Scream Queen Chapter 187

Looking at the expressions of a few people, it is estimated that among the names Zhu Yang said, there are one or two in them.

However, Zhu Yang was impatient with the liquidation in the morning, and the news was released directly, and several people turned pale.

She went upstairs slowly again, and along the way, she had been blatantly looking at it before, but now she has retracted.

Don’t dare to look over with presumptuous eyes.

During the two days of public opinion carnival, no one from the Sisterhood has spoken in any position, and many people thought they were guilty.

I can’t bear to see them being malicious, and even holding the mood of seeing the dawn for two consecutive days, I feel that this group has finally come to today.

But early this morning, the direction of the wind changed sharply, and it was not at the center of public opinion that people were upset and pretended to die.

Looking at it now, I didn’t take it seriously at all, just as a stick and stupid jumping foot, and raising my hand to catch the ones who jumped the most is enough.

Although there must be some muddy water in it, what they didn’t expect was that Zhu Yang just caught the person out.

She just doesn’t take action. Once she targets someone, she can’t finish eating, and she will definitely not occupy the moral disadvantage.

Everyone who had made excessive comments on the Internet immediately became in danger. Although the other party seemed to have only picked the most enjoyable ones, since the vest behind her was completely transparent to her, all those who had made inappropriate comments Everyone tells her that there is no big or small handle in her hands.

The morning class was getting closer and closer, and those who had been watching the show shrank back, and the members of the sisterhood gradually came to the school.

After listening to Zhu Yang’s words in the morning, they were relieved and had to admire again. No wonder it was Zhu Yang who was the boss.

It’s actually not trivial to say. If any one of them is changed, even if they have Zhu Yang’s authority, it is estimated that they will be caught off guard and confused for a while. I don’t know how long the matter will be fermented, and it will definitely follow. Have a bad influence.

But Zhu Yang ignored the scolding wars on the Internet and directly found the key to the matter.

Only then did they realize that there is any problem with how to say online? The key to the matter lies in Lu Xiu’s resignation.

If Lu Xiu’s resignation is settled, rumors and negative public opinion will be self-defeating, after all, there is no evidence for this matter.

As long as Lu Xiuci doesn’t believe it, then it’s not true.

In other words, even if it is true, people don’t care about it. What qualifications do outsiders have to give pointers? Regarding affection, people can also say that it is the love of a young couple.

As for how Zhu Yang made Lu Xiu’s resignation, this is what made the sisters even more amazed.

This can be fooled by her, and it deserves to be so difficult to chase a person and be taken by her alone, this is what she can do.

The sorority members are in a good mood. Some are in the same grade as Zhu Yang. They first came to her classroom and asked around her table: “What is the origin of those stupid jumpers?”

Zhu Yang said: “How do I know? Is my brain capacity allocated to these fleas?”

Then he called a few people and said: “I have already notified the second graders, first grade, third grade, and a few younger sisters in junior high school. I will send the list to you in a while, and give me the notice before noon.”

When the sisters from the sorority association heard this, the evil fire naturally sneered out a sneer: “Okay, make sure a few guys will appear in front of you at noon.”

Because of Zhu Yang’s calmness, the Sisters’ Association was naturally not anxious, and this matter did not even delay their class.

According to Zhu Yang’s usual lesson, no matter how big things are, he makes him mad, and he looks undecorated and frivolous.

So several people only divided the tasks, and during the break, they came to the door of the designated person’s classroom by the way.

Yes, chatting with classmates, or thinking about things, or going out to the bathroom with friends: “XX is it? Come to the activity room at noon.”

“I’m sorry I have something at noon.”

After hearing this excuse, the members of the sisterhood did not fluctuate and only smiled: “Don’t get me wrong, our sisterhood is not a school bully who forcibly restricts your freedom. Of course you are willing to come or not. I just convey Zhu Yang’s words. That’s it.”

