Scream Queen Chapter 190

Rarely, the game did not reply to him.

Although this problem is simple, it can be regarded as one of the top secrets of the game.

Players’ information is naturally not easy to disclose. What if the higher players overwhelm the lower players?

Therefore, to obtain the highest authority, extremely stringent conditions are required. This is not just a matter of strength.

In the entire horror game, there are no more than five people with similar permissions.

The handful of people with such permissions are more than just players.

Just like the previous sneak attacks on extreme games, Lu Xiuci will spontaneously find a way to solve the game’s dilemma.

Such players are already similar to the existence of partners for the game, together to maintain the balance between the game and reality, strive for more benefits, and deal with external dangers.

It is an extremely detached existence.

Xie Yi is a bit older. When he got this permission, it was about two or three years ago.

Even Lu Xiu’s resignation was only obtained this year. At that time, Zhu Yang was already an intermediate player.

But now, for such a small question, Xie Yi has not received an answer.

This thing is interesting.

He showed a non-smiling expression, and said to the game in his heart: “Yes, if such an excellent seedling entered the game, how could you let it go?”

“However, how will my sister react when things are revealed?”

Xie Yi gloated: “Hahahaha…, eat and drink every day.”


Xie Yideng came out of the game, but Zhu Yang was in no rush.

She still has a cub that has landed here and has not recovered.

Bringing Longlong over, the child reluctantly gave up. Wagging his tail to say goodbye to Lu Xiu: “Goodbye, Dad.”

Lu Xiuci twitched his mouth. Longlong looked beautiful and majestic, but he was only seventeen years old, and he always felt awkward to be called his father.

Zhu Weixin was coming back just now, and Zhu Yang noticed the motive outside the door, and quickly took Longlong back and changed himself back to his original age.

When Zhu Weixin opened the door and saw Lu Xiu’s resignation, he was immediately unhappy: “Why are you still here so late?”

Lu Xiu said with a smile: “Wait for you with your sister.”

Zhu Weixin shook his body and waved his hands everywhere: “Go, go, who has a relationship with you.”

Zhu Yang pulled Zhu Weixin over, sat next to her, and touched his hair and face with pity.

“We, Asin, have grown up so much.”

The fourteen-year-old boy is still immature in front of his sister, but according to Xie Yi’s statement, they don’t know if the game will extend an olive branch to Zhu Weixin after they leave.

From the standpoint of her sister, Zhu Yang certainly opposed it completely.

Even what Xie Yi said is beneficial to this parallel world, in Zhu Yang’s view, is not a reason to sacrifice his brother.

There was just another reason, Xie Yi didn’t say, she naturally understood it.

Around Zhu Weixin, Zhu Yang and Lu Xiuci are both players and advanced players.

Even Lu Xiuci is still a superb player, and Zhu Yang is confident where he will go.

Their existence makes the people around them so conspicuous in the meaning of the game.

To be honest, Zhu Weixin’s hidden danger is not trivial because of the prying into existence like “Zhou Long”, or the actions behind other games.

She denied Xie Yi’s suggestion, but she also knew that he was right.

With so many people in the whole world, maybe there is no one who is more talented and more adaptable to the game? Certainly not.

But the game’s screening system is there, and it is naturally impossible to conduct an indiscriminate review in all selection worlds.

But Zhu Weixin has actually entered the game, and his aptitude is seen by the game.

People who are fancyed by the game will generally be drawn into the game by any means.

For example, Zhu Yang before, said that many times the rules are dead, but the thinking is alive.

When Zhu Weixin saw his sister suddenly looking at him with such worry and affection, his face flushed with embarrassment.

He arched onto his sister again: “It’s okay, isn’t it just a game? Don’t worry, I will bring the championship back to you.”

Zhu Yang smiled and was considering whether to tell the child about the game and let him make his own choice.

I felt sorry for his young age, four years younger than when Zhu Weixin was involved, which made her hesitate even more.

But when I saw you suddenly, Zhu Yang thought of something.

No, even in all the parallel worlds with Zhu Weixin, not everyone is a genius suitable for the game, then at least this parallel world is.

