Scream Queen Chapter 189

He Yihui is not unwilling to face the current situation.

She has always thought that she is lucky, and the truth is also true. Who can do it again because of regret and hatred in the only one life?

Who can add a golden finger in an extra life?

Even after the rebirth, many things have not been satisfactory and things have not gone so smoothly, but she has always believed that she is special.

As if she was the heroine in this world, she had always thought so before this moment.

But for a car that suddenly floated backwards, raising a hand was the impossible destructive power of manpower, and she knew her ability well.

He Yihui suddenly realized that she was not special at all.

Her little bargaining chip, compared with others, is almost as trivial as a trick. Not only does the other party already know it, it can even understand whether she has activated her ability.

Although the scope is not large, this is indeed a time reversal within the objective range, and the other party is indeed affected.

But this influence is like a joke in front of her insight and strength.

He Yihui looked up at Zhu Yang in a daze, her sister He Yihan was afraid to squeeze her.

On the other hand, she and her sister were dirty when they touched her, but it seemed that there was no such person nearby.

The huge blow made her completely lost the confidence to show time back and escape.

Zhu Yang smiled: “Very good, how good is the atmosphere of a calm and peaceful chat? I don’t want to have to break your hands and feet to have a normal conversation.”

The two sisters listened to her lightly. They hadn’t seen bragging people when they were students, and they might even threaten similar words online and offline.

But after all, no one would think it was true, even themselves.

But now they heard Zhu Yang say this with a smile, but they had no doubt that this guy would really do such a thing.

Then she heard her continue: “I was entertained by a few buddies on the way home just now, saying that I had offended his girlfriend, so I can’t die today.”

“The other party is not so hopeless at all. After a fight, they will speak human words.”

She looked at what it meant: “I think we are both members of the sorority association. It stands to reason that we are in the same group, but I don’t know that you have such a big misunderstanding of me, so I can’t wait to talk to you.”

In fact, He Yihan had already thought about her excuses if those guys were found out afterwards.

She made up a perfect excuse in her heart, and even simulated confrontation with others.

But now, her mind is blank, her thinking is confused, and people haven’t recovered from this supernatural phenomenon.

Where can I remember every word I have simulated?

She closed her eyes and screamed in horror: “It’s not me, it’s not me. I was hacked. Just like a forum post, this **** stole my account.”

“She pretended to be me and contacted my former classmates. I didn’t know it long after school, and I was about to call you to inform you.”

“If you don’t believe me, you can check it. I know it really doesn’t matter to me if you can find out.”

When He Yihui heard her sister shrugging off like this, she didn’t know where this **** had already known that she was behind her back.

She just pretended to be ignorant and even added to the flames. She, who had always been not very smart, now thought of a key strangely.

Hurriedly said: “How could I know your account? Are you my fortune-teller? You have been back less than a week. When will we be good enough to share accounts?”

“I don’t know about this at all, I know that you guys stopped me in a daze.”

“The reason I ran away was just because your car ran into it directly last time. I thought I was suspicious and wanted to kidnap us.”

“And this **** definitely didn’t know about it just now. She hadn’t touched her phone at all since getting in the car. She must have contacted her by herself. If you don’t believe it, you can check her phone.”

It is estimated that the two sisters had tore to the ground like this in their previous life. No, it should be said that it was their original normal state.

Without He Yihui’s deliberate disguise, the maliciousness of the two of them was exposed at this moment, and they both hated each other to death.

On the one hand, they were approached to excuse each other because of failure in their actions; on the other hand, it was the anger of new and old hatred.

Seeing that the two were about to fight, Zhu Yang patted the car cover: “Can you respect me?”

“I’m still here? It’s time to wait for me. You have a chance.”

He said with a sneer: “One borrowed a knife to kill someone to hide the evil intentions, and the other added to the trouble to fish in troubled waters.”

“You two sisters are embarrassed to dislike each other? In my opinion, you two are carved out of the same mold.”

“There are things that only resent others and never find reasons in yourself. At a young age, you don’t have the slightest humanity and empathy. It’s the same for your black-hearted faces.”

Zhu Yang grabbed the two sisters by their hair and pulled them out one by one, grabbing his head and hitting the car cover.

The two sisters suddenly felt like needles and felt like vomiting in pain.

