Scream Queen Chapter 186

He Yihan was wrong, and Lu Xiu actually told Zhu Yang directly after his resignation.

If she knows that this kind of young master looks like that on the surface, in fact she is secretly a complaint who is afraid of her girlfriend, she is probably Spartan.

But Lu Xiu’s resignation is really not just a complaint, where in his life is there any lack of girls to show good things? The little desire for survival that he gradually adjusted/teached over the past two days made him understand that many things still cannot be expressed.

Otherwise, when your girlfriend wants to clean up people, whether you are innocent or not, as long as she has a fire in her heart, she has to bear it.

I didn’t notice at all, I subconsciously took unequal status for granted.

Because this guy has been dazzled by all kinds of fast-rising love tastes, and when he comes back to his senses, it is probably too late.

Lu Xiuci told Zhu Yang that the main purpose was to know whether Zhu Yang himself had anything with the two sisters.

He didn’t find out in the investigation here. He Yihui is okay. He is a local, and the family is in the business field. It is not completely incompatible with the Zhu family, but He Yihan never grew up here.

Although Lu Xiuci wanted to protect a person, he was not the type to keep everything out.

The progress of the matter and her own analysis will also be informed to Zhu Yang, so that she has a clear understanding of her situation.

Not to be completely ignorant when something unexpected happens.

“I have a lot of money. She has only been in this city for two days. I have investigated her love history. She is not such a restless person.”

“Obviously there is a certain targeted behavior, and her sister is more acute at this point, do you remember the previous gymnasium? For a snack, I don’t think it is just a little girl’s verbal mood.”

“Regardless of whether this is influenced by her sister or spontaneous behavior, the two sisters are all weird. I will stare at their house. Think about it. Can’t you really recall anything related to them? ”

Zhu Yang hooked his neck from bottom to top, and he was very moved as he watched the young man waiting.

Kissed the corners of his lips: “No, in fact, the guy in the gym was too wrong that day. I let people recall her profile. As a result, she, her family, and the friends and relatives around me didn’t talk to me. Obvious intersection, so at least it’s not my side.”

When the people around saw them being close, they booed enviously.

Lu Xiuci’s face was a little red, but Zhu Yang’s face was as usual. He could only see him in his eyes and ignored others.

Lu Xiuci’s heart was sweeter, he simply treated the surrounding sounds as air, and the two people who had nothing to do for a while flashed a crowd of dogs.

Many people in the Sisters’ Association felt sour and jealous when they saw it: “Ah~~, I want to fall in love too.”

He Yihan attended one of the least tasteful parties. The focus was not on her. Everyone didn’t notice her. She was just like the nerds who had bad personality and shyness in the corner at those parties.

This made her look stiff and ugly until she got home.

But her cheap sister actually didn’t sleep and was waiting for her to come back.

When I saw her, the pair came up and said, “What’s going on? Is the party fun? Have you met Senior Lu? Have you talked to him?”

He Yihan will naturally not expose the fact of his failure to others, let alone the sister who wants to be pressed into the dust the most.

So he smiled gracefully: “The party is actually like that, but Senior Lu is really gentle, I almost fell, thanks to his quick eyesight, he noticed me here, otherwise I would be embarrassed.”

This is just like the public, people are always paying attention to her, and the two are standing very close to each other.

But how can He Yihui not understand the meaning? If she really gained something, her tail would have been up to the sky early, and it would not have been such a faint face at all.

But this guy is accustomed to pretending, so she can exaggerate the three-pointer to a very high degree, and the irrelevant can also confess other meanings.

No matter when in the two lifetimes, He Yihui always admires her shamelessly turning black and white.

She didn’t expose her, and naturally encouraged her, and also personally served her the sweet soup that auntie made at night.

I don’t know how good the relationship is between the sisters.

But in fact, He Yihui didn’t dare to go back to her room at all. She slept in another room last night.

It was the same tonight, even the TV in the other room was covered with a cloth, the power was removed, and the windows were locked to check everywhere, quite nervous.

Under the disguise of her enthusiasm for her sister, it was her eager and fearful heart.

