Scream Queen Chapter 19

The state of the stalker at the moment is really miserable, The landlord can’t bear it.

To be honest, his long-term tenants here have problems with the Hakka family, those who eat soft meals and domestic violence, those who are bullied at school, and the perverted stalkers on the stall.

But there is a saying, Noble personality has its own charm, and inferior soul is a nest of snakes and rats.

The landlord is a despicable villain who is greedy for money and lust, Naturally, Sanguan, Teacher Qiu’s husband, and stalker XX coincide.

If these three people describe cancer on the Internet, even the stench is a bad smell.

So he never stopped Mr. Qiu’s husband, even think of a woman, he just wants to persuade him, otherwise, he won’t get on the house for three days.

I never feel that there is anything wrong with the stalker’s approach, I even despise Ms. Cui for not knowing what it is, I think she hangs others, how else can I wear makeup and wear such a short skirt all day long before the man?

Therefore, he couldn’t understand the pain of Teacher Qiu and Miss Cui. On the contrary, two brothers who were similar to him were cleaned up tonight, which made him quite dissatisfied with these people’s domineering behavior.

But he didn’t dare to offend him, thought the little brother would be beaten and thrown out at most,  didn’t expect to be tortured like this.

He couldn’t stand it a little, he cautiously said to Zhu Yang, “Miss Zhu, this is a bit too late. Brother Zhang is also infatuated (love qg), just not winking and using the wrong method. Well, young guy, which is not stupid all day long. It’s too late to make women angry, Why don’t you forget, Everyone, go upstairs and rest.”

Zhu Yang took a look at the landlord, smiled and said, “Isn’t I just fulfilling his infatuation (love qg).”

“Look at Ms. Cui, she is beautiful (shēn) and a top student at a prestigious university. She is independent and independent. At a young age, she can make money to support herself and supplement her family.”

“Such a good girl, where is not sought after, there is a lot of competition, you have to look like a fat man, you need money and no money, hard (sexual xg) conditions can not keep up with people, you have to take more sincerity to make up for it.”

“Otherwise, I just want to get beautiful women by shameless entanglement, how can there be such a good thing”

“These things he did, wouldn’t it be disgusting if a man could not do it. Since he wants to stand out, he has to use his ability to discourage other suitors.”

Said and pointed to the stalker who was correcting the expired burger by Li Lisai, “Look, if he goes out from now on and says that he even dares to eat these things in order to chase Ms. Cui, does this make other boys admire and worship?”

“Being honestly defeating competitors, this is the right way to pursue girls.”

“Yes.” Miss Cui looked at that disgusting pervert and finally revealed a disgusting expression (qg) one day, feeling extremely happy.

At the moment, she was influenced by Zhu Yang and learned a trick. She sneered and said to the landlord, “You don’t always persuade me not to just look at men’s money and how they look. It depends on what you like for me”

“I’m looking at it now, how come you two are rebellious. You forgot that he had to give me a bottle of water once, but he drank it. I refused him and said I disliked him.”

“Then don’t despise me at this moment. Even if you despise me, don’t despise yourself.” He pointed at the **** that were poured out, and said with disgust, “Yes, these raw swallows may not be good.” pharynx.”

“You see that your usual way of showing (love ài) to him has always been to clap your hands and support. Today, you even let him in my room, and now you also help him.”

“Excuse me, let’s cut these into thin strips with scissors. Teacher Qiu, do you have any sauce at home to borrow it for you to use, and if he thinks the taste is simple, it is easier to swallow it.”

The landlord and the stalker looked at Miss Cui incredulously, and couldn’t help thinking at the same time that it was the most poisonous woman.

Unexpectedly, Teacher Qiu nodded and replied, “There is bibimbap sauce that I bought only yesterday. I’ll get some for this little brother.”

After speaking, he hurried upstairs.

When I walked in, I saw my son staying in the room to do his homework. The table was full of delicate snacks, all of which were given to him by Wang Beisai.

However, since his parents went out, he has been absent-minded, his snacks have not moved, and his homework has not been written in. At this moment, seeing his mother come back, he jumped happily.

Since Teacher Qiu just saw the cowardly ugliness of the man on the sky bridge, and the loud divorce, something seemed to be broken in his heart.

