Scream Queen Chapter 188

He Yihan was not expelled from the Sisterhood, but this result made her breathe a sigh of relief.

Because it is a shame to be expelled from this group, let alone at this time, then a little bit of brain outside will also link the two things together.

She was originally a newcomer, with an unstable foundation and has not yet established a close relationship with her surroundings.

Let alone the matter of losing face, just let people know that she is the kind of person who eats both inside and out, and most of these savvy rich second generations will not have deep friendship with her.

Then she came to such an environment, hoping to establish her own relationships and contacts, and it would be difficult for her to completely break into this circle.

But while breathing a sigh of relief, He Yihan felt extremely ashamed.

The reason why she was let go is not because her role is indispensable in the team, or because there is a doubt about her post.

Because in Zhu Yang’s opinion, it doesn’t matter at all. Even if the post was not made by her, it was so done behind the scenes, and it is still unaware of it. In Zhu Yang’s opinion, it is extremely incompetent.

What’s more, her own prudent eyes were so awkwardly exposed.

She is now in the sorority group as a whole, just like the lower creatures that everyone despise. Everyone, including the first graders who went in at the same time, looks superior in front of her.

“Senior elder sister is in the second grade anyway, and she went to school earlier, and her age is about the same as that of the third grade elder sister. I thought it would be safer to do things.”

“Well, I’m seventeen years old, and I don’t even have such a sense of protecting the individual.”

“We still have two wealth in the family. If we get private information so easily or even register it randomly, we can’t detect it. Then how can our parents expect us to inherit the family business?”

“Maybe the senior sister’s family is not very concerned about information security, but I would advise senior sister, you are a student, no matter how influential in the end, if one day your father is used to take advantage of the nominal loan, and it is successful, This is really hard to recover.”

He Yihan was ridiculed for the whole afternoon, his face was extremely ugly, but he couldn’t refute it.

Being stamped by Zhu Yang with an idiot, anyone can really step on her foot, but she still has to bear it, because the wrist that should be is not smart enough.

But is she that kind of fool? The bitch, what is meant to paint, is nothing more than bullying her because of the unequal information.

He Yihan sneered, she looked down on that idiot, no wonder that guy was so enthusiastic at the time.

Even if she gets better with a favorable family, she is also a profiter herself. At that time, why was he still wondering, is this idiot like such an atmospheric and visionary person? So I was waiting here.

It was just to seduce her to make a move, so that she was motivated to take advantage of her reputation for doing things.

But that guy would not have expected that Zhu Yang’s thoughts about the members of the sisterhood were clear at all. She cared not so much about guarding against death, but more about whether the members were smart enough.

What an arrogant person, so confident that no one can stand up to the storm in her hands?

He Yihan was very dissatisfied, but the facts proved that so far there is really no.

Because of the unequal time lag of He Yihui’s information, even He Yihan was so angry that he even wanted to run to her position and pull her hair and slap her in the face.

But as long as she thought of Zhu Yang’s smiley expression, the phrase “You are stupid in doing things, I am amazed” she calmed down.

If it was Zhu Yang, he would definitely not only show up at this moment. There is no image in the school like a shrew, and it will only make her own evaluation even lower and let the sisters even see her clumsy behavior.

Besides, she would not just let He Yihui go.

She didn’t know what it meant at this time, she resented Zhu Yang, but her every move was completely planned by Zhu Yang.

Everything is based on the response and evaluation of the other party after knowing it. No matter what happens to this behavior, where can it be found?

He Yihui filled with why it meant that noon would be unlucky and Zhu Yang would clean up and drive him out of the sisterhood.

Unexpectedly, there was nothing about her in the list of critics notified in the afternoon. He Yihui was a little unbelieving when he heard it.

He even grabbed the tablemate and asked, “I just missed it, what’s the meaning inside, right?”

The tablemate looked at her inexplicably: “No, this is obviously the person who made rumors in the post on the weekend, right? What does it mean to be a member of the sorority, what does it matter to her? No, are you two sisters? Ask?”

