Scream Queen Chapter 185

Zhu Yang had already caught the violation and reacted, and the next thing to do is to verify, but the female ghost doesn’t have that keen perception.

When she saw the person in front of her suddenly disappeared, her face was dumbfounded, and she was afraid of being beaten by Zhu Yang, turning her head miserably: \”People, can I be scared if they leave?\”

Zhu Yang slapped her head: “Also scared and left.”

\”Oh!\” The female ghost followed Zhu Yang back through the network cable, but when she was about to get there, she saw Zhu Yang turned her head and looked at her disgustingly.

\”Why are you following me? Is it just for the decay of alopecia areata on the back of your head? When you are alive, you are not qualified to join the sorority, and when you die, you will be treated as privileged?\”

\”Go ahead! Get in the way of Bill’s eyes.\”

The female ghost was almost out of anger and passed away. She was chased by this **** like a dog, which would make it unnecessary for the time being, and even disliked her.

But no matter how full of resentment, I can only swear in my heart at this moment, and I dare not leak even the slightest dissatisfaction on the face, which shows that I have been beaten and afraid.

\”Fine, you go first!\” She quickly stepped away.

Zhu Yang went out of the TV and returned to his room.

It didn’t take long at this time, and it was less than half an hour before she returned to the room.

The trip was very rewarding. Zhu Yang couldn’t stay in the room alone, and came to the practice room where the three boys were still there.

Zhu Weixin was trained by the two eldest brothers alone. He is also a person with good body shape and good understanding. Any teacher of this kind will not be difficult to teach.

But in the end, the difficulty of raising the difficulty needs to be gradual, and it is definitely not easy, and Zhu Yang did not bother them.

Sitting aside and watching it quietly for a long time, it took Lu Xiuci to find out for a long time.

He asked Zhu Weixin to practice first, then walked over and touched her face: \”Why come down again? Are you afraid? I’ll go up with you.\”

He couldn’t help but blame himself for his big heart, even if Zhu Yang didn’t show up all the way, but when a girl encountered this kind of thing, few people could keep calm.

Now that she is left alone in the room, it is in the dead of night, it is inevitable that she is thinking wildly.

Before she left, Zhu Weixin stopped her sister by arm: “I will sleep with my sister!”

Seeing Lu Xiu’s resignation, he still wanted to speak, and looked at him vigilantly: “What do you want to do? You still want to enter the girl’s room at night?”

Bai teaches this brat.

How fresh, Zhu Yang was as cautious as the people around him as porcelain for the first time.

Even Zhu Weixin, the two sisters and brothers in the ghost copy slept in the same room the previous time, it was she who protected him.

Going back to the room and rushing to sweat profusely, Zhu Weixin is still quite excited, he hasn’t slept with his sister in a long time.

When I was young, I couldn’t help the stickiness of my face. As I grew up in the past few years, I became more and more disgusted with him and wronged him.

Wearing his pajamas, he pounced on Zhu Yang on the bed, and Zhu Yang only felt that he was being pushed up by a huge dog.

Lifting the bed and wrapping Zhu Weixin, he wrapped the dog into rice dumplings.

\”Eh eh! Sister, let me go, I can’t get out, I can’t open my hand because of this.\”

Zhu Yang patted his head: \”Don’t hunch, sleep, do you want to run a few laps in bed?\”

Not to mention, sleeping with his tender little brother, he felt refreshed.

At breakfast the next day, when Zhu Weixin passed Lu Xiu’s resignation, his whole tail was upturned.

Lu Xiuci immediately asked the servant to serve him a cold bitter gourd.

I wish Weixin this baby is not picky about eating, eating cold bitter gourd and sniffing: “Childish.”

Lu Xiu’s speech: \”……\”

There is no class today, but Zhu Yang still plans to go out, because the sisters will have a member’s birthday today and will celebrate outside.

It was only in a horror movie that I experienced a mysterious invasion similar to a death threat. If you don’t stay in a safe place, you dare to run around and commit death.

Obviously, Lu Xiuci did not agree with her trip.