Zhu Yang has been with him in the past few days and has seen it with his own eyes. There will be no problem.

If this parallel world eliminates the drama of the He family sisters, it will be exactly the same as her own world, at least where she is focusing.

If the game had seen her brother’s talent, even if Zhu Weixin was forced to give up becoming a player.

The unscrupulous use of the game to treat good seedlings will definitely be selected among the guys of the same qualification in the parallel world, right?

Only one goal is not a problem for the game at all, so is it possible that there is already a player named Zhu Weixin in the game?

It should not be the one in front of him. If the present Zhu Weixin is a player, even if Zhu Yang can’t see it, Xie Yi will never be unaware.

Then Zhu Yang’s heart suddenly thumped, but he didn’t make a difference.

Xiao Ji has already gone to the news, and he will probably wait for a few hours to get back.

I don’t know whether I’ll be sad to see the birds of prey that have been raised for a few days tomorrow.

Zhu Yang said calmly, “How about A Xin going somewhere with me?”

Zhu Weixin is clinging to her sister and acting like a baby, and provocatively provoking Lu Xiu’s speech with a proud look.

But Lu Xiusi immediately understood what she meant, looking at her with some worry, the original Zhu Yang of this world was also full of resistance.

Zhu Yang Chonglu nodded, and secretly promised Zhu Yang from this world that there would be no problems.

Then he touched Zhu Weixin’s forehead, instantly hypnotized him to sleep, and then put it into the spirit beast bag.

She is much more calm now than when her brother broke into the game by mistake.

If she had the same strength and conditions at the beginning, it is estimated that Zhu Weixin wouldn’t worry so much.

Putting Zhu Weixin to sleep and putting it directly in the villa of the Spirit Beast Bag or Spirit Spring Space can also be regarded as an outsider involved in the game.

But he would not perceive any danger in the space, nor would he know where his sister was.

After the game is out and then let him out, everything is as if it never happened.

Of course, the premise is to enter the game.

Zhu Yang is now in the game, the only way to proceed with the next move is to get this copy first.

However, don’t forget that this copy is strictly speaking the real world. Now that the customs clearance is over, the nature of the entire world has returned to normal.

If people from this world cross to another world with Zhu Yang, according to the concept of the game, it is equivalent to ordinary people being involved in the game and becoming an outsider.

What Zhu Yang is doing now is to test if Zhu Weixin can take away.

If it can be taken away, it means that there is no player Zhu Weixin in the game.

But if you can’t take them away-they will become players with Zhu Yang and Lu Xiuci, and they will never be able to enter the game in this world.

The amount of information that follows will be huge, and there will be more things to be broken.

Xiao Ji had to come back a little earlier because she wanted to, and separated for a few days. Although she was staying with her grandparents, she missed her mother anyway.

Jinhong’s big bird pounced directly on Zhu Yang, and Lu Xiuci, who was waiting with her, twitched his mouth and asked, “This is also a son?”

“That’s not it, he was such a big man when he was just born, weighing more than 300 catties.” Zhu Yang made a gesture.

Xiao Ji also stood up, and looked like I was a proud, sturdy child with good health.

Lu Xiuci looked at Xiao Ji’s body, the size of an eagle, and then at Zhu Yang: “You all have bragging problems.”

Zhu Yang stopped doing it and directly took Xiao Ji back to its original size.

It was nearly two meters tall when it made the sound, and now it’s half adult in terms of body shape.

The height and physique are similar to those of adult chickens in the animal world.

Especially when it spread its wings, the wide hall of Zhu Yang’s style seemed to be constricted.

Lu Xiuci was also a little surprised, and he touched the feathers on his body around it, amazed.

Zhu Yang in this world was too greedy, and told Zhu Yang in his consciousness: “Leave some feathers and scales as a souvenir for me.”

Xiao Ji learned that he directly took out a lot of them, because Zhu Yang and Lu Xiuci had the habit of collecting dragon scales metabolized by dragons and dragons, so Xiao Ji would naturally not throw away the metabolized feathers.

It was okay in the juvenile period, especially after the first change, after the feathers turned golden red, it was as beautiful as the sun on the body.