It turns out that the unshakable despair when he was beaten was just an illusion. In front of others, he even spit on his face and did not dare to fight back. He was not so invincible. His nature turned out to be so cowardly and wretched. Why is she I slept with this person for eight years, but I saw it today

It turns out that it is not that the whole world regards her wanting to get a divorce as a rebellious neurosis, because she has been trapped by something intangible. Like Miss Zhu said, she had to constantly find excuses to hypnotize her situation into a comfort zone.

Teacher Qiu touched her son’s head, “We won’t live with Dad from tomorrow, okay”

She asked carefully, but she saw her son’s eyes increase little by little, happier than Sheng (日ri) receiving a gift.

Teacher Qiu felt sour, and then hugged his son, how stupid he was, only now think about it.

He took the sauce and went downstairs, but he didn’t let his son follow. These things are not suitable for children.

Maybe it’s because she was too excited tonight, coupled with her anger towards the dog man, she also feels a little bit (hot rè) that the trouble is not too big at the moment.

Of course, Miss Cui, who has almost the same twisted and happy heart as her, is almost the same now.

Although this building has not yet become a haunted house in a certain sense, the ugliness of human (sexual xg) has been intertwined here with a dark (日ri) house.

At the moment when Zhu Yang moved in and interrupted the ordinary violence with his notebook, it seemed to shine in a light.

In the last box, there was nothing to do except some plastic and metal objects, and the stalker ate it all without leakage.

When the guy was let go, the whole person couldn’t stand firmly. Miss Cui seemed to vent all the nausea that this guy brought to herself that night.

After that, I was even more excited to thank Zhu Yang, “I can understand it, this silly ((逼bi)bi) should come hard, you tell him that he will never understand people, and it won’t hurt to scold him. It’s not itchy, it’s better not to beep, just do it.”

Ms. Cui seemed to have opened her mouth, “I simply have a pepper water and electric shock stick in my bag at any time, and I will give it to him if he dares to come over.”

“If he dare to call the police, isn’t it said that our (情qg) couple are playing around? Then the (情qg) couple can’t control others’ trouble, right?”

“That silly ((逼bi)bi) is so fat that I can’t run and run, as long as I don’t get caught, I can’t kill him. Oh, it’s not all right to get caught, just screw him off.”

The landlord who sent the person out of sympathy (sympathy qg) heard this when he came back, and his crotch was suddenly cold.

Zhu Yang secretly glanced at Zhu Yang with affection. Who the **** is this?

Mr. Qiu, who is like a wooden person, doesn’t want a man after going out, and Miss Cui, who is pure and easy to deceive, is suddenly so cruel and cruel.

One of the women in the room counts as one, what has become of being taught by this person in just three or four days

Because the room was disgusting, Miss Cui didn’t want to sleep there tonight. As long as she thought that the pervert had been in her room, she felt sick.

So she asked the landlord to open another room for her. She wouldn’t live in the previous room, so she moved things slowly and fell asleep tonight.

The landlord didn’t want to agree, but seeing the battle today, he knew that he had angered the public, so he gave Miss Cui a new room card.

After a night of stimulation, everyone was tired when they relaxed, so they went back to their rooms to sleep.

Wang Bei and the others were still feeling (qg) bad for dinner and didn’t eat much, but after two incidents, they forgot the daytime frustration. They were actually hungry now.

So he ordered two bowls of noodles to have a supper, and let Zhu Yang and Lu Xin go to bed first.

Zhu Yang was also a little tired. He didn’t play on the phone when he went back to the room. He fell asleep shortly after washing.

Wang Bei didn’t know when he came back from the supper, but in the second half of the month, when he slept in a daze.

Half-dreaming and half-awake, Zhu Yang seemed to feel the person next door (bed) get up, then opened the door and walked out.

She didn’t mind, thinking that Wang Bei had too much noodle soup and got up at night. Soon there was a scream, and then the sound of something heavy rolling down the stairs.

Zhu Yang woke up, and turned on the light quickly. As expected, Wang Bei (bed) was empty.

Feeling bad, she grabbed a shawl (body shēn) and ran out. The doors of other rooms were also opened at this time. Obviously, she heard movement.

When everyone came to the top of the stairs, they saw Wang Bei collapsed under the stairs, not knowing his life or death.