“But after all, it’s what you said. The main argument is that you can’t avoid it by hiding. If it doesn’t matter that it makes a big deal, of course we will cooperate with your decision.”

After speaking, he turned and left, with a brisk pace and an elegant posture. The sorority members were all beauties, and they didn’t say a dirty word during the whole process, and there was no anxious and pale-faced shrew who came to find fault.

Everything I said was one yard and one yard. Everyone in the class understood that the person who was invited probably made too much noise in the post.

Honestly, after eating melons for two days, who didn’t contribute to the building? It’s not bad to say it, but if it remains within the scope of normal discussion, it seems that people are really careless.

Internet eating melons are easy to catch up, and when the wind is in the same direction, the slightest opposition will be rushed out, and those who follow us will prosper against us and die.

But when it came to reality, it was not the case at all. Everyone realized that it was not the result of public opinion that seemed to be the result of burning oil that was the key to the fact.

The fact is that when the battlefield shifts to reality, most people dare not even claim what they have said.

It is also a strong human mentality. The members of the Sisters’ Association not hurriedly informed the staff all morning, and they had the emotion of subconsciously justifying themselves.

Actually began to reflect on these two days of unfounded accusations, and all kinds of decent rumors without a source, is it too much.

As for the junior high school, people who have physical education classes in the morning will naturally also pass it through.

Although the Sisterhood is not hurried or slow, it is not rare to entangle with people at this step, but the pressure on the relevant people is really better than being exhausted to find the door.

At least the other party reacted fiercely, and he could also give an impression of sympathy, but they didn’t.

Everyone just remembered, these guys have always been like this, even if they do things, they are decent and elegant, and there is no room for them to slap campus bullying.

Because they really have something to do, they don’t even play with you as a kid.

Everyone is in danger at the young level, and this news naturally reached the ears of the sisters He Yihui and He Yihan.

He Yihui was a little frightened. According to her assumption, this move would be at least one stone with two birds.

What is the meaning of the bad luck is certain, the people jumping up and down on the Internet have been exposed, so as a ‘poster’ with so many wind directions in the building, she naturally cannot run away.

But in theory, Zhu Yang should have some trouble. After all, a few years later, she and Lu Xiuci had a deep relationship because of this incident. Now they have only been dating for a few days, how could it be so calm?

This is not the same as her expectation of a dog-biting repertoire, but this guy never thinks about it, and reality is not a piece of paper.

To a person who is smarter than you, can you give others a stigma without thinking about the possibility of the other person’s response?

But He Yihui obviously doesn’t understand this.

He Yihan was also called by a member of the sisterhood, but the other’s expression was not very unusual, and only said that there was something to do at noon.

He Yihan is a member of the sorority, so others will naturally not be suspicious, only that she is taking a different stand.

Except for He Yihui, even He Yihan thinks so.

She came to the school early in the morning to hear someone talk about the forum, and quickly turned it over and saw the one-sided wind direction inside.

At that time, I still regretted having a relationship with the sisterhood. Before the benefits were taken, I saw the group begin to fall apart, and it was all in vain.

When a classmate asked her first, she covered her mouth and looked surprised and innocent and disapproved: “Didn’t you hear that it is a very good club? I decided to apply for it after someone told me that. I didn’t expect it to be so scary. ”

Not long after she joined the club, she could be pushed clean.

But twenty minutes after her reaction to the current affairs, the wind suddenly changed after Zhu Yang himself came to the school.

While He Yihan is not a taste, he also has to admit that the other’s skill and ability and the dominance of the school seem to be far above his own imagination.

She also slapped herself because of her short-sighted eagerness to distinguish the relationship, but luckily, she could handle the same words at the same table.

I spent the morning in the weird atmosphere of the whole school. At lunch time, the table occupied by the sisters was also watched from time to time.

However, they were still as usual, and were not in a hurry to settle those people who were found out in the morning, and even did not want to delay lunch.

After lunch, Zhu Yang brought a group of horses to the activity room of the Sisterhood.