Seeing this world’s mother wanted it, Xiao Ji took it out generously, and surprised Zhu Yang from this world.

“I originally said it was used to make earrings for decoration. Now I can make a dress. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

Got it! It is a virtue to be with her.

But before Zhu Yang left, he still left a lot of good things for them to protect himself.

In the end, she was blackmailed a lot of money by herself in this world, lost work, body loan, etc.

Got it! It’s the same goose plucking hair.

Zhu Yang in this world is still a high school student, still reaching out for his parents to ask for money. Although his parents are spoiled, he must not be unrestrained.

Lu Xiuci watched Zhu Yang talk to himself and answer questions, bidding for his own fine points, and felt a little confused about the scene of blackmailing himself.

Don’t you know that Zhu Yang is just a one-off sale, he is the one who has been blackmailed for a lifetime.

After leaving a lot of valuable items, I also prepared several things that I would give to Zhu Weixin and Zhu Dazhu and Mom in the future, so that Zhu Yang of the world would give them to them at a certain time.

Zhu Yang calmly took Xiao Ji out of the game.

Once he returned to reality, Zhu Yang opened the spirit beast bag first and checked whether Zhu Weixin was still there.

As expected, there was nothing in the spirit beast bag.

And she had just left for less than a second, and Zhu Weixin, who had been put in, had returned to her sofa and was sleeping soundly.

Zhu Yang and Lu Xiucai from that world moved back to the house.

A conjecture was confirmed, and Zhu Yang’s heart was completely black.

Seeing her face so dark, Lu Xiuci thought that the evaluation of customs clearance was not ideal, and comforted her: “It’s okay, the advanced stage is not only difficult to clear the customs, but also some inexplicable traps. We are also very busy after finishing our work. The harvest is pitiful and calm. .”

Zhu Yang said: “No, the customs clearance is highly evaluated, and it is also 3S-level.”

Lu Xiuci was surprised. Of course, he knew that Zhu Yang’s clearance evaluation would be S-level bottoming unless it was of a special nature.

However, it is much harder to get the 3S level in the advanced field than on other occasions. Regardless of the previous one, her evaluation of the Zerg queen is similar.

But in the final analysis, the last game was only the first game she entered into the advanced stage. Generally, the first game was where she adapted to the meaning. She also made it difficult for her as a whole. In a sense, it was not for serving her copy. pass.

But after another qualitative change in her strength, even the game can’t give her lenient, but she can still easily 3S?

Lu Xiu resigned with interest, so Zhu Yang asked Zhu Yang to talk about this copy, and learned that Xie Yi appeared in a scene with her. What kind of luck?

At Xie Yi’s level, the clearance evaluation has no meaning to him.

In terms of strength, many things in the game are also dispensable to him.

However, game distribution is naturally fair and regulated.

As expected by Zhu Yang, she got that “Zhou Long” back in time. Not much of the black hole power he snatched from Wu Jianjun did not explode.

Zhu Yang is also not a pity, after all, she didn’t have much contact with Wu Jianjun and that ability, and the time going back was too bad, it would be difficult to get other rewards for such an ability.

Zhu Yang tried it. In reality, the time range and space she can do is not much better than He Yihui.

After all, she is limited in reality, but there is still a big difference in use, at least the sense of gap that even ordinary people can detect.

I believe that if you enter the game, you can better test the limits of this ability.

When Lu Xiuci heard that she was going to the parallel world this time, she knew the seriousness of the matter.

In addition to being interested in the curiosity of himself and Zhu Yang in the parallel world, Xie Yi also has similar views.

That world needs a powerful senior player, but Zhu Weixin over there is still too young, although he was not involved in the game at a young age, such as Xu Wei who was involved in the dungeon at that time.

But compared to Xie Yi, Lu Xiu’s resignation has naturally more parental feelings towards Zhu Weixin.

He comforted Zhu Yang and said: “In fact, you won this time, so you don’t have to worry so much.”

“The kind of person who can ascend to the high plane of the world and pick things up, count them with one hand.”