After investigating all night, Rao Yilu’s efficiency has not found any clues.

Those servants in Zhu Yang’s family have gone through an in-depth investigation, and indeed all of them are not suspected.

Also, I wish father looked stupid in front of his children, in fact, he is very deep and thoughtful.

People who come in and out of his own home every day, he will not be careless that he does not have his own set of strict screening standards.

The people in Lu’s family even used some special methods to check all the people in and out of the entire area all day long yesterday.

But it was really a **** of a ghost, and after the blood test in the room, it was also genuine human blood.

With such a large amount of blood, if a person came, that person would have died. At first, they speculated that it was a blood pack obtained in some place.

However, the test results showed that it was indeed a person, and according to the data comparison of the gene bank, it was actually locked on a student in Zhu Yang’s school.

However, the other party was alive and well, and at the time when Zhu Yang’s room was destroyed, the other party had already returned home and there was no trace of going out.

After Zhu Yang listened to Lu’s investigation results, some of them mourned for the meaning.

How should I put it, even without the presence of her and Xie Yi, the rebirth body and the resentful spirit body of the other side are both stupid and hindered by each other.

It is really not easy to make things successful, even if she has such a god-defying golden finger.

No, it has been found out now and the target is locked.

Don’t underestimate the energy of people in reality, the existence of the game, but also be careful to control the balance, so that the game is not exposed in reality.

And He Yihui said that her ability is against the sky. There must be a premise, depending on who uses it.

If it were Zhu Yang and Xie Yi, they would get this kind of ability and they would be able to make a new posture, but He Yihui would just——

It’s not that Zhu Yang looks down on her, just her foolishness of taking it for granted and careless of her head. Once locked by the people of the Lu family, she might be unclear at first.

But the activation of that ability is within a certain range, two more times can definitely be found.

According to the current investigation, according to Holmes’s famous statement.

Eliminate the impossible, and even if the rest is incredible, that is the truth.

Lu Xiuci’s eyes flashed, looking at Zhu Yang and said: “Perhaps this time, it may be really unclean.”

Seeing that Zhu Yang didn’t respond, he thought that the other party didn’t believe in strange power, and said: “Actually, this is not the first time I know this kind of thing.”

\”Although it did not happen to me, occasionally there are situations that cannot be understood by reality. It is difficult to dig deeper, as if blocked by something.\”

Their world is not entirely made up of matter. For this, Lu Xiuci had already prepared.

Zhu Yang looked at him in surprise, but what he thought was no wonder this guy had adapted so well when he first entered the game.

Also, no matter how concealed the actual situation is, it will inevitably reveal clues. With the extremely relevant capital of the Lu family, it is the kind that can touch the true form of society.

Zhu Yang didn’t stop them from going down this line. In her own way, she hoped they were prepared in this world.

If the next time she is absent, they will be involved in this messy incident, there will be so-called rebirths or traversers with golden fingers trying to use their advantage to interfere with their interests.

Zhu Yang hopes that they will not be caught off guard because of their ignorance.

But the one who should go out still has to go out, and plausibly replied to Lu Xiu: \”Is it still because of choking to stop eating? This incident scared me to curl up at home, I am afraid it really did what the other party meant.

Lu Xiu had no choice but to accompany her out.

Even Xie Yi sighed at Zhu Yang Tsk: “So you did this at this age. My brother really loves you.”

After changing to another man, how can you endure so many years and still love and grind yourself into a pervert with a strange taste?

You have to buy new clothes for the party, right? Zhu Yang’s wardrobe has been ruined all over the place, but Lu Xiu’s resignation says that the brand can directly send ready-made clothes to the house for selection.

But shopping is also where Zhu Yang’s fun lies. Lu Xiuci followed her, took her shopping bags one by one, and paid quickly.

The posture of being taken advantage of is no longer necessary to cultivate its own style. Mainly, according to the opinion of the future head.

After his girlfriend is beautiful and dressed up for the eyes, no matter what aspect is not his welfare? Naturally, he should pay the bill.