There were already several people waiting outside the event room. Of course, the number of people mentioned by Zhu Yang was certainly not complete.

Zhu Yang didn’t care either, and the sergeant opened the door for her, and she wandered in and sat on the single sofa in the first seat.

According to seniority and internal status, the members of the sorority will sit in the seats on both sides of Zhu Yang or stand behind them.

And the few students who were called were standing opposite her with their bodies shrinking.

Judging from this posture, it is said that it is not campus bullying, but those with low psychological quality may be scared to pee standing here.

Like two of the girls, their faces were always pale, their calves were shaking from time to time, and their fingers twisted the corners of their clothes uneasy.

Coincidentally, two of them took Zhu Yang and Lu Xiu to leave early in the morning.

Under the scrutiny of the members of the Sisterhood in a room, several people shrank their heads lower and lower.

After a few minutes, Zhu Yang sneered: “I don’t have any impression of you. I don’t think there are too many disputes. You can talk about the reason why you have a bad talk against someone you are not familiar with. Is it a rumor?”

Several people glanced at each other, but they didn’t speak.

Some people are extremely offensive on the Internet, can say anything unbearable, and are accustomed to disturbing muddy water, but this is not necessarily the case in reality.

On the contrary, to expose one’s malice and admit in full view that oneself is a person who is desperately attacking people, foul language or even fabricating rumors purely because they are not pleasing to the eye. It is actually an embarrassing thing.

The more sinister and sneaky people are, the more afraid they will be to come to the sun and the earth. At this moment, the few people are just like being dragged out of a snail shell.

Zhu Yang saw several people stay silent, exchanged overlapping legs, and smiled: “I am very sincere to call you over to solve the problem peacefully.”

“If both parties are to be satisfied, your cooperation is definitely needed. Such silence is not a cooperative attitude.”

“Do you feel that you shouldn’t stand here, it’s just forced by the situation, so you use a non-violent and non-cooperative attitude with me?”

After Zhu Yang finished speaking, a member of the sorority on her left smiled: “I found out that you are really patient after falling in love.”

Then he looked at a few people and sneered: “Isn’t it possible to ask you to talk online? You can talk about it on the Internet. How many sentences did you guys produce yesterday?”

“It’s true that I have a lot of collections.” Another member of the sorority said: “There will be no missing words when quarreling with people online.”

“That is, I still write poetry, I have a good literary talent, and I don’t delay learning things online. It seems that your family’s educational policy is good, it is to entertain and teach.”

With a rant, several people were about to cry, standing there pitifully.

The members of the Sorority Association laughed angrily: “Hey! What kind of faction is this? It’s like we are bullying others, we are the victims.”

“From this morning until now, no one has touched your finger? Why? What you have done is shameful, and blame the victim for shaking you out of the crime?”

Zhu Yang raised his hand, the surrounding people stopped talking, and listened to her: “Don’t be so excited, it’s not good to scare others.”

“I said that we are reasonable, and we are not a bad group that bullies our classmates. We have to deal with everything one by one, and we should speak plainly.”

Those people were a little relieved because of the suspension of the offensive.

But before I finished my breath, I heard Zhu Yang say: “Who plausibly said in the post that I would like to have a plastic surgery, mixed with the black/boss, shook his head secretly/pill sucked/hemp, even white /Fan tried it too.”

“Oh, by the way, she was raised by a godfather!” She laughed as she said: “Interesting, the so-called godfather’s rumored photos are not even as valuable as myself.”

She leaned forward slightly, and said to a few people with flustered eyes and pale lips: “I won’t talk about rumors and abide by the Basic Law. At least, can you be a little bit more mindful?”

“It’s really hard for me to do it like this. The personality is insulted and IQ is also hard to escape. Can I have a little basic rumors?”

“Puff!” Several of the sisters couldn’t help laughing.

Then they counted up one by one: “I also read all the posts yesterday. I spread the rumors that my double eyelids are open, my nose is padded, and my bones have been trimmed, right?”