He Yihui was lying on the bed with bright lights in the room, and she bit her thumb and nail.

Lu Xiuci is not so good to guide, such an excellent boy, and Zhu Yang is not alone with long eyes.

No matter how prosperous Zhu Yang is, it is inevitable that some girls will make small moves behind her back.

But from the memory of He Yihui, she hasn’t experienced too much emotional crisis at all. Senior Lu is an extremely self-disciplined and dedicated person.

No matter where it is convenient, Zhu Yang will always be the one to be accommodated. The key is that this bitch, and the wealthy young master, do not have to be low and small.

And what a fate for Senior Lu to eat her.

But it is not without waves between the two.

He Yihua smiled. She didn’t know about this. However, after graduating from high school, things got a little bit upset, and He Yihan was also a member of the sorority, she told herself.

Zhu Yangzhi’s role in pursuing Senior Lu was actually just a bet made by a group of **** at the beginning.

The sisters will be jealous of that guy, relying on going abroad after graduation, and finally decided to put Zhuyang together before leaving.

But I don’t know what Bitch did in the end, because they had already graduated at the time, and the details are unclear.

But in the end the two were reconciled, and the reborn He Yihui had to grit his teeth. Compared to herself, this **** seemed to have taken the script and opened it.

But now that the two people have been in contact for less than half a month, He Yihui doesn’t believe that Senior Lu’s affection for her is so deep that he can forgive him, after all, the other person is also a proud person.

He Yihui knew this secret, so she didn’t reveal it, but just waited for He Yihan’s shot.

Originally, she had full patience, which was to make He Yihan move bigger and bigger. After Zhu Yang noticed it, everything went smoothly.

This is a matter of time and night. Zhu Yang is as good as a ghost. If others want to engage her behind their backs, they usually end up with their own fruit. Otherwise, so many people in the Sisters’ Association will not be too jealous of her, but they only dare to be there Kind of timing trouble.

But now she hasn’t been patient anymore, no matter what, anyway, what is meant by now is that she has already dealt with Senior Lu.

Zhu Yang could also find clues of this level.

She got up secretly, came to the door of He Yihan’s room, and looked around.

Secretly unscrewed the doorknob, and according to her habit of understanding what it meant, she was taking a shower at the moment, and there was a rushing sound in the bathroom.

The mobile phone studded with glittering rhinestones was casually thrown on the bed. He Yihui picked up the phone and quickly registered a school forum account with the number of He Yihui.

Then I deleted the traces of the registration prompt message, logged out, and returned to my room.

The **** usually takes a shower within an hour, and the whole process went smoothly.

He Yihan’s mobile phone actually has a very complicated unlocking code, but He Yihui knows her setting habits-she learned about it in the future, so she succeeded after a few tries.

Returning to her room, He Yihui took out a new mobile phone. She had never used this mobile phone before. There were no traces of the Internet or leakage of her information, and it was even impossible to log in her social number on it.

At this moment, I opened the website of their school’s forum and entered the new account just registered.

The school forum is anonymous, but real-name registration is required, and the student ID and ID number are required for registration.

Generally speaking, the above can be said freely, because it is a student, the overall atmosphere is actually good, but occasionally disputes and uncontrolled situations will be managed by the school.

The students won’t know who the account behind Anonymous is, but Zhu Yang can find it.

He Yihui sneered, and posted an anonymous post with He Yihan’s registered account——

[Shen Patie, does anyone know that the cause of the enviable campus couple is a gamble? Demystifying how the sorority members don’t care about playing with men. 】

[Fuck, what did I see at night? 】

[The amount of title information is a bit big, squat! 】

[Wait for melon! 】

[Does the host have evidence? Be careful to spread rumors to death the whole family. 】

[Come, the licking dog of the sorority may be late, but will never be absent. 】

[People haven’t said yet, how do you know there is no evidence? 】

For the curiosity of gossip and the mystery hidden behind the network cable, there is no need to worry that any of your own image reactions will cause inappropriateness, so at this time most people are eager to eat melons.

He Yihui then divided the things he had known in her previous life into sections. Today is Saturday night. Generally, there are not many people in the forum at this time, and natural management is also lax.