Zhu Yang passed a brand of custom jewelry, thought about it and pulled Lu Xiu in.

After taking out two gems, the person in charge of the district and the chief designer here quickly rushed over after being appraised.

The main component of the gem could not be identified initially, but it is very valuable depending on the appearance and rarity, at least if it is operated by their insiders, it will not be a problem to speculate in sky-high prices.

The most amazing thing is that just by holding it carefully, you can feel a rush of clean aura, refreshing and thinking.

So after learning that Zhu Yang wanted to design the gemstone as a pair of rings, he persuaded the other party to sell it, and they could buy it at a high price.

Zhu Yangxin said that the real value of this thing is that you can’t afford it, so he refused it without leaving any room.

He resigned to Lu Xiu again: “After this, we will do a wedding ring.”

\”Get married—\” Lu Xiu’s speech seemed to be unable to accept such a jumping topic for a while, but his mouth was up and down, but the words were: \”Then you have to get engaged first, leave it alone, I will arrange it!\”

Zhu Yang Zhile, these are the only two Lingyun Crystals she has left, and they can be regarded as gifts for herself and Lu Datou in this world.

Now they can’t directly refine the mortal womb, so they can only absorb it indirectly, and use special crystals to lock the spirit cloud crystals and they can’t run away.

With these, the two can stay safe from poison, have a clear mind, and stay healthy and youthful forever.

If you encounter people or ghosts that affect your spirit, you can also avoid them. Zhu Yang believes that if he and Lu Datou have a clear mind, they can still deal with most situations.

This is also broken for them.

As for the silly brother Zhu Weixin and his parents, she has other good things left.

After coming out from the inside, Lu Xiuci clenched Zhu Yang’s hands tighter, and as soon as his face relaxed a little, he began to show a silly smile, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help raising a proud smile.

The next second I was surprised that this was too shameful, but it didn’t take long for Banhui to forget his shape.

Zhu Weixin and Xie Yi, who came home from the exercise room, couldn’t see his silly face, and they knew what sweetness they had in Zhu Yang again.

Zhu Weixin’s teeth tickled. He also wanted to go shopping with him, but he was caught by his cheap cousin.

Choosing a suitable skirt and putting on makeup, Zhu Yang and Lu Xiu resigned and went to the agreed place.

At the same time, although he has just joined the sorority club, since he is a member, he is naturally qualified to participate in this party.

He Yihan spent most of the day trying on dresses in the room. She used to be very confident.

Because of the gatherings around, even if she picks up one and wears it casually, it is definitely the most dazzling existence among girls.

However, this time I always felt that everything was missing. The overall conditions of the sisterhood were too good, and there was an essential gap between the circles she had contacted before.

Looking around, she couldn’t be considered upstream inside. Always like to show the limelight with beauty, what is the meaning of suppressing peers, how can you tolerate yourself in the public?

She tried to get more irritable in the room, and after a while she heard a knock on the door.

But her sister came in with a lot of new skirts: “I haven’t chosen them yet? I have some here, you can try again?”

He Yihan is first of all to be vigilant, she knows that her sister is not kind to herself.

He Yihui naturally knows how she thinks, so she sits directly on her bed and smiles: “Indeed, as a girl of this age, the better you are, the more ordinary I am, and I will naturally not be happy with you Showcase.\”

\”But don’t forget, our family also has a family, somehow, and the family’s interests are of course more important than the little girl’s flower fight.\”

\”I haven’t told anyone or even hinted about your life experience outside, have I? Even if you join the sorority, I didn’t make trouble, because this kind of scandal is not good for our family.\”

\”Similarly, if you run well in the sorority, even—\” A sarcasm flashed across He Yihui’s face: \”If you really have the ability to pull Zhu Yang down, become the boss by yourself, and even treat her Replaced by all the resources of. As sisters, we are a community of interests outside, and the benefits are naturally my share.\”

\”Then why do I want to put down the real benefits for the boring battle of emotions? What’s more, I hate Zhu Yang to death.\”

What she said is actually very reasonable, why is it not stupid, she naturally knows that her birth is the only stain on her.