“It’s all said that I have a quarter of British descent, and it’s not my fault that I have deep and beautiful features.”

“I didn’t finish climbing the stairs. I only searched for keywords. I saw someone saying that I had an abortion. Just last summer, Tsk Tsk Tsk! It was a girl, Zhen Nima, who was so lucky to spread the rumors. I was so angry if I didn’t say it. My aunt hurts?”

“What’s this? Even if I am a bus, I just want to do it as long as I give money. No, do you know how much pocket money I have a week? I thought we were a gangster group in a daze.”

“I was rumored to be an illegitimate daughter, saying that I don’t look like my brother.”

“I mean my family is going bankrupt, tusk! I don’t know, I thought that our school hides a great financial scientist, the master is among the folks, and the master is among the pupils.”

Zhu Yang stretched out his hand to the side, and a folder was handed over.

She threw the stack of paper documents on the coffee table, and the sound of a’pop’ made several people’s shoulders shake.

Zhu Yang said: “These are all printed out from the background, including all your rumors and abuses against our sisters members, and the student ID number corresponds to me.”

“Let’s talk, I should give these to the school-oh! Forget it, after all, the school has to save face, I don’t want the attack on me to be covered up like this, I should just hand it over to the family lawyer.”

“I want a copy too.” A member said: “My parents need to know that I won’t feel sorry for being so rumored. Better lawyers can still afford it.”

“Give me a copy too, so I heard my dad say that the Legal Department is very idle recently.”

“I also want!”

“I also want.”

After the sound, several students were so scared that they cried, and even two more fell directly on the ground.

But one of the junior high school students stubbornly said, “I, I am a minor, and I am not even fourteen years old. You can’t hold me accountable.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Yes, you know the rules of use, and do whatever you want with the protection of minors, right?”

“It’s useless to find you, just find your parents! Let me see, Wang Jiahao, ah! Your parents’ job is pretty decent, and it’s an image-oriented position.”

“The couple have worked hard for more than 20 years to have today. They are so busy that they have more than 30 children. The image of hard work has to be destroyed in the hands of their prodigal son. It is really embarrassing.”

The junior high school boy finally couldn’t stretch himself, and suddenly started crying: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just think it’s fun, not on purpose, I apologize to you.”

“I think it’s funny too.” Zhu Yang smiled at her, then smiled, his eyes were like swords, making people chill.

“Does it really mean that the whole world is your mother? If you make a mistake, cry and make a fuss, just forget it.”

Several people cried miserably, but at this time the door of the sisterhood’s lounge was suddenly opened.

Three adults walked in, headed by the principal, the other two were a sophomore instructor, and the other was a class teacher in a junior high school.

Seeing the scene inside, the principal hadn’t said yet, but the two teachers were excited: “What are you doing?”

“It doesn’t make sense. Your family often sends you to school. Is it to teach you how to form gangs and bully classmates?”

Zhu Yang glanced at the other person: “Teacher, you can speak with evidence. Did your eye see our bullying classmates?”

“Then what’s the matter with you now? A bunch of people surround the house. Could it be that they just cried like this for no reason?”

“Don’t cry when you are done, the teacher is here.” The teacher in charge of the junior high school pulled up the students in his class and wiped his tears: “Is there anything the teacher is up to you.”

He also said to the principal: “I mentioned during the meeting that the school should not give some informal clubs too big a club. Yes, their members have indeed brought back glory to the school in many competitions, but excellence is not They bullied their classmates’ death-free gold medal.”

“The grades of Wang Jiahao in our class are also among the highest in the school year, and he is friendly to others at school, and his moral evaluation is also excellent. He is separated from them by a teaching building.”

“If you don’t give an explanation for this matter, I won’t agree.”

The headmaster showed a painful look, not because of the teacher’s words, but because of Zhu Yang’s posture.

Because of her many dealings, the principal also has a certain understanding of her. Where is this kid who fought an uncertain battle?