“Once this happens, the game will not sit idly by. Naturally, it will be afraid that the lineup that can solve the problem will pass. So as far as I know, it is really unlucky to turn from the real world to a copy world. The entire game history will not exceed three. .”

“You show things, the protection of that world will naturally not become weak, it is not so easy to invade, and they will not be so unlucky. The probability of one in a billion will be fulfilled by them. In a sense, they As long as we prevent some people from accidentally gaining abilities and conveniences, we can live a life in peace and happiness.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Don’t, even if you want Asin over there to enter the game, it won’t work right now.”

Although Lu Xiu’s resignation comforted Zhu Yang, she was extremely hot at the moment.

“Why?” Lu Xiu frowned, and then instantly understood what was going on—

“No?” Rao was a little surprised.

Because Zhu Weixin is a player, but he has personally checked.

He comforted Zhu Yang and said, “Is it the Asin from another world? Look, there are so many parallel worlds, there must be more than two Asin. It’s not a coincidence of either one or the other?”

Zhu Yang almost laughed, but his face was getting heavier and heavier, even Xiao Ji and Long Long, who had always been noisy, were out of space, and they all shrank into his father’s arms, looking trembling.

“If it’s Asin from another parallel world, why would the dog in the game pretend to be dead until now?”

Zhu Yang is not the biological mother. If there are hundreds of millions of parallel worlds in this world, and each world has a Zhu Weixin, can she manage it?

Even the little Zhu Weixin in the world just now can use it to test the condition of her own brother.

It can be seen that the source of the love is always in her own brother, so just now she was blackmailed by Zhu Yang from the parallel world, that is also the reason for the guilty conscience.

The game naturally understands her personality. Is it really just a Zhu Weixin from other worlds that she is so afraid of pretending to die?

The game would never expect that his silence was low-key to avoid the limelight. On the contrary, it was the iron proof that it was caught by the tail, and the whole was blown up immediately.

But at this moment, no matter what, Zhu Yang has no evidence. It naturally does not appear, and continues to play dead.

Lu Xiu resigned and said that the guy is really, and he has suffered a lot in Zhu Yang’s hands, how can he not learn well.

At this moment, Lu Xiu’s resignation is surprisingly consistent with Xie Yi’s brain circuit.

Just confessed to the other party: “You can eat and drink well recently.”

The game was scared to death, and was gloated by two guys again, vomiting blood but swallowed again, afraid of being caught.

Zhu Yang planned to try that kid the next morning, but before that, she was a little curious about the He family sisters.

So in the evening she called the sorority members of the previous high school and asked if there was such a person.

Zhu Yang has not engaged in any work at all since graduation, but he also claims to be investing, so he has free time.

In addition, she and Lu Xiu have a stable relationship and have already planned to get engaged, and the business of the family has been steadily increasing in the past two years.

Many people in the outside world thought they had borrowed the east wind from the Lu family.

Therefore, in the eyes of many people, Zhu Yang has already completed the class leap with Lu Xiu’s resignation.

Their circle is also the second generation of white, rich, beautiful and rich, but now Zhu Yang is already a real giant.

So even if it’s not as fun as it used to be, and I don’t have much contact with everyone, but as a model of the sisterhood and a successful example in Bitch, bad people think it is the same as Bitch.

Therefore, no matter when and where, Zhu Yang’s right to speak has never weakened.

The other party didn’t have much impression of a high school classmate, but in the middle of the night, he still activated his circle immediately and quickly gave Zhu Yang news.

It turns out that the two sisters weren’t fabricated out of thin air. They do have them here too, with similar backgrounds.

He Yihui once came to the sisterhood for an interview and was screened, but He Yihan did not become a member of the sisterhood.

Because on the first day of transfer, her life experience was publicized by He Yihui, and Zhu Yang would naturally not recruit her.

Sometimes the entanglement of life can be avoided because of a small variable, and the miserable fate of the other world is probably not publicized like this at the beginning, so why does it mean to enter the sisterhood.

Then everyone came in, and Zhu Yang would naturally not make an expulsion because of some mistakes that were not strictly speaking of her. It would be too ugly.

She is like this, she either doesn’t do it, or she has to bear it.