At first, she advertised why Yihui would grasp this point, and she was ready to deal with it, but now it seems that although this stupid sister has a bad head, she still has a bit of a big picture.

Indeed, if she does not pierce this matter, why does it mean that she will not actively pierce it, and if the two are in the kind of happy sister relationship, she will naturally have her benefits when she comes out.

It is not a question of pleasure, but a question of objective position.

He Yihui said again: “The day you and your mother came back, I didn’t go crazy and drove you out, because I know this is an established fact. You are such a big person and you cannot disappear out of thin air.”

\”Rather than complaining about yourself, it is better to think about how to best benefit.\”

She picked up a skirt and made gestures on her body: “I don’t like you to be true, but it is true that I am happy to see it happen to you.”

\”True smart people don’t spend their energy on internal consumption, so it’s better to go out together, so that everyone has it. So don’t use your mother’s little three to think about me?\”

\”Your mother has been like this in this life, you see it now, will my dad divorce my mom if she likes her? But you are different, you still have a chance to broaden your horizons.\”

Although He Yihui hates Zhu Yang, she can’t deny the strength of the other party.

The guy used the same similar words in his previous life to beat what it means, and I have to say that even if the trampling language is spoken from her mouth, it has extraordinary charm and incredible results.

He Yihan heard this kind of words at the time, even if he was hated to death, but for Zhu Yang’s vigilance and fear, she had to engrave her words word by word in his heart.

To be an enemy to do this is to have fun, so He Yihui said this argument in advance.

But she didn’t know that such remarks were actually based on an absolute strong and weak position, and only the strong were qualified to speak to the weak.

With the guiding significance of lofty and disdainful, Zhu Yang said what it means to make cold sweat, the whole body tense, and the omission of self-reflection behavior.

In the final analysis, this is a response that is based on a strong ability and has suffered a lot from it, and has experienced the fear of mastering every step.

Once you were identified as an idiot by your sister, even the little idiot who didn’t take advantage of the little confrontation you planned yesterday. Where did the confidence come from to point her to her?

Moreover, the mother of He Yihan completed the class leap by being a junior. She is a vested interest, not to mention that she is similar to her own mother in three views, even if she is not ashamed of her mother’s behavior.

As the one who opened her mouth to eat, how could she tolerate others’ contempt and insult one by one in front of her?

He Yihan wanted to have an attack, but when he saw He Yihui’s triumphant face, his eyes flashed, and he forcibly resisted the breath.

He smiled and said: \”Oh, I didn’t say anything. Seeing my sister, you worry so much. Of course I am happy that you can help me. Dad also said that I hope we two get along well.\”

He Yihui’s teeth tickled as soon as he heard this, her dad could say so lightly.

But last night’s fright made her completely panicked. She was afraid that she could not escape the curse of the previous life, and the panic made her lose patience and judgment.

She felt that she should add a fire, which was also the purpose of her coming.

The topic spread out, and then it went smoothly. On the other hand, she helped her try on clothes with a ninja like her sister’s impulse.

While giving her popular science about the members of the sorority, the topic naturally came to the sorority boss Zhu Yang’s boyfriend Lu Xiuci.

When her casual sister heard the conversation, her eyes brightened a lot, and her eyes became more serious.

He Yi painted her lips and smiled, seemingly inadvertently said: “Zhu Yang hates and hates, this makes people can’t resist, the best is always hers.”