Zhu Yang’s icy voice sounded in their ears: “It was me who encountered this today. I want to change to another person. What will happen in the end?”

“Is it necessary for you to experience it for yourself so that you can empathize with what you have done?”

The two of them were in terrible pain, but they were trembling when they heard the words. Zhu Yang was disgusted to the extreme: “Huh? So you know that you are afraid?”

“I was wrong, I was really wrong, I didn’t think so much.” He Yihui knew that everything he estimated to be doing was seen in his eyes, and there was no chance of being confused and sophistry.

“I just let people teach them a lesson. They are all students, and they all have money and power at home, and they don’t know much.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Why don’t I know the previous convictions? I really believe that your mind is so simple.”

Lu Xiuci walked over and looked at the two, with indifferent eyes looking at two bugs in the gutter.

He said to Zhu Yang: “You don’t need to dirty your hands, I will deal with it.”

He Yihan had expectations for this, and felt that at any rate Senior Lu would not be like Zhu Yang, a lunatic.

But He Yihui had experienced it in her previous life, and she shivered when she heard this.

Yes, Lu Xiuci is usually not a bully person, and he is easy-going with others, but knows that once the other party makes a move, it is a place for people to never stand up.

With his family’s power, it was a simple matter to make her whole family instantly defeated, and she would fall to the point where everyone was deprived of poverty in her previous life.

He Yihui’s face was pale and horrified, and she shook her head desperately: “No, no, I really know I was wrong.”

Zhu Yang stopped Lu Xiu saying, “Hey! Don’t be so angry, in fact I need her help with something.”

“This matter is very important to me. If she helped, this matter will be written off today, so let her go.”

Lu Xiu was very unhappy when he heard the words, but He Yihui knew that this was his only life-saving straw.

Zhu Yang may need her ability to help, she nodded quickly: “Yes, you can, what do you say and what I do, you let it go–”

Before he finished speaking, a spiral thorn twisted from a car metal object suddenly plunged into He Yihui’s body.

Not to mention He Yihui, even Lu Xiuci couldn’t react to the development of this matter.

He Yihan on the other side was already screaming with the blood splashed on his face, and the driver in the separated cab escaped to see this scene, he was shocked.

He subconsciously wanted to call the police, but was held down by the driver of the Lu family.

Zhu Yang looked at He Yihui with a smile: “Now, start mobilizing your abilities. This is for me.”

“Ah, it’s not right. The main thing is to help yourself. After all, the lungs are pierced, and you will die if you delay.”

How does He Yihui feel? At first, I didn’t feel the pain, I just felt that my body was hit hard.

It was like knocking her belly to the corner of the table, and then warm blood splashed out, and huge pain and panic madly flooded her.

She looked at Zhu Yang’s face, reflected in a pool of blood like a devil.

He Yihui finally let out a scream: “Ah————”

Things around her began to go backwards, like a movie being replayed, a metal spiral came out of her body, blood flowed back, and the wound healed.

The spiral thorn that was manipulated by Zhu Yang with Nian power even recovered its original appearance. It was a piece of iron next to the car, which was turned into a murder weapon out of thin air.

“Actually, I need her help with something–” Backtracking freezes when Zhu Yang said this sentence.

He Yihua lost his innocence, and quickly hid aside, using the back half of the car as a cover. Hugging his shoulders trembling tightly.

Her sudden movement made He Yihan puzzled. After Lu Xiuci was surprised, thinking of her ability, he immediately guessed that the other party had made time go back again.

Needless to say, it was obvious that Zhu Yang did something to her that forced her to look back.

But when Zhu Yang said half of his words saw her acting like this, he was not surprised at all, and even ignored He Yihui’s escape.

Instead, he looked at the timer in his hand and asked, “How long is the time now?”

“18:12:35.” Xie Yi’s voice came over there again.

“The time on my timer is 18:11:42.” Zhu Yang said.

Then he raised his head and lifted his fingers, He Yihui’s hidden carriage suddenly flew up to the sky, and He Yihan who was close screamed.

Zhu Yang grabbed his hair and threw it on the ground: “Roar a hammer, experiment time, keep me quiet.”

He Yihui shook her whole body without the car cover, and then she was pressed to the ground by a foot on her head.

“What’s the matter, it’s not awesome.” Zhu Yang said: “This time is not as good as last time. Last time it was two minutes or so, this time there was not a minute.”

