Scream Queen Chapter 2

Anyone who turns into a ghost must be filled with grievances before death and have a chance after death.

In terms of probability, it is not easy to become a ghost, so it is said that ghosts wantonly harm people.

In fact, it’s not like being a ghost. There are more rules to behave than to be a man. It is rigid and rigid, unable to go beyond, and there is no way to go beyond.

So now the female ghost wanted to reach out and choke the **** that made her fierce at first sight soaring, and there was nothing she could do in practice.

Not only that, this is only the first day, and the influence is really limited, only invading consciousness when people are most defenseless.

After Na Bitchi was scared to cry and even owed her mouth back, her consciousness was strengthened. The female ghost herself wasn’t sure about the midnight scare this time, as far as her inner hurt was.

Was it because Bitch was more frightened, or because her lung tube was poked more painfully.

However, Zhu Yang’s consciousness is now fully awake, the female ghost can only disappear with hatred, and the reflection in the mirror has returned to Zhu Yang’s own appearance.

Zhu Yang saw his face in the mirror, his tears stopped abruptly, and he was relieved.

Reached out and touched the mirror, choked up and said: “Scare me to death.”

I looked at my pear blossoms with rain again, and couldn’t help being intoxicated: “Even crying is so beautiful, so how shameless is it that I can lick my face and replace me with my own appearance?”

After speaking, the air in the bathroom suddenly became frosty.

Zhu Yang gave a shock, and quickly escaped, turned on all the lights in the room, and wrapped a quilt around him.

The whole house was suddenly bright as day!

The strong light dissipated a little bit of terror, Zhu Yang immediately pulled out the phone, but when he wanted to dial, he found that he didn’t know who to call for help.

Sisters’ plastic sisters? Pursuers with purpose? Parents who can never get out of business?

Call the police uncle? Hell in the middle of the night? If you are criticized as a prank, it is not impossible to transfer you to the Qingshan Mental Hospital.

For the first time in his life, Zhu Yang felt that there was no way to ask for help, and then turned to her brother Zhu Weixin’s call in the call log.

Immediately he moved back like grabbing a life-saving straw–

Zhu Weixin was woken up more than two o’clock in the middle of the night, touched the phone and answered in a daze, “Hello?”

The youth’s voice has faded away, and it has moved closer to the mature magnetism of adults without losing the refreshing spirit of youth. I just woke up right now, and my throat was still a little hoarse, which sounded the best.

Seeing the call connected, Zhu Yang hurriedly said in panic: “Hey! Asin, I will tell you that I am here—”

Unexpectedly, Zhu Weixin suddenly became energetic when he heard his sister’s voice, and sat up from the bed without waiting for Zhu Yang to finish speaking.

He said: “Why? At the end of the night, Renjing finally was tortured by guilt and couldn’t sleep, knowing to reflect on his unreasonable troubles in the afternoon, right?”

Zhu Weixin was wronged for half a night and finally felt happy now: “Do you think it’s better to have a brother living with you?”

“Anti-rice changing the light bulb and passing the sewer can also beat the gangsters for you. The free labor you send up is incredible, and I still dislike it.”

“Now that I know that I was thinking about it, I regret it? I’m telling you, it’s too late! It’s not impossible if I want to live here, but let’s take a good look at the attitude–”

Zhu Yang calmed down completely when he was interrupted by his brother.

Although countless times I wanted to stuff this back into my mother’s stomach to remake it, but it was his own after all.

In the past, I had trouble at home, and it was fine if he was a boy, Pi Shikang, and beat the pot to him. Now this is obviously wrong.

Calling someone over can be courageous, but what if something really happens and hurts my brother? Or it was just a false alarm, and the caller would not be able to leave.

Thinking of this, Zhu Yang didn’t wait for him to finish chattering proudly, so he simply said: “Oh, forget it, you just finished the college entrance examination, and you are not allowed to go where you are at home.”

Zhu Weixin was like a duck singing happily and was suddenly pinched: “Hey? No, you won’t fight for it? If you say it well, I don’t ask for that high.”

“No, go to sleep, there are some waves after two o’clock.” After speaking, he hung up the phone.

Zhu Weixin listened to the busy tone alone, but didn’t respond for a long while.

What is he—was **** by his sister?

Zhu Yang didn’t know how he had survived the whole night. He woke up at nine o’clock in the morning, and he was so afraid that he would be able to fall asleep in a daze.

For the first time, she felt that her nerves might not be as sensitive and delicate as she thought.

With the brutal and inhumane scene last night, Zhu Yang was cautious when looking in the mirror, but fortunately he did not change in the mirror.

It’s good to be young, and after such a tossing night, her complexion looks as usual, and she doesn’t have dark circles under her eyes.