He Yi said, “No, nothing, I’m just worried about her, you also know where the sisters will be.”

As soon as she finished speaking at the same table, she pulled the stool away for two steps: “No, what can I say nonsense? What happened to the guy who just reported the rumor? You didn’t hear it?”

I have to say that Zhu Yang’s hand caused the melon-eaters who had been carving for two days to be thrown with cold water.

Those guys had a terrible fate. They had all the toilets for the whole semester, plus the 4D review and Monday’s apology. It is estimated that they will have to be beaten back home.

If it happens that the family has business dealings with the sorority members’ homes, perhaps the parents will have to apologize with shame.

According to the reports from the classmates and friends who were notified, this is not the worst.

After all, on their side, things are done here. Although Zhu Yang is overbearing, he is definitely not the one who has come out to settle accounts over and over again with what he understands.

But the others were not notified, but it was miserable.

Yes, they don’t have to be ashamed in school, and don’t have to endure the semester-long cleaning of the toilet and the ridicule of people around.

But children can’t afford an adult’s way of ending very often, even if they are in a critical period of their academic prospects.

Their parents will pay more and bear more shame to shovel this matter.

For a while, there were also arrogant remarks in the post, and quite a few people were at risk.

The sane recovered from eating melons gradually regretted joining in the fun online.

The sorority’s power of messing things up hasn’t been seen before. With one enemy and one hundred or something, when did they fall behind?

Now that I haven’t been involved in anything for more than a year, I have forgotten the reputation of this group at the beginning. It is true that they are a bit swayed, thinking that the other party can’t lift the knife.

After school, He Yihui sat in her car with He Yihan, and He Yihui couldn’t help but look at her sister from time to time.

He Yihan sneered in her heart, and then looked back at her smilingly: “What’s the matter? Sister! Is there any dirt on my face?”

“Oh, no, nothing!” He Yihui felt that she was not at home, but couldn’t help but said: “Are you okay? I think you have come out from there this afternoon, and your face is not so good.”

He Yihan’s anger went straight to the sky after hearing this, but his face was depressed: “Yes, I was trained.”

He also asked He Yihui: “Is our school’s forum registration too trivial? Today at noon Zhu Yang actually said that the poster was me. I was almost scared to death. I haven’t even touched the forum yet, and you know that I am today. I learned about it early in the morning.”

He Yihui’s eyes flashed: “Maybe someone registered with a student ID indiscriminately? Our forum is not chaotic for a day or two.”

“Besides, you are a freshman, and the information materials are at the teacher’s place. Maybe who came into the office and took it? You’d better eliminate it.”

Pretending to comfort him, he soon couldn’t wait to say: “What did Zhu Yang say? Can she let you go so soon?”

Seeing He Yihan’s strange look, He Yihui hurriedly rounded up her own words: “I mean, what kind of unreasonable guy she is, do you know? I heard that the sorority members are a little bit of a handle by her. If you catch it, you have to be threatened.”

He Yihan resents Zhu Yang’s loftiness and desperate cleverness, but he also feels more disgusting with He Yihui’s stupid omission.

She smiled and didn’t leave any holes in the conversation with her: “Oh! These are all rumors outside, but it’s actually fine.”

“I was so panicked that I explained it, but I didn’t expect she would really believe it.”

“Zhu Yang said that she doesn’t believe that people from the Sisterhood can do such a stupid thing. Although I may seduce her boyfriend, it is precisely because of this that she will not be so stupid and self-aware.”

Looking at her sister again, she said with a faint smile: “Sister, who are you after all, who did such a stupid thing.”

“Oh, it is estimated that anyone who can’t get into the sisterhood will make up the brain of the club to be as stupid and poisonous as hers. It’s just laughing at me. Even if you are picking things, you won’t use such a clumsy method. Are you insulting whose IQ?”

He Yihui’s face turned blue, and his fingers were trembling slightly.

She knows why she must be suspicious of her, but she shouldn’t be able to confirm it yet. Otherwise, with her character, she wouldn’t just ridicule and tentatively.

But being scolded stupidly, He Yihui’s heart became extremely angry.