“What I want to see is your limit. You can’t even understand the ability to escape. What merits do you think you are alive?”

“Next time I have this ability, I will just send you to the west.”

Zhu Yang squinted, his face suddenly cold: “You can break your neck in an instant and break your brain alive. Even if you have this ability, you can’t save your life, right?”

He Yihui was really scared. Her pupils were pinched and she was terrified. She was blue and white, but like a devil in the dark.

“Ah—-” She cried out again, and the devil didn’t let her go.

Launched back in time, she didn’t want to face this guy anymore, and didn’t want to face her anymore.

Desperately, desperately setting back time, squeezing out my energy, breaking through the limit I have tried, if I could return to last night, before making that stupid decision, how good would it be.

But obviously her ability is not enough to completely overwhelm her stupidity.

“Dare to look back in time, the next time I catch up with you, I will kill you.” The world freezes on this sentence.

The devil was still in front of her, just when he cut the car in half.

There was despair in He Yihui’s eyes. She used to think her abilities were enough, but now she feels so short-lived.

Sure enough, Zhu Yang was sensitive to her ability to activate or not, but could not really confirm the time.

But it doesn’t matter, she has accomplices, which is just a trivial question for her.

“What is the time now?”


“It’s 18:6:51 on the timer.” Zhu Yang replied over there, “Yes, it’s almost six minutes. It seems that this is the limit of her ability.”

“Not bad, for an ordinary person.” Xie Yi said over there: “If you receive certain training, you can already make a difference in the real world with this ability.”

“Unfortunately, he is a fool.” Zhu Yang made no secret of his contempt.

“Forget it, I don’t know whether the limit of ability is certain or it will change depending on the holder. In my case, I should be able to deal with the backtracking time and scope and causal logic more perfectly.”

“But if it remains so, it is barely enough.”

Over there Xie Yi agreed, but realized that he couldn’t escape the devil’s paintings anyway, and he was completely crazy after hearing Zhu Yang’s words.

“Hahaha…, why am I, so you like my ability. Hahaha——”

She had disheveled hair and a crazy expression, like a madman, but she was suddenly startled by He Yihan.

He Yihui pointed at Zhu Yang, her tone of gloating pleasure: “My ability is very useful, right?”

“Yes, maybe in the hands of someone like you, it will definitely be more useful and make you powerful and invincible.”

“But it’s a pity, I don’t count this thing, even if I want to transfer it to you, you can’t get it, hahahaha…, you just can’t get it–”

“Don’t make any conclusions about things if you say nothing about idiots.” Finally waved impatiently, and then sneered: “Otherwise, how do you think I got my ability?”

He Yihui’s laughter stopped abruptly, like a duck stepped on its neck.

What does this mean? The subtext is like saying that her ability is taken from others.

Impossible, how is this possible? Ability has nothing to do with the body, and it cannot be transmitted through blood or body tissues.

There is no relevant research institution in this world at all, even if this guy is also a superpower, what about her?

He Yihui looked at her suspiciously, but saw Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Okay, you have helped me. What happened just now will be wiped out. Let’s go.”

She speaks nicely, as if his car can still walk now.

After all, her mental power had been exhausted, and she couldn’t continue to use it in a short time.

Zhu Yang didn’t care about her, took Lu Xiuci and turned around to get back to their car.

But at the moment of turning around, there was a blush flashing in He Yihui’s eyes, and then her entire aura changed.

The high school girl who was still cowardly and stupid last second was full of evil aura that people couldn’t directly look at.

She looked at Zhu Yang’s back and grinned sinisterly.

Then Zhu Yang seemed to feel something, turning his head was an ice blade.

He Yihui turned his head to avoid it easily, and then a huge pitch black hole appeared on Zhu Yang’s ground.

This ability, Zhu Yang saw Wu Jianjun used it in Xie Yi’s game.

At that time, in order to provoke and test Xie Yi, he threw everyone in the evening banquet into a black hole, and the bones of those people instantly disappeared.

It’s just that the construction of that copy of Xie Yi was originally illusory, so his damage was invalid.

However, he is also an experienced senior player. When Zhu Yang came to experience this ability himself, he realized that it was far more scary than watching.

This black hole is accompanied by a huge suction force, as if to attract people to the other side of hell, and there is an uncomfortable atmosphere around it.