Gein usually has fun all night, which is nothing in terms of energy consumption.

When I came to the school with my grooming and dressing, I almost passed by all morning.

She went directly to the second floor of the school cafeteria, and as expected, most of the Sorority members were already waiting there.

The meals that belonged to her had already been ordered for her. Zhu Yang sat down, and the girls headed by her were all beautiful and well-dressed.

Even the hair and nails are exuded with meticulous care and meticulousness, which is really radiant and beautiful.

The whole restaurant is upstairs and downstairs. As long as there is a long-eyed one, you have to look over there.

After Zhu Yang took a seat, she looked at Xie Xiaomeng next to her, and found that she was sluggish, dazed, and a little blue now.

“You are—” Zhu Yang’s critical and unhappy eyes swept her face around: “With such a bad complexion, you don’t have to put on makeup. You will come out without waking up and sleepwalking in the morning? Want to lower our average appearance?”

Xie Xiaomeng looked up and saw Zhu Yang, someone who was said to care if mascara was not applied evenly for a long time, but at this time he didn’t care about the irony at all.

Busy holding Zhu Yang’s hand said: “You should have seen it too? Last night, after I went back, I thought I was scaring myself, but when I was washing my hands, I found out—”

Xie Xiaomeng couldn’t straighten her tongue when she spoke, and her hand was shaking while holding Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang had this thing in his heart, but when he was driven by it, he felt hairy in the restaurant where people came and went during the day.

She whispered: “Did you see the woman’s face in the mirror?”

Xie Xiaomeng’s pupils shrank, the expression on his face was uglier than crying, and he nodded hard.

If you can say that you are shocked by the strange situation at the same time, it is really not a coincidence that the writing is exactly the same.

The two were talking secretly, when a voice intervened next to him: “What did you see?”

Zhu Yang and the two of them raised their heads, the beautiful women with big eyes and white faces and chocolate-dyed hair looked at them curiously.

Her name is Lin Qian, one of the members of the sorority association, and Xihua of the broadcasting department, has been working hard to get Zhu Yang to be the leader by herself.

However, he was on par with Zhu Yang in terms of bitterness, but his IQ was even worse. So after three years, the goal is still within reach but far away.

The abnormal performance of Zhu Yang and Xie Xiaomeng made Lin Qian have a keen sense of touch, so she leaned forward to smell the fish.

Zhu Yang has suppressed this **** for three years, how can he not know that as long as he is slightly embarrassed, what will be oncoming is the carnival of falling into the ground?

To be honest, she cares more about her dominance than the threat of a female ghost. Besides, this idiot has come and gone for three years.

I don’t know if she can’t stand it because of her growth, Zhu Yang casually said: “Oh! I saw the photo of your circle of friends yesterday.”

“Are you serious? It’s the Guazi face that needs to be sharpened to the chin. Are you competing for this awl face queen?”

“You see what scares Mengmeng, and it’s not that I even have to point out your online dynamics, but since you have studied this major, and now you are accumulating fans, you definitely want to step into the public eye in the future?”

“Then you have to cultivate your own aesthetic awareness, dermabrasion, big sharp eyes and chin, tsk tsk! Who do you really think will have an impression of this kind of uniform celebrity face?”

Lin Qian didn’t hear the least of the matter, but was shaved, her face flushed, and Zhu Yang was even more slashed by a few hundred dollars in her heart.

There is also Bichi holding her stinky feet: “That is, Xixi, you should listen to Zhu Yang’s opinion. She has been discovered by scouts, and more than once. That means she is in the professional eyes of others. , Her aesthetic style is malleable.”

“Not to mention that I just said this now. In fact, I also think that your aesthetics are always cheap, and your own style and charm characteristics are not highlighted. It is not the first time that the scenery is deformed when you retouch it. I don’t have much reputation yet, or I won’t be laughed at by online groups.”

“Don’t just talk about Cici, it’s probably the few active Dios who praised it a lot, making her mistakenly think that this is nothing wrong, oops! How stupid your little brain is to believe those who have never seen the world Low goods?”

Even Xie Xiaomeng, who was still thinking about it just now, said: “Yeah! Keep your mind clear, don’t float!”

Lin Qian almost didn’t choke to death with the sentence from the left to the right of these bitches, and she smiled awkwardly: “Oh, isn’t it the P-picture software recently? I watched and played two new ones. It’s worth your surprise. .”

I took the ladder and changed the subject. At this time, another handsome guy came over to say hello and mentioned Zhu Yang’s birthday party, suggesting whether he could be invited.

When the girls ridiculed the handsome guy, Lin Qian secretly took out her phone and deleted all the selfies she posted recently.