These two **** are obviously fighters in cockfighting. What kind of sister affection is playing now?

If there is no evidence, Zhu Yang won’t be held accountable? When was your mother such a good talker?

Then she grabbed a key point: “What? Zhu Yang knew you seduce her boyfriend?”

“Knowing that she still—”

He Yihan smiled and said, “What is there to avoid? Senior Lu is so good, and there are so many interesting people for his sisters. Do you think Zhu Yang doesn’t know? She doesn’t care at all.”

“So don’t judge the sisterhood with the outside stingy thinking. Isn’t it normal to have a good impression of good people?”

When will the **** sisters be in such a glorious society?

Had it not been for He Yihui to know that the **** in the previous life was so chopped up by Zhu Yang for running to seduce Lu Senior, she would really be bluffed.

He Yihui felt that this guy was supporting her, feeling somewhat satisfied.

In any case, it’s time to get to this point, and it will almost have this effect.

But it’s not that this is the situation that Zhu Yang has promoted according to her intentions, to really let Zhu Yang from the high school era in this world perform.

This guy was probably caught and beaten as a pig.

He Yihan looked at the back of her sister back to the room, her eyes gradually turning cold.

She is smarter than He Yihui, because she was just caught off guard before being calculated.

He Yihui, who is a bitch, will not give up if she fails. He Yihui may not know much about her, but as an illegitimate daughter who has been hidden for more than ten years.

Her jealousy and conviction for this idiot who can live in the sun openly allowed her to inquire about many things.

This idiot is not a person who can hold his breath at all, and even this step may not be painful at all.

After dinner, He Yihan sat in his room, turned on his WeChat account, and contacted his former classmates.

She and her mother didn’t actually come back this year. Strictly speaking, they have been back for two or three years. From that moment on, they were preparing to return to this home.

The school she went to was also a well-known private school in the city.

But it’s different from the one that has a high threshold. Before that, you can go to the school if you have money.

Most of them are gangsters second generation ancestors, who don’t know how to make troubles if they have money in the family. These people are usually doted by the family. In short, there are everything in school.

He Yihan will have trouble because he is beautiful, so he chose the most powerful one in school as soon as he went, and became his girlfriend. Since then, he has been walking sideways in school.

She had to be called sister-in-law wherever she went. Strictly speaking, she hadn’t broken up with that school bully at the moment, because she had something to do, so she kept hanging.

This time He Yihui messed with her, she would naturally not let her go. Although it is not good to act rashly for the time being, Xiaoxiao can still do it by giving a lesson.

After a sweet talk about affection, love, and sweet talk, the other side suddenly asked: “I thought you changed your number. Why do you always use QQ to contact you these days?”

He Yihan subconsciously wanted to deny that she did have a QQ account, but apart from occasionally receiving files, she usually didn’t log in for ten and a half months. Automatic logout was common.

She hasn’t opened QQ at all recently, how can she use QQ to contact people she knew before?

But as soon as his finger dropped on the screen, He Yihan suddenly remembered the post.

Then the whole person sneered, good guy, even the QQ account was stolen from her.

Don’t say it, if it weren’t suddenly mentioned, she wouldn’t have noticed it herself.

He Yihan didn’t rush to deny it, but casually talked from there.

Then I learned from the other party that ‘she’ has been in the school bully and their buddies these days and complained that she was bullied in the new school.

There is a school girl bullying gang here. It may be seen that her new student is beautiful again and has been found for several rounds.

Especially at noon today, I was called to the other’s activity room, not to mention that she failed to seduce her boyfriend and posted a slanderous post.

In short, the picture of a pitiful little white flower being bullied by a group of elder sisters is vividly portrayed.

Where can those **** hear this? They all said that their sister-in-law is a fool who can bully?

And ‘she’ reassures each other several times. She just has a maladjustment to the new school and asks everyone to complain, and has no idea of ​​making trouble.

It even made a group of people feel sorry for her being strong and righteous, and then repeated several times, finally the other party couldn’t help stepping forward.