She didn’t all tremble out, in order to completely plant what it meant, she specifically only said that as her newcomer, she might be able to know what happened in the sisterhood.

But this matter is simple to say, so single is enough for the outside world to understand.

Things quickly began to ferment. In the circle of friends in the class group, those who got the news notified their friends to log in to the forum to watch.

Then I was shocked by the bad behavior of the members of the Sisterhood. The key is that the victim is not a nameless person.

That was Lu Xiu’s resignation, and its mysterious and outstanding influence was no less than that of the Sisterhood.

Even people like him, that group of guys are just juggling, one bag! It really sells people cheap.

The boys must have the same hatred here. The girls are naturally distressed, and most of them have disdain and jealousy towards the existence of the sisterhood, plus the muddy waters, and they have long been uncomfortable with their rhythm.

For a time, the wind of the entire post almost fell to one side, and countless people frequently changed their vests and jumped up and down.

There are gangs of sisters who can speak, and naturally they can’t stop the fierce anger.

The members of the sorority club just finished the party and went home soon, and some are still renewing their stalls outside, but naturally they will receive reminders from close friends.

For those who are enjoying themselves or have returned home, opening the forum is immediately exciting.

To be honest, Zhu Yang’s resignation for chasing roads because of a bet, it is true that if it is exposed, that guy may be accused by thousands of people.

But the sisterhood will not be better either. The sisterhood was originally formed by Zhu Yang. The whole society has her strong personal touch, and the two are still inseparable.

Therefore, Zhu Yang is unlucky, and the sisterhood will lose its reputation, so He Yihua’s shortsightedness is actually wrong.

It is one thing why the members of the Sorority Association dare not lift Zhu Yang’s old friends while at school, it is one thing to photograph her lewdness, but more, they are a community of interests.

It’s one thing to tear or fight for beauty inside, but since everyone benefits from this group, naturally they will do their best to protect the glory of the group.

So the development of things like this has also made everyone in the sisterhood panic.

They quickly called Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang has already returned home today, and her room has been restored to its original shape thanks to the efficiency of the road family.

Lu Xiuci’s statement was to let her stay for a few more days, but Zhu Yang refused, saying that it was impossible for her parents to know that she would not have a home for a long time.

In fact, it’s just easier to do a lot of things at home.

At this moment, Zhu Yang was sitting on the chaise couch in the room, holding a tablet in his hand, and the phone next to him vibrated.

She picked it up, and before she spoke, her voice over there quickly said: “Zhu Yang, you are going to log on to the school forum, we are in trouble.”

The look on Zhu Yang’s face was not a half surprise, if the person on the other end of the phone could see the content on the tablet in Zhu Yang’s hand.

You will find that she is hiding behind the Internet, using her sister’s mobile phone to finish things, and then He Yihui who frequently changes her nickname and jumps up and down.

And to leave no flaws on the Internet for their own remarks.

For example, one time she changed her nickname and left a sentence in the building, but her symbolic habits and internet verbal addiction made the next few floors suspect that she was the host.

Then, some people who could speak for the sisters caught this attack, saying that she clearly spread rumors and brought rhythm by herself.

He Yihui was afraid of the wind’s reversal because she knew that the sisters would be used to manipulating public opinion, so she actually used her ability to change the flaws she exposed when she typed that sentence.

This time Zhu Yang was far away, and made a synchronous record of the situation there, so that he could see the other party’s ability clearly.

Like her guess, it’s time retrospective, but it’s not holistic, just a small range of related things back to a certain time before she needs it.

What Zhu Yang saw on the tablet at the time was the image from the invisible baby cockroach’s monitoring device.

Even though there was a picture, she saw it directly and her memory was affected, but she immediately noticed the sense of violation.

To be honest, there are still many loopholes in this ability, and it is not comprehensive enough, because He Yihui itself is a spicy chicken, and it can’t play a part of ten thousand role in her hands.

But Zhu Yang still felt that this thing was against the sky, even if it was only in a small area and extremely influential.

She noticed something was wrong at the time, and immediately took out another device that simultaneously recorded the monitoring screen on the tablet in her hand.