Zhu Yang still feels uncomfortable, so it is not what Lu Xiuqi can bear.

She quickly threw Lu Xiuci far away with the power of reading, far away from this black hole, Longlong, who had been invisible, also appeared.

It didn’t change back to the size of its body, but it was about one meter thick, hovering between Lu Xiuci and the driver, and shouting at “He Yihui” was a terrifying roar.

Both Lu Xiuci and the driver were dumbfounded, dragon, this **** dragon.

The point is that Long still talked to him: “Dad, don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”

Who, who can give birth to a dragon son? Lu Xiuci couldn’t help but wonder whether he was from his ancestral home.

‘He Yihui’ smiled and licked his lips: “Oh! I actually carry the dragon with me, not bad.”

With this expression and with it, it seemed that he had already regarded Longlong as his own.

Zhu Yang smiled: “Where, you are still generous. I can’t get enough of my own ability to guard against the sky. I also specially helped me take Wu Jianjun.”

“This engulfing black hole is really good, and when combined with my abilities, I must be able to go to the next level.”

The expression on the face of “He Yihui” slowed down, looking at Zhu Yang and said, “Well, you don’t even doubt that I am Wu Jianjun.”

Zhu Yang said: “I know there is no way to deal with Xie Yi, and me next to Xie Yi, so I chose to devour a high-level player first.”

“The vitality of a high-level player is enough to restore your cultivation to a certain level. Even if you can’t fight with Xie Yi, you still have one or two certainty against me, right?”

“You have flaws everywhere. If it weren’t for this parallel world, Wu Jianjun would not be fooled by you.”

But now that Wu Jianjun’s abilities have been absorbed by ‘him’, that should be more ill-fortune.

Zhu Yang shook his head: “It seems that Wu Jianjun has something heavier in reality. If he is not careful, his inner weakness will be exploited.”

‘He Yihui’ smiled: “You surprised me. Looking at such a causal aspect, my life history is so clean, it’s not worth mentioning that I have a little obsession.”

“I was right to choose Wu Jianjun at the beginning, but now, it doesn’t matter if I force you.”

After talking no more words, the two fought together, Lu Xiu resigned from a distance watching Zhu Yang fight with the girl who suddenly changed her personality, eyes full of incredible.

If Zhu Yang’s motivation to read just now has opened his eyes, in just a few minutes now, he has shown that it is just the tip of her iceberg.

Perhaps considering the scope of the impact, only the tip of the iceberg is revealed, but everything is shocking.

The ice and snow that appeared out of thin air, the dense cockroaches, the destructive ability to destroy the world.

Lu Xiuci even saw Zhu Yang lift up half of the mountain like this and smashed it over at “He Yihui”.

But the other party did not let much. The battle with Zhu Yang seemed to be relatively easy at the moment, but Zhu Yang looked a little strenuous here.

That “He Yihui” showed a smug smile, which made Lu Xiuci particularly worried.

But at this moment he felt his powerlessness for the first time in his life.

Zhu Yang has already begun to retreat frequently. Obviously, he has a high level of cultivation, and now he is devouring a high-level player’s “He Yihui” or “Zhou Long” is not something she can handle now.

Zhu Yang said: “How long has the time passed now? Xie Yi is not far from here, is it really okay to be delayed here?”

“He Yihui” chuckled, and the voice was as rough as sandpaper scraping a pot, where is the crispness of a teenage girl?

She said: “I am not blind, but don’t forget what my ability to see is.”

Zhu Yang’s face sank, and He Yihui was able to look back within a certain range of time by putting a little ability on her.

If this guy wants to use it, it will only have a wider range and no trace.

The other party was not in his heyday, and he might not dare to head-on with Xie Yi, but he could do something to hide his perception of time and delay time.

Zhu Yang’s face was ruthless, and he was determined not to hide the bottom of the box, and purple smoke spread out.

He Yihui stepped back again and again: “It’s very risky, I never thought that your girl is not old, but she has a lot of skills.”

“It just happens that after absorbing you, maybe the remaining one can be taken in one fell swoop.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Don’t think about it.”

However, outside the blind spot of her sight, even Longlong’s warning blind spot, where Lu Xiuci and the driver stood, a huge black hole suddenly appeared in the air.