After lunch, the girls dispersed. Xie Xiaomeng hurriedly took Zhu Yang to the art room and drove away the two art students who were chatting here.

“I said, do you still think that I have thought about it too much now?” People started to cry as they said, “It was originally a suspicious disc. You can’t throw it away? You have to watch it now. Okay, what should I do?”

Zhu Yang shook her hand away: “Shut up, what else do you do besides counseling and polluting your emotions? Just like you, if you don’t survive the first two minutes in a horror movie.”

Xie Xiaomeng was not convinced: “The school flower head is not the one who can live to the end. Those who can live to the end are stupid. The clothes are terribly poor. The neck and wrists are all wrapped up for fear that others will not know that she is a chaste woman. Heroine.”

“If I was killed by a female ghost first, you, you won’t be able to run the next step, it’s just a matter of time.”

“What did you say?” Zhu Yang looked at her rebelliously with a smile.

Xie Xiaomeng immediately persuaded, crying: “I am not going crazy with you here, but you have to find a way, obviously we are in trouble.”

Zhu Yang then retracted his eyes and said: “Don’t just know that you are stupid crying here, and you control the water in your mind to deal with the cause and effect.”

“Although this matter is wicked, it is clear where the source is. It’s not the CD-ROM. Since the CD-ROM was the reason for this, the solution is definitely not possible without that thing.”

“The method on TV is to show others the transfer curse. I don’t know if the female ghost copied other people’s routines, but the seven-day death warning came out. It’s almost impossible to break it. Or you can break it by smashing the CD. In short, put the CD first. turn up.”

Xie Xiaomeng saw that she had a clear mind, so she made things simple and straightforward, as if she had found the backbone of–

“Well, I was scared yesterday, so I took the CD out and threw it in the grass in your garden when I went out. I didn’t have to go to the trash can.”

Zhu Yang: “…”

The two were about to skip the afternoon class and go home when they suddenly heard a small sharp smile from the art room.

This laugh is too soft, it’s really easy to miss if you don’t pay attention.

Then a gust of wind blew in from the window, blowing the white gauze curtains, and blowing the paper on the easel in the room.

The wind is not strong, it comes and goes fast, but it feels a bit evil.

After the wind stopped, the curtain slowly floated back to its original position. After it passed over a display stand, Xie Xiaomeng’s vigilant face turned into horror and fear.

Zhu Yang followed her gaze and looked over. The other painting on the easel was the head of a woman.

With an ordinary look, with her horns combing her overly black hair, she was the female ghost in the video tape.

She smiled and looked at the two people in front of her deeply, her plain eyes seemed to have magic power to draw people into the drawing paper.

“Ah -” Xie Xiaomeng’s short scream was covered by Zhu Yang.

At this moment, Zhu Yang also lost his heart, and his throat was dry. Only after seeing Xie Xiaomeng’s expression at the time, he was prepared and didn’t scream out.

She was afraid that it was the phantom of a female ghost again, and then Xie Xiaomeng screamed and called everyone in, and found that there was nothing wrong with her.

Compared with the female ghost, that is the beginning of the real disaster.

After Xie Xiaomeng calmed down, Zhu Yang let go and cursed in a low voice: “If you want to degenerate from the enviable campus goddess to the delirious mad woman, just call me.”

Xie Xiaomeng thought about the terrible scene, and voluntarily covered his mouth.

Then Zhu Yang called her again: “Go and get the painting.”

“Huh?” Xie Xiaomeng was not scared to death by her.

“Ah what, look carefully, that stuff seems to be real.” Zhu Yang pointed to the easel: “The easel was too light, it was just blown by the wind, so we just saw it.”

Xie Xiaomeng didn’t want to know this, she just didn’t want to touch that terrible painting, but she didn’t dare to be disobedient. She was afraid that Zhu Yang would kick her away and let her face the female ghost alone, and then removed her from the sisterhood. , That is the most terrible consequence, and she believes this **** can definitely do it.

Zhu Yang took over the painting that Xie Xiaomeng tiptoed over, and looked at it without discomfort.

Then he sniffed and let out a sneer: “Hey! Speaking of which, Julina hasn’t come to school for three days, right?”

Xie Xiaomeng suddenly remembered that Zhu Lina was from the art department: “I called her before and said that she was sick. I was recuperating in the rented house outside the nest for the past two days.”

He looked around again: “It’s here, she often paints here-paint!”

Xie Xiaomeng’s own voice also slowed down, and he looked at the painting in Zhu Yang’s hand: “You said she—”

Zhu Yang tore the drawing paper: “Let’s go! The sisters have been sick for a few days, so let’s not go and see it.”

“Well, go back to my house to find the disc first, and then buy the roll of tape. Bitch got me on my head, I won’t kill you.”


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