Sure enough, she laughed: “This teacher, did you give the evaluation of Wang Jiahao’s conduct? Do you still say you want to make the decision for him?”

Wang Jiahao’s head teacher looked at her, with the teacher’s usual pickiness and superiority when looking at poor students: “Yes, what do you want to say.”

“Student Wang Jiahao said just now that he is under 14 years old and he does not need to be responsible for his own affairs. Of course it is best to have an adult stand up.”

Speaking of Zhu Yang threw the collapsed document over, the teacher picked it up, and just looked at the beginning and was constrained by the horrible words.

Scrolling backwards, there are all kinds of foul language and rumors that the adults blush when they see it.

This format was obviously intercepted and printed in the campus forum. Looking at the ID on the head, it was the name and student ID of the student she maintained.

The teacher suddenly looked extremely ugly, and then Zhu Yang pointed to a corner of the activity room: “That camera has been running since we entered the door.”

“So what happened in this room at noon, and what we said is completely recorded.”

“As soon as the teacher came in, he said that we bullied our classmates. With all due respect, for the first three years of the year with stable grades, he participated in countless competitions to bring back the school glory, and the conduct evaluation is all A, and has received many foreign advanced For outstanding students from colleges and universities, this is a great slander.”

“If you can give a teacher a high-level evaluation of the conduct of a student who brazenly spread rumors and slander others, and from his own words, you can also prove that this student is not just a simple ignorance to trouble others because of his young age. He understands his own malice. Has an age advantage.”

“You can praise such a person. Indeed, I can only express regret. It is no wonder that Wang Jiahao can easily fabricate rumors on the Internet, because the teacher who taught him did the same, and his behavior was Long-term affirmation.”

Looking at the principal again, he said, “The teacher said that during the teacher meeting, he raised issues related to our club. Then when I teach the student meeting next time, I have already thought about the issue as a student representative.”

“That is, should our school’s moral standards for teachers also be on the agenda?”

The teacher’s face turned into pig liver. She is considered a new teacher and has been teaching here for two years. At that time, Zhu Yang just graduated from junior high school, so she had never dealt with it.

I don’t know what this guy has done since the beginning of enrollment. At this time, I only feel that his teacher authority has been challenged.

She threw a stack of documents on the coffee table: “Anonymous forums are always a place to talk freely. It’s not uncommon for students to quarrel for star chasing and gossip.”

“Everything counts as you do. Isn’t it necessary for the forum to exist?”

“Also, where do you as a student come to see the permissions of the back-end account?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Teacher, while changing the concept and avoiding the important thing, you can shift the focus back and forth. I heard that you are still the teacher in charge. You are really busy all day long.”

“You–” The teacher was furious.

Zhu Yang didn’t wait for her to finish speaking, and then continued: “Teacher, the online violence and personal insults I have received are not something that you can fool with a student quarrel.”

“My parents work hard and develop the family business in order to let my brother and I live a good life without being wronged.”

“Maybe you think this is a trivial matter, but I’m sorry, our tolerance standards are different from yours, we can’t stand this grievance.”

“If you think you can be responsible for Wang Jiahao’s affairs, then I will single out his copy and send you the lawyer’s letter.”

The teacher suddenly panicked, looking at Zhu Yang and the group of wealthy girls behind him without joking at all.

She forgot that she worked hard to transfer to this well-paid school. The students in this school are not comparable outside.

Everyone is very expensive. Either a private lawyer is on standby at home or a top-level firm with long-term cooperation.

It may be difficult for others to defend their rights, but it is indeed a natural solution for them.

As long as they are competent, they are invulnerable.

Seeing the teacher like this, the principal felt quite impatient, did he get out when he figured out the situation?

He picked up the piece of paper and looked at it. He smiled and said to Zhu Yang: “There are a lot of people on this. You really have to deal with it one by one, right?”

“In this way, this kind of thing happened during the school weekend because of improper management. Of course, people who insult classmates and fabricate right and wrong must be dealt with seriously.”