Inside, countless swords and halberds shot at Lu Xiuci. Because he was within the scope of Longlong’s package, Longlong reacted immediately, but he had to take into account Lu Xiuci’s physique and still be restrained.

Zhu Yang raised his hand to use the power of mind to operate the weapons, but “He Yihui” immediately stepped up the offensive, so that she could not be distracted.

Zhu Yang’s face was sweaty, and his expression flashed in panic.

Suddenly, a sharp object pierced into the flesh and blood sounded, and Zhu Yang obviously trembled.

He rushed to punch out the’He Yihui’ at any cost, because this is Zhu Yang in the parallel world, and the physical strength of ordinary people can’t bear Zhu Yang’s strength.

She had wrapped her whole body with spiritual power when she did it before, so as not to cause loss, but now she can’t care about it.

The whole arm was obviously taken up and dropped weakly, but she didn’t care and came to Lu Xiuci in an instant.

Lu Xiuci’s heart had been pierced, with bright red blood left at the corner of his mouth, and Long Long let out a hissing cry.

“No, no!” Zhu Yang quickly caught him: “No, it shouldn’t be like this.”

But even so, more and more blood was flowing on the ground. Lu Xiuci looked at his blood, then glanced at Zhu Yang, and raised his hand to touch her tears: “No, don’t cry!”

The “He Yihui” who had been beaten into the mountain stood up, and Zhu Yang seemed to be aware of it. He turned his head and looked at her with sullen hatred.

Then he raised his hand and inhaled, the guy came directly in front of Zhu Yang, and Zhu Yang pinched his neck directly into his hand.

But I don’t know why, but the “He Yihui” of the tiger who just fought with Zhu Yang just disappeared at this time.

Seeing the situation in front of him, Zhu Yang was pinched again, and he was trembling with fright.

Zhu Yang said coldly: “Use your ability to go back one minute.”

“Ahem! You, you let go.” Pinching her to make her unable to concentrate, how to look back.

However, just when Zhu Yang was about to let go, a person suddenly appeared next to him. The other’s index finger poked it on He Yihui’s forehead, and the other party fainted immediately.

Xie Yi said: “Can’t go back.”

Zhu Yang looked at him and roared in disbelief, “Why not, don’t tell me the causal set, this guy has just been experimented by me.”

Xie Yi said bitterly, “I can’t tell you. That guy hurt someone like this on purpose, and now he suddenly disappeared. There is obviously a problem.”

“I can’t take care of that much anymore, are you going to watch him die?” Lu Xiu’s breath in Zhu Yang’s arms was already weak.

“Hey! Don’t close your eyes, I’ll save you right away.”

A trace of unbearable flashed across Xie Yi’s face, but he still insisted on his opinion.

At this time, He Yihui, who had been dizzy by him, woke up again. Zhu Yang quickly pulled He Yihui out of Xie Yi’s reach and looked at him defensively.

“Quick, now let’s go back in time—”

As Zhu Yang said this, He Yihui’s eyes gradually showed expectation and a flash of pride.

“Go back to when you were still in your mother’s stomach.” The anxious voice suddenly turned sharply, becoming ironic and cold.

He Yihui raised her head and looked at Zhu Yang incredulously.

I heard Zhu Yang sneer and said: “It is estimated that at least a thousand years ago, this is still a higher level of your talent, but depending on how stupid you are, it is estimated that you will not stop for 10,000 years.”

He Yihui’s face changed with ugly expression, and finally he was frozen in the same way as Zhu Yang went to war.

She sneered: “Why? Don’t you want this guy’s life? Yeah, it’s not just me, a substitute for a mere parallel world. If you really look for it, you can have as many as you want.”

Zhu Yang laughed: “You seem to hope that I want to look back in time by my own will, too, unlike the temptation just now, it is my real and urgent need now.”

“Once the negotiation is established, then at least I have to pay something?”

“Let me see, did Wu Jianjun also make a contract that he didn’t know because of a similar incident, and he was confused, so he was absorbed by you?”

“I just said that even if a high-level player is lost, it is impossible to be absorbed in this way, and even the ability is inherited. That’s how it is.”

When “He Yihui” saw her Men Erqing, the acting style was obvious just now, and finally he knew that this guy had understood the essence of this level.

[Do not fall into reincarnation. 】This is a reminder from the bridesmaid to Zhu Yang.