Let ‘she’ tell them who the other party is. This kind of stupid woman doesn’t give a lesson, she really thinks she can bully anyone.

Don’t let her go, but in the course of the conversation, Zhu Yang’s information was gradually leaked, even as far as the section of the road where he passed school.

I have to say that after half-set and half-guessed the purpose of He Yihui, He Yihan was a little surprised, and even looked at her sister in a different light.

She even felt that she might not be as stupid as she appeared. No wonder she saw that she was so calm, maybe she didn’t know where she was, and then investigated her surroundings.

Only then did he come up with this vicious plan to kill with a knife, and even this guy’s target is not just her.

It seems that Zhu Yang’s specificity is not less than hers.

He Yihan’s mind turned quickly and handed over her stupid sister. In front of Zhu Yang, this guy naturally couldn’t eat it.

But thinking about it this way, she felt that this opportunity was a pity.

To say that her sister hates Zhu Yang, is she not? Even today noon is the most shame she has encountered in her life.

Anyway, she has already caught the handle of her sister’s action, so why didn’t she go smoothly?

He Yihan sneered. In the vague words, even if she really made this statement public, she would not be able to catch her, but her sister pretended to be her and became evidence before she got involved.

Zhu Yang will only know better about their little nine and nine. In order to create opportunities for them, Zhu Yang even reported to Zhu Weixin for a game.

Recently, he had to stay in school for training, and he could not go home with Zhu Yang. Xie Yi was also sent out.

Lu Xiuci wanted to go home with her, but was refused.

I wish Weixin a good deal, and if you are dissatisfied, he said that he would go home early and cook dinner for him personally, and keep the joy of Diandian.

Xie Yi knew he was a soy sauce maker anyway, so naturally he would cooperate wherever he throws it.

It was Lu Xiu’s resignation. Seeing Zhu Yang said so, there was no entanglement.

It’s just that he looked at the background of Zhu Yang’s departure. The two sisters of the He family were under Zhu Yang’s monitoring, and naturally they were also under his supervision.

Lu Xiu naturally knew what ideas the two young sisters, who were very snake-hearted, would make next.

He was angry and shameless, and even wished to pour the two guys into cement and throw them into the sea to love each other.

But as the matter unfolded, the more clues were collected, the two idiot sisters biting the dog would be half a catastrophe. If it weren’t the abnormality drawn by He Yi, he would not bother to pay attention.

But what surprised him even more was Zhu Yang. She knew that the two sisters of the He family were suspicious, but what she did along the way even seemed to be cooperating with those two idiots.

Even now, he didn’t hesitate to put himself in danger.

It feels to him as if it is trying to induce some result or say that it exists.

The following person’s report is more tactful, but he knows that Zhu Yang’s abnormality has exceeded the standard.

Did she already know what happened inside? If you recall carefully, it really started from seeing her own room in a mess, not to mention fear and panic on her face, she didn’t even look surprised.

But she didn’t tell him what she knew, but she didn’t stop him from exploring the depths.

It’s like testing his information network and guiding him to discover something.

Lu Xiuci frowned. Although he had no problem with Zhu Yang wanting to tell him in a different way, he did not agree with her being suspected.

So he got into the car and followed Zhu Yang from a distance.

Zhu Yang was playing with his mobile phone in the carriage for himself, but the sisters of the He family couldn’t look at their wrists.

If it weren’t for waiting for the person behind to take a shot, she wouldn’t be rare to play with such a clumsy guy.

Acting with people is also very tiring, especially watching two guys whose brains are only the size of an almond and treat you as a fool with complacency. It is very difficult to control yourself to be patient and not laugh.

When the car drove out of the city and entered a certain unmanned road section, I saw a van parked in front of it from a distance. The license plate number of a very common model was masked.

At the same time, the car suddenly hit something and the body became unstable, and the driver immediately stepped on the brakes to stop.

He opened the door and got out of the car to check and found that a lot of puncture nails had been scattered on the road and the tire had been punctured.

Zhu Yang also had to say that although her family was also rich, it was still insufficient compared to the real wealthy family.