“But after all, everyone is strained with studies. You are still in third grade, and it takes time to break this matter.”

“Well, these students all publicly apologized to you, each wrote a 10,000-character review book, and everyone remembered it once. How about this past?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Everyone is fined to clean the toilet for another semester and donate a batch of books and equipment to the school.”

What the principal likes about her is the fact that this child is very young at a young age. He smiled and said, “I promised the previous one. About the donation, I will talk to their parents.”

It should be no problem to think about it, after all, these children have a bright future after being caught by such a big handle.

When you want to apply for a prestigious foreign school, you have to pass it up before the interview and review.

Among them, there are extraordinary family backgrounds, but they are not only facing Zhu Yang’s family, but also the entire Sisterhood Association and the family behind it.

These silly fools are also offending people. When they offend a wave, their parents have to pinch their noses and admit that they are unlucky.

Several students escaped, but they were already crying weakly. Let their parents know that it would be another beating.

Zhu Yang went on to say, “Of course, the above is limited to the rumors in this room.”

“The ones that haven’t come, I have to do business.”

The principal’s face changed: “So, isn’t it? I will inform them to come right now.”

Zhu Yang looked up and glanced at the principal.

The principal’s cold sweat is almost coming down. He used to indulge Zhu Yang. It was based on her excellence and safe work. She can take care of her own affairs and never forgets to bring benefits to the school. Her father’s annual donation is also generous. .

But at that glance, he was completely devoid of the condescending connivance of adults watching children, that is, he was a rash opening to interrupt the queen’s decision, as if he didn’t count his identity as an eunuch.

Zhu Yang smiled but didn’t smile: “Principal, it stands to reason that even if it is a weekend, it is impossible to be uncontrolled during the whole process.”

“Since I didn’t care about it then, don’t care about it now. The student’s affairs are solved by the student, don’t you think?”

When the principal and the teacher took a few students out, those students were even fortunate that they had faced all this today.

Although embarrassing, although the consequences were disastrous, it was definitely not as good as the few guys who hadn’t come.

That’s how people are. When someone does the same thing as yourself, but ends up worse, they will get great psychological comfort.

Thinking about it this way, sweeping the toilet for a semester, writing a 10,000-character review, a public apology, and a 100% meal at home, it was not so uncomfortable for a while.

After the outsiders left the door of the activity room, the members of the sorority association only discussed it.

“Really, those guys are cheap.”

“The remaining few must not be let go.”

“There is one in our class. She still wants to go to the Ivy League and dream.”

He Yihan watched the whole incident later, and now he was both frightened and unable to contain the excitement and envy.

Maybe she hasn’t experienced such a sense of power in her more than ten years of life! It may be a little funny for a bunch of teenage girls to say this, but this is their lives and lives.

She also said the same in the previous school, but it was based on the protection of boys and her own skills.

She has bullied classmates, but they are all in the same family background and not very popular.

At first, Zhu Yang made people scream at each grade, and she thought this guy would slap them one by one.

But it turns out that she thinks too much about pediatrics.

These people are decent and elegant, but the result is not comparable to beating people or humiliating them in public.

After the matter is over, they are still a reasonable party. Moreover, the dialogue between Zhu Yang and the adults was under her control, and even the principal was helpless.

To say that Zhu Yang is not a terrible family background, although the level is upstream, but the principal must have experienced a lot.

And he looked like a trained employee in front of her.

This is really – it’s so fun.

He Yihan was envious and jealous, but suddenly heard Zhu Yang call her name.

She came to Zhu Yang and said, “What’s wrong? Senior sister.”

Zhu Yang smiled and threw something in front of her: “Because it is an internal dispute in the sisterhood, I didn’t take it out just now. Now that the external accounts are almost cleared, let’s sort out the internal accounts.”

He Yihan had a subconscious hunch after hearing this. Sure enough, when she opened the folder, the whole person was poured down like a basin of cold water.