But this sentence has no beginning and no end, let alone how to do it, even the definition of reincarnation is uncertain.

Originally, the existence of the rebirth body and her female ghost in this world at the same time is a reminder, but this reminder is obviously much weaker than the reminder of the bridesmaid.

Wu Jianjun should also have related tips, but unfortunately he ignored them.

So in a similar scene, when a loved one died’accidentally’, the’NPC’ issued a request to look back in time.

It is estimated that Wu Zhijun also has characters similar to He Yihui. This kind of deliberately inserted ‘NPC’ has a clear sense of existence, and the ability of the body can be perceived by a little attention.

In normal times, no matter how much time the ‘NPC’s look back, they also have a relationship with the player’s facial features, because there is no cause and effect in the player’s motivation.

For example, Zhu Yang killed He Yihui before and asked her to look back in time to save herself. Although Zhu Yang is experimenting, the fundamental reason for He Yihui’s ability to activate is to save herself.

But if Zhu Yang asks the other party to look back in time to save her way, she will be involved in causation, signed a contract, and the price of saving her important person is to be consumed by’Zhou Long’.

Zhu Yang grinned: “But it’s a pity, we don’t need to look back in time, we just scratch a little skin, go to the hospital, will be directly sent out by the doctor, so I am even more embarrassed to let you be overkill.”

After she finished speaking, even Longlong was stunned, and then quickly changed back to the size of her usual home, squirming at Lu Xiu.

“Puff! Don’t, itchy–” Lu Xiuci was sitting up with Long Long Gong.

The spike pierced his heart. It sank in from the back, and a large part stretched out from the front, but his whole body was swept away from the weakness just now. How could he look like a dying person?

“How did it happen?”‘He Yihui’ or’Zhou Long’ muttered.

At this moment Xie Yi came behind him. He knew he stepped into the trap and wanted to escape, but found that he was trapped in He Yihui’s body, unable to peel away freely.

Then I saw Zhu Yang grabbing the spikes on Lu Xiucai’s chest and back one after the other, and then moved forward, and the thing appeared in Zhu Yang’s hands in two pieces.

It wasn’t that she broke it, it was just an illusion made by sticking to Lu Xiuci’s skin, but his body was not penetrated at all.

The two spikes were in Zhu Yang’s hand, and then the small space in the palm of his hand began to twist, and the spikes disappeared instantly.

‘He Yihui’ pupils shrank suddenly: “Space is distorted.”

Yes, if this woman prepares for him in advance, the mere physical damage can be ignored. As for the seemingly passing tricks of bloodshed and vitality, most of them can be faked.

But when she fights, she doesn’t show a trace, and deliberately shows weakness. Who would have thought that someone of her level had such a powerful ability?

He was careless.

Now that the situation is broken, he is controlled by Xie Yi again, and there is no chance of turning over.

Naturally, Xie Yi would not be kind enough to keep his hand at this moment. He reached out his hand and took a look into He Yihui’s mind.

Just like when he directly took out the ghost and bodhisattva out of the stone statue in Toad/Mao Village, He Yihuan was harmless, but he took out a human-shaped black mist from her mind.

The black mist was invisible, but he couldn’t escape Xie Yi’s palm, so he put the thing away directly.

“According to the algorithm of the game, his abilities should belong to you. I didn’t contribute much, but even if this guy has a big loss in his cultivation, he still has the foundation, and the gain is not small.”

Zhu Yang said in his heart that she swallowed the cultivation base of the ancestor of Ten Thousand Poisons, and directly improved her strength. This guy would only be much stronger than the ancestor of Ten Thousand Poisons.

Even Xie Yi would be good.

Speaking of this, in fact, they and each other can’t say who is more evil.

Lu Xiuci grabbed Long Long, who had been rubbing against him, “So now can you tell me what happened?”

“What’s the matter with this kid? Why do you call me Dad?”

Zhu Yang and Xie Yi glanced at each other: “Go back, it’s not convenient here.”

As for the He’s sisters and the car that was destroyed long ago, the three of them irresponsibly didn’t mean to clean up the mess.

Xie Yi snapped his fingers in the past, and the two sisters and the driver forgot most of what had just happened, and kept some memories. Without revealing the game, they also gave these two lawless black-hearted sisters a warning and a lesson.