If the driver of the Yaolu family encounters such a thing, he does not need to get out of the car to realize that the problem is serious.

Zhu Yang’s driver is actually pretty good, but his sensitivity and response to crises are so inadequate. Even subconsciously, he will not think that he is dangerous at all, which gives people a chance.

When the driver checked out the problem on the ground and the underpass was not good, the van not far away drove over.

The door opened, and a group of people with colorful hair and fancy clothes came down.

A personality is pretty good, some have a tender face, and some look like an adult, making people confused.

No matter how strong the driver is, there is only one person, and the other person is holding a stick, and soon he will knock down the driver who is going to stop him.

Then those steel pipes knocked on the glass of Zhuyang’s car. It was a million-dollar car anyway. After a while, it looked embarrassing.

A group of people yelled to pull Zhu Yang out of the car, because they were facing the girl, so the foul language was unbearable.

Lu Xiu, who was far behind, immediately ordered the driver to speed up when he saw it: “If anyone touches her in a while, he will use his hand.”

But when I finished speaking, I saw the car door opened by itself, and Zhu Yang, wearing a school uniform, came out from inside.

A group of gangsters didn’t expect the school bully girls to be dealt with with such beautiful heads, He Yihui only gave them the license plate number.

Seeing this, the gangsters around him looked at Zhu Yang ill-intentionally, and even a lot of **** flashed in their eyes.

The school bully who had covered He Yihan stepped forward, touched his chin, looked at Zhu Yang and said, “Are you Zhu Yang from XX High School?”

“My woman was bullied at your school, and she cries with me every day. Although every mountain has its own rules, isn’t the person who bullied me Chi Peng too shameful?”

The people behind followed yelled intimidation, mixed with foul language about her.

Zhu Yang glanced at the driver and the messy-looking car: “The driver’s medical expenses and car repair costs add up to one million should be enough.”

“You poor people should still be able to afford it, right? So I can rest assured.”

“what did you say?”

As soon as Lu Xiuci approached, he heard that Zhu Yang was even provoking each other, and he could not help speeding up, for fear of her being injured.

As a result, his fists came out, and he was about to meet the guy in front of Zhu Yang, but he had a hand faster than him.

He grabbed the hair and lifted the whole person, and then swept the unreacted gangsters around him like a sledgehammer.

The head was violently hit with a creak, and some agile subconsciously resisted with the stick in his hand, but the blow fell on the school bully Zhu Yang was holding.

The pain made him scream, and within three seconds of the whole process, everyone flew out at random.

Lying on the ground screamed and screamed, his face distorted with pain, it was not miserable.

Zhu Yang grabbed the one in his hand and it was even more serious, and his hair was directly bald, because the semi-long hair in pursuit of individuality is convenient to grab, and I don’t regret it after knowing it.

Zhu Yang threw the guy out like a fly swatter, shook his hand, and said disgustedly: “Did you wash your hair for a few days?”

“Help me take out the disinfectant from the car.” This sentence was to Lu Xiuci.

“Huh? Oh!” Lu Xiu obediently obeyed his girlfriend’s words, opened the car door, took out the disinfectant from it, and took Zhu Yang’s hand to disinfect and wipe her.

A set of movements is fluent and smooth, but there are indeed millions of bullets flashing crazily from right to left in my mind.

[Who am I, where am I, what am I doing? 】

[My girlfriend seems to have a higher force value than me, what should I do? Urgent, online etc. 】

[There is no chance for a hero to save a beautiful woman. There is no chance in this life. 】

[Then the question is coming, will she violently abuse me in the future? 】

[Think in a good place, at least in the future when encountering general dangers, she has the ability to protect herself. 】

[No, it is true that no matter how strong it is, it can’t be big, this point must be criticized. 】

However, Zhu Yang squeezed his face before arguing in his mind, “What do you think?”

Lu Xiuci returned to his soul, looked at the corpse on the ground, and twitched his mouth: “You, what do you think?”