What does it mean: \”The best? I think that senior Xie is no worse than Senior Lu.\”

\”Tsk tusk! You can’t just look at your looks, I’ve specifically inquired, Xie Xuechang is a relative of Zhu Yang, the second generation of demolished, in our school is normal, far worse than Zhu Yang’s family.\”

\”Although Zhu Yang’s family is also a nouveau riche, but the explosion is so powerful, you can’t resist.\”

\”But Senior Lu’s house is different. Although there is no specific statement, our young Zhong Shao is the one with the nostrils facing the sky. It is said that he is a distant relative of his family.\”

\”That guy is so clean, he usually doesn’t bother to play with us. He once expressed his opinion. This is the comparison between his home and Mr. Lu’s.\”

He Yihui made a little fingertip gesture and surprised He Yihan: “Isn’t Zhong’s classmate Zhong’s real estate? Their home is in the local area–\”

He Yihui curled his lips: \”Compared with Lu’s family, it is just a small shrimp. It is not a level at all. Now you can imagine Lu’s family background.\”

\”In that case, based on Zhu Yang’s family background, the two will not have results in the end, right?\” Then he nodded self-righteously: \”Yes, who is going to get married at this age when falling in love. Senior Lu I guess it’s just for fun.\”

He Yihui sneered: “If you want to underestimate Zhu Yang so much, you would be wrong.”

Complexity flashed in her eyes. Who didn’t say that at the beginning. Zhu Yang’s family is indeed rich in the circle, but compared with the real wealthy family, it is definitely picky from the beginning to the foot.

Many people are waiting to see her fall in embarrassment and never return to the top of the day.

He Yihui thought the same way before, but she survived until later, seeing Zhu Yang Nabite tune/teach Senior Lu to be submissive.

The most hateful thing is that Lu Xue grew up in such a large family background. The parents actually support free love. The two love each other smoothly. Let alone family opposition, the wicked mother-in-law ridiculed him. The guy didn’t even have the mother-in-law in his head, and the family lived abroad. Moisturizing days do not want to worry about children all day long.

There is such a kind of person that makes you itch with hatred but can’t kill you anyway, let alone kill, you can’t even reach enough.

So if you want revenge, you must not let Zhu Yang and Senior Lu go on. Fortunately, they haven’t been dating for a long time, so the relationship shouldn’t be behind them, right? At the beginning, Zhu Yang chased people over with a faceless expression.

But this is not something that can be said. He Yihui changed his statement: “Zhu Yang is best at using the resources in his hands to make profits for himself.”

\”Don’t say that things are still uncertain in the future, that is, she and Mr. Lu can’t go together, but during this period she entered the circle of Mr. Lu, and the information resources obtained in it, not to mention, even me It can be imagined that even a little bit of wind can bring benefits to her father’s company and her family.\”

\”So you feel that even if the final result is sad, is she a loss when she talks about this relationship?\”

What she meant by these words, she herself thought so, just asking this question.

Seeing the light in her eyes, He Yihui knew that this guy had been hooked. In fact, this guy will get the bait if she doesn’t throw bait, but to really make this guy active, she still has to take a step forward.

What meant that these originally needed time to discover, now He Yi painted her brains.

An hour before the party started, He Yihan was finally ready to go out, and He Yihua drove her into the private car at the door with a smile on her face.

When her father came back, seeing the two sisters happy and happy, He Yihui took the opportunity to ask for some benefits.

He Yihan came to the party. The home of the sorority members who celebrated their birthday was originally an entertainment venue.

It is not a small chain brand in this city, this time they are in her own club box.

Not many people were invited, only members of the sorority association and some good classmates and friends of the same age, but they were all at a playful age, and the atmosphere was very hot.

He didn’t get paid much attention when it came to He Yihan. The host of the party greeted him: “The meaning is here? Sit down, order what you want to eat and drink. You’re welcome, you newcomers can play together. There are many occasions, don’t be shy.\”

He Yihan smiled and nodded, while saying congratulations to the birthday star, while handing over gifts, he acted perfectly.

When several newcomers saw her coming, they also took the initiative to give up a position, which was different from the expectations she had reported during the afternoon’s preparation.

No one cared about her in particular, or lamented her difference, because the focus of the audience was all on Zhu Yang.

She didn’t wear anything special, like she went to the street to scan the new products of the season, and then pulled one out.

At this moment she was sitting on the single sofa in the main seat, her long legs folded lazily and leaning to one side, in the intertwined dim lights, like a bewitching sea monster.

Being glanced inadvertently, those people in their sights couldn’t help but breathe lightly subconsciously.