The two sisters in their own world were hostile to each other because of the rioting at the beginning, and Zhu Yang and the sisterhood did not get involved.

Then it is their own to die and live, hatred, grievances and the like.

Later, I heard that the He’s family was in the middle of nowhere, and he transferred before graduating from high school.

He Yihui doesn’t mix well now, and He Yihan is smarter than her sister and is good at using her beauty.

Now she is still in the circle of her classmates, but she is next to a rich old man in her 50s and 60s.

In short, in the eyes of others, they are not worthy of Zhu Yang’s special care.

Zhu Yang had a good idea, thanked the other party, and then went on the phone with Xie Yi.

Don’t ask anything else, just ask the bridesmaid if it’s true.

In Zhu Yang’s game, the hint of the bridesmaid is also indispensable. Although there is a hint of the dual existence of what is meant to be painted in the game, this hint is too rogue, and if you don’t pay attention, you will feel bad.

If there is such a thing, it is necessary to take care of the bridesmaid’s family, go to her grave and put a stick of incense to thank you.

Fortunately, Xie Yi also had this in his heart, so he asked the elders in the family if it happened when they were young.

The answer is no, they can’t remember the details of a wedding for such a long time.

I vaguely remember that there was indeed a marriage affair that year, and a few offspring’s offspring acted irregularly, but they were drunk and did not cause a major incident.

It seemed that some people were making trouble, and they left the ready-made overnight that day, and the bride’s face was not good.

But the happy event did not die on the night of the wedding, it was a few days later that the rats were killed by mistake.

As for the bridesmaids, Xie Yi also used his energy in reality to check that they are living well right now.

A good job, a good marriage, and a happy life.

It seems that these tragedies are either in the parallel world or they were fabricated by “Zhou Long” himself following Xie Yi’s memory loopholes.

But anyway, no such thing happened in his hometown, which really made Xie Yi feel much better.

“But the ghost of the bridesmaid is not like a purely fabricated NPC.” Zhu Yang said: “She has her own resentment and obsession, and she has a heart to repay her, and she reminded me.”

“Xie Yi thought for a while: “It’s probably the ghost of the tragic bridesmaid in that world who was arrested by’Zhou Long’. Other ghost NPCs can’t kill them because they are all illusory. ”

“But if’Zhou Long’ wants to build a game, according to the rules, it has to be the life-saving gate. The bridesmaids should be this life-saving gate.”

Zhu Yang thought for a while, this is indeed the truth.

Although Xie Yi is not uncommon for the so-called “shengmen”, but Zhu Yang used it, but rules are rules, and even games must be followed.

When these two things fell, Zhu Yang somehow suppressed the fire in his heart and fell asleep.

When I got up early the next morning, I saw Zhu Weixin eating breakfast when I went downstairs.

Zhu Yang stood on the stairs and looked at him for a long time, and saw that he was eating slowly and happily, with a great appetite, and there was no flaw.

The more I think about it, the more incredible, but I still have a bit of luck in my heart.

She sat opposite Zhu Weixin, and when Zhu Weixin saw her coming, he immediately opened the chair for her.

The things in his hand have no direction yet, and he is chewing in his mouth, but these subconscious priority cares are the most touching.

No matter how angry Zhu Yang was, he couldn’t help seeing this idiot.

“Sister! Eat this, it’s delicious.” He put a shrimp dumpling into Zhu Yang’s bowl.

The shrimp dumplings should be the new filling recipe that Auntie Cook tried. It was very delicious. Zhu Weixin had eaten a few in one go, but he left most of it for Zhu Yang.

Pushing the good things in front of Zhu Yang: “Eat more, I don’t know what you are doing now, I can eat more than me.”

Zhu Yang said in his heart that if his brother is really a player, he would be too much to pretend to be a trace.

The physical fitness of the player becomes stronger, and the appetite is naturally far beyond ordinary people, let alone Zhu Weixin.

If you really get serious, Zhu Yang will probably win the championship if he goes to the Big Appetizer competition.

Zhu Yang touched his head: “Eat, I will accompany you to school today.”

Zhu Weixin was immediately happy: “Okay, good, but don’t find Brother Lu.”