“Hahaha…, it’s exposed.” Zhu Yang smiled and said, “It’s true that I gave an old beggar a dollar when I was seven. He saw that my bones were amazed, and he taught me the same masterpiece magic——”

Before I finished speaking, I saw the expression in Lu Xiuci’s eyes, the meaning inside was very obvious——

[Edit, then edit, if you are embarrassed to edit, I am embarrassed to believe, it depends on whether you dare to say the same to others in the future. 】

Zhu Yang changed his tone in a serene tone: “Oh! I don’t have much time. It’s done, there is still something to be done today, you can ask me questions when you are done, and I will say if you can.”

Counting from the day of entering the game, today is the sixth day.

Zhu Yang has been pushing the development of the situation and even contributing to the idiot of He Yihui.

It is to conclude that the real test will come in less than 24 hours.

Since the representative of this test is He Yihui, then the matter should also be related to the other party.

Zhu Yang knew what she meant by pretending to be a gangster to surround her, and thought it would happen at this time.

But when she beat people to death, there was still nothing unusual.

She guessed wrong, the danger was not triggered by hiding in such a small wrist.

Make sure that there is no future player there. If you go back here, I guess you won’t know the news until tomorrow.

I also said before that Zhu Yang’s clearance of the game has never been the final standard, and she must get the ability of He Yihui.

As a result, the current state of affairs made her disappointed. There was no murderous intent hidden under the ordinary.

Zhu Yang didn’t plan to wait any longer, and handed the scene to the people who had resigned from Lu Xiu, who would deal with the injured doctors and these gangsters.

Then he got into the car where Lu Xiu resigned: “Go to the two sisters’ house.”

Lu Xiuci found that his girlfriend was more mysterious than he thought, but now that he got the promise, he didn’t worry.

Ask the driver to drive in the direction of He’s family. They didn’t delay much on the road, and they ran into the He’s sister’s car on the way to He’s family.

The driver of the Lu family didn’t know what he was doing before. When Zhu Yang asked to force the car to stop, he didn’t go and hit the car beside the road.

Lu Xiuci told her: “I used to be from the SEALs. I guess I saw you just now and remembered the time when I was performing the mission.”

Zhu Yang: “…”

The other driver would only be less aware of the crisis than the driver of Zhu Yang’s family, and at this moment only thought it was a car accident.

He opened the door and got out of the car. He was about to argue with the driver of Lu’s family when he was caught and placed on the hood.

“Alas! Who are you? What do you want to do? I called someone?”

“Shut up, it’s not for you to speak.” The road driver said.

Then Zhu Yang and Lu Xiuci opened the door and got out of the car.

The two sisters who had seen the driver restrained and felt bad were immediately shocked. Both of them knew what happened to the school today.

I was planning to go back home and wait for the good news that Zhu Yang suffered a loss, but how long has it passed? Zhu Yang was not only unscathed, but actually appeared in front of them.

He Yihui also had a strong desire to survive. Seeing Zhu Yang approaching step by step, she immediately launched a time-retrospective.

In the next second, Zhu Yang appeared in her car, and everything seemed to have no trace, except for the sense of violation of the consciousness fault in her heart.

Ordinary people often encounter this situation. While doing one thing, they have the illusion that they have already experienced it.

Therefore, normal people realize this sense of violation and generally don’t take it seriously, but Zhu Yang is different.

Players must not ignore their own intuition, because that is a judgment made by experience and body prior to their brain.

So Lu Xiuci saw Zhu Yang suddenly speak: “What time is it now.”

Lu Xiu was about to see the time, so he heard Zhu Yang say: “I didn’t ask you.”

At the same time, I heard a voice in the carriage: “17:45:28.”

It was the voice of Xie Yi who had been driven away by Zhu Yang, Lu Xiu was shocked, but Zhu Yang’s next words shocked him even more.

“Really? I started timing since I got on this car. According to my physical sense, the current time should be 17:43:20.”

“Two full minutes, and it may not be the result of full force, it’s really amazing.”

“It’s really convenient, but there should still be a lot of restrictions when used in battle. It’s okay for ordinary people, but battles involving advanced players should be of little use.”