When he got home, Zhu Yang was still thinking about how to explain it, but Xie Yi took the lead and explained it.

Zhu Yang said: “It’s okay to just say that?”

Xie Yi said: “Under normal circumstances, the existence of games must not be known to outsiders.”

“But this time the dungeon is special. They can no longer be regarded as outsiders, but they are not players. There are not many people who are outside of several identities in the entire game, so the confidentiality system does not stipulate that they cannot know.”

Zhu Yang had guessed that Lu Xiu’s resignation should not be completely restricted by the confidentiality regulations, and hoped that they would have more information to protect themselves.

Hearing Xie Yi’s confirmation at this moment, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Lu Xiuci had guessed five or six points in the previous dialogue, but when he heard it in person, he still felt incredible.

He raised his head and looked at Zhu Yang: “In other words, you are the Yang Yang of the parallel world? Are you 23 years old now?”

Zhu Yang nodded, and then her body shape began to change, Lu Xiuci watched her fade away from the young girl’s youth, and turned into an amazing mature beauty.

His face flushed: “Well, what about my Yang Yang.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Yes, I just temporarily took over the dominance of the body. Basically, she appeared on the scene between you. That guy was very jealous. Even I was guarded.”

Lu Xiuci breathed a sigh of relief, sweetness and joy flashed across his face, and then touched Longlong who refused to come down on him again——

“This is us, no, your son?”

“Dad!” Long Long intimately rubbed him with a face with a beautiful beard.

Zhu Yang smiled, and his smile became more relieved: “My Aci entered the game three years before me. He is very strong, don’t worry.”

Lu Xiu curled his lips: “I don’t care how he is. I don’t have the ability to do this, and I don’t deserve to be with you.”

“Oh! This is really rare.” Xie Yi smiled: “I don’t have human rights anymore, right?”

Zhu Yang took Lu Xiuci’s hand and said solemnly: “Although the pretenders let us get rid of this time, you don’t have enough to frighten Xiaoxiao high-level players, and it is always detrimental to the whole world.”

“Sorry, because of our relationship, you can no longer become players, but the information you get is not useless.”

“Since it is a higher dimension, it must have its uniqueness. If possible, use this information to protect yourself.”

Lu Xiuci nodded solemnly, taking her words to heart.

Xie Yi persuaded her again: “Your brother is suitable to be a player, and his aptitude is as good as yours. Once he becomes a high-level player, the world will sit back and relax.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand irritably: “The route of this world is theirs.”

Then again, she will not be a player, and Zhu Weixin may not be happy to enter the game, and Zhu Yang in this world will naturally not want her brother to take risks.

Xie Yi was also helpless. Seeing that the game time was almost over, he said, “Game, log out of the dungeon.”

But there was no response after a while, and Xie Yi immediately became suspicious.

Then he secretly asked the game with his highest authority in his mind–

“Game, is there Zhu Weixin among gamers?”

The author has something to say:   The new copy has come out, let it out for everyone to take a look, and be interested in collecting it.

The name and copywriting are all tentatively decided, so I beg for help to find a suitable name. If the name that the little angel wants is activated, 10,000 coins will be rewarded.

“The Scum Queen” BY Silver Hair Dead Fisheye

Bai Qi is bound to the scum system, but the system always feels that something is wrong with the host

The scumbag took Xiaosan home to play excitement on the marriage bed, opened the quilt, as his wife Bai Qi and her ex-boyfriend Bai Yueguang were already on it.

Bai Qi: “Line up in the living room and change your bed in three hours.”

The second scumbag said affectionately: “I love you and your sister, and no one can give up. You want me to make a choice, don’t you force her to die?”

Bai Qi shook his hand and replied empathetically: “I understand, just like I was also reluctant to bear your brother. He is infatuated, so am I the one who has lost heart?”

The third scumbag: “I am only with you to plot your family business. The cousin in my hometown is the woman I love most. Don’t think that I will feel soft when you have children.”

Bai Qi: “Don’t don’t, don’t have a burden, the child is not your thank you. I can’t be together with the handsome butler who is perfect in everything except my background, so I have to find a guise to pick up Panxia.”

“Now that the child has grown up, your role ends here.”

System: “Japan, the host is the **** scumbag who should kill a thousand swords, right? Who is responsible for screening the abused targets? Why did you miss this stuff?”


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