This device is not directly related to the matter just now, and finally confirmed Zhu Yang’s guess.

Zhu Yang knew what He Yihui was doing, and even watched the worsening situation without any intention to stop it.

At this moment, He Yihui’s ability was confirmed, and she was only happy. When receiving a call from a member of the sisterhood, there was no fluctuation in her heart, and she even wanted to laugh out loud.

What happened in the ghost villa was nothing more than a question of space and time. She had space ability, and now time also appeared in front of her.

This must be in her pocket.

So after listening to the words from the other side, Zhu Yang casually swiped the tablet to a page, and looked at the post from the perspective of what was drawn across the screen.

When I went to see it for myself, I realized that this building should have been over a thousand stories, and the popularity is still rising, the top is in the first column of the homepage, all the way red.

“Well! I saw it. The discussion was intense.” Zhu Yang said casually.

They are almost anxious over there: “No, you didn’t click in to see what was said? Forget it, just draw to the end, now the wind direction is wrong.”

“If this matter becomes more troublesome, it will make people sit down—”

“How about sitting down?” Zhu Yang said slowly.

As soon as there was a choke, Zhu Yang sneered: “When will the status of the Sisterhood be shaken by a group of spicy chickens hiding behind an anonymous vest? Could our status come from a flawless moral standard?”

The discussion was fierce. In fact, no one would be surprised by the fact that the Sisters’ Association would do such a wicked thing. It is no wonder that most of the subconscious reactions after reading the post, and then came forward to criticize.

The victim was Lu Xiu’s resignation. If it was just an unknown junior, I’m afraid there would be no one to help.

Being affected by Zhu Yang’s unwavering self-confidence over there, he calmed down a lot.

The voice calmed down, and he said: “Then we can’t let a group of fools just point us so presumptuously, can’t you get the management authority? Delete the post.”

“Why do you want to delete? How fresh! It’s only been more than a year before I dared to rebel collectively, don’t you think I Zhu Yang can’t use the sword?”

The girls over there shuddered subconsciously, and then looked at each other.

After all, I always feel that after making a phone call, they not only have no worries about themselves, but sympathize with the rumors and the muddy water, what should they do?

“Also, are you still having fun?” said a sister at the birthday party.

“Play! Why don’t you play, that is, what a big deal, are you so uncomfortable?”

Then I went crazy all night.

He Yihan just transferred school, and it only takes a day or two to go to school, and it has nothing to do with the friends at that stage, but there are a few who still don’t know anything about it.

On Sunday the next day, Lu Xiu resigned in front of Zhu Yang’s house early in the morning.

Originally, Zhu Weixin was unhappy when the gatekeeper saw him, but when he saw that his expression was not right, he was a little worried about whether something was wrong with the investigation, and was about to ask him.

His sister came down from upstairs: “Here, let’s have breakfast first.”

Lu Xiuci sullenly, watching her slowly come down from the stairs, wearing a small black dress.

Her figure is slender and slender. The classic styles and tailoring fit perfectly on her body, which is amazingly elegant and beautiful.

While Zhu Yang was monitoring He Yihui, his manpower was also monitoring the other party, but it was just an ordinary person. After being affected by his ability, he felt that the sense of violation could not be directly and accurately judged like Zhu Yang.

At present, he only stayed on the level of solidifying the other party’s anomaly. Just as he was pleased with the progress, he found the post at the same time.

Naturally, he would not believe a rumor made by a suspicious guy, but it was very easy for him to determine what happened.

The aunt brought up the hearty breakfast, and Lu Xiu took a look at it. There were foods he liked, but it was not something that the two brothers and sisters of the Zhu family would often eat. Obviously, they prepared it specially for him.

Because he said last night that he would come this morning.

Lu Xiuci’s anger and panic in his heart, unbelievable and uncomfortable lasted all night, several times he wanted to call her directly to question her.

At this moment, seeing her keep her own preferences in mind, and the whole heart is like dipping in honey when it is full of knives. It feels weird and uncomfortable.