Several people hurriedly went downstairs and helped Wang Bei up. People had passed out, but the breath was still there, so they hurriedly called the landlord to drive to the hospital.

The landlord was also afraid of accidents, and complained while driving, “I’m not turning on the lights while running the stairs in the middle of the night. It’s not my responsibility to fall out.”

The landlord’s car is a second-hand van, and the location is sufficient, so the other three people got on the car. Teacher Qiu and Miss Cui didn’t let them follow during class and work tomorrow. And such a big movement, the second floor high school The room was still silent.

After hearing this, Zhu Yang sneered, “That’s not what I said. I heard that your wife accidentally fell to death on the stairs. If she doesn’t get away, she wants to accompany someone.”

The landlord thought of the location where Miss Wang had fallen, and he was shocked. In the hot summer night, the air-conditioning of the broken car has not been good.

But now that there were so many people in the car, he felt a chill rushing up his back for no reason.

Although Zhu Yang’s remarks were random speculations, they were not without a target.

The female ghost came out last night. It was the missing girl. The ghost of the landlord’s wife should also appear if she wants to come, plus a key word that a fool can associate with stairs.

There are water dispensers, toilets and sinks on the second floor. When Wang Bei wakes up in the middle of the night, no matter what he does, he doesn’t have to go to the stairs. To say that these two things are okay, I am really sorry for the logic in this terrifying world.

When I arrived at the hospital, I went to the emergency department. Fortunately, there was nothing serious. Soon after the infusion, Wang Bei also woke up.

She was completely confused, and she couldn’t tell why.

“Aren’t I sleeping? When I wanted to go to the bathroom, I got up (bed) and went to the bathroom, but the bathroom on the second floor was broken and was still being repaired. Someone took me to the first floor. I saw that he almost fell and wanted to help her. Why did I fall downstairs instead?”

Several people listened and told her, “The toilet on the second floor is not under repair.”

Wang Bei’s face changed, and then his whole thoughts cleared before he realized. Who will wait outside the toilet in the middle of the night to remind you that it is repairing, and then take you to the toilet downstairs

Not to mention a small broken hotel, star hotels are not so thoughtful.

But when everyone asked her what she looked like, she couldn’t remember anymore, only vaguely remembered that she was a woman.

And even more strangely, Wang Bei said that when she remembered, she fell down the stairs, and when she was about to hit the ground, she seemed to be cushioned by something.

It is estimated that because of this, her head is not in any serious trouble. Even the doctor who checked it later said that from Wang Bei’s undercut posture and contusion position, it was strange (very tg) that she did not fall.

Wang Bei suffered a crime and knew the way of ghosts, and 80% of the ghosts of the landlord’s wife could not escape the relationship. Apart from being a little scared, he was not too frightened.

Even more terrifying ghosts have been encountered. This game is really not difficult so far, but before the night of the soul search, there are ghosts that are not in the main script can claim their lives, which is really unhappy.

It didn’t take long for the brain examination results to come out, nothing happened. The doctor’s suggestion was to stay in the hospital for observation.

But they didn’t have this leeway, so they still insisted on being discharged.

Just before leaving, Li Li, who said he wanted to go to the bathroom, came back and mysteriously said to them, “Guess who I just saw.”

Seeing that no one is impatient with this (set of tào), he said seriously, “I just saw a high school student and sneakily brought a bag of things out of a room. It was already four o’clock in the morning. No wonder he was so busy before. The door was not opened, it turned out to be not in the room at all.”

This is news worthy of attention. Zhu Yang asked, “Why did you see the room?”

“I couldn’t get in. I was about to open the door. A doctor came back after going to the toilet and drove me away. I guess the high school student hid nearby and pinpointed no one in the room to steal something.”

“And I glanced at it. The room number seems to be a medical waste storage room. Wouldn’t he want to steal a needle and stab others to retaliate?”

I was thinking about it, the landlord drove the car over, and he followed it for most of the night today, so he returned home and parked the car and went back to the room to make up for the sleep.

It was almost five o’clock at the moment, and it was getting early in summer, and it was not long before it was visible outside.

After several people came back, they made up their minds for a while. When the other tenants got up (bed) around seven o’clock, there was movement.