“I want this not just to fight with people.” Zhu Yang smiled and said: “Okay, you continue, I will ask you if you have any questions.”

Lu Xiuci looked surprised when he disconnected communications that were clearly not a product of the technology of this era.

“Player, fight, back in time?” He looked at Zhu Yang: “What you said is true?”

“What are you and Xie Yi–”

Zhu Yang touched his face and soothed: “Relax, relax, you must know what you need to know, I am still me, I am your girlfriend, and I want to spend my life with you.”

“Whatever you think, it is enough to confirm this.”

Lu Xiuci finally calmed down a bit, and then heard Zhu Yang say: “Drive faster, catch up, their car is in front and they should desperately want to escape at this moment.”

The driver didn’t know how she knew, but he quickly obeyed the order and stepped on the accelerator to the end, and the powerful luxury car rushed out like a shadow.

Sure enough, I saw He’s car not long after, and the car drove at full speed, running fast.

What’s the meaning in the car didn’t know what her sister suddenly went crazy: “Why are you driving so fast? Is there a ghost chasing after?”

“I’d rather be chased by ghosts.” He Yihui knows no matter how stupid things are.

Just by scolding her up, Zhu Yang would be able to clean up people like that, not to mention that this kind of thing went to enmity?

The picture of how miserable and dying in the previous life appeared in my mind, and then the ghost image I saw that night.

She was afraid of Zhu Yang, and even more afraid of the established future, so she was completely panicked when she saw that things were irreversible.

What would that guy do to her? She asked the driver to accelerate desperately.

In this way, maybe that guy can’t catch her, right? Even if it is a temporary escape, a cowardly person is cowardly after all.

He Yihan was shocked to see her face pale, cold sweat, and fear to the extreme.

Looking back, she actually saw Lu Xiu’s car behind, she wanted to pry the corner of the wall and remember the basic information clearly.

So my heart was also shocked, guilty of heart and panic.

“No, it’s okay. At such a fast speed, they still dare not get up? They are not afraid of a car accident.” I don’t know who said to comfort himself.

Sure enough, in the next second, he saw the car behind stop and Zhu Yang walked out of it.

The car that had stopped in the rearview mirror was getting further and further away from them, and the sisters were relieved.

But what happened in the next second made them scream out directly.

Because the car they were moving forward suddenly stopped, their inertia made them ram forward, even the soft front seat backrest made them dizzy.

Then suddenly I felt a sense of weightlessness in the car, and the surrounding scenery gradually lowered.

Through the rearview mirror of the car, they found that the car had left the ground abruptly, and it was not a centimeter or two, but it was still rising.

Then the floating car flew back, and Zhu Yang, who was almost out of sight, was close at hand.

The two people, including the driver in front, screamed loudly, and the floating power of the car suddenly disappeared, and fell to the ground with a bang, almost shaking the three of them out of good or bad.

They were shocked. They stood beside Zhu Yang and watched the whole process. When she beckoned to control the huge object in the car, they were no less shocked.

He swallowed, and said with difficulty: “Yang Yang, are you from Krypton?”

Zhu Yangbai glanced at him, snapped his fingers, and the car broke into two out of thin air, neater than the cut cut by the knife.

The driver’s seat and the back seat were separated, and the two sisters of the He family hugged each other miserably with tears on their faces. This is probably the most intimate time in their lives.

Zhu Yang came to them and put one hand on the car cover, facing them: “Yo!”

“Ah—-” The two of them were shocked and startled.

He Yihui is even more, in addition to shock, there is more unbelievable.

The golden fingers she brought back from her rebirth were not aggressive, but it was also a god-defying effect.

Whether it’s avoiding danger or fleeing for life, to be honest, most of her source of confidence comes from cheating.

But what did she just see? Zhu Yang, the bitch, floated the car out of thin air, and even steered it backwards.

What is the difference between this and superpower, this is undoubtedly an offensive convenient ability.

She was terrified and jealous in her heart, and was about to reactivate time back.

Then Zhu Yang suddenly said: “Dare to come again, I will kill you next time I catch up.”

He Yihui’s pupils shrank–



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