Zhu Yang gave Lu Xiu a speech without incident, and Zhu Weixin clipped things. Seeing Zhu Weixin’s thoughts, he knocked him: “Eat well.”

Zhu Weixin’s mouth squashed, so he had to wait until he finished eating to ask, but he didn’t expect his sister to be taken out by the guy named Lu as soon as he finished eating.

Zhu Weixin was about to be dissatisfied, and was stopped by Xie Yi. When the two of them were out, he took out his mobile phone and handed it to Zhu Weixin.

On the school forum post page shown above, Xie Yi did not register, so he could not leave a message, he was just browsing.

After handing it to Zhu Weixin, Xie Yi sighed twice and exclaimed: “They had a lot of experience when they were young.”

But apparently Zhu Weixin didn’t understand who the words were really referring to, but he felt complicated looking at the post.

On the one hand, I’m glad that his sister treats that guy the same way, on the other hand, the guy’s thoughts in the past two days are also in my eyes.

Although he always helped his relatives and ignored him, it was his sister who dared to help bury the body, but he also felt that this guy was very pitiful.

Poor Lu Xiuci sat in the back seat of the private car with a calm face, Zhu Yang, as if he hadn’t noticed his face, put his arm and head on his shoulder: “I feel a little sleepy after breakfast.”

Feeling Lu Xiuci’s body stiff, he patted his shoulder: “Relax, I’m not comfortable with you.”

Tortured all the way to death.

When he reached the destination, he felt cruel and pulled Zhu Yang out of the car and walked into a luxury store.

This brand happened to be the brand of the bag when Zhu Yang was betting with the sisterhood.

He pushed Zhu Yang forward, ignoring the receptionist’s greetings, looking at her with deep eyes, “Do you like this brand?”

“I like it!” Zhu Yang nodded. In fact, from her own experience, she hadn’t bought anything from this brand for several years after she ran away from home to go to college.

It was only after the two reunited that they were relieved.

Seeing that there was no guilty conscience or pressure on her face, Lu Xiuci smiled with anger, and said to the receptionist: “Then wrap up all your things.”

Then he grabbed Zhu Yang’s shoulders, and said every word: “I like it so much, just tell me, why bother to bet with others? I can give you more than they add up. I sell my feelings so cheaply. Isn’t it a bit too clueless?”

Zhu Yang’s heart overflowed with soreness and panic. The former is her emotions, and the latter is her emotions in this world.

Zhu Yang didn’t repent of what he did, even if it was wrong, but he didn’t feel ashamed, but this was the only thing.

Indirectly caused his car accident, and it was also the beginning of everything.

Of course the ending is perfect now, but passing by death, the endless threats to life in the game, these are things that have passed before she knows it.

The results she caused, but failed to take any responsibility in it, this is the only thing she regrets in this life.

So it’s okay to treat him and himself in this world as a kind of comfort, Zhu Yang took a deep breath and exhaled it.

Raising her eyes and looking at Lu Xiuci, she smiled: “You already know it.”

Lu Xiuci’s eyes flickered, and his face flicked strangely and panic.

His self-esteem and pride could not tolerate the essence of his love, which turned out to be teasing and joking. He only wanted to question the other person, but when it came to this, he suddenly realized that he was not ready to face the result.

Even what made him feel ridiculous and ashamed, he regretted his impulse.

If a break means the end of the game, he–

But at this time, Lu Xiu’s resignation was still unable to relieve the matter by himself, nor could he confirm that Zhu Yang really loved him.

His lips tightened into a line, and then he said ardently, “So you only planned to play at the beginning? Now that things are broken, you will break up?”

Liar, obviously told him about marriage.

Zhu Yang looked at him in astonishment: “Did you see the two gems sent to make the ring yesterday?”

“Huh?” Lu Xiu was taken aback.

“From your perspective, you can’t see the value of those two things, right?” Zhu Yang continued to ask.

“The baby I finally got, there are only two of them. My parents and brothers have no turn to smash you here, do you tell me to break up?”

Although the receptionists were happy to have a local tyrant who covered the audience, listening to the conversation between the two did not seem to be very harmonious, and the amount of information was huge.