After various noises lasted for more than half an hour, the villa was quiet again.

With this fellow Zhu Yang and the four of them got up (bed) in unison, watching the last high school student who left the house and opened the high school student’s room before the landlord got up (bed).

Because there is a wall outside the villa and some vegetation is planted around it, the first floor of the villa is not well lit.

But the high school students live on the second floor, so they can make the room (yin) dense.

The curtains are always closed, and the things in the room are not messy, but the overlapping of various old books just gives people a sense of depression.

Several people searched separately. Of course, Zhu Yang was not included. She complained that there was a lot of dust and mess, and she didn’t want to touch any dirty things.

For ordinary people to be squeezed out so early, but Li Li and the others have also been called out by her in the past few days (sexual xg), and they started to feel that they were shaking for granted.

Wang Bei even said to her, “Then you just stand outside the door, if there is dust, it won’t touch you. If the landlord gets up, you can watch the wind.”

Zhu Yang just copied his hands and watched when others were busy (hot)

Because it is not easy to make traces, you must be very careful when turning things over and return to the original position.

So it took a long time for them to pick up a box deep in the closet, which was covered by layers of clothes.

Several people hurriedly greeted Zhu Yang to come in and open the box, which did not disappoint.

The top one is a picture of a family of three. The child is obviously a high school student, but it seems that it was taken at least seven or eight years ago.

The man in the photo looks (very tg) elegant, with a pair of peachy eyes full of smiles, and looks (very tg) popular with women.

Women are obviously of Southeast Asian descent, are typical Thai beauties, and should be Wu Yue’s parents.

Except for this photo, everything else in the box is not so friendly.

One packaged some odds and ends and looked at it. He had hair, nails, contact lens buttons in a mess, and even a tooth.

There are a few more books. Before Zhu Yang saw that the evil book is not in it, but these are also old Thai books. Some illustrations are evil and weird.

Zhu Yang downloaded a Thai translation software and wrote out the titles of several books by hand. The approximate translations obtained were all keywords such as the curse of falling head.

There is also a tin box at the bottom, which is about the same size as some small and medium-sized mooncake boxes, but it is deeper.

Li Li carefully loosened the lid of the box and lifted it off.

Rao has had so many dealings with ghosts and was irritated by the contents of the box.

I saw a formed fetus inside. The fetus was bluish (body shēn), the head was swollen, and the skin was thinner than paper.

As a result, those bruises and blood streaks appear extraordinarily clear, as if taking a breath, the thin skin will break open and the swollen blood inside will flow out.

It doesn’t matter if the baby is stillborn, but the most hairy thing is that the baby’s eyes have never been opened to look at the world and the mouth that has not had time to cry is sewn with red thread.

Zhu Yang retched and almost vomited. Now she is not afraid of ghosts and monsters, but she is disgusted with the filth.

Disgusting false Sadako disgusts her, she can beat others with a stool, but what can be done with this thing

People’s babies are already very pitiful when they are stillborn.

Seeing this, Lu Xin hurriedly stuffed a piece of candy into her mouth, and Zhu Yang subconsciously chewed it down. He actually got better all at once, and no longer felt sick.

She miraculously said “what is this”

“A kind of candy, one pill can prevent nausea. Now even if someone cuts the body in front of you, you won’t feel nauseous anymore.”

“So good is a prop in the game”

“No, there are not many items sold in the game.” Lu Xin smiled. “It’s the items I brought out of the horror world of a serial killer through the level. The lady Cindy Candy House made candies.”

“Because that serial killer buys a few packs to eat every time before he kills and divides the corpse. I also tried it. I didn’t expect it to bring out the game and have this miraculous effect. But the newcomer can use it to improve the horror screen tolerance and experience. Those are optional.”

Zhu Yang twitched his mouth, “This is to stop nausea, so why do you say so in detail”

It is no irony that the candy that the serial killer ate before the massacre had this miraculous effect.

And why did she think that Lu Xin, the **** deliberately, thought Zhu Yang angrily.

However, according to the current clues, the high school students are holding prop books in their hands. There are so many curse books hidden in their homes, and there are obviously other people’s stickers (body shēn).

It’s hard to say, just that hair, the color won’t be the high school student’s own. Plus there is a stillbirth stolen from the hospital.