Ordinarily, she is only a teenager, and even if she is beautiful, the young girl’s charm is always different from the adult’s charm.

But Zhu Yang’s momentum, not to mention the crowds of little kids around, are those actresses who are the most popular on TV. Picked out from his mind, he felt that compared with her at this time, it was a little empty.

Her boyfriend was sitting on the side of the armrest of her sofa, casually accompanying her.

Originally with Lu Xiu’s tolerance and family background, Zhu Yang should have been weak when the two were together.

But what is the occasion for the overbearing young master and his charming girlfriend? Only the queen and her little wolf dog were left.

The meaning of what is meant is that it is clear that that guy hasn’t put on any aggressive makeup at all, so that means this is her own aura.

If this guy enters the entertainment industry, she will never be buried, and no matter how jealous and unhappy she is, she has to admit that the other party is truly extraordinary.

Since the limelight was not showing up, He Yihan simply became a good baby and played with a few newcomers who were not so comfortable.

At first, they were worried that the sisterhood would play too crazy, but they felt relieved when they saw that this club was very aggressive in appearance, but the style was still generous and safe.

Then He Yihan saw Senior Lu put down the cup in his hand, said something in Zhu Yang’s ear, and then left the box.

He Yihan sat for a while, and then made an excuse to go outside and let out the door.

Zhu Yang saw it in his eyes, only thought it was funny, but did not go out.

The important thing is not what is meant by what is meant, but what is meant by what is meant by what is meant by behavior, what is meant by what means to use her motivation to do something against herself.

Zhu Yang was looking forward to what else she could discover, and if that was all, then she would try it out herself.

Her methods have always been more direct and rude.

Lu Xiu resigned to answer the phone, and the following is still missing the incident last night.

Now that the target has been targeted to a girl in the second grade this morning, within a short period of time, the intersection of that girl and Zhu Yang, as well as the recent improprieties in the family situation, have also been turned out with high efficiency.

\”She gave her illegitimate sister a suitor who had mixed up with her before, made contact anonymously and even made a sum of money?\”

\”Understood, continue to follow.? Huh! Just ignore it.\”

Lu Xiuci answered the phone, with his finger against his chin. Now it seems that it is just a mess of rich people, a sisterhood dispute between little girls.

It happened that the girl had an interview at the Sisterhood Club on the first day, and she behaved abnormally. One girl was scared to the infirmary. Although others thought she had hallucinations, Lu Xiuci didn’t think it was the girl’s sudden illness. .

Judging from the girl’s behavior style, before the day before yesterday, she was an ignorant and stupid little girl who only enjoyed dressing up and lived in an ivory tower.

But a single night’s work, the style of painting can take a turn for the worse. Most of the browsing records in the computer are related to Zhu Yang and her sister, and even vented vicious curses on the Internet anonymously.

But all of this was wrapped up by her under the surface of peace, this was not the city that she could have before.

So at first glance, maybe the other party and Tickle are just quarrels, and it doesn’t reach the level of revenge. But once the matter has happened, it is so strange that Lu Xiu will not give up.

He put the phone away, and was about to turn back to the box, but abruptly put him alone.

Lu Xiuci pulled the man subconsciously, and after standing straight, he realized that he was a member of the sisterhood.

He couldn’t remember all the people in the Sisterhood, let alone newcomers, but this one happened to be an exception.

Because in the information photo that I just sent, there is her presence, and it is the illegitimate sister of He Yihui.

Lu Xiuci let go of her arm, her face as usual: \”Be careful!\”

He Yihan smiled and said: “Okay, I’m sorry, senior, I’m so reckless.”

\”It’s okay, I’m going in first, you can do it yourself.\” Lu Xiu nodded, then turned and left.

After only two steps, I was stopped by He Yihan: \”Senior, I was not accidental.\”

\”Huh?\” Lu Xiu resigned and turned back.

He Yihan’s eyes are full of longing, and a little embarrassed: “I did it on purpose, because I want to talk to the senior. I like the senior.”

Although she has a shy attitude, her expression is very frank, and she is not ashamed of her admiration.