“In this way, sister, you pretend to be my girlfriend, take my arm around to school, let me scream, our class is always showing off in front of me, cut! Think I lack beautiful girls around? ”

After the average player enters the game for a period of time, although some abilities and physique and points are unavoidable, they start to cry.

But after a long time, the horizon will be higher, and naturally many things will not be seen in the eyes. The juvenile dispute like this is actually very incredible.

But Zhu Weixin is like a kid who is a little cautious and eager to show off his sister.

Zhu Yang really became weaker as he watched, so he knocked on his forehead with the head of his chopsticks: “Pretend to be a couple? Are we two like?”

“Even if the two of us are not so similar, others will probably suspect that you are taken up by a rich woman.”

Zhu Weixin came over to stick her: “Who is not happy with such a young and beautiful rich woman?”

After breakfast, Xiao Ji and Long Long were naturally left at home, and Zhu Yang let Zhu Qian go with them to play, and they would tidy up.

The two siblings drove out and went to Zhu Weixin’s university.

Zhu Weixin has a luxury car sent by Zhu Yang. As Zhu Yang gets richer and richer, he naturally buys more and more generous things for his brother.

Although Zhu Weixin is usually low-key, he drives few cars, and even the bus and subway are convenient.

But the fact that he is a super rich is basically known in the school.

Coupled with his looks, not only their university, but also the whole university city circle are very famous.

This morning everyone at the school looked at the luxury sports car, and the handsome handsome guy rushed by wantonly, Zhu Weixin got down from above first.

He also diligently opened the car door, and helped down a beauty who looked like him five or six points.

As far as this looks, they are definitely close relatives of the same age, maybe even my sisters.

Stopped countless for a time, and someone who knew him couldn’t help feeling that the genes of this family were truly incredible.

I thought my younger brother was good enough, but my sister turned out to be a beauty of this level.

Their school is the TOP10 in the country, and it is undoubtedly a famous school, and there are often celebrities to give speeches.

It’s not that I haven’t seen a star.

But the aura of a star on TV and movies is one thing, and it’s not as dazzling as you think when you fall into the crowd.

Last year there was a female celebrity who often posted popular press releases in the entertainment industry. Most of the people in the school had watched the celebrity style.

But when the beauty in front of her came, she was not bad at all, and even there were no traces of makeup on her face, which means that her state is natural.

Needless to say the excellence and wealth of these two siblings, they are simply the winners of walking in life.

Zhu Weixin laughed at the envy of the surroundings, and felt like showing off her sister in kindergarten when she was a child.

Taking Zhu Yang around in a rough circle, in fact, Zhu Yang in this school is not ignorant.

After all, in her own city, and she had planned to come here to study, she would naturally come and visit.

But everyone knows what happened later.

I also watched a morning class with Zhu Weixin. At noon, Yin Jun also knew that Zhu Yang had come to play.

His home is a bit far from the school, and it is inconvenient to toss back and forth every day, so he lives on campus.

Knowing that Zhu Yang is coming, he will also come to have lunch with him.

The university cafeteria here is also a contract window system. I wish Weixin they naturally know which side is affordable and which side is delicious.

“Sister, the pickled pepper crucian carp is very good, I’ll get you one.” Zhu Weixin lined up cheerfully.

“Sister Yang Yang, this braised pork is also good.” Yin Jun lined up at another window.

As a result, the two fools had a few dishes, and the small table of the restaurant size could not fit.

Zhu Yang clipped a piece of braised pork to Zhu Weixin, and another piece of fish to Yin Jun: “Fortunately, it’s me today, otherwise you won’t be able to eat so much.”

The three of them happily started their meal. In the middle of the meal, Zhu Yang was going to make some sour plum soup, holding the cup when Zhu Weixin passed by.

I don’t know if it was because of sweaty palms that the cup slipped out of Zhu Yang’s hand, right next to Zhu Weixin.

In Zhu Yang’s eyes, the time that the cup fell was like being slowed down. In her opinion, as long as the cup did not touch the ground the moment before, it could be saved.