Obviously this kid is going to do a big deal, and Su Ming Yeben has so many ghosts, if there is a curse, the situation is even more complicated.

And according to the current (情qg) form, if the original high school student was going to curse the bully, then the subjective (sexual xg) of hanging suicide is open to question.

After putting the things back in their original form, a few people didn’t wait much, and it didn’t take long for them to see the landlord coming out of the room yawning.

He pretended that he was just getting up (in bed) and was about to go out. He said hello to the landlord and went out.

Zhu Yang decided to ask the three little gangsters back then to ask more questions. Their phone numbers are still available here.

When I called someone, I heard that one of them had died.

It is said that he stole his family’s motorcycle and drove on the road because it stalled and crashed into a large truck carrying steel bars in front.

A steel bar was inserted directly into the neck and passed through the neck. It is said that after the steel bar pierced the person, the corpse hung on it. The truck drove several hundred meters before being stopped by the frightened pedestrian.

This is the sole responsibility of the kid himself, who has not even reached the age of driving.

However, his family is arguing with the truck driver’s company for compensation, and the body has not been brought back.

After hearing the news, several people looked at each other and cursed that this had already begun.

Coupled with the fact that Wang Bei was fascinated by ghosts suggesting hypnosis to fall downstairs in the middle of the night, it seems that there is no absolute safety period before Suohunye.

Returning to the villa at night, Teacher Qiu told Zhu Yang that she had drafted a divorce agreement and would not let her prospective ex-husband enter this door again.

But if the **** dared to do anything wrong, please ask them to support it. Naturally, this is just a matter of effort, and Zhu Yang did not refuse.

Then Miss Cui showed them a huge pile of anti-wolf items she bought today. After she got her eyes on her mind, the girl seemed to have left in a certain direction.

Tossing for a long time before returning to the room to wash and sleep.

In the middle of the night, Zhu Yang drank two more glasses of water because the mouth of the dishes for dinner was a bit salty. She usually went to the bathroom in a daze when she slept well.

I walked through the dark corridor and came to the toilet by the sink, and I saw a woman standing there.

She was wearing light-colored knit, white and fat, with a smile on the corners of her mouth, and she looked kind.

Seeing that Zhu Yang was going to the toilet, he immediately smiled and said, “I’m sorry Miss Zhu is going to the toilet. The toilet is broken and hasn’t been repaired. The inside is very pickled. I’ll take you to the first floor.”

Zhu Yang nodded, so the woman smiled apologetically and led her in front. When passing a dent, he reminded “Be careful here.”

“I asked Lao Xiao to change a batch of wooden floors. He always pushed three and four pieces. Today he said that the material cost is expensive, and tomorrow he said that it is not worthwhile to close the business. If the toilet is broken, I don’t know which worker to find. Did not fix it.”

After listening to Zhu Yang for a long time, he remembered, and asked “You are”

“Oh, I’m sleepy, I’m Mrs. Quan, the proprietress, but I went out to buy and run errands during the day. Old Xiao guarded the shop. You haven’t seen me a few times since you have lived for a few days.”

Zhu Yang thought about it as if that was the case, and then the two came to the stairs.

The lady boss was talking to her when she suddenly stomped on her feet and was about to fall.

A trace of panic flashed across her face, Zhu Yang just a step behind her, subconsciously leaned (body shēn) to pull her.

But in the light of sparks, Zhu Yang saw that the expression (qg) on ​​the face of the proprietress suddenly changed from panic to strange.

It’s the kind of smug smile mixed with bitterness and grinning.

Seeing Zhu Yang’s hand was about to grab her, she was about to disappear suddenly and let this young foot fall and fall to death.

It was too late, and then soon, I saw that Zhu Yang’s fascinated expression (Qg) disappeared while he was half awake.

It was replaced by nasty ridicule, her hand was half stretched out, and her life stopped.

Then, he kicked the landlord’s wife who had not had time to disappear and kicked downstairs.

The plump (body shēn) Zipupu rolls down, bringing out a great movement, it can be said that it hurts to look at it.

The proprietress was thrown to the ground, her brain buzzing, her facial features were distorted with pain, and she couldn’t stand up for a while.

I heard a sneer upstairs

“If you can’t fall for a long time, then I will help you.”


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