A young girl, or a beautiful young girl, generally speaks such things openly to others, it is difficult for the opposite **** to feel bad.

Even many boys have a great sense of vanity, and they can’t help thinking.

He Yihan’s family-learning origin, in the previous school, the people around him turned around, and there was a lot of experience.

She understands that people like Lu Xuechang are not easy to conquer, but since Zhu Yang can succeed, some problems have been explained.

So she abandoned the usual practice and directly played straight. This did not expect to be effective as soon as possible, but it would leave an impression on the other party, and a frank girl, even if the other party refused, it would not feel bad.

Sure enough, Opposite Road Senior said: \”Thank you for your kindness, I have a girlfriend.\”

He Yihan smiled in his heart, is it because the senior’s appearance gives people the impression that he is difficult to overcome? So let Zhu Yang miss it?

It looks pretty simple.

So she shook her head: \”I know! This does not conflict with my liking for seniors, and I have no idea, it is too uncomfortable to hold this idea by myself, but it is too uncomfortable to say that it will be spread out eventually It will cause problems for seniors and senior sisters.\”

\”In short, things started because of seniors. I just want to do it by myself. Okay, I’m more comfortable speaking out. Seniors, please do it yourself.\”

It is obviously his own problem, but throwing the ball to the opponent is not unwise. It is really easy to be circumvented and then tossed in if you are really straightforward thinking.

And there are also traps in her language. If things are really spread out in the end, then she hasn’t told anyone who said it?

Those who listened to her words really jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t get rid of them, and sometimes they started to struggle.

He Yihan’s mother often doesn’t treat her as a child, and even ostentatiously tells her dad’s tricks. With her ears and eyes coupled with her natural high emotional intelligence, this girl is not bad.

She was proud of herself, but listened to Senior Lu over there and said in a serious and serious tone: “Since you know that it will cause troubles, learn to shut your mouth tightly. I have never heard of blame for my troubles. It’s plausible to others.\”

He listened to him again: \”I have no reason to listen to these words from you, my girlfriend-no, now is my fiancée.\”

We’ve all started customizing wedding rings, yes, should I be my fiancée? Lu Xiu thought shyly, but her face was serious: “She cares about this kind of thing. The girls’ extra attention will make her unhappy, not to mention verbally that your current behavior has seriously disturbed me.”

\”And because of your suddenness, I can’t stop it. If my fiancee knew about it, I would even suffer from your behavior.\”

He really thinks why this person confessed to not complying with the Basic Law? If he believes that he meets in the small forest, he can not go, he can not accept the gifts, and the big ones will yell out what is the meaning? He is not a star, he has no obligation to listen to you, right?

These are actually double standards. Like now, let him recall Zhu Yang’s strong pursuit at the beginning, and he will say that he pursued it well.

But in fact, at the beginning, Zhu Yang was poked by similar remarks several times.

Why does it mean that I never expected that the other party would be so unrelenting, this is a man who wouldn’t say so absolutely, right?

But the other party didn’t say anything good about herself, and she didn’t even know where to start the retort.

This guy was stupid by Zhu Yang, right? Which guy doesn’t want to be a big man outside? Doesn’t he think that the jealous thing about girls who say more than one sentence is unreasonable?

What’s the matter with fiancee? Didn’t you say you only dated for a few days? Isn’t it that the two families do not match? Why is the fiancee involved?

You have to know that the title of a wealthy family is not just a child’s nonsense, just say it.

When He Yihan returned to the box, he saw Zhu Yang talking to Senior Lu with a smile, but the other party looked guilty and looked scared.

Suddenly she felt that this picture was annoying, but just such a few problems made her retreat. It was too small to look down on her.

She looked at them secretly, abruptly, but suddenly she was staring straight at Zhu Yang’s turning eyes.

He Yihan was startled, but he didn’t think that Senior Lu said about this kind of thing, and he was about to smile from Zhu Yang.

She saw her with a smile that was not a smile, and then turned away, like dust that is not worthy of attention.


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