So when the cup smashed on the tiled floor and broke to pieces, Zhu Weixin didn’t notice the process.

He was jumped by the crisp sound, and he obviously reacted.

This is a normal reaction for ordinary people, but players are different. Even players in the low-level field can easily detect this movement in the later stages and react quickly.

If Zhu Weixin has really entered the game, it is impossible for him to be in the lower court for so long. Zhu Yang is convinced of this.

“Sister, are you okay?” Zhu Weixin quickly stood up and pulled her: “It’s okay, it’s just a cup, don’t pick it up, I will clean up after dinner.”

It’s so invulnerable.

If it wasn’t for the game’s Goubi knowledge, how could Zhu Yang believe it?

Even Lu Datou didn’t even notice it.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “It’s okay, I’ll drink this water after all.”

Where can Zhu Weixin be wronged by his sister, he immediately ran to buy sour plum soup by himself, and even Yin Jun asked him to bring himself a cup by the way.

Zhu Yang’s past is neither salty nor indifferent, but Zhu Weixin is as happy as a pupil returning from a spring outing.

When I got home in the afternoon, I was still happy. I wish my mother laughed: “This silly boy, he was willing to go to a parent meeting when he was a child. He still dislikes his parents.

At this time, Lu Xiu resigned and came to have dinner, saying that his father was leaving home for a while, and Lu Li was going back to Europe to spend some time with his mother.

He was unaware of his family alone, so he wanted to come over for dinner these days.

I wish my father and mother that he is almost the same as seeing his son-in-law, naturally there is nothing unwelcome, especially when he comes to Longlong, he is particularly happy.

After dinner, she returned to Zhu Yang’s room, and Lu Xiu resigned and asked her: “How is it? Did you try something today?”

Zhu Yang had a headache: “Although I didn’t have any hope, it won’t take long to hide it, but there is really no flaw at all.”

Lu Xiuci shrugged, as if he had expected it.

Seeing Zhu Yang worrying about this, he said: “In fact, there is no other way.”

“What? Say it!” Zhu Yang said.

Lu Xiuci thought for a while: “Didn’t we get the team props?”

“Yes, but isn’t that thing only available to the person who issued it at the time and cannot be transferred?”

At that time, only her, Lu Datou, Xie Yiquhe and Bai Youyou were the only ones to get it.

The game must be given back to other players it trusts, but the number is definitely not large, and it is estimated that the total will not exceed ten yuan.

Lu Xiu resigned: “I asked Qu He to study that the team props cannot be used by others. After all, it is nothing more than a few of our corresponding ownership rights.”

“If you transfer the ownership, it will be fine.”

Zhu Yang looked at Lu Xiu’s speech and was a little surprised. She thought her vision was not low now.

But this is the thinking of top players. They are no longer limited to the use of props. They have already begun to understand the structure, development or transformation of props. This is not a low-level prop, the whole game is just like this.

“No, since advanced players can limit it, it’s certainly not so easy to transfer. Do you have a way?” Zhu Yang asked.

Lu Xiuci smiled and said, “I don’t have one, but you do. You forgot the human leather book?”

Zhu Yang’s eyes lit up, and her stupid brother was stunned by her stupid brother. The fact that the Human Papers ignores grades is simply a BUG-like existence. Although it is generally never used, once it is used, it is definitely a huge energy. of.

Fortunately, although the team items are items, the core of the constraints is the spiritual body identification.

Zhu Yang got some of Zhu Weixin’s hair and temporarily transferred the piece of Lu Xiu’s resignation to Zhu Weixin, and Zhu Weixin didn’t notice it.

In the evening, Zhu Yang came to Zhu Weixin’s room, stuffed the props into his pocket, and then asked to enter the game.

Because he is not in the same space, Zhu Yang’s sudden disappearance does not mean that the existence of the game is exposed.

So if Zhu Weixin is not a player, even the team items will not take effect.

But if it is a player, it will be automatically transferred to the copy that Zhu Yang will go to.

Naturally, he was greeted with the iron fist of his old sister’s love.

In order to prevent extra branches, Zhu Yang pinched a little when he returned to the room and disappeared into the room instantly.


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