on the Internet, only felt that there was a sense of incongruity around him.

She looked at the empty place in front of the screen, and in the last second, He Yihui was actually sitting on it.

And the next second later, she escaped from the room like a ghost. The female ghost hadn’t had time to do anything, but the other party seemed to have a reaction.

Coupled with the sense of incongruity on the aura, Zhu Yang finally showed a touch of interest on his face.

“Huh? So this is the hole card. It really is a good thing.”

But at the same time, she also understood that the ghost villa in the first level could be solved by the principle.


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