So for a while, I didn’t dare to do routine inquiries before packaging.

Then I heard the girl point to the store: “I didn’t pay the cost for co-authoring? Are you worthy of my mental loss because of these broken pieces?”

Lu Xiu was dumbfounded: “It’s not that you want to—”

“What do I want? I got up early in the morning and told someone to make breakfast for you. I happily waited for you to come to your door. But the black-faced doorman gave me a stick and looked at me infiltrating people. He pulled me out and ridiculed. Mention that word to me, what do you make me think?”

“I was very happy today, ah, let me just say it. I am not a person who depends on others. If you really feel that you can’t make it, just say it, why bother to go in this circle?”

“I’m only with others because I like it. When I point to the breakup fee to make a fortune? But I tell you, I haven’t liked you enough. I broke up today, and I will come back to chase you, just this time. How long will it last?”

“Let’s wait and see, goodbye!”

This insincere beating upside down black and white and stubbornly confessing his mistakes is certainly not what Zhu Yang can do now.

She still feels that this matter should be here by Zhu Yang personally, and the result is this kind of virtue.

Originally the guy wanted to escape, but Zhu Yang used his subconscious mind to convey part of her own feelings, which could be regarded as letting her give up the support.

Okay, much better than she was back then.

As he turned around, his hand was pulled, Lu Xiu’s eyes dodged, his face was both incredibly shameless and unwilling to let her go.

Zhu Yang obviously felt that his tail was up, and said proudly: “You said you, why bother with this?”

“If it weren’t for that kind of thing, we wouldn’t be strangers at the moment. Can I like you if I don’t chase you?”

This kind of talk is considered human. Lu Xiuci was obviously relieved a little bit, and said sternly, “Who knows what you think? Anyway, you are serious about feelings.”

“Let’s pull it down!” Zhu Yang said: “Do you really think that I can do so much to break the bag? Let a person who I don’t like occupy my boyfriend’s identity?”

“Why don’t you be rare, as early as when you promised me, what greeted you was the onlookers of the Sisterhood and honoring the gambling agreement.”

“Then I really thank you for not letting me sweep the floor.” Lu Xiuci twitched his mouth.

Seeing that it’s human words? The co-authoring is not that excessive. Should he be grateful?

Zhu Yang looked at him steadily, and then suddenly said with a faint expression: “I am sincere with you, but you have to keep rooting in your heart, and there is no future statement.”


Zhu Yang is a strong publicity, Lu Xiuci has never seen her showing weakness, even when he is pursuing himself, he is like a bandit who blocks the way and robs.

Listening to her sad sigh, Lu Xiu’s heart is like being slowly kneaded by a hand, distressed and uncomfortable.

She was also afraid that she felt like a stingy man in her heart, and worried that something was going on in her heart, and she was separated from the calm enthusiasm before.

Lu Xiuci felt incredible to herself. She was the one who made the mistake of co-authoring. In the end, it became a dilemma for him to advance and retreat.

But when this guy pursued him, what method did he not use? At the beginning, she could calmly and objectively watch her actions, and felt that this guy was cunning in nature.

But when did you think that this unreasonable cunning guy was cute, and she felt complacent about her own eyes?

Lu Xiuci hurriedly said: “Yes, it doesn’t matter that, after all, it’s just a wrong motive, but as long as you are sincere next, I, I will—”

After all, what he felt flustered was just trying to confirm this.

Zhu Yang looked at him, smiled and leaped forward and hugged his waist: “So, if you have something to do in the future, please ask me directly for verification. Why are you asking me everywhere?”

Even if the sun doesn’t tell you everything, Lu Xiuci knows this, but he can do nothing.

When the two went home in the afternoon, Zhu Weixin, who thought they would break up, was a little embarrassed to see the two come back.

After watching Lu Xiu’s resignation for a long time, he patted his shoulder convincingly: “Brother! Drink water, I will pour it for you.”

Lu Xiuci looked at Zhu Weixin weirdly, and Zhu Weixin waved his hand: “Don’t care, it’s nothing.”

After all, it is not a mortal who can forgive her sister’s non-human deeds, it is pitiful–no, it is admirable.