Several people close to her also leaned in, and saw that the one who had been arguing for two days was that it was not someone else who started it, but a traitor within their sisterhood.

Suddenly someone sneered: “Oh! Okay, who am I to dare to mess with us? It turns out that I’m still playing tricks behind my back.”

“I’ll just say that one of us here is not so mindful, and we take out such things to promote it, and it turns out that it is here to run.”

“I’ve seen a lot of newcomers who are rebellious. It’s the first time I’ve eaten inside and out.”

He Yihan suddenly panicked when everyone saw her eyes full of hostility. The fate of the few guys just now is not far away.

If you want to sit down, she is the culprit, can these people spare her? After this battle, she has no confidence that she can get away with Zhu Yang.

At least it’s impossible now, let alone her life experience can’t stand scrutiny.

What is meant is not stupid, and I don’t know where it is.

He hurriedly ran down in front of Zhu Yang and put his posture extremely low: “It wasn’t me. The sisters will be scolded, and I can’t please as a member. Why should I do this?”

“Someone registered with my mobile phone and student ID.” As she said, she took out her mobile phone: “If you don’t believe me, I didn’t even find the forum where I was.”

Naturally, Zhu Yang knew that it was not her, and she was able to watch the whole journey.

So she stretched out a finger, opened He Yihan to get the phone in front of her.

He lowered his body and looked into her eyes and said, “Don’t talk about this. At the birthday party the day before yesterday, my boyfriend went out to breathe back and told me one thing.”

“It was said that there was a girl in my club. She ran over and bumped him for no reason. She also said inexplicably that she liked him, and that she had to throw this distressed emotion on him.”

As she said, she smiled teasingly: “Yes, the **** is swung to my corner.”

He Yihan’s whole person was stunned, how could she never think that Senior Lu had actually told Zhu Yang about it, she was being stunned?

But his lips subconsciously argued: “I am not, I don’t.”

“Okay! What do you play with the thousand-year-old fox? You are the rest of my original game.” Zhu Yang said: “I haven’t seen someone with strange intentions.”

“But it’s the first time I’ve seen you who are so stupid and uncomfortable with you.”

Zhu Yang stretched out her finger, raised her chin, looked at her pale little face, and curled her lips: “I am not afraid of people having ambitions. Without that ambition, I wouldn’t deserve to stand in this room.”

“But what I’m taboo against here is an idiot. It seems that my previous interview was too hasty, and I chose you to come in.”

“Compared with your sister, you look smarter, but after all, it’s not much better.”

The surrounding sorority members looked at each other. This guy actually digs Zhu Yang’s corner and ran to pick up trouble.

This incident is nothing in itself. Seriously, how many people in the sisters have not considered digging Zhu Yang’s corner or even lifting her off the boss seat?

But just as she told her, that guy not only didn’t care about it, he also admired people for his ambitions, and he was also happy to fight internally.

But it’s never been so stupid in history. If things are not done, they take collective interests and use their indirect interests to vent their anger.

So he looked at He Yihan with disdain and contempt, not because she was bad, but because she was stupid.

He Yihan has never received such insults in her life, even if her mother was scolded at Xiaosan by pointing her nose, when she was scolded for an illegitimate daughter, she did not feel as uncomfortable as being degraded to the dust at this moment.

Because she knew that Zhu Yang, as well as the guys around him, had such pure thoughts in her heart when she was so despised.

They wouldn’t be mixed with jealousy and hateful detours to her, they really thought she was hopelessly stupid.

Even what she was proud of was far more intelligent than her sister and was completely denied.

He Yihan breeds a hatred of Zhu Yang from the embarrassment of his eyes.

She had never hated a person so much. She raised her head and glanced at Zhu Yang. This guy is aloof, and her sister is right.

She, and the people from the Sisterhood, are actually her group of dogs.

Zhu Yang smiled in his heart after seeing the emotion hidden in his little eyes.

The hatred is stabilized, and then it’s up to you two sisters.


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