Then Lu Xiuci told the three of them about He Yihui’s violation, but confirmation still needed some auxiliary means and had to wait for the opportunity.

Because Zhu Yang was so happy, he decided to have a BBQ in the yard at night, using the ingredients in their space, which was another enjoyment.

Perhaps because of the restlessness of the night last night, Lu Xiuci was very clingy today and did not go home until late at night.

Early the next morning, he came back to pick Zhu Yang to go to school, so Zhu Weixin, who was kind to him because of sympathy last night, said: “Is it annoying?”

But Lu Xiuci was stuffed into his own car and sat with Xie Yi.

Zhu Yang glanced at the post on the road, and the enthusiasm was still unabated. It seems that almost everyone knows the posture.

So when her car was parked at the school, many students who were walking into the school gate stopped.

But Zhu Weixin and Xie Yi only came down from above, and they didn’t see Zhu Yang’s shadow.

Everyone wondered whether it was revealed that she was afraid to come to school today, but seeing a car following Lu Xiu resigned.

For a while, his eyes turned to sympathy and indignation. When Lu Xiuci got off the car, his face was okay, and he didn’t know if the matter was in his ears.

But shortly afterwards, I saw him stretch out his hand into the carriage and led out a person.

Surprisingly, Zhu Yang, the culprit in the discussion in the past two days, is like a okay person, holding Lu Xiuci’s arm, walking without looking at the ground, but staring at the phone and swiping something.

With the well-informed Sisterhood, it is definitely impossible not to know this, but Bit Chi has no response and shamelessly picks up people?

She was close and had good eyesight. She took a peek at the screen on her mobile phone, which seemed to be the post on the forum.

It turns out that this guy is still watching and eating melons, so Lu Xiu who looks at her from time to time is so blind that he can’t notice the content?

Hey! Look clearly, the above is talking about something really relevant to you.

Anyone who has something good can’t wait to **** the phone and put it in front of Lu Xiuci’s eyes, and let him see what is written on it.

But at the same time, he was amazed at Zhu Yang’s courage. Can he stand still?

Can’t afford it, can’t afford it! People with clever eyes and flexible minds have already lost their minds to watch the show.

But there are obviously more blind eyes in the world, especially when they only want to see one side of one thing.

When passing the second floor, a few girls suddenly stopped them.

Several people looked at Zhu Yang, and then resigned to Lu Xiu: “Senior Lu, did you visit the school forum the night before and yesterday?”

“Wandering around!” He said, holding Zhu Yang’s shoulder with the hand and smoothly pulling her hair that ran forward to the back.

Several girls were surprised, but they only thought that he had quit before the incident happened, so he just missed it, and never thought about the possibility that he knew it all.

So busy took out the phone, opened the lock screen is the page of that post.

“Has Senior Lu read this post?”

“I’ve seen it!” Lu Xiu resigned: “Is there anything else? Class is coming soon.”

This time the other party was really at a loss: “Then, then you—”

Lu Xiuci smiled: “It’s just a rumor from an anonymous post. We are fine. Thank you for your concern.”


Before the other party finished speaking, Zhu Yang said, “You are in the second grade, right? You know Jiang Zhimin, Ai Kejia, and Pei Qing in the second grade, do you know these people?”

Two of the girls looked ugly and looked at Zhu Yang vigilantly: “You, what are you going to do?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “It’s nothing. Although there were a lot of students who participated in the discussion yesterday, most of them were still discussing based on the topic of rumors.”

“It only includes these second-year classmates, who made unprovoked rumors, foul language, fabricated right and wrong to slander me.”

“If you know them, help me pass a message. Come to my activity room during lunch break today. Of course, you don’t have to come, but you will be at your own risk.”

One of the girls suddenly became anxious: “Don’t go too far, don’t you think that the anonymous forum will not be liquidated afterwards?”

“Anonymous forums? You are afraid that you are doing too many things on the Internet by criticizing the vests for spreading rumors and humiliating others, thinking that hiding behind the screen is always safe.”

“Remember, this is a student forum. Speaking freely is one thing, but everyone is also responsible for what